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									                                                                    Test Preparation Databases
                                                                            February 2007
The College selection tool is a nice extra that the Gale Testing and Education Reference Center has. Gale had a collection of ARCO and Peterson's
books that you could read in their entirety. It's hard to keep all these titles up to date in the library. This would be a nice supplement to the library's
book collection. Both products seem to be equally good in offering practice tests. I think Gale has the edge because of the extras, namely college
selection and ebooks.
Learning Express seemed to offer information on a wider variety of tests and it was very simple to access and use the practice test.         However, I
prefered the layout/presentation of Gale and very much appreciated the ability to access test guides online. I think this is very convenient. Also the
additional features of info on careers and colleges were a bonus--though, I am not sure if someone wanting to find info on a college would find it
most convenient to find that info through the use of this database - I guess it would depend on what they were looking for.      I think it would be great
to offer one of these databases if they aren't cost prohibitive.
In the Gale product, the limit of one question to a screen was an advantage, making it slightly easier to use. However, Learning Express allowed
faster access to the tests without a lot of preliminary screens of instruction. Help was available if needed but not intrusive.
In using the tutorial - if a mistake was made, your were prompted that you made a mistake, but you were not given the opportunity to re-do the
exercise immediately on that page. You would have to page back and re-listen to the information, and re-do the assignment then.
I just gave it a quick look at time permitted, so couldn't use much of the features, but the resume builder appeared to be geared more toward the
professional level. At our library, we have more call for blue collar, non-professional level assistance. I did not look at LearningExpress.
I liked that I was able to skip questions (with the option of going back to them) and got a score sheet. I thought it was a great idea to have the
scores marked according to concept tested, how many questions asked for each concept, how many were right or wrong and whether the question
was skipped. Giving the user the percentage of correct answers given for each category as well as an overall percent score was useful. Looking at
the test questions again with the correct answers marked and explained was also useful. Overall, these features meant I could plainly see what
areas I needed to do more work on and which concepts I had a firm grasp of.
If we are looking solely for test prep, I think that LearningExpress Library would work just fine. I do not think that we would see use of all the different
types of tests that are included however. While Gale, has many, many, very nice extras, if the price is markedly more that Learning Express, I
would say to go with Learning Express. However, if we are looking for the additional aspects, such as career, college, scholarship functions, then
we should go with Gale.
I would rate both of these about the same as far as ease of use and content. I think I would give a slight nod to Learning Express, because it seems
to cover more topic areas, and has a wider variety of topic areas, than the Gale product.
Couldn't get into the Gale database, but I was able to test Learning Express. Good layout, lots of tests to choose from, easy to navigate. I liked
that the database allows for skipping a question, that it reminds you of unanswered questions, and that it shows you exactly which questions you got
correct or not. One thing I did find confusing-- it's not clear from the top menu how to get out of the test, or to choose another test. I had to choose
'My Account' to get out of my test results, and then 'Products' to choose another test. Not very intuitive for the user! Overall I thought LE was an
excellent resource. A very powerful tool for self-education and self-empowerment.
Gale: More comprehensive than L.E. with College and Scholarship Info. PDFs are very slow to download. Good eye appeal - easy to
navigate. Had Spanish GED practice test but no book. Learning Express: Ebooks under a seperate link - made finding the more difficult
than in Gale. Format of homepage very cluttered, difficult to locate what you are looking for. Difficult to determine how to return to menu
from exams. No Spanish GED prep.
                                                               Test Preparation Databases
                                                                     February 2007

Library/Evaluator:          I looked for information about......            Features used:                                     GALE TESTING AND EDUCATION REFER

                                                                                                                               Content       Accuracy
Portage County/Jack                                                         Practice Tests. College selection. Resume
Faulkner-Becker             Practice tests. Resume help. College selection. help. Test preparation books (Gale)                          4          4

                                                                            On Gale, looked at test of practice books
                                                                            online. This is a nice feature. Also, searched
                                                                            for UW Madison in the college info.       On
                                                                            Learning Express, looked at the list of practice
Prairie du Sac/Jennifer     Looked for information on GMAT & ASVAB.         tests available and initiated a practice test.               5
                                                                            I began but did not finish Practice test 3 for
Madison--Carla DiIorio      Praxis practice test                            writing skills in both trial products.                       3          5

Rome/Carol                  GED Testing and Excel 2003                      Used Excel 2003 tutorial
Judy                        resume builder                                  looked at resume features                                    3          3
                            Learning Express Database trial -- math
NGL/Ignacia Guerra          concepts.                                       HS Algebra #1
                            What test preps are available? Resume           I used the test preps. Looked at the resume
                            building? on-line books available? Searched     builders on each site. Looked at some of the
Marshfield Public Library   online e-books                                  online e-books.                                              5          4
SEQ/GD                      Citizenship Exams                               Took the citizenship exams on both products                  4          4
                                                                            Gale: 'Read Book Now' feature (e-books),
                                                                            began some practice tests, returned to some
                                                                            practice tests, Help & Search tips links, looked
                            Postal service & LSAT exams ASVAB study         at personality assessment. Learning Express:
                            guide GED prep in Spanish & English US          began some practice exams, e-books, Help
Stoughton                   Citizenship test in Spanish & English           link                                                         4          5

                                                                          Page 2
                                                                                 Test Preparation Databases
                                                                                       February 2007

                                                             Gale                                                                           Learning
STING AND EDUCATION REFERENCE CENTER                         Total        LEARNING EXPRESS                                                  Express Total
                                              Special                                                                        Special
         Currency       Ease       Tech       Features                    Content Accuracy Currency Ease          Tech       Features

                    4          4          4              4           24         3         4         4         4          4              3              22

                    4          5                         5           19         4                             5                                         9

                    5          4          5              4           26         5         5         5         4          5              5              29

                                                                                4         4         4         3          4              4              23
                    4          2          3                          15

                                                                                5         5         4         5          4              3              26

                    4          3          3              4           23         3         4         4         3          3              3              20
                    4          4          4              4           24         4         4         4         4          4              4              24

                    5          3        2           3                22         4         4         4         2           3        2                   19
                                   Gale                                                                           Learning Express
                                   Overall Average:              21.86                                            Overall Average:                  21.50

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