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Hink Pinks Hink Pinks 1 What do you


									Hink Pinks

   1.   What do you call a chubby kitty?
   2.   What do you call an angry father?
   3.   What do you call a huge hog?
   4.   What do you call a rabbit that tells jokes?
   5.   What is a cute young cat?
   6.   What do you call a crying father?

Answers: Easy Hink Pink Answers:

   1.   Fat cat
   2.   Mad dad
   3.   Big pig
   4.   Funny Bunny
   5.   Pretty kitty
   6.   Sad Dad


   1. Following are some sample Hink Pinks:
          o a party at a convent = nun fun
          o a married rodent = mouse spouse
          o an earthquake on a Sunday morning = church lurch
          o a "hip" monster = cool ghoul
          o what lawyers feel when they lose = brief grief

        How about some Hinky Pinkies?

             o   a bull who sings ballads has a = mellow bellow
             o   theft of prime cut beef = sirloin purloin
             o   sibling of a skin blemish = sister blister
             o   the highest plastic container = upper tupper
             o   a magical grasshopper = hocus locust
             o   a magical woman who milks cows = dairy fairy
             o   an airplane at greater elevation than the others = higher flier
             o   a rabbit with a sense of humor = funny bunny
             o   a young cat in love = smitten kitten
             o   why the child was scared of the storm = frightening lightning
             o   a fruit that needs a shave = hairy berry
             o   an anxious snake = hyper viper
             o   a tired flower = lazy daisy
             o   a big hill that spits out water = fountain mountain
          o     a more intelligent boxer = brighter fighter

       Ready for some Hinkety Pinketies?

          o     a place where the national leader lives = president's residence
          o     a disturbance during a church service = devotion commotion
          o     history of spectacles = monocle chronicle
          o     two drums conversing with each other at a jazz concert = percussion
          o     a pizza delivery man who needs a shave = hairier carrier
          o     stripping paint with snakes = serpentine turpentine
          o     attacking someone with false praise = flattery battery
          o     a fuzzy UPS man = furrier courier
          o     race of sea-faring craft = armada regatta
          o     ships crewed by apes = gorilla flotilla


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