Rubric by liwenting


									                         4                 3 or 2                 1           Total
                                                         components of
                 handout             handout done
                                                         the handout left
                 creatively done,    with bear
                 contains all the    minimum and
                                                         questions left
Geography (x5)   information and     answers to
                                                         unanswered or
                 the answer to the   questions are
                                                         very brief with no
                 questions show      basic and
                                                         analysis or
                 insight and depth   superficial
                                    Summary shows
                                    bare minimum
                 Summary shows
                                    research and         Summary shows
                 that the student
                                    partial              little or no
                 well researched
                                    understanding of     research.
                 the history of the
                                    country history.     Questions have
History (x5)     country and
                                    The answers to       no analysis and
                 answers to
                                    the questions are    answered with
                 questions show
                                    simple               directly copied
                 insight and
                                    responses with       information.
                                    very little

                 Student choose                          Student choose
                 articles that are   Student choose      articles that were
                 relevant and        somewhat            inappropriate or
                 summary             appropriate         irrelevant.
Current Events
                 analysis shows      articles.           Summary shows
                 an in-depth         Summary is          rote repetition of
                 understanding of    basic and shows     information in
                 the issue and       bare analysis.      article and no
                 relevance.                              analysis.

                 Activity is done    Activity is done    Activity is done
                 correctly and       partially correct   incorrectly and
                 answers to          and the answers     the answer to
                 questions show      to the questions    questions show
Goals (x5)
                 depth, thought      show basic bare     no thought or
                 and insight         analysis            analysis
                 Presentation to     Presentation to
                 the class           class covers        Presentation
                 effective and       basic               ineffective and
                 engaging.           information.        doesn’t cover
                 Student pulls       Analysis is not     basic
Final Product    together the        completely          information. No
(x10)            information         understood. The     analysis done
                 effectively and     final questions     and final
                 answers final       are answered        questions left
                 questions with      with some           unanswered or
                 insight, depth      thought and         show no thought.
                 and thought.        analysis.
                                   All parts of the   components of
                  All parts of the
                                   presentation       the presentation
Overall           presentation are
                                   done but with      left undone, or
Presentation (x5) done and show
                                   basic design and   done very
                                   information        haphazardly

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