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					                                    Walpole Weekly
                                                                            September 14th, 2011

                                                             Community News of Walpole,
                                                      Nornalup, Peaceful Bay & Bow Bridge
                                            Proudly published in Litter Free Walpole

Tony Wins Award at
Spring Poetry Festival
Last week in Perth, local singer/songwriter
Tony Duckett was awarded the Song Lyric
of the Year prize at WA Poets Inc spring
poetry festival for his song “Banjo Strung
with Wire”.
Tony said he is delighted with the award.
“There’s a good back story to that song.
A couple of years ago I received a call from
a bloke in trouble with alcohol and drugs.
He was a 70-year-old Rastafarian –
dreadlocks and all - living in a humpy
caravan, with two dingoes for pets, and an
old banjo strung with all sorts of wire.
He was an artist but had not done any
paintings for 3 or 4 years because drugs and
alcohol had him by the throat. I spent some
time with him and got him into hospital.
At home that night I was unsettled, so I
started playing my guitar just to relax, and
the song came almost fully formed in less
than an hour.
 That song is pretty special to me. It’s got a
lot of me in it as well, so I’m pleased with
the award.
And by the way, that bloke is clean and
sober now and back painting.”
Tony’s CD is for sale at the Walpole
Resource Centre. Proceeds from the CD sales       Pictured above:
are going to the Walpole & Districts Seniors      Song Lyric of the Year- Award Winner Tony Duckett
“Banjo Strung with Wire” is the seventh track on the CD. (Read Tony's lyrics on page 5)
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               HAPPY BIRTHDAY!                                                     TIMES TO REMEMBER

                         September                                          Walpole Waste Transfer Station
                                                                            Tuesday, Thursday 1 pm to 5 pm
                                                                                  Sunday 9 am—5 pm
                  14th       Jared Lane
                  15th       Nigel Fry                                           Peaceful Bay tip
                  18th       Graham Hick                                  Wednesday 9 to 1 Sunday 1 to 4.30
                  18th       Clive Kendrick                                            Library
                  19th       Dale Jardine                                    Wednesday 9-12 and 1—3.30
                  20th       Darelle Herkner                            Friday 9 –12 and 1– 3.30 Saturday 9-12

September 14th, 2011 — 2                                                                                          Walpole Weekly
                                                                      Local Health Professionals
                                                                       complete HEALTM Training
                                                             Seven health professionals from the Warren
                                                             Blackwood area recently completed a training
                                                             workshop in Bunbury to become accredited
                                                             HEALTM facilitators. HEALTM is an 8-week lifestyle
                                                             modification program that supports people to
   WALPOLE REAL ESTATE                                       develop lifelong healthy eating and physical
                                                             activity habits. The course was developed by the
         Locally owned and managed                           Macarthur division of General Practice in NSW
            and fully independent.                           and includes 2 hours of weekly group sessions.
          See us for professional and                        (One hour of supervised exercise and one hour of
                                                             lifestyle education.)
               friendly service
              Phone 9840 1231
          For full details of our property
  listings see our notice board with slide show
              or visit our website at
               Vaughan Bellanger
               Mobile 0427401231                             HEALTM is particularly designed for participants
                 Katie Bellanger                             who are at increased risk of developing lifestyle
               Mobile 0427401381                             diseases such as cardiovascular disease and
        A/Hrs phone diverted to duty rep                     type 2 diabetes.
                                                             It takes a no-diet philosophy to weight
                                                             management, instead it empowers participants to
                                                             take responsibility for their own health by focusing
               Community Events Calendar                     on behaviour modification principles.
                                                             By sponsoring the training of local health
Month      Date                     Details
                                                             professionals, Well Being Warren Blackwood
Sep             21 Walpole Sea Rescue Group (INC) AGM        Co-ordinator, Simmone Van Buerle, hopes that
Sep             22 Walpole Rec Centre AGM 7pm                the HEALTM program can become sustainable
                                                             beyond the life of the funding.
Sep             28 Walpole CRC AGM                           “ A major aim of Well Being Warren Blackwood is
Oct               1 Peaceful Bay Sea Rescue AGM              to increase the capacity of the local area to offer
Oct             19 CDG AGM
                                                             evidence based physical education programs into
                                                             the community” she said.
Oct             28 Pink Ribbon Breakfast                     Physiotherapists Mike Christoffis, Jodi Johnston
Oct             31 WADSA AGM 7:30                            (both from Manjimup), Nina Angeloni (Northcliffe)
                                                             and Simmone Van Buerle (Bridgetown) joined
Nov               6 Silver Chain Committee Garden Party
                                                             Nurses Vivienne Williams from Walpole and
Dec               5 Thank A Volunteer Day                    Amie Lewtas and Liz Lucie from Bridgetown in
Jan             26 Avag'day Walpole                          undertaking the training in Bunbury on the 1 and
                                                             2 of September.
          THANK YOU WALPOLE PRIMARY                          Using Federal Government funding, Well Being
        - PLEASE ACCEPT OUR APPOLOGIES -                     Warren Blackwood will introduce HEALTM
                                                             programs into each of the 7 target towns in the
 The front cover of last week’s edition contained a photo
 of the school children and their supporters outside
                                                             area. Local residents can participate in the 8-
 Parliament House in Canberra, whilst on their trip to the   week program and will be fully subsidised.
 Australian Capital Territory last week.                     Participants can be referred by their GPs, or are
 We omitted to make mention that they were all reading       able to self refer by registering with Simmone Van
 “The Weekly” ! We apologise for this oversight and          Buerle on 9771 7710 or
 acknowledge and appreciate the effort that went into
 making that happen. Ed.                           

Walpole Weekly                                                                             September 14th, 2011 — 3
September 14th, 2011 — 4   Walpole Weekly
 Tony's Award Winning Lyrics...
 Banjo Strung With Wire …
 He’s a poem he’s a painting he’s a landscape he’s a cross
 on your wall;
 he’s a highway he’s a river he's a chainsaw in the bush;
 he’s a tank stand on the old farm when the summer
 rain falls;
 he’s a swaggie he’s a gypsy he's a cowboy, but he’s a war
 when the drink and the drugs burn him down.
           He’s a young boy in an old car and the rust holes of
           his life
           let him stand on the wisdom of his age and strife.
           He’s a banjo strung with wire playing mem’ries
           ‘round the fire
           of his nightmares his deserts and storms.
 He said, “Son, it’s so simple once you make up your mind to
 just live.
 But it’s taken me years and my share of tears
 just to make up my mind to let go of my fears.
 It’s the Irish and Blackfella song in my bones,”
 Then he laughed, and scratched his dingo mate’s ears.
           He said “I’m a young boy in an old car and the rust
           holes of my life
           let me stand on the wisdom of my age and strife.
           I’m a banjo strung with wire playing mem’ries
           ‘round the fire
           of my nightmares my deserts and storms.
 He said “I’m a poem I’m a painting I’m a landscape I’m a
 cross on your wall.
 I’m a highway I’m a river I’m a chainsaw in your bush.
 I’m a tank stand on your old farm when the summer
 rain falls.
 I’m a swaggie I’m a gypsy I’m a cowboy, but no more
 will the drink and the drugs burn me down.
           “’Cause I’m a young boy in an old car and the rust
           holes of my life
           let me stand on the wisdom of my age and strife.
           I’m a banjo strung with wire playing mem’ries
           ‘round the fire
           Son, it’s simple once you make up your mind.
           Yes it’s simple just make up your mind.”

     Tingledale Tennis Club AGM
  Sunday 2nd October at 5pm after tennis at the
               Tingledale Hall.

   We will have a BBQ at the courts afterwards.

   Members and new members most welcome.

          Enquiries to Viv Tippett 98408168

Walpole Weekly                                                    September 14th, 2011 — 5
                                                       Shell is becoming a BP
                                                       Golden Wattle Service Station was built in 1967 by Tom
                                                       and Edna Palmer, since then it has remained a Shell
                                                       service station and is currently operated by Tom and
                                                       Ednas daughters’ and their partners’.
                                                       The Shell company have moved all of their depots out of
                                                       the South West and no longer deliver fuel to any station
                                                       in the region.
         SEPTEMBER SPRI G                              Marlene, Gloria, Peter and Allan decided that they would
             SPECIALS                                  prefer to deal with a local operator and are in the process
                                                       of changing over to BP and are now dealing with Great
                Catalogue out OW!                      Southern Fuels.
                                                       Trevor Hood from Great Southern Fuels is the local
         OPTIFAST ASSORTED Pack                        Albany representative for BP and has been very helpful
        Coffee, Strawberry, Chocolate & Vanilla        in coordinating the changeover.
                                                       Marlene Bidwell says “The change from Shell to BP will
            8 Sachets for $24.95                       take some getting used to, however we should be able to
                                                       provide a better service to the Community and Tourists”.
  ORAL B VITALITY Power Toothbrush                     The changeover will be finalised within the next few
                           $29.95                      weeks.

     PLUS, you could WI A CAR!!                                                Q&A
  Purchase any item* from the catalogue and en-         When was the lignite coal laid down at the base of
              ter the draw to win a                        the cliffs to the east of the yacht club and what
         VOLKSWAGE POLO 77TSI                                  kinds of fossils are typically found in it?
                   *excludes scheduled products
                                                        - Matt Wrigley

                                                                         CHECK OUT THE SEPTEMBER
                                                                          CALENDAR OF EVENTS AT:

  Where: Walpole Community Resource
    Centre. Latham Avenue, Walpole.
 When: Monday 26 September 1pm to 4pm                              ZUMBA
Come and find out about the fantastic Well-Being               FIT ESS CLASSES
programs which will be on offer in your community.
Win great prizes by signing up for a program!
                                                                        With Claudia
Join in a community walk, followed by a healthy
afternoon tea.
                                                        Special Offer for new participants.
This is a FREE event, open to all Walpole residents.   Come along to two Zumba classes and
            RSVP for catering please on:                   get your third class for free!
         9840 1395 or
                                                        A great way to get fit and have fun
                                                                  with friends.
                                                                  MO DAYS at 5.00pm
                                                                 WED ESDAYS at 6.00pm
                                                                             PH 9840 1345

September 14th, 2011 — 6                                                                       Walpole Weekly
Letter to the Editor                                      Seals make a splash on WA beaches
                                                          The Department of Environment and Conservation
The Editor - Please be advised that Our Group Save        (DEC) is reminding people not to approach live seals
Our Fish Stocks has received confirmation from the WA
                                                          found lazing on beaches.
Parliament ‘That Our Petition is now in the Hands Of
the Standing Committee for consideration ’ so we are      DEC Wildlife Officer, Maxine Birkin said; "the
moving forward.                                           presence of seals on our beaches at this time of year
We now await the parliamentary standing committees        was common, as winter fronts brought these animals
Our dedication and determination to reducing the wanton   to our shores.
destruction of our wild fish stocks will not falter.      Seals do not spend their entire life in the water, so
                                                          they use haul-out periods to rest after their long
                             Jack Jennings For SOFS
                                                          If they are seen basking in the sun or swimming in
                                                          the shallows, it is vital that they are left in peace
                                                          because they need to recuperate and if they are
                                                          harassed they may become distressed and leave
                                                          the area.
                                                          Sub-Antarctic seals in particular are not accustomed
                                                          to people and they may react aggressively when
                                                          approached. They can inflict a nasty bite similar to
                                                          that of a large dog and this is another reason why it
                                                          is important to keep a safe distance from them -
                                                          at least 5 to 10 metres.”
                                                          Ms Birkin said; "it was natural behaviour for a seal
                                                          to laze around on sandy beaches, take a dip in the
                                                          water and repeatedly wave its' flippers in the air.
                                                          This behaviour may appear as though the seal is in
                                                          distress, but it is how they regulate their body
                                                          We ask people encountering seals on the beach to
                                                          refrain from pouring water on them, pushing them
                                                          out to sea or attempting to rescue them.
                                                          People should also be mindful that diseases carried
                                                          by seals and sea lions could also potentially be
                                                          transferred to humans or dogs, so they should
                                                          maintain a safe distance from the animal at all
                                                          To report any sick or injured animals, contact DEC’s
                                                                    Wildcare helpline on 9474 9055.

                                        Gypsy Maggie Rose
                                     7th Generation Psychic Medium
                                             Visiting Walpole
                                         September 23rd and 24th
                                             Private Readings
                                        Workshops September 25th
                                               Aradia Blue
                                          Bookings: 04 717 7871
                                or online at

Walpole Weekly                                                                            September 14th, 2011 — 7
                                Walpole CENTRAL Building, Latham Avenue, Walpole
                           Phone : 9840 1395 Fax : 9840 1394 Email :

                                                                            Friday 30th September
                                                                                 Walpole CRC
                                        Interested in any of these          Simulcast via Westlink
                                             great courses ?                 $2 gold coin donation
                                       Then put your name down on
                                                                                  BYO drinks
                                       Expression of Interest list at
                                          the Resource Centre.
                                                                                           We are pleased to
                                                                                           announce that our
                                         Phone   9840 1395                              Government Information
                                                                                          Services section now
                                                                                       contains a variety of Shire
                                                                                        of Manjimup information,
                                                                                               forms, etc.

                                      PINK RIBBON BREAKFAST
              When :                     8:00am—Friday 28th October (Public Holiday)
              Where :                    BBQ Shelter, Pioneer Park

              Thanks to the hard work of Beryl Howe, much of the food is being donated.
                            Menu—Bacon, cheese and onion burgers, with “special sauce”
              Fresh fruit salad Fruit juice                 Tea and coffee           Muffins (maybe)
                   $5.00 flat fee per head. Come on down—there’s all the time in the world
                   Merchandise for sale and Gourmet hamper raffle —let’s make it the best yet !
                         If you care, see you there ! Don’t forget to wear something PINK !

September 14th, 2011 — 8                                                                        Walpole Weekly
      Community                                        OTICE OF AGM
                                                           The Annual General Meeting of the

        Centre                                          Walpole Community Resource Centre (Inc)

                                                                       will be held on

          Cinema                                             Wednesday 28th September 2011
                                                                        at 10.30am
                                                            at the Walpole CENTRAL Building

                                                       Financial members and their representatives,
                                                     Management Committee, Staff and Volunteers are
     Great family entertainment,                                  encouraged to attend.

       coming our way soon !                       Several vacancies on the committee will arise next year
                                                           and we are seeking nominations to fill
                                                                       the positions.
 Film : Gulliver’s Travels—2010 version
                Starring Jack Black, Emily         Come and join our dynamic, progressive organization
                        Blunt, Jason Segal                 that services Walpole and districts
 Rating :       PG                                                       so well.
 When :         Saturday 8th October 2011
 Time :         5.30pm
 Where :        Walpole Community Centre
 Cost :         $ 7.50 Adults
                $ 5.00 Children                A new selection of books is now on hand at Wal-
                                               pole CRC ! Come in and take a look at the great
                $20.00 Family                                  range of titles.
 Seating plan available at Walpole CRC for
 reserved seats.                               •        •Photoshop CS5 in Easy Steps
 Tickets will also be sold at the door.        •        •iPad for Dummies, 2nd Edition
 Big screen, great sound system.               •        •Fix your own Computer
                                               •        •Blind Fury—Lynda la Plante
 Refreshments will be available for sale.      •        •Pulling no Punches—Barry Hall
                                               •        •Yates Garden Guide 2011
 This film provides something for all          •        •Organise Yourself
 members of the entire family !                •        •Effective Financial Management
                                               •        •Diary of a Wimpy Kid—Jeff Kinney
    Adventure | Comedy | Fantasy               •        •Magic Folk Collection
                                               •        •Get to #1 on Google in easy steps—Norman
 Travel writer Lemuel Gulliver takes an                 Ben
 assignment in Bermuda, but ends up on the
                                               We can place special orders on your behalf.
 island of Liliput, where he towers over its   Stock able to be purchased on the spot.
 tiny citizens.                                Merchandise changed over each month in or-
                                               der to maintain a variety from which to choose.
                                               Make great gifts and personal treats.
   Why not bring the family to
 twilight entertainment and then               See Linda soon !

 go on to one of the restaurants in
     town for a family dinner.

Walpole Weekly                                                                     September 14th, 2011 — 9
           Look , Lock, Leave                                      Local Identity
 With the recent spate of property thefts from
 unattended parked cars in the last week at local
                                                              Appointed To Key Role in
 beaches and tourist attractions, please be vigilant.             WA Sea Rescue
 LOOK- around when parking for undesirable
         people.                                          Louise Pickett was appointed to the position of
 LOCK– the car and don’t leaver valuables in the car      Commander of VMRWA (Volunteer Marine
         or in plain sight.                               Rescue W.A) the organisation that represents Sea
 LEAVE– enjoy your visit.                                 Rescue Groups in Western Australia, including
    For any suspicious persons/vehicles please call       Walpole, Peaceful Bay and our near neighbours of
           Police on 9840 1618 or 131 444                 Denmark and Windy Harbour, who collaboratively
                                                          look out for you when you are on the water.
          Moombaki in Top Magazine                        Louise has been a cornerstone member of Walpole
Local Winery Moombaki, have been featured in              Sea Rescue Group for many years and has held a
September Country Style with an article about life in     number of positions in VMRWA over the past few
the country. It starts from how they met, got here, and   years. It is believed that she is the first women to
try to make a living with their wines!                    hold the peak job in VMRWA.
When approached by the Country Style editorial team
they were pretty excited that the magazine might find     The district should be proud that we have
them interesting.
                                                          dedicated professional volunteers such as Louise
"After all, it's just what we do!"
Mel and Dave been living here for 17 years, raised a
                                                          and others who through their goals of excellence
family here and grown a business.                         achieve key positions on State Bodies.
Congrats Mel, Dave and Family- Hard work pays off.

September 14th, 2011 — 10                                                                     Walpole Weekly
                 WALPOLE SPORT AND
                                       Both Manjimup and Denmark Shires are
                      AGM              currently experiencing an outbreak of
   Thursday 22nd September 7pm         whooping cough and Walpole has now had
        Everyone is very welcome       its' first case confirmed.
      Come along and help to support   Outbreaks occur partly due to declining
             your Rec Centre           immunization rates and the fact that the
         Refreshments provided         vaccine does not provide lifelong protection.
    Enquiries to Karen 98401345        Whooping cough is spread to others from
                                       coughing or sneezing by individuals infected
                                       with the disease. Untreated a person with
                                       whooping cough can spread it to others for
                                       up to 3 weeks after the onset of the cough.
 Need a key cut?                       The time between exposure and getting sick
                                       is usually 7 days and can be up to 21 days.
                                       Who is at Risk?
 One of the many                       Whooping cough can affect people of all
                                       ages however, babies and children and
 services provided                     toddlers under 12 months and the elderly
 by your                               with other chronic illnesses are most at t risk
                                       of a serious disease.
 Community Resource Centre
                                       How can it be prevented ?
                                         -Immunization is recommended for all
                                            children at 2,4 and 6 months, booster
                                            at 31/2 to 4 years, 11 to 12 years and
                                            for all parents and grandparents of
                                            new babies. Immunizations are
                                            available at Silver Chain.
                                         -Keep your baby away from people who
                                       What should you do if you think you have
                                       whooping cough?
                                         -Stay home
                                         -Visit the clinic or your Doctor and a swab
                                             can be taken from your throat to
                                             confirm the diagnosis.
                                         -Cover your cough either with your hand
                                             or cough into your elbow.
                                         -Wash your hands or use alcohol gel after
                                             coughing or blowing your nose.
                                         -If whooping cough is suspected or
                                             confirmed it can be treated with a
                                             course of antibiotics.
                                       For further information contact the nurse at
                                       Silver Chain, your Doctor or see the Fact
                                       Sheet on the following website. http://

Walpole Weekly                                                     September 14th, 2011 — 11
Coastal Forum Takes Off
                                                          and contributing to science in a meaningful way.”
Passionate 'Coasties' from Walpole to Esperance
gathered in Denmark last week to share their              South Coast NRM and the South Coast
                                                          Management Group (SCMG) are seeking
experiences of protecting and restoring the southern
                                                          applications for the next round of grant funding
                                                          under Southern Incentives: Southern Shores Round
The forum was facilitated by South Coast                  2 by Thursday 6 October.
Management Group (SCMG) and South Coast NRM
                                                          Applications up to $20,000 are welcome.
with funding through the Australian Government's
Caring for Our Country program and Coastwest.             Contact Sheryn Prior 9848 8508; 0429 928 487;
The festivities began with site visits to the Torbay
Dunes and Dunsky Track (West Cape Howe) on
Wednesday to view recent 4WD access projects,
with an evening sundowner at Lions Lookout in
Early Thursday morning, 20 people were bussed to
Peaceful Bay to meet members of the Peaceful Bay
Progress Association to discuss Coastcare initiatives
and issues such as population growth and changing
visitor demographics.
The visit highlighted the successful partnership
between the Shire of Denmark, local volunteer
groups and community members.
After lunch, more than 40 guests settled in to the
Shire of Denmark conference room for an afternoon
                                                          Pictured above: Tony Duckett, Diane Harwood, Dawn Pedro,
of inspiring presentations, covering Denmark High
                                                          Shannon Armstrong, Mr Gairdner, Kathryn Little,
School and Albany High School marine science              Mike Nueneubel, Jan Field, Christopher Lukes, Anne Gadsby,
programs, Quaranup cultural mapping, Department           Dylan Gleave, Rhonda Williams, watched by Don Lansdown
of Fisheries’ fish skeleton initiative, Warriup 'Wait a   and Bill Auburn
While' beach signage project, Greens Pool
interpretive signage, and conserving local
Later at the Centre for Sustainable Living, a further
30 guests listened to updates on South Coast NRM's
Southern Shores projects, Wilson Inlet benthic
invertebrate monitoring, WA Seabird Rescue, Salty
Summer coastal education, recreational vehicle
management, Southern Prospects Regional
Strategy, Esperance shorebirds and the Wellstead                     COMMUNITY LAUNCH
Estuary. South Coast NRM coastal officer Sheryn           Where: Walpole Community Resource Centre.
Prior thanked all those who attended and presented,              Latham Avenue, Walpole.
and said feedback from the forum had been
                                                          When: Monday 26 September 1pm to 4pm
extremely positive.
                                                          Come and find out about the fantastic Well-
“The forum really highlighted the energy of
                                                          Being programs which will be on offer in your
organisations and individuals involved in projects,
which are largely assisted through grant programs
such as Southern Incentives: Southern Shores and          Win great prizes by signing up for a program!
Coastwest. The collective effort by the South Coast       Join in a community walk, followed by a
Community to undertake local projects results in real     healthy afternoon tea.
outcomes which protect our environment and                This is a FREE event, open to all Walpole
continue to make our coastline such a great place to      residents.
enjoy,” Sheryn said.                                      RSVP for catering please on: 98401395 or
SCMG Chair Bill Auburn commented he felt; "a real
sense of fulfilment seeing so many people come
together to share their ideas and passion for the
People are proud of their patch and are genuinely
interested in looking after things. It was inspiring to
hear from several young people doing great stuff

September 14th, 2011 — 12                                                                          Walpole Weekly
                HIKI G ALO G THE BIBBULMU                                      WALK TRAIL
                                                                                              By John Kolo
With springtime arriving in our Walpole region when flowers and animals are taking advantage of the first sunny days,
my daughter Lotte with six-months-old Bryn, husband David and I took off for a hike along the Bibbulmun Walk Trail
from Mt Pingerup to Mt Chance on a 7 km walk through one of the nicest land scapes in our region.
Loaded with our camping gear, and Bryn safely carried in a baby backpack, we walked leisurely in easy stages in a
northerly direction towards the campsite at the foot of Mt Chance. Bryn barely slept on this walk, because he rather
wanted to touch and smell many of the colourful wildflowers he saw from his perch in the backpack.
As can be expected on any sunny day, we soon came across a beautiful tiger snake that was sunning itself on a bare
patch of soil. Having been surprised, it slithered away from us, but to our astonishment came back in a large arc to
where we stood, as if wanting to attack us head-on. “Stand still” was all I said, because a snake will not attack if you
stand still. Indeed, this one had only one thing on its mind, namely to find the entry to its home only a metre distant
from us, where its five feet length rapidly disappeared into a hole in the ground. This is the reason why snakes can
disappear within a blink of the eye.
Equally interesting was a group of feral pigs we saw some
30 metres from the Bibbulmun Walk Trail, as seen in
these photo's opposite.
A large boar together with two sows and a bunch of piglets
were ploughing with their snouts through the soft wetland
soil, looking for roots and bulbs and delicious gilgies.
In the middle of the Trail was a wallow where the pigs
would have their mud bath to keep themselves healthy
and content.
We moved stealthily along the Trail as not to be seen
or heard by the pigs, because all feral pigs are potentially aggressive,
particularly when having piglets.
“Stand still” I whispered, “and go for their eyes if they attack us”.
This would also be my advice for other bush walkers who might encounter
feral pigs.
Luckily the wind was carrying our scent away from the pigs, so they did
not notice us.
Nevertheless, we had our pocket knives at the ready, should they have attacked us.
Having in recent years encountered numerous feral pigs along the Bibbulmun Walk Trail, and forest tracks in the
Walpole region, I am of the strongest opinion that feral pigs should not be allowed to share the Trail with walkers. The
Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) is aware of the problems caused by feral pigs, and employs pig
trappers to eradicate them. I urge anyone who sees pigs or fresh pig tracks or diggings to notify the DEC, so that
trappers can erect traps in such locations and get rid of the pigs.
                                   Walkers and feral pigs, simply will never mix.

               Pictured above, John Kolo, his daughter Lotte and granddaughter Bryn in the backpack.

Walpole Weekly                                                                                 September 14th, 2011 — 13
                          18th Bash

  By all reports it was a FANTASTIC night!
   With friends and family travelling from
    Perth, Kojonup, Denmark and Albany.
 Thanks to everyone who made it to drinks on
 Friday night and also to everyone who made
            the BIG event possible.

  Original Art - acrylics, pastels, oils, etc.
      Photos - Certificates - medals
        needleworks - memorabilia
    Incorporating the best design options with a large range
             of m ouldings, m atboards and styles


  (Between BankWest & Nursery)
                                             9848 2800

 We wish to advise that there will be o Silver Chain
 Staff available for emergencies this coming weekend
 from Friday September 9 5.00pm to Monday
 September 11 08.30am
 During this time for any medical emergencies call:
 000 for St John Ambulance
 9848 0600 Denmark Hospital
 1800 022 222 Health Direct
 Helen Rawlins
 (Clinic manager)

September 14th, 2011 — 14                                      Walpole Weekly
Walpole Weekly   September 14th, 2011 — 15
       What's on at the Walpole Hotel                           Walpole
 Wednesday ight: Steak night
          with Free Pool and Jukebox
 Friday ight: Chase the Ace
                                                              Dart Weekend
           Tickets available during Happy Hour         The 'Bunnings Weekend' - as many people
            5:30pm-7:30pm. Drawn at 7:30pm             know it, is an annual event held every
                 Jackpot stands at $300                September in Walpole.
 Sunday ight: Roast night $25.00                       There has been alot of discussion over the last
       with a Middy of Beer or a Glass of House Wine
                                                       week as to just when the 'Bunnings' Darts
     Please note that on our Steak and Roast ight,     Weekend began. We know the Bunnings Mill
     our Dinner Menu will be on the Specials Board.
                                                       sponsored the darts and that after the mill
                                                       closed down in 1995 the name was changed to
                                                       'Walpole Hotel Weekend'.
                                                        However most of us players have continued to
                                                       call it 'Bunnings' weekend. There has been
                                                       much speculation as to when it all began, with
                                                       guesses of 1987, 1984,1981 or even 1976. (If
                                                       you know when it all began please contact the
                                                       Walpole Community Resource Centre and let
                                                       Linda know.)
                                                       This years annual event saw 14 teams
                                                       compete, 7 men's and 7 ladies from Denmark,
                                                       Manjimup, Pemberton, Albany and Walpole.
                                                       (results on opposite page)
                                                       There were 3 raffles with the proceeds going to
                                                       Walpole & Districts Seniors Accommodation
                                                       and Walpole Tidy Towns.
                                                       Mel Martin won two of the raffles & Rita Hoye
                                                       won the meat raffle. Second and third prizes
                                                       went to Wendy Bidwell, Rita Hoye & Muzza.
                                                       Reports have come to me of Streakers on
                                                       Saturday night, rumour has it two visiting ladies
                                                       footballers did a nudie run through the hotel and
                                                       promptly disappeared.
                                                       'Special Thank Yous' ' go to Ronnie, Stinger and the
                                                       Hotel Staff for a well organised weekend and the
                                                       GREAT FOOD!!
                                                       Also thank you to Lurch (Mark) and Linda for the
                                                       raffles which support Local Walpole causes.

Ladies Winners- Pemberton                              Mens Winners- Albany 1

September 14th, 2011 — 16                                                                  Walpole Weekly
               SPORTS RESULTS                                        Denmark-Walpole Footy Results
 BOWLS RESULTS                                                       The Preliminary finals were held in Denmark at
 Sunday 4th September Mixed Event:                                   McLeon Oval on Sunday.
 Winner....         Bill Crossley                                    Denmark-Walpole
 Runner-up.....     Nelia Pumphrey
                                                                     League played
 Results from 6/9                                                    Railways to decide
 Blue Wrens def Night Owls 10 – 1                                    the second team in
 Hotel Larks def Beach Shags 9 – 2                                   the Grand Final. It
 Ravens def Magpies 6-4                                              was a very exciting
 Highest Score – Kim Kelly 142                                       game with both teams
 Highest Peg – Kim Kelly 61
                                                                     looking very even in
 Triple Peg – Kim Kelly 3, 61, 8.
 WALPOLE (BUNNINGS) WEEKEND                                          the first two quarters.
 Ladies Winners;                                                     Railways got off to a
 Pemberton-                                                          good start in the third
 Noeline, Robyn, Sue, Janet, Kaz & Shanni                            quarter to put them in
 Runners-up;                                                         front for the rest of the
 Spice Girls (Manjimup)-
                                                                     game. Railways won
 Marg, Linda, Shanna, Kaye, Lesley & Kathy
 Highest Score;                                                      15.10-100 to
 140- Lesley (Manji), Marg (Manji), Monika (Wlp),&                   Denmark-Walpole’s
 Linda (Wlp)                                                         11.11-77. Railways
 Highest Peg;                                                        will now meet Royals
 97- Nancy (Wlp)                                                     in the Final this
 Men's Winners;
 Albany 1-
 Hooky, Alfie, Frank, Murray, Cliff & Mark                           Denmark-Walpole
 Men's Runners-up;                                                   Best Players: A.
 Walpole 1-                                                          Haskins, D. Burke, D.
 Russel, Wazza, Lloyd, Chris, Hecky & Fletcher                       MacDonald and B. Hickey.
 Highest Score;
 180- Wayne Lloyd Dmk)x2 & Hooky (Alb)                               Goal Kickers: J. D’Sylva 4, D. Harper 3, A.
 Highest Peg;                                                        Haskins, R. Quinn-Schofield, K. Wilson and B.
 118- Stan W (Alb)                                                   Hickey.
 SCROUNGERS GOLF              30/8/11                                Railways Best Players: P. Rophia, M. Cramer,
 STROKE CYP                                                          H. Rophia and B. Stubber.
 1st                Kevin Anderson 48                                Goal Kickers: D. Williams 4, P. Rophia 3, Z.
 2nd                Eric Tindale       48
 3rd                Ken James          50                            Hortin 2, J. Symmans 2, B. Stubber, B. Clifton,
 Putts              Kevin Anderson 12                                N. Cramer and J. Whittle.
 NTP                Kevin Anderson #13                               Reserves preliminary final was between Royals
 Big Als            Nigel Fry #11                                    10.7-67 and Mt Barker who won 17.16-118.
 L Putt             Kevin Anderson #9
 L Drive            Nigel Fry #16
                                                                     The Colts game saw North Albany 11.8-74 only
 Birdies            Kevin Anderson #13                               just beating Railways 11.6-72.
                    Eric Tindale       #18                           Under 17s Sharks 5.8-38 played North Albany
 SCROUNGERS GOLF              6/9/11                                 5.9-39 loosing by only a point.
 STABLEFORD                                                          The grand final will be held at Centennial Oval
 1st                Darren Conner      31                            on the 18th this weekend. In the Under 17s
 2nd                Dave Wilmer        22
 3rd                Ken James          21
                                                                     match North Albany will play Royals, followed
 Best 3rd or 4th    H Anderson         #10                           by the Colts at 10:00am with North Albany
 Big Als            H Anderson         #11                           going up against Royals, 12:00pm the Reserves
 NTP                A Barrington       #13                           game will be North Albany v Mt Barker and
 NTP                Ken James          #17                           League at 2:10 Royals will play Railways. The
 L Putt             M Lumb #9                                        gates will open at 8:00am if you want to go
 Birdies            D Wilmer           #17
                    K James            #17
                                                                     along for an action packed day.
                                                                     Magpies’ Nathan Giuntoli marks ahead of the
Attention all sporting groups: Results are printed FREE, so if you   Tigers’ Bodhi Stubber and teammate Sam
would like your group's efforts to be published, please submit by
Monday noon deadline. Can be sent to

Walpole Weekly                                                                                  September 14th, 2011 — 17
                   FOR SALE
        Extension Dining Table and 6 chairs
                78 Latham Avenue
                  FOR SALE
            Camper Trailer Off Road
   8x6 with hardtop, Independent suspension,
    water tank, boat carrier, cargo pod, fully
               enclosed annexe.
                 Rego Jan 2012
                ph-0428401130                             Plumber, Gas Technician
                  FOR SALE                                  Complete Bathroom Renovation
           Toyota Hilux Dual-Cab,'07                Roof Plumber or Fire prevention system installed.
   4x4 Tray Back,Fiberglass Canopy, Deisle &
   Gas, Dual Batteries, Colour Coded Bullbar,
    Towbar, Boat Rack,Mag Wheels, Air Bag                                                 Pools, Spas &
                 Suspension.                     M : 0458 536 574                         Solar heating
            85,000km Bronze Duco.                                                           organised
                $41,5000 ONO                     L: 9840 1898                              & installed
               Ph. 0437 512 100
                                                 E:                            PL 6458
            Casual Cleaner Wanted
     Must be flexible with days and weekends.              Skip Fencing & Walpole
               Che Sara Sara Chalets
                  Ph. 9840 8004
                                                             Steel Fabrications
                    Kitchen Hand
                 Four evenings per week,
                   permanent position,
                Experience not necessary,
                Apply to Ron.... 9840 1444                                   From site works to the
                                                                                 finished shed.
                  Cleaner Required                                           FULLY ENGINEERED -
              3 Days per week maximum                                           CUSTOM SIZES
               Great Work Environment
                     Good Rates                          FARM SHEDS - INDUSTRIAL SHEDS
                    Ph. 9840 1032                           GARAGES ~ SMALL SHEDS
                    WANTED                                      Made locally supporting
                                                                    local business
          To purchase full or part share
               of a jetty in Nornalup.                            For quotes, phone
        We have a house on Riverside Drive                        9840 1640 w/shop
                   but no access                                  9840 1237 a/hours
            to a jetty to tie up our boat.                       0428401640 Mobile
       Negotiate with Mark Allen by phoning
                   0408 272 540                                  STEVEN SKIPPINGS

September 14th, 2011 — 18                                                                 Walpole Weekly
                                                         Walpole Mechanical
                                                            and Tyres
                                                             Lot 5 Vista Street
                                                            Phone (08) 9840 1297
                                                          A/hrs Mobile : 0419918076

                                                       Mechanical servicing and tyre repairs,
                                                        bulk oil, batteries and freight depot.
           Kerry Halse       0427 482 437                   Genlite Generator Agency
            A/hrs Ph/Fax      9848 2437              Reasonable prices. Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 8—noon

                          Real Estate
                        Agents, Property
                BORO IA RIDGE
                BLOCKS $95,000
            COME SEE US TODAY!!!
                   RE TALS
        2 x Two bedroom houses available.
             Come in and apply today!
For all Property Management requirements
please call Emma Doust.
      For all your Real Estate requirements call:
       Joe Burton                 0429 900 616
            Kylie Bendotti    0428 761 263
            Emma Doust          0403 515 081
            Denmark Representatives:
           Christine Randall 0417 096 724
           Michael Goundrey 0414 882 525
    Office: (08) 9840 1232     Fax: (08) 9840 1233
    You can also finds us at
                  Member of REIWA

Walpole Weekly                                                                September 14th, 2011 — 19
                                                                    ROTEC ELECTRICS
                                                                    EC 005112
                                                                    Rod Gittos

                                                                  64 Latham Avenue
                                                                  Walpole, 6398.
                                                                  Mobile 0427 984 071
                                                  Digital TV—Satellite—Installation and service
                                                  Appliance Repairs—All Electrical Work

                                                                 HP & LJ

                                                                   9840 8141
                                                                  0429 850 917
                                                         FENCE LINES ; DAMS & SOAKS ;
                                                                  BLOCK CLEARING

                                                 And all other general excavation work

                                                              EXCAVATOR HIRE

     BOW BRIDGE EARTHWORKS                          WALPOLE CONCRETE
         Gravel & Sand Supply.                      SUPPLIES
       Building Site Preparation.
        Driveways & Sand Pads.
           Clearing of Building Envelopes,      PRE-MIX CONCRETE
              Parklands & Fencelines.           SAND & GRAVEL CARTING
                                                SITE WORKS—HOUSE & SHED PADS — DRIVEWAYS
       Phone Kim Smith: 9840 8052               BACK HOE, BOBCAT, LOADER AND GRADER HIRE
                                                BLUE METAL & METAL DUST AVAILABLE

                                                     Contact Nigel Phone 98401626
                                                          Mobile 0419948072

                                                   22T EXCAVATOR & D6 LGP DOZER
                              √   HOUSE Slabs
                              √   Verandahs
                              √   Driveways
                              √   sheds
 BRAD PIERCE                  √   Exposed
 Mob 0428 927 158                  Aggregate
 Ph/Fx : 08 9848 3191
 Email :   PO Box 434
                              Denmark wa 6333

September 14th, 2011 — 20                                                               Walpole Weekly

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