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									                                                            Application Checklist
Requirements:                                                                Where to Send:
1. Applications for Admissions are accepted only online at:                  Online Applications are processed by:
                                                                             UT Arlington
                       www.applytexas.org                                    Office of Graduate Studies
                         $40 Application Fee                                 (817) 272-6100
                                                                             The Office of Graduate Studies is located in Davis Hall Rm 333, 701 S.
*Submission of the 200 word essay entitled General Academic                  Nedderman , Arlington, TX
Plans is not required for MSSW applicants
                                                                             Visit their website at grad.uta.edu
**$70 fee for international applicants.
***The Office of Graduate Studies will not process your
application if the fee is not paid.
2. All Official Transcripts                                                  The University of Texas at Arlington
(Submit original transcripts from any university/college ever attended.      Office of Graduate Studies- Admissions
Transcripts can be sent directly by the university/college or delivered by   Box 19167 - Arlington, Texas 76019
the applicant to the Office of Graduate Studies)
3. GRE Scores                                                                For information on the GRE please visit www.ets.org/gre
 (Only required if GPA is less than 3.0 in last 60 hours of
undergraduate coursework)

4. Three Recommendations                                                     The University of Texas at Arlington
                                                                             School of Social Work
Forms are included in the MSSW Program Packet. Additional forms can
be downloaded online at:
                                                                             MSSW Admissions
http://grad.uta.edu/resources/pdf/Request_Recommendation.pdf                 Box 19129 - Arlington, Texas 76019
5. Orientation to Social Work/Social Welfare Narrative                       The University of Texas at Arlington
                                                                             School of Social Work
Directions for this writing sample are outlined on page 2 of this            MSSW Admissions
checklist                                                                    Box 19129 - Arlington, Texas 76019
6. Matriculation Plans                                                       The University of Texas at Arlington
                                                                             School of Social Work
See page 2 of this application checklist for directions, ALL                 MSSW Admissions
APPLICANTS MUST SUBMIT THIS FORM                                             Box 19129 - Arlington, Texas 76019
7. Liberal Arts Worksheet                                                    The University of Texas at Arlington
                                                                             School of Social Work
See page 5 of this application checklist, ALL APPLICANTS                     MSSW Admissions
MUST SUBMIT THIS FORM                                                        Box 19129 - Arlington, Texas 76019
8. Resume or Curriculum Vitae                                                The University of Texas at Arlington
                                                                             School of Social Work
Include employment history and educational background                        MSSW Admissions
                                                                             Box 19129 - Arlington, Texas 76019
9. Criminal Background Statement                                             The University of Texas at Arlington
Forms are included in the MSSW Program Packet. Additional                    School of Social Work
forms can be downloaded online at:                                           MSSW Admissions
http://www.uta.edu/ssw/academics/mssw/mssw-admissions.php                    Box 19129 - Arlington, Texas 76019
*Students applying to the Ft. Worth Cohort must have an undergraduate degree in a field other than Social Work and may be admitted
only in the fall semester.
**Students applying to the Ft. Worth Cohort, please check ‘yes’ to the corresponding program at the end of the online application.

Please submit a four to five page, typed, double-spaced narrative responding to the following:

             A. What is your motivation for becoming a Master’s level social worker?
             B. What do you think are the most important issues facing social work/
                social welfare?
             C. Where do you see yourself fitting into the social work profession in five
             D. What kind of experiences have you had in social services (as a client,
                volunteer, paid employee)?

           Please answer all four questions and take time and give careful consideration to
           the development of the narrative


To fulfill this requirement please complete page 6 of this packet and submit along with your

If you would like to schedule a visit or have any questions about our program or procedures,
please feel free to contact us anytime at 817-272-1044, 817-272-1078 or
sswadmissions@uta.edu .

6/6/2011                                                                                         2
                                  General Admissions Requirements

Admission Criteria for the Master's Program

    1.     A bachelor's degree with a liberal arts perspective from an accredited college or university.
    2.     Undergraduate GPA must be equal to or greater than 3.0 in the last 60 hours as calculated by the
           Graduate School or GRE score that evidences an ability to do satisfactory graduate work.
    3.     Three letters of reference indicating professional or academic promise.
    4.     Writing Sample providing evidence of professional or academic goals consistent with the Social
           Work Program.
    5.     Personal qualifications considered essential to the successful practice of social work including
           leadership ability, personal maturity, motivation for a human service profession and experience in
           social work. A personal interview may be required.
    6.     Applicants to the school whose native language is not English must take, in addition to the TOEFL
           (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Unconditional M.S.S.W. Admission: An applicant is admitted unconditionally when all documentation
relating to admissions criteria is received and performance on a majority of the criteria is acceptable.

Probationary Admission: Candidates with less than a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 hours of their undergraduate
program as calculated by the Graduate School must submit GRE scores. Candidates may be admitted on
probation if other admission criteria are satisfactory and indicate academic potential.

Provisional Admission: An applicant unable to supply all required documentation prior to the admission
decision deadline but whom otherwise appears to meet admission requirements may be granted provisional

Denial of Admission: Candidates may be denied admission if they have less than satisfactory performance
on a majority of the admissions criteria.

Deferred Admission: A deferred decision may be granted when a file is incomplete or when a denied
decision is not appropriate.

Neither probationary nor provisional admission will be granted to an applicant with less than a 3.0
GPA on the last two years of a bachelor's degree (approximately 60 hours) if the GRE score is not

                             ADVANCED STANDING FOR BSW STUDENTS

An applicant meeting all unconditional admissions requirements who has earned an accredited undergraduate
degree in social work may request advanced standing status in the graduate program. Advanced standing is
not granted to students admitted on probation.

Advanced standing students may receive credit hour waivers for some undergraduate social work courses
which are considered equivalent to the first and second semester courses, provided the student's grades in
those courses are B or better. Students may receive course waivers for more than 20 hours, but only 20 hours
may be applied to the 61-hour MSSW degree.

Students requesting advanced standing status who completed their BSW degrees more than six years prior to
the semester in which they propose to begin their graduate studies must provide a documented summary of
their experience as a social worker. Students who have completed their BSW degrees within six years of their
planned start of studies are not required to submit these materials. Advanced standing will be granted on a
case-by-case basis contingent upon evaluation of transcripts and any other required supporting information.

6/6/2011                                                                                                    3
                                 LIBERAL ARTS PERSPECTIVE

The Council in Social Work Education requires that students have a liberal arts perspective as a prerequisite
for graduate social work education. Therefore the Graduate School of Social Work requires that students
have a liberal arts perspective consistent with the University’s College of Liberal Arts general education

“to develop in its students a capacity for understanding and evaluating themselves, their society, and their
world through a constructive critique of culture and, to this end, to cultivate those general competencies
necessary to intellectual inquiry and informed judgment: analysis and interpretation of text, written and oral
expression, systematic thinking…”

We assume you have a liberal arts perspective if your degree was earned from an accredited undergraduate
program with a B.A. in social and behavioral sciences or humanities. If not, you may be required to take
some leveling courses either before admission or during your first year’s work at UTA, depending on your

Please complete the attached worksheet and return it to us so that we can evaluate your degree of compliance
with the liberal arts perspective. BSW majors, fill out Section II of the worksheet only.

                  Please mail to:
                  MSSW Admissions
                  UT Arlington School of Social Work Box 19129
                  211 S. Cooper Street, Arlington, TX 76019-0129
                  Or Fax to: (817) 272-3927

During the admissions process students are screened to ensure that the following requirements have been

1.   Applicants must have a liberal arts background (or a Degree from an accredited
     undergraduate program with a major in the social and behavioral sciences or humanities.)

2.   Applicants who do not hold a degree in liberal arts area must have at least the following:

            English and/or Foreign Language                                          12 hours

            History and/or Political Science                                          6 hours

            Mathematics and/or Science                                               12 hours

            Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Economics, Political                15 hours
            Science, and/or Philosophy

                                                                         Total       45 hours

3.   Applicants who are found to be deficient in more than 6 hours will be deferred admission
     until the courses are taken. Applicants who are deficient 6 hours or less will be expected to
     take these courses prior to the final 32 hours of Graduate School of Social Work.

6/6/2011                                                                                                     4
                               LIBERAL ARTS WORKSHEET

              (If you do not have a BSW please fill out all sections accordingly)

             Please consult your transcript(s) and complete the following information by
             listing your subject and course number in the space provided.


                __________ ___________ ___________ ____________


                __________ ___________


                __________ ___________ ___________ ____________

             4. LIBERAL ARTS (OTHER) (AT LEAST 15 HOURS)

                SOCIOLOGY __________                       PSYCHOLOGY _________

               ANTHROPOLOGY __________                      ECONOMICS _________

               POLITICAL SCIENCE _________                  PHILOSOPHY __________

           College or University Attended ______________________________________

           Year Graduated _____

NAME: _____________________________________                      DATE: _________________

6/6/2011                                                                                   5
                                   Matriculation Plans

Please select which MSSW program to which you are applying:
____ Traditional MSSW Program

           ___ I plan to enroll part-time (6 hours)

           ___ I plan to enroll full-time (9-15 hours)

____ MSSW Fort Worth Center Cohort

           (Check with MSSW Admissions to verify start dates for this cohort)

____ MSSW LCU Cohort

           (Check with MSSW Admissions to verify start dates for this cohort)

Please indicate any outside responsibilities (i.e. employment) and the amount
of flexibility you anticipate having to complete the curriculum requirements
for the program you have selected.




I acknowledge that I have reviewed the degree plan and curriculum for the
program which I am applying to, I am fully aware of the field practicum
requirement and have planned to complete them accordingly:

NAME:       ________________________                     DATE:   _________________

6/6/2011                                                                             6

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