The Kaiser Permanente by yaofenjin


									               The Kaiser Permanente

  What is the Kaiser Permanente pharmacy                 •   Kaiser Permanente commits to
  advantage?                                                 ensuring each member receives
  The pharmacy advantage is not a prescription plan,         medications at a competitive cost,
  but a commitment to our members that medications           regardless of plan.
  will be available at a competitive cost.
                                                         •   Kaiser Permanente pharmacies
  What does this mean to you?                                with over-the-counter pharma-
  As the second largest purchaser of drugs in the U.S.       ceuticals at good prices are
  Kaiser Permanente can negotiate better prices from         located at each medical office.
  pharmaceutical companies. Although we cannot
  always guarantee the lowest prices, we can offer       •   Kaiser Permanente enables refills
  prescription and over-the-counter products at very         of most prescriptions by mail
  competitive prices.                                        through our online pharmacy
                                                             service for great convenience.
  Who can you call for help?
  Kaiser Permanente has clinical pharmacists available   •   Kaiser Permanente clinical
  to help you with all of your questions regarding           pharmacists and doctors dedicate
  formulary, generic, and brand-name prescriptions,          themselves to finding cost and
  plus prices, doses, interactions, and over-the-            clinically effective drugs based on
  counter products. Our pharmacists are dedicated to         research studies for our formulary.
  helping you find the appropriate medication
  therapy at a cost that works for you.                  •   Kaiser Permanente’s formulary
                                                             contains generic and brand-name
  The Kaiser Permanente clinical pharmacists are             drugs.
  available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  at: 303-338-4503.                                      •   A Kaiser Permanente clinical
                                                             pharmacist will talk with YOU
  Which plan is right for you?
                                                             about our formulary and your out-
  All Kaiser Permanente for Individuals and Families         of-pocket costs to explain the full
  plans carry the pharmacy advantage, regardless of          Kaiser Permanente pharmacy
  whether they carry a specific prescription benefit.        advantage.
  Call your local Kaiser Permanente sales department
  to find out more about the plans: 303-338-3700. A      •   The Kaiser Permanente clinical
  representative will be happy to guide you to the           pharmacists are available Monday
  Kaiser Permanente for Individuals and Families plan        through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at
  that is right for you.                                     303-338-4503.

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