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                        The newsletter of the windsor square special planning district

                        Hard Times Again
                        Stan Watts

                        T     he market is down, unemployment is up
                              and foreclosures and financial woes cast a
                        dark shadow. The Maricopa County develop-
                                                                                 Dr. Evans’ investment property on north
                                                                             Central Avenue eventually gained water rights
                                                                             and was cleared for farming. In 1905, Evans
                        ment community is on the skids and bankrupt-         transferred the property to his sister-in-law,
                        cy lawyers are busier than ever. By late 1930,       Anna Anderson. Two years later, Anderson
                        the local economy was beginning to feel the          sold the land to another prominent medical
   June 2009            full force of depressed national financial condi-    man, Ancil Martin, M.D. Dr. Martin served
                        tions. The Maricopa County housing boom of           as president of the Arizona State Medical
                        the late 1920s had come to an abrupt halt after      Society, and was appointed by four Arizona
                        the stock market crash of October 1929.              Governors to the Board of Territorial Medical
                            One example of this furious development in       Examiners.
                        the late 1920s was a highly touted project pro-          Dr. Martin, in modern real estate parlance,
                                                posed for a dusty alfalfa    was a flipper. He sold the agricultural property
                                                farm near the north-         in less than a year. The buyers were Fred Colter
                                                east corner of Central       and his wife Duge. Colter was an Apache
                                                Avenue and Camelback         County rancher turned politician. He was a
                                                Road. Unfortunately,         delegate to the state constitutional convention,
                                                after a turbulent year in    a long-serving state senator, a candidate for
                                                1930, Windsor Square         governor and most notably, a lifelong advocate
                                                Development, Inc. filed      for Arizona water rights in the state’s early
                                                a voluntary petition for     battles for use of the Colorado River. Colter
                                                bankruptcy.                  established a subdivision plat for the north
                                                                             Central property, but never developed the
                                                Dirt to                      property during his 10-year tenure as owner.
                                                Dreams                           In 1918, Colter sold this investment prop-
                                                     The property had        erty to Margaret Barringer. Mrs. Barringer’s
                                                 originally been ac-         husband, Daniel Barringer, was the grandson
                                                 quired from the U.S.        of a War of 1812 general and son of congress-
                                                 Government in 1890          man. He graduated as president of his law
                                                 by one of Phoenix’s         school class at the University of Pennsylvania
                                                 pioneer doctors, min-       in 1882. After practicing in Philadelphia for
                                                 ers and real estate         seven years, Barringer abandoned the law and
                                                 speculators, Dr. John       became an itinerant mining engineer and
                                                 M. Evans, and his wife      geologist.
                                                 Jennie. Dr. Evans was           Following several successful mining en-
                                                 also the owner/builder      deavors in the Southwest, in 1904 Barringer
                                                 of one of the city’s        acquired the Meteor Crater in northeast
                                                 beautiful Queen Anne        Arizona and settled his wife and eight chil-
                                                 style Victorian homes.      dren in Phoenix. He spent the rest of his life
                                                 Built in 1894, his state-   commuting to and from northern Arizona,
                        ly home is still located on the northwest corner     studying and attempting to commercially
This full-page ad       of Washington Street and 11th Avenue, just           develop the mysterious crater. He was a vig-
for Windsor Square                                                           orous outdoorsman, co-founding the Boone
appeared in the Feb.    north of the site of the Carnegie Library, built
                        in 1908, and within sight of the Territorial         and Crockett Club with his friend Theodore
24, 1929 issue of The
Arizona Republican      Capitol building that was completed in 1901.                                       >>Hard Times P. 6
p. 2                                          windsor square news                                              June 2009

President’s Corner
W       e all know what’s coming … hibernation season,
        when we scurry from our air conditioned homes to
our air conditioned cars to our air conditioned offices. We
                                                               a day schedule. I know this is a sensitive issue for many
                                                               neighbors and the Board is currently gathering as much in-
                                                               formation as possible to determine what the best course is
all tend to move a little slower during the long summer        for our neighborhood. Thank-you to everyone who replied
months, yet we tolerate them because of the all the other      to the e-mail data gathering survey.
incredible benefits of living in Phoenix.                          Another issue that is always on our agenda is the safety
    Despite the ominous heat, the Board and many other         of our neighborhood. Suzanne Dohrer and the Block
active residents will certainly be working through the sum-    Watch team continue to do a great job at notifying all of
mer to plan some great events for the neighborhood. You        us about safety issues in our area. I encourage all of you to
may have already participated in the neighborhood-wide         be alert and aware of who is in our neighborhood and how
yard sale held on April 18. It was great to see so many        to keep our homes safe. Especially if you plan on going out
neighbors get involved and a special thanks is owed to         of town this summer, don’t forget to tell your neighbors
those who organized the event!                                 and consider taking extra steps to secure your home. We all
    Planning is also underway for the 2010 Windsor             need to be diligent in helping each other out and protect-
Square Home Tour. Susan Myers has graciously volun-            ing our neighborhood.
teered to chair the Home Tour Committee this year and              If you get a little stir crazy from being inside this sum-
she is supported by a wonderful group of committee mem-        mer, please remember there are plenty of activities and
bers, including Lindsey Hunt, Bob Falk, Rebecca Hughes         committees to get involved with right here in your own
and Kathy Sacks. Of course, there is always room for more      neighborhood! And I invite you to contact me with any
volunteers and I encourage you to get involved in this fun     issues you believe should be addressed by the Board. Have
event, either by joining the committee or by listing your      a great summer.
home to be on the tour. Even if you can only contribute a
few days here or there, all participation is welcome.          Home Tour Committee Needs You
    During the summer months, I hope you will continue
to support all the fabulous businesses that surround our
neighborhood. Vicki Hersh, Eric Miles and Barry Oleksak        D     o you have a fear of commitment? Are you willing to
                                                                     help out but don’t want to be tied down? If so, con-
                                                               sider becoming an auxiliary volunteer for the Home Tour
did a great job highlighting some of the wonderful in-
dependent restaurants in the area in our last newsletter       Committee.
and there’s more in this issue. I am especially excited that       Auxiliary Volunteers are neighbors willing to help out,
Postino is now open on Central Avenue. While I’m sure          but who don’t want to be on the committee or attend a
most of us miss Katz’ Deli, Postino certainly promises to be   bunch of meetings. Your only commitment would be hav-
a worthy successor.                                            ing your name on a list of people home tour committee
    Of course, our job on the Board is not always about        members could call on to help with small jobs before and
planning fun events. One issue we have been addressing is      during the home tour.
the site cleanup on the former Texaco property at Central          So … do you have a special skill to contribute? Would
and Colter. We have been approached by Charles Spencer,        you be willing to do a small job, make a phone call, run an
the owner of the property about increasing the frequency       errand?
of the remedial decontamination systems which currently            Please consider becoming an auxiliary volunteer.
run from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.         Contact Susan Myers or Steph DePascal at 602-263-9669
As I’m sure most of you are aware, Mr. Spencer’s position      or
is to run the remedial systems on a 7 day a week/24 hour
                                                                 The Windsor Square News is published four times a year,
                                                                 in March, June, September and December. Residents and
                                                                 local businesses are invited to contribute news, opinions
                                                                 and information to the editor. Unsigned submissions
                                                                 will not be used. Deadlines are the first Saturday of
                                                                 the month prior to publication. For ad rates, see www.
                                                                         P: (602) 350-2771
                                                                         5025 N. Central Ave., PMB 516
                                                                         Phoenix, AZ 85012-1520
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Homeowners Expo Comes to Downtown Phoenix
Barbara Stocklin

F   or the seventh year in a row, the Arizona State Historic
    Preservation Office is sponsoring the Statewide
Historic Preservation Partnership Conference. For the first
                                                                cludes topics such as energy efficiency for historic homes,
                                                                how to plan house additions, greening your historic home,
                                                                how to research the history of your house, and a special
time ever, Phoenix will host the conference.                    demonstration by Continental Steel Windows of Tucson
   It’s about time! It will be held from Thursday through       on how to repair steel casement windows.
Saturday, June 18-20, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix,             Of special note to Phoenix homeowners is the 11:00
122 N. 2nd St. This venue will bring hundreds of historic       a.m. session on Grants and Tax Incentives. This will in-
preservation professionals, government officials, volun-        clude everything you have ever wanted to know about the
teers and historic property owners from around the state        State Property Tax Reclassification Program (i.e., property
to Phoenix to exchange ideas and success stories. Several       tax reduction) for homes in National Register listed his-
nationally renowned figures, including Gwendolyn Wright,        toric districts. And there will be a special mini workshop
host of the popular PBS series History Detectives will speak.   on the city’s two exterior rehabilitation grant programs
   As the conference host, the city of Phoenix has the          available to historic home owners. Those who are interested
opportunity to showcase its historic preservation success       in the Exterior Rehabilitation Grant Program can receive
stories (of which there are many). There will be a sneak        an extra point for attending this workshop if you apply for
preview tour of the soon-to-be-completed Tovrea Castle, a       a grant in the following two year period.
special tour of historic schools, and a guided hike to South         For those of you who need extra incentives to attend
Mountain’s best prehistoric rock art sites. If you have an      any educational sessions on a Saturday, there will be a raf-
interest in attending the conference or any of the special      fle, prizes and free refreshments. And at least a dozen ven-
tours, I recommend that you register early by going to          dors who provide services to historic homeowners — real-                                         tors, craftsman, contractors, window providers, etc. — will
                                                                also be showing their wares at the Homeowners Expo on
                                                                Saturday. For more information, please visit www.azpreser-
                                                       and click “Homeowners Expo,” call our office
                                                                at 602-261-8699, or drop by our office located on the 17th
                                                                floor of Phoenix City Hall, 200 W. Washington Street.
                                                                     We encourage you to pre-register on the website so we
                                                                know how many to expect. We’ll see you there!
                                                                Barbara Stocklin is the Director of the Phoenix Historic Preservation Office

                                                                The city of Phoenix Historic Preservation Office has several
                                                                scholarships to the 7th Annual Historic Preservation Partnership
                                                                Conference. Scholarships are available on a first come, first
                                                                served basis for neighborhood preservation leaders. These
                                                                scholarships are reimbursement awards for $225 for attendance
                                                                at the main conference only and do not cover attendance at
                                                                any of the tours or the VIP event (the Governor’s Heritage
    Tovrea Castle patio and entryway during restoration         Preservation Honor Awards Luncheon is included in the con-
                                                                ference). Information is available at http://www.azpreservation.
                       Your text here                           com/agenda.aspx and is updated regularly. Please email erika.
    What is unique about the 2009 Historic Preservation if you are interested.
Conference is that the city of Phoenix is sponsoring a free
Homeowners Expo as part of the events. The expo will be
held 8:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Saturday, June 20, at the Hyatt
Regency. Free parking will be available at the Phoenix
Convention Center West Building, south of Monroe Street
on 2nd Street. Please bring the event postcard you received
in the mail during the month of May to guarantee free
parking. This event will include eight different educational
sessions specifically geared to historic homeowners. It in-
p.                                           windsor square news                                               June 2009

For Sandra                                                     Don’t Leave ’em Eating
Lynne E.
Long-time Windsor Square resident Sandra Defnet passed away
                                                               Your Dust
on March 6, after a short and courageous battle with cancer.         he Board is receiving complaints about neighbors
                                                                     and lawn maintenance workers using leaf blowers to
S    andra Defnet was my neighbor for 18 years and her
     mother, Lena, for four years prior. After Lena died,
Sandra become one of the “characters” all good neighbor-
                                                               blow debris onto streets. This practice is illegal. Maricopa
                                                               County Ordinance P-25, Leaf Blower Restriction, states
hoods should have. I am sure all who knew her can relate a     “A person shall not operate a leaf blower in a manner that
“Sandra Story.”                                                causes landscape debris to be blown into a public roadway.”
    Sandra kept a fierce watch over her section of Orange          It is also illegal to use a leaf blower on an unstabilized
Drive and was the first to call utility companies or City      surface, such as on bare soil. This law applies to all persons,
services for any power outage or perceived infraction. No      whether homeowners, landscaping companies, or public
doubt her constant harassment got our power restored or        employees. The Maricopa County Air Quality Division
something fixed sooner than would have been normal. She        enforces this ordinance. For the first violation, a warning
also had no hesitation in calling the police whenever she      notice is issued. A second violation brings a $50 civil pen-
felt it necessary.                                             alty, and with further violations the penalty can increase up
    Sandra always helped on occasions when a dog escaped       to $250.
from my yard, clapping her hands and calling the dog’s             Call the Maricopa County dust control hotline at (602)
name vigorously. She had an especial fondness for my late      372-2703 or file a complaint online at www.maricopa.
mother’s Pomeranian, who would submit to being picked          gov/aq/contact_us/forms/dust_form.asp. Leaf blower com-
up and cuddled. She was very sad when the little dog died.     plaints may also be reported to the City of Phoenix Street
    At times, I would hear Sandra laughing uproariously at     Transportation Department at (602) 256-3190.
some program on TV. I would also hear the busy clickety-           The purpose of this law is not mere esthetics. In 2008,
clack of her ancient typewriter, and sometimes I would be      the Arizona Legislature authorized Maricopa County to
transfixed by the sounds of Chopin or Debussy, beautifully     regulate leaf blowers in an effort to attain the National
played, albeit on a somewhat out-of-tune piano. To have        Ambient Air Quality Standards for particulate matter
applauded or said anything to her, would have been inter-      less than 10 microns (PM10). Debris blown onto a street
preted as eavesdropping and therefore sadly, I never could     becomes “re-entrained” by vehicles driving over the debris,
tell her how much I enjoyed these mini concerts.               causing the debris to become airborne PM10 emissions.
    Have no doubt that Sandra and I did not see eye to eye     The Maricopa County Air Quality Division estimates
on many matters; words were sometimes exchanged and            that leaf blowers produce 843 tons of PM10 annually in
long periods of ignoring each other would ensue. But in        Maricopa County. Exposure to elevated PM10 levels cause
spite of this, she was a good, well-intentioned neighbor.      increased occurrences of asthma and it limits circulatory
    But now there is no more laughter, the typewriter and      functions.
piano are silent and the house seems forlorn as if missing
its reclusive occupant. I miss her too.

Pasadena Party a Success
C    ongratulations to the Pasadena Avenue neighbors
     who recently organized a Block Party get together
that was a tremendous success. Three homes pooled their
efforts and resources to organize the event, which was at-
tended by neighbors from more than two thirds of the
homes on Pasadena. Some people signed up to become
part of the Block Watch efforts and email distributions;
everyone enjoyed cool drinks and Sangria, with wonderful
appetizers. Those who already knew each other met newer
neighbors who welcomed a chance to meet everyone. The
Pasadena neighbors want to do another party and encour-
age neighbors on other blocks to plan a party of their own.
June 2009                                     windsor square news                                                      p. 

Report From Windsor Square Block Watch
Connect With Your Neighbors: Hello, Wave And More
Suzanne Dohrer

D      o you notice if an elderly neighbor has not been seen
       for a few days and go to check on them?
    Do you have a trusted neighbor or two to check your
                                                               lies help to make up the wonderful fabric that is Windsor
                                                               Square. Here are some ideas; consider picking one that
                                                               suits you and your close neighbors:
house when you are gone, to keep the newspapers, door            • If there is a newcomer, introduce yourself by leaving a
flyers and mail from accumulating? Do you return their              welcome note, or knock on their door.
favor?                                                           • When walking your cute dog or even your cats (as Mr.
    Do you know whether the car parked at your neighbor’s           Stone has done), get to know other pet-loving neigh-
house or the truck backed into the driveway belongs there           bors. Learn names of the pets and the neighbors. And
or is cause for suspicion and a call to Crime Stop?                 carry a baggie to pick up after your pooch.
    Neighborliness is one of the best parts of what makes        • Enjoy your morning coffee or evening tea on the front
the character of Windsor Square attractive to those of us           bench or porch and greet those who walk by.
who live here and to others who may consider buying a            • Invite close neighbors to share a Bar-B-Q, progressive
Windsor Square home. We strive not to be an area where              dinner, pot luck or wine tasting.
people drive into their garages, pull the door closed be-        • Offer to watch your neighbor’s home and collect the
hind them, and never see their neighbors or share in the            flyers and papers, while they are gone.
community.                                                       • Attend a neighborhood or Block Watch or board
    Being neighborly is not about being nosy or intrusive.          meeting to meet active neighbors.
It is about building a sense of community. Windsor Square        • Volunteer to help on a Windsor Square project.
has its Home Tour, Annual Party and GAIN/Block Watch             • Admire a neighbor’s garden, share your plant cuttings,
events, as well as smaller neighbor get-togethers. Several          share a good book, or set out a box with a sign to give
years ago, Mayor Phil Gordon encouraged the Front Porch             away some of your abundant lemons or other citrus.
Bench Initiative, to bolster safe communities and Block
Watch activities. Spend a little time touring our lovely
neighborhood, walking your dog or sitting on your front
bench or porch and be sure to wave or say hello to your
neighbors. Knowing your neighbors increases our neigh-
borhood security and makes Windsor Square an attractive
    Your Windsor Square Block Watch leaders encourage
you to enjoy being a good neighbor. You and your fami-

Windsor Square Has a New
Community Action Officer
T    he Phoenix Police Department has assigned a new
     Community Action Officer to our area. Our former
CAOs, Officers Dave Chambers and Chris Morris, have
been reassigned and we will miss them. We welcome our
new CAO, Officer Julie Smith. She is our contact for in-
formation about crime prevention, security, and informa-
tion about the Phoenix Police. She has already offered to
come to a meeting of the Windsor Square Block Watch.
   Officer Julie Smith #7880
   72 Area Community Action Officer
   Squaw Peak Precinct
p.                                             windsor square news                                             June 2009
<< Hard Times, p. 1
Roosevelt. Barringer was also a prominent and energetic          price was only $105,000, most of which was financed by
natural scientist and inventor.                                  Mrs. Barringer through a deed of trust. True to their word,
    In 1929, he became ill and the family moved back to          the Owens-Dinmore Co., leveraged its $20,000 cash down
Pennsylvania. As part of this transition, Mrs. Barringer         payment on the property to additionally finance well over
sold her Maricopa County alfalfa farm to the develop-            $100,000 in design, engineering and improvements, and
ers who established the Windsor Square Development               almost daily promotional pieces in the local media. There
Company.                                                         were live radio broadcasts, full page ads in the papers, 25
                                                                 miniature model homes built by European craftsmen, and
Location, Location, Location                                     a special bus running from downtown to the north Central
     Finally, after decades of sun drenched agricultural pro-    site. By summer of 1929, five “pretentious” homes were
ductivity, this Maricopa County parcel bounded on the            near completion in the new development, including a large,
south by Camelback Road, on the north by Colter Street           modern, fully furnished Spanish style home, reputed to be
and between Seventh Street and Central Avenue was                an exact copy of a home in Beverly Hills, and outfitted by
anointed by the Midas touch of a group of California de-         a noted New York interior decorator. The developers were
velopers as “a select residential colony in the actual center    prepared for a steady volume of sales.
of Phoenix’s greatest development.” Chosen for its loca-
tion just north of Brophy College and midway between             Timing, Timing, Timing
Phoenix and the newly constructed Arizona Biltmore,                  Unfortunately in this case, the real estate maxim of
Windsor Square was touted by its promoters as “the first         “location, location, location” was unseated by “timing, tim-
development in the State” to actually install paving, curb-      ing, timing.” The stock market crashed in late October.
ing and sidewalks, water (an inexhaustible supply), electric-    Banks began to fail. Jobless rates rose rapidly. In a now
ity, ornamental electroliers, entrance monuments and parks       familiar pattern, the developers used multiple business en-
without assessment to the property owner. The developers         tities and increasingly complex leveraged financing to keep
promised to create “a residential district that will set a new   their projects afloat as long as possible and to attempt to
standard in artistry, good taste, comfort and value.”            insulate themselves from the risks they had undertaken.
     The Barringer parcel was reportedly sold to the devel-      Eventually the developers defaulted on their payments
opers for $150,000, making it one of the largest real estate     to Mrs. Barringer and their other creditors and filed for
deals of the year for Maricopa County. In reality, the sales     bankruptcy.
                                                                     After eight years of litigation, the Ninth Circuit in
                                                                 1938 finally decided in favor of Mrs. Barringer and the
                                                                 partially developed property was returned to her. During
                                                                 the course of the bankruptcy court legal maneuvers, most
                                                                 development of the new subdivision was suspended and
                                                                 new property sales were put on hold.
                                                                     Eventually, Barringer went on to sell her subdivided
                                                                 properties at a profit, and Windsor Square became a won-
                                                                 derful, though much scaled down version of its original
                                                                 developer’s vision.
June 2009                                          windsor square news                                                           p. 

Let’s Eat! part 2
Barry Oleksak

H     ere are a few more of the best independent restau-
      rants in our area. From Pizza to Mexican, our area
has some of the best food in town.
                                                                         Yet another unassuming location, Los Compadres has
                                                                     been around for years. Inside and out it is nothing to look
                                                                     at. In fact, you could easily drive by daily and never notice
                                                                     it. But the standard Mexican fare is consistently good.
Christo’s                                                            You’d be hard-pressed to find a better chicken chimichanga
6327 N. 7th St.                                                      anywhere in town. Another place you’re likely to run into
602-264-1784                                                         your Windsor Square neighbors. Window ordering. Very
11am-10pm Mon.-Fri.; 4:30-10pm Sat.; closed Sun.                     reasonable.
    Located in an unassuming strip center, Christo’s is one          Postino
of the area’s best and most consistent Italian restaurants.          602-274-5144
It feels like it might have originated somewhere in central          11am-11pm Mon.-Thu.; 11am-midnight Fri.-Sat.; 11am-
New Jersey, which is a good thing. They know how to cook             10pm Sun.
this kind of food in the east and so does Christo’s. The             Italian Eclectic
menu is packed with chicken, veal, pasta and shrimp dish-                Occupying the spot long held by the defunct Katz Deli,
es, among others. Specials often include an outstanding              Postino was eagerly awaited by local residents familiar with
baked halibut dish. Prices are reasonable and most entrees           the original 40th Street and Campbell Avenue location. It
come with soup and a salad. The piano lounge has enter-              got its name from the fact the it was built in the shell of an
tainment Thursday-Saturday from 6:30-9:30pm. Service is              old post office. Postino built its rep on Bruschetta — thin
always friendly and efficient. Reservations are a good idea.         slices of toasted baguette topped with delicious food mor-
It has a steady group of regulars and is usually busy.               sels like Prosciutto, Figs and Mascarpone. But they also
                                                                     offer soups, salads, sandwiches, sweets and wines by the
Los Compadres                                                        bottle or the glass, all at super-friendly prices. Enjoy the
602-265-1162                                                         open-air dining before it gets so hot they have to close the
4414 N. 7th Ave.                                                     doors.
10:30am-9pm Mon.-Sat.; 10:30am-7:30 pm Sun.

AnnuAl dues uPdAte                                                   like to help deliver a future issue, please call Robin Spencer at
    Thank you to everyone who paid their voluntary Windsor           602-277-9917.
Square dues in 2008. It was a record year for donations, despite
the fact that fewer than 25 percent of Windsor Square house-         AgendAs And Minutes on the Website
holds contributed. Dues for 2009 will be solicited in the fall via       Did you know that you can now find the minutes of past
a special request distribution, the newsletter and at the annual     Windsor Square Board meetings on the website? Go to www.
Block Party.                                                and click the “News” button. You
                                                                     will also find the agenda of the next Board Meeting posted the
dog PooP                                                             Monday before each meeting. Board meetings are held at 7pm,
    Board members and the newsletter editor get lots of email        the first Thursday of each month, at the Central Phoenix Church
with complaints and suggestions but the #1 topic—indepen-            of God school room, north of the church at 5536 N. 6th St.
dent of season, politics and weather—is dog poop. There’s
a fresh pile on my lawn that was not there earlier this morn-
ing. Dog walkers, please carry a bag and use it when your dog
leaves a load by the road — whether it’s on private property or
not. Perhaps we should begin printing the names of poopetra-
tors in the NewsBlasts!

WAlking through our neighborhood
    Many thanks to the volunteers who helped to distribute
the March issue of the Windsor Square News. The helpers were:
Kristin Anderson, Highty Ashton, Julia Fitzsimones, Trish Parker,
Cynth Ferrar, Marsha Nochta, Sarah Tobiason, Robin Spencer,
Christine Lindley, Bob Shepherd and Michael Heyl. If you would
p.                                                windsor square news                                                   June 2009

Resources (all area codes are 602)
Windsor Square Board of Directors
President              Jennifer Delgado                         821-7461
Vice President         Linda Pollock                264-4058
Secretary              Brett Hunt                                 463-2991
Treasurer              Craig Stoffel                                 265-6960
Member at Large        Sean Cunningham                         212-1121
Member at Large        Pat Doerschlag                                  265-5270
Member at Large        Tom Fitsimones                                   738-5820
Member at Large        Ken Furtado                  222-9796
Member at Large        Mike Mackey                                    265-8727

District 11 Elected Officials
Sen. Barbara Leff (R)          926-4486
Rep. Eric Meyer (D)            926-3037      emeyer
Rep. Adam Driggs (R)           926-3016
Mayor Phil Gordon              262-7111
Councilman Tom Simplot         262-7447

Crimestop                      262-6151
Traffic Complaint Hotline      534-7733

deAdly Citrus greening diseAse Alert                                   •   Don’t move citrus plants.
   First it was the oleanders that came under attack, Now it’s         •   Don’t transport citrus from quarantined or infested areas
the citrus.                                                            •   Don’t graft citrus plants
                              Named for the green, misshapen           •   Don’t buy citrus plants of unknown origin
                          fruit left on trees, citrus greening dis-        For more information, visit
                          ease has destroyed millions of acres
                          of citrus plants around the world. It       Jury duty sCAMs
                          is spread by a disease-infected in-             Beware of identity thieves who trick victims into revealing
                          sect, the Asian citrus psyllid, which       person information by telling them they have failed to report
                          feeds on citrus leaves and stems,           for jury duty and that a warrant will be issued for their arrest.
                          and has put the future of America’s         More info at
                          citrus at risk. Citrus greening disease
has spread throughout the state of Florida, which is now un-
der quarantine. Citrus psyllids have also been found in Mexico,
Guam, Puerto Rico, California, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia,
Hawaii, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas.
   There is no cure for this deadly disease, only prevention.
Help stop the spread of this deadly plant disease.

Windsor Square News
5025 N. Central Ave., PMB 516
Phoenix, AZ 85012

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