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									                                                    FLORIDA DISTRICT
 Volume 71 Issue 1                                                                                            July 2005

   2005-2006 District                                                                                 DEC Continues
   Executive Council                 Governor’s Message                                            Robert (Bob) Muchow
   Agatha Muse-Salters                                                                             Northwest LT. Governor
          Governor                                                                                  6100 Cheyenne Drive
                               First, I want to thank you the Florida District once again
   1845 Copper Axe Trail                                                                              Milton, FL 32570
                               for electing me to the position as your Governor. Being            Home & Fax: 850-626-2776
   Tallahassee, FL 32303
                               your Governor is an honor and indeed a privilege that I               Cell: 850-516-6136
    Home: 850-562-0073
     Cell: 850-545-3092
                               will not take lightly.                                                Work: 850-623-1418
     Work: 850-488-7509                                                                 
                               I plan to be a leader by keeping the following two
     Fax: 850-487-0928
                               premises in mind: 1) Leadership is the activity of                Deborah (Debbie) DiFranco
                               influencing people to cooperate toward some goal                    Northeast LT. Governor
                               which they find; and 2) Leadership creates energy in                  400 Perthshire Drive
       Judy C. Finch           others by instilling purpose.                                       Orange Park, FL 32073
        Governor Elect                                                                             Home: (904) 276-2497
     2340 Foxworth Drive       Our purpose is to make Pilot a better world of tomorrow           Work: 904-272-8110 Ext. 3111
   Panama City, FL 32405       starting today. There is much to be accomplished. We       
 Home & Cell: 850-872-9617     need to realize that what we do today will determine                  Joan A. Spangler
 Work: 850-872-3434 x 2032     the future of Pilot tomorrow.                                       East Central LT. Governor
      Fax: 850-872-1002
                                                                                                     1240 Muirfield Court       Our common goal is to be an organization in the world
                                                                                                      Titusville, FL. 32780
                               where Pilot leads the way by giving service to our                 Home & Fax: 321-267-2706
        Susan E. Tull          communities, thereby generating friendships that will be
           Secretary                                                                                  Cell: 321-223-7216
   3246 Country Club Drive
                               strong enough to maintain our membership. The service                 Work: 321- 637-2009
    Lynn Haven, FL 32444       that we have will attract new members, but the
                               everlasting friendships will keep them.                                Joyce Centrella
     Home: 850-271-2662
                                                                                                  West Central LT. Governor
      Cell: 850-896-5132
      FAX: 850-271-2672
                               As we enter into this new year, I promise you first and             9227 W. Marquette Lane
                               foremost my guide and operating principle in anything                Crystal River, FL 34428
                               that I do for Pilot will be our Code of Ethics. It is just what       Home; 352-563-0425
   Sara “Bunny” Mason                                                                                 Cell: 352-220-0035
                               it says an ethical code by which we as Pilots should live.
          Treasurer                                                                               Work: 352-746-6600 x 8577
                               I ask you also to always consider the Code of Ethics                   Fax: 352-746-8696
        P. O. Box 53
                               when dealing with Pilots and conducting projects and      
     Coleman, FL 33521
    Home: 352-793-5950
                               programs for our various communities. Foremost, let us
                               always remember to spread the friendship and service                  Margaret Reydel
     Cell: 352-457-5588
                               to make all our communities a better place to live.                  Southeast LT. Governor
                                                                                                    4305 Cleveland Street
                               Finally, have a fantastic year and do not forget to have              Hollywood, FL 33021
   Thoughts to Ponder          FUN when you are conducting business and going                        Home: 954-962-7150
                               about making your communities better places to live in                 Cell: 954-610-5274
 Do more than exist – live.
                                                                                                      Fax: 954-983-2421
Do more than touch – feel.     by spreading the Pilot friendship and service. You will
   Do more than look --        find out that everything will go better and smoother.
        observe.               Lets spread that Pilot Pride and show that we are PROUD                 Linda Forester
  Do more than read --         to be PILOTS in the Florida District.                                Southwest LT. Governor
         absorb.                                                                                        2720 White Blvd.
                                                                                                        Naples, FL 34117
Do more than hear -- listen.
  Do more than listen --
                                                          Agatha                                     Home: 239-353-5336
                                                                                                      Cell: 239-289-8289
       understand.                                                                                    Work: 239-455-9170
                               The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the                Fax: 239-455-8903
   ~ John H. Rhoades ~
                               service of others. -- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi --        
Page 2 - Governor’s Bulletin                                                                                        July 2005

                                                                                    Message from ECR

                                                                  Dear Florida Pilots,

            Meet me in ST. Louis … July 13 – 16, 2005             Being ECR to the Florida District was a wonderful
                                                                  experience and my honor. I thank all of you for making
   According to PI, we have approximately 96 Pilots, Anchors      me feel so welcome. I hope I was able to bring some
   and Co-Pilots registered to attend the PI Convention.          valuable training and insight to you, but know that I also
   Listed below is a schedule of the activities and events for    learned a lot from you. I learned that a few hurricanes
   the ST. Louis convention:                                      cannot stop a good district. I learned that the Florida
                                                                  District is special and that you truly live by "friendship and
   Mon. July 11 – Council of Leaders Retreat Begins               service". Thanks for allowing me to work with you and get
   Tues. - Wednesday, July 12 – 13 – Council of Leaders           to know you better. I shall treasure the gift of your
   Wed. July 13 – Workshops & Opening Session (8 P.M.)            friendship. I sincerely hope that you will call me if I can
   Thurs. July 14 – Business Session (8:30 A.M.)                  ever do anything for you.
   District Luncheon (12:00 P.M. – 1:30 P.M.) Promenade
                                                                  Judy Breaud
   Ballroom D – 2nd Floor
                                                                  2nd Vice President
   Business & Workshops (2:00- 5:00 P.M.)
                                                                  Pilot International
   District Pictures (5:45 P. M.) Promenade Ballroom 2nd Floor
   President’s Banquet (Party) (7:00 P.M.) FL Beach Party
   Fri. July 15 – Business Session & Workshops - Evening Free                    Wanted Books & Bears
   Sat. July 16 – PIF Walk (7:00 – 8: 00 A.M.); PIF Annual        The Anchors will again sponsor their Books & Bears
   Meeting (9:00 – 10:30 A.M.); Workshops & Business Session
                                                                  project. Please do not forget to bring your books
   The convention will provide an opportunity to gain
                                                                  and bears to support this worthwhile program that
   knowledge, learn about Pilot from a global perspective,        benefits children in the convention cities. Plans have
   and to meet new friends from all around the world. It will     been made to donate the items to six different
   be an experience that you will never forget.                   facilities within the ST. Louis area. The Pilot Clubs that
                                                                  have been collecting Books and Bears please don’t
                      Meet me in ST. Louis …
                                                                  forget to bring them to PI Convention.

                 MARK YOUR CALENDAR
                                                                               FLORIDA DISTRICT ANCHORS
                                                                  To all Pilot Club Presidents with Anchor Clubs in their
                                                                  vicinity, whether you are an official charter sponsor or not,
                                                                  we need you to take interest in your Anchor Clubs. You
                                                                  should get a copy of the new 2005-2006 Anchor Officer's
                                                                  form, listing all officers, directors and appointees, the
                                                                  name and address and a contact phone number for each
                                                                  anchor coordinator at the school. When you do, please
   July – Club Officers Forms are due to PI. Send copies to       ask if they have sent the required copy to PI and our
   Governor & Governor Elect.                                     District Anchor Coordinator, Susan Williams. Very few
                                                                  reports have been received by either PI or Susan. The
   July 1, 2005; Deadline for District, PI, & PSHF Dues
                                                                  annual Anchor dues for each Anchor Club, for District AND
   Pilot International Convention                                 Pilot International are due in early November. Please try to
   July 13 - 16, 2005; Adam's Mark Hotel; ST. Louis, Missouri     include them in your Pilot activities. Many clubs do this
   Thurs., July 14th District Luncheon (12:00 noon – 1:30 P.M.)   with great success and reap great rewards. Anchors ARE
                     District Pictures (5:45 P.M.)                the building blocks for the future of Pilot, so make an effort
                                                                  to meet and coordinate activities with them.
   July 18, 2005; Deadline for Governor’s Bulletin & Wave
                                                                  As a reminder, Susan Williams is the 2005-2006 Anchor
   August - Select Pilot International Foundation Sweetheart      Coordinator. Please start sending and referring all
   August 6, 2005; Appointees Meeting; Gainesville, FL;           correspondence to her starting July 1st. Susan’s contact
   Additional information will be provided at a later date.       information is Pilot Club of Milton; 5656 Trevino Drive;
                                                                  Milton FL 32570; 850-623-8807 (H); 850-995-3600 Ext. 136
   August 15, 2005; Postmark deadline for PEP reports to PI       (W); (E-mail).
Page 3 - Governor’s Bulletin                                                                                          July 2005

        NOTE FROM THE GOVERNOR ELECT                                              SNIPPETS FROM SUSAN
   I just want to take this opportunity to thank you again for    I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those of
   electing me as your Governor Elect. I am thankful for          you who might not know me! I am a member of the Pilot Club
   the confidence you have shown me by electing me to             of Panama City and am their fund raising coordinator. In the
   this second highest prestigious position in the Florida        District, I have met many of you as the District’s Fund Raising
   District.                                                      Coordinator for several years while giving workshops at Fall
                                                                  Councils. This is quite an honor to be asked to be Agatha’s
   I am married to Dennis. We have two children Wendi
                                                                  Secretary and I am really looking forward to an exciting and
   and Dustin, daughter-in-law Kristen, one grandson and
                                                                  fun year. The DEC met in May and had a great time bonding
   a second grandchild on the way. I have two dogs,
                                                                  and getting to know one another. We have great plans for all
   collects pigs and beanie babies. I sell real estate. I
                                                                  of you and know that you will have a fun and exciting year
   enjoy bingo, Biloxi, golfing, crabbing, fishing, swimming
                                                                  with us!
   and anything that involves water. I also like country
   music, 50's music and dancing. My favorite college                                  Susan Tull, Secretary
   football team is the Florida GATORS. My pep peeve is
   not being able to eat all that I want all of the time. My
   philosophy is to enjoy life and have fun…                               GREETINGS FROM THE NORTHWEST
   With that being said, I look forward to seeing all of your     I am looking forward to our 2005-2006 year of service and
   smiling faces at the PI Convention.                            friendship in the northwest region. Although the schedules for
                  Judy Finch, Governor-Elect                      our seven clubs have not been finalized, we are looking
                                                                  forward to another busy year including the following:

           MESSAGE FROM THE TREASURER                             DeFuniak Springs…Project lifeline (65 units in use fulltime, 20
                                                                  on waiting list); Brain Disorder Foundation: Friendship House,
   Hello Florida Pilots. I'm Sara "Bunny" Mason, your District    BrainMinders Presentations, Open House at Christmas, Lights of
   Treasurer. I am honored by the confidence that has             Love, Brain Disorder Conference; Marketplace; Yard sale,
   been placed in me. Your DEC is committed to                    cooking school concession, Fair concession, Steak Dinner for
   strengthening the Florida District of Pilot International      Anchor support; New Anchor club at Paxton HS; New member
   and I pledge to do my best to make Agatha's goals a            orientations, info booths, and lots more.
   reality this year. I have been a member of the Pilot Club
                                                                  Marianna… Chipola Arts Association support; Calendar
   of Sumter County for 16 years. I was in county
                                                                  fundraiser; Founders day 2005 host; Meals on wheels support;
   government for 33 years, working as a Deputy Clerk for
                                                                  4-H scholarship; FPSH shower; Secretaries Day celebration;
   29 years and was elected Clerk of the Circuit Court of
                                                                  Nursing scholarship.
   Sumter County. I am now retired and enjoy spending
   more time with my family and being more involved in            Milton… Share Pilot in August; Gumbo fundraiser; Yard sales;
   Pilot. I'm also active in my church and enjoy reading          Nativity scene at courthouse; 200 Christmas stockings for
   and working cross-word puzzles. I'm looking forward to         seniors; Anchor club support; celebration of 60th anniversary
   an exciting year and if you have any questions or I can        as Pilots; regional training host; Radio Day fundraiser;
   help in anyway, please feel free to call on me.                scholarships.
                    Bunny Mason, Treasurer                        Panama City… Birthday Calendar sale; 75th anniversary as
                                                                  Pilots; Cookie dough sale; Luminaries of Love in December;
                                                                  Girls Inc. support; Golf Tourney; Scholarships and Grant
         GREETINGS FROM THE NORTHEAST                             programs.
   I just want to take this opportunity to thank you again for
                                                                  Pensacola… Alzheimer’s seminar in the fall; ARC birthday
   electing me a second term to serve as your Northeast
                                                                  parties monthly; Pancake festival fundraiser first weekend in
   LT. Governor.
                                                                  March; Favor house support; Manna food bank support;
   I see myself fitting into Agatha’s theme by making a           Scholarship house support.
   better world of tomorrow for Pilot by serving the NE
                                                                  Quincy… Special Events sign; huge yard sale; Christmas Tour
   District and rejuvenating the Pilot spirit of friendship and
                                                                  of Homes; Mind Jogging programs; Brian Minders and bicycle
   service at the local level. I also plan to emphasize the
                                                                  helmet distributions; Anchor Support; FPSH support.
   importance of sponsoring Anchor Clubs. The Pilot-
   Anchor relationship is beneficial to both. Pilots are          Tallahassee… Pecan sales; Spring Raffle; Alzheimer’s walk;
   mentors to Anchors and Anchors bring enthusiasm and            PSHF support; Anchor support; Life Savers Project; Salvation
   idealism to all they do.                                       Army Sharing Tree; BrainMinders Safety Program.
   If you see me overly excited and smiling with pride, it is     As the year progresses, we will have more information in the
   because I am going to be a GRANDMOTHER for the first           WAVE for our major events.
                      Debbie DiFranco,                                                   Bob Muchow,
               Northeast Region LT. Governor                                      Northwest Region LT. Governor
Page 4 - Governor’s Bulletin                                                                                                July 2005

   I am from Space Coast Pilot Club of Titusville, Fl.; I have      Hello my name is Joyce Centrella and I am the West Central
   been married to my husband James for 44 years.                   LT Governor. This is my second term in this office. I have
   James & I have two children and four grand daughters.            been in Pilot since 1998 in the Pilot Club of Crystal River. I
   My family is the apple of my eyes... I have been in              have enjoyed my visits this past year with the clubs. Each
   Titusville most of my life and I love it. Pilot as my son’s      club is unique and brings so much to Pilot. I am very proud
   oldest daughter called it is "MeMe's do good club". It is        to be a part of the West Central Region. On June 1st Greater
   and I love Pilot and what it stands for. By the grace of         Tampa Club turned in their charter bringing us to only 7
   God, I will be able to do a good job this year as the East       clubs in our region. I hope each club will work together this
   Central Lt. Governor. I appreciate the opportunity to            year and try to accomplish Governor Agatha's goal to start
   serve the Florida District.                                      a new club in each region.
                        Joan Spangler,                              Governor Agatha has assigned me the task of putting
                East Central Region LT. Governor                    together Florida’s Training Manual for our club officers.
                                                                    Please take this time to think about what you want in the
                                                                    manual and email it to me at
         G RE E T N G S F RO M T H E S O U T H E A S T              These manuals will be used at the Regional Training
   How I became a Pilot                                             I am looking forward to seeing you at PI Convention!

   In 1991, I was transferred in my job from Hollywood,                                  Joyce Centrella,
   Florida to Columbus, Georgia. When our office secretary                        West Central Region LT. Governor
   was busy, I answered the administrative phone line. A
   lovely lady, Inez Ussery, would call to speak with her
   daughter--one of my co-workers. Our conversations                        GREETINGS FROM THE SOUTHWEST
   were always brief, yet she and I became the best of
   phone buddies. I do have to admit, she gave me time              Greetings! It is my privilege to serve you this year.
   to get settled in my new home and my new job before
   she began telling me about her favorite club--the Pilot          I look forward to getting to know you better. In addition to
   Club.                                                            the Friendship Visit with your club, I want you to know that I
                                                                    would like to participate in your club happenings as often
   You know that Pilots waste no time. When I agreed to             as you’d like to have me there. I’d enjoy being at your fund
   attend that first meeting in September of 1992, the              raising events, service projects and other special activities.
   welcomes were warm and the application for                       Please add me to your club newsletter list and other club
   membership was hot off the press. After listening to the         mailings.
   Code of Ethics, I was hooked. I was accepted for
   membership and joined in October of 1992. Before I               Step one in growing our numbers in the SW Region is to think
   knew it, I was a director, then corresponding secretary.         of a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or acquaintance who
   Imagine my surprise when I was asked to step in as               would make a good Pilot. Invite them to a meeting. Then
   President.                                                       invite them to another meeting. Let them share in our Pilot
                                                                    spirit of Friendship and Service. Let your pride in being a Pilot
   I returned to Hollywood in January of 1995. It was with          shine as a beacon to others.
   great sadness that I resigned as President of the Pilot
   Club of Columbus. Now, you also know there is always             Marketing principles tell us that most people don’t make a
   a Pilot connection. When I arrived back in Hollywood,            decision to do something until the fourth or fifth time we’ve
   there was a letter waiting for me from the Pilot Club of         been exposed to a new idea. Keep this in mind as you
   Fort Lauderdale. The sister of a member in Columbus is a         extend invitations and don’t forget that you will probably
   member in Ft. Lauderdale! So, my Pilot membership has            need to do it more than once.
   continued since then in the Pilot Club of Fort
   Lauderdale.                                                      We have something very special as Pilots. Good things
                                                                    happen when we share our love of Pilot with others. You
   Of course, they also put me right to work. I have held           gain a new and valuable member for your club. Pilot
   just about every position on the board except Treasurer.         membership is one of the best-kept secrets in our
   And this year, it is an honor to serve the Florida District in   communities and in our District. It is up to each of us to share
   my second year as South East Regional Lt. Governor.              the joys of Pilot until we no longer hear “Pilot? What is that?”
                                                                    but “I’ve heard about Pilot and I was wondering how to
   Friendship and Service--what a powerful combination,             join.”
   then and now. I AM Proud to be a Pilot!
                                                                    I’m as close as your telephone or email.
                         Marg are Reyde ,
                         Marrgarrettt Reydelll,,
                         Ma ga e Reyde
                 Sou h eas Reg o n LT. Govern or
                 Soutttheasttt Regiiion LTT.. Goverrnorr
                 Sou heas Reg on L Gove no                                                 Linda Forester,
                                                                                    Southwest Region LT. Governor
Page 5 - Governor’s Bulletin                                                                                         July 2005

   Pilot Scholarship House Foundation Update                                       CHAPLAIN’S CORNER
   Greetings Pilots,                                              Dear Pilots,

   This will be another exciting year for the Pilot Scholarship   We will have a memorial service at Fall Council in
   House Foundation. First, the announcement by Jane              November for our Pilot members who have passed away
   Burton that our Endowment Fund has become a reality            this last year. Please help me, so that we don’t miss
   and is now accepting donations. “Pennies for Pilot” has        someone. I am asking each club to mail me a list of the
   continued to be a successful project throughout Florida,       member(s) you have lost (by death) this past year. Please
   and our PSHF Cruise on September 8 is almost finalized.        provide me with the following information:
   We have only six (6) cabins left.
                                                                           Name of deceased (and sex if name does not
   Our newest project will be a joint venture between PSHF                 make it obvious);
   and our DEC. We will have Regional Fund raising dinners,                Number of years as a member;
   the first to be held in the Northeast Region.         More              One to three sentences about their personality,
   information will be shared as plans progress. I am very                 talents, contributions to club, Positions held, etc.;
   excited about this project and look forward to working                  Any other information that would help us “know”
   closely with the DEC to bring our communities up to date                your member better; and
   on Pilot and our Scholarship Houses. Plans to meet with                 Your e-mail address if you prefer to use that in the
   businesses and corporation in our regions, showing them                 future to contact me.
   just what we are about and having them sponsor some
   events will increase our visibility and help funding of our    I am asking you to mail (USPS) this information to me at:
   houses. More information will be available at Fall Council.    Becky Young, 486 Twin Lakes Drive, DeFuniak Springs, FL
                                                                  32433-9024. My computer online provider will not accept e-
   PSHF Board of Directors Rosters will be e-mailed to all        mails from anyone who is not on my “list.” When I get your
   presidents in the next few weeks. Please contact any           letter, I will acknowledge it by e-mail (if you provide your e-
   board member if you have questions, donations, we are          mail address) and you will then be able to e-mail me.
   happy to assist.
                                                                  For the memorial, please have a member designated to
   In Pilot,                                                      have one long-stemmed flower (may be “live” or artificial)
   Lynne Stephenson, President                                    for each member lost. I will call club names and the
   Pilot Scholarship House Foundation                             member should come forth and put one flower in the vase (I
                                                                  provide) for each member while I present the information
                                                                  you send about the member.

                                                                  Thank you - I look forward to being your Chaplain. Fell free
                                                                  to give me suggestions and comments on this important
                                                                  part of Pilot!

                                                                  Becky Young
   Dear Pilots:                                                   Pilot Club of DeFuniak Springs
                                                                  486 Twin Lakes Drive
   We are asking that clubs bring some of the following items     DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433
   to Fall Council for our three houses. Please do not earmark    Home: 850-892-2838
   for a particular house. We will divide items equally and
   deliver to the houses. We have drop off storage space
   arranged at the hotel.
   The items that are always needed and appreciated are:
   toilet paper, paper towels, copy paper for computer,
   paper napkins, liquid dish soap, plastic tumblers, garbage
   bags (both large and small), aluminum foil, plastic wrap,
   sturdy paper or plastic plates, laundry detergent, sponges,
   pot holders, dish towels, silverware and dinnerware.
   Gift certificates to stores are always appreciated.
   Thank you for your continued support of Pilot Scholarship
   House Foundation!
                                                                  Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but by
                                                                  the moments that take our breath away. -- Unknown --
   Lynne Stephenson
Page 6 - Governor’s Bulletin                                                                                   July 2005

                                            2005 – 2006 WORLD TEAM
   Judith “Judy” Glover                 Lois Hooker, Parliamentarian              Karen Lucas, DDT Team
   Awards Jury Chair                    Pilot Club of Daytona Beach               Pilot Club of West Volusia
   Pilot Club of Paradise Coast         468 Shorewood Lane                        P. O. Box 321
   5295 21st Avenue SW                  New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168                DeLeon Springs, FL 33130
   Naples, FL 34116                     Home: 386-409-9974                        Home: 386-985-5702
   Work: 239-774-8171                                 Cell: 386-747-1629
   Home: 239-354-3031                   Betty Waggoner, Nominating Chair                     Pilot Club Port of Jacksonville           Shirley Pyle, DDT Team
   Jonda Erwin                          6533 Todd Road                            Pilot Club of Halifax Area
   PIF Representative                   Jacksonville, FL 32216                    2349 Jerry Circle
   Pilot Club of Titusville             Home: 904-733-9105                        Daytona Beach, FL 32124
   2927 Elder Street                    Cell: 904-728-2508                        Work: 1-800-447-5261
   Titusville, FL 32796                              Work direct: 386-676-4945
   Work: 321-268-6362                   Dene’ Dixon, Conf. & Planning Chair       Home: 386-253-5296
   Work Fax: 321-268-6364               Pilot Club of Tallahassee       
   Home: 321-383-7720                   Post Office Box 696                       Jill Kinney, DDT Team               Brooksville, FL 34605-0696                Pilot Club of Plant City
   Pamela "Pam" Manley                  Home: 352-796-3088                        111 East Lambright Street
   WAVE Editor                                    Tampa, FL 33604
   Pilot Club of Tallahassee            Bobbie Hall, Conf. & Planning Co-Chair    Home: 813-237-2674
   2316 Eastgate Way                    Pilot Club of Greater Gainesville         Cell: 813-390-8663
   Tallahassee, FL                      2006 NW 27th Street             
   Home: 850-383-1955                   Gainesville, FL 32605                     Erin K. Grall, DDT Team                      Home: 352-378-9357                        Pilot Club of Fort Pierce
   Alice Plaatje, BrainMinders          Cell Phone: 352-538-2705                  P. O. Box 690218
   Pilot Club of FT. Myers Beach                             Vero Beach, FL 32969
   521 Randy Lane                       Caroline Fallis, Anchor Assistant Coor.   Work: 772-569-0000
   FT Myers Beach, FL 33931             Pilot Club of Quincy                      Home: 772-567-9406
   Home & Fax: 239-463-0626             3633 Mt Pleasant Rd                            Quincy FL 32352                           Stefani F. Tye, DDT Team
                                        Home: 850-856-5422                        Pilot Club of St. Lucie County
   Jackie Klein, Club Operations
                                                      2609 North Indian River Drive
   Pilot Club of Gainesville
                                        Belinda (Bea) Mizell, Chair DDT Team      Fort Pierce, FL 34946
   1918 NW 43rd Avenue
                                        Pilot Club of Tallahassee                 Home: 772-461-3915
   Gainesville, FL 32605
                                        1314 Jackson Street             
   Work: 352-264-7205
   Home: 352-373-2892                   Tallahassee, FL 32303                     Pat Patten, DDT Team                   Work: 850-222-3065                        Pilot Club of Paradise Coast, Naples
                                        Home: 850-224-0288                        3755 Weymouth Circle
   Christina Thibodeau, Fundraising
                                              Naples, FL 34113
   Blue Heron Pilot Club
                                        Kathryn Lane, Co-Chair DDT Team           Work: 239-264-6699
   1209 CR 542 East
                                        Blue Heron Pilot Club                     Home: 239-732-9527
   Bushnell, FL 33513
                                        2838 CR 762                     
   Work: 352-753-4411
   Home: 352-793-6356                   Webster, FL 33597-3804                   Home: 352-568-8678
   Romanger “Roe” Fredricks, Projects
   Pilot Club of the Halifax Area       Jackie Boozer, DDT Team
   556 Heineman Street                  Pilot Club of Pensacola
   Daytona Beach, FL 32114              5975 Adelyn Road
   Home: 386-255-1270                   Pensacola FL 32504                    Work: 850-434-9200 EXT 150
                                        Home: 850-477-1380
   Jane Burton, Fiscal Review                                                          Mark your Calendars!!!!
   Pilot Club of Vero Beach
   1849 25th Street
                                        Mary Connor, DDT Team                                MARDI GRAS
                                        Pilot Club of Palatka
   Vero Beach, FL 32960
   Work: 772-569-2284
                                        1222 South 13th Street                           FALL COUNCIL
                                        Palatka, FL 32177                            November 4, 5, 6, 2005
   Fax: 772-562-1125
                                        Work: 386-325-4556
   Cell: 772-321-1807                                                             Palm Beach Gardens Marriott
                                        Home: 386-328-8224
                                                         West Palm Beach, Florida

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