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					                                                                                       Scot A. Becker
                                                                                      Expert Resource
                                                                                       Data Architect

Primary Skills                      Summary
   Business Problem
    Analysis                        Scot is an expert level data architect with extensive database system analysis,
   Database System                 design, and implementation experience. He is a frequent author and speaker
    Architecture and                on dat a architecture topics, a frequent trainer in data modeling techniques, and
    Design                          one of eight people (worldwide) certified to instruct and consult using Object -
   Data Modeling                   Role Modeling (ORM), a natural language-based data and business rule
   Software Development            analysis and design technique. Scot is also the author of the Orthogonal
    and Met hodology                Toolbox, a free add-on to Visio for Enterprise A rchitects (see project history for
    Mentoring                       more details).

Techniques                          Scot is skilled in team leadership/mentoring/training, workshop facilitation,
                                    acting as a liaison between business users an d technical staff, and
   Object-Role Modeling
                                    coordination of offsite (e.g. offshore) development efforts regardless of the
                                    chosen development process (e.g. “waterfall”, “agile/extreme”, or other iterative
   Entity-Relationship
    (ER) Modeling
   Unified Modeling                Scot has extensive experience in requirements gathering and business rules
    Language (UML)                  analysis using a variety of techniques and artifacts, conceptual/logical/physical
   Rational Unified                database modeling in ORM/ER/UML, model validation/business rules
    Process (RUP)                   traceability analysis, “as-is” vs. “to be” software modeling and gap analysis,
   “Agile” techniques              and met a-modeling.
    (e.g. OpenUP)
                                    Scot has been an integral part of every phase (analysis, design, testing,
Analysis/Design                     implementation) of database projects using every common type of data store –
Tools                               transactional (OLTP), data warehouse (Kimball/ Inmon), and Data Mart (OLAP ).
   Rational Rose/
                                    Scot also has hands on database system construction experience to include
    Requisite Pro
                                    stored procedure construction and testing, OLAP cube design and
   Visio for Enterprise            construction, persistence and business logic layer development,
                                    extraction/transformation/loading (E TL) design and implementation, report
   ER/Win                          development, database system troubleshooting and performance tuning,
   Power Designer                  database configuration and administration (e.g. DBA tasks), and application
   NORMA                           testing. Scot also has experience in object-oriented development techniques,
                                    user interface design and construction, and web/ windows application
Database Platforms                  development in a variety of languages.
   MS SQL Server
   MS Analysis Server              In summary, Scot focuses on bridging the “business -technology gap” that
    (OLAP)                          seems to appear in many companies by simultaneously acting as a liaison
   Sybase SQL Server               between the two “worlds”, demonstrating/ facilitating more formalized business
   Oracle                          functionality requests, building trust, focusing on delivering business value as
                                    quickly as possible, and developing/mentoring technic al teams such that they
                                    are more aware of business needs and, often, the more advanc ed
Languages                           analysis/design/development techniques needed to meet those needs.
   VB/VBA/VB.Net
   ASP/ASP.Net
   XML
   C#                                                                      Page 1 of 8
                                                                                     Scot A. Becker
                                                                                    Expert Resource
                                                                                     Data Architect

Project/Employment History

Orthogonal Software Corporation
President/Principal Consult ant (2001 to Present)

   Data Warehouse Architecture and Design
    Retail Company, Lead Data Architect
    Analysis, design, and construction of an enterprise data warehouse environment for retail analytics
    (mark eting, sales, financials credit, etc.). The overall architecture included a staging area for the near-real-
    time import of sourc e and external data, an operational data store aimed at data rec onciliation, data
    normalization, data cleansing and business rule enforcement, and a data mart structure int ended for the
    bulk of the reporting needs upon periodic snapshots (and aggregations) of ODS data. Also providing data
    architecture mentoring, formalization of data architecture processes, and general software architecture
   OLTP Data Architecture
    Health Care Services Company, Data Architect
    Analysis and design of several data base systems to include a brand new bill of sale system that tracked
    customers, product templates, purchased/configured products, contracts, and metrics. Also performed gap
    analysis services and general IT/ architecture consulting. Brought back for a second engagement to do
    general data architecture work for (registration and authorization) web services in support of high
    availability, consumer facing portal.
   CRM System Business Analysis, Staff Development & Mentoring
    Food Company, Busi ness Analysi s Mentor, Data Architect
    Led requirements gathering sessions used to form a high level conceptual model for a CRM system to
    support corporat e sales and marketing efforts. Also brought on board to mentor staff developers, analysts,
    and designers in business analysis techniques to include use cases and ORM.
   Career Counseling
    Outplacement Services Agency, Consultant
    Led mock-interviews and other professional skills development exercises for IT executive and management
   Legacy System Redesign
    State Government, Software Architect
    Analysis and requirements gathering of a legacy system for a large division of the state government as a
    pre-cursor to an approximately $50MM replac ement effort. Activities included use case development,
    assisting in the development of a candidate ent erprise arc hitecture, and general analysis process
   Federal System Interface
    State Government, Data/Software Architect
    Analysis and requirements gathering of a federally mandated system interface for a large division of the
    state government to eliminate the loss of over $20MM in federal funding. Activities included requirements
    gathering facilitation and use case development, development of a candidate solution design, general
    analysis process mentoring, data analysis, and various other analysis/testing tasks in the resulting system.
   Business Intelligence System
    Behavioral Health Insurance Company, Data Architect
    Analysis and design of extensions to an existing data warehouse/mart business intelligence platform . Work
    performed includes requirements gathering, design overview documentation, ETL specifications,
    dimensional modeling, concept ual/logic al/physical data modeling, data analysis/troubleshooting, various
    implementation tasks, and general mentoring.                                                                    Page 2 of 8
                                                                                     Scot A. Becker
                                                                                    Expert Resource
                                                                                     Data Architect
   Cons umer Web Application
    State Government, Data Architect
    Analysis, design, and construction of an online system for state residents to pay for licensing/registration
    fees. Work performed includes requirements gathering, writing of use cases and related analysis artifacts,
    database modeling, design, and construction, stored procedure construction/testing, ETL work, QA, and
    general data/software architecture consulting.
   Cons ulting and Mentoring
    Loan Servicing Company, Data Architecture Mentor
    Cons ulting, data model validation, and general data architecture mentoring.
   Legacy System Replacement
    Country Government, Data Architecture Subject Matter Expert
    Analysis and requirements gathering for the replac ement of a legacy system that gathers human services -
    related data. New system will be geared towards improved workflow, metrics, and outcomes, better
    integration with state systems of record, and improved technical arc hitecture.
   Analytic Environment Design and Implementation
    Credit Card Company, Data Architect
    Analysis, design, and construction of an ad hoc analytic environment used primarily to determine the
    profitability of credit card accounts meeting various criteria. The overall architecture included a staging area
    for the import of disparate legacy file formats, an operational data store aimed at operational reporting, dat a
    cleansing and business rule enforcement, and a data mart structure intended for the bulk of the reporting
    needs upon periodic snapshots of account dat a. Later stages of the project will include an OLAP
    component as well as an interactive query environment where users can save account populations of
    interest to facilitate time-series analysis. Also providing data arc hitecture mentoring, Object-Role Modeling
    training, and general software architecture guidance.
   Retail OLAP Reporting Solution
    Retail Kiosk Company, Data Architect
    Analysis, design, and construction of a reporting solution for an interactive, online retail kiosk using kiosk -
    originated data as well as imported point of sale and inventory data from each retail customer. The
    company in question is a start-up and as such the work I am performing is subject to tight budget
    restrictions, aggressive timelines, and requires agility in order to quickly produce reporting functionality that
    helps drive the closure of product sales.
   Web Service Solution Platform
    Marketing Services Company, Information Architect
    Business analysis, database design, and XML schema design for a web services solutions platform that
    delivers marketing services information to internal and external client applications. Duties included
    conceptual/logical/physical databas e modeling, business analysis verification, web service design
    coordination and review, XML schema design, aut horing sample web service response/request XML
    document instances, and assisting the development and QA staff during the implementation phase of each
    component‟s iteration. Also provided data architecture mentoring, Object -Role Modeling training, enterprise-
    wide RUP deployment assistance, and general software architecture g uidance.
   Enterprise Data Architecture Design and Planning
    Credit Card Company, Data Architect
    Analyzed mainframe SAS data access which included hundreds of SAS programs and just under a
    thousand input and output files and designed a data architecture strategy to replace that mainframe dat a
    access with a staging, operational, mart, and OLAP cube dat a store architecture. Provided detailed
    planning and execution steps for that architecture, interviewed staff candidates, made hiring
    recommendations, and mentored the recommended new hires. The proposed architecture is currently being
    implemented and I am providing occasional consulting, mentoring, and model validation/review services
    throughout its implementation. Other duties (for other projects in the same department ) included assistance
    in enterprise architecture planning, model review and validation, and data modeling best practice mentoring.                                                                   Page 3 of 8
                                                                                  Scot A. Becker
                                                                                 Expert Resource
                                                                                  Data Architect
   Corporate Initiative Consolidation
    Major Manufacturing Company, Data/Software Architect
    Cons olidated 4 global corporate initiative databases that track cost-cutting/sales growt h efforts. The
    business problems addressed were: provide a consolidated/accurat e view of cost -cutting results when
    projects span more than one corporate initiative, eliminate redundancy across init iative efforts, integrate
    cost cutting estimates with corporate finance operational planning, and retain original functionality. Roles
    performed were business analyst/workshop lead, data arc hitect, software archit ect, mentor, team lead, and
    developer. Tasks performed include: Object-Role Modeling of existing (as-is) systems, consolidating the as-
    is models into a Corporate Initiative Enterprise model, OLTP database design and implementation,
    persistence/business rules layer stored procedure construction and testing, user int erface design, E TL
    coding, mentoring offshore developers, design and construction of the reporting data marts, OLAP cube
    construction, report analysis/design/construction, data synchronization with replicated lotus notes
    databases, ASP dri ven reports/report generators, and various troubleshooting/performance tuning tasks.
   Orthogonal Toolbox v1.0 & 1.5
    Orthogonal Software Corporation, Designer/Developer
    Written entirely in C#, this add-on to Visio for Enterprise Arc hitects (as shipped with Visual Studio .Net)
    extracts ORM\ER meta-dat a from the largely undocumented COM API into an XML import, provides
    browsing of model elements, and has ORM model bulk -import facilities. This add-on is used in a number of
    ways such as generating DDL scripts in Visio Professional, custom data meta-model reporting, custom data
    repository feeds, generating XML schemas, and as the import mechanism into NORMA, an open source
    ORM modeling tool currently available as a Community Technology Preview.
   Six Sigma Project Tracking
    Major Manufacturing Company, Data/Software Architect
    Design and development of a global web-based application to track various proc ess improvement projects
    that use the Six Sigma method. This system was a reengineering effort combined with many new features.
    Roles performed were business analyst/workshop lead, data architect, software architect, mentor, and
    developer. Architectural feat ures include: a Microsoft SQL Server central operational data store (ODS), a
    Microsoft Analysis Server (OLAP ) database with approximately 20 cubes for both static reporting and Ad -
    Hoc OLAP analysis, distributed Lot us Notes databases for document storage and distribution,
    synchronization bet ween the Lotus Notes databas es and the ODS, extraction/transformation/loading (E TL)
    for both initial system migration and ongoing reporting ac ross the new and (other) legacy systems, a MDX-
    based report generator written in Excel/VBA, and business rules enforced via a stored proc edure -based
    persistence layer. Code written included: virtually all ETL scripts, the SQL-based persistence layer, all MDX
    code, the Excel/VBA report generat or, and all views/other dat a extraction layers. The analysis/databases
    design was performed using Object-Role Modeling.
   Advanced Hierarchy Management
    Major Manufacturing Company, Data Architect
    Requirements analysis and design of a corporate web -based application for managing dynamically created
    hierarchies. Meta model features include: run time tree design and implementation, user-defined attributes
    of any scope and complexity, ad-hoc tree derivation, dynamic system interfacing, full temporal tracking (of
    both business and system dimensions), meta-model-defined dat a validation rules, meta-model-defined
    queries and extracts, and meta-model-defined linkages bet ween trees. This system also had advanced
    effective dating and security capabilities. Also authored stored procedures for the entire data access and
    business rules layer.
   Cons ulting and Mentoring
    CRM Value Added Reseller, Data Architecture Mentor
    Training, consulting, data model validation, and ment oring.
   Cons ulting Services
    Major Manufacturing Company
    Used conceptual data modeling as an analysis bridge bet ween use cases and UML design and                                                                Page 4 of 8
                                                                                    Scot A. Becker
                                                                                   Expert Resource
                                                                                    Data Architect
    implementation models. Determined and participated in end-user workshops, functional specifications, use
    cases, object diagrams, data models, concept documentation, and team level project management.
    Involved in the hiring decisions for the remaining members of the team (QA analysts, programmers, etc.).
    Acted as counsel to project management team on data architecture as well as other project matters.
    Member of project planning sub-team. Reviewed design and analysis artifacts – such as class diagrams,
    interaction diagrams, use cases, et al.

Partner & Principal Consult ant (1998 - 2001)

   Item Master System
    Major Manufacturing Company, Data Architect
    Requirements analysis support, dat a architecture, and software design role of a corporate item master system
    containing all items sold, purchased and inventoried. This s ystem was a re-engineering effort of a legacy
   Goods/Services Database
    Major Manufacturing Company, Data Architect
    Requirements analysis support, arc hitecture, and soft ware design role of a master corporat e product catalog
    of all items sold, purchased and inventoried. Supports localizable languages on attribution and supports many
    of the company‟s eBusiness initiatives as a foundation repository.
   Packaging System
    Major Manufacturing Company, Data Architect
    Requirements analysis support, dat a architecture, and software design role of a corporate product packaging
    information system that tracks various package configurations from the individually wrapped product (within
    boxes inside a case on a crate etc.) up to the pallet.
   Training, Model Validation, and Mentoring
    International Pharmaceuticals Company, Data Architecture Mentor
    Training, consulting, data model validation, and ment oring services for a pharmaceutical sales system
    (services rendered at the client location in London, England).
   Channel Partner Catalog System
    Major Manufacturing Company, Data Architect/Team Lead/Mentor
    Requirements analysis support, dat a architecture, and team lead/mentor role of a corporate channel part ner
    catalog configuration system. This system stored customer-s pecific product attribution for use in their web
    sites, printed catalogs, and other sales materials.
   Credit Rating and Product Data Warehouse
    Major Financial Services Company, Data Architect
    Trans formation of a concept ual and logical data model into a physical data w arehouse design used to score
    customer credit ratings, track product offerings, and customer use of said offerings.
   Buyer Metrics: Procurement Data Warehouse
    (Civilian Agency for the) United States Navy, Data Archi tect
    Designed an operational data store that tracks financial, payment, vendor and procurement performance, and
    open requisitions. Also analyzed and proposed eventual data mart cubes, trained military and civilian
    personnel, assisted in data extract, transformation, and loading (E TL), advis ed the project leader on issues of
    design and documentation, advised and trained entire team on data modeling techniques and
    implementation, and advised on data quality assuranc e.

Strategic Advantage, Inc.
(A mental health research company owned by Charter Medical Corporation/Magellan Health Services)
Programmer/Database Analyst/Database Administrator (1995 to 1998)                                                                 Page 5 of 8
                                                                                 Scot A. Becker
                                                                                Expert Resource
                                                                                 Data Architect

   Decision Care™
    Designed and implemented a database system to track the contents of and patient answers to several mental
    health-related questionnaires. Design included an input database containing raw scanned questionnaire data,
    a data scrubbing and analysis staging area, and an operational data store.
   InfiniFax™
    Designed and implemented the data lay er of a fax-back questionnaire system that scored patient results and
    provided feedback to the doctor/questionnaire administrator within five minut es. The autom atically faxed
    report included patient‟s answers, the patient‟s score along 9 key symptoms, a meta-data generated
    diagnosis explanation paragraph, and a bar chart.
   SA-45™
    Assisted in the creation of a web-based questionnaire delivery and reporting system.
   Report Generation Engine
    Designed and implemented a GUI report generation API using embedded graphing controls.
   Res-Q™
    Designed, implemented, configured (hardware), and supported a kiosk -style questionnaire delivery and
    reporting system. Patients would ans wer the questionnaires using a touch screen terminal. System also
    included various multimedia elements and secured administration int erfaces/reporting.
   General Duties
    Database implementation, maintenance, administration, and troubleshooting. Install, upgrade and maintain
    data server soft ware and hardware. Manage data security, backups, and disaster -recovery. Net work
    integration of database systems such as replication, interfaces, etc. Occasional LAN administration . Manage
    database optimization and performance tuning.

    Data modeling and databas e design, system design and legacy system integration. Design production and
    testing procedures, software troubleshooting, beta testing and debugging with some customer service. Writing
    of database and Internet/Int ranet applications. Writing internal applications, frameworks, and utilities

    Management of database staff and consult ants, evaluate vendors, software support and training, technical
    expert in project design to both technical and non-technical audiences. Research into emerging trends,
    security issues, and optimization.

Languages and Tools Experience
Visual Studio.NE T (VB. Net, ASP.Net, C#), (Microsoft and Sybase) Transact -SQL, MDX, Microsoft Visual Basic
(VB)/ Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)/VB Script/Microsoft Excel Macro Language/Word Basic/Basic, Active
Server Pages (ASP), Oracle PL/SQL, IS O standard SQL, HTML, XML/ XSD/ XSLT, Pascal, Microsoft Access,
FoxPro, Authorware, Visio Solutions Development, JavaScript

Rational Rose, Requisite Pro, Visio for Enterprise Arc hitects and Technical, NORMA, ER/Win, Visual SourceSafe,
VisioModeler, InfoModeler, Power Designer, Oracle Designer, Visual Studio. Net Enterprise Archit ect, SharePoint,
Dot Net Nuke

Systems and Database Experience
Windows 3.x/95/98/ME/2000/ XP/Vista, Microsoft Windows NT 3.x/4.x (Workstation and Server), Micros oft
Windows 2002/ 2003 Server, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5-7.x/2000/2005, Microsoft (OLAP) Analysis Server, Sybase
10/11/ 12/ASE/IQ, Oracle 7.x-10.x, MS-DOS 3.x - 6.x, Novell 3.1x, various UNIX flavors
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                                                                                 Scot A. Becker
                                                                                Expert Resource
                                                                                 Data Architect

   Publisher of (an ORM related port al/web log)
   “A Visual Studio Enterprise Arc hitect ORM Primer for Experienc ed VisioModeler Users ”, the Journal of
    Conc eptual Modeling, (August, 2001)
   “A Review of Information Modeling and Relational Databases: From Conceptual Analysis to Logical Design”,
    the Journal of Conceptual Modeling, (April, 2001)
   “Concept ual Data Modeling in an Object-Oriented Process”, the Journal of Concept ual Modeling,
    (February/April, 2001)
   “Perspective and Abstraction”, The Data Administration Newsletter, (December, 2000)
   “Arguments against the Use of ORM (and their Rebuttals)”, the Journal of Conc eptual Modeling, (June 2000)
   “Cas e Study: Delaying the „Entity or Attribute‟ Decision”, the Journal of Conceptual Modeling, (April 2000)
   “An Argument for the Use of ER Modeling”, the Journal of Conceptual Modeling, (August 1999)
   “Dat a Schema Normalization”, the Journal of Conceptual Modeling, (June 1999)
   “Building a Better Data Model”, The Data Administration Newsletter, (December, 1998)
   “Normalization and ORM”, the Journal of Conceptual Modeling, (August 1998)
   “Common Model Fragments: People and Organizations”, the Journal of Conceptual Modeling, (April/May
   “FoxPro In Cyberspace”, FoxP ro Advisor (A pril, 1997)
   “Introduction to Client-S erver Programming in Visual FoxPro”, VFUG Newsletter (October, 1996)
   Compiled the “VFUG Visual FoxPro Frequently Asked Questions”
   Numerous (over 10) newsletter articles for the VFUG Newsletter
   Numerous (over 30) articles for the Journal of Conceptual Modeling
   Full publication list available upon request

Speaking Engagements

   Presented “Conc eptual Data Modeling in an Object Orient ed Process” at the 2001 DAMA International
    Symposium in Anaheim California
   Presented “Conc eptual Data Modeling in an Object Orient ed Process” at Data Management Association,
    National Capital Region, Washingt on, D.C.
   Guest lecturer for various college courses
   Seminar/ Training Instructor (local, national, and international) in Object -Role Modeling

Professional Memberships

   Member, Dat a Management Association (DAMA), MN chapter
   Member, Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA )
   Member, American Electronics Association (AEA)
   Member, Twin Cities .Net User Group
   Member, Object Technology User Group (OTUG)
   Former Editor, Journal of Conceptual Modeling (JCM)
   Former Offic er, Virtual FoxPro Users Group (VFUG)
   Active member (past and/or present) of the Visual FoxPro, Microsoft SQL Server, dat a modeling, and ORM
    (Internet) communities.
   Member, DNRC
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                                                                                 Scot A. Becker
                                                                                Expert Resource
                                                                                 Data Architect

   Certified Object-Role Modeling Consultant (1 of 8 worldwide)
   Visio Object-Role Modeling Expert
   Certified Object-Role Modeling Trainer, Train-the-Trainer
   Certified Visio Trainer, Train-t he-Trainer
   1996 Universal Thread Visual FoxPro Most Valuable Professional (MVP )

1991-1997        Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering   University of Minnes ota, Institute of Technology

Studies focus ed on system analysis and design, logic design, computer programming, sequential logic, and
computer hardware design, construction, analysis, and implementation.


Referenc es are available upon request.

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