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December 2008                  Mouthpiece                  Volume 10 Issue 4

December 2008                          1                          Volume 10, Issue 4
December 2008                                   Mouthpiece                                       Volume 10 Issue 4

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  Guild Notes, Editorial                                                                                Page 3
  Around Australia and New Zealand                                                                      Page 4
  Inaugural Norfolk Trumpet Festival                                                                    Page 6
  An Australian in the U.K.                                                                             Page 7
  Member Profile - Julian Brun                                                                          Page 9
  Mouthpiece Gauge - Letters to the Editor                                                              Page 10
  Industry News                                                                                         Page 11
  Pedagogy by Parkes                                                                                    Page 12
  National Music Camp 2009                                                                              Page 13
  Book Review—New book on Australian Jazz released                                                      Page 15
  ITG 2010 Report                                                                                       Page 14
  Obituaries—Cliff Goodchild and Roger Sherman                                                          Page 16
  Concert Reports                                                                                       Page 17
  International News                                                                                    Page 19
  ATG supporting Advertisers start                                                                      Page 20

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December 2008                                          Mouthpiece                                              Volume 10 Issue 4

                                                                       if all of our members made a New Year‘s resolution to
                                                                       contribute at least one article to Mouthpiece in 2009.
                                                                       Some of our readers may feel this issue is somewhat
                                                                       Canberra-centric. This is not only because I live there and

 .   HELP!                                                             can get to live performances but because so many of the
                                                                       happenings involve high class performances. I have no
                                                                       doubt that equally quality events take place in other parts of
                                                                       Australia but if no one is able to find time to report these to
                                                                       Brian E or myself (together with accompanying photos - in
                                                                       JPEG format) then our members are deprived of learning
                                                                       about them. Such reports also allow members to learn more
                                                                       about each other and could eventually lead to cooperative
                                                                       ventures which would enrich audiences and enhance the
                                                                       value of ATG membership. I hope you will enjoy the varied
                                                                       articles in this issue and I look forward to being the recipient
                                                                       of the output resulting from many New Year‘s resolutions.
                                                                       I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Brian
                                                                       Evans for his encouragement and support during the year and
                                                                       I look forward to continuing in 2009. Thanks also to all who
                                                                       contributed material for publication during the year.
                                                                       Have a safe and enjoyable festive season .
            I hope the word above is loud enough.

 So many jobs to do at ATG and I do need a few people to
 volunteer to do them or I will go completely crazy. Brian
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 shoulders.                                                             Yamaha Chicago Bb trumpet for sale. YTR-9335CHS
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 You would know that there have been committee vacancies                case. This instrument is 1 year old in as new condition
 for a long time, now, including Vice President. Call me on             with no dents or repairs.
 94896940 or 0449176015 and we can arrange to get together
                                                                        Christopher Perrin—Kookaburra Music
 to see what you‘d like to do . Thanks to new member, Elaine
                                                                        02 9630 7554 or 0407 944 493
 Johnson for volunteering to take on the treasurer‘s position.

 I really do need to ask folk to contact me for ways to take
 some of the load, both with ATG and the 2010 conference.                         Welcome to New Members
 Go to the ITG2010 report on Page 15 for a list of the many
 areas that need enthusiastic members to volunteer.                     Julian Brun NSW
                                                                        Elaine Johnson ACT
 All of our work will be helped if you get your 2009 renewals
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 Brian Evans                                                          

                                                                                            Your ATG Directors
                               Welcome to the final issue of
                               our 10th Anniversary year. I                          Elsa Brissenden (Vic)
                               trust you found the President‘s                       James Dempsey (SA)
                               article in our last issue as                          Brian Evans (NSW)
                               informative as I did. The                             Bruce Hellmers (NSW)
                               second instalment his history                         Yoram Levy (TAS)
                               of ATG has been held over                             Melanie McLoughlin (NSW)
                               until Volume 11 Issue 1. As we                        Brian O'Neill (ACT)
                               approach the holiday festive                          Kelly Parkes (ACT/USA)
                               season I would be very grateful                       Tim Weir (ACT/USA)

December 2008                                         Mouthpiece                                          Volume 10 Issue 4

                                                                    wasn‘t a style I would have chosen for myself, but I have to
 South Australia                                                    say it looked pretty good! My colleagues couldn‘t believe
                                                                    the transformation!
 Ian Kirkwood sent the following email with its special         After make-up, I was straight off to wardrobe. I had given
 request. Anybody out there able to give him a hand?            a lot of thought to what I would wear for the shoot and was
                                                                somewhat disappointed that the colour and style of top I
 Work is interfering with trumpet playing at the moment. I wore wasn‘t exactly a ―90s‖ look. Briskly searching
 haven't been able to make the Norwood Orchestra                through the racks of clothes, the wardrobe person handed
 rehearsals lately. We are short of brass in the Norwood        me two tops to wear, one for each scene. They were not
 Orchestra too. I am the only trumpet and we have only two exactly what I would have chosen for myself. I‘m more of
 horns. I wish I had company and support! Could you put a t-shirt, shorts and sandals gal – something more along the
 an advertisement in the SA news that there is a regular        lines of ―Crocodile Dundee‖. But then, that‘s Hollywood!
 position available in the trumpet section (and all other brass
 sections for that matter).                                     There was all the tea and coffee you could drink and a lot
                                                                of waiting around, as the directors and technicians busily
 Victoria -                                                     prepared the green room for the shoot. Cameras, lighting,
                                                                props, cables and cords were all over the place. As the
 Do we have a member who would be prepared to keep us NZSO extras, we were placed in the background sitting at a
 up-to-date with what is happening down there?                  table drinking coffee and tea, looking at our schedules and
                                                                chatting with one another. The chatting was actually
 However I am able to report that, sadly, insufficient entry miming and we were told not to rustle the papers we were
 numbers forced cancellation of the Moreland Slow Melody holding because the microphones would pick up the sound.
 Contest . As a member of that Band as a young Cornet           There were a number of takes for each scene, and
 Player I hope to participate in that Contest in 2009. (Ed)     throughout each take we were supposed to do the exact
                                                                same thing. Our coffee cups and water had to be refilled to
 New Zealand -                                                  where they were at the beginning of the scene. Camera,
                                                                angles and lighting were adjusted with each take. Between
 Cheryl Hollinger (at my request following a comment that every take there was a lot of waiting around, while
 this was happening) sent me the following: I include it        previous takes were scrutinised and adjustments were made
 here to show what sorts of music related activities
                                                                to ensure the perfect shot.
 musicians get up to:
                                                                In total, the green room scenes were a few minutes in
                                                                length, but took an entire morning to shoot. In between
        ―ROLL CAMERA.......ACTION!‖                             scenes, I was able to wait with other extras who were
                                                                dressed as concertgoers for a foyer scene, also to be shot
 In October, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra had the that morning. Where did all these actors come from? I had
 unique opportunity to appear in a shoot for the film ―The      no idea Wellington had so many actors; young, old, good
 Truth About Men‖. The cast includes Australian Joel            looking, ordinary looking, all in costume and make-up
 Edgerton (Kinky Boots, The Secret Life of Us), Rhona           waiting for their call. We all passed the time by downing
 Mitra (Boston Legal) and Thomas Kretschmann (King              as many ham and cheese croissants as we could.
 Kong, the Pianist). The film is about love, its trials and
 tribulations, and the lead character is a cellist who plays in After lunch, the entire NZSO, in concert dress, was filmed
 the NZSO – hence our involvement.                              on the Michael Fowler Centre stage. The music we played
                                                                was Vaughan Williams Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas
 A handful of us were chosen to play extras in some green Tallis and Sibelius Symphony no. 5, while the cameras
 room scenes and it was eye-opening to get a glimpse of         focussed on Rhona Mitra playing (actually miming) the
 what goes on behind the camera. As an extra, we had to be cello within the NZSO cello section. Rhona had never
 on location by 6.30am. Once checked in, we were                played the cello before, and had two coaching sessions
 individually whisked off to make-up where the skilful work with Brigid O‘Meeghan, a member of our cello section.
 of the make-up artist began. Of course, when I woke up         Because Rhona had sung in a choir she had an
 that morning I had a pimple the size of Uluru on my chin. understanding of melodic line and inner voices, which
 My make-up artist was reassuring, saying ―not to worry,        enabled her to bow in co-ordination with the section. With
 that even happens to the big movie stars‖. Through skill       each take, the NZSO played along with our recordings of
 and proficiency she was able to make the blemish               the excerpts used for the scenes. Again, there were
 disappear – well, at least become less apparent. Because                                                    (Continued on page 5)
 the movie was set in the 90s, my hair was styled
 accordingly. She said I had a ―Meg Ryan thing going!‖ It
December 2008                                        Mouthpiece                                            Volume 10 Issue 4

(Continued from page 4)                                                                                and spent time moving
numerous takes of each scene and time in between each take.                                            around Llewellyn Hall
                                                                                                       checking out how his
It was a long, arduous day. The shoot went into the evening.
                                                                                                       pupils were faring. He
I got home about 7:30pm and was truly knackered. It‘s
                                                                                                       needn‘t have worried - they
interesting to note that Rhona had been picked up by her
                                                                                                       both gave memorable
driver at 4.15 that morning, had been shooting scenes all day
long, and was still on top of it at the end of the day. I was
impressed by her focus, stamina and professionalism.                                                   Graduation Recital 1 -
                                                                                                       Alex Ross
I was surprised to learn how involved acting can be, and I
was only an extra. It takes a lot of focus and concentration,                                          Unfortunately, a medical
in addition to finding the inspiration to get into character in                                        appointment prevented me
the moment. The days are long and there is a lot of down                                               from being in the audience
time. Even though I had a great time, I found it exhausting                                            for the first graduation
and now have an even greater respect for the acting                                                    recital by Alex Ross (ATG
professionals and their craft. We have all heard the joke                                              member and 2006 ITG
―How do you make a musician complain? Give ‗em a job!‖                                                 Sandy Sandberg Memorial
After this experience, I will think twice about groaning and                                           Scholarship winner).
grumbling next time the orchestra goes into overtime, adds a                                           However I have now heard
service to our day, or rehearses and performs the same pieces                                          most of this recital thanks
over and over again.                                                                                   to a recording kindly sent
                                                                                                       to me by Alex‘s proud
The reward for our efforts will be seeing ourselves and the
                                                                                                       father, Stephen. The
NZSO up there on the big screen when the movie is released.
                                                                                                       quality of the playing
Who knows, maybe even an Oscar nomination? We will
                                                                                                       shown through this
see! (Cheryl Hollinger)                                                         Alex Ross on
                                                                                                       recording only exacerbated
                                                                               Graduation Day
                                                                                                       my disappointment at
NYO (National Youth Orchestra) National Music Camp                                                     missing the recital.
2009 - Napier, New Zealand                                            Alex‘s Program featured works by :
Conductor:                Richard Gill                                    Jean-Francois Michel
Dates:                    8 Jan to 19 Jan 2009                            Alexander Arutunian
Trumpet:                                                                  Henri Tomasi
            Thomas Eves                                                   George Gershwin
            Slade Hocking
                                                                      Alex was supported by Sheila Thompson and Alan Hicks
            David Kempton
            Daniel Kirgan
Orchestra Programme I, 17 Jan 2009                                    Graduation Recital 2 - Aaron Madden
            Copland Fanfare for a Common Man                          There aren‘t many (if any) Performance Graduates who
            Byrd     The Earle of Oxford's March                      would be able to call on the support of both the Royal
            Mozart   Sinfonia Concertante                             Military College (RMC) Band, Duntroon and Dan
            Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6                                Mendelow for their graduation recitals. Following Alex‘s
                                                                      recital performance that is exactly what Aaron Madden did.
Orchestra Programme II, 18 Jan 2009
                                                                      Dan played Trumpet 2 in the opening piece of Aaron’s
             Young Tribute Fanfare                                    recital - Stravinsky‘s Fanfare for a New Theatre. This was
             Strauss Vienna Brass Fanfare                             followed by:
             Stravinsky Symphony in C
                                                                      Aaron Copland‘s Quiet City with the support of local Cor
             Beethoven Symphony No. 7
                                                                      Anglais exponent Kirsty Raffan and the RMC Band;
The orchestral performances will be held at the Hawkes Bay
                                                           Kent Kennan‘s Sonata for Trumpet and Wind Ensemble,
Opera House.
                                                           accompanied by the RMC Band;
ACT                                                                   Vincent Persichetti‘s delicate evocation of T.S.Eliot‘s poem.
One of the exciting events in Canberra over the past few              The Hollow Men introduced through a reading of the poem
months was the Graduation Recital day for two trumpeters              by local Repertory actor, Oliver Baudert.
from the ANU School of Music. Lecturer , par excellence,
Dan Mendelow participated in the two graduation aspirants                                                          (Continued on page 6)

December 2008                                      Mouthpiece                                         Volume 10 Issue 4

(Continued from page 5)
Joseph Turin‘s Poem from Two Portraits (Movement 1) - this piece was composed for ITG‘s 20th Anniversary.
The recital concluded with Gary C. White‘s composition for Trumpet Ensemble, Soundings. In this piece, Aaron was
supported by Dan Mendelow, Alex Ross, Sgt. Graeme Reynolds and Musician Matthew Creek.

Good News for Both Candidates
I have been informed that both performers received High Distinctions for their Performances. Congratulations from ATG
to both of them (Ed)

                               Aaron Madden performs with the Royal Military College Band

Inaugural Norfolk (U.K.) Trumpet Festival –
Another Australian in the U.K
On the 15th of October 2008, the Inaugural Norfolk Trumpet Festival was held in Norwich, United Kingdom. The event
was hosted by ATG member John Coulton on a rainy grim day - glorious English weather! John Foster (Pictured at left—
                                   of the Sydney Symphony and Director of Australian Baroque Brass) was the guest of
                                   honour on hand to give 2 Masterclasses to intermediate and advanced players in the
                                   Eastern Region of England.
                                   Appreciative audiences at both sessions really benefited from John's words of wisdom
                                   drawn from his years of experience as a professional orchestral player and soloist. John
                                   spoke about the baroque trumpet at length - in particular about the techniques and
                                   history of the instrument, and also gave a few impressive demonstrations which wowed
                                   the crowd!
                                   On the modern trumpet John talked about techniques for using relaxed air
                                   and thinking of driving a car - i.e.. the lips are the steering wheel and the air is the gas
                                   pedal - this was great stuff and got yours truly thinking about things a lot more in this
                                   regard! Both sessions also had the students playing individually for John and then
                                   joining together for a final trumpet ensemble to finish. A great day was had by all and
                                   our sincere thanks go to John Foster for taking time out to join us and share his
                                   knowledge and experience.
                                                                                                                  John Coulton
POSTSCRIPT FROM Editor: Thinking there would be an interesting story behind the inauguration of this Festival , I
asked John Coulton for is reasons for its instigation, Here is his detailed response:
―Motivation to commence such a festival - well, really it coincided with John Foster's visit to my house in Norwich ( we
have been good friends for over 10 years - we went to the Queensland Conservatorium in Brisbane together) and I thought
I would use his skill and expertise to inspire some of the talented local players in the East of England .”

December 2008                                        Mouthpiece                                            Volume 10 Issue 4

                                                                Corps, The Band of the Parachute Regiment, The Band of
Our June issue included an article from Sgt Graeme
                                                                the King‘s Division Band, The Light Cavalry Band, The
Reynolds regarding the earlier part of a four month overseas
                                                                Band of the Royal Regiment of Scotland and the Royal
                                                                Military School of Music.
Graeme is now back with the RMC Band at Duntroon and I
                                                                Mouthpiece: Were you expected to follow a specific
recently interviewed him for more details about his
                                                                program or were you able to make your own arrangements?
exchange .
                                                                Graeme: Before arriving at the RA Band, I was provided
                                                                with an extensive programme of bands to visit and events to
Mouthpiece: What is Exercise Long Look?
                                                                participate in. This has provided me with many opportunities
                                       Graeme: Exercise         to observe and perform not only with the bands outlined
                                       Long Look (LL) is a above, but also included massed band events with The Band
tri-                                   nation, tri-service      of the Life Guards, The Band of the Scots Guard, The Band
                                       annual short-term        of the Welsh Guards, The Band of the Corps of Royal
                                       individual exchange Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, The Band of the Army
                                       between the Defence
                                       Forces of the United
                                       Kingdom, Australia
                                       and New Zealand.
                                       The exercise is an
                                       normally reciprocal,
                                       job exchange with
                                       remaining posted to
                                       their parent unit. The
                                       dates for Exercise
                                       Long Look 2008
                                       (LL08) were 20 April
–                                      26 August 2008.
Mouthpiece: Where were you located?
Graeme: My host unit was The Royal Artillery Band (RA                    Graeme performing with the Massed Bands at Kneller Hall
Band) Woolwich Barracks, Woolwich, London. The Band
has been based in Woolwich since 1763, home of the Royal
Artillery since 1716. The Royal Artillery had a 'Drum and
Fife' Band as long ago as 1557 at St Quinten, but it was the       Air Corps and The Royal Marines Band Plymouth.
need for a 'Band of Musick' in the Regiment that led to the
                                                                   Mouthpiece: What were the significant events of your
formation of the Royal Artillery Band in 1762 at Minden,
The Royal Artillery Orchestra enjoys recognition as the            Graeme: There were many interesting aspects of my
oldest established orchestra in Great Britain and one of the       exchange but I would rank the following as the most
few ensembles within military music able to perform as a           significant:
symphony orchestra and symphonic wind band.
                                                                             performance as bugler for ANZAC Ceremony at
From a humble beginning of just a few musicians who had to                   Sutton Veny;
be proficient on both wind and string instruments, the band                  performance as a Musician with The Band of the
grew in size in the late 1960s to over 100 musicians. Today                  Adjutant General‘s Corps at the inaugural
the band employs nearly 50 musicians and is one of the 22                    Windsor Castle Military Tattoo;
regular bands in the Corps of Army Music.                                    performance as a Musician with the Para Band at
                                                                             a Passing Out parade at Bassingbourne Barracks;
Mouthpiece: What was the nature of your posting?                             travel to Normandy, France with the Para Band
Graeme: My posting to the RA Band was as a Musician and                      and participate in D-Day ceremonies at Caen,
Group Leader. In addition to my time with the RA Band, I                     Ranville and Bayeaux;
also was attached to The Band of the Adjutant General‘s
                                                                                                                   (Continued on page 8)

December 2008                                              Mouthpiece                                          Volume 10 Issue 4

 (Continued from page 7)                                       Graeme: I didn't have any opportunities to meet with
               participation in Roulemant bands at RMSM with trumpet instructors during my time in the UK. However, on
               The Band of the Kings’ Division and The Band of numerous occasions I was asked by fellow trumpeters for my
               the Parachute Regiment;                         ideas on many things to do with embouchure, relaxation,
               visit to the Light Cavalry Band whilst          endurance exercises, performance anxiety, etc.
               performing duties at the Royal Military Academy
               Sandhurst;                                      Mouthpiece: Did you become aware of any young trumpet
               performance as a Musician and soloist with RA   player whom you think might be a name to
               Band, Parachute Regiment Band and Army Air      watch out for in the future?
               Corps Band at a Kneller Hall summer concert;
                                                                        Graeme: I didn't have any exposure to any young trumpet
               observation of guard mounts with the RA Band at          players other than in the respective bands that I was attached
               Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle;                    to. There appeared to be no one that I would say is going to
               performance in ‗Music of the Night‘ at Plymouth          set the world on fire...

                                                                        Mouthpiece: Did you have any feelings which surprised
                                                                        you about some of the bugling and parades in which you
                                                                        were involved?

                                                                        Graeme: From my first ANZAC Day Dawn service in
                                                                        Hyde Park, many things disappointed me about many
                                                                        aspects of the approach to Bugling in the UK. For a start,
                                                                        they don't play the traditional Revillie after Last Post (as
                                                                        the first call of the day - there after Rouse). Many buglers
                                                                        and trumpet players who have been playing for many
                                                                        years only ever play the Rouse on such ceremonial
                                                                        occasions. When I questioned them, the response was that
                                                                        the public would never know the difference, so why bother

                Final Rehearsal for the Edinburgh Tattoo

               with the RA Band and Royal Marines Band
               performance with the Band of the Royal Regiment of
               Scotland in Edinburgh;
               observation of rehearsals for the Edinburgh Military
               visit to the Royal Marines Band Scotland;
               rehearsal and performance with a civilian Big Band in
               performance with the RA Band at the Shrewsbury
               Flower Show; and
               Attendance at many musicals on West End and a BBC
               Proms concert at the Royal Albert Hall
                                                                             Graeme at the Windsor Military Tattoo with the AGC Band
 Mouthpiece: During your trip did you notice any differences
 in the way the various bands practiced and/or performed      learning a long and arduous bugle call for no reason.
 compared with your Australian experience?                    Secondly, they only play bugle calls on cornet or trumpet.
                                                              Only the Royal Artillery Band performed the traditional
 Graeme: The bands I visited in the UK were equally as busy
                                                              Artillery calls on Eb Cavalry Bugles. Thirdly, most of the
 as the Band of the Royal Military College Duntroon, and
                                                              British Bands I saw are quite lax when it comes time to be
 they found it hard to actually schedule rehearsals before
                                                              on Parade. There is a lot of movement by Musicians when
 major concerts. They relied very heavily on the experience
                                                              they should be at 'Attention' etc. This is vastly different
 and professionalism of the musicians and pretty much went
                                                              from the Australian way of parades. They would also
 into concerts and major parades with negligible preparation.
                                                              never ever think about playing a trumpet on parade.
 Mouthpiece: Did you detect differences between the way       According to many in the Bands, those things are for
 trumpet is taught overseas than in Australia?                American marching bands.

                                                                                                                         (Continued on page 9)

December 2008                                      Mouthpiece                                                      Volume 10 Issue 4

                                                                  Clicktrack Productions, Sydney Sinfonia, Australian Youth
            Member Profile                                        Orchestra (European tour 2004), Sydney University Big
                                                                  Band, Sydney Youth Orchestra
             - Julian Brun                                        Competition achievements (if any), qualifications gained
                                                                        (academic, work related and/or musical)
Current study or work activities                                  Diploma of Music (Trumpet) Sydney Conservatorium of Music,
                                                                  Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours) Sydney University,
Freelance trumpet, Classical voice training                       Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology, Sydney
Current Playing/Performing activities                             University

Playing principal trumpet in Opera                                                     Do you teach? If so, how many students
Australia‘s production of My Fair                                                      and at what levels?
                                                                                       The Scots College, Sydney, 12 students aged 7-
Lady in the Theatre Royal starring
Richard E. Grant
When did you start playing                                                             Family status
trumpet and what was the                                                               In a relationship with a lovely young opera
motivation?                                                                            singer called Angela Edwards thank you very
Started trumpet age 10 because it
was and remains by far and away                                                        Off-trumpet activities/ Interests
most outstanding instrument ever                                                       Classical singing – opera: performed as a
created, particularly when                                                             principal in operas this year with the Pacific
compared to instruments like the                                                       Opera and the Rockdale Opera Company
trombone, french horn or tuba.                                                         Producer, Director and Cast Member of the
                                                                                       British Music Hall ―Victoriana!‖ at St Paul‘s
Teachers                                                                               College, The University of Sydney
Bruce Hellmers, Paul Goodchild                                                         Languages, Motorcycles, Tennis, golf

Make, age, etc of instrument/                                                          Favourite composers
s owned                                                           Olivier Messiaen, Piotr Tchaikovsky, Sergei Rachmaninov,
                                                                  Richard Strauss, Franz Schubert
Bach Bb 37, Bach C 229, Yamaha Cornet, Getzen
Flugelhorn, Schilke D/Eb, Scherzer (rotary) Piccolo trumpet Admired performers
Stomvi (piston) Piccolo trumpet, Jupiter Pocket trumpet,          Trumpet: Maurice Andre, Hakan Hardenberger, James Morrison,
Jupiter Slide trumpet, Bugles (two big ones and a baby one)             Bill Chase, Arturo Sandoval

One beaten up old Czechoslovakian Bb that my brother              Voice: Fritz Wunderlich, Jussi Bjorling, Juan Diego Florez
bought in Vladivostok and a couple of kazoos and a tin            Ambitions/Goals (musical and/or otherwise)
whistle                                                           Meet Roger Moore and learn how to fly an aeroplane
Playing history                                                   Most exciting musical moment in 2008
Sydney Symphony , Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra,          Getting a free beer for playing the Last Post in a pub on Anzac
Backed artists such as Josh Groban, Ben Folds, Dianne
Reeves, Katherine Jenkins, Various recording sessions with

                                                                    (continued from p 6) An Australian in the UK

                                                                    Mouthpiece: How would you describe your overall
                                                                    experience of the LL08?
       Want to Know Why there is
       No Trumpet Christmas?                                        Graeme: Overall, this was an eye opening experience.
                                                                    There are many fine bands in the UK with equally many
       Then Google Why there is no trumpet
       Christmas and select one or more of the                      fine players. They have a level of experience and tradition
       selected options                                             which sets them apart from our young country and
                                                                    services. The service bands in Australia are able to match
       (Thanks to John Coulton for drawing our                      many of these fine bands and players and as a result, can
       attention to this fun thing - Ed)                            have peace of mind that what we are doing in Australia is
                                                                    the equal to that in the United Kingdom.

December 2008                                            Mouthpiece                                              Volume 10 Issue 4

                 ...the letters page.                                   rather see parents buy the cheaper Chinese model with the proviso
                                                                        that it is a suck-it-and-see instrument. If a student decides they
                                                                        want to keep going after 12-18 months, then buy them something
Re: Vale Alan Nash & Ron Falson.                                        above a student model.

How fitting it was for the tribute to these two fine trumpet players
                                                                  But what are the pitfalls? My first trumpet's valves seized after 2
to be in the 10th Anniversary Issue of Mouthpiece.                months. But what can you expect from something costing $80? I
                                                                  then bought my Largo trumpet with a little more thought in
A memorable meeting with these two players goes back to around mind. Firstly, they are imported to Australia and thus have
1947. We all had been de-mobbed and getting back into civilian    somewhere in Australia to contact when things go
life after being members of the 1st Australian Army Entertainment pearshaped. Secondly, they have a 14 day return policy. I
unit which was under the control of Lt Colonel Jim Davidson. I    strongly advise any player to have their new instrument played by
had been auditioned by him to join the Concert Party to travel to somebody knowledgeble within this time frame. I have three
Japan to entertain the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces. Largo instruments. I have returned all three. Was I annoyed by
The party was known as the BCOF party and I joined the band       having to do this? YES. Do I think I have received value for
which was lead by Horrie Dargie                                   money? YES YES YES!

Horrie reformed the band after we were discharged and around            My Largo trumpet will still be playing well enough for my son to
that time Stan Kenton‘s was a band much admired by trumpet              take over later on next year. It is now time for me to buy a 'real'
players. The recording that captured the imagination was ‗We‘ll         one and part with some extremely serious cash.
Get It‘ which featured wonderful trumpet work by two players
(one of whom could be Maynard Ferguson who was with Kenton              Happy playing,
around this time) if anyone can enlighten me on this please let me
know.                                                                   Elaine Johnson

While we were with the Entertainment Unit (which was stationed
at Pagewood, Sydney) one of the arrangers transcribed the Kenton
                                                                        More about the cover..
arrangement which was played by Alan Nash and Ron Falson in       Hi, Brian!
one of the shows.                                                 Thanx for your letter of 31/3.
                                                                  You‘re obviously fond of the Olympic Boy on your cover. I must
One morning at rehearsal with Horrie Dargie‘s Big Band the brass admit that the little pic you sent me, with its soft coloration of the
players were warming up when Alan and Ron got started on the      WALL and the attractive blue of the coat would not have so
wind-up at the end of Kenton‘s ‗We‘ll Get It‘. AI played the      readily evoked the sad association from Miguel – a guy from Latin
lower part which finished on high E while Ron took the higher     America who paid me a visit some time ago. With a name like
part which finished on high G. Someone in the band commented Miguel Mendez he was predictably also a trumpet buff, so I
‗Not bad for a warm up‘.                                          showed him my stack of Mouthpiece journals. He fixed his gaze
                                                                  at the cover, eyes bulging, jaw dropping, and muttering:
                                                                     El hombre pobro!
One of the highlights of the Horrie Dargie band was a feature at
                                                                     Me: ???
the Trocadero in Sydney on the release of the film ‗The Fabulous
                                                                     Miguel: They stood him against the brick wall, obviously
Dorseys‘. Horrie‘s band represented Jimmy Dorsey while the
                                                                  facing a firing squad! They even granted him his last wish to
Tommy Dorsey band was represented by Frank Coughlan‘s
                                                                  smoke a long Havana. (Yes, our prolific would-be Che Guevaras
resident band.
                                                                  often ask for a v-e-r-y long cigar, just in case it‘s time for another
Young and up-coming trumpet players should try and obtain a       revolution halfway through the cigar, and then they would be able
copy of Stan Kenton‘s ‗We‘ll Get It‘. It is an inspiring piece,   to swap roles with the captain of the firing squad.) But in your
especially for younger players.                                   case the hombre pobro was shot even before he had a chance to
                                                                  light the cigar – just look at his trembling hands trying to open the
Selwyn Donges
                                                                     Me: Miguel, really!
                                                                     Miguel: Yes! See those half-a-dozen splats on his body?
Chinese Trumpets?                                                 These are typical marks of Kalashnikov dum-bullets!
Dear ATG                                                               Me: I see what you mean. Well maybe we can convince the
                                                                  Editors to remove the brick wall?
 As a comeback player, I have a suite of Chinese imports and have      OK, let‘s forget the hot Latin Miguel. But my personal
been playing my Largo trumpet for 13 odd months now. So with      feeling is also that the image is too morose. Surely, in the same
this in mind, I feel qualified to give both sides of the Chinese  Olympic fanfare team there would‘ve been a guy (preferably a
story. First of all, the Comeback player and the Newbie often     gal?) holding the horn level with the shoulders, the face radiantly
have to convince partners and parents that they aren't just going looking to the world rather than to the problems below the belt!
through some strange fad. This is important to note. Ebay is           But let‘s change tack. I must admit that having been in my
littered with 2nd hand Getzen and Yamaha student models where                                                              Continued on p 1
their owners only played them for a few weeks. I would much

December 2008                                             Mouthpiece                                           Volume 10 Issue 4

(Continued from page 10) Mouthpiece Gauge                             and learning tunes from memory - my musicality and energy feel
past life substantially involved with matters relating to sub-        very boosted by that alone, and surprisingly commercial playing
editing, I am still inordinately vulnerable to noticing bloops in     has boosted my range and confidence for my classical.
any printed material. (My Sweetheart reckons that while
                                                                      On a personal note, I feel like this six months have been a great
reading my daily papers, I often make convulsive jabs at the text
                                                                      time for figuring myself out. I now have a better understanding
with an imaginary red pencil.)
                                                                      of what my limits are and where my talents lie. Good for the
                                  Best wishes, Nicholas Hassanoff
                                                                      heart and soul! Highly recommended for any trumpeter who
                                                                      wants to see the sun go down over a different horizon, and get to
                                                                      know themselves better.
Looking for a different Gig?
                                                                      Merry Christmas to you and everybody in advance! It will be the
I am in the Bahamas, on a six month contract playing trumpet in       busiest time on this boat!
a Show band on board Royal Caribbean cruise ship Majesty of
the Seas. My life involves playing 70s and 80s production shows                                                   Cheers, Zach Raffin
three nights a week, playing Jazz standards twice a week for the
Captain‘s cocktail party, and twice a week doing a play-on for
the comedian/juggler.                                                           INDUSTRY NEWS
That‘s my job! I get paid $2000US a month, in cash. The rest of
the time I spend plucking Celtic tunes out on my s---box of a
guitar; reading books; practicing piccolo; drinking the               Murray Bishop at Engadine Music
occasional dollar Corona beers in the crew bar with my room
mate Andre; making close friends with Natasha; walking around         Engadine Music Education Centre is in the fortunate
the ports of call: Nassau, Key West, Cococay and Miami;               position to have Murray Bishop as its Brass and Woodwind
partying with the Philippinos in the engine room; being taught        specialist. Adding to his expertise in
by the Philippinos how to open a Corona bottle with another           these areas is his skill as a teacher
Corona bottle; learning how to circular breathe; and lying about      both within the private and state
on a deck chair in a Hawaiian shirt, aviator sunglasses and hemp      school systems. He has been able to
pants on the private                                                  support delivery to teachers in
island of Cococay                                                     curriculum and band program
looking like the most                                                 knowledge and resources.
fantastic lay about who
ever lived!                                                           Murray has an impressive record as
The negative side of                                                  a talented brass player (Australian
being on board is that                                                Champion in the 80's). He has
everything is so                                                      performed professionally in all
commercial, there are so                                              types of music from orchestral to
many disorganised and                                                 rock, with jazz and funk in
unclear rules and                                                     between! Equally at home on a
regulations. Fox News                                                 variety of brass instruments,
screens everywhere, and                                               Trumpet, Flugel Horn, Trombone,
American bureaucracy                                                  Euphonium and Tuba to name a
and security drives you
                                                                      few. He has branched out into the
insane. The positives are
that I only work in the                                               world of woodwinds, playing Alto,
Showband at night, my                                                 Tenor or Baritone sax, Clarinet or
trumpet chops have                                                    Flute as the need arises. Then again,
turned into steel, I have so much free time during the day to use     Murray has also played percussion and keyboards
to take up a hobby, and I am able to save without spending            professionally as well.
money on rent or meals!
                                                                      As a Conductor, Murray leads the Macarthur Symphonic
Although the first week on board was awful, with the loneliness       Wind Ensemble, the Camden Community Band and is the
one usually experiences being overseas, not to mention my             Musical Director of the Stage Band "Overload" located in
lunatic Jamaican room mate who thankfully left after two weeks        the South West of Sydney. He is also the Bandmaster of the
(can you believe one night I actually slept in the theatre just to
get away from him? - I was a homeless guy for one night on a
                                                                      Campbelltown Performing Arts High School Concert Band.
cruise ship.) However, after the first week, where it felt like an    With over 30 years experience in performance in a number
exotic prison, it became so much better when I started getting        of countries, Murray is an asset to any organisation!
used to my surroundings, took up a hobby and met people.              Murray also teaches a number of up and coming
Anything to cancel out the incessant over thinking, which is so
                                                                      musicians. His love of music finds him working to
easy to do when you have so much free time on a boat.
                                                                      deliver musical support throughout Australia in as
Trumpet wise, it has been a good temporary life change from the       many ways as possible. He has been able to work
conservative world of classical trumpet playing, and the best         towards this goal in conjunction with Engadine Music
thing that has happened for my playing is getting off the page        Education Centre who are proud to have him on board!

December 2008                                         Mouthpiece                                         Volume 10 Issue 4

                                                           ATG Secretary - Assistant Professor Kelly Parkes Ph.D.

                                                                   January is such a great month and I would like not to have
                                                                   to play for the whole month – however tempting it is, I
                                                                   have found that rather than taking a total break, doing a
                                                                   variety of the following makes it easier in February.
                                                                           Playing something every other or every third day
                                                                           helps, even if it is just some buzzing and some lip
                                                                           Pick a technical skill and just work on it for a week
                                                                           in shorter, more focused sessions (e.g. double
                                                                           Staying fit and doing some ‗brass breathing‘ away
                                                                           from the horn keeps things in perspective
                                                                           Listening to repertoire for the sheer enjoyment –
                                                                           learning a new piece aurally first, then going to the
                                                                           music and learning the piece on the trumpet.
 HOW CAN I AVOID THEM?                                             If you do just put the trumpet under the bed for 4-5 weeks,
                                                                   here are some ideas for getting back into shape.
 With the long summer holiday it is tempting for everyone
                                                                   The first thing you might notice is that your range is
 to not practice as much as they do during the rest of the
                                                                   reduced, along with your endurance – to deal with this,
 year. Typically, we may get asked to do more weddings
                                                                   start in your comfortable range and extend it a note or two
 over the summer, and definitely some ―holiday gigs‖. Over
                                                                   up and down every other day.
 the holiday periods, I like to set up a different type of
 practice schedule, one firstly based around the gigs I have            If you have over-played one day, trying to get in
 planned and which also takes into account that I might                 shape, take a rest day. All muscles need time to
 actually like some time away from the instrument!                      recover when they have been worked in ways they are
 There are a few strategies that I employ. The first is to              not used to.
 schedule regular practice when I am going to be                        Refocusing your sound can be done faster if you want
 performing and here in the USA there have been 3-4                     to try just playing the leadpipe (take out the tuning
 services on Christmas night and Christmas day at which I               slide)
 might be asked to play. The first half of December stays
 ‗business as usual‘                                                    Long tones can assist also but concentrate on what
                                                                        you hear
 Warm ups – buzzing, long tones, (Clarke)
                                                                        Stop when the tone becomes unfocused or you are
       Flexibility (Schlossberg, Smith, Irons, Stamp)                   fatigued
       Etudes (widely varied Bach to Charlier to Vizutti)               Fingers can get slower too so don‘t be afraid to just
       Strength and endurance (scales at a variety of                   keep an eye on their shape (curved for maximum
       volumes)                                                         movement and speed) and if your lips are tired, just do
                                                                        the fingers and sing along!
       Repertoire or excerpts for musicality / musicianship /
       telling a story                                        If you have a great deal of time and really want to make
                                                              some improvements in your playing over summer, Craig
       Using a variety of trumpets (C and Piccolo) and        Morris also had this to say about summertime practice:
 The second half of December winds down a little but I still         When deciding what you should work on over your
 do what I call ‗maintenance‘ practice. This is where I do a         summer break, you first need to establish some
 warm up, some scales, some flexibility and some technical           goals. Your goals should avoid focusing on achievement
 drills (tonguing, fingers, transposition etudes) so in case the     – like getting a higher chair at the beginning of school
 organ player says ‗can you sight-read this?‘ on the day of a        auditions – but rather with your playing itself. Pick the
 gig, nothing is really surprising and being on a lighter            five trumpet skills that create the most fear for you – the
 schedule leaves me more endurance for a triple gig day.
                                                                                                              (Continued on page 13)

December 2008                                       Mouthpiece                                      Volume 10 Issue 4

 (Continued from page 12)
   skills that make you squirm in your seat when an
   upcoming passage features them prominently. Write                NATIONAL MUSIC CAMP
   these five items down in order, with number one being
   the skill you fear the most. Once that is done, begin                    2009
   building a practice schedule that will help you eliminate
                                                               Australian Youth Orchestra‘s annual training program,
   those weaknesses.
                                                               National Music Camp, will take place at Adelaide‘s Elder
   Without fail, I recommend that people do a large amount Conservatorium in January 2009. National Music Camp is
   of foundation work over the summer. Heavy doses of          a thriving community of more than 250 of Australia‘s best
   Stamp exercises have done wonders for some of my            musicians, arts administrators, composers and music
   students over the years. If you have questions about how journalists, who take part in a busy two-week schedule of
   to practice these exercises or are unfamiliar with them,    rehearsals, practical experience, tutorials and concert
   you can refer to my earlier article series, Stamping It     performances.
   Out, Part I, II, and III, to get more information. Focusing
                                                               In 2009, there will be 235 participants, the youngest being
   on the true foundation of your playing can help you play
                                                               Annabelle Swainston (violin) who is only 13 years old. Each
   in a healthier, more efficient manner. It is easy to treat
                                                               Australian state and territory will be represented, allowing
   summertime practice like summertime reading:
                                                               young Australians from Perth to Tasmania, the opportunity
   whimsical and carefree. But it is important to remember
                                                               to be involved in this unique music education program.
   that this is probably your best opportunity to change or
   solidify your basic playing setup.                          61st Annual National Music Camp
                                                               Dates: 4 - 18 January
   Beyond foundation work, take a look at your previously
                                                               Location: Adelaide
   mentioned list of five weaknesses. Decide what type of
                                                               Music Director: Paul Dean
   exercises need to be done to improve that particular
                                                               Conductors: James Judd (ENG), François-Xavier Roth
   aspect of your playing, and then bury yourself in them.
                                                               (FR) and Fionnuala Hunt (IRE)
   Keep focused on the fundamental weaknesses in your
   playing. Do these things first in your day, every           Programs offered as part of National Music Camp:
   day. After that, enjoy discovering some new music. Make Orchestral Program:
   a list of music that you have wanted to learn, but have     This is the principal focus of National Music Camp.
   never quite found the time. As your summer marches by, Participants rehearse as a member of one of three orchestras,
   check pieces you have played off your list. These can be under the direction of acclaimed international conductors
   solos, etudes, or excerpts, or any combination of the       James Judd, François-Xavier Roth and Fionnuala Hunt,
   above. Focus on material that you have the greatest         with Paul Dean as Music Director. The program also
   desire or need to learn, but remember, your                 features professional development seminars, public
   fundamentals must have top priority.                        performances and sectional rehearsals and tutorials.
   If you do all of these things, your playing will improve,    Arts Administration Program
   but if you really want it to flourish, then you would do     In this hands-on program participants stage-manage all
   well to keep a practice journal. Make a practice schedule    orchestral and chamber music concerts, undertake orchestral
   for the following day and write it down. As you move         management duties for all rehearsals, and learn about arts
   through your scheduled material, write it down. Augment      management (touring, budgeting, arts marketing, general
   your entries with notes about how it went and how you        personnel management). Tutor: Damien Low, currently
   felt. Keeping this type of journal will keep you on track    Artistic Operations Manager at ACO.
   and focused, and it will help you track the progress you
   are making. At the end of the summer, you will be able to    Words About Music Program
   flip through your journal and see that an exercise you       Words About Music is designed for young Australians,
   initially struggled with at quarter = 64, you now play       wishing to pursue a career in writing and talking about
   effortlessly at quarter = 138; or you will read about your   classical music. Participants are given practical experience
   straining high C that has turned into a confident Eb.        and access to professionals already working in this field,
   These types of written notes are powerful. Don’t             through tutors Andrew Dixon, Gordon Williams and
   underestimate their value.                                   Angela Turner. Activities include pre-record interviews for
                                                                broadcast on ABC Classic FM, writing concert program
 Craig Morris. (2006) School’s out- now what. LivMusic,         notes, giving pre-concert talks, developing interview
 Retrieved from               techniques, compiling and editing the National Music Camp
 schools_out.html, November 2008                                magazine and developing and maintaining the Camp
 To join his newsletter, please go to      website.
 subscribe/                                                     Composition Program:
                                                                Leading Australian composer, James Ledger, will guide
                                                                                                           (Continued on page 15)

December 2008                                        Mouthpiece                                          Volume 10 Issue 4

                                            THE JOBS KEEP COMING!
  ITG Conferences succeed because of the armies of volunteers that take care of the many and varied roles that go into
  making such large event function.

  Just as with the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, 10 years later, ITG2010 will be just as grateful to all of you who will take
  part as volunteers. Below is a list of most of the jobs that feature volunteers.

  Some are taken, but most do need your name next to them. If you feel capable of filling one of these roles, get in touch
  with the conference secretariat Phone Elizabeth or Liz on 9518 7722, or email
  …..and together we will set up a roster that ensures you don‘t miss thing. — and yes, I do have many names of people
  from around the world who have told me they want to help. Now is the time to start formalising that.
                                                                                                 BRIAN EVANS—ITG2010 Host

           TASK                      TAKEN BY?                               TASK                       TAKEN BY?
Volunteers coordinator!                                            Recording services
Festival of Trumpets                                               Stage manager
EXHIBITS – on site                                                 Website reporting                Michael Anderson – ITG
 Artists Airport transfers                                         Journal reporting                Gary Mortenson—ITG
Solo competition chair                                             Journal reporters (3-4)
Jazz competition chair                                             Technology room liaison
Orch excerpts comp                                                 On-call tech support
Youth competition chair         Kelly Parkes                       Rehearsal rooms coordinator
Scholarships                    Wade Weast—ITG                     Photographer                     Vera Horven/Olcott—ITG
Composition contest             Ray Vasquez—ITG                    Conference book creation
Trumpet preludes co-ordinator                                      Conference book printing
Volunteers-ushers and gophers                                      Conference book advertising
Competitions perpetual chair    Alan Siebert—ITG                   New Music recital coordinator

December 2008                                        Mouthpiece                                                      Volume 10 Issue 4

                                                                  David Glyde               Ron Falson                Mark Isaacs
                                                                  Judy Jacques              Warren Daly               David Jones

     NEW BOOK ON AUSTRALIAN                                       Paul Furniss               Anita Thomas             Trevor Rippingale

         JAZZ RELEASED                                            Kerry Biddell               John Pochée             Col Nolan

 Fascinating oral histories by some of the country‘s most         Through their stories, I Wanted to Be a Jazz Musician
 prominent jazz musicians are the highlight of a recently         provides a rare insight into the lives of Australia‘s jazz
 released book on Australian jazz.                                musicians. The subjects speak about their beginnings in
                                                                  jazz, their unusual experiences and the highlights of their
 The book, I Wanted to Be a Jazz Musician, was edited by          careers as well as their interests outside of the music.
 Canberra based musician, jazz historian and author, John
 Sharpe. It is his third book on Australian jazz, the others      Further information can be obtained from John Sharpe,
 being Don't worry baby. They’ll swing their arses Off –          5 Darke Street, Torrens, ACT 2607. Phone 02-62861728,
 The Stories of Australian Jazz Musicians (2001) and A            email
 Cool Capital – The Canberra Jazz Scene 1925-2005
 (2006).                                                              (Continued from page 13) National Music Vamp
                                                                      Composition Program participants through the process of
 I Wanted to Be a Jazz Musician is the result of a Research
                                                                      creating a work inspired by a piece of Australian art, from
 Fellowship John Sharpe received from the National Film &
                                                                      the permanent collection at the Art Gallery of South
 Sound Archive which also houses and administers the
                                          Australian Jazz
                                          Archive.                    National Music Camp 2009 FREE Concerts
                                                                      For latest news on concert venues head to:
                                           The research
                                           project was to
                                           prepare a                  National Music Camp Orchestra :
                                           publication of                   Percussion Ensemble Concert :
                                           edited oral                Venue: Elder Hall, Adelaide University
                                           histories of jazz                 Venue: Elder Hall, Adelaide University
                                           musicians which            4.00pm, Saturday 10 January
                                           are held in the            1.00pm, Wednesday 14 January
                                           Australian Jazz            Program for delayed broadcast on ABC Classic FM
                                           Archive and
                                           illustrate it with         Brass Ensemble Concert :
                                           photographs from           7:30pm, Saturday 10 January
                                           the Archive‘s              1.00pm, Thursday 15 January
                                           collection. In the         Program for direct broadcast on ABC Classic FM
                                           past decade John           4.00pm, Saturday 17 January
 Sharpe has conducted over 100 oral histories and
 interviews with leading Australian jazz musicians for the            Advanced Chamber Music Concert :
 Archive, so he had a very rich field of material from which          Program for delayed broadcast on ABC Classic FM
 to draw.                                                             1.00pm, Friday 16 January
                                                                      7:30pm, Saturday 17 January
 James Morrison has written the Foreword. The book                    Program for direct broadcast on ABC Classic FM
 comprises 390 pages with 200 photographs accompanying
 the text. These were sourced from both the Archive and               For media enquiries or further information,
 the private collections of the musicians concerned.                     contact:
 While the musicians chosen are intended to be                        Anna Gauchat, Marketing & Development Coordinator
 representative of different jazz styles and different periods        Mobile: 0433 174 624 Phone: 02 9252 3855
 in Australia‘s jazz history, a main criterion was the                Email:
 interesting stories they had to tell. Some of the musicians          Trumpet participants in National Music Camp
 and singers included are:                                               2009
 Terry Wilkinson      Sandy Evans        Barry Wratten                Callum G'Froer (WA), Christopher Day (Vic), Sam Nester
 Marie Wilson         John Morrison      Margret RoadKnight           (Qld), Timothy Francis (Qld), and Ken Allars (NSW)
 Joe Chindamo         Peter Gaudion      Miroslav Bukovsky
 Bob Bertles          Ian Date           Grace Knight
 Mike Nock            Bob Sedergreen     Kevin Hunt

December 2008                                                Mouthpiece                                               Volume 10 Issue 4

                                                                          and encouragement. On the afternoon of July 21st, he was still
Vale Cliff Goodhild                                                       concerned to make sure his beloved NSW School Band Festival
                                                                          was being run well, so he reminded the organisers to "Keep at the
Not a great trumpeter - but a legendary tubist who mentored many
                                                                          buggers to get their scores in on time". From humble beginnings,
fine trumpet players and brass players of all varieties, left us in
July 2008.                                                                where only a handful of bands competed, the NSW School Band
                                                                          Festival now boasts an annual entry of well over 200 bands, in 24
Clifford Dominic Goodchild was born September 11 th 1926 and              sections, each named after an Australian Composer or jazz musician
passed away on July 21st 2008. His funeral on July 28th was to a          and spanning 5 days. He truly was active and involved for his
―packed house‖ - hundreds and hundreds in a standing-room-                whole life.
only high mass at the Church of Mary Immaculate, Waverley
(NSW, Australia).                                                         Cliff Goodchild is survived by Monica, children Paul and Louise,
         Members of the St. Francis of Assisi Church Choir,               daughter-in-law Yvette, grandchildren Morley and Alana, brother
presented moving renditions of Mass for 4 voices by William
                                                                          Rex and many nieces and nephews.(Source — Brian Evans. Full
Byrd and Howard Goodall‘s The Lord is my Shepherd. Sydney
                                                                          article will appear in The Brass Herald in early 2009)
Brass, in sextet form, led the congregation in a rousing rendition of
Ralph Vaughan Williams‘ setting of the Old Hundredth - later
presenting one of Cliff‘s favourites, Canzon Per Sonare No 4 of
Gabrielli and being joined later by Cliff‘s son, Paul, in a very          Vale Roger Sherman
moving flugel solo.                                                       Roger Sherman a member of the International Trumpet Guild Board
         The 40+ piece brass band, made up of past and present            of Directors (2003-2007) and retired member of the Pittsburgh
members of the Waverley Bondi Beach Band (WBBB), and                      Symphony Orchestra passed away in Rochester, New York on
colleagues from the SSO, marched him out of the church to a               Saturday, November 8 of late-stage complications from a liver
                                       rousing rendition of Blaze         transplant.
                                       Away after which Cliff was
                                       slow marched down the              Mr. Sherman was born in Lima, New York in 1938. From 1959-
                                       street to the March from           1961 he performed as Principal Trumpet of the National Ballet of
                                       Scipio.                            Canada. During his time with the National Ballet of Canada he met
                                       Later, at the graveside,           and married his wife of 47 years Susan.
                                       members of the band                   In 1979 Mr. Sherman joined the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra at
                                       performed Danny Boy and               the invitation of Music Director Andre Previn. In his 28 years with
                                       Paul gave his Dad a heart-            the PSO Mr. Sherman played on over
                                                                             30 recordings and traveled the world
                                       rending Last Post.
                                                                             performing on over 25 international
                                                                             tours. Beloved by his colleagues,
                                                 Cliff was justifiably well
                                                                             Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
                                                 known as a great tuba       Principal Trumpet George Vosburgh
                                                 player. He was principal    stated, ―Roger was a dedicated
                                                 tuba of the Sydney          colleague and teacher who will be
                                                 Symphony for 36 years. He missed by all who knew him.‖
                                                 could just as easily be     As an educator, Mr. Sherman was on
3 generations of Goodchild—Cliff, Paul and Alana
                                                 known for his years of work the faculty of West Virginia
                                                 encouraging young brass     University from 1964-1979. In
players to ―sing‖ through their instruments and ―practice that               addition to teaching trumpet, he was
                                                                             Coordinator of the Brass Department
passage a thousand times‖ – or as a champion of new Australian
                                                                             and Assistant Chair of the Division of
music – or just as a trailblazer who tilted against the windmills of Music. In Pittsburgh, he was a
the conservative Australian brass band establishment. He was also devoted member of the Mary Pappert School of Music at Duquesne
a staunch union man who was always a strong advocate for his                 University. Edward Kocher, Dean of the Pappert School stated,
colleagues, serving as President of the SSO committee for 19 years ―Roger served with distinction on the Duquesne faculty since
- not to forget his being a proud and loving husband and father.             1981. He chaired the brass area from 1999 through 2008. He was a
                                                                             devoted teacher, a dedicated brass chair and a helpful and sensitive
Each of these would satisfy most people as life achievements but             colleague.
have them manifest themselves in one person demonstrates what a
unique and special person Cliff Goodchild was.                               Mr. Sherman was instrumental in founding ―Trumpet Day in
                                                                             Pittsburgh‖ a semi – annual event that celebrates all things trumpet.
                                                                             His book, The Trumpeter‘s Handbook, (Accura Music) was
Cliff Goodchild was a can-do person. Enthusiastic to the nth
                                                                             described by the Instrumentalist Magazine as ―One of the finest
degree, he was always looking to move ahead and create.                      overall textbooks on trumpet.‖ A spokesman and advocate of organ
Sometimes that got him into to trouble. As he would say, ―It is              donation, Mr. Sherman was a champion of organ and tissue
easier to ask for forgiveness than permission‖. He is remembered donation. ―He had 15 wonderful years due to the gift of a liver,‖
as someone who was in perpetual motion. Many thought he would said Mrs. Sherman.
simply expire one day, in the midst of one of his many (many!)          Herman‘s wife Susan, sons Jeffery and Stuart and two
activities. But no, he died peacefully at home, in his bed, after       grandchildren survive him.
noting that he felt a little tired. To the end, he was providing advice Reduction of obituary by Neal Berntsen, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

December 2008                                        Mouthpiece                                          Volume 10 Issue 4

 Fellowship of Australian Composers Concert - Australian Music for Brass

At the invitation of the fellowship of Australian composers      David Stanhope. He composed this work for graduation
Greg van Struik presented a concert of Australian music for      ceremonies and I can‘t think of anyone not being proud to
brass on November 30 at the Lennox Theatre, Parramatta           graduate to this fanfare. The continual eye contact and
Riverside Theatres. In this unique and special event, Greg       musical conversations between the players was wonderful.
was joined by his colleagues from the Australian Opera and
                                                                 Pianist John Martin performed a solo work by Amanda
Ballet Orchestra and pianist John Martin to perform works
                                                                 Handel. Not Yet! It is a rather jazzy piece with jazz chords
by 14 different composers.
                                                                 in dispersed with light runs which made this piece enjoyable
To Greg‘s knowledge this was the first time an entire            to listen to. It was dedicated to the composers‘ father on his
program of brass music has been totally dedicated to             80th birthday.
Australian composers.
                                                                 An unaccompanied difficult trumpet work was next on the
                                                                 program, performed by Joshua Clarke. Richard Meale
                                                                 composed Arabesque for Solo Trumpet whilst composing
Featuring Opera Australia Brass                                  ―Three Miro Pieces‖ a full orchestral work in 2001. There
            Trumpets Joshua Clarke, Brian Evans                  are motifs and melodic phrases within this work that are
                                                                 heard in the full orchestral piece. Not an easy work to play,
            Horn Victoria Chatterley                             with many difficult intervals and exposed high notes, Joshua
            Trombone Gregory van der Struik                      performed this solo work well despite the acoustics of the
                                                                 venue not being fully suiting for a solo trumpet.
            Bass Trombone Brett Page
                                                                  Michael Dixon is an accomplished horn player so knows the
            Piano John Martin                                    limitations and capabilities of the horn. His Padma for Horn
                                                                 and Piano is a slow pensive work where the horn and the
Concert Review                                                   piano gel very well together. The solid pianistic writing
It has been a long time since I attended a brass ensemble        forms an equal partnership with the horn. Victoria Chatterley
concert. I‘d forgotten how totally enjoyable the small           and John performed a lovely change of pace performing
ensemble can be. This was my experience last Sunday              Dixon‘s work extremely well.
afternoon.                                                       Another brass playing composer, Michael Irik composed
The concert opened with the entire brass ensemble on stage                                                     (Continued on page 18)
with an uplifting fanfare. Ceremonial Fanfare No.1 by

                        Joshua Clarke, Greg van der Struik, Brett Page, Virginia Chatterley, & Brian Evans

December 2008                                          Mouthpiece                                          Volume 10 Issue 4

(Continued from page 17)                                             the piano for resonance in the 2nd movement – all effectively
Concertstuk for Trumpet in 1997. Brian Evans and John                achieved by Greg.
Martin opened this dramatic piece in phenomenal fashion. I
                                                            The concert finished with the full brass ensemble together
believe that this piece should be in every trumpeter‘s
                                                            again performing Gordon Kerry‘s Towermusic., Sounding
repertoire. Brian was brilliant and the conversations
                                                            like it is played from the top of a tower it was a fitting
between the trumpet and the piano were outstanding.
                                                            fanfare to complete this concert . The modern tonalities
Needing a small break from brass, John arrived back on      which Gordon uses work well in this quintet.
stage to perform Boulevard Waltz for solo piano, by Ann
                                                            This was a most enjoyable way to spend a Sunday
Carr-Boyd. The delightful waltz tempo was reminiscent of
                                                            afternoon. Let‘s hope there will be more concerts
the long forgotten Salon Days. Originally composed for
                                                            scheduled in 2009.
chamber orchestra, Ann arranged this for solo piano and has
since arranged it for two pianos. John has performed this   Julie Simonds
work quite a few times and obviously enjoys playing it as   (Julie Simonds is the Music Editor of Noteworthy
much as the audience enjoyed listening to it.               Productions.
To take us up to interval the brass quintet arrived back on      From 1994 to 2005, Julie was Music Editor for Symphony
stage to perform Paul Sarcich Maranoa Songs. The work‘s          Australia – the Federal body for the six State orchestras.
many tone colours and the chordal progressions between the       She is the President of the Fellowship of Australian
players were performed beautifully.                              Composers, a Full Writer Member of the Australasian
                                                                 Performing Rights Association, a Represented Composer
The players‘ mingling with the audience at interval was a
                                                                 with the Australian Music Centre, an Honorary Life
treat as these players from the Australian Opera and Ballet
                                                                 Member of the Music Arrangers Guild of Australia, Jazz &
Orchestra rarely get a chance to do this during an opera or
                                                                 Classical Consultant at Music Sales, radio presenter at
ballet performance.
                                                                 2MBS FM and Convenor of the Young Composer of the
Eric Gross‘s Fanfare Concertante, dedicated to Gregory van Year – Willoughby Symphony Orchestra/2MBS FM, )
der Struik by the composer, opened the 2nd half of the
concert. Brian Evans, Greg and John Martin combined in           An Afternoon Of Handel
this world premiere. It is a majestic fanfare with               Sunday 26 October 2008, St. John’s Church, Canberra
independent lines from all instruments which successfully
joined together for a regal performance.                         Kate and Anna Rafferty, sopranos; Julian Brun,
                                                                 trumpet; Carl Rafferty, organ.
Brett Page and John Martin performed Barry McKimm's
Andante Tranquillo. Originally composed for Gene                 Editor: Out of curiosity because Julian is someone of
Pokorny, Principal Tuba, Chicago Symphony Orchestra,             whom I was unaware, I took advantage of my regained
Barry arranged the same piece for bass trombone. This is an                                              independence to drive
extremely melodic work which flows through many areas of                                                 myself to this concert
tone colour and key changes. A lovely lively middle section                                              prepared for anything.
and a great performance.                                                                                 . I am pleased to
The full quintet players re-joined for Canto Fermo by Hugh                                               report that I was most
Dixon. Incidentally Hugh is Michael‘s father. It was great                                               impressed with
to have father and son composers performed in the same                                                   Julian’s
concert. Dense textured, the instruments are woven around                                                performances, both as
in this sombre and interesting piece.                                                                    a singer and providing
                                                                                                         trumpet Obligato. His
Pianist John Martin not only performs and accompanies                                                    presentation of two
beautifully but also composes. Twilight Tango is a ragtime                                               tenor solos was
piece in the form of a tango. John knows how to tango and                                                among the best I have
this piece was a sleepy little ragtime with a slight tango feel.                                         heard in a long while.
Joshua and John appeared on stage to perform Josh‘s                                                      This experience as a
arrangement of a traditional Australian folksong Moreton                                                 singer seemed to flow
Bay. A distant off-stage trombone (Greg) begins and ends                                                 over when supporting
the work creating a very haunting effect - superb trumpet                                                vocalists. His
playing by Joshua.                                                 Julian Brun plays Handel at St John's sensitive playing (in
                                                                                                         my view) added
Michael Forsyth‘s Concert Suite performed by Greg and                                                    considerably to the
John was a delight. Michael Forsyth is a prolific brass          quality of the afternoon. He seemed clearly prepared to be
composer. The four movements reflect different styles and one of a number rather than having the trumpet seen as
different feelings. This work utilizes the trombone‘s full
range, capacity and effects including an interesting use of                                                    (Continued on page 19)

December 2008                                        Mouthpiece                                              Volume 10 Issue 4

(Continued from page 18) Concert reports                          This was a part amateur, part professional concert. Each of
dominant.                                                         the four performers made the one detectable slip that‘s par
I originally asked long time ATG member Brian Stone if he         for the course in my opinion, and they all recovered very
would prepare a review for Mouthpiece (it’s good to share         professionally indeed.
the work around where possible). However, here is Brian’s
                                                              Here‘s some food for thought: most ATG members will
response to my request:
                                                              know Let the Bright Seraphim and See, the Conquering Hero
I loved the concert. This is a non-review – see Brian         Comes. Most won‘t know Handel‘s six vocal duets, written
O‘Neill‘s review below - because the Rafferty family are      just before he left London for Dublin to produce Messiah
friends of wife Pat and myself. However I can provide         and start recovering in oratorio the fortune he had made and
technical details. For example, that the chamber organ used lost in opera,. The first of them, sung by the two sopranos
on stage in this concert will one day have non-functional but with organ in this concert, shows Handel the recycler at
highly decorative pipes, and has a single-manual modern       work using two melodies from Messiah, but it works very
electronic organ (with an excellent set of sampled baroque    well as a trumpet duet too! Just like Bach‘s Wir Eilen does,
sounds) built into a handsome case along with adequate        as witness Maurice and Lionel André. Try!
amplifier and speaker systems. Also, that Carl, as well as                                               Brian Stone
performing and conservatorium teaching on organ and piano,
and more recently turning entrepreneur, studied trombone.
Kate Rafferty is an impressive coloratura soprano, and Anna,
her sister a few years younger, has a very pure, accurate and
agile high soprano voice. Sydneysiders may have heard
Julian Brun recently as trumpeter (AYO 2004, guest SSO
                                                                            REX RICHARDSON NAMED
2007 …) and/or as operatic tenor.
                                                                                 PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR
[This isn‘t a 100% review]. The concert began with
Purcell‘s vocal duet Sound the Trumpet, accompanied by                Phil Biggs‘ UK-based international journal The Brass Herald
organ, and was entirely made up of Handel‘s music                     has just announced in its December-January edition that ATG‘s
afterwards. This first song is from an ode which celebrated           old friend. Rex Richardson is The Brass Herald Personality of the
                                                                      Year 2008. Many members will remember Rex‘s 2004 visit
one of Queen Mary II‘s birthdays. Googling to find out
                                                                      where we virtually worked him off his feet in both Sydney and
which one (1694: her 32nd and last), I found           Melbourne. Brass Herald has marked the announcement with a
and can‘t resist quoting this despite its length :-                   full two spread, with interview and many photos, including one
   Q. In Henry Purcell's 'Sound the Trumpet' there is a two           from the Melbourne Festival of Brass. The picture below shows
   part joke. One bit of it is an in-joke. What are the two           Rex at the ATG 2004 National Conference with Sydney All Star
                                                                      Big Band trumpet section, L-R Ralph Pyl, Rex, Paul Panichi,
   parts?                                                             Don Rader and Warwick Alder.
   A. The initial sung lines of the birthday ode were ―sound
   the trumpet till around, the listening shores resound‖
   and, as I recalled, these words would have been familiar
   to the very first hearers of the piece, both as part of the
   Anglican heritage and in the tradition of English praise
   song. There would have been an additional boon, in the
   form of a private joke Purcell shared with the audience:
   the trumpeter in the orchestra for which the piece was
   written was John Shore, one of the Shore family who
   monopolised the top trumpeting appointments at court in
   those waning years of the seventeenth-century. As the
   choir sang the lines, Purcell having written nothing for
   the trumpet in that section, Shore would have had to
   listen, the "listening Shore."

Handel, that master of striking and emotive music, wrote
wonderful things for voice/s, organ, and trumpet. We heard
all combinations. Pieces familiar and not so familiar were            The details of the 2009 National Trumpet
chosen from five Handel operas and four oratorios. Early in           Competition, held each year in the USA, are
the program Julian Brun sang, with organ, the tenor arias             now available! Please check out our website at
Umbra mai fu - from Serse- and Where’re You Walk - from      There are
Semele playing trumpet thereafter. Not having known him               several new and exciting changes for the 2009
previously, I‘m free to comment that I thought his                    NTC. When on the website click on the "New
intonation, articulation, tone from low to high, and sense of         for 2009" link to learn about these changes.
theatre were spot on.

December 2008                          Mouthpiece                                    Volume 10 Issue 4

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December 2008   Mouthpiece   Volume 10 Issue 4

December 2008   Mouthpiece   Volume 10 Issue 4

December 2008   Mouthpiece   Volume 10 Issue 4

December 2008   Mouthpiece   Volume 10 Issue 4


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