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This quick guide can answer many of your questions about planning your wedding.
We are always here to help you with fresh and innovative ideas, planning secrets,
tips and shortcuts to make your wedding a dream experience.

Should I Do The Decorating Myself?

Every bride (and family) thinks “If we decorate the wedding by ourselves we will save a lot of money.”

 Decorations, good or bad, make a lasting impression. Your wedding décor creates the quality of the experience
and memories. Having a Professional decorate your wedding can actually save money and provide a plan based
on experience to prevent mistakes in your special day. Decorating the wedding by yourself is not going to save
much money and the stress is tremendous! You may not end up with décor that you had in your mind because
of getting the most for your budget or having enough reliable help to carry out the project. As a bride, you
should concentrate on you as the “Main” part of the wedding. It’s your wedding day so focus on your personal
needs and know with confidence that we can take care of the wedding details!

What Are The Advantages of Using A Professional Decorator? We can . . .

 1. Save you Money and Time spent searching and designing the optimum wedding plan.
 2. Give you more Time to enjoy your family, relatives and friends before the wedding.
 3. Guide you to the best designs and decor for your taste and style.
 4. Organize the Tasks and Responsibilities including from set-up and break-down, assembly and layouts
    to moving and returning items. Our professional staff is detail conscious and very efficient.
 5. Minimize Stress on you for wedding planning!
 6. Resolve Decorating Problems that may arise during set-up, break-down or most importantly during the
    ceremony or reception. We will have staff on-site throughout your event to handle every need.

Even More Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What Do Your Se rvices Cost?
    It depends upon what you need however it is almost always f ar less than most people expect.
 2. Is a contract re quire d?
    Yes. We do need a contract and deposit to work for you.
 3. Do you accept c redit card payments?
    Yes we do accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover via PayPal.
 4. Do you offe r wedding planning se rvices or just decorating services?
    We offer both wedding planning services and decorating services.
 5. Can you help me find othe r wedding re lated services?
    Yes. We know many reliable “partner vendors” to which we can refer you.
 6. Do I need to buy any items for the we dding decoration?
    Probably not. We can provide most any wedding decorating items that you may require.
 7. Can you create flowers arrangements for the we dding and reception?
    We offer complete floral design services for all your floral arrangements, bouquets, centerpieces, etc.
 8. Do you offe r wedding decorating items that we would normally rent?
    We have a large inventory of items available and can buy specialty items such as fabrics, chair covers,
    linens, arches and much more.
 9. Will someone be on-site to manage aspects of my we dding ceremony/reception?
    Yes. This is an extension of our commit ment to making each event a success. Depending upon your
    contract our staff will be available to mange your decorating needs or total wedding plan.

     FAQ’s continue d (page 2)

 10. If I want a very different wedding can you help me?
       Yes, we thrive on planning unique weddings. This is what we do for every client.
       We are known for our creativity, detail and impressive works of wedding art!
 11. How early do I need to book my Wedding Designe r? Why?
       Booking early with a Wedding Designer will guarantee your date and will help to secure the desired
       location for your ceremony and reception. Your planning professional will have more time to properly
       design your wedding and get everything that you want for your special day.
 12. My wedding is 2 weeks; can you still help me to decorate my weddings?
      Our Pleasure! We can try to help you if we have that date available!
 13. How will I know how my we dding décor will look?
       This is a part of our service to you! We will present a detailed plan to you for your review and approval.
       You will know how everything is going to look before you walk down the isle!
 14. I want a perfect wedding, can it happen?
       There is no Perfect Wedding however our Team has the experience and connections to create the Best
       Impressions with the highest quality! You can rely on us to get as close to perfection as possible.

Why choose us?

Wedding Decorations are not just our business, but also our passion. We are very detail oriented and
obsessed with perfection. We are inspired by creativity and are always open to new ideas. We work “outside the
box” and customize decorations to your preference. We will work closely with you and offer exciting ideas to
make your wedding a unique experience.

   You get to enjoy the time with your family, bride’s maids and friends while we take on the work for your
   wedding. You can relax and really Live Your Dreams of your wedding happening as in a fairy tale! No
   worries or sleepless nights before the wedding that will cause you to be anxious, sleepy, tired, forget about
   the details that you intended to have done on the wedding day, and most of all the camera and
   photographer is going to catch the tiredness of your face in your memory albums…This will make you regret
   all your life!

Since our inception in 2004 our list of happy client’s has grow n rapidly. Please schedule an appoint ment to visit
us and see all that we have to offer. We can ma ke Your Wedding into a Dream Wedding!

       For more information please contact Dina Cheban-Tacu at 404 488-5038.

                                              Floral Arrangement FAQ’s

How much do wedding flowers cost?
The cost for wedding flowers could range from $1000 - $15000 depending on quantities, types and availability of your
selections. Your wedding planner can help you to maximize your budget.

Where are flower decorations appropriate?
In planning the decorations for the wedding ceremony location, consider these areas:

Altar, Columns, Candelabras, Entries, Archways, Stairways, Bathrooms,
Podium, Singers location, Pews, Aisles, Windows, Guest Book Table

What are the different types of bouquet?
      Arm bouquet
       A bouquet which is designed to be held in the crook of the arm and consisting of long-stemmed flowers, with long stemmed roses
       and calla lilies being the most popular. A loosely tied ribbon or bow is sometimes used to keep the bouquet together.
      Waterfall bouquet
       This bouquet style is in the shape of a teardrop or a loose triangle. In general, it is slightly rounded at the top and falls to a point. .
      Freeform bouquet
       This bouquet often has no discernible shape. As the name implies, this style covers a looser bouquet that often has flowers o r
       greenery coming out at various angles.
      Hand-tied bouquet
       Similar to an arm bouquet, with the main difference being the flowers and presentation. Sometimes, you will find roses, but you
       are just as likely to find other flowers. This bouquet is tied with a ribbon. The ribbon is o ccasionally decorated with notions such as
       pearl accents. It can be loosely tied or tightly tied, depending on the look you prefer.
      Nosegay bouquet
       In general, nosegays follow the same shape as a round bouquet. They are usually smaller, and sometimes include the addition of
       ribbon streamers. They are not as dense as a round bouquet, and may include more greenery. As a result of their smaller size,
       nosegay bouquets tend to show more trim from the bouquet holder as well. These bouquets are a popular choice for the smaller
       bridesmaid bouquets or for flower girl bouquets.
      Oval bouquet
       This bouquet style is a bit of a hybrid. It mixes a cascade style bouquet with that of a round bouquet. The shape has a less strict
       form than a cascade bouquet, and is also more rounded. The rounded top comes down in size to a more rounded bottom than that
       of a cascade bouquet.
      Round bouquet
       C ircular in shape, it is filled with mostly florals, but can also contain greenery. This condensed bouquet holds a large number of
       flowers in a compact space. In general, the bouquet is held together in a round bouquet holder. The bouquet holder may or may
       not have a lace or netting trim surrounding it.
      Single Stem
       While this is a very simple and elegant look, it is not technically a bouquet as it consists of only one flower. It is only in the past
       few years that I have noticed a trend towards using only a single flower in place of a bouquet. By far, the calla lily seems the most
       popular. A long stemmed rose is occasionally used instead. This stem is used in the same manner as the arm bouquet, and is
       generally placed in the crook of one's arm.

About Corsages
Tiny, wearable flower arrangements known as corsages have traditionally been bestowed on the mothers and grandmothers
of the bride and groom, but they can also be given to anyone else the couple wants to acknowledge or bestow special

About Flower Types
A corsage should complement the wearer yet blend in with the rest of the wedding flowers. You might plan each corsage
around its wearer's favorite flower. A diverse group of corsages will look harmonious when each is framed identically -with a
spray of tiny buds or a single impressive leaf. For a more uniform look, consider matching the blooms in the bridal bouquet
or the groomsmen's boutonnieres. If the bouquet is made from roses and ribbon streamers, for example, a simple corsage
of ribbon-wrapped rosebuds is a sweet choice. An important note: Ask your florist about the stamina of the flowers you have
chosen. On an extremely hot or cold day, blooms that arrived looking luscious may wither long before the reception -or even
the ceremony-has ended.

When should I order my flowers?

It is recommended to order your flowers at least 3-6 months in advance to assure availability and obtain the best possible
price. Certain flowers are seasonal bloomers and not available throughout the year. Your florist or wedding planner can
Assist you in determining your best choices for your wedding date and location.

Ten Things Your Florist Will Want To Know:
   1.    Budget for flowers.
   2.    Your ideas and visions about the wedding/reception.
   3.    Dress styles, colors, features.
   4.    Floral styles that you like -bring photos of flowers, arrangements, etc.
   5.    Size and layout of room(s) for ceremony/reception.
   6.    Location and time of ceremony/reception.
   7.    Any restrictions on ceremony/reception decorating.
   8.    Ambience for the reception, i.e., formal, etc.
   9.    Number in the wedding party and other people receiving/wearing flowers.
   10.   Services that you want the florist to provide, such as delivery, set-up, etc.

What kind of flowers are in season for my we dding?

                 Spring               Summer            Fall               Winter              All Year Round
                 tulips               sunflower         dahlias            amaryllis           calla lily
                 hyacinth             freesia           sunflowers         rose                hydrangea
                 daffodils            sweet pea         chrysanthemums     lily                roses
                 lily of the valley   delphinium        tuberose           alstromeria         lily
                 blooming branches    larkspur          zinnia             evergreens          chrysanthemum
                 lilac                zinnia            hypericum          hypericum           delphinium
                 freesia              asters            calla Lilly        stephanotis         iris
                 iris                 gladiolus         euphorbia          calla lily          orchids
                 peony                daisies           amaranthus                             carnation
                 sweet pea            iris                                                     queen anne's lace
                 anemone              lily                                                     gerbera daisy
                 lily                 snapdragons                                              germini
                 heather              phlox                                                    heather
                 wax flower           cornflower                                               misty blue
                 wybirnum             dahlea                                                   snapdragon
                                                                                               bird of paradise
Tips for the Ultimate Bridal “Toolbox”
By Teresa P. Lanker

  1. Tissues for teary eyes and runny noses
  2. First-aid kit including adhesive bandages, antibiotic
     ointment, tape and gauze, Tylenol and rubber                   10. Nail file, clear nail polish and nail glue
     gloves                                                         11. Travel-size iron
  3. Bottled water to wet a whistle or swallow a pill               12. Antistatic spray for stubborn fabrics
  4. Energy bars or simple snacks like nuts or pretzels             13. Shoe strings (black and white), men's dress socks
  5. Breath mints, gum and teeth wipes                                  (black and white) and women's hose/knee-highs
  6. Disposable wipes and bottled hand sanitizer                        (nude) for forgetful or overzealous members of the
  7. Sewing kit, including needles, black and white                     wedding party
     thread, straight pins, safety pins, black and white            14. Paper, pencils, crayons, coloring books and
     buttons                                                            perhaps a deck of cards and a few fast-food toys to
  8. Safety pins                                                        help little ones patiently pass the time
  9. Hair care products including hairspray, hair clips,
     combs and bobby pins

Should I hire a wedding planner?
Courtesy of A Grand E vent "Day Of" Wedding Coordination:
An Invaluable Service Hiring a professional wedding coordinator just for the wedding day, to organize and manage details,
can save a bride's sanit y
By Holly Le Fevre
Yes-Everyone regardless of budget should seek a wedding planner.
Ask your self some important questions.

As strange as it may seem to compare a wedding planner to a doctor or a lawyer, the premise is pretty much the same.
A wedding planner can protect you from hiring a company that may not be as professional as they claim to be. A wedding
planner can save money for the bride and groom by referring the couple to vendors that the wedding planner is familiar
with and has worked with several times in the past, and in most cases that vendor will o ffer the planner's clients a
reduced rate for using their services that the vendor may not have otherwise offered you.
For Example:
A couple contacts ABC DJ's and their regular price is $650.00, in most cases your wedding planner can get the exact same
services from ABC DJ's for $550.00. Coupled with the fact that the planner knows from experience which DJ's in that
company are the best, and will insist that one of those particular entertainers handle's your event themselves personally.
You now have a very capable entertainer and you saved $100.00 (not bad huh)

There are generally two ways you can go with a wedding planner, you may hire them to help you every step of the way
from your flowers to your fingernail polish (approx.$2500), or you ma y only hire them to help with vendor selection and
to coordinate your wedding on site (approx. $800). Either way the savings that you receive in most cases will out way
the cost of the planner's service; in addition you have a professional you can depend on to answer your important
The big day is approaching, and after having dedicated so much time to the planning and perfecting of every aspect of
your wedding (not to mention the money), do you dare leave the execution of these details to chance? You are the bride
and should be carrying a bouquet not a clipboard! You will need to have someone that can be responsible for putting all of
the elements and details in place on the wedding day.

To accommodate these needs, a service that has grown tremendously in popularity is "Month Of" and "Day Of" wedding
coordination. These services can take this pressure off of you and allow you to enjoy your wedding day without worry.

"Month Of" and "Day Of" coordinators can be hired for your wedding day at any time during the planning, but
generally don't "jump into" your planning until 1-2 months prior to the wedding day. At this point the coordinator will be
assisting you in pulling together an itinerary, confirming vendor commit ments and double -checking the details, decisions,
and services that you have already contracted for. The coordinator will be working with the information you give her to
formulate a master plan for the entire day, so that you can rest assured that the details are in place and the event is
being managed by a professional. Because these services are not as extensive as a coordination package that covers all
the planning from beginning to end, "Month Of" and "Day Of" is a very budget friendly way to get peace of mind on your
wedding day.
When beginning the search for a "Month Of" or "Day Of" wedding coordinator, you may find yourself with a number of
questions. First of all, wedding coordinators use many different titles (Wedding Coordinator, Event Producer, Event
Designer, Wedding Director, etc.), as well as a myriad of titles for their range of services (Wedding Day Service, Wedding
Day Direction, "Month Of" and "Day Of"). Ask specific questions of these coordinators to determine if they offer the
service that you are looking for.

Secondly, you may be wondering about the difference between the catering manager at the hotel and a (personal)
wedding coordinator. Wedding coordinators offer a different range of services than these other professionals. Specifically a
coordinator is working for you, not the hotel or location, and he/she is there to see that your wishes and requests are
carried out as well as to assist in planning that is not related to the hotel or location. Ask the staff at your wedding
location what they will and won't do to determine your additional needs. Coordinators will work with the personnel at your
ceremony and/or reception venue to ease the planning process and provide you peace of mind.

What does this cost? Just as there are many titles for wedding coordinators, there are many different fee structures. It
will take some investigating to find a coordinator that fits your needs, and that is within your budget. Typically, pricing
ranges from $750.00 to $3,000+ for "Month Of" and "Day Of" services. The number of years of experience, geographical
location of the wedding coordinator and typical clientele are just a few items that will affect price. The price will also be
determined by a number of specific factors and details related to your wedding. Not all coordinators offer these services,
but most do. You can use the Internet, local bridal magazines, bridal shows and referrals from other vendors to find a
wedding coordinator.

"Month Of" Services
Referrals to wedding day vendors (optional)
Access to consultant for related questions (via phone or email)
Meeting with client to develop a timeline for the wedding day Confirmation of vendor commit ments for the wedding day
Direction of the rehearsal Distribution of timeline to necessary vendors and wedding party
Coordination and direction of wedding day events (set hours)

"Day Of" Services
Direction of the rehearsal
Distribution of timeline to wedding party (as prepared by bride)
Coordination and direction of wedding day events (set hours)

NOTE: For "Day Of" service, the bride will ta ke the responsibility of preparing a timeline, confirming details and
commit ments with vendors, and all other related duties. The consultant will carry out the duties based upon the brides
planning and preparations. In these instances where the consultant has no previous interaction with vendors, the
consultant is only as good as the information the bride provides.

Whether you are planning a wedding that is big or small, casual or formal, the knowledge, professionalism, and assistance
a wedding coordinator can provide for you, is well worth the cost. Of course most wedding consultants also offer more
detailed planning assistance as well, but "Month Of" and "Day Of" services offer invaluable planning assistance that every
bride can benefit from.

You are here: Rental Tips Planners, caterers and designers generally know where to go for rental supplies, since
they tend to use these products frequently. Professional planners also have a good handle on the quantity and specific
type of equipment necessary for ente rtaining. Often it's advisable to let them take care of the rentals, order what's
needed, count the supplies when they arrive, break them down with a supplier, you will need to bear a few points in mind.

    1. Don't overlook the rentals in a structuring your pa rty budget; they often make up a full third of
       the total expense of the event.
    2. Take the time to look at the range of possibilities and prices available. A plate, can cost as
       little as 60 cents or as much as ten dollars to rent. Know what your priorities a re in setting
       the table.
    3. Figure out exactly what you need. There are many extras you might not think that are used by
       the kitchen and wait-staff. Be sure you consult the food and beverage providers to determine
       specifically what's needed.
    4. Determine a head count and order accordingly. Have extra table settings available, through,
       just in case additional guests arrive or china and glassware are broken.
    5. Deal with a reputable supplier who can meet your needs. Look at the portfolio merchandise
       available, make sure you are getting quality merchandise, select what you need, and make
       sure it's available in the quantities you need at the time of your event.
    6. Order early and arrange for early delivery. You have a better chance of getting what you
       want if you order well in advance, especially during heavy party periods. If possible, have
       the merchandise delivered a day or two in advance to check for chips, cracks, and proper,
       functioning of all equipment. See if what you received is what you ordered. Take a complete
       inventory of the stock when it arrives.
 7. Arrange for setup and breakdown. Some companies will do the setting up and cleaning up
    for you. Inquire. Be sure to specify when you want the merchandise removed if breakdown
    isn't included. Staff at you site will need to know.
 8. Get a contract and read the fine print. Know exactly what merchandise you have ordered,
    the quantities you're paying for and what services are provided. Be specific about charges,
    for renting the merchandise as well as breakage fees and be clear about deposits and
    payment schedules.


 1.    Hire a professional wedding consultant
 2.    Remember to eat the day of the ceremony
 3.    Maintain a sense of humor
 4.    Maintain open lines of communication with your fiancé and with both sets of parents, especially of they are
       financing the wedding
 5.    Be receptive to your parents’ ideas, but remember this is YOUR wedding
 6.    Be flexible and keep your overall budget in mind
 7.    Maintain a regular routine of exercise and eat a well-balanced diet
 8.    Register for gifts, and consider a price range that your guests can afford
 9.    Break-in your shoes well before the wedding day
 10.   Practice with make-up and various hairstyles before your wedding day
 11.   Check recent references for all your service providers
 12.   Get everything in writing with your service providers
 13.   Assign your guests to tables and group them together by age, interests, acquaintances, etc.
 14.   Consider drawing-up a prenuptial agreement and a will
 15.   Send thank-you notes as soon as you receive gifts
 16.   Schedule de-stressors for yourself along the way, whether it’s a massage, facial, manicure, etc.
 17.   Try to spend some time with each of your guests and personally thank them for coming to your wedding
 18.   Encourage bride’s parents to introduce their family and friends to the family and friends of the groom’s family and
 19.   Toast both sets of parents (and any other special person) at the rehearsal dinner and/or the reception. Thank
       them for everything that they have done for you and for giving you a beautiful wedding
 20.   Eat well at the reception, especially if you’ll be drinking alcohol
 21.   Keep a smile on your face; there will be many pictures taken of the both of you
 22.   Expect things to go wrong on your wedding day. Most likely something will go wrong, but no one will notice it but
       you. Relax and don’t let it bother you.
 23.   Preserve the top tier of your wedding cake for your first anniversary
 24.   Send a personal gift to both sets of parents, such as a small engraved album containing the best photos of the


1.    Don’t stress
2.    Don’t get involved in other activities. You will be very busy in planning your wedding
3.    Don’t make any major decisions without discussing it openly with your fiancé
4.    Don’t be controlling. Be open to other people’s ideas
5.    Don’t overspend your budget. This can be extremely stressful.
6.    Don’t wait until the last minute to hire your service providers. The good ones get booked months in advance
7.    Don’t try to make everyone happy. It is IMPOSSIBLE and will only make your wedding planning more difficult
8.    Don’t try to impress your friends
9.    Don’t invite old boyfriends or girlfriends to your wedding. You don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable
10.   Don’t try to do “everything” yourself. Delegate responsibilities to your fiancé, your parents and to members of your
      wedding party
11.   Don’t rely on friends or family members to photograph or videotape your wedding. Hire professionals!
12.   Don’t assume the members of your wedding party know what to do. Give them a copy of your timeline and a copy
      of our “Wedding Party Responsibilities” list.
13.   Don’t assume your service providers know what to do. Give them each a detailed copy of your Service Provider
14.   Don’t schedule your bachelor/bachelorette party the night before the wedding. You don’t want a hangover on your
      wedding day.
15.   Don’t arrive late at the ceremony.
16.   Don’t get drunk at the reception. You don’t want to do or say anything that you may regret.
17.   Don’t flirt with members of the opposite sex
18.   Don’t allow your guests to drive drunk after the reception.
19.   Don’t leave your reception without saying good-bye to your family and friends
20.   Don’t drive if you’ve had too much to drink!

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