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					                                                               Community Partners
Swimming                                  Skating                                    Seafair Minor Hockey

BC Water Polo                             Richmond Arenas                                         Community Association                      604-290-9583
Contact: Heather at 604-333-3480          604-448-5366                               Hockey programs for girls and boys, ages
                                          Email:                  4-20 years old.
Delta Diving Club                         RACA in partnership with the City of
Contact: Alanna at 604-999-7297 or                                                   Visit, your
                                          Richmond, Richmond Minor Hockey,           source for information on community
email:         Seafair Minor Hockey, Richmond             sports groups in Richmond that provide
Lower Mainland Waterpolo                  Ringette, Richmond Girls Ice Hockey,       recreational and high performance
                                          Connaught Skating Club and Richmond        sports for over 18,000 residents.
Contact: Zoran at 604-430-3429            Lacrosse is committed to the utilization
Co-ed recreational water polo league.     and development of quality arena
There are exciting games at Watermania    facilities.                                Racquet Sports
every Sunday morning from 8:00-           Coast Hockey League                        Richmond Tennis Club
10:00am from mid September until late
November.                                 604-585-4625
                                                                                     604-273-3631 or email:
                                          Male and female adult hockey leagues for
Oceanus Synchronized                      fall/winter and spring.
Swim Club
Contact: Nici at
                                          Connaught Skating Club
                                                                                     Indoor Sports                   604-273-3443                               Richmond Cosom Hockey
Richmond Kigoos                           Powerskate, Canskate, Junior Academy,      Boys & Girls (6-16yrs)                            Canfigure Skate, Starskate/Competitive,    Contact: Gord at 778-786-2069
Contact: Alan at 604-275-2400             group & private lessons.                   Indoor cosom hockey played during the
Summer Swim Club – Promotes the
skills of competitive swimming. Season    Richmond Girls Ice Hockey                  fall/winter months.
runs May – August.                                             Richmond Gymnastics Club
Tsunami Program – A winter                604-277-9799
maintenance program runs from             Ice hockey for girls 4-12 years old from
October to March.                                                                    To register, call 604-278-3614
                                          September to March. Full body checking
Masters Program – For adults of all       not allowed.                               Sportstown B.C.
swimming abilities.
Water Polo – Co-ed team sport.            Richmond Ringette                
Richmond Rapids Swim Club                 The fastest game on ice. Open to ages 5
                                                                                     email:                    years and up from September to March.      An indoor sports centre that offers
Contact: Dennis at 604-275-7946                                                      indoor soccer leagues, volleyball leagues,
                                          Richmond Rockets Speed                     tennis lessons, sports programs and
Steveston Athletic Associa-               Skating Club                               weight training facilities. All ages and
tion                                                 skill levels are welcome.
Triathlete group training at Watermania
October to July. Contact Stephen Ptucha   Richmond Minor Hockey                      Richmond Ball Hockey
at 604-657-6770                           Association                                Association
                                          Hockey programs for girls and boys, ages   email:
                                          4-20 years old.                            A co-ed indoor hockey league for ages
                                                                                     4-17. Non-contact.
                                          Richmond Sockeyes
                                          Hockey Club
                                          Richmond’s Junior B Hockey Club in the
                                          PIJHL. Home games on Thursdays at
                                          Minoru Arenas.

   Registration Call Centre: 604-276-4300                                                                                          121
   Community Partners
         Martial Arts                             Richmond Lacrosse                           Water Sports

         Judo                                               John M.S. Lecky UBC                    604-303-PLAY (7529)                     Boathouse
         Contact: Al at 604-271-0037, Steveston   Boys and girls lacrosse for all ages.
         Judo Club at 604-718-8099 or             Box season runs April to June.                    Field Lacrosse runs September to March. This new state-of-the-art floating
                                                                                          rowing facility is the official home of
         Karate Go Ju Ryu–Steveston               Richmond Kajaks Track &                 the UBC and St. George’s rowing teams.
         Contact: Takeshi at 604-272-4660         Field Club                              Community progams available.
         Karate Go Ju Ryu – Steves-               Email:
         ton (Women Only)                         To register, contact Susan at               Sports
         Contact: Hidemi at 604-272-4660          604-241-9094 or email:
         Kendo                                                                                Richmond Sports Council
         Contact: Ray at 604-275-9333
                                                  Richmond Minor Football
                                                                                              Established in 1982 for the purpose
         For programs see page 69 in the          (5-18 yrs)                                  of representing sports groups within
         Children’s section.            
                                                                                              the community, and to coordinate
                                                  604-448-0342 or
                                                                                              participation of these groups in relevant
         Field Sports                             Richmond Rugby
                                                                                              issues affecting the sports community in
         Richmond Boys Fastball                   Senior Club (Men/Women), U19 Boys,          Monthly meeting every second Tuesday
         (5-17 yrs)                               or U18 Girls                                of the month at Richmond City Hall.
                                                  Contact: Matt at 604-861-6896                                                                          For more information, please call Jim
         To register, contact: Praveen at         Mini Rugby (5-12 years), U14 or U16         Lamond at 604-277-1400 or visit
         604-304-3420 or                          Contact: Paulette at 604-878-4294 
                                                  Richmond Girls Soccer
         Richmond Girls Softball                  (5-18yrs)                                   Richmond Special Olympics
         (5-22 yrs)                                                                 
                                                     Contact: Shaheen at 604-266-5760                              604-765-4480
         To register, call 604-275-4649           Email: BC Special Olympics (BCSO) mission
         Richmond City Baseball                   Richmond Senior Men’s Soc- is to provide individuals with enhance
                                                                                          disability, the opportunity to

         (5-21yrs)                                cer League (18+yrs)                     their life and celebrate achievement             www.nesstacio@richmondseniorsoccer. through positive sport experiences. We
                                                  com                                     are volunteer based and athlete centred.
         Richmond Cricket Club                    Richmond Youth Soccer
         (6-60 yrs)                               (5-17yrs)
         To register, contact Gael at             604-271-7459 or
         604-274-0095                             Email:
                                                  Looking for coaches and team managers.
         Richmond Field Hockey

122                                                                               Internet Registration:
                                                              Community Partners
Arts                                     Richmond Singers Ensemble                   Richmond Museum Society

                                                                                                                                  Arts • Heritage
                                         Contact: Fran at 604-271-7409     
Richmond Art Gallery                                                                 604-247-8300
                                         Richmond Weavers and                        Email:
Association                              Spinners Guild                                                           The Society is dedicated to providing
604-247-8300                             Contact: Tove at 604-271-2674               support and direction in the area of
Email:               Riverside Arts Circle                       museum and heritage services, including
                                                                                     the development of the City’s museum
The Association operates and supports       Contact: Audrey at 604-241-4443          collection, interpretive displays and
the Richmond Art Gallery to increase
art awareness and appreciation in           Textile Arts Guild of                    fundraising. The Society aims to
                                            Richmond                                 increase the awareness, appreciation
the community through exhibits,                                                      and promotion of Richmond’s diverse
outreach events, adults and children’s      Contact: Moreen at 604-274-8084          history.
programming. Art exhibits are displayed
year round in the Gallery and at City Hall.                                          Sea Island Heritage Society
Cathay Photographic Society
                                                                                     604-278-4359   604-589-3611
Contact: Sally at 604-439-9018           Britannia Heritage Shipyard
                                         Society                                     The Society is dedicated to the
Creative Jewellers                                collection, cataloguing, recording and
Guild of BC                              604-718-8038                                dissemination of the oral and visual
                                         Email:                history and memorabilia of Sea Island,
Contact: Eric at 604-278-5141
                                                                                     Richmond, B.C. Our aim is to document
Dogwood Needlecrafters                   The Society is involved in preserving       and promote the rich history and cultural
                                         a working heritage shipyard site            heritage of pioneers and all people
Contact: Sandra at 604-277-7866          which includes heritage wooden boat         currently and formerly associated with
Kapamilya Multi-Cultural                 preservation and restoration, collecting    the area, and to leave a legacy for future
Society                                  artifacts, photographs and documents        generations.
                                         and raising funds.
Contact: Claire at 604-232-4690                                                      Scotch Pond Heritage
                                         London Heritage Farm                        Cooperative
Richmond Artists’ Guild
Contact: William at 604-278-2871                                                     2220 Chatham Street
Richmond Chinese                         604-271-5220                                Scotch Pond is located in the north
Calligraphy & Painting Club              Email:                   west corner of Garry Point Park
                                         The Society is responsible for the          and is operated by the Fishermen’s
Contact: Alfred at 604-303-8808                                                      Cooperative. The site is a former boat
                                         operation of the 4 acre c.1885 farm. This
Richmond Chinese Folk                    includes tours of the farmhouse and         works building commemorated as a
Dance Society                            allotment gardens and operation of the      municipal historic site in 1992. The City
                                         tearoom and gift shop.                      and Cooperative ensure its preservation
Contact: Ivy at 604-214-2016 ext. 449                                                as an example of the fishing industry’s
Richmond Gem and                         Richmond Heritage                           working waterfront c. 1940’s.
Mineral Club                             Commission                                  Steveston Historical Society
Contact: Eric at 604-278-5141            The Richmond Heritage Commission  
                                         is appointed to advise City Council on      604-718-8439
Richmond Photo Club                      heritage conservation and promotion
Contact: Allen at 604-277-6951           matters and to undertake and provide        The Society operates the Steveston
                                         support for activities that benefit         Museum for the City of Richmond. Its
Richmond Potters Club                    heritage in the City of Richmond. For       mandate is to preserve the history of
Contact: Jenny at 604-263-1068           information on the current workplan call    the town site of Steveston. To keep the
                                         the City of Richmond at 604-276-4279.       Museum open, the Society runs a fully
Richmond Reelers Scottish                                                            operating Post Office under contract
Country Dance Group                                                                  with Canada Post.
Contact: Joan at 604-274-7904

   Registration Call Centre: 604-276-4300                                                                                            123
     Community Partners
             Recreation                                  Richmond Fitness and                        Thompson Community

                                                         Wellness Association                        Association
             City Centre Community                        
             Association                                 604-718-8004                                604-718-8422 (main line) or
                     Email:                  604-718-8497 (Volunteers)
             604-233-8910                                                                            Email:
                                                         The Association strives to raise
             Email:                                                           The Association made up of community
                                                         awareness, encourage participation and
             Utilizing a number of venues and            champion health and wellness initiatives    volunteers, provides services in
             partnerships with schools and               by identifying, creating and promoting      response to the needs of the area through
             businesses in the city core, the            opportunities for healthy living.           professional Coordinators for Youth,
             Association ensures there are                                                           Fitness, Preschool and Seniors.
             recreational and cultural opportunities     Sea Island Community
             that meet community needs through           Association                                 West Richmond Community
             special events, programs and services.                   Association
             East Richmond Community                     Email:                604-718-8400
             Association                                 The Association provides leisure
                         opportunities that actively protect the     The Association is committed to
             604-233-8399                                                                            empowering community members to
                                                         interests of the community it serves.
             Email:                                                               create a strong sense of community
                                                         Through various committees and the
             The East Richmond Community                 board of directors, SICA works to build     identity and pride within West Richmond
             Association provides accessible             and maintain community spirit and to        by facilitating healthy community
             programs and services at Cambie             protect and promote the needs of the        programs, projects and partnerships.
             Community Centre and the East               community.
             Richmond Community Hall that
             promote community and enhance our           South Arm Community
             quality of life.                            Association
             Hamilton Community                          604-718-8060
             Association                                 Email:
                       “Connecting with our community”,
                                                         the Association’s mission is to provide
                                                         effective and enjoyable recreation
             The Association strives to build a          and cultural opportunities for people
             connected and vibrant community             to develop socially, emotionally,
             through recognizing the needs and           intellectually and physically.
             assets of our unique community.
             Programs, projects and partnerships         Steveston Community
             focus on developing assets of all our       Society
             Minoru Seniors Society                      Email:
             604-718-8450                                The Society is dedicated to maintaining
             Email:                  a positive, pioneering “Spirit of
                                                         Steveston”, by providing cultural, social
             The Society is dedicated to promoting       and recreation opportunities for all
             the welfare of Richmond senior citizens     members of the community.
             by providing opportunities for satisfying
             their recreational, health and social
             needs in settings wherein each may
             experience a sense of belonging and

 124                                                                                   Internet Registration:
                                                                Community Partners
Nature & Parks                              Community Safety                           Fire Extinguisher Training

                                                                                                                                   Nature & Parks • Community Safety
                                                                                      Richmond Fire-Rescue will be offering
Richmond Nature Park                        Community Police                          fire extinguisher training to the general
tSociety                                    Offering non-emergency policing           public and any businesses that would like                  services, locations include the South     to have their staff trained. Community
604-718-6188                                Arm, Steveston and Airport areas. For     groups are also welcome to sign up for
Email:                   volunteer opportunities, contact the      these sessions. There will be a nominal
The Society offers educational and          location nearest you:                     cost to participate and all successful
recreational programs, events,                                                        candidates will have a NFPA 15 certificate
                                              South Arm                               issued to them. For more information,
exhibits and resources that encourage          604-713-2300
residents and visitors to learn about          Located within South Arm Community contact Community Relations Officer
the environment and natural history of         Centre                                 Kirby Graeme at 604-303-2726.
Richmond.                                     Hours: M-F 9:00am-5:00pm,               Block Watch
Partners in Parks                             Holidays closed.                        Block Watch is a free community based                         Steveston Community Centre              crime prevention program administered
604-244-1208                                   604-713-2323                           by the Richmond RCMP and funded
Partners in Parks volunteers are friendly      4371 Moncton Street. Located east of   by the City of Richmond. Block Watch
community members who care about our           the Steveston Community Centre         provides residents with information
parks and enjoy being outdoors. Their         Hours: M-F 9:00am-5:00pm,               to improve their personal and home
role is to walk in parks and on trails,       Holidays closed.                        security. Participants of the Block Watch
encouraging others to use our parks           Airport                                 program receive window stickers, street
responsibly and collecting information         604-303-4720                           signs and a discount on house insurance.
on how our parks are being used.               Located at the Vancouver               Richmond residents can also take
                                               International Airport, South           advantage of a free home security
Partners for Beautification                    Terminal, Departure Level              inspection to help protect their homes                         To volunteer with Richmond Citizen’s from break and enters.
604-244-1208                                  Crime Watch, call 604-713-2301 or
Residents, youth groups, schools, strata      visit the Steveston Community Police    Visit for all
councils, community groups, service           Station.                                the Residential and Business Break and
clubs and businesses are encouraged                                                   Enters and Theft from Autos in your
to become active in keeping their           Richmond Fire-Rescue                      area. For any of the above services or
community vibrant and beautiful.            Richmond Fire-Rescue in conjunction       more information please call
                                            with Richmond RCMP and ICBC/BCAA          604-207-4790
Components of the program include:          hosts free Child Restraint Safety Checks.
Adopt-A-Street or Cul-de-sac, Adopt-        The checks take place on the second and Emergency Management
A-Garden, Adopt-A-Tree, Adopt-A-            fourth Wednesday of each month from       Program
Park, Trail, Walkway, or Dyke, Graffiti     3:00- 4:30pm and 7:00- 8:30pm BY          The City’s Emergency Management
Removal, Adopt-An Environmentally           APPOINTMENT ONLY.                         Office is working together with the
Sensitive Area, Sponsorship/Adoption
through Donations                           To book your appointment for either the community to increase Richmond’s level
                                            Residential Fire Safety Survey and/or the of preparedness and offers free personal
Community Gardens                           Child Safety Restraint Check, please call emergency preparedness workshops                       604-278-5131 Monday-Friday 8:15am-        for any neighbourhood, business or
604-244-1208                                5:00pm or visit for       organization.
Community gardens are vibrant, social      more information.                           Volunteer and receive training
places where people can enjoy organic                                                  to conduct personal emergency
gardening in the city. There are currently                                             preparedness workshops, provide
three community gardens at Terra Nova                                                  personal assistance to evacuees, staff
Rural Park (north of Westminster Hwy,                                                  reception centres and participate in
east of Barnard Road), the south end of                                                special events.
Gilbert Road and King George Park in
East Richmond.

    Registration Call Centre: 604-276-4300                                                                                                 125

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