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					   PGA Tour

Professional Golfers
     112 PGA TOUR Boulevard
   Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
      Phone: 904-285-3700
 The PGA Tour is a tax-exempt
  membership organization of
  professional golfers. The mission of
  the PGA TOUR is to expand
  domestically and internationally to
  substantially increase player
  financial benefits while maintaining
  its commitment to the integrity of the
  game. In addition to providing
  competitive opportunities for its
  membership, PGA Tour events also
  generate revenue for charitable
  causes in their community.
Timothy W. Finchem
Finchem has been the
 commissioner of the PGA Tour for
 13 years and enjoys his position.
The website give up-to-date live
 scoring. It actually provides shot
 by shot analysis, and each player
 has every shot updated over
 “shotlink” on the website.
 2007 PGA Tour Schedule
Tournaments on the PGA Tour
 start in January every year and
 they go until October. Official PGA
 tournaments end in October but
 there are small invitational
 shootouts that continue until
 November, mainly acting as
 fundraising tournaments for other
    Players and Caddies
      Assistance Funds
There are several funds available
 to provide financial assistance to
 poor and/or distressed members of
 the golf community through
 affiliates of the PGA Tour.
PGA Tour, Champions Tour, and
 Nationwide Tour events have
 donated more than $1 billion to
 help more than 2,000 charities and
 countless individuals around the
       PGA Tour Wives
 Inc. is a Florida not-for-profit
 corporation organized to render
 support and provide assistance to
 needy children and their families
 through the means of charitable
Each PGA Tour player has earned
 a position on the priority ranking
 system that will be used to select
 full-filled open tournaments.
2007 PGA Tour FedEx Cup
Over 250 PGA Tour professionals have
 played a PGA Tour event. At the end of
 the Wyndham Championship, only the
 Top 144 in FedEx Cup point standings
 earn the right for a shot at the FedEx
 Cup trophy.
Each week, the field will narrow, form
 144 players to the final 30- player field
 at the Tour Championship.
Winner of the FedEx Cup is awarded the
 Fed Ex Cup trophy and millions of
 dollars to be put in a trust fund.
  Other Men’s Tours in
America with Affiliation to
     the PGA Tour
The Nationwide Tour

The Champions Tour
          Nationwide Tour
 The developmental tour for the U.S. based PGA
  Tour, and features professional golfers who have
  either failed to score well enough at that level to
  earn their PGA Tour card, or who have done so but
  then failed to stay at that level.
 The Top 25 players on the Nationwide Tour’s
  money list receive their PGA Tour card for the next
 Three victories in one season on the Nationwide
  Tour will automatically give a player full exempt
  status to the PGA Tour for the rest of that year.
 Jason Gore is the only player to conquer this task
  in the last decade.
       Champions Tour
Run by the PGA Tour, hosts a
 series of events annually in the
 United Stated and the United
 Kingdom for golfers 50 years f age
 and older.
Many of the PGA Tour’s most
 successful golfers have gone on to
 play on the Champions tour.
   Qualifying for the PGA
The Two easiest ways to qualify for
 the PGA Tour is through the
 Nationwide Tour, or through
 Qualifying School (neither one
 being an easy task).
         Qualifying School
 Annual qualifying tournaments for leading golf
  tours such as U.S. based PGA and LPGA Tours
  and the European Tour. A fixed number of
  players in the event win memberships of the
  tour for the following season, otherwise known
  as a “tour card,” meaning they can play in
  most of the tour’s events without having to
 Getting the a qualifying school of an elite tour
  is very competitive and most professional
  golfers never achieve it.
 Qualifying school consists of four or five
  stages with cuts after each stage until the final

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