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									                                                                                                   July 2011
Dear Music Parents,

For returning parents, thank you for your continued help and support. For parents new to the program, welcome to the
Benet Academy Music Department! As a parent of a band, choral or string student, you are a member of the Music
Parents Organization (MPO). Our mission is to assist the music faculty with the many non-musical tasks involved in the
activities provided to the 380+ music students. We invite you to be an integral part of your child's high school experience
by volunteering in whatever capacity your schedule permits. If we divide the work among many, then no one will be

VOLUNTEERING: I am enclosing a white volunteer sheet that includes many opportunities for you to get involved.
Please return the VOLUNTEER sheet before August 5 to:
Carol Arthurs, Benet Academy, 2200 Maple Avenue, Lisle, IL 60532.

REGISTRATION PROCESS: - All music students must stop in the lobby of St. Daniel Hall on their respective
registration day (Aug.16 or 17) in order to complete the registration process. Student information (name, address, e-mail
address, etc) will be entered into the database, concert wear for band, orchestra and chorus students will be fitted and
ordered from the concert wear companies, and cleaning fees will be paid (Marching band uniforms will be fitted during
early week).

FEES: A check made out to Benet will be required for concert uniform fees, instrument rental and shoes. A SEPARATE
check made out to Lorenzo's will be required for boy’s concert uniform pieces ordered that day. (SEE PRICE LIST)

COMMUNICATION: The music department news is posted on-line and updated often. Please check it frequently as it
includes important dates of upcoming events, ticket sales, uniform requirements, trip information, current calendars, and
last minute reminders. You can access the music department website at The
music faculty needs to be in contact with parents, so we also need accurate e-mail addresses. Please have these for
registration day. This summer would be a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the website.

MPO Meetings: Parents meet in the rehearsal room the first Monday of the month (provided school is in session) during
the school year. In addition, we will host our annual "Get Acquainted" night on Monday, August 15 at 7 PM. Weather
permitting, we will socialize on the landing in front of St. Daniel Hall for dessert and beverages and then move inside for
an informational meeting for parents. Come meet the music faculty and the MPO committee chairs who will be available
to answer questions.

If you are a freshman parent, you probably feel as overwhelmed as your child. Please feel free to contact me if you have
any questions. Have a wonderful summer. The MPO board members are looking forward to meeting you on August 15
at 7 PM. Mark your calendar!


Carol Arthurs
MPO Coordinator
Benet Alu m, Parent & Faculty Member
                        MUSIC DEPARTMENT FEES 2011-2012
ALL students: Please check the uniform requirements in the tri-fold brochure for each group
you have joined.
Returning students: Check your closets for the attire you need. If you need any new items, you
must buy it at registration.

Fees by Ensemble - Fees paid to Benet Acade my during registration week

      Orchestra, Concert & Symphonic Bands; Percussion Techniques & Wind Ensemble
                  Black Tie & Cummerbund                $20.00
                  Tux Shirt                             $22.00
                  Jacket (Clean ing Fee)                $10.00
                  Concert Blouse (Check to Benet)       $40.00
                  Skirt (Cleaning Fee)                  $10.00
      Band (All levels)
           Lock for instrumental Locker                 $5.00
                    (except school instruments.)
             School instrument fee (if applicable)               $35.00
             Marching Shoes                                      $25.00
             Marching Uniform (Coat/Pants/Hat – Clean ing Fee)   $20.00
             Marching T-Shirt                                    $7.00
             Band Polo Shirt – for pep band                      $18.00

      Concert Chorale Students
                Gown (Cleaning Fee)                              $12.00
                Red Tie & Cummerbund                             $20.00
                Tux Shirt                                        $22.00
                Jacket (Clean ing Fee)                           $10.00

      Madrigal Singers
          Costume (Cleaning Fee)                                 $25.00

      Sophomore & Freshman Choir Girls
           Concert Skirt (Cleaning Fee)                          $10.00
           Concert Blouse                                        $40.00
           Character Shoes                                       $26.00

      Sophomore & Freshman Choir Boys
           Black Tie & Cummerbund                                $20.00
           Tux Shirt                                             $22.00
                                            BENET A CADEM Y M USIC DEPARTM ENT
                                             2011-2012 PARENT VOLUNTEER SHEET

          Please return this sheet by Aug 5 to: Carol Arthurs, Benet Academy, 2200 Maple Avenue, Lisle, IL 60532
               Don't forget the "Get Acquainted with the Music Dept" night --- Monday, August 15 at 7 :00 PM

Student Name __________________________________________ Parent Name(s) ____________________________________

Ho me Phone      ___________________          Parent E-mail____________________________________________________

Student is in the follo wing group(s): Wind Ensemb le ______ Sy mphonic Band ______ Concert Band ______ Perc. Tech ____ __
                                    Concert Chorale ______ Sophomore Choir ______ Freshman Choir ______ Madrigals ______
                                    Jazz Ensemble ______ Jazz Band ______ Jazz Co mbo ______ Chamber Orchestra ______

  Several people are needed for each of the following tasks. Any march ing band parent who plans to attend the football games is
  invited to help with uniform d istribution on those days

         _____ Help organize band uniforms prio r to August distribution

         _____ Uni form Fittings during early week (Aug 8-12)

         ______ Donate a case of water (1 pint size) for marching students during early week practices and fall football games.
                If you can help out, bring the water to St. Daniel Hall on Aug 1, 2, 3 at 9AM, o r at the Get Acquainted Night
                 Aug. 15 at 7 PM.

         _____ Football Games: (p lease check dates on the music webpage) - distribute/collect uniforms before/after home
                football games; distribute and collect plu mes at half-t ime Friday night times TBA
               * Please bring your calendars to the "Get Acquainted Night"; Sign -up for games will be done that evening.

         _____ Organize uniforms for cleaners/storage at end of marching band season


        _____ Help with choir uniform fittings during registration week; check with directors/students at performa nces to make sure
               everyone is dressed correctly; collect/organize uniforms for storage in spring

        _____ Help with band uniform fittings during registration week; check with directors/students at performances to make sure
               everyone is dressed correctly; collect/organize uniforms for storage in spring

 Any parent who is available some days between 11 AM and 1 PM, please contact one of these parents to sell tickets
 (concert dates on website calendar)
         _____ Band Concerts
         _____ Choir Concerts

 Any parent who is available to work before & after concerts selling tickets, working the doors, and taking cd orders after the concert.
        _____ Band Concerts
        _____ Choir Concerts

         ______ Refreshments for “Get Acquainted Night” Aug 15 and other events as they come up
EVENTS:        (dates on website calendar)
     _____Naper Last Fling Parade (Sept 5th - 8:30 AM) ride buses fro m Benet to Naperville and back; distribute water

       _____Football Games: assist with equip ment transportation, water distribution, and hold ladders for dru m majors

       _____Concerts: take o rders for audiotapes/sell tickets at the door 45-60 minutes before concerts

       _____Concerts: take orders for CDs & sell t ickets at the door 45-60 minutes before concerts

    _____Concerts: take o rders for CDs, sell t ickets at the door 45-60 minutes before concerts

       ______ take photos at musical events (football games, parades, concerts); develop pictures and
                       catalog photos into an album
       ______ take a video of the marching band during pregame and half-time performances of the football
                      Games and get a copy to Mr. Alifantis on Monday/Tuesday the next week.

               _____ Please check here if you can provide office help on an “as need ed” basis (photocopying, filing etc)

Thank you for your support. Have a wonderful summer! We are looking forward to meeting you next fall. If
you are confused about how you want to help, please come on August 15th with this sheet and your calendar
and get all of your questions answered!
Marching Band Reminders
Early Week
Monday – Aug. 8       Tuesday – Aug. 9       Wednesday – Aug. 10       Thursday – Aug. 11    Friday – Aug. 12
1:00-4:30pm           1:00-4:30pm            **Uniform Fittings**      1:00-4:30             1:00-4:30
  Freshmen, section     ALL band students     10-11:30 – see below!      ALL band students      ALL band students
  leaders, drumline
  & color guard                              1:00-4:30
DINNER PROVIDED       dinner on your own       ALL band students       dinner on your own    Dinner Provided
                                             dinner on your own
6:00-9:00pm           6:00-9:00              6:00-9:00                 6:00-9:00             6:00-9:00
  ALL band students     ALL band students      ALL band students         ALL band students      ALL band students

        ALL band students are expected to be in attendance for early week rehearsals. Preparations for the
        marching season will be taught that week. Students’ grade can be affected by un-excused absences.

        Dinner is provided on Monday for the incoming freshmen and section leaders. Dinner is provided on
        Friday for the band. The rest of the week, dinner is on your own. Please eat a GOOD meal before
        coming to rehearsals!

        Wear SHOES! No flip/flops or sandals, you will be marching. Bring sun screen, bug spray, and a water

**UNIFORM FITTINGS FOR MARCHING BAND**: Wednesday, August 10 – Be On Time!!!
               10:00 am Seniors
               10:30 am Juniors
               11:00 am Sophomores
               11:30 am Freshmen

Section Leade rs and Drum Majors
       Section Leaders are meeting Monday, August 1 st , Tuesday, August 2nd, and if needed, Wednesday,
       August 3rd, from 9am to 1pm to plan early week, organize folders and music, and prepare for a great
       marching season. Please plan to be available for these sessions. Contact Mr. Alifantis if you are unable
       to attend.

        Section Leade rs - 2010-2011 Redwing Marching Band Section Leaders
               Emma Stewart                          John Okrzesik
               MaryBeth Wagner                       Jacob May
               Christine O’Hara                      Peter Savage
               Theresa Moen                          Amber Dierking
               Yoli Wojdyla                          Maeve Meier
               Nate Moore                            Abby Radasevich
               Dan Knobloch                          Nathan Parisi
        Section leaders for Percussion will be determined during placement clinics.

Drumline place ment and clinics
      The drumline members are meeting Monday, August 1st, Tuesday, August 2nd, and only if needed,
      Wednesday, August 3rd from 9am to 1pm with the drumline clinician. This time will be utilized for
      placement auditions and to prepare for early week. It is very important that students hoping to be on the
      drumline (snare drum, tenors, bass drum) attend these sessions. Students who are not in attendance will
      most likely be placed in the percussion pit ensemble at the sidelines for marching season.

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