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Information about various Minsk establishments and services for

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									                                        MINSK GIUDE
Information about various Minsk establishments and services for business and for pleasure:
airlines, shops, restaurants, clubs, car rental, casinos, consulates, embassies, tour companies,
dial codes, transport, banks, taxis, medical services, cathedrals, museums etc.


State-owned plants and establishments work 7 am-4 pm, private-business offices and service
sector companies —- 9 am-6 pm.
Saturday and Sunday as well as official holidays are days off. Under the Law, payment for
merchandise and services on the territory of Belarus can be made only in Belarusian. roubles
(Br). If prices are shown in y. e. (standing for "conventional units" - equivalent to USD or Euros),
payment is made in roubles at the current rate of exchange.


The major cards accepted are listed below and are indicated by the folfowing symbols:
MC/EC - MasterCard/Eurocard,
V — Visa,
VE — Visa Electron,
Maestro/Cirrus, Belkart.


Calling a Minsk land line number:
- from a local fixed line, just dial the number you are calling;
- from a local mobile operator, press
"#" and dial the number you are calling, or dial 8 017 and the number or +375 17 and the
- when roaming, dial +375 17 and the number you are calling.
Making an intercity call:
- from a local fixed line, dial 8,
the city/area code (including 0) and the number you are calling;
- from a local mobile operator, dial 8, the city/area code (including 0) and the number or +375,
city/area code (without 0) and the number;
- when roaming, dial +375, the city/area code (without 0) ahd the number.
Making an international call:
- from a local fixed line, dial 810,
the country code, the city/area code and the number you are calling;
- when calling from your mobile (serviced by either a local or your home mobile operator), press
"+", dial the country code, the city/area code and the number.
Calling to a local mobile network number:
- from local fixed line, dial 8 029 (for Velcom, MTS and Diallog), 8 025 (for BeST) and the
number you are calling;
- from a local mobile operator, dial
8 029 (for Velcom, MTS and Diallog), 8 025 (for BeST) and the number or +375 29 (for Velcom,
MTS and Diallog) or +375 25 (for BeST) and the number;
- when roaming, dial +375 29 (for Velcom, MTS and Diallog) or +375 25 (for BeST) and the


- There are two lines — the Moskovskaya Line and the Avtozavodskaya Line. Tickets cost
Br500; Belarusians entitled to lower rates can get a 50-percent discount. Open from 6 am-1 am,
trains tend to run every 3 to 8 minutes depending on the season and time of day.


— Minsk's surface transport includes buses and mini-buses and electric trams and trolley-
buses. Each trip on a tram, trolley-bus or bus costs Br550 if tickets are bought from the driver
(or Br500 if bought in advance). Belarusians entitled to lower rates can get a 50-percent
discount. Mini-bus charges depend on the distance travelled and the carrier company; they vary
from Br650 to 1,300.


— Info Line 085: 24/7 premium information service, 085. Info Service 077: Information on
enterprises in Moscow and other Russian cities, 077. Minsk City Telephone Network Info
Service: 24/7 premium information service, 009.


— Hotline for children and teenagers: 215 0000. La Strada Hotline (pre-travel consultations for
safety abroad): 295 3167, 8 801 1008801. Minsk Consumers' Society Hotline: 226 7290 Minsk
Mayor's Hotline: 206 5566. Psychiatric Emergency Care: 290 4444.


— Ambulance: 03, GSM 033. Fire Brigade: 01, GSM 011. Gas Emergency Brigade: 04, GSM
044. Police: 02, GSM 022. Republican Special Task Division of the Emergency Ministry: 275
2901. Rescue service: 112 (Available to Velcom mobile network subscribers. Calls automatically
redirected to the Emergency Ministry helpline).


Note that the Map references refer to locations on the Minsk map


MERLINTOUR - Airline tickets to any destination worldwide, optimal routing solutions regarding
cost, time and quality and free ticket delivery, On-line booking. Business tourism, individual and
incentive tours and incoming services. Open from M-F 9 am-7 pm and Sa 10 am-5 pm. 5 Pr.
Pobediteley. T: 226 9779, 206 5440. F: 203 5125. Map: G4. Internet: www.merlintour.com
STAR TRAVEL - Booking and sale of airline tickets. Free ticket delivery throughout Minsk. Hotel
and car bookings undertaken and online booking facility available. International discount cards
for students, teachers and young people. Travel insurance offered. The company is Belavia's
exclusive representative selling tickets at student prices. Open from M-F 9 am-7 pm and Sa 10
am-3 pm. 47 Ul. Sur-ganova, offices 7—8. T: 086, 287 2606, GSM 333 3086. Map: J2. 6 Pr.
Nezavisimosti. T: 226 5882, GSM 610 6075. Map: G6. Internet: www.startravel.by
U ZHENI - This travel and air transport agency takes air ticket bookings and makes hotel
reservations. Individuals and groups catered for. Incoming tourists looked after. Transport
services available and visa support. Corporate groups arranged and insurance offered. (Cards:
V, MC, Maestro.) Open from M-F 9 am-6 pm. 6A Partizansky Pr., office 54. Metro:
Proletarskaya. T: 211 2607, GSM 630 4444, 760 4444. Map: 17. Open from 9 am-6 pm and Sa
10 am-2 pm. 8/18 Ul. Komsomolskaya. Metro: Nemiga. T: 2112605, GSM 133 3321, 362 3466,
576 7393. Map: G5. Internet: www.321.by


BELAVIA - Regular flights from Minsk to cities around the world. Tickets for Be-lavia and partner
company flights: Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines. LOT Polish Airlines, CSA Czech Airlines, Air Baltic
etc. The company operates cargo and charter flights. Open from M-F 9 am-7 pm and Sa & Su 9
am-5 pm (ticket sales), from M-F 9 am-6 pm, closed 1 pm-2 pm (cargo flights). 14 Ul. Nemiga.
Metro: Nemiga. T: 210 4100 (ticket reservation), 227 0145 (cargo flights). Map: G5.
TRANSAERO — Airline booking and sale to any destination worldwide. (Major cards.) Open
from M-F 9 am-6 pm. 23 Ul. internatsionalnaya. T: 2891453. Map: H5.
EL AL ISRAEL AIRLINES - Booking and sale of tickets for direct flights to Tel Aviv, Asian,
African, Middle Eastern countries and the USA. (Cards: V, MC, Maestro.) Open from M-F 9 am-
6 pm. 6A Partizansky Pr., office 54 (5th floor). Metro: Proletarskaya. T: 211 2606, 211 2607,
GSM 630 4444. Map: I7.


CAR RESCUE SERVICE 002 — Fast roadside assistance and towjng of all cars under 3 tonnes
within Belarus and abroad. Available 24 hrs. 43 Pr. Nezavisimosti. T: 002, 222 0666. Map: I4.
KVDCONSULTING — Unlocking of vehicles, flats and safes, lock repair, lock core replacement,
key duplicating, ignition switch parts assistance and auto immobilisers. Service is available 24/7
T: 276 0606, GSM 276 0606, 476 0606, 676 3096.
CORIS GUARD - Car towage and petty repair on the road. No-damage lock release. Vehicle
(and spare parts) sale and maintenance-related information. Cargo transportation. Troika taxi.
Open 24 hrs. 7a Per. Kozlova. T: 299 9967, GSM 676 6001, 776 6001 (car recovery), GSM 612
3333, 712 3333 (taxi). Map:J6.


DINAS — Housing rentals and sale: cottages, flats and elite apartments. Commercial premises
also available. Open from M-F 9 am-8 pm and Sa 10 am-3 pm. 13 Per. Bronevoy. Metro:
Ploshchad Pobedy. T: 233 9633, GSM 642 8260, 701 2504. Map: I5.
ZAGORODNY DOM -Sale and rental of houses, country rriansions, land allotments and flats.
Commercial premises also for rent. Open from M-Sa 9 am-8 pm. 46 Ul. Surganova (2nd floor),
office 1-6. T: 202 0163, 296 6350, 296 6360. Map: J2.
KVADRATNY METR — Residential and commercial properties. Open from M-Th 9 am-9 pm, F
9 am-8 pm and Sa 10 am-4 pm. 80 Pr. Ne-zavisimosti. T: 287 3872, 287 3873, 287 3874. Map:


HERTZ BELARUS — Rental of new cars and mini-buses. New vehicles provided with personal
drivers for passenger transportation. Transfer to and from the "Minsk" National Airport with
English-speaking drivers. Life insurance for drivers and passengers. (Cards: V, MC.) Open from
M-F 8:30 am-5:30 pm; open 24 hrs upon pre-booking. 11 Pr. Nezavisimos-ti, building 1, office 3.
Metro; Ploshchad Lenina. T: 209 9091, GSM 660 2988. Map: G6.
AUTOCENTRE RM MARKET - Rental of new Opel cars -to foreigners and local citizens. Cars
can be delivered to the client and documents issued within 15 minutes. Discounts for rentals
longer than seven days. (Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open daily from 9 am-6 pm. 11
Promyshlen-ny Per. T: 244 6642, GSM 6221633. Map: h6.
BGTS INVEST — Skoda vehicles. Free mileage. No advance payment is required. Cars can be
delivered to the client's place. Documents can be issued within 15 minutes only (driver license
valid for no less than 1 year and a passport are required). Cars are available for Belarusians
and foreigners. Open from M-F 9 am-6 pm. 33 Ul. Vostocbnaya, office 2. T; 237 5204, GSM 614
4717. Map: J2.


ERNST AND YOUNG — This is the representational office of the international company (among
the top four consulting companies globally). It offers audit services meeting Belarusian and
international standards, Open from M-F 9 am-6 pm. 51 Ul. Korolia, office 30. T: 209 4535. F:
209 4534. Map: F5.


INTERNATIONAL TRADE AMD INVESTMENT BANK -Foreign investments (direct investments
and loans) attracted, loans given to companies and individuals, stock market bonds dealt with
and personal deposit accounts organised. ITI-Bank-Maestro/Cirrus cards and ITI-Bank-
Eurocards/Mastercards arranged alongside factoring, leasing, documentation and warrants. 12
Ul. Sovetskaya. T: 200 6880. F: 200 1700. Map: G6. Minsk and regional branch; open from M-
Th 9 am-4:30 pm and F 9 am-3 pm, (closed 1 pm-2 pm). 10 Logoisky Trakt. T: 2161944. F: 237
2017. Map: K1.
BELARUSBANK — Joint-stock savings bank offering a full range of banking services. The bank
issues and services Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro cards. 32 Ul. Myasnikova. T:
200 9258, 2001831,289 3830, 226 4750. Map: G5.
MINSK TRANSIT BANK - Plastic cards arranged and loans given for car purchasing. Internet
banking, transfers and payments and retail banking offered. Open from M-F 8:30 am-5:30 pm
and client service M-F 9 am-4:30 pm. 6A Partizansky Pr. (head office). T: 213 1900 (reception).
F: 213 2909. Map: I7.


IZMET - Metal safes, closets (wardrobes, filing cabinets and weapon racks), shelving (for
archives, warehouses or pallets), workbenches and key holders. Open from M-Th 9 am-6 pm
and F 9 am-5 pm. 3 Ul. Pugachevskaya, office 35 (3rd floor). T: 284 6400; GSM 260 4060, 333
3018 (24/7). Map: I4.
SAKURA BEL — Equipment for fire alarm systems, video surveillance and access control
devices. Open from M-F 9 am-6 pm. 10 Logoisky Road, office 2. T: 262 4429, GSM 555 4429,
333 4429. Map: K1.
SFERATHADE - Video surveillance, access control and management systems, fire detectors,
door entry systems and assembly supplies. Open from M-F 8:30 am-5:30 pm (closed between
noon and 1 pm). 65a Ul. Timiriazeva, office 416. T: 226 9966, GSM 626 9966, 526 9966. Map:


UNIVERSAL PRESS — Business souvenirs and gifts can be ordered from tbe catalogue. Each
can be personalised using tampon, digital or thermal transfer printing, printing with stencils,
embossing, laser engraving or embroidery. Open from M-F 10 am-6 pm. 27/1 Ul.
Zheleznodorozh-naya, office 318b. T: 270 8181, 222 1946. Map: D8.
UNEDAR -- Custom-made business souvenirs, imprinting of logos, silk screen printing, tampon
printing, embroidery, engraving and other techniques. Open from M-F 9 am-6 pm, (closed 1 pm-
2 pm), 38 Ul. L. Bedy, basement floor. T: 266 4669. Map: J1.


BUSINESS CENTRE AT THE BELARUS HOTEL — Access to internet, photocopying (including
colour), printing, intercity and long-distance communications, faxing, scanning and computer
rental. Open daily from 9 am-10 pm. 15 Ul. Storozhevskaya, 2nd floor of the "Belarus" Hotel. T:
209 7591. Map: G4.
equipment for holding seminars, conferences and presentations offered. (Cards: V, MC.) Open
daily from 8 am-П pm. 11 Pr. Gazety Pravda. T: 270 5959. Map: C9.


JENTI-SPEDISHN — International freight forwarding. Open daily from 9 am-6 pm. 10 Ul.
Platonova, office 603. T: 284 0063, 284 0585. Map: J5.
COMSYS - International freight forwarding. Open from M-F9 am-6 pm (closed 1 pm-2 pm). 6 Ul.
Korolia, office 1a. T: 200 3352, 211 0261. Map: G5. Internet: www.comsvs.by
STA LOGISTIC - International cargo transportation (by motor vehicle, railway, sea and air).
Open from M-F 8:45 am-6 pm. 169 Pr. Nezavisimosti, office 609C. T: 218 1325, 2181326. Map:


BANGLADESH - Ul.Kupaly 7, flat 100. T: 227 6815. Map: H5
BELGIUM — 54 Pr. Masherova, flat 94. Т: 2931944. Map: H3.
CYPRUS — 131 Ul. Odoevskogo. F: 259 1150. Map: B5.
LEBANON — 26 Ul. Smoliachkova, building 1. T: 293 7210,294 5754. Map: J4.
NEPAL — 45 Pr. Pobediteley. T: 289 3088. Map: F4.
THE NETHERLANDS — 133 Ul. Vostochnaya. F: 262 4052. Map: J1.
URUGUAY — T: GSM 624 1073.
SWITZERLAND - 22a Ul. Krasnoarmeiskaya, flat 20.Т: 236 3660. Map: H6.
SWEDEN —1/2 Per. Muzykalny. Metro: Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya. T: 226 5540. Map: H5.
ESTONIA — 6a Ul. Doroshevicha. T: 217 5670. Map: J3.


ARMENIA — 17 Ul. Kirova. T: 227 5153. Map: H6.BULGARIA — 11 PI. Svobody, 1st floor.
Metro: Nemiga.T: 206 6558. Map: G5.
UNITED KINGDOM — 37 Ul. К. Marksa. Metro: Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya. T: 210 5920.
Map: H5.
VIETNAM — 3 Ul. Mozhaiskogo. Т:237 4879. Map: J1.
GERMANY — 26 Ul. Zakharova. Metro: Ploshchad Pobedy.T: 217 5900. Map: I5.
ISRAEL — 6а Partizansky Pr. T: 298 4402. Map: I7.
INDIA — 4 Ul. Koltsova, building 5. Т: 262 9399. Map:f1.
IRAN — 41 Ul. Nezhdanovoi. T: 237 7924. F: 237 7953. Мар:е2.
ITALY — 16В Ul. Rakovskaya. Metro: Nemiga. T: 229 2969.Map: G5.
KAZAKHSTAN —12 Ul. Kuibysheva. T: 2881026. Мар:Н4.
CHINA — 22 Ul. Berestyanskaya. T: 285 3682. Map: J4.
CUBA — 13 Ul. Krasnozvezdnaya. T: 200 0383. Map: J4.
KYRGYZSTAN — 57 Ul. Starovilenskaya. T: 234 9117. Map: H4.
LATVIA — 6а Ul. Doroshevicha. Metro: Ploshchad Yakuba Kolasa. T: 284 7475. Map: J3.
LIBYA — 4 Ul. Belorusskaya. T: 201 3988. Map: H6.
LITHUANIA — 68 Ul. Zakharova. T: 285 2448. Map: J6.
MOLDOVA — 2 Ul. Belorusskaya. T: 289 1441. Map: H6.
PALESTINE — 61 Ul. Olesheva. T: 237 1087. Map:f2.
РЕRU — 34 Ul. Pritytskogo. T: 216 9114. Map: C4.
POLAND - 6 Per. Rumyantseva. T: 288 2313. Metro:Ploshchad Pobedy. Map: I5.
RUSSIAN FEDERATION — 48 Ul. Starovilenskaya.T: 250 3666. Map: H4.
ROMANIA — 4 Per. Moskvina. T: 203 8097. Map: F4.
SLOVAKIA — 133 Ul. Vostochnaya. T: 216 1563. Map: K1.
USA — 46 Ul. Starovilenskaya. T: 2261601. Map: H4.
TAJIKISTAN —17 Ul. Kirova. T; 222 3798. Map: H6.
TURKMENISTAN - 17 Ul. Kirova. T: 222 3367. Map: Н6.
TURKEY — 6 Ul. Volodarskogo, 4th floor. Metro: Ploshchad Lenina. T: 227 1383. Map: G6.
UKRAINE — 51 Ul. Starovilenskaya. T: 283 1990. Map: H4.
FRANCE -11 PI. Svobody. T: 210 2868. Metro: Nemiga. Map: G5.
CZECH REPUBLIC —1/2 Per. Muzykalny. Metro: Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya. T: 226 5243.
Map: H5.
JAPAN — 23 Pr. Pobediteley, building I, 8th floor. T: 203 6037. Map: G4.


В&В INSURANCE — Transport insurance. Liability insurance. Cargo insurance. Household
insurance, Open from M-F 8:30 am-5 pm, break 1 pm-1:30 pm. 38 Ul. Y. Kolasa. T: 2113058,
GSM 611 3058, 761 3058, 4013058. Map: J2.
KUPALA— Transport, property and cargo insurance, accident insurance for travelling abroad
and liability insurance. Open from M-F 8:30 am-5 pm, (closed 1 pm-1:30 pm). 40-72 Ul. Nemiga.
51/41st Izmailovsky Per. T: 200 8071, 200 8027, 200 8569, 2371639. Map: G5, f2.
PROMTRANSINVEST — Property, vehicle and medical insurance, accident insurance including
travel abroad and civil responsibility insurance. Over 30 types of insurance offered. Open from
M-F 9 am-6 pm, (closed 1 pm-2 pm). 7a Ul, Voronyanskogo. T: 222 7731, 2281255,2281248.


084 TAXI SERVICE — Passenger transportation offered 24/7. Cat towage. 48/1 Ul,
Novovilenskaya. T: 084, GSM 666 6084, 555 5084, 444 4084, 333 3084; 233 2868, 288 9572.
Map: F1.
TAXI 007 — Car towage and flower and food delivery offered in addition to personal
transportation. T: 007. VIP taxis. Weddings and solemn events catered for. Clients can be met
at the airport. Open 24 hrs. T: 1111 007,3333 007, 6666 007, 700 7007,400 7007 7a Ul.
Marievskaya. Map: I5.


LODE TOURISM DEPARTMENT — Travel and recreation in Belarus. Open from M-F 9 am-7
pm and Sa 10 am-4 pm. 1 Ul. Gikalo. Metro: Ploshchad Pobedy. T: 284 0003, 284 6267, GSM
384 0003. Map: J4.
SMOKTRAVEL— The company arranges tourist and business travel worldwide. Hotel
reservations in Belarus and the CIS states can be made and comprehensive services are
offered to foreign customers. Air tickets can be booked. (Major cards.) Open daily from 9 am -8
pm. 40 Pr. Nezavisimos-ti. Metro: Ploshchad Pobedy. T: 284 7474, GSM 684 7474, 784 7474.
Map: I4. Internet: www.smoktravel.com
TRANSAERO TOURS — Individual and group tours offered in addition to hotel accommodation,
transport services and visa support. Open from M-F 9 am-7 pm and Sa 10 am-3 pm. 11 Pr.
Pobediteley. T: 289 1111, GSM 689 1111. Map: G4. Internet: www.transaerotours.com.


DHL — Express delivery service to more than 220 countries worldwide. (Cards: V, MC.) Open
M-Sa 8 am-
7 pm. 18 Ul. Brestskaya. T: 2781108. Map: E9. Internet: www.dhl.by
TNT - EXPRESS — Express delivery of documents, parcels and cargo worldwide: couriers
collect orders from your home. Cargo delivery confirmation given. Whole range of customs
formalities and cargo delivery services (including declaring, contacts with customs, etc.) dealt
with. Open from M-F 8 am-7 pm. 10 Ul. Platonova. T: 284 9044, 236 8000, 279 1186 (National
Airport Minsk). Map: J5. Internet: www.tnt.by
М&М MILITZER & MUENCH - Express delivery via the FedEx transport network globally. Fast
shipment of documents and cargo under 300 kg within Belarus, Open from M-F 8 am-8 pm, Sa
9 am-4:30 pm. 19 Pr. Pobeditely, office 31. Metro: Nemiga. T: 226 9909, 226 9933. Map: G4.
Internet: www.mum.by


BUSINESSGLOBALCONSULT— Lawyers and customs professionals offer consultations on
establishing a company, gaining accreditation for representative offices and authorised stock
formation. Advice given on economic activities and customs formalities (e.g. avoiding double
taxes). Representation in economic courts offered. (License issued by the Ministry of Justice
No. 02240/0071066 as of 01.06.2005 - valid until 01.06.2010). Customs agent services
available. (License issued by the State Customs Committee No. №03060/0046750 as of
25.07.2005 — valid until 25.07.2010). Open from M-Th 9 am-6 pm and F 9 am-5 pm (closed 1
pm-1:45 pm). 14 Ul. Chkalova, office 313. T: 256 0363, 256 0364, GSM 336 6226,554 4053.
Map: F8.
BRAGfNIEC AND PARTNERS — Law Firm, established in 1996. Business litigation
(commercial state courts and courts of arbitration). Comprehensive legal advice. Legal
accompanying of: setting up legal entities, opening branch offices, representative offices,
granting licenses and certifications. Mergers & Acquisitions. Winding up and Bankruptcy. Legal
due diligence. We speak English, Polish, Belarusian and Russian. Open from M-F 8:30 am-7:00
pm. 15 Belorusskaya Str, 220030 Minsk, Belarus. T: +37517/206 5523, GSM +375 29/627 7477
F: +37517/227 7477. Map: H5. Internet: www.law.com.by
COLLEGIA - Lega| services for businesses run in Belarus and abroad. Legal support for
establishing, re-organising and liquidating companies, opening and closing representational
offices and for investment activities. Representation in court offered and legal advice given on
transactions relating to capital investment (e.g. in foreign companies). Evaluation of assets can
be arranged. Translations available in Russian, Belarusian, English and German. Open from M-
F 9 am-6 pm. 114 Ul. Nekrasova, premises 62, office 17. T: 287 8188, 287 8088,287 8199,287
8099. Map: I1.


ATLANT MOTORS — The company sells new and second-hand Volkswagen vehicles with
warranty and post-warranty maintenance. Volkswagen spare parts and accessories are sold
retail and wholesale. Security and stereo / video systems can be installed in any vehicle.
(Cards: V, MC.) Open daily from 8:30 am-8:30 pm (service centre, spare parts department, car
alarm and sound equipment installation centre); from M-F 8:30 am-8 pm and Sa 10 am-7 pm
(car sales). 26 Ul. Mashinostroiteley. T: 2141484, 2141494. Map: g6.
LIBERTY MOTORS — The official Ford dealer in Belarus sells new Ford automobiles, used
cars and genuine spare parts. Warranty maintenance is available. Trade-in, credit and leasing
available. Open from M-F 9 am-6 pm and Sa & Su 9 am-4 pm. Malinovka car market. T: 201
7915,2017938 (cars), 299 4717 (spare parts). Map: аб. Open daily from 8:30 am-9 pm. 168
Partizanky Pr. T 244 8000,244 4050. Map: h5.


BELINTERCOOL — Air conditioning and ventilation systems and a full range of services are
offered. The company is the official Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, McQuay, Carrier, LG, Samsung,
Aermec, Hoval, Dantherm, Carel and Wesper dealer. Open from M-F 8:30 am-5:30 pm. 54A Ul.
Radialnaya. T: 297 0000. F: 297 0707. Map: M5. Internet: www.belintercool.by
GEFEST — Gas, electric and combination domestic ovens and hobs, built-in models and air
extractors offered. Open
from M-F 10 am-7 pm. 2 Ul. Osipenko. T: 233 7411, 233 7482. Map: G2.
MIR ANTEN - Equipment for satellite, terrestrial and cable television. Open from M-F 10 am-8
pm and Sa 10 am-6 pm. 25 Ul. K. Mark-sa. Metro: Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya. T: 210 4273,
2891495. Map: H5.
TECHNOCITY - PCs, component parts, digital photography equipment and portable sound
producing devices. Credit available. Open from M-Sa 10 am-7 pm. 3 Ul. Leningradskaya. Metro:
Ploshchad Lenina. T 227 1097, 206 6292. Map: G6.
HYLA-BEL — Wide range of electrical cleaning appliances sold alongside brushes and other
accessories. 10-year warrantee and regular maintenance provided. International certificates ISO
9001 and SIQ. Open daily from 8 am-10 pm. 5 Ul. Leningradskaya, room 29. T 200 7623, GSM
350 9050, 575 9050. Map: G6. Internet: www.hvlabv.com
SONTAKI — Air conditioning, ventilation and heating equipment sold. Individual design needs
can be catered for and equipment delivered, assembled and serviced. General, Daikin,
Mitsubishi Heavy, McQuay, Systemair, Hoval, Dantherm, Ostberg, Lennox, Wesper, Trane and
Thermoscreens goods are sold. 111 Ul. Mayakovskogo, office 502. T: 210 5870, 221 2303.
Map: H9.
HOME TECHNICS CENTRE — A wide range of home appliances, radios and white goods are
sold: Philips, Bosch, Samsung, LG, Binatone, Saturn, Unit, Tefal, Rowenta, Moulinex, Liebherr,
Gorenje, Indesit, Ariston and Atlant. A discount system is available. (Cards: V, VE, MC,
Maestro.) Open from 10 am-7 pm. 53 Ul. Pulikhova. T: 285 3993. Map: I6.


MARUSYA — Designer clothes for children aged 0—18 sold at wholesale prices. Marusya
clothes can be found at the GUM, TSUM and Na Nemige department stores. An on-line shop is
available at www.marusva.by. The office is open from M-F 9 am-6 pm. 9 Ul. Timiryazeva. T: 201
3044. Map: F4.
MONPAS'E — Children's LiLi Gaufrette, Escada, Kenzo, Catimini, Miniman and DKNY kept in
stock. (Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open from M-Sa 11 am-8 pm and Su 11 am-6 pm. 88 UL
Surganova. T: 290 2527. F: 290 2524. Map: 12.


IMPREMIR — Furniture for the home: sliding door wardrobes, hatl and bedroom sets,
cupboards, furniture for children's rooms and computer desks. Furniture for commercial
residence, shops, banks, offices and educational establishments. Customised solutions. Open
from M-F 9 am-6 pm. 40 Ul. Orlovs-kaya, office 38. T: 234 0527,237 7038. Map: H2.
LIADRO — Collectible china items: Lladro and Noa (Spanish) statuettes. (Major cards.) Open
from Tu-Sa 10 am-7 pm. 11 Pr. Pobediteley. T: 226 9393. Map: G4.
NEW STUDIO — A furniture showroom featuring furniture and accessories of all styles and
trends by Italian manufacturers: Jesse, Desiree, Grand Arredo, Modulnova. Sales on credit
available. (Cards: V, MC.) Open daily from 10 am-8 pm. 12 Ul. Nemiga. T: 200 2073, GSM 660
6074. Map: G5. Internet: www.newstudio-by
12 STULEV (12 CHAIRS) — Upholstered furniture (by Neiser of Estonia), tables, chairs, dining
sets, occasional tables and mirrors (by Calligaris of Italy) are sold alongside ornaments and
glassware from France, Spain and Italy. Open from M-F 10 am-7 pm and Sa 11 am-6 pm. 33 Ul.
Zamkovaya. T: 206 3408, 206 4292. Map:G5.
GUYS — Selling wood-burning stoves, electric fires, natural stone mantlepieces and fireplace
accessories. Open from M-F 10 am-8 pm and Sa 11 am-6 pm. 3 Ul. P. Brovki, building 2, office
3. T: 284 0561, GSM 679 9777. Map: J3.
IMBRI — Art lab. Artistic stained-glass windows made using the Tiffany technique. Personalised
artistic solutions for any interior. Open from M-F 9:30 am-5:30 pm and Sa 11 am-3 pm (closed 1
pm-2 pm). T: GSM 655 9584.


LODE — Full range of medical (dentistry, gynaecology, urology, etc.) and cosmetological
services. Professional standards. Open daily from 8 am-9 pm. 12 Ul. Kiseleva. Metro:
Ploshchad Pobedy. T: 284 7189. Map: 14.140 Ul. Pri-tytskogo. T: 215 0003. Map: ЬЗ. 1 Ul.
Gikalo. T: 284 7220. Metro: Ploshchad Yakuba Kolasa. Map: J4
SANTE — More than twenty types of medical services are offered. Departments of diagnostics,
therapy and surgeries. All sorts of dental treatments. A discount system is in operation. Open
from M-F 8 am-9 pm, Sa 8 am-6 pm, Su 9 am-6 pm. 3 Ul. Trostenetskaya. T: 299 0009, 299
0090, GSM 509 0909, 609 0099. Map: I7.
CENTRE FOR LASER MEDICINE— Diagnosis, therapy and prevention of health disorders in
40 specialities. Laser cosmetology, otolaryngology, gynaecology and proctology covered.
Corporate clients and families catered for — interpreters available in German and English. Open
from M-F 8 am-9 pm, Sa 8 am-6 pm and Su 8 am-5 pm. 95 Ul. Rafiyeva. T: 201 8979, 279
0807, GSM 311 8979. Map: a5. Internet: www.centrlazermed.by


GOLDEN MINK - Luxury men's and women's mink, sable and chinchilla fur collections in store
along with leather outer wear and hats from Italy and France. (Cards: V, MC.) Open from M-F
11 am-7 pm and Sa & Su noon-6 pm. 1 Pr. Pobediteley. Metro: Nemiga. T: 206 4380, 226 9343.
Map: G5.
OCHNIK — Latest men's and women's leather and fur collections; regularly updated stock.
Open daily from 10 am-8 pm. 69 Ul. Kuibysheva. T: 237 7279. Map: I3.
ESTET-S — Elite leather coats (men's and women's collections) and headwearfrom Italy and
France. (Cards: V, MC.) Open from M-F 11 am-7 pm and Sa & Su noon-6 pm. 1 Pr.
Pobediteley. T: 226 9343, 206 4380. Map: G5.


DOLCE VITA - Clothing, footwear and accessories by famous Italian and German brands:
Brioni, Ermenegildo Zegna, Canali, Salvatore Ferragamo, Escada, Laurel and Agnona. (Cards:
V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open from M-Sa 10 am-8 pm and Su 11 am-6 pm. 4 Ul.
Kommunisticheskaya. Metro: Ploshchad Pobedy. T: 233 9419, GSM 668 6323. Map: I4.
LEVI'S — Jeans and accessories by Levi's, Lee and Wrangler. (Major cards.) Open from M-Sa
10 am-8 pm. 48 Pr. Nezavisimosti. Metro: Ploshchad Yakuba Kolasa. T: 288 2562. Map: I4.
MAXMARA — The latest МахМага woman's collections, footwear and accessories: MaxMara,
SportMax, MaxMara Studio, 'S MaxMara, Sport Max Code, Weekend lines sold alongside
Marina Rinaldi clothes for larger sizes. Open from M-F 10 am-8 pm and Sa 10 am-7 pm. 29 Ul.
Komsomolskaya. T: 227 6986. Map: G5.
MUSTAHG — Men's and women's denim clothing and accessories. Loyalty bonus system for
customers. Open from M-F 11 am-8 pm, Sa 11 am-7 pm and Su 11 am-5 pm. 14 Ul.
Komsomolskaya. T: 203 0802. Map: G5. Open from M-F 11 am-8 pm, Sa 11 am-6 pm and Su
11 am-5 pm. 14 Ul. Kozlova. T: 284 9399. Map: J5.
ART-PODIUM — De luxe wedding dresses and accessories: Cymbeline (Paris), Art-Podium
Luxury and Mariees de Paris. Open from M-F 11 am-7 pm and Sa 11 am-3 pm. 2 PI. Svobody.
Metro: Nemiga. T: 227 8353, GSM 328 8353. Map: H5. Internet: www.art-podium.com
BERGHAUS — Men's and women's clothing and accessories by leading German brands such
as BRAX, Casa Moda, Venti, J. Philipp and Hirsch. Betty Barclay, Gil Bret and Vera Mont. Free
tailoring service available. Currency exchange booth inside and progressive discount system.
Parking nearby. (Cards: V, MC, Maestro.) Open from M-F10 am-8 pm, Sa 11 am-7 pm and Su
11 am-6 pm. 48 Pr. Nezavisimosti. Metro: Ploshchad Yakuba Kolasa. T: GSM 610 9909. Map:
INTRIGA — Men's and women's clothing: Moschino, Armani, Versace, Takeshy Kurosawa,
Anna Biagini, D&G, Guess and A. McQueen. (Cards: V, MC, Maestro.) Open from M-Sa 11 am-
8 pm and Su 11 am-6 pm. 66 Ul. Bog-danovicha, office 5. T: 289 3703. Map: I3.
KABUKI — Italian clothing and accessories by Parasuco Cult, AB/Souf, Michiko Koshino,
Moschino Jeans, Valentino R.E.D., Missoni M and See by Chloe. Open from M-Sa 11 am-8 pm
and Su noon-6 pm. 19 Pr. Pobe-diteley. T: 227 6903, GSM 337 6903. Map: G4.
REPORTER - Trendy clothing for young people. Open from M-Sa 10 am-8 pm and Su 10 am-6
pm. 3 Ul. Kiseleva. Metro: Ploshchad Pobedy. T: 290 6200. Map: I4.
TREMEN - Lingerie, clothes and accessories imported from Italy. Open from M-F 10 am-7 pm,
Sa 10 am-6 pm. 24 Ul. V Khoruzhey, building 1. T: 234 9222. Map: H3.


EVENTSCOMPANY - Corporate events arranged: parties, conferences, seminars and
marketing campaigns. Open from M-F 10 am-7 pm. 23/1 Pr. Pobediteley, office 411a. T: 206
4349, 203 7491, GSM 360 0600. Map: G4. Internet: www.event.by
ТОРEVENT — Presentations, workshops and conferences arranged. Speech training can be
given. Equipment for events can be hired. Open from M-F 9 am-6 pm. 63 Ul. Zakharova, office
3. T: 285 3557, GSM 560 3557, 665 3557. Daily: GSM 662 0296. Map: J6.
MIRACLES, INC. — Corporate and VIP parties, weddings, anniversaries, children's parties,
bachelor parties and bridal showers catered for. Festive decorations can be arranged alongside
fireworks, jokes and surprises. Help can be given to make memorable confessions of love or to
conceal affairs. Parties for pets (weddings and birthday parties) catered for. Open daily from 11
am-9 pm. 15, 2nd Shestaya Linia, room 103. T: 236 3645, GSM 646 5884, 680 2542. Map: J3.


THE BEST — Elite perfumes, make-up and skin and body care products (Decleorr Menard etc.)
are sold. Discount system for regular customers. Open from M-Sa 11 am-8 pm and Su 11 am-6
pm. 7 Pr. Pobediteley (Romash-ka shop, 2nd floor). Metro: Nemiga. T: GSM 609 2434.
Map:G4.12 Ul. Nemiga (Elatio gallery, 2nd floor). Metro: Nemiga. Map: G5. Open from Tu-Su 10
am-7 pm. 6B Ul. V. Khoruzhey (Zerkalo shopping centre, 1st floor). Metro: Ploshchad Yakuba
Kolasa. T: 289 5877. Map: 13.
KPABT — Luxury perfumes and cosmetics by YSL, Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy, Nina Ricci,
Kenzo, Gucci, Versace, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Paco
Rabanne, Carolina Herrera, Isa Dora, Pupa and MaxFactor. Open from M-F 10 am-8 pm, Sa
noon-8 pm and Su noon-6 pm. 76 Pr. Nezavisimosti. Metro: Akademiya Nauk. T: 280 5666.
Map: КЗ.


HIGH FLIGHT - All types of hairdressing services offered including thermal treatments,
cosmetology, mesother-apy and depilation. Massages, SPA care, hot manicures, S.PA
pedicures and nail extensions available. Open from M-F 9 am-9 pm and Sa 9 am-6 pm. 8 Ul.
Storozhevs-kaya, 1st doorway, 3rd floor. T: 288 6171, GSM 688 6171. Map: H4.
DELACROIX — A SPA salon offering a sauna, swimming pool and hydro massage alongside
various massages and wraps: slimming, mud and seaweed. Cosmetology, depilat ion, SPA
manicures and pedicures and hair treatments available. Open daily from 10 am-10 pm. 35 Ul.
Kuiby-sheva. T: 234 2170, GSM 757 8203,163 2245. Map: H4.
GOLD LINE - Haircuts and styling, colouring, Elumen treatments, hair therapy and masks are
offered. Facials, machine-assisted manicures, pedicures, nail extensions and warm manicures
also available. After their 10th visit, clients receive a 10 percent discount. Open from M-Sa 10
am-8 pm. 1 Ul. M. Bogdanovicha. T: 286 0207 Map: H4.
YVES ROCHER - Aesthetic cosmetology. Face and body care with professional Yves Rocher
natural products. Pre-booking is recommended. (Cards: V, MC, Maestro.) Open M-Sa from 8
am-9 pm. 48 Pr. Nezavisimosti. Metro: Ploshchad Yakuba Kolasa. T: 284 4858. Map: I4.
IZUMI - manual massage and stone massage offered alongside chocolate, wine, mud and
seaweed wraps. A full range of hairdressing services — using L'Oreal, Rev-Ion, Wella and
Cutrin products — are available. Manicures, nail seals, nail extensions (using silk, powder and
gel), pedicures (Gehwol) and depilation can also be arranged. De luxe facial treatments —
using Payot, Janssen, and Kristina products — are also given. Open from M-Sa 9 am-9 pm. 65
Ul. Zakharova, building 1. T: 2941584. Map: J6.
LADY GODIVA - This delux beauty salon offers hairdressing to women and men, manicures,
pedicures, cosmetology, slimming treatments and SPA procedures. Open from M-Sa 8 am-9 pm
and Su 9 am-6 pm. 38 Ul. Nemi-ga. T: 200 1246, 200 1935, GSM 670 1246. Map: G5.


ZIKO - The showroom sells well known brands of watches and jewellery. (Cards; V, MC/EC.)
Open from M-F 10 am-8 pm, Sa 11 am-7 pm and Su 11 am-5 pm, 13 Ul. Komsomolskaya. T:
203 7064. Map: G5.
SMOLENSKIE DIAMONDS — This jeweller's sells Kristall pieces at wholesale prices: precious
metals with and without gems. Open from M-Sa 11 am-8 pm and Su noon-6 pm. 4 PI. Svobody.
T: 227 8568. F: 227 8449. Map: G5.


Most restaurants offer banquets, buffets and presentations, some—takeout and delivery
services. Many establishments introduce special offers, lunch menus, etc. As a rule the average
amount of gratuity is 10 percent of the entire bill.
The cost of dinner per person (without alcohol) is indicated as follows: $ = up to $10, $$ = $11—
20, $$$ = $21-50, $$$$ = $51 and over.


JAMES — This bar-restaurant has a huge menu combining European traditions and Asian
secrets. Sushi, steaks and cocktails are among its specialties. Buffets and conferences are
catered for and the banquet hall can be booked. Business lunches from noon-4 pm. Take-away
meals offered. (Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open daily noon-1 am. 58 Ul. Surganova. T: 290
2888, GSM 355 1551, Map: I2.
GRAFFIN — This stylish laid back venue serves classic salads, steaks, pasta, sushi and
desserts. $$. (Major cards.) Open daily from noon-midnight. 11 Ul. Kulman. T 289 5555. Map:
GRUNWALD — Finest Belarusian, Polish and Lithuanian cuisine offered in a pleasant friendly
atmosphere. $$. Open dai-
Metro: Oktyabrskaya/Kupaiovskaya. T: 210 4255. Map: H5.
GUBERNIA — European, Belarusian and Lithuanian cuisine. Billiards and slot machines also
available $. (Major cards.) Open daily from 10 am-mid-night. 28 Ul. Odoevskogo. T: 252 7943,
207 6766. Map: D5.
КАВАСНОК12 — This cosy restaurant serves European cosmopolitan cuisine In an unusual
Belarusian setting. $. (Major cards.) Open daily from 11 am-11 pm, 38 Ul. Y, Kolasa. T: 281
7216. Map: J2.
KAMYANITSA — Delicious dishes are cooked to Rzecz Pospolita recipes, served in a
traditional Belarusian setting accompanied by live folk music. A midday menu, separate hall with
a large screen and karaoke facilities are available. Free parking. $$. (Cards: V, VE, MC/EC,
Maestro,) Open daily from noon-11 pm, 18 Ul. Pervomaiskaya. T: 294 5124, 233 9401. Map: I5.
LEONIDAS — European / Japanese fusion cuisine on offer with the chef willing to cook items
not on the menu, Pre-booking is recommended. Guarded car park. $$$. (Cards: V, MC,
Maestro.) Open daily from noon-midnight. 87-A Pr. Nezavisimosti. Metro: Park Chelyuskintsev.
T: 287 3849. Map: КЗ
MIR CASTLE — European and Belarusian cuisine is served. Lunches from M-F noon-4 pm.
Weddings, presentations, anniversaries and business meetings are catered for. $. (Cards: V,
VE, MC, Maestro.) Open daily from noon-2 am. 9 UL Gorodskoy Val. T: 206 5347, 206 6938.
Map: G5.
NOSTALGIA — Breakfasts and lunch menu available with family lunches on Sundays. A 20
percent discount is offered on the main menu from noon-4 pm. Wedding parties are welcome
(with the hall being specially decorated) and silent films are screened in the evenings to the
accompaniment of music. (Major cards.) Open from Su-Th 8 am-midnight and F & Sa 8 am-2
am. 43 Ul. Ivanovskaya. Metro: Proletarska-ya.T: 294 2231. Map: J6.
PANORAMA — European cuisine served to the accompaniment of live music I and a
panoramic view of the city. Pre- I sentations, banquets, buffets and formal receptions are
catered for. $$. (Cards: V, Maestro.) Open daily from
7 am-4 am. 15 Ul. Storozhevskaya (Belarus Hotel, 22nd floor). T: 209 7699, 209 7578. Map:
PINTA — Belarusian and Japanese food served in an cosy Irish pub atmosphere. Old Soviet
films are shown on plasma screens and the bar has a distinctly Soviet flavour. $. Open daily
from noon-2 am, 34 Ul. Komsomolskaya, T: 210 5825. Map: H6.
RAKOVSKY BROVAR - This brewery restaurant is found in the historical part of the city. Its
special interior design gives it a cosy ambiance complimenting the Be-laruslan and European
cuisine. Delicious beer snacks, roasted pork knuckle and boiled crayfish on the menu. $$.
(Cards: V, MC, Maestro.) 10 Ul. Vitebskaya. Metro: Nemiga. T: 206 6404. Map: G5.
RENAISSANCE — This cosy restaurant, situated in the historical centre of the city, serves
European cuisine. A choice of a non-smoking room, tea room, cigar room and grill bar. Billiards
available. $$. (Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open daily from noon-2 am. 23 PL Svobody. T: 227
0991. Metro: Nemiga, Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya. Map:H5.
SALOON — European cuisine served to the accompaniment of live country and blues music
daily. Dance shows from Th-Sa. $. (Cards: V, VE, MC, MC Electronic, Maestro.) Open from Su-
W noon-midnight and Th-Sa noon-3 am. 21 Pr. Pobediteley. Metro: Frunzenskaya. T: 203 8968,
203 9438. Map: G4.
SEM KOMNAT (SEVEN ROOMS) - European cuisine served while you sit on comfortable
sofas. Plasma screens and open air seating. (Major cards.) Open daily from 8 am-1 am, 19 Pr.
Masherova. T GSM 556 6665. Map: H4.
SKIF — Belarusian, European and fusion cuisine, blending originality with mainstream
European trends. Business lunches can be enjoyed in Scythian interior. Air-conditioning and
free parking. $. (Cards: V, VE, MC, MC Electronic, Maestro.) Open daily from noon-11 pm. 34
Pr. Ne-zavisirnosti. Metro: Ploshchad Pobedy. T: 284 7541, GSM 304 8622. Map: I5.
STARY GOROD (OLD TOWN) — National cuisine served in skillets, on birch boards and in clay
pots. Pickles, homemade sausage and honey kvass all cooked following traditional Belarusian
recipes. $. (Major cards.) Open daily from 11 am-11 pm. 19 Ul. Bogdanovicha. T: 286 0508.
Map: H4.
TALAKA — Traditional Belarusian cuisine cooked to authentic recipes and served in a quaint
rustic interior to the accompaniment of national music. (Cards: V, MC, Maestro.) Open daily
from 10 am until the last customer leaves. 18 Ul. Rakovskaya. Metro: Nemiga, Frunzenskaya. T:
203 2794, GSM 637 0380. Map: G5.


JOMALUNGMA — Tibetan, Japanese, Nepalese, Indian and European cuisine on offer. There
is a dining room (50 seats), hookah bar (40 seats), tea room (10 seats), karaoke room (10
seats), VIP room (10 seats). Belly dance featured in the hookah bar and karaoke room from 11
pm-3 am. Free parking. $$. (Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open daily from noon-5 am. 7 Ul.
Gikalo. T: 280 5388. Map: J4. Internet: www.iomalungma.by
TERRITORIA— Japanese and European cuisine served and business lunches offered from
noon-5 pm. Two VIP rooms. Free delivery available. Banquets and buffets catered for. Guarded
car park. $$. (Major cards.) Open daily from 8 am-1 am. 169 Pr. Nezavisimosti
("21st Vek" business centre). T: 218 1200, GSM 702 1021. Map:g2.
TRAKTIR NA TR0IKH. NOVY SAIGON — Vietnamese, Jewish and Slavonic cuisine on offer.
$$$. Open daily from 11 am-midnight. 12 Per. Voiskovoy, T: 286 0039. Map: I5.


GABROVO — Bulgarian, European and international cuisine served in a pleasant rustic interior.
Two banqueting halls and a winter garden available. $. (Cards: V, MC, Maestro.) Open from M-
F10 am-midnight and Sa & Su 11 am-midnight. 81 Pr. Nezavisimosti. T: 287 3053,287 3054.
Map: КЗ.
SOFIA — Bulgarian and European cuisine served in an 80 seat dining room decorated in
Bulgarian style. Its 30 seat banqueting room caters for weddings, parties and corporate events.
$. Open daily from 11 am-11 pm. 49 Ul. Annaeva. T: 297 5000, 297 5350. Map: M5.


IE RUTMAN — Jewish cuisine and European dishes offered in cosy atmosphere with business
lunches from noon-4 pm. Corporate parties and buffets catered for and children's menu
available. $. Open daily from noon-11 pm. 12 Ul. Makaenka. T: 263 9194, Map: L3.


SPANISH CORNER — Spanish cuisine offered with business lunches from noon-4 pm. Fol
rooms with billiards available. $$. (Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open daily from noon-midnight.
36 Ul. Nemiga. T: 206 4839, 206 4836. Map: G5.


ROMA — Chef Zavataro Gianluigi cooks classic Italian dish' es with a Roman flavour. Open
daily from noon-midnigh 52 Pr, Pushkina. T 204 6373, 228 2679. Map: D3.
KOPI GABANA — Offering Italian, European and Indian cuisine alongside a sushi bar, char-
grilled shashlik and steak, $$. (Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open daily frorr 10 am-3 am. 71 Pr.
Nezavisimosti. Metro: Akademiya Nauk. T: 292 0208. Map: J3.
POYUSHCHIYE FONTANY (SINGING FOUNTAINS) — Italian chef Ignazio Rosa, a professor
of the Swiss Academy of Culinary Arts and the Fantapizza Cup winner, supervises European
breakfasts from 8 am-noon and business lunches from noon-5 pm. Live jazz music daily from 7
pm. Dress smartly for this up-market venue. In-house security guards the free car park. $$.
(Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open from M-F 8 am-midnight and Sa & Su noon-midnight. 5 Ul.
Oktyabrskaya. Metro: Pervomaiska-ya. T: 206 6416. Map: H6.
TEATRO — Stylish pizzeria near the Opera and Ballet Theatre serves Italian cuisine and pizza.
Business lunches from 10 am-6 pm. Free parking. $. (Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open daily
from 10 am-11 pm. 6 Ul. Bogdanovicha. T: 2341352. Map: H4.


VERBA — Oriental cuisine with Caucasian motifs. European dishes can be cooked upon
guests' request. Banquets, corporate parties and presentations catered for. $$$. (Major cards.)
Open daily from 11 am-11 pm. 51 Ul. Kro-potkina. T: 234 3467. F: 234 6995. Map: H3.
KISHMISH — Oriental dishes (pilaf, manty - giant meat dumplings — and dolma — vine leaves
stuffed with meat) available alongside Belarusian & European cuisine: barbequed food and
carpaccio. Projection display entertains as you eat. Banqueting and VIP rooms available. $.
(Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open daily from 11 am-11 pm. 3 Ul. Trostenetskaya. T: 299 0001.
Map: I7.
NATVRIS-HE — Georgian food served, to the accompaniment of a Georgian singer daily from
7 pm. $. Open from Tu-Su noon-midnight. 4 UL Svyazistov. T: 238 0255. F: 281 0570. Map: H3.
SADKO — Restaurant-club serving Caucasian cuisine in its 3 dining rooms and with live music
from 8 pm. $$. (Cards: V, MC, Maestro.) Open daily: the upper room from 11 am-11 pm, the
lower room from noon-5 am and the banqueting hall from noon-5 am. 17 Ul. V Khoruzhey.
Metro: Ploshchad Yakuba Kolasa. T: 234 5923, 234 6218. Map: I3.


KORCHMA STAROVILENSKAYA — Latin American and Italian cuisine prepared by a world-
class chef. $$. Open daily from 9 am-mid night. 2 Ul. Starovilenskaya. T: 289 3754. Map: G4.
NOVAYA GALEREYA — Latin American cuisine. Beer Mondays and Viva Cuba parties on
Thursdays. $$. (Cards: V, MC, Maestro.) Open daily from noon-2 am. 3 Ul. Kozlova (Palace of
Art). T: 288 1153, 284 7308. Map: I4.


BAVARIA — German and European food served in a traditional German atmosphere: waiters
wear national costume. German pork shoulder and Strasburg sausage accompanied by
genuine German beer. $. (Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open daily from noon-11 pm. 50 UL
Odoevskogo. T: 251 2100, 205 0377. Map: C5.
WESTFALIA — Fine German and European dishes and a unique cocktail list. The unusual
interior is complimented by live music from Th-Su. Receptions, buffets, corporate parties, theme
parties, birthdays and weddings catered for. Free parking. $. (Cards: V, MC, Maestro.) Open
daily from 7 am-2 am. 11 Pr. Gazety Pravda. T: 270 5727, 270 3994. Map: C9. Internet:


BELGRADE — Serbian cuisine: Dymlena Veshalitsa, Pun-ena Veshalitsa, Karajorjiev cutlet
and Sharan Dunai. Parking. $. (Cards: V, MC.) Open daily from 11 am-11 pm. 16 UL Bersona.
T: 227 7895. Map: G6.


CHUMATSKY SHLIAKH — Ukrainian dishes such as beet soup, mushroom soup, five sorts of
jam rolls, genuine Kiev-style cutlets can be enjoyed in a nice rustic interior. Business lunch is
served from noon-4 pm. Children's menu is available on Sundays from noon-4 pm. Live music is
played on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Free car park is available. Delivery
is free of charge. Open daify 10 am-11 pm. (Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) 34 Ul. Miasnikova. T:
200 9091, GSM 320 2019. Map: G6.


VERSUS — Pizza and European cuisine is served. Cosy ambience. Corporate events, parties
and seminars are catered for. Parking. $. (Major cards.) Open daily 11 am-10 pm. 11 Pr.
Nezavisimosti (Minsk Hotel). Metro: Ploshchad Lenina. T: 200 2520, GSM 634 4412. Map: G6.
100 ZVEZD (100 STARS) — A cosy atmosphere and fine European cuisine: grills and fondues.
$$. Open Su-Th from noon-11 pm and F & Sa noon-2 am. 31 Ul. Y. Kolasa. T: 287 2977, 287
2979. Map: J3.
BANANA-CAFE — Cosy cafe in Troitskoye Suburb — the old part of the city. European cuisine
served. A VIP room and hookahs are available. F & Sa feature an entertainment programme.
$$. (Cards: V, MC, Maestro.) Open daily from 10 am-5 am. 7 Ul. Storozhevskaya. Metro:
Nemiga. T: 289 5079. Map: H4.
BASTION — Slavic cuisine served in a rustic interior with a relaxing atmosphere. Weddings and
banquets are catered for: 60 people can be seated. $. 35 Ul. Volgogradskaya. T: 280 1767.
Map: L2.
THE BEATLES CAFE — British, German and Belarusian cuisine. Open daily from 11 am-11
pm. $$. (Cards: V, MC, Maestro.) 65 Ul. Timiryazeva. T: 209 0148. Map: E3.
VALERIA — A cosy cafe offering nice food at reasonable prices and featuring live music. $.
Open daily from 10 am-11 pm. 7 Ul. Volodarskogo. T: 200 3140, GSM 756 8607. Map: G5.
GURMAN — Pleasant cafe serving European cuisine and ravioli. Free parking. $. (Cards: V,
VE, MC, Maestro.) Open daily from 8 am-11 pm, 7 Ul. Kommunisticheskaya. Metro: Ploshchad
Pobedy. T: 236 6774. Map: H4.
DALAT — A Vietnamese cafe where you can try one of the most popular national dishes —
Nem pancakes. Kom Zang pilaf and Fo soup are also worthwhile. Weddings, banquets,
anniversaries can be arranged in a banquet hall. TV is available. Open daily 10 am -11 pm. 40
Ul. Zhudro. T: 253 3648. Map: C3.
KOLESO — A cafe serving shashlik and cooking a wide range of dishes from fresh produce on
an open fire. Open daily from 10 am-11 pm. 2 Ul. Brestskaya. T: 278 8756. Map: E9.
PTICH — Traditional Belarusian cuisine, a smokehouse and special drinks available. $$. Open
daily from noon-1 am. 1 Ul. Poselkovaya, Volkovichi village, Minsk district. T: 509 3049.
RAKOVSKY BROVAR — European cuisine served in a relaxed atmosphere. Modern dining
room seating 50 and a cosy banqueting room are available. Weddings and anniversaries are
catered for. Midday set menu and draft beer. Karaoke. 13 Ul. Uralskaya. T: 235 1701, 235
3313. Map: K5.


LONDON — An overwhelming choice of teas and coffees are on offer alongside enticing
pastries and cocktails. Listen to jazz, swing or modern indie music while perusing the art work
on show inside this tiny cafe. Displays are changed regularly. $. Open daily from 10 am -11 pm.
18 Pr. Nezavisimosti. Metro: Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovska-ya. T: 2891529. Map: H5.
МОСА LOCA — Choose from espresso, macchiato, con panna, caffe nero or cappuccino.
Desserts, toast and hot chocolate available. $. (Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open daily from 10
am-midnight. 36 Ul. Nemiga. T: 206 4839, 206 4836. Map: G5.
SALODKI FALVARAK — This Parisian style cafe offers delicate pastries and cakes and a good
choice of teas and coffees. Open daily from 10 am-11 pm. 2 Ul. M. Tanka. Metro:
Frunzenskaya. T: 206 3411, 206 3412, 206 3413. Map: G5. This cafe offers wine and spirits in
addition to its pastries, cakes and fruit desserts. Draft beer available. Open from 10 am-11 pm.
37 Pr. Nezavisimosti. Metro: Ploshchad Pobedy. T: 284 3079. Map: I4.
OLD MINSK — This cosy cafe offers a variety of teas and coffees using traditional Belarusian
recipes. Pastries are also available $. Open daily from 10 am-11 pm. 14 Pr. Nezavisimosti.
Metro: Ploshchad Lenina. T: 289 1400. Map: G6.


0.5 U RATUSHY (OS AT THE TOWN HAIL) - This pub style restaurant in the historic part of the
city serves European cuisine and business lunches from noon-6 pm. Its banqueting hall seats
25 people. Live music plays every night and parking is available. $.
(Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open daily from noon-2 am. 1 Ul. Gertsena. Metro: Nemiga. T:
226 0643. Map: H5.
DROZHZHI UNITED — A wide choice of beer from Ireland, Germany and the Czech Republic
accompanies traditional cuisine and special beer snacks. $$$. (Cards: V, MC.) Open daily from
9 am-2 am. 2 Ul. Sverdlova. Metro: Ploshchad Lenina. T: 200 5456. Map: G6.


VERONA — Offering Russian billiards (4 tables), pool (2 tables) and bowling (3 lanes), a
pancake cafe and bar. Corporate parties catered for. Parking available. Open daily from noon-6
am, 5 Ul. Gi-kalo. Metro: Ploshchad Yakuba Kolasa. T: 231 9481, GSM 567 7755. Map: J4.
OLIMP — 6 Russian billiard tables (12 feet), one medium Russian billiard table (10 feet) and 6
pool tables offered. Three VIP rooms and a bar. Open daily from 10 am-8 am. 51 Pr.
Nezavisimosti. T: 290 7903. Map: I4.
FAVORIT — A large Russian billiard table (12 feet) a medium sized Russian table (10 feet) and
a pool table are available. Bar and guarded parking area offered. (Cards: V, MC/EC.) Open
daily from 1 pm-2 am. 15 Ul. Storozhevskaya (Belarus Hotel, 2nd floor). T: 209 7629. Map: G4.


PLAY BALL — This 10 lane bowling centre uses AMF equipment and has satellite TV, an
overhead projector and a large screen for viewing programmes on line. For children, bumper
bowling is available. (Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open from M-Th 1 pm-2 am, F 1 pm-6 am,
Sa 10 am-6 am and Su 10 am-2 am. 2 Ul. Sverdlova. Metro; Ploshchad Leni-na, T: 200 5886,
Map: G6.
BOWLING AT YUBILEINAYA HOTEL — Yubileinaya Hotel has 4 bowling lanes, a bar and
satellite TV. Family parties and children's birthday parties are catered for. Corporate events can
be organised. Open from M-Th 4 pm-2 am and F-Su & holidays noon-3 am. 19 Pr. Pobediteley
(2nd floor). T: 226 9881. Map: G4.
JAMAICA — 6 bowling lanes are available with restaurant meals served. Sports beer bar 5:0
and slot machines also on site. Theme parties, corporate events and presentations and birthday
parties for children arranged. (Cards: V, MC.) Open from M-Th noon-3 am and F-Sa noon-5 am.
10 Ul. Olshevskogo. Metro: Pushkinskaya. T: 252 0726, 204 7194, GSM 650 0108 Map:D4.


PRINCESS — Blackjack, poker, American roulette, the latest slot machines and electronic
roulette available. Daily wins. Free bar for casino customers and live music and shows. (Major
cards.) Open 24 hrs. 25 Ul. Y. Kupaly. T: 206 6917. Map: H5. 12 Ul. Nemiga. T: 200 4281. Map:
G5. Open daily from 11 am-midnight. 5 Ul. Bo-rovaya. T: 261 6312. Map:g1. VIP casino
Elegance is available at 12 Ul. Nemiga featuring large stakes for VIP clients, the latest slot
machines and delicious Turkish food. Open daily from 2 pm-6 am. Internet:
RUBIN — Blackjack, poker, American roulette and slot machines. Bar and parking. Open 24
hrs. 23/1 Pr. Pobediteley. T: 200 0215, 203 6231. Map: G4.
YUBILEINOYE — American roulette, poker, blackjack and progressive jack pot offered.
Breakfasts daily and dinners on Sundays for regular customers. Daily prize draws. (Credit
cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open 24 hrs. Yubileinaya Hotel, 19 Pr. pobediteley. Metro:
Nemiga. T: 226 9558. Map: G4.


CASA AGUSTIN LOPEZ — The club offers a wide selection of dishes with a seafood accent. Its
night shows include flamenco, salsa and sevillana dancing. $. (Cards: V, MC, Maestro.) Open
daily from noon-3 am. 31 Ul. Zakharova. T: 294 8232, 233 9584. Map: I5.
GOODWIN — This club-restaurant serves international cuisine and has a disco and
entertainment shows. Important sporting events are televised on a large projection screen.
(Cards: V, MC, Maestro.) Open daily: restaurant from noon-10 pm and club from 10 pm-5 am.
19 Pr. Nezavisimosti. Metro: Oktyabrskaya/Ku-palovskaya. T: 2261306, GSM 6261303. Map:
IZYUM — This restaurant-club serves fusion cuisine and sushi and has cigars and a wine list.
There is Wi-Fi internet and a multimedia hall. Corporate catering available. Free parking.
(Cards: V, MC.) Restaurant is open daily noon-2 am. Club: Th — RnB parties, F is a club day
(featuring DJs), shows on Sa (11 pm-6 am). 25 Pr. Nezavisimosti (Palace of Trade Unions), T:
206 6618 (bookings), GSM 605 2525 (inquiry). Map: H5.
OVERTIME — A club-restaurant serving European food and televising sporting events on five
projection screens and seven TV screens. From W-Sa, night shows are put on. Corporate
parties, buffets and banquets catered for. $$, (Major cards.) Open daily from noon-6 am. 4 Pr.
Po-bediteley (Palace of Sports). T: 203 0224, 203 0214, GSM 141 4414. Map: G4.


BRONX — Billiards, wi-fi and hookahs. Live music W and F. Th-Sa are club days (dj). Corporate
catering and special events can be organised: fashion shows, cigar evenings, wine tasting and
presentations. (Cards: V, MC, Maestro.) Open from Su-W noon-2 am and Th-Sa noon-5 am.
17/1 Pr. Masherova. T: 288 1061, 288 2958, Velcorn GSM 144 4103. Map: H4.
MADISON CLUB — This night club has bowling and can organise banquets, buffets, solemn
events, corporate parties, press conferences and workshops. (Cards: V, MC, Maestro.) Open
from M-F 1 pm-6 am and Sa-Su 9 am-6 am. 9 Ul. Timiryazeva. Metro: Frunzenskaya. T: 219
0010. Map: F4.
WEST WORLD CLUB — This nightclub serves Belarusian and European cuisine and has a
disco and striptease-bar. Daily erotic dance programme. Banquets, weddings and buffets
catered for. (Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open daily from 1 pm-5 am. 15a Ul. Storozhevskaya.
T: 239 1616, 239 1798. Map: G4.


MILLENNIUM — Casino: American roulette, blackjack, Russian poker, hold'em poker, stud
poker and slot machines. Night club and 24/7 restaurant. Bets taken on site, Sporting events
televised on large screens in sports bar. (Major cards.) 7 Pr. Pobediteley. Metro: Nemiga. T:
GSM 1771717,177 0077, Map: G4.
BELAYA VEZHA (WHITE TOWER) - This night club / casino has a free bar for casino players, a
sushi-bar and cigar bar. In house DJ and regular Gold Parties (Acoustic Band) and White Tower
Parties. Free parking. (Major cards.) Open: club — from Tu-Su 7 pm-5 am and casino — 24 hrs.
17 Pr. Masherova. T: 293 1600, GSM 684 6922. Map: H4.
ZHURAVINKA — This amusement complex features bowling, mini-bowling, a fitness centre,
restaurants, bars, cafes, a family leisure centre, a casino and a hotel. (Cards: V, VE, MC,
Maestro.) Bowling: open from M-F1 pm-3 am and Sa & Su and holidays 11 am-5 am, Fitness:
open daily from 8 am-10 pm. 25 Ul. Y. Kupaly. T 206 6900,206 6926, 206 6909 (bowling), 206
6890 (fitness). Map: H5.


VERSUS — 20 female exotic dancers are available alongside male strippers. The well stocked
bar and cosy ambience will make your stag and hen nights go with a swing. Secure parking and
bouncers are provided. (Major cards.) Open daily from 9 pm-7 am. 11 Pr. Nezavlsimosti (Minsk
Hotel). Metro: Ploshchad Lenina. T: 200 2520, GSM 634 4412. Map: G6.
LAGUNA — A bar and wide selection of food and drinks available. Cosy ambience and erotic
shows. Non-stop solo erotic dances all night long. Qualified guards and a guarded car park.
(Cards: V, VE, MC, Maestro.) Open daily from 9:30 pm-5:30 am. 39 Pr. Pushkina. Metro:
Pushkinskaya. T: 257 3780, GSM 657 3780. Map: C4.


GALLERY IN "MINSK" CONCERT HALL — The gallery features folk craft and modern applied
art works. Linen, wooden, ceramic, glass, straw and withe items. Paintings, graphics. Clothing.
You can order an excursion and receive an expert's advice. 5 Ul. Oktyabrskaya, office 213
("Minsk" Concert Hall, 1st floor). Metro: Pervomaiskaya. T 289 1980. Map: H6.
KONTSEPTSIA (CONCEPT) - A modern art gallery. Paintings, graphics, sculptures, decorative
and applied arts are on display. Folk crafts. Art historians' services are available. Open M-Sa 10
am-7 pm. 20/9 Ul. K. Marksa (entrance from the backside). Metro: Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya,
Ploshchad Lenina. T 227 1796. F: 206 6750. Map: G6.
PODZEMKA — Shop-gallery selling contemporary alternative art and subculture items.
Photographs, paintings, poster paintings. Items made of glass and wood. Fancy ethnic
jewellery. Apparel and accessories. Cult films and music. Art exhibitions, presentations and
concerts can be held. Open M-Sa 10 am-8 pm, Su 10 am-6 pm. 43 Pr. Ne-zavisimosti. Metro:
Ploshchad Pobedy. T: 288 2036, GSM 620 1062. Map: I4. Internet: www.podzem ka.org
SLAVUTYIA MAISTRY (FAMOLIS MASTERS) — The gallery features works by Belarus' artists.
Folk crafts and contemporary applied arts. Items made of flax, straw, wood, and ceramics.
(Cards: V, MC.) Open M-F 10 am-7 pm, Sa 10 am-5 pm. 6 Nab. Kommunalnaya. Metro:
Nemiga. T: 283 2825. Map: G4.
RUCHNAYA RABOTA ( HANDWORK) — A show room of artworks and gifts, Paintings,
graphics, posters, replicas of classical artworks, original tapestries, batik, clothes and
accessories, china, wooden and leather gifts. Custom made souvenirs. Fillets, window frames,
supplies for artists. Open daily 11 am-8 pm. 50 Ul. Surganova, office 78 (Riga shopping centre).
T: GSM 559 8881. Map: J2.
UNIVERSITY OF CULTURE ART GALLERY — Established and young artists' exhibitions.
Paintings, graphics, sculptures, folk decorative and applied arts. Open W -Su 11 am-7 pm. 1
Oktyabrskaya PI. (Palace of the Republic). Metro: Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya. T: 227 2612.
Map: H5.


HOUSE OF CINEMA — This is a comfortable cinema with soft theatre-type seats, the latest
Dolby Digital Ex Surround Sound systems and a hi-end Kinoton electronic film projector. Air-
conditioning. Special seats for physically challenged people. 18 Ul. Tolbukhina. Metro: Park
Chelyuskintsev. T: 280 3526, 281 6359. Map: K2.
MOSKVA — A 873-seat hall with a large 19.9x8.9 metres screen. The cinema is equipped with
Dolby surround sound system and Kinoton film projector. Russian billiards (open daily noon-11
pm). The ticket office is open daily noon-10 рт. 13 Pr. Pobediteley. T: 203 2710 (answering
machine). Map: G4.
OKTYABR — The cinema is equipped with a Dolby Digital system. The Max Show night club is
located on the cinema premises. Films shown daily 9 am-mid-night. 73 Pr. Nezavisimosti Metro:
Akademiya Nauk. T: 232 9426, 231 5400. Map: J3.
PIONER (PIONEER) — A theater seating 388 people. The foyer features winter gardens with
exotic plants and a pool with fish. Exhibitions of children's art (in the foyer and in standing glass
display cases). Children's talent shows. Open 9 am-midnight (children's films shown before 4
pm and adult films after 4 pm). 20 Ul. Engelsa. Metro: Oktyabrska-ya/Kupalovskaya. T: 227
4864, 227 8945. Map: H5.
POBEDA — Cosy 488-seat cinema hall equipped with Dolby Digital Surround Ex system. Air
Grip Italian cafe is on site. The cinema is a member of the Europa Cinemas international
association. Short film festivals held. Kino-format 4x4 films demonstrated on every third
Thursday monthly. 20 Ul. Internatsionalnaya. T: 203 7766 (inquiry), 203 8156 (administrator).
Map: G5.
TSENTRALNY — A 250-seat hall equipped with Dolby Digital Ex system and Kinoton film
projector. Documentary Club is on the cinema premises. Meetings with film makers. 13 Pr.
Nezavisimosti. T: 200 3416. Map: G6.


BELARUSIAN STATE PHILHAR MONICS — The Belarusian State Philharmonics is hosting the
33rd International Art Festival, Belarusian Musical Autumn. 50 Pr. Nezavisimosti. T: 231 9050,
2311617 (ticket office). Metro: Ploshchad Yakuba Kolasa. Map: I4.


ISRAELI CULTURAL AND INFORMATIONAL CENTRE — A library is available. Cultural events
jointly with other organisations can be arranged. Open M-Th 10 am-6 pm, F, Su 10 am-2 pm. 3
Ul. Uralskaya (2nd floor, the right wing). T: 230 1874, 230 6632. Map: K6.
ИНСТИТУТ ИМЕНИ И. В. ГЕТЕ В МИНСКЕ - Информа ционный центр/библиотека.
Культурные мероприятия: выставки, GOETHE INSTITUTE IN MINSK — Information
centre/library.Cultural events: showcases, presentations, literary evenings, theatre shows,
concerts, film demonstrations. Open M-Th 9 am-6 pm, F 9 am-4 pm, break 1 pm-2 pm; library W
9:30 am-2 pm, Th-F 2:30 pm-7 pm, Sa 9:30 am-3 pm. 5 Ul. Frunze. Metro: Ploshchad Pobedy.
T: 294 3433 (reception), 2941257 (German courses), 294 0491 (library). F: 294 7314. Map: I5.
Internet: www.goethe.de/minsk
POLISH INSTITUTE IN MINSK — Polish cultural centre. Library, video films. The institute
organises concerts of Polish performers, art exhibitions, scientific conferences. Film and theatre
shows. Polish video club. Open M-F 9 am-4 pm; library and video films — Tu 10 am-2 pm, F
noon-4 pm. 6 Ul. Volodarskogo. T: 200 9581, 200 6378. F: 200 4874. Map: G5. Internet:

museum, located out of town in a very picturesque spot at the confluence of the river Ptich and
its tributary, Menka. There are diverse guided tours: Bee-Keeping in Belarus, Belarusian Linen,
Regional Folk Architecture, Belarusian Folk Weaving, Ancient Legends and Fairy-Tales. Folk
holidays are celebrated. Folk bands' performances. Craftsmen's artwork and souvenir fairs.
Festive events arranged. The office is open Tu-Su 10 am-4 pm. 17A Ul. Kalvariyskaya. Metro:
Pushkinskaya. T: 209 4163, 209 4032. Map: F5.
VLADISLAV GOLOBOIC'S LOUNGE — An affiliate of the State Museum of History of the
Theatrical and Musical Culture of the Republic of Belarus. The exposition is dedicated to the life
and work of Vladislav Gol-ubok, a playwright and an artist. Themed parties are regularly held
here. Open from Tu-Sa 10 am-5:30 pm, ticket office from 10 am-5 pm. 14 Ul. Starovilenskaya
(Troitskoe Suburb). T: 286 7403. Map: H4.
19TH CENTURY" — The museum's first and second halls are dedicated to artist Vankovich's
life and works, and display archive documents, photos of the portraits painted by V Vankovich
and original pieces of painting and decorative and applied arts. A portrait gallery occupies three
rooms. The portraits well match the museum's overall concept giving a better Idea of the late
18th — first half of the 19th centuries household arrangement. Open W-Su 10 am-5 pm. 33A Ul.
Internatsionalnaya. Metro: Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya. T: 227 8796. Map: H5.
MUSEUM OF ANCIENT BELARUSIAN CULTURE — The museum features a collection of
Paleolithic artefacts, 19th — 20th centuries ethnography and folk art items, icons and
sculptures. Pre-booking only. Open M-Th 10 am-5 pm. 1 Ul. Surganova, building 2. Metro: Aka-
demiya Nauk. T; 284 2732, 284 1882. Map: КЗ, K4.
MUSEUM OF BELARUSIAN CINEMA HISTORY— A museum featuring the best specimens of
the national cinema and information on Belarusian film makers. The world cinema classics.
Along with the exposition, museum holds film shows. Film shows upon customers' order
available. Open Tu-Sa 10 am-5:30 pm, booking office 10 am-5 pm. 4 Ul. Sverdlova. Metro:
Ploshchad Lenina. T: 2271075. Map: G6.
MODERN FINE ARTS MUSEUM — On display are contemporary Belarusian and foreign
artworks. Open Tu-Sa 11 am-7 pm. 47 Pr. Nezavisimosti. Metro: Ploshchad Yakuba Kolasa. T:
288 2468 (exhibition department), 284 8621 (reception). Map: I4.
rich collection of material and documentary relics relating to domestic and international history
and culture. The museum's inventory includes 338,000 exhibits grouped into 45 collections —
archaeology, ethnography, numismatics, church articles, weapons, fine arts, icon painting,
photography, manuscripts and old-printed papers. The museum's exposition features the
following topics: Ancient Belarus, Genesis and Semantics of Symbols, Weapons, Military
Munitions and Time, Belarus' Urban Art in the 19th — Early 20th Centuries. Open daily 11 am-7
pm (except on Wednesdays). 12 Ul. K. Marksa. Metro: Okty-abrskaya/Kupalovskaya. T: 227
3665, 227 0633. Map: G6.


BELARUSIAN STATE MUSICAL THEATRE — Morning performances start at 11 am, evening
performances start at 7 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, evening performances start at 6 pm.
44 Ul. Myasnikova. T: 200 8126, 200 9254. Map: F6.
BELARUSIAN STATE YOUTH THEATRE — Performances start at 7 pm. 1 Ul. Daumana. T:
289 3262. Map: H3.
Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya. T: 227 3205. Map: H5. Internet: www.puppet-minsk.com
ZNICH BELARUSIAN POETIC ONE-ACTOR ТНЕАТRE — The performance is held at the
Belarusian State Philharmonics. 50 Pr. Ne-zavisimosti, office 323. Metro: Ploshchad Yakuba
Kolasa. T: 231 7553, GSM 615 2679. Map: I4.
Engelsa. T: 227 3943, 226 1243. Metro: Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya. Map: H5. Internet:
BELARUSIAN ARMY DRAMA THEATRE — Performances start at 7 pm and are held at the
Central House of Officers. 3 Ul. Krasnoarmei-skaya. Metro: Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya. T: 227
7765 (ticket office), 226 0602 (administration). Map: H5.
Morning performances start at 11:30 am, evening — at 7 pm. The office is open M-F 9 am-6
pm, break 1 pm-2 pm. 1 PI. Parizhskoy Kommuny. T: 234 8074, 2341142. Map: H4. Internet:
OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS — 50 Pr. Nezavisimosti. Metro: Ploshchad Yakuba Kolasa.
Map: I4. The office is open M-F 9 am-6 pm, break 1 pm-2 pm. 1 PI. Parizhskoy Kommuny. T:
2341156 (administrator). Map: H4. Internet: www.belarusopera.com
11 am, evening — at 7 pm. 5 Ul. Volodarskogo. T: 200 1541, 200 3966. Map: G5. Internet:
YANKA KUPALA NATIONAL ACADEMIC THEATRE — Evening performances start at 7 pm,
morning performances — at 11:30 am. 7 Ul. En-gelsa. Metro: Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya. T:
227 6081, 227 4202. Map: H5. Internet: www.kupala-theatre.by
NEW DRAMA THEATRE — Performances start at 7 pm. 5 Ul. Frunze (The House of Writers).
T: 291 2460, 243 4042. Map: I4.
BELARUSIAN DRAMA THEATRE -24 Ul. Dolgobroskaya. Map: K7. Day performances start at
noon, evening — at 7 pm. T: 286 7021, 234 6008. Internet: www.rtbd.of.by
MODERN ART THEATRE — 5 Ul. Oktyabrska-ya, office 308. Metro: Pervomaiskaya. T:
2271810, GSM 608 9608 (senior administrator), 758 4910 (spokesperson). Map: H6.
FILM ACTORS THEATRE-STUDIO — Open Tu-Su. Performances start at 7 pm. The booking
office is open 4 pm-7 pm. 13 Pr. Pobediteley. Metro: Nemiga. T: 203 0811, 203 9365. Map: G4.


BELARUSiAN STATE CIRCUS — A new programme, Circus on the Water, features a laser
show, synchronised swimming show, aerial gymnasts and clowns as well as trained animals —
sea lions, crocodiles, pythons, pigeons and dogs. The show is performed in air, on water and on
a special stage. 32 Pr. Nezavisimosti. Metro: Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya. T: 226 1008, 227
2245, 227 7842. Map: H5.
MINSK ZOO — Rare animals are kept and bred here. Ecological knowledge is promoted, along
with a love for nature and the norms of conduct in it. Open Apr-Oct
10 am-9 pm, Nov-Mar 10 am-6 pm. 40 Ul. Tashkents-kaya. T: 240 2178 (director), 240 2397
(booking office), 240 5178 (guided tours). Map: f6.


KHATYN STATE MEMORIAL — The complex was erected on the site of Khatyn village, burnt
down by the Nazis during the Second World War. The centre of the composition is a 6 metre
high bronze sculpture of The Unconquered Man. Guided tours are from Tu-Su 9 am-5 pm.
Logoisk district, Minsk region. T: +375 17/745 5787.
"STALIN LINE" HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL SITE — An open-air museum of 1930s military
fortifications: defence line with anti-tank obstacles and ditches, anti-personnel obstacles and
machine-gun pillboxes. Open from Tu-Su 10 am-6 pm. Loshany village, Minsk district. T: 503
MOUNT OF GLORY — The mount was erected on the 21st kilometre of the Minsk-Moscow
motorway to commemorate the heroism of the Red Army in the 1944 Belarusian operation.
The Mount of Glory is an impressive hill (35 m high) topped by four bayonet shaped obelisks
(each 35.6 m high). These symbolise the 4 fronts on which troops liberated Belarus.

MIKHAILOVSKY SQUARE — The square enchants visitors with its sculptures: The Girl on the
Bench, A Guy Asking for a Cigarette and The Girl with an Umbrella by V. Zhbanov. Metro:
Ploshchad Leni-na. Map: G6. YANKA KUPALA PARK — Built in 1962, it is home to Yanka
Kupala's monument and the Venok (Wreath) sculptural fountain. The Yanka Kupala Literary
Museum is also situated within. Ul. Y Kupaly. Metro: Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya. Ma p: H5.
CHELYUSKINTSEV CULTURAL LEISURE PARK — Opened in May 1932, it is the city's central
park. Attractions include a children's railway. 84 Pr. Nezavisimosti. Metro: Park Chelyuskintsev.
T: 281 6546. Map: КЗ, L3.
CENTRAL SQUARE — Founded in 1872 on the former site of Alexandrovsky Gardens, it was
renovated in 1971. Its main attraction is The Boy and the Swan fountain. Metro:
Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya. Map: H5.


DUDUTKI— A cultural museum located 40 km from Minsk on the Ptich river. This 19th century
Belarusian szlachta (rich landowner's) estate has an original working windmill, a blacksmith's
and a cheese-makers'. Vintage cars are also on display and visitors can take advantage of an
old style Belarusian sauna, horse riding, sledging and horse-drawn carting. T: 017 13/725 25.
Tours: 6 Ul. Duni-na-Martinkevicha. T: 251 0076, 252 2781. Map: C4.
LOGOlSK — This mountain ski resort offers a restaurant and hotel complex, tennis courts,
sauna, billiards, a gym and horse-riding. The car park is guarded. Logoisk district, Minsk region.
T: +375 1774/530 00 (reception), +3751774/532 98 (hotel), 203 3881 (marketing department).
SlUCHI — This ski mountaineering centre is located 30 km from Minsk. Accommodation can be
found in its comfortable hotel and two-storey cottages. A restaurant, cafe, conference hall and
Internet services are available. Parking is covered by comprehensive video surveillance and 24
hr. security service. Corporate events, anniversaries, weddings, conferences and business
seminars are catered for. Logoisk district, Minsk region. T: +375 1774/502 00, GSM 634 0553.


18th century, this wonderful Baroque-style church is located in the centre of the city. 3 PI.
Svobody. Metro: Nemiga. T: 226 6244. Map: G5.
ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH) - Built between 1861 and 64, the church's main attractions are
its icon of Our Lady with Jesus and the miracle-working statue of St. Roch. The church features
a modern electric organ and a chamber music hall. 44 Pr. Nezavisimosti. Metro: Ploshchad
Pobedy. T 2881297. Map: I4.
CHURCH — Built from 1908 to 1910, this beautiful Neo-Roman asymmetric basilica has a 50 m
high bell tower. 15 Ul. Sovetskaya. Metro: Ploshchad Lenina. T: 200 4415. Map: G6.
KALVARIYSKY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH — This Neo-Gothic church was built in 1839 (on
the site of the original wooden one) and was reconstructed in the late 19th century. Ul.
Kalvariyskaya. Metro: Pushkinskaya. T 204 6892. Map: D4.
THE HOLY SPIRIT CATHEDRAL — Formerly a Roman Catholic Church and Bernadine
convent, it was built in Vilnius Baroque style. The foundations were laid in 1642 and completed
in the 18th century. The cathedral is a valuable monument of Old Minsk. A number of icons are
to be found inside, including the Our Lady icon; this miraculously appeared on the bank of the
Svisloch river back in 1500. 3 Ul. Kirilla i Mefodiya. Metro: Nemiga. T: 227 6609. Map: H5.
THE APOSTLES, ST, PETER AND ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL — Minsk's oldest church was
built in 1611 to honour the apostles Peter and Paul. Donations were made by 52 nobles and
Minsk region residents. The church has been restored — its towers are now canopied, Later-
built structures attached to its facades have been removed. 4 Ul. Rakovskaya. Metro: Nemiga.
T: 226 7475. Map: G5.
ALEXANDER NEVSKY CHURCH — Built in 1898, this Orthodox temple has the Chapel of St.
John of Kron-stadt attached to it. The church was erected to commemorate those killed in the
Russian-Turkish War of 1877—78. It houses military relics — such as a mobile church and field
church banners belonging to the 119th Kolomna Infantry Regiment. 11 Ul. Kozlova. T: 239
6707. Map: J4.
ST. МARIA MAGDALENA'S CHURCH — Founded in 1847, the church has an octagonal bell
tower and a magnificent dome. To the left, is the John the Baptist Fon-tal Church (consecrated
in 1995), and to the right is the All Belarusian Saints' Chapel. Also, on the site of the church, is a
monument commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Minsk Diocese and arch-priest Mikhail
Buglakov's headstone. 42 UL Kiseleva. T 234 2352. Map: G3.

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