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									Rhetoric and Composition Program Newsletter                                                                         Issue 1.1 ✍ Fall 2008

RHETORIC                                                                                               AND
 A Writing Program with a Future
    Professor Doug Hesse never                           By establishing the writing program as      According to Hesse, students of Rhetoric
planned that he would direct one of the              essential across the disciplines, Hesse         and Composition should be looking to-
country’s premiere writing programs. With            was able to invest in student research.         wards identity, especially how writers
an MFA in Expository Writing, Hesse found            Hesse launched a call for researchers to        identify themselves within their writing
his way into Rhetoric and Composition                gather data on students, specifically look-     communities. Further, Hesse sees value in
through a mentor and former CCCC chair,              ing at student writing portfolios. The port-    examining the relationship between writ-
and has never looked back.                           folios were assessed under strenuous            ing and composing, suggesting the future
    As the director of the University of             guidelines and coded for a variety of fac-      of writing lies in the composition affor-
Denver’s Writing Program, Hesse has                  tors.                                           dances of video and online networks such
complied extensive research on under-                                                                as Twitter and Facebook.
graduate students and their composition                                                                  As the paths of composition and his
patterns in writing-intensive courses                                                                own writing programs become more clear,
                                                                                                     Hesse looks forward to how the future of
throughout their four years of university
                                                                                                     his discipline unfolds. ✍
education. As part of his responsibility in
building a program from the ground up,
Hesse found the first step in creating a                                                                           StS dent
                                                                                                                     u ot
successful writing program was to define                                                                              p                light
WAC courses within the context of his
university. From there, Hesse was able to
establish a writing center that would suit
DU’s needs while accommodating his par-                      Prof. Doug Hesse visits FSU.           Scott Gage, 2nd-Year Ph.D.
ticular research interests. Hesse devel-
                                                                                                    Lafayette, La.
oped the center by investing in faculty and
                                                                                                    Scott is a second-year Ph.D. student in Rheto-
by launching a series of WAC-specific                   While Hesse’s results are pending, he       ric and Composition, a teaching assistant in the
workshops. This effort cued faculty that             suggests portfolio assessment may be           First-Year Composition Program, and the Co-
WAC should be considered a key devel-                the trend of the future. But portfolios are    Assistant Director of the Reading Writing Cen-
                                                                                                    ter and Digital Studio. Scott came to FSU from
opmental process.                                    not the only movement in composition.          Louisiana State University, where he completed
                                                                                                    an MFA in Fiction and a B.A. in English. Scott's
                                   Upcoming Events                                                  research interests include race and rhetoric,
                                                                                                    narrative theory, and modern rhetorical theory.
 NOV 5-6: Digital Studio Launch                                                                    Scott is presenting at two conferences this
                                                                                                    year: (1) "Blogging Hysteria: Digital Media and
       Nov 5 11-3 & Nov 6 1-5 Join the Rhet/Comp Program for the Digital Studio                     the Delivery of Cyber-Rumors in Post-Katrina
       Open House. Located in WMS 222B, the Digital Studio is a place where students                Louisiana" at the 2008 Watson Conference in
       can find consultation assistance for such endeavors as designing an electronic portfolio,    Louisville; and (2) "Delivery Is Praxis: Center-
       conducting online research for an essay, creating a blog, selecting images for a visual      ing the Fifth Canon in Writing Pedagogy" at the
       essay, writing a script for a podcast, and increasing digital communication capabilities.    2009 CCCC.
Rhetoric and Composition Program Newsletter                                                                      Issue 1.1 ✍ Fall 2008

Meet Our New 2008 Students
    This fall, the Rhetoric and                                           composition, and literacy stud-
Composition program wel-                                                  ies. Matt spends his free time       Updates
comes five new MA and four                                                traveling, playing hockey, soc-
new Ph.D. students from                                                   cer, and basketball, and enjoy-
around the country. While                                                 ing German language and cul-
their interests vary—from
literacy to pedagogy to rhe-
                                                                               This semester, Matt will
                                                                                                              October 16-18
                                                                                                              The Thomas R. Watson
torical theory—each of                                                    attend the Watson Conference        Conference
these students brings a new         Ontario, Michigan, Georgia,           and will present at CCCC in the     “The New Work of Composing”
dynamic to our community.           Kansas, North Carolina, and           spring, as well as at Computers
    Meet Matt Davis. Matt is        Germany home for various              and Writing in the summer.          University of Louisville
                                                                                                              Louisville, Ken.
a first-year Ph.D. student who      lengths of time and is happy to            Upon completion of his
graduated from the University       add Florida to the list. Since the    Ph.D., Matt plans on pursuing              PRESENTATIONS
of Kansas with a B.A. in English    crossover from literature, Matt       an academic career in Rhetoric
                                                                          and Composition.                    Michael Neal
and German, and from North          has discovered research inter-
                                                                               As the fall semester takes     Oct. 16 at 4:30 PM
Carolina State University with an   ests in classroom pedagogy
                                                                          full swing, the Rhetoric and        “Oui, We Wii: How Multiple
M.A. in English with a focus on     and pedagogical theory, the
                                                                          Composition Program looks           ‘Identitiis’ are Shaping our
19th and 20th Century Ameri-        interface of composition and
                                                                          forward to getting to know our      Digital Communicative Acts”
can Literature. He has had the      literature, collaborative learning
pleasure of calling Oklahoma,       and writing, technology and           new students. ✍
                                                                                                              Scott Gage
                                                                                                              Oct. 17 at 11:45 AM
                                                                                                              "Blogging Hysteria: Digital
                                                                                                              Media and the Delivery of
                                                                                                              Cyber-Rumors in Post-Katrina

                                                                                                              Matt Davis
                                                                                                              Natalie Syzmanski
         R/C students painting the new suite space.              A monthly R/C gathering at a local eatery.   Kara Taczak

           News                         Notes

          Over the past months we’ve been updating the Rhet/Comp Web site.
           Check out our new site at:
          Nov 21 & Dec 5 at 3:00  CHEW
            Our bi-weekly lunch continues at Panera on Blairstone. We will be peer
            editing and discussing upcoming projects.
          Dec 1 at 4:00 & 6:45  Visiting Speaker Dr. Donald Leu
            Dr. Donald Leu kicks off our Visiting Speaker Series with a presentation at
            4:00. He will guest lecture Dr. Yancey’s Digital Media class at 6:45.
          Dec 4 at 7:00  Holiday Party
            Rhet/Comp students and family are invited to our annual holiday party                                                 rc
            hosted by Dr. Yancey.

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