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           210 Balmain Road, Leichhardt 2040
           Ph: 9560 2355       Fax: 9550 9397                   Email: leichhardt-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au
           Sunday, 2 October 2011                               Term 3, Week 6
                    Diary Dates                                 Year 8 Gala Day
                      Term 3                                    Congratulations to our Year 8 students who competed
30.08.11        College Art Exhibition – see flyer              at the gala day last week. Although the weather was
                                                                overcast our students were excellent representatives
08.09.11        Primarily Fun Workshop                          of our school. Our girls’ European handball team and
09.09.11        Combined High Schools Athletics                 the boys’ soccer team were victorious on the day.
10.09.11        Music in The Park                               Drama Production
                                                                The energy and passion of our drama students is to
22.09.11 -      School Certificate Trials                       be admired. Students are busy rehearsing for our
23.09.11                                                        production “The importance of Being Ernest”, sets are
23.09.11        Last day of Term 3                              being designed, costumes made, make-up sessions
                                                                held and our ever enthusiastic director, Ms Gavel is
                                                                always there encouraging our actors.
Principal’s Report
                                                                Tickets will be on sale from Wednesday from the front
Leichhardt Celebrates Science & Book                            office and I am sure it will be a sell out.
Our weekly assemblies are a celebration of student              Centre of Excellence Update
achievement and talent. Last week Year 8 science                An important aspect of being a Centre for Excellence
students showed us the fun side of science through              is to establish a strong partnership with the University
a variety of games, compare Aidan Bondfield kept us             of Sydney.
entertained while Lawrence Marychurch’s video on
Aliens was enthralling. It was wonderful to see our             This week Caroline Paget (HAT) and I presented a
students putting their science learning into action.            paper on the importance of partnerships in education.
                                                                Dr Di Blomfield was a co-presenter and our audience
This week our English faculty had a celebration of              included principals, teachers and university lecturers.
book week. Our student publication “ROAR” hit the
news stand and they have created their own online               Throughout the year Caroline has been running
BLOG. Congratulations to Editor Maggie Price and                workshops for beginning and pre-service teachers on
supporting teacher Ms Gavel for ensuring the high               a range of topics with experienced teaches sharing
quality of this publication.                                    knowledge and strategies. The emphasis is on
                                                                improving teacher quality.
Hugo Thompson gave an amazing recitation of the
poem Horn Piper and a definite highlight of our                 Aboriginal Debating Team
assembly was our first ever Spellathon! The spell               This year Leichhardt Campus had two teams
masters Julia Moratis and Louise Jenkins grilled                competing in the NSW Parliament House Great
contestants from each year and the very brave Ms                Debate and they should feel very proud of their
Campbell and Ms Blomfield. The ultimate winner was              achievements. We won both debates.
the amazing Ms Blomfield.
                                                                Congratulations to Gabby Larson who was a very
It was also wonderful to see Science & English                  forceful, articulate and confident as first speaker,
students receive High Distinction, Distinction and              Minjali Mumbulla as second speaker developed the
Credit Awards in various Science & English                      team argument by giving a range of examples of
competitions.                                                   programs that enrich our student lives and Luwana
                                                                Cunningham’s smooth delivery made her a very
Good luck to our Year 9/10 Debating teams who have              strong third speaker.
made it to the next round of the competition. They will
be debating against Fort Street next week. Good luck            Our second team Chloe Griffiths, Lauren McConnell
to Emma Leyland, Maddison Greenslade-Silva, Elena               and Matthew Broughton debated the topic that having
Sheard & Aidan Sussman and their coach Ms                       pride in our heritage and diversity will promote
Erakleous.                                                      changes in stereotypical image of Aboriginal culture
                                                                and image. They debated Rose Bay College
Year 9 Celebration Cakes
I received a special invitation to view the very creative       Matthew, as first speaker, was well organized, logical
celebration cakes made by Ms Erakleous’ Year 9                  and he presented his own opinions clearly. Chloe
class. I can assure you the standard was high and               strengthened the debate with great examples and
the students had put much thought into the research             Laura McConnell was a very forceful third speaker.
and creation of their masterpieces. I was very
impressed and I enjoyed seeing the finished products.
I hope some of the cakes made it home.

Congratulations to:                                          Sydney Secondary scrubs up for the
Our wonderful team coaches Emily O’Connell, Rachel           Sydney Symphony!
McAusland,,Rebekkah Mooney and Janelle Scott.                A review by Bruno Dubosarsky (Year 10 Music,
Janelle’s son James was an excellent opening
speaker for Ashfield Boys.

Ex Leichhardt student, Georgette Rose was one of
the chairpersons of the Great Debate.

Judy Kelly

Going Green with Doctor Deane                                The Sydney Opera House has had many pieces of
Doctor Deane Hutton is known for being a futurist and        music played, but not until recently has such
has been on many shows such as Curiosity Show as             a majestic and enjoyable variety of music been heard.
a writer and presenter, Hey Hey it’s Saturday,               The music classes across the campuses of Sydney
Channel Seven news and The New Inventors. Doctor             Secondary College tied their ties, cuffed their cufflinks
Deane is also one of Australia’s best known Science          and got dressed up in their dresses for an enjoyable
Communicators. In addition to this Deane visits many         two hours losing themselves in the music of John
schools in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to           Williams.
present live science shows to young people.
                                                             John Williams is a talented composer who is
On the 12.8.11 Doctor Deane came to our school for           responsible for the heroic tunes of Star Wars, the
a show called Going Green with Doctor Deane. The             intimidating melodies of Jaws and the depressing
main point of the show was to show how we could              descant of Schindler's List. Shaun Micallef is a less
help the environment in many ways. He also showed            talented composer but a more talented comedian,
us about how the Earth works including how powerful          who hosted the performance and helped keep the
earthquakes are, how nuclear energy works and                audience entertained while the musicians rested their
many other interesting experiments. In the show              hands and mouths for a few short moments. All in all,
Doctor Deane showed how the ancient Greeks                   it was a night to remember!
believed that the main elements of the earth were air,
water, fire and earth and how we can use these
elements to help us and the earth. The show amazed
many people with Doctor Deane’s ability to show how
many things work. He entertained everyone in the hall
with his spectacular knowledge and skills. Some of
the experiments he did included; making a sizeable
fireball with his hand, creating air donuts using a
rubbish bin as a miniature air cannon (and using a fog
machine to show the air donuts), a water rocket filled
with compressed air (when the pressure reached its
limit, the water rocket blasted off at amazing speed,
slamming into the ceiling).

Overall the show intrigued everyone and surprised
them all. Everyone had a wonderful time and it was
worth seeing it.

Picture By: Matthew Qiu
Jacob Egana and Leo Poon Year 7

                                   A WORD FROM YOUR HAT
                                      (Highly Accomplished Teacher)
                                            Ms Caroline Paget

Leichhardt Campus Transition Workshop
with Primary School Teachers
On Friday August 12 Leichhardt Campus Transition
Team hosted Principals, Assistant Principals and
Stage 3 teachers from nine local primary schools for a
Year 6 to 7 transition planning workshop. The
Leichhardt Transition team, which includes Judy Kelly,
Lani Turner (2012 Year 7 adviser), Emily O’Connell,
Karin Karuso and myself involved primary school staff
in various workshops. At the workshops we planned
various transition activities including inviting Year 6
students to attend a Day at High School. Year 6
students will also have the opportunity to participate in
lessons with high school students, accompany
Leichhardt Campus students on school tours, as well
as taking part in other enrichment programs. In term
4 year 8 students at Leichhardt Campus will host a
series of Connected Classrooms incursions for
primary students. The lessons taught by Year 8
students in the Connected Classroom will include
science and HSIE lessons.

One of the highlights of the day was a panel of year 7
students: Isabella Meza, Ivo Walne, Nicholas Lowe,
Chantel Nielsen, Sera Cirikisuva and Trae Mason who
answered questions about their transition to high

All participants will continue to share ideas and
strategies through an online discussion group that we
have formed on EDMODO.

Caroline Paget

Year 7 Industrial Technology –
Aluminium Bag tag Projects

                              News from the P&C

Some trivia night aftermath……
Please have a look through the list of very generous businesses, families and individuals who
donated to our Trivia night earlier this month.
We received vouchers, hampers, books, tickets, jewelry, a guitar and all sorts of fabulous and
generous gifts.
Make a mental note, and mention our school and our thanks if you are using their services.
Also, remember that if you did receive a voucher at the trivia night, it probably has an expiry
date, so check and don’t miss out!!

Next P&C meeting
Our next meeting is on Monday 5th of September at 7pm. Please come along if you can.

We have invited representatives of the police force to meet with us and explain the proposed
development and its potential impact on our school. We are hoping they can make it before the
P&C meeting, but have not yet confirmed.
If you are interested in attending this meeting, please shoot an email to the P&C and we can
keep you informed of the date/time it will take place.


Reminder, if you need uniforms, Uniform Shop – Opening Hours for 2011
“Your Uniform Shop” provides the full range of school uniforms and is located within the office
block at the school. The uniform shop is open during school term on the following days:

Monday 10.00 – 11.00 (during Recess)
Tuesday 2.30 – 3.30pm
Friday 2.30 – 3.30pm

Orders can also be placed online at http://www.youruniformshop.com.au/ Uniforms can be
posted to your home address or picked up from the school. If you have any questions, please
call Your Uniform Shop’s head office 9-5pm weekdays on 9905 2711.

Remember this great facility is available to hire by the school community, and other groups. So if the
soccer team needs a bonding weekend, contact us and see if there is a weekend free.

For more information, visit the website at http://lostock-school-camp.wikispaces.com/
Please direct booking requests by email to Lostock-School@hotmail.com or phone Steve Cumming on
9591 1557 or 0402 981 018.

                                                    THANK YOU
 Flowers                                                    Bob Bush                                  Palace
on Norton          Pet Depot             Santina's          Leadlights              IMAX             Cinemas          Live This
                                         28 Norton                                                     Norton
  Norton        58 Moore Street,           Street,         102 Smith St.,                              Street,     152 Norton Street,
  Street           Leichhardt            Leichhardt         Summer Hill         Dendy Cinema         Leichhardt       Leichhardt
 Leichhardt         9569 5388             om.au              9799 6107                                                 9560 3661
                SMITHYS SOUND                               Booth Street      SYDNEY BRIDGE             Veri          Petersham
  COLES          AND LIGHTING           Casa Barilla          Bistro              CLIMB              Boutique        Bowling Club
               115 Salisbury Road                                                                      Italian
               Camperdown 2050 t:        4 Annandale      127 Booth Street,                           Forum,       77 Brighton Street,
Norton Plaza       9550 1177           Street, Annadale      Annandale           THE ROCKS           Leichhardt        Petersham
                                         8585 3911          9660 6652             9240 1100          9560 5545         9569 4639
                  Shearer's On         The Cup Cake       Home Made Fine
                    Norton                 Room               Foods              The Back Dr.          BWS           Blue Illusion
                99 Norton Street,                           17 Campbell       138 Marion Street,      Market       258 Darling Street,
   ISM             Leichhardt           Balmain Road      Street, St.Peters      Leichhardt            Place            Balmain
Level 1, 35
Leichhardt          9572 7766            Leichhardt          9519 2793            9560 1300          9560 2817         9810 7091
                  URSULA                BOOTH AND
 The Wine       DUBOSARSKY,              TAYLOR                               Leichhardt Aquatic      Leading         Booth Hair
  Society         AUTHOR                HARDWARE           Monkey Puzzle            Centre             Edge            Dressing
   Unwins      www.ursuladubosars                          1A Lackey St.,                              Market
Bridge Road         ky.com               Booth Street       Summer Hill       Mary St., Leichhardt     Place
   Tempe                                  Annandale          9799 7101            9555 8344          9798 7971
  Le Pain         ANNANDALE            CANTERBURY         M2N2Long Hair                                Bacio          Annandale
 Quotidien         CELLARS                 RSL               Studio              Tele Security       Boutique          Cellars
  Norton         Body Balance             861 New                              Italian Forum          Market       119 Johnston St.,
  Street         Physiotherapy         Canterbury Rd.,      Summer Hill       Walkway Entrance         Place          Annandale
                                       Hurlstone Park
 Leichhardt         Randwick             9559 1211                                9560 3333                            9660 1947
 Shearer's                                                  Right Angles                              Sterling
 on Norton       LORNA JANE             DONUT KING            Framing            Italian Shoes       Jewellers           Relish
 99 Norton
   Street,                                                39 Lackey Street,      93 Norton St         Liberty
 Leichhardt       Norton Plaza         MARKET Place         Summer Hill           Leichhardt           Hair          Norton Plaza
 1800 442
    935                                                      9797 0155            9572 9955
                                                             Tancredi                                 Herbies
    IGA        Woolworths/ Tandy        HOLY SHEET           Jewellers           Ungar Shoes           Spices       Mia on Norton
                                                                                                     745 Darling
                                        Market Place                             Leichhardt            Street,
 Annandale                               Leichhardt         Italian Forum        Marketplace           Rozelle       124 Norton St.
                                                                                 9550 0842           9555 6035         9550 0789

 Berkelow                                Trivia Committee would love you to say a huge Thank         Skintherap
  Books         LEADING EDGE                       You to all of these Businesses!                       ia             Go Vita
                                                                                                     24 Norton
  Norton                               Please remember to mention Sydney Secondary College            Street,
  Street                                   Leichhardt when you shop at these businesses              Leichardt     154 Norton Street

                                         Some vouchers have expiratory dates and conditions
 Leichhardt                                      please remember to honour them                      9560 7624
 Belli Bar      TELE SECURITY              Target             BEBEC             Norton Optical            hy       Adora Chocolates
 80 Norton                                                The Italian Forum                            Norton
   Street,     560 Marrickville Rd.,     Howard S.        www.bebec.com.a                              Street,       10 Homer St.,
 Leichhardt        Dulwich Hill         Charles & Co               u              1 Norton St        Leichhardt        Earlwood
 9564 6232         9560 7546               Glebe             9572 7899            9560 3322                           9559 5948
                                        Parents who
 Gorgeous                               have kindly                                                  Signorini
  Salon         SOUL PATTISON          donated items      Amcal Chemist         Colour Lounge          Hair         Debra Adelaide

328 Norton                         The Teachers                                                 Norton
  Street,      42-44 Lackey St.,     for their                            266 Booth Street,     Street,     www.debraadelaid
Leichhardt       Summer Hill         Support           Norton Plaza          Leichhardt       Leichhardt         e.com
9569 8200         9797 9711                             9572 6344              om.au
                                     SAINTS                                                     The
Underbelli                          FOOTBALL                                                  Seymour
Restaurant         SAZA Q             CLUB             Flower Mart        Euro Espresso        Centre        Elise Boutique
138 Norton                                            Norton Plaza
  Street,      78 Norton Street,                     www.flowermart.c     165 Parramatta      Pixies Hair   147 Norton Street,
Leichhardt        Leichhardt                             om.au           Road, Annandale         Cuts          Leichhardt
                                                                                               88 Norton
9564 6490                                               9572 7399            560 7000         Leichhardt        8013 5417
Mezzapica       Power House        The Essential     Sydney Jewish        Hang Out Dry          Book
  Cafe            Museum            Ingredient          Museum              Cleaners            store          Luna Park
128 Norton                                                                                      Booth
  Street,                          731-735 Darling                                             Street,       1 Olympic Drive,
Leichhardt       Harris Street     Street, Rozelle                         Norton Plaza       Annandale        Milsons Point

9568 2095           Ultimo           9555 8300                              9572 6477
 Meshea                            Novotel Manly                                              McGregor      International
 Lifestyle     UNGAR SHOES            Pacific        Jenolan Caves         Retro Goods         Flowers      School of Music
   Short                                                                                       Johnston
Street,Leich                                                              136 Smith St.,        Street,       Norton Street,
   hardt                               Manly          02 6359 3311         Summer Hill        Annandale        leichhardt

9518 3281                            9798 8735                                                9566 1999

                  12 HOUR            OMEGA              Australian                                          Women's Health
 Live This       PHARMACY           ENSEMBLE             Museum          Norton Seafoods         IGA           Centre
   Norton                                                                Shop 11, Norton        Booth
   Street,                                                               Plaza, 55 Norton      Street,      116 Smith Street,
 leichhardt      35 Norton St.                                                Street          Annandale       Summer Hill
9799 1622         9560 7008                                                 9560 52 33                          9798 9322
  Amatos                           WHITE WATER          Australian                               Gina
Liquor Mart     FONEZ R US           RAFTING           Reptile Park         AC Poultry          Cucina        Caffe Bianchi
  267-277                                                                                      Shop 6/7
   Norton                                                                                       Norton
   Street,                                                                                      Plaza,      www.caffebianchi.c
 Leichhardt      Market Town                                              Norton St Plaza     Leichhardt         om.au

9560 7628                                                                   9569 0071         9560 0800


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