2011 Couples Retreats

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					   —— 2011 Couple’s Retreats ——
                    Single persons are also welcome at these Retreat Events

      April 29 - May 1, 2011                                                May 20 - 22, 2011

           United Methodist Retreat Center in Fruitland Park

                                 April 29 - May 1, 2011
       The one constant of life is the reality of change. Would you like more insight in dealing with
       that reality? The Christian experience provides for certainty and for hope. We do not face
       life’s transitions in the same way that others do. If you need help guiding yourself or your
       family through the adjustments that different generations bring, then this retreat is for you.
       Everyone from Newly-Weds to Seniors will benefit from this weekend.

                         This weekend our team will provide for an inspiring and informative weekend. Roger will
                         bring messages of “Joy in the Strength of the Lord.” In small groups Roger, Judy, Katie
                         Hewett and Johnnie Faye Lane will lead discussions on “Dealing with Stress and
                         Uncertainty as a Christian Couple;” “Looking Forward With Faith and Hope;” Adjusting to
                         the Stresses of Everyday Family Living,” and “Maturing as a Family.” There will be
                         discussions on dealing with grieving, aging and spiritual growth, and dealing with sickness
                         and care giving and designing a ministry for older adults in your church.

Roger Watts has been a Favorite with the Men at Leesburg for over 20 years. He retired from the Florida
Conference in 2007 after 35 years of ministry. He has served churches in Punta Gorda, St. Petersburg, Tampa and
Coral Springs. In retirement he has joined the faculty at the St. Petersburg College teaching World Religions,
Philosophy and Bible. He is currently writing the dissertation, working toward a PhD at the University of South
Florida. Roger has been married to his Judy for 47 years.

Judy Watts is a Registered Nurse certified in Medical Surgical Nursing. She has 29 years of experience in cancer
units, doctors’ offices, critical care units and in post anesthesia recovery. Judy is a Certified Lay Speaker, has taught
Christian Faith and Human Sexuality to Youth and has served among many other things as: a Sunday School
Teacher, a Member of the Choir, on Building Committee, and as Youth Group Advisor. In retirement she continues
to be very active in the community in social activities and leisure time sports. Judy and Roger have two children and
two grandchildren.

Katie Hewett “Aging and Spiritual Growth”-                Johnnie Faye Lane “Designing an Older Adult Ministry”
“Dealing With Sickness and Caregiving” Katie has          Johnnie Faye is Senior Adult Ministries Coordinator at Cocoa
been a widow since 1994 and retired from Bank of          Beach UMC. She is a member Florida Beyond Fifties
America, so she could spend more time serving             Ministries , she is also a member of Brevard Comm. on Aging
Christ. She is a member of the Tustenuggee                (BCOA) and Florida Council on Aging.(FCOA). Johnnie
United Methodist Church near Fort White, Florida          Faye is a graduate of University of Tampa and holds a BS in
and as a certified Lay Speaker has served on the          Education from that university. She also is a graduate of
Florida Conference, Beyond 50 Ministry Team for           University of Florida where she earned a Master of Education
10 years.                                                 degree. She is a native Floridian and hails from Plant City.

                                         Music/Worship Leader
  Ross Kimura, A native of Hawaii, Ross has lived in New York City, where he studied at
  Julliard School of Music. He has a masters in piano and opera orchestrations and has played at
  the Paris, London, and Milan Conservatories. Ross can bring Life to Traditional Hymns in a
  way that would make Charles and John Wesley and Cokesbury want to sing along.
                    2011 COUPLE'S RETREATS
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                          ( ) April 29-May1, 2011            ( ) May 20-22 , 2011

                    COST: Life Enrichment Center w/meals        $298.00 per Couple
                               Family Campground w/meals        $202.00 per Couple
                               Family Campground (NO MEALS) $114.00 per Couple
             Saturday only /no meals $82.00 per Couple - Saturday only With Lunch & Dinner $120.00 per Couple

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                                       May 20 - 22, 2011
                                     Leadership Team
                    Debbie Nelson                                                   John Riley

 “Revvie Debbie” as she has been fondly                                    John is a challenging, inspirational
 named, is a graduate of Asbury                                            speaker with the unique God-given ability
 Theological Seminary and is now serving                                   to communicate great truths in a simple,
 Ridge Manor Community UMC. With a                                         understandable manner. He has been
 passion for healing and deliverance,                                      bringing that truth throughout America
 Revvie Debbie invites you to join her in                                  for 30 years, uplifting and encouraging
 uncovering God’s miracle for you this                                     his listeners to do and be all that is
 retreat weekend as we savor His amazing                                   possible through God for His Glory.
 Word together.

In addition to their General Assembly addresses, John and Debbie Will be leading afternoon discussion
groups to enhance your Christian Walk., and to help live out the Theme “As For Me And My House”

                           Music/Worship Leader
Lenee returns to provide us with music for the weekend. For 25 years,
Lenee and her husband Bob traveled across the United States and the United
Kingdom in full-time Christian concert ministry, and is always a favorite at
the Leesburg . Lenee continues to be a popular musician and teacher and
also pursues her passion for women’s ministry by combining music and
teaching as she leads women’s retreats and seminars.

    Come prepared to be informed, enriched and encouraged
                              as you continue in your Christian Journey…...

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