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NAME:        Philip A. Somerset
ADDRESS: 2 Dearden Place
             Gaithersburg, MD 20878
TITLE: Sr. Information Management Specialist
BUSINESS PHONE: (301) 548-2223
HOME PHONE:(301) 977-0465

High School: Towson High School, Towson, MD; 1962
Undergraduate Study: B.S., Information Systems Management, University of Maryland,
       College Park, MD; 1975
Graduate Study: M.S. in Computer Systems Management, University of Maryland, University
       College, December 1998.
       U.S. Navy, 1963-1970, Electronics Technician; Highest rank attained: Petty Officer First
       U.S. Navy Reserve, 1970-1989, Electronics Technician; Highest rank attained: Chief
       Petty Officer; Retired.

EXPERIENCE SUMMARY: Mr. Somerset has over thirty years experience in the
computer field, with eighteen years of experience working with personal computer hardware and
software, specializing in user support for all major PC software packages in networked
environments. He is skilled in system configuration, batch file development and Windows
configuration. He is a Novell Certified Netware Engineer (CNE)(June 1996). He currently
develops and advises others in the development of World Wide Web page families and other
Internet environments. He is an experienced Lotus Domino developer. He also has worked in
IBM mainframe environments, and was competent in JCL, WYLBUR, and TSO/ISPF. He has
programmed in FORTRAN on IBM mainframe and UNIVAC 1108 (EXEC-8) and in BASIC and
PASCAL on PC platforms. He is an instructor in Data Communications at Columbia Union
College in Takoma Park, MD.

Title: Senior Info. Mgmt. Spec. Supervisor: Patty Thananart
Company: ACS Government Solutions Group, Inc.               Phone: (301) 921-7000
               (formerly Computer Data Systems, Inc.)
City, State, Zip: Rockville, MD 20850         Clients: General Services Administration;
                                                       Office of Personnel Management;
                                                       National Institutes of Health
Dates:          March 8, 1993 - Present       Phone: (301) 548-2223
Mr. Somerset's primary responsibility is to provide Web creation, maintenance, and analysis
services to ACS GSG customers. He is adept in Web site creation, development, and
                                     Philip A. Somerset

maintenance in HTML, Javascript and Lotus Domino. In his most recent assignment, he works
on-site at the Public Buildings Service (PBS) of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)
in support of the Systems Development Center (SDC) project. In this capacity, he provides
services to the PBS Webmaster in the Office of the PBS CIO.

Prior to that, he was involved in developing a user-configurable Lotus Domino-based Web site
for the distribution of health education information for the Office of Science Education of the
National Institutes of Health. He was the senior developer in the creation of a Web site to allow
U.S. Government employees to select health insurance plans for calendar year 1998. On a
previous GSA Public Building Service project, he had become a primary source within PBS on
the use of the Internet, having designed several families of pages within the PBS section of the
GSA pages (, and conducted Internet user training. He served on the
PBS Web Council, providing assistance to the PBS Webmaster on issues related to Web design,
site maintenance, and tool selection and use.

From August 1993, Mr. Somerset served as a Sr. Information Management Specialist working on
site in the PBS Resource Center for the Public Buildings Services Office of the CIO at the
General Services Administration (GSA). As such, he provided assistance to PBS users
experiencing difficulties with hardware, software and LAN products, and in proper use of these
products. He responded to questions about current applications on current platforms. He
conducted formal or one-on-one training as required. For a one-year period, he provided support
for five Novell LAN’s.

Software:      Microsoft Windows NT 4.0; Novell Netware Vers. 3.11 (CNE); Microsoft
               Office97; Lotus Notes, Vers. 4.6; Lotus cc:Mail, Vers. 6; Adobe PhotoShop,
               Vers. 5; PaintShop Pro, Vers. 3.1; Adobe Acrobat, Vers. 3 – 4; Netscape
               NavigatorVers. 1-5.

Title:                                          Technical Consultant
Supervisor: Margaret Moe
Company: The Franklin Mint                      Phone: (215) 459-6577
City, State, Zip: Franklin Center, PA 19091     Client: The Franklin Mint
Dates: March 1989 - January 1993                Phone: (215) 459-7000
Duties & Responsibilities: Mr. Somerset was the senior internal PC support specialist for this
direct mail marketing company with over 500 PC's. He was responsible for support of all major
software packages. He conducted classroom and tutorial training for both users and End User
Services staff. He enhanced user productivity by efficient configuration of software packages
and by the creation of appropriate DOS batch programs and 1-2-3 and WordPerfect macros. He
wrote and printed the company's PC user newsletter using Ventura Publisher. He was also
trained as a Novell System Administrator, and regularly aided users in resolving network
problems. He functioned as the System Administrator for the PC side of an
IBM-mainframe-to-PC connectivity package called Arbiter, from Tangram Systems, Inc.
Hardware: IBM PC/XT/AT, IBM PS/2
Languages: BASIC, Pascal

                                     Philip A. Somerset

Software:     Lotus 1-2-3 (all versions), WordPerfect, MultiMate Advantage II, Lotus
Symphony (all versions), dBASE III Plus and dBASE IV, R:BASE for DOS, Ventura Publisher,
E78Plus and ProComm Plus
Applications:        Sales Planning, Data Communications

Title: Technical Director              Supervisor: Hussein Ezzat, President
Company: Virginia Tek, Inc.            Phone: (703) 471-5188
City, State, Zip: Herndon, VA 22070                   Client: Various
Dates:          November 1981 - March 1989
Mr. Somerset designed and implemented a family of software packages for the printed circuit
board industry. These included a CAD-type program to generate punched paper tapes for
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) routing machines, a CNC drill tape editor and preview
plotting program, and a drill path optimizing program. He wrote user manuals for all programs,
performed all installation and user training, and was responsible for all customer support and
software maintenance.
Hardware:       Tektronix 4052/4054, Tektronix 4662/3 Plotters, IBM PC/XT/AT, Houston
Instruments DMP-51 Plotter
Languages: BASIC, Microsoft QuickBASIC
Software:       WordStar, Lotus 1-2-3
Applications: Printed circuit board engineering
Title: Systems Analyst                 Supervisor: Jack Dmoch
Company: Tektronix, Inc.               Phone: (301) 948-7151
City, State, Zip: Rockville, MD 20850                 Client: Various
Dates: 1978 - November 1981
Mr. Somerset main duty was to assist customers in the selection, installation and use of
Tektronix' line of graphic computer terminal, graphic computers, and graphic software. He also
assisted Sales Engineers before and during sales presentations by providing technical information
to enable the customer to select the best hardware and/or software for his/her application. He
demonstrated equipment as needed. He also conducted classroom training.
Hardware: Tektronix 4051/4052/4054, IBM 360, DEC PDP-11
Software:       Tektronix Terminal Control System (TCS), Tektronix Easy Graphing
Applications: Computer Graphics
Title: Programmer/Analyst              Supervisor: Ralph Ubico
Company: Control Data Corp.
City, State, Zip: Rockville, MD 20851                 Client: EPA
Dates:          September 1975 - 1978
Mr. Somerset was responsible for the development of several modules of a large econometric
model for EPA. The model forecasted economic activity and predicted amounts of pollutants
generated by this activity. The levels of pollutants could be analyzed based on varying levels of
pollution-abatement regulation.
Hardware: IBM 370/168
Languages: FORTRAN
Software:       JCL, SuperWYLBUR
Applications: Economic Modelling

                                      Philip A. Somerset

Title: Systems Engineer         Supervisor: Ben Burdette
Company: Control Data Corp.
City, State, Zip: Arlington, VA 22204           Client: U.S. Navy
Dates:          July 1970 - September 1975
Mr. Somerset performed engineering services for a contract with the U.S. Navy in the
construction, testing and maintenance of training facilities for personnel of the Navy's Polaris and
Poseidon submarine program. His duties included review of design documentation, review of
test procedures, analysis of test results and review of modification documentation.
Hardware: CDC 3300
Languages: FORTRAN
Software:       MASTER

Title: Navigation Technician           Supervisor: ETCM Robert Register
Company: U.S. Navy
City, State, Zip: Charleston, SC 29407
Dates:           July 1963 - July 1970
Petty Officer Somerset was an Electronics Technician aboard the USS Lewis & Clark,
SSBN-644, a Polaris submarine. His duties were to calibrate, repair and operate the Ship's
Inertial Navigation System (SINS), and other electronic navigation equipment. He participated
in six strategic deterrent patrols.
Hardware: MARDAN (Marine Digital Analyzer)
Languages: Machine Language
Software:        None


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