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									Quick Phone Setup & Usage Guide                                      Pocket PC PDAs

                     After activation, Qeeps will         Click ‘Auto-Detect Player’ to
                     automatically send an SMS to         automatically find the correct
                     your PDA.                            version of the Qeeps application
                                                          for your phone.
                     The SMS contains a link.
                                                          If we can’t auto-detect your
                     Click the link to get taken to the   phone, then select it manually
                     Qeeps download page.                 from the list by clicking ‘Select
                                                          Player Manually’.
                     To install the application without
                     the automatic SMS, see the
                     reverse this guide.

                     Click the ‘Download’ link to         On some devices you may be
                     download the Qeeps applications      warned that the application is
                     to your phone.                       untrusted.

                     There are 2 applications that        If this happens, choose to install
                     need to be installed on the          the application anyway.

                     The second application will take
                     longer to download than the first,
                     so please be patient.

                     Once installed, you will find the    From the application, click the
                     Qeeps application on the main        Connect button to begin the
                     menu of the phone. There will        process of connecting to your
                     also be a Vemotion application,      DVR.
                     that you can ignore.
                                                          If your device is configured
                     The Qeeps application is shown       correctly, the application should
                     with a portcullis icon.              open a GPRS or 3G connection.

                     Click on the Qeeps application to

                     When prompted to login, do so        Once you have logged in
                     with your mobile phone number        correctly you will be given a
                     in international format, and the     choice of systems to connect to.
                     PIN number you selected.
                                                          Select the DVR you require (you
                                                          may only have one).

                                                          Once Qeeps is connected to your
                     If the application could not         DVR, the application will show
                     connect and you don’t get this       ‘Ready’ in the top right.
                     screen, see the reverse of this
                     guide.                               Select ‘View Live’ to start viewing
                                                          your cameras.

sales: +44(0)1845 521113
support: (09056) 870122 (90p/min)
web: www.qeeps.com
 Quick Phone Setup & Usage Guide                                                                                  Series 60 Phones

        Live Viewing

  When viewing live a                                 Camera Mode                  PTZ Mode                Relay Mode
  keypad will be drawn                                1 – Cameras 1-4              1 – Zoom In             1 – Relays 1-4 select on
  onto the screen.                                    2 – Cameras 5-8              2 – Tilt Up             2 – Relays 5-8 select on
                                                      3 – Cameras 9-12             3 – Zoom Out            3 – Relays 9-12 select on
  The keypad is used to                               4 – Cameras 13-16            4 – Pan Left            4 – Relays 1-4 select off
  operate Qeeps. Click                                5 – Cameras 17-20            5 – Stop PTZ            5 – Relays 5-8 select off
  the ‘0’ button to                                   6 – Cameras 21-24            6 – Pan Right           6 – Relays 9-12 select off
  switch between                                      7 – Cameras 25-28            7 – Preset 1-4
  modes.                                              8 – Cameras 29-32            8 – Tilt Down
                                                      * - Quick Access Camera      9 – Preset 5-8

        Playback Viewing
  Access playback from                                                                                     Playback Mode
  your DVR by selecting                                                                                    1 – Move back in time
  ‘Footage Search’ from                                                                                    2 – Reset to initial position
  the applications menu                                                                                    3 – Move forward in time
  whilst connected.                                                                                        4 – Forward normal speed
                                                                                                           5 – Fast forward
  Enter the time, date                                                                                     6 – Speed forward
  and camera to                                                                                            7 - Rewind normal speed
  playback from, or                                                                                        8 - Fast rewind
  select from a list of                                                                                    9 - Speed rewind
  alarm times.

 Didn’t receive the SMS?

Open your phones web browser,
and choose ‘Options’, ‘Navigation
Options’ and then ‘Go to web
address’. Enter the web address

 Can’t Connect? Help
 with Access Point
From your phones main menu
select Settings, and then select
the ‘Connections’ tab.

Select the Connection Manager

        UK Internet Access Points
    Vodafone Contract          O2 Contract            Orange Contract           T-Mobile Contract           Virgin
    APN: internet              APN: mobile.o2.co.uk   APN: orangeinternet       APN: general.t-mobile.uk    APN: goto.virginmobile.uk
    Username: web              Username: web          Username: web             Username: user              Username: user
    Password: web              Password: web          Password: web             Password: pass              Password: [space]

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