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					UC Merced: A Promise to the Valley

     Planning for a Medical School at UC Merced

UC Merced: Meeting the Needs of California
       and the San Joaquin Valley
Presentation Objectives

• Why a medical school at UC Merced and
  in the Valley?

• What is the vision?

• What are the next steps?
          Why a Medical School at UC Merced and
          in the Valley?

                    Primary Care Physicians                                                                                           Specialists
                                 Total               Primary                 Rates                                                 Total                                        Rates
         Region                Estimated               Care                per 100,000                     Region                Estimated             Specialists3           per 100,000
                              Population1           Physicians3             Persons                                             Population1                                    Persons

   Northern                                                                                          Northern
   California                  10,524,801               16,247                   154                 California                  10,524,801                11,265                   107
   Central                                                                                           Central
   California                   3,730,194                3,243                    87                 California                   3,730,194                 1,608                    43
   Southern                                                                                          Southern
   California                  20,319,653               24,323                   120                 California                  20,319,653                17,502                    86

   California                  36,810,631               46,401                   126                 California                  36,810,631                32,142                    87

     Northern California: Northern/Southern Counties, Sacramento Area,
                          Greater Bay Area
     Central California: San Joaquin Valley Counties
     Central Coast not shown.

Health Professional Shortages in the San Joaquin Valley: The Impact on Federally Qualified          Health Professional Shortages in the San Joaquin Valley: The Impact on Federally Qualified
Health Clinics. Riordan, D.G., Capitman, J.A. (2006). Fresno, CA: California State University,      Health Clinics. Riordan, D.G., Capitman, J.A. (2006). Fresno, CA: California State University,
Fresno.                                                                                             Fresno.
1 State of California, Department of Finance, (2005). E-1 City / County Population Estimates with   4 Selected specialists based on those with the most problematic access for uninsured as
Annual Percent Change—January 1, 2004 and 2005                                                      reported by the California Healthcare Foundation
Why a Medical School in the Valley?

                          Excludes: Mariposa Amador, Tuolumne,
                          Mono, Inyo
    What is the Vision?
    Medical Education Planning and Consultation
                                                                                                             Strategic Academic

                                       UCM Faculty Senate
                                                                                                  UCM Faculty Senate gives
                                       endorses planning for
                                                                                                  approval to continue to plan
                                          medical school
                                                                                                         (April 2008)
   UC Merced
convene Academic                                                                LRDP
   Task Force

                                                                                     Financial planning
                                                                      Community involvement
    2004                2005                            2006                 2007                  2008

                                                                                                 Completed prelim.
                         Medical Education              Prelim.
                                                                                                  business plan             Proposed
                            Concept to                proposal to
                                                                                                                           Approval to
                        Chancellor, Provost,          Chancellor
                              Senate                   & UCOP
                                                                                  Telemedicine                               May ‘08
                                                                                  Grants $~1M
                                                  UCM 32 seats for inaugural                                         Update
                                                  class in UC Health Sciences                                        Nov ‘07
                                                  Education Workforce Report

           Consultation with UC Faculty, UCOP & UC Leadership, Regents
The Vision for a UC Merced Medical
School is to….
•   Be UC Quality

•   Educate and retain diverse, multi-culturally-competent physicians
    that reflect the face of California and the Valley

•   Provide signature research programs in population health that
    leverage the campus inter-disciplinary environment

•   Address health care needs of the Valley

•   Lead and implement 21st century medical education

•   Be an economic engine

•   Demonstrate to Valley elected officials and community leaders
    that UC is committed to the fastest growing region of the state
  Vision: Distributed Model for Medical
  Education to Leverage Resources
• UC Merced Campus                                         UCSF Fresno
  ▪   Curriculum:
      ▫ Inter-disciplinary teaching- problem
        and inquiry based curriculum
        integrated with clinical experiences
        in the region
  ▪   Research:
      ▫ Population health and basic/applied    UC Merced

• Clinical Campuses
  ▪   Clinical Instruction & Research
      ▫ Fresno & Madera
      ▫ North Valley
      ▫ South Valley                                                     UC Davis
Vision: Leverage Partnerships to Support
a UC Merced Medical School
•   Partnerships
    ▪   UCSF Fresno
        ▫   Clinical infrastructure
        ▫   Faculty practice plan
    ▪   UC Davis, UCB/UCSF
        ▫ Curriculum and planning

•   Telemedicine, eHealth & Tele-education

•   Broad-based healthcare partnerships

•   Existing Graduate Medical Education in Valley
    ▪   418 specialty residencies including 147 first year residents

•   Enthusiastic community and elected support
Vision: Widespread Support for a Medical
School in the Valley
•   Faculty (UC Merced & UCSF Fresno)

•   Elected Officials Representing the SJV
    ▪ Federal, state, county and city

•   San Joaquin Valley Cities and Counties
    ▪ San Joaquin Valley Regional Association of California Counties

•   State and Regional Organizations and Societies including:

                                                     ▪ includes 23 colleges and universities
Essential Elements of a UC Quality
Medical School

               Faculty and Students

     Health         Teaching,
    Sciences      Research, and       Education
    Research       Patient Care

Health Sciences Research Underpins a
UC Quality Medical School
                                              Faculty and Students

  Goal: cutting edge,              Sciences
                                                 Research and
  innovative, inter-disciplinary   Research
                                                  Patient Care

  research in population
  health and basic/applied

 • Leverage faculty growth at UC Merced

 • Leverage research opportunities at UC
   Merced and across UC campuses
  Leveraging UC Merced Research

      Health of the
                             of the

               Human Health

 •   Stem Cells             •   Policy
 •   Chronic Disease        •   Psychology
 •   Cognitive Sciences     •   Infectious Disease
 •   Complex Disease        •   Anthropology
     Environmental Health   •   Economics
 •   Informatics            •   Management

UC Merced
Medical Education Essentials

• Curriculum
  ▪ UCD, UCSF Fresno/ UCB/UCSF
                                            Faculty and Students
• Clinical Affiliates
                                  Health          Teaching,         Medical
• Budget                         Research
                                                Research and
                                                 Patient Care

  ▪ Planning and operations
  ▪ Resources

• Space
   ▪ Teaching facilities and
     student space
   ▪ Research space
Facilities for Teaching, Research and
Patient Care
                                     Faculty and Students

• Options                     Health    Teaching,
                             Sciences Research and
  ▪ New Building             Research Patient Care

  ▪ Leased Space                             Funding

  ▪ Shared Space-UC

• Funding Sources
  ▪ State and philanthropy

                               Mercy Medical Center, Merced, 2010
Next Steps

• Continued faculty consultation and Senate approval

• Continued consultation with UCOP and partners

• Complete planning for program, finances and resource

• Seek approval for School of Medicine (12-18 months)

• Fundraising
Timeline for Next Steps
                                                                 Recruit founding dean
             Develop UC
                                                                       and staff
          partnership models
                                           Preliminary                                             Recruit initial
                                        curriculum models                                       founding faculty and
LCME consultation                                                                                      staff

                                                    Faculty consultation
              Financial Planning
                                                 Community Involvement
2008                           2009                     2010                             2011                 2012     2013….
   $2M- gift                                    $7M- ($2M gift)

                           Complete program and                    Facilities planning
                              business plan                                                                            Inaugural
                                                                                           LCME Provisional              class
                               Seek approval of Medical                                       Approval
                                  School by Faculty

                                                          Seek approval of Medical
                                                            School from Regents

     Consultation with UC Faculty, UCOP & UC Leadership, Regents