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									RRTC Corporate Culture and Disability Symposium          June 9, 2003

RRTC On Workforce
Development and Employment
Policy for Persons with

Corporate Culture and Disability Symposium
Blue Ribbon Panel Meeting hosted by Merrill Lynch
Introductions by Attendees

June 9, 2003

Moderator:        Peter Blanck

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RRTC Corporate Culture and Disability Symposium                                             June 9, 2003

Peter Blanck:              Please proceed.

Ralph Boyd:            Yes, I am Ralph Boyd. I am the Assistant Attorney General of the
United States for Civil Rights. I am delighted to be here.

Robert Driscoll:           I am Bob Driscoll. I am Ralph's Deputy and Chief of Staff.

Paul Steven Miller: My name is Paul Miller. I am the commissioner of the EEOC in
Washington, D.C.

Jennifer Sheehy:           I am Jennifer Sheehy. I am Bob Pasternack’s special assistant.

Edmund L. Corte z: I am Ed Cortez, President of the National Center for Disability Services.

Richard Donovan:           I am Richard Donovan, trader here at Merrill Lynch.

Sandra Spataro:     I am Sandra Spataro. I am on the faculty of the Yale School of
Management teaching organizational behavior.

Frank Bice:                I am Frank Bice. I am an F.A. in the Manhasset office of Merrill Lynch.

Robert Silverstein: Bob Silverstein, Director of the Center for the Study and Advancement of
Disability Policy, former Staff Director and Chief Counsel for the Senate Subcommittee on
Disability Policy.

James Schmeling: I am James Schmeling, the Associate Director of the Law, Health Policy
and Disability Center.

Vincent Grenie r:      I am Vincent Grenier, I am a financial adviser here at Merrill Lynch over
in the south tower here in the World Financial Center.

Ann Dive r:           Ann Diver, also with Merrill Lynch in Hopewell, New Jersey. I am a
Senior Adviser to our Disability Awareness Employee Networks.

Michael Morris:        I am Michael Morris, Associate Director of the Law, Health Policy and
Disability Center, and Director of the Research and Training Center on Workforce Investment
and Employment Policy for Persons with Disabilities.

Marjorie Bynum: I am Marjorie Bynum. I am Vice President of Workforce Development
with the Information Technology Association of America.

Christophe r Sullivan: I am Chris Sullivan, National Program Manager at Merrill Lynch with
Special Needs Program.

Johnette Hartnett: I am Johnette Hartnette. I am the Director of Public Policy for the Iowa
Law, Health Policy and Disability Center in Washington, D.C.

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RRTC Corporate Culture and Disability Symposium                                          June 9, 2003

Charlie Hamme rman: Charlie Hammerman.


Lisa Schur:           I am Lisa Schur and I am on the faculty of the School of Management and
Labor Relations at Rutgers University.

Douglas Kruse:       Doug Kruse, also a professor at Rutgers and Research Associate at the
National Bureau of Economic Research.

Andre w Imparto:           Andy Imparato.

Patricia Morrisey: Pat Morrissey, Commissioner on the Administration on Developmental
Disabilities and HHS, Health and Human Services.

Alexandra Kielty: Alexandra Kielty. I am with the Employment Training Administration,
Department of Labor.

Martin Ge rry:             Martin Gerry, I am with the Social Security Administration.

Peter Blanck:              Let us go around here as well.

Ron Neville:          Good morning. My name is Ron, Ron Neville, a Job Readiness Specialist,
and I work at the Center for the Advancement of the Disabled.

Donna Rudy:          Good morning. I am Donna Rudy from Deloitte & Touche.
I am a Senior Manager and co- manager.

Bertha Crockett:     Good Morning, I am Bertha Crockett. I am Jennifer Sheehy's assistant at
Department of Education.

Seth Harris:       I am Seth Harris. I am Director of Labor and Employment Law Programs
at New York Law School and former counselor to the Secretary of Labor in the prior

Regina Blair:              Good morning. Regina Blair, Diversity Officer at the CHUBB

Suzanne Snyder:        Good morning. Suzanne Snyder, Office of Employee Communications
here at Merrill Lynch.

Kathleen Pellicone: Good morning. I am Kathleen Pellicone. I am a Manager in Human
Resources at Deloitte & Touche.

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RRTC Corporate Culture and Disability Symposium                                       June 9, 2003

Susan Odiseos:              I am Susan Odiseos, Executive Director of Just One Break, an
employment services provider for the disabled.

Cathy Healy:           Hello. I am Cathy Healy. I am with the Center for Workforce
Preparation, which is the education arm of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Joani Madaras h:           Hi. I am Joani Madarash, President of accesslinx.

Christophe r Dossel: I am Chris Dossel. I am with Merrill Lynch and I am the leader of the
Disability Awareness Employee Network in Hopewell.

Toni Hum:                   Hi. I am Toni Hum. I am with Right Management Consultants.

Michael Holmes:         Good morning. Michael Holmes, for the Right Management Consultants,
and I am part of the firm's Diversity Council. I am glad to be here. Thank you for the invite.

Yoram Ettinger:        Good morning. Yoram Ettinger. I am a guest of Charlie Hammerman
from Jerusalem, Israel.

Margi Trapani:      Hello. I am Margi Trapani. I am with the Center for Independence for the
Disabled in New York.

Marianna North:   Marianna North, Senior Vice President for Development and
Communications, AAPD.

Faith McCormick: Good morning. Faith McCormick with the Administration on
Developmental Disability.

Myra Madnick:       Good morning, Myra Madnick, Executive Director of the National Down
Syndrome Society here in New York.

Peter Blanck:              Thank you all, and thank you for introducing yourselves.

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