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PowerPoint Presentation - What is GIS


									                 City of Corvallis

        Alice Grucza
       GIS Coordinator
                      City of Corvallis

 The City
 GIS – Background/History
 Key Decisions
 Software – what, where, why
 Playground Inventory
 Natural Features Inventory
                           City of Corvallis

 Population:   52,540
 Area:         13.53 square miles
 Budget:       $61.3M Operating
                $24.8M Capital
 GIS Staff:    3 FTE (Coordinator, 2 Techs)
                0.5 FTE Manager
                OSU Intern Program
                                  City of Corvallis - Geographic
Brief History                                         Information

 1985 - Decision to do mapping digitally - AutoCAD.
 1989 - First GIS software applications purchased (GEO/SQL
  and Oracle on OS2).
 1989-1993 - “Core elements” of GIS developed - parcels,
  water, sewer lines. Topographic and planimetrics captured
  within UGB (AutoCAD).
 1993 - Benton County property database associated with
  parcel spatial data.
 1994-95 - Transition to ArcCAD and ArcView – ESRI
 July 1995 - First ArcView users outside GIS trained.
 1995-98 - Development & refinement resulted in 121
  themes and first orthophotos covering entire UGB.
                                    City of Corvallis - Geographic
 Brief History                                          Information

 1999 - Development of GISMO custom interface - „common
  portal‟ linking GIS/Data Warehouse/other data sources.
 1999 - Present - Data Steward responsibilities agreed on and
  formalized. Experiments with field data collection methods.
 2000 - GISMO use extended to other city departments and
  mobile installations.
 2002 - Field data collection using ArcPAD on an iPAQ for
  Streets Division (street light and sign inventory).
 2003 – ICMA Grant - Playground Inventory and Maintenance
 2003/2005 – Natural Features Inventory Project
                                       City of Corvallis - Geographic
    Key Decisions                                          Information

   Initial Software
   Public Access to data. Never “marketed” GIS
   Quality of data – accuracy builds confidence.
   Build on small steps and successes. Recognize GIS is a
    “long-term” investment.
   New software – can be the needed key, or suicide.
   Data stewardship concept. Users build and maintain the
    system and retain responsibility for “their” data. Ownership.
   Organizational focused GIS vs. departmental
   Build a broad base of user support for the system.
    Providing training and ongoing support are imperative.
   Automation of routine processes is critical!
                                          City of Corvallis - Geographic
Software                                                      Information

 City of Corvallis uses ESRI software products.
 Different software product for different needs and
    ArcINFO - Professional GIS software for creation and maintenance of
     GIS data. (Mapping & GIS staff)
    ArcView - User software for those requiring analysis and custom map
     creation capabilities and/or data stewards.
    GISMO - Custom City of Corvallis interface software for viewing,
     query, standard reports, mailing labels, simple maps.
    Arc Explorer - User software to view data.
    ArcPAD – Field data entry and maintenance.
    ArcIMS – Intranet/Internet mapping services
 Additional software – Manifold, MapServer
                                         GIS - Geographic
Software                                       Information

 ArcView: Data Stewards for GIS data creation and
  maintenance. Custom solutions.
 Example: Custom ArcView data entry application for
  site address maintenance.
                                                  GIS - Geographic
Software GISMO                                          Information

 GISMO - Custom Corvallis interface software.
      Developed by PW with consultant (GeoNorth) in 1999.
      Visual Basic and Map Objects.
      Currently over 160 users - desk and mobile installs.
      Data entry point for PW’s maintenance management
      ‘Common portal’ to information from many different
       programs, departments, sources, etc.
      Links many data types to their geographic location. Example:
       scanned documents
      License cost is minimal (less than $90 each install)
      Easy to use. Requires minimal training to use effectively.
                                            GIS - Geographic
Software - GISMO                                  Information

 Designed for PW - now used throughout the
  organization, Planning, Development, Fire, Police,
  Dispatch, City Managers Office, Park & Recreation, etc.
The City of Corvallis Public Works Department
uses GIS and Data Warehouse technologies on a daily
Fire Department Mapping Prior to GIS
Current Mobile Mapping System
Fire Department

   Nine current laptop
    computers on first
    out apparatus
      4 engines
      1 truck
      1 command
      3 ambulances
                                             GIS - Geographic
 Software ArcPAD                                   Information

 ArcPAD first used by Street Division for
sign inventory

 Project failed with three prior software
systems now exceeded all expectations.

 Partial inventory estimated to take more
than a year.

 Completed in less than 4 months

 Very successful – embraced by field
                                                GIS - Geographic
Software ArcPAD                                      System

Why was this software/hardware combination successful?

  No keyboard required.
  Easy and simple to use.
  Flexible – if crews want changes most are
 easy and quick to do.
  Portability – fits in a pocket.
  Links directly to GIS – direct shapefile editing
  Made the crew‟s work easier and more
  Vast array of add-on accessories for iPAQ
                          GIS - Geographic
Software ArcPAD                System

 Field data collection
is a key component in
the Data Cycle
 Provides a “tool” for
crews to manage their
 Faster turn around
                                            GIS - Geographic
Software ArcPAD                                  System

  ICMA Grant Project – Playground Equipment Inventory
         and Maintenance Management Program

 Expand technology to a low-tech department
 Streamline regular reporting and management efforts
 Add significant GIS features into the system
 Low (and getting lower) budget opportunities
 Eager staff looking for ways to improve service
 Partnership with Oregon State University CS 461-462 Team
                                GIS - Geographic
Software ArcPAD                      System

 Custom programming
 Web interface/database link
 In use at P&R
 Maintenance Idea of the
Year award from International
Northwest P&R Association
                                             GIS - Geographic
Natural Features Inventory                         Information

  Natural features and hazards inventory of entire Urban
 Growth area
  Scientific site inventories/assessments
  2.5 year public process and policy development process
  Next meeting 8 March at 5:30 pm Main Fire Station
 Meeting Room
  GIS used as public policy decision tool
                                              GIS - Geographic
Natural Features Inventory                          Information

   Inventory of hazard and non-hazard natural features
    within UGB:
Floodways, slopes, earthquake hazards, landslide runout
   areas, riparian, wetland, wildlife habitat, and isolated
   tree groves
 Addresses Statewide Planning Goals 5, 6 and 7 (natural
  features, water quality and hazards)
 Balance protection of natural features with need to
  provide housing and economic development
 Establish significance and protection levels – high,
  some, none
                             GIS - Geographic
Natural Features Inventory             System

  Mobile GIS (GIS a la
  Power and Portability
  Cheap
  Exceeded
  Regular fixture
Why use GIS in Corvallis?

  Geographic or location base to most city information and
   services (FGDC study says 80% of gov‟t data is location
  Better Information and Analysis tools for decision making
   and communicating.
  Same information to everyone - not different versions,
  Public access to information
  Record retained of changes over time.
  Dynamic resource - information increasing.
  Data + Mapping - production of custom maps.
  -- Better Customer Service!
                  City of Corvallis - Geographic

It‟s simply ...
   Smart Maps
  Smart Service
    Geographic Information System



            Geographic                  The World

                     Decision Support

Geography matters to the City of Corvallis!
                          City of Corvallis

 City GIS data (including orthos) available at:

 CDs also available at the Valley Library and
Corvallis Benton County Library or available for
          purchase ($10 each) at PW.
                             PC Installation in Van
                                      First installation
                                         late 1999

Industrial PC case
Std. Keyboard
15” Flat Screen
Inverter mounted in cargo area
PC Installation - Meter Van
                              2nd installation,
                              done in early
                              Same PC case,
                              monitor and
                              keyboard (in a
                              slide-in tray).
                              Added a printer.
                              Inverter mounted
                              behind the
                              Uses GISMO
                              and ArcPad.
PC Installation 1-ton Service Trucks

                                                       Most recent installations
                                           Dual 12v


PC is a slim-profile case, mounted behind the seat.
Has dual hard-drives w/additional cooling fans
Same flat-screen monitor
Keyboard is wireless (infra-red)
Has a wireless Ethernet network card

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