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     The World Poker Store, Inc.

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                   THE WORLD POKER STORE, INC.

                            OCTOBER 2008
                    PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL

Some of the statements made below are forward-looking statements. These forward-
looking statements are based upon our current expectations and projections about
future events. The words “believe,” “anticipate,” “intend,” “estimate,” “expect” and
similar expressions, or the negative of such words and expressions, are intended to
identify forward-looking statements, although not all forward-looking statements
contain such words or expressions. These forward-looking statements generally
relate to our plans, objectives and expectations for future operations and are based
upon management’s current estimates and projections of future results or trends.
Although we believe that our plans and objectives reflected in or suggested by these
forward-looking statements are reasonable, we may not achieve these plans or
objectives. You should read this document completely and with the understanding
that actual future results may be materially different from what we expect. We will
not update forward-looking statements even though our situation may change in the

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The World Poker Store, Inc. (“the Company”) is a Nevada corporation, formed
originally in December 2004. The company is publicly traded under the symbol

Until June 2005 the Company primarily operated retail outlets offering gaming
merchandise and memorabilia. In June of 2005 the Company started what is now its
primary business and focus, offering Texas Hold ’em leagues in bars and restaurants
throughout the United States (“Bar Poker League”).

Management has developed two lines of business that will begin operations in the
fourth quarter 2008. First, the Company’s poker league will commence a major
expansion into the German and Netherlands poker entertainment market. The
Company reached agreements with two business partners, Everest Poker and Play It
Simpel, which provide powerful strategic advantages in the expansion of the
European market. Second, the Company has expanded into China and will open its
first of a planned ten upscale entertainment clubs which feature Las Vegas style
entertainment and Texas Hold ’em tournaments.


Charles G. Chastain Mr. Chastain is the founder, Chief Executive Officer and
Chairman of the Board for the Company. Mr. Chastain is a 20 year retail industry
owner operator with a keen eye for emerging trends. Mr. Chastain originated the
concept of The World Poker Store and World Poker Entertainment to fill a void in the
marketplace. With extensive Poker industry contacts and professional player
networking, Mr. Chastain has positioned the company to capitalize on the Bar Poker
League in Europe and upscale entertainment clubs in China.

Greg Needham Mr. Needham is the Chief Operating Officer and Director for the
Company. Mr. Needham is a marketing veteran with more than 20 years experience
launching new concepts and driving traffic for multiple entertainment and gaming
concepts around the country. With particular focus on multi-venue large scale
facilities Mr. Needham has worked with Simon Properties, Mills properties and other
mall developers to open and promote anchor mall attractions while serving as Vice
President of Marketing for Jillian’s Entertainment. His resume also includes Senior
Marketing positions with Sega GameWorks, Stuart Anderson’s, Mid-America Festivals
and Harborage inc. Mr. Needham has been an integral part of the company from the
beginning from concepting the original business plan for the World Poker Store to the
development, launch and expansion of The Bar Poker League into a scalable world
wide business model.

Mike Hammer is the Vice President of Operations and Director for the Company.
Mike Hammer is a former CEO and President of a transportation company, and has
been involved at the start-up stages of several companies with a primary focus on
operations management in the entertainment industry.              His strengths lie in
leadership and organizational skills, and through networking has developed a top
notch work force for carrying out all aspects of the internal workings of a company.
His experience and people skills triggered a natural fit for The World Poker Stores.

Paul Holmquist Mr. Holmquist is the Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Holmquist was
the founder and Chief Financial Officer of Mathews, Holmquist and Associates, an
investment banking firm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota with branch offices in
New York, Chicago, Dallas and Denver. Mr. Holmquist has twenty-five years of
experience with investment banking firms in Minneapolis as Chief Financial Officer
and Director of Mergers and Acquisitions. Mr. Holmquist has a B.A. in Finance and
a minor in Economics from Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Lili Pan Mr. Pan is Director of Chinese Operations and Director for the Company.
Mr. Pan is a native of China, earned a BA degree from Hunan Agricultural University,
a MS degree from the University of Minnesota, and a MBA from the University of St.
Thomas. Over the last fourteen years Mr. Pan has worked with American businesses
to expand their opportunities in China, and worked on developing sister-city
relationships between China and the United States. Mr. Pan is an Economic
Development Advisor to the city of Loudi China, and a former Vice President of the
Chinese American Business Association of Minnesota.

John Harper will provide legal counsel for the Company. Mr. Harper has practiced
law in Nevada the last twenty-five years and has experience with several public
companies and securities and exchange rules and regulations and correspondence.


Marcel Luske Known as “The Flying Dutchman” Marcel Luske is one of the most
recognizable figures in the poker world. Renowned for his stylish table image,
including designer suits and patented upside down sunglasses, Marcel has had a
remarkable pro career with tournament cashes in virtually every country in the
world. After beginning his pro career in 1999, his uncanny ability to read his
opponents and even-keeled temper helped him to be ranked as the number one
player in Europe in 2001 and 2003 with Player of the year honors in 2002 and 2004.
Marcel not only serves on the advisory board for the World Poker Store, but also is
head of the Federation Internationale de Poker Association (FIDPA) and sits on the
Board of Directors for the World Poker Association (WPA). Marcel is a driving force
for expansion of The Bar Poker League in Europe.

Phil Hellmuth Known as “The Poker Brat” Phil Hellmuth is best known for his
astonishing eleven World Series of Poker bracelets. Only Johnny Chan and the Doyle
Brunson have close to as many with 10 bracelets each. Hellmuth has 5 World Poker
Tour top-ten finishes and has won more than 50 tournaments in his career which
lead his poker peers to vote him “best all around tournament poker player in the
world.” As a Wisconsin native, Hellmuth started his pro career at the tender age of
24 by winning his first World Series of Poker title fresh out of the University of
Wisconsin and has continued his stated career goal to become the best poker player
of all time. Today he is not only a world class poker player, but also an author of 3
poker books and as a member of the World Poker Store’s advisory board; he
continues to promote poker around the world and here in the United States. He
shows no signs of slowing down and is a bona fide poker icon.

Johnny Chan Known as “The Orient Express” Johnny Chan is a poker legend and
with 10 World Series of Poker bracelets to his name and over $10 Million in
tournament earnings during his career there are few players on the planet who can
rival his poker record. Chan made poker history by winning the main event of the
World Series of Poker back to back in 1987 and 1988. In 1998, Chan played himself
in a cameo role in the cult movie classic “Rounders.” The movie helped focus much
attention on the sport of Texas Hold ‘em and is believed to have spring boarded it to
mainstream America. Chan has authored multiple books and is respected around the
world as a poker player that has stood the test of time and continues to bring his
game to every table. As a member of the World Poker Store’s advisory board, he is
active in the development of the company in China as well as other Asian countries
and promotes poker worldwide.

Hoyt Corkins Known as “The Alabama Cowboy” Hoyt Corkins “no fear” style of play
and down home demeanor epitomizes the roots of Texas Hold ‘em. With over 20 final
table appearances in major live tournaments, 25 “in the money” finishes, multiple
WSOP bracelets and Millions of dollars in tournament winning, Corkins is a force to
be reckoned with at any poker table. Born in rural Alabama, Hoyt grew up learning
the game of poker from his father. Hoyt accredits much of his skill in reading players
to the knowledge he learned at his father’s games in Alabama. Corkins aggressive
playing style and ability to read opponents makes him one of the best players in the
world. Corkins has appeared all around the United States in support of The World
Poker Store and continues to promote The Bar Poker League and the sport of poker
as a representative of the game from the south.

Patrik Antonius Known as “The Brad Pitt of Poker” Patrik Antonius is one of the
most widely recognized players in poker today. Starting his poker career as one of
the world’s best online players, Antonius has steadily increased his bankroll with over
$2.8 Million in career live tournament earnings with 11 WSOP cash finishes, 7 WPT
cash finishes and 1 EPT title. Since taking up poker as a profession in 2002, he has
amassed almost $3 Million as a result of his skill and aggressive style of play. Hailing
from Finland, Antonius is a regular on poker television and continues to cash in EPT,
WPT and WSOP events. As a high profile online player, Antonius can be found playing
online with other similar caliber players all over the world. Aspiring online players
revel at the opportunity to compete with him on the internet. As a member of the
World Poker Store’s advisory board, Patrik is essential to the company maximizing
opportunities with online poker sites and continues to draw crowds at appearances
and autograph sessions for WPS.

Liz Lieu Known as “The Poker Diva” Liz Lieu is considered by her peers to be one of
the top big stakes cash game players in the world. She has transcended the game
and turned playing poker into a lifestyle. As Liz travels the globe, she brings her high
fashion sensibility and card-playing expertise with her, showing fans everywhere that
you don’t have to sacrifice style and beauty for a career in poker. Born in Vietnam,
Lieu has donated her time, money and effort to charity in support of many causes in
her country of birth. She continues to promote poker as a sport with grace, style and
a sense of giving that brings more attention to the good of the game. As a
consummate player, she can regularly be found in high stakes games and
tournaments around the world and as a member of The World Poker Store’s advisory
board, she supports growth of the company in Asia and brings balance to the board
with a female point of view and through extensive knowledge of cash game poker
and the results to prove it.

                      CORPORATE STRUCTURE

                        THE WORLD POKER STORE

                             (WORLD POKER

                            Nevada Corporation

    ENTERTAINMENT                                  ENTERTAINMENT
      A Chinese Corp.                             (Wholly-owned division)
   (70% owned subsidiary)
          China                                        Netherlands



The World Poker Store, Inc. (“the Company”) is a Nevada corporation, formed
originally in December 2004. The company is publicly traded under the symbol

Until June 2005 the Company primarily operated retail outlets offering gaming
merchandise and memorabilia. In June of 2005 the Company started what is now its
primary business and focus, offering Texas Hold ’em leagues in bars and restaurants
throughout the United States (“Bar Poker League”). The World Poker Store’s Bar
Poker League currently runs over 100 Texas Hold ’em Tournaments per week in
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida and Washington. There are over 30,000 players
registered in the Bar Poker League with nearly 5,000 players per week.

Management has developed two lines of business that will begin operations in the
fourth quarter 2008. First, the Company’s Bar Poker League will commence a
major expansion into the German and Netherlands poker entertainment market. The
Company reached agreements with two business partners, Everest Poker and Play It
Simpel, which provide powerful strategic advantages in the expansion of the
European market. Second, the Company has expanded into China and will open its
first of a planned ten upscale Entertainment Clubs which feature Las Vegas style
entertainment and Texas Hold ’em tournaments.

The Bar Poker League

The Bar Poker League is a league where consumers play Texas Hold ’em for free at
bars and restaurants (venues). There is no buy-in required to play or wagers
allowed at any tournament; the experience is billed as entertainment. Members earn
points based on how well they perform and how frequently they play. Player point
data is displayed on The World Poker Store web site, so Members can check their
point totals, review their relative standing, and redeem points for merchandise.
Players are eligible for professional tournament invites where they can parlay their
free tournament experience into real money winnings.

The business is based on licensing territories. Bar Poker League licensees are
responsible for signing up host site venues (bars and restaurants), and managing
and promoting the tournaments. The World Poker Store provides the league
structure and web site, league sponsors, prizes, marketing materials, tournament
management training, and the Player Card swipe card system for player
identification. The licensee model enables the Company to rapidly expand the
business, and create positive cash flows without significant expense.

Revenue comes from venues that pay to host the tournaments, license fees, league
sponsorship fees, and affiliate programs.

The company has focused its efforts on growing The Bar Poker League in Europe and
other countries for several reasons.       First, the economics of television show
production and local airing make it possible to include a reality TV show based on the
league, which drives demand. Second, the popularity of poker is growing rapidly in
Europe. Third, on-line gaming is legal and on-line gaming companies are willing to

sponsor poker leagues.      Fourth, our Advisory Board members have provided
business introductions thereby opening significant opportunities.

The Netherlands The Company has an agreement with Play it Simpel, a TV
production company in the Netherlands, to launch a Dutch version of The Bar Poker
League in February 2009. Under the agreement, the current bar tournaments will
join The Bar Poker League for the third season filming of the television program
“Poker Kampeion Van Nederland.” Play It Simpel started filming bar tournaments in
March 2008 for the purpose of creating the reality TV show and has produced two
seasons prior to joining The Bar Poker League. The tournaments and the show have
been very successful, with bar and player participation growing rapidly. In less than
one year, “Poker Kampeion Van Nederland” has acquired 200 host bars and 200,000
league members.

Marcel Luske, a world-wide celebrity poker player from the Netherlands, is the lead
personality and the face for both the league and the television show in Europe. Mr.
Luske is also a member of the Company’s Advisory Board.

Play It Simpel’s director of tournament operations has agreed to become a Bar Poker
League licensee, and will continue to manage the league under The Bar Poker
League license agreement. Management is currently in negotiations with several
online gaming companies to sponsor the league in the Netherlands.

Germany In June 2008 the Company announced an agreement with Everest Poker
to sponsor The Bar Poker League in Germany. Everest Poker is an on-line gaming
division of GigaMedia (GIGM), a leader in on-line gaming technology. Under the
agreement, Everest Poker paid a league sponsorship fee in exchange for exposure on
the league poker tables, chips and signage. Everest Poker will support the German
league through media buys, on-line tournaments, and affiliate programs.

In September 2008 the company announced an agreement with Play It Simpel to
produce a reality television show based on the poker league in Germany. League
members will play for the opportunity to appear on television and possibly be
crowned “The Best Poker Player in Germany.” Management believes that adding the
show to the league will be a catalyst to rapid growth in venues and members.

The Company is in advanced negotiations with several licensee candidates to operate
the Bar Poker League in Germany. Management anticipates that it may have as
many as ten licensees to adequately service the 82 million people that live in the
country. The league will begin holding poker tournaments in November 2008.

Israel The company has held advanced negotiations with a potential licensee for the
country of Israel. The licensee is currently seeking approval from the Israeli
government to host poker tournaments in bars and restaurants. Since The Bar Poker
League requires no buy-in and allows no bets at any tournament, the potential
licensee believes they will receive authorization to operate the league. The potential
licensee is in the process of applying for a license to operate in Israel and anticipates
an approval in early 2009.

United States The company has contracts with several licensees that run The Bar
Poker League tournaments in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida, and Washington.
Approximately half of the states in the U.S. have legalized this form of gaming
entertainment. Competitors currently operating in these states are potential targets
for license agreements. While the U.S. market is large, it is more challenging to grow
The Bar Poker League without an on-line gaming sponsor (on-line gaming is illegal in
the U.S.). Furthermore, with poker television already prevalent and competitors
already operating in most states, the time and effort required to realize similar profit
levels found outside the U.S. is much greater. These relative limitations have caused
Management to focus their efforts on developing The Bar Poker League in first to
market opportunities outside the U.S.

Entertainment Clubs

In late 2008 and mid 2009 respectively, two locations of the company’s upscale
entertainment club, Palace, will open their doors in China. In May 2008 the
company’s Chinese subsidiary, Shenzhen World Poker Entertainment Inc., became a
Joint Stock Corporation, which enabled the subsidiary to raise capital from Chinese
investors. Sufficient capital has been raised to begin the construction of the first
Palace location in Loudi China and the company plans to open a second location in
the city of Sanya on Hainan Island directly after. Future expansion is scheduled for
two additional clubs per year as the company expands through out China.

Management spent much of the last two years researching the viability of the
upscale entertainment club concept in China. This included hiring a consultant and
Chinese Liaison to assist the company with its due diligence. Introduction to and
continued relations with Chinese government officials has proved essential to the fast
paced development of the Chinese business model for the company. Local
government has strongly encouraged the development of Palace to make their cities
more attractive to businesses and tourists and they believe the clubs are an
important economic development asset for their cities. Evidence of the support we
received from the Chinese government includes:
   • An offer from the city of Loudi to buy the first 100 memberships to our first
       entertainment club
   • The designation of our first club as a “Key Project” by the Hunan Provincial
       People’s Government
   • A ceremonial signing of our contract to develop the Loudi Palace location with
       the Governor of Hunan Province (population 88 million) as part of The Hunan
       Investment Conference in Shanghai
   • Assistance in negotiating favorable real estate terms for our first project

China has experienced an explosion in their population of affluent residents and
business travelers from the West. Western amenities are increasingly in demand
throughout China. This includes Western style cars, houses, clothing and

Palace is a membership-based upscale facility that offers Las Vegas style
entertainment, including a poker room, nightclub, wine bar, cigar bar, tea room, five
star restaurant, conference room, VIP rooms, and gift shop.

The first entertainment club will open December 2008 in the city of Loudi. The club
will be a 50,000 square foot facility located in the HuiTain Office Tower in the heart
of Loudi's business district. Loudi is a thriving city of 4.5 million people in south
central China. The city is rich in natural resources, home to one of the world's
largest steel mills, and strategically located at the intersection of national highways
and railways. The city has experienced exceptional growth and a booming economy
from the demand for the natural resources and its close proximity to Changsha, the
capital city of Hunan. A Photo show for the designs of the Loudi facility can be
viewed at

The second Palace location will open in Sanya on Hainan Island in 2009. Hainan is a
beautiful resort island often referred to as the Hawaii of the East. The facility will be
a 30,000 sq. foot, free standing building as an anchor location on the Bar Street in
the center of the island’s “Beauty City” Project. Beauty City spans 2.5 square miles
and features a Marina, Golf course, Villas, Hotel, Condominiums and an
Entertainment District. The company will also act as a consultant for the project and
assist in acquiring other retail, restaurant and nightclub participants for Beauty City.


Professional Poker Players
Management has built strong relationships with six of the world’s best known poker
professionals. These celebrities make up the Company’s Advisory Board. They are:
Johnny Chan, Marcel Luske, Patrik Antonius, Liz Lieu, Hoyt Corkins, and Phil

European Partners
Play It Simpel is a television show production company that specializes in producing
poker reality TV shows. Play It Simpel has agreed to produce reality TV shows based
on our new poker league in Europe. League members play to be on the TV show and
possibly be crowned the best poker player of their country. Everest Poker is a
prominent European on-line gaming company that has agreed to sponsor our poker
league in Germany.

Chinese Partners
The Company’s Chinese subsidiary is headed by the Director of Chinese Operations,
Lili Pan. Mr. Pan is also an Economic Development Advisor to the city of Loudi China,
the location of the first upscale entertainment club. Through introductions provided
by Mr. Pan, the company has developed a working relationship with city and
provincial governments across China and has signed agreements with the Luneng
Group, the 5th largest real estate developer in China. Luneng Group has assets in
excess of 27 billion US dollars as well as owns and operates hotels and properties
around the country.


History of Poker
While its origins are not truly known for sure, it is likely that poker is a direct
descendant from the Persian game called As Nas. The first known direct reference to
"poker" was made in New Orleans around 1830. The game of poker spread up and
down the Mississippi and Ohio rivers on steamboats, and eventually all over via the
railroads. Poker gained infamy among cowboys on the Western frontier.

Texas Hold 'em gained popularity from the World Series of Poker. The first WSOP
was held in 1970 in conjunction with the opening of Benny Binion's Horseshoe Hotel
and Casino in downtown Las Vegas. Originally an "invitation only" tournament, the
event featured 12 top poker players participating in various poker games among
themselves for a few weeks. At the end of the competition, the players voted on who
the best was among them, and Johnny Moss was named the first WSOP champion.
In 1971, the tournament switched to the current freeze-out style in which the winner
is the last player standing. Johnny Moss won again in 1971. In 1972, the World
Series of Poker was won by Thomas "Amarillo Slim" Preston. Throughout the years,
the World Series of Poker would gain momentum and Texas Hold 'em slowly gained
notice and popularity. However, nothing would prepare the poker world for what
happened in 2003. Over 800 players participated in the No Limit Texas Hold 'em
WSOP main event, a new record (by far) that guaranteed the winner the enormous
prize of $2.5 million. The 2003 WSOP champion was Chris Moneymaker who won a
seat into the $10,000 buy in tournament by winning a $40 satellite tournament.

Hollywood has also played a big part in making Texas Hold 'em a popular game. In
March of 2003, the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel debuted, putting Texas
Hold 'em poker in the mainstream. The WPT would instantly become a smash hit and
draw record rating for the Travel Channel. ESPN's coverage of the World Series of
Poker also helped put Texas Hold 'em in the forefront. Numerous other poker related
television shows and movies would hit the airwaves. Texas Hold 'em has now
become part of the American mainstream culture!

The poker industry has seen rapid growth in recent years. In December 2007
Economist magazine estimated that there are 60 - 80 million regular poker players in
North America and 80-100 million more elsewhere. More people play poker than
play golf, pool or tennis. One in three college males play poker at least once a week.
Poker is by far the largest chunk of the online gambling market, which had worldwide
revenues of around $15 billion in 2006. Poker is now the third most watched
televised sport on cable TV behind only car racing and football. The Travel Channel,
ESPN, Bravo, GSN, NBC, SpikeTV, CBS, and E! are among the television networks
that offer or have recently offered some kind of televised poker.

On June 25th 2005 the key word “poker” became the #1 search term on the
internet, and continues to be the #1 search term according to “Lycos Top 50”., which tracks the top online poker rooms, estimates that over 100
million dollars are turned over every night in online games. Each day more than
$200 million in bets passes through more than 200 online poker sites from over 1.8
million players.

Due to current US regulations prohibiting online gaming and the process of payment
and winnings through US credit cards or banks, online poker rooms are flourishing in
Europe. Coupled with a European surge in online use, partnering with online gaming
companies is essential to maximizing the poker business model. According to
industry analysts, on any average day more than 122 million Europeans are online
verses 114 million in the US. The Netherlands and Scandinavian countries have the
highest percentage of their population using the internet ranging from 68 to 83
percent. Of the 27 EU member states, Germany has the largest online population;
32.6 million people age 15 and older. With roughly 500 Million citizens, the average
European accesses the internet from either home or at work an average of 16.5 days
a month. The U.K. has the most active online population, with average daily visits of
21.8 Million people and 21 days per month with an average of 34.4 hours per user
per month. Other countries usage days per month are Austria 12.0, Italy 12.9,
Ireland 13.0, Portugal 13.4, Norway 14.7, Denmark 14.7, Switzerland 15.1, Belgium
15.5 and Finland 16.4. Northern European countries have a stronger representation
of 18 to 30 year old online visitors specifically due to poker and those countries are
targeted for initial growth of The Bar Poker League in Europe.

The Organizational Chart is as follows:

                           United States
                         Executive Officers

  Shenzhen WPE                   WPE                    WPE Operations
                                Europe                   United States

  SWPE           WPE/BPL                  WPE/BPL           WPE/BPL          WPE/BPL
  Palace          Regional                 Regional          Regional        Regional
                 Licensees                Licensees         Licensees       Licensees
                   Europe                  Midwest          South East      North West

   Palace          WPE/BPL                  WPE/BPL            WPE/BPL       WPE/BPL
   Loudi           Licensees                Licensees          Licensees     Licensees
                  Netherlands               Minnesota            Florida     Washington

  Palace          WPE/BPL                   WPE/BPL
  Sanya           Licensees                 Licensees
                  Germany                   Wisconsin

Managers for each region will be based out of the company’s corporate operations for that area.


Bar Poker League
The Company will initiate an aggressive public relations and marketing plan to build
name recognition in the U.S. and overseas. The Company will utilize its Advisory
Board to greatly increase the awareness of the Company through increased name
recognition from Advisory Board members wearing the Company Logo at nationally
televised events. The Advisory Board members will also attend Company functions
and events around the world.

The Company is currently working with licensees in Germany, the Netherlands and
Israel to begin Bar Poker league operations. The Company is currently negotiating

sponsors, advertisers and joint venture partners in each country to help promote the
league and upscale entertainment clubs. The Company offers sponsors advertising
opportunities on its website, on chips, tables, banners and other point of sale items
as well as inclusion in media buys to increase revenue for the Company. The
Company has also developed a marketing strategy to support its Bar Poker League
by bundling it with a television program. The television program is being utilized in
the Netherlands and plans are to create a television package with each country being
developed.     The strategy calls for a key partner, usually an on-line gaming
company, who covers a majority of the cost of the program with additional partners
such as beer, spirit and energy drink companies complimenting these efforts.

Through its website, the company provides a card loyalty program for its member
players. The program tracks player participation and winnings to accumulate Reward
points which can be redeemed for merchandise and accumulated League points for a
birth to a regional tournament in which the winners are awarded seats to the famed
World Series of Poker Tournament Main Event in Las Vegas each year. This strategy
keeps players interested and participating in hopes of accumulating enough points
throughout multiple seasons during the year to make the Final tournament.

Entertainment Clubs
The Company is building entertainment facilities in China. The expansion plan is to
open two facilities per year over the next five years. The Company plans to market
the clubs through the sale of memberships and to the public utilizing normal
advertising media and sponsor/partnership programs. Pacific Rim countries are
accustom to the membership type marketing techniques and consider this as
business as usual. The Company will also utilize similar techniques as outlined in the
Bar Poker League marketing such as Texas Hold ’em tournaments, televised
tournaments, visible celebrity support and card loyalty programs.

Additional information
To inquire further information about the company contact The World Poker Store
Investor Relations at (651)-286-8918 or

Current press releases can be found at – search symbol WPKS.


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