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									 Section            WORD       PARTS        KOREAN                  DEFINITION

                                                     to do sports or other physical
Unit 01    exercise            v       운동하다          activities in order to stay healthy or
                                                     become stronger
           hold                v       개최하다          to engage in; carry on

                                                     the house or flat/apartment that
           home                n       집             you live in, especially with your
                                                     family occasion, often in a
                                                     a social
           party               n       파티            person’s home, at which people
                                                     eat, drink, talk, dance and enjoy
           popular             adj     인기 있는         liked by most people

                                       피로하게 하는, 힘
           tiring              adj                   making one feel tired
                                                     to put something such as a tool to
           use                 v       쓰다,사용하다
                                                     a particular purpose

           for example                 예를 들면         for instance

           in fact                     사실상           in reality or actually

                                                     to take one thing rather than
Unit 02    choose              v       고르다, 선택하다
                                                     another from a number of things

           introduce           v       소개하다          to present for the first time

                                                     a room or building where books are
           library             n       도서관
                                                     a visual representation of a person,
           picture             n       그림            object, or scene, as a painting,
                                                     drawing, photograph, etc.
                                                     one who is engaged in reading a
           reader              n       독자, 책 읽는 사람
                                                     book, magazine, etc.

           secret              n       비밀            a private technique or strategy

                                                     to divide or use something with
           share               v       나누다, 공유하다

           from time to time           가끔            occasionally

           is like                     ~과 같다         to be similar to sb/sth

Unit 03    add                 v       첨가하다          to put something in something else

           collect             v       모으다, 수집하다     to gather things that you like

           cute                adj     귀여운           delightfully pretty

                                                     a piece of equipment invented to
           machine             n       기계
                                                     do a job

           plastic             adj     플라스틱의         made of plastic

           prepare             v       준비하다          to make or become ready
          result             n        결과           a consequence of an action

          or so                       ~쯤, ~정도      about

                             v                     to record an image digitally or on
          take pictures               사진 찍다
                             phrase                film
                                                   the use of the imagination to
Unit 04   art                n        예술, 미술       express ideas or feelings,
                                                   particularly in painting, drawing or
                                                   a time of rest from work or another
          break              n        휴식
                                                   to remove debris and clean the
          brush              v        (이를)닦다       teeth using a special brush and
                                                   an occasion when a group of
          class              n        교실, 수업
                                                   students meets to be taught
                                                   happening on or relating to
          daily              adj      매일의, 일상적인
                                                   the area or region around or near
          neighborhood       n        이웃, 동네
                                                   some place or thing

          routine            n        늘 하는 일과      course of procedure

          get ready for               준비하다         to prepare to do something
          wake up                     깨다, 일어나다     to stop sleeping

Unit 05   collect            v        모으다, 수집하다    to gather things that you like

                                                   a flat, rectangular paper that
          envelope           n        봉투
                                                   contains a letter
                                                   used to refer to all the members of
          every              adj      모든
                                                   a group of things or people

          hobby              n        취미           a spare-time activity

                                                   a small label with a sticky back
          stamp              n        우표           issued by post offices to affix to
                                                   letters or packages as proof
                                                   to make an attempt or effort to do
          try                v        노력하다
                                                   or get sth

          wonderful          adj      놀라운, 대단한     admirable; excellent

          around the world            전 세계의

          try to                      ~하려고 노력하다
                                                   relating to an elementary school or
Unit 06   elementary         adj      초보의, 초등학교의
                                                   elementary education
                                                   a structure, often decorative, from
          fountain           n        샘, 분수        which a jet or stream of water
                                                   issues is a public area of land with
                                                   A park
          park               n        공원           grass and trees, usually in a town,
                                                   where people gois kept in to relax.
                                                   an animal which in order the
          pet                n        애완동물         home as a companion and treated
                                                    a large volume of water flowing
          river              n        강
                                                    across land
                                                    A street is a road in a city, town, or
          street             n        거리            village, usually with houses along
                                                    a large shop/store that sells food,
          supermarket        n        슈퍼마켓
                                                    drinks and goods used in the home

          next to                     ~옆에           beside

          on the corner of            ~의 모퉁이에

Unit 07   anything           n        무언가           something is present or happening

          appreciate         v        감사하다          to be grateful for something

                                                    to take something or someone with
          bring              v        가져 오다
                                                    you from one place to another

          carry              v        들고 가다         to hold something with you

          coin               n        동전            a metal piece used as money

                                                    one of several things in a group or
          item               n        물품 , 품목
                                                    the amount you get when you add
          total              n        총액            several numbers or amounts
          give out                    나눠주다          to hand sth to a lot of people
                                      (자) 여기 (있어)
          here you go                 (상대방에게 무엇을    used when you are giving sth to sb
                                      주면서 하는 말)
                                                    young humans who are not yet an
Unit 08   children           n        아이들
                                                    the main meal of the day, eaten in
          dinner             n        저녁 식사
                                                    the evening
                                                    a group consisting of one or two
          family             n        가족
                                                    parents and their children
                                                    a room, set of rooms or building
          office             n        사무실           where people work, usually sitting
                                                    at desks
          sometimes          adv      가끔, 때때로       at times; now and then

          spend              v        (시간을)보내다      use your time or effort doing it

          subway             n        지하철           a train that runs underneath a city

                                      일하고 있는, 작업
          at work

          have time to                ~할 시간이 있다

Unit 09   customer           n        손님, 고객        a person who buys from a shop

          deal               n        거래            a business transaction
          iced             adj      얼음을 넣은        containing ice

                                                  a mixture of raw vegetables,
          salad            n        샐러드
                                                  usually including lettuce
                                                  a liquid food made by boiling meat,
          soup             n        수프
                                                  vegetables, etc. in water
                                                  the sense by which the flavor of
          taste            n        맛, 향          things is perceived when they are
                                                  brought into contact with the
                                                  a woman who works in a
          waitress         n        여종업원          restaurant, serving people with
                                                  food and drink.
          ready to                  ~할 준비가 된

          you’re welcome            천만에요

                                    중요하다, 문제가
Unit 10   matter           v                      to be of importance
                                                  the area or region around or near
          neighborhood     n        이웃, 동네
                                                  some place or thing

          receive          v        받다            to get or be given

                                                  the expression that you have on
          smile            n        미소            your face when you are happy,
                                                  amused, etc.
                                                  under normal conditions;
          usually          adv      보통, 일반적으로
                                                  a person who offers to do
          volunteer        n        자원봉사자         something; a person who works
                                                  without pay
          way              n        (특정한) 방법      method

          a little bit              약간의           a small amount

                                                  in exchange; as a payment
          in return                 그 대가로, 보답으로

                                                  to make sth free from dirt or dust
Unit 11   clean            v        씻어내다, 청소하다
                                                  by washing or rubbing it
                                                  not alike in character or quality;
          different        adj      다른, 다양한
                                                  differing; dissimilar
                                                  to put into (a container, for
          fill             v        채우다
                                                  example) as much as can be held
                                                  the distinctive taste of something
          flavor           n        (독특한)맛, 풍미
                                                  as it is experienced in the mouth
                                                  a container used for cooking,
          pot              v        주전자
                                                  storing, and other purposes
                                                  to dump or allow to flow out or
          pour             v        붓다
                                                  a hot drink made by pouring boiling
          tea              n        차
                                                  water onto tea leaves.
          fill A with B             A를 B로 채우다

          right away                즉시, 당장        immediately; without any delay
                                            a task that requires action or
Unit 12   activity       n     활동
                                            the number of years that a person
          age            n     나이
                                            has lived or a thing has existed

          display        v     보여주다, 전시하다   to show in public

          interest       n     관심, 취미       curiosity; attention

          member         n     회원, 구성원      an individual that is part of a group

                                            a large printed picture or notice put
          poster         n     포스터
                                            up for advertising or decoration

          similar        adj   유사한          having the same characteristics

          all kinds of         온갖 종류의       many different

                               나이에 상관 없이,
          of all ages
                               모든 연령대의
                                            a fun social event to mark a special
Unit 13   celebration    n     축하행사
                                            occasion or honor a person
                                            the period in the day when light
          dawn           n     새벽           from the sun begins to appear in
                                            the sky during which you do not
                                            a period
          fast           n     금식           eat food, especially for religious or
                                            health reasons
                                            to say or write sth that you know is
          lie            v     거짓말하다
                                            not true
                                            to speak to God, especially to give
          pray           v     기도하다
                                            thanks or ask for help

          relative       n     친척           members of the family

                                            the time in the evening when the
          sunset         n     일몰           sun goes down below the horizon
                                            and night begins, or the way the
                                            lasting for the duration of the day
          all day              하루 종일
                                            time hours

          before dawn          해뜨기 전에

                                            not alike in character or quality;
Unit 14   different      adj   다른
                                            differing; dissimilar

          favorite       adj   가장 좋아하는      best liked or most enjoyed

          fun            adj   재미있는         amusing or enjoyable

          hard           adj   힘든, 어려운      not easy; difficult

          interesting    adj   재미있는         arousing or holding the attention

                                            the study of the measurement,
          math           n     수학           properties and relation of quantities
                                            and sets, using numbers and
                                            immediately following, as in time,
          next           adj   다음의
                                            order, or sequence
          feel like                ~처럼 느끼다

          what about               ~은 어떻습니까?

                                               a social group of any size whose
Unit 15   community       n        지역공동체       members reside in a specific
                                               of the main business section of a
          downtown        adj      번화가의, 도심의

          furnished       adj      가구가 딸려 있는

                                               a room in a house where people sit
          living room     n        거실
                                               together, watch television, etc.

          partly          adv      부분적으로       to some extent; not completely

                                               for or belonging to one person or
          private         adj      개인의
                                               group; not for public use
                                               the act of renting sth or an
          rent            n        임대
                                               arrangement to rent sth
          busy ~ing                ~하느라 바쁜

          per month                한 달에

Unit 16   cute            adj      귀여운         delightfully pretty

          outside         adv      밖으로         not inside a building

          puppy           n        강아지         a young or baby dog

          sometimes       adv      가끔, 때로는     at times; now and then

                                               the warmest season of the year,
          summer          n        여름          coming between spring and
          swimming        n        수영          the sport or activity of swimming

                                               an institution at the highest level of
          university      n        대학          education where you can study for
                                               a degree or do research
          go swimming              수영하러 가다
                          v        계속 연락을 주고
          keep in touch                        communicate with sb regularly
                          phrase   받다

Unit 17   anybody         n        누군가

                                               the area, location, or position
          front           n        앞
                                               directly before or ahead
                                               the act of moving quickly or
          hurry           n        서두름         causing someone to move or act
          line            n        줄, 선        a straight mark

          meal            n        식사          the main food of the day
                                                 to use physical pressure or force,
          push            v        밀다
                                                 especially with your hands

          quickly         adv      재빨리           without delay, rapidly

                                                 very quickly or more quickly than
          in a hurry               급히
          slow down                늦추다, 천천히 하다   to move or speak more slowly

Unit 18   big seller      n        인기 품목

          budget          n        예산            a plan for spending money

          clothes         n        옷, 의복         wearing apparel; clothing

          expensive       adj      비싼            costing much money

                                                 the amount of money needed to
          price           n        가격
                                                 buy something
                                                 fine soft thread produced by
          silk            n        실크, 비단
                                                 a long narrow piece of cloth worn
          tie             n        넥타이           around the neck, especially by
                                                 men, with a knot in front
          kind of                  약간, 일종의       rather; to some extent

          look for                 찾다            seek or to try and find
                                                 to make something happen, usually
Unit 19   cause           v        초래하다, 야기하다
                                                 something bad
                                                 a substance with a distinct
          chemical        n        화학 물질
                                                 molecular composition

          fly             v        날다            move through the air using wings

          seeding         n        씨 뿌리기

          thirsty         adj      건조한, 목마른      feel a need for water or liquid

          trouble         n        문제, 고충        a problem; a difficulty

          unfortunately   adv      불행하게도         with no luck or with bad effects

                          v        A로 하여금 ~하게
          cause A to ~
                          phrase   하다
          let out                  방출하다, 배출하다
                                                 to say that something that has
Unit 20   cancel          v        취소하다
                                                 been arranged will not now happen

          finish          v        끝내다, 마치다      to come to an end

                                                 to dislike someone or something
          hate            v        싫어하다
                                                 very much
                                                  a school work that teachers give
          homework         n        과제, 숙제
                                                  pupils to do at home.

          mad              adj      미친, 화가 난      very angry

          soon             adv      곧             in a short time from now

                                    유지하다, ~인 채
          stay             v                      to not move away from or leave
          get back to               ~로 돌아가다       to return to something
          give a call               전화하다          make a telephone call to

Unit 21   arrange          v        조정하다, 정하다     to prepare or plan

                                                  to take something or someone with
          bring            v        가져오다
                                                  you from one place to another
                                                  to mark a happy occasion by doing
          celebrate        v        기념하다, 축하하다
                                                  something special
                                                  the general position a person or
          direction        n        방향, 안내
                                                  thing moves or points towards
                                                  to ask for the presence or
          invite           v        초대하다
                                                  participation of
                                                  a means of or arrangement for
          ride             n        탈것, 타고 가기
                                                  transportation by motor vehicle
                                                  A swimsuit is a piece of clothing
          swimsuit         n        수영복           that is worn for swimming,
                                                  especially by women and girls.
                           v        차량 이용을 서로
          arrange a ride
                           phrase   조정하다
          call for                  요구하다
                                                  to examine something in order to
Unit 22   check            v        확인하다          get information, or to find out
                                                  whether it is good or correct
          help             v        돕다            to give assistance or support to

          movie            n        영화            a cinema film

                                                  a set of large printed sheets of
          newspaper        n        신문            paper containing news, articles,
                                                  advertisements, etc. and published
          plan             n        계획            something that you intend to do or achieve

          sound            v                      to give impression
                                    생각이 들다

          weekend          n        주말            Saturday and Sunday

          be sure                   확신하다          to know with certainty
          talk about                ~에 관해 이야기하다 to discuss
                                                  in a line matching the length or
Unit 23   along            prep     ~을 따라서
                                                  direction of
                                               used to refer to two people or
          both          adj      양쪽의
                                               things together
                                               to set or keep apart from
          separate      v        분리하다
                                               something else
                                               to divide or use something with
          share         v        공유하다
                                               a position or an area to the left or
          side          n        ~쪽, ~면
                                               right of sth

          visit         v        방문하다          to go see a person or place

                                               a steep fall or flow of water from a
          waterfall     n        폭포
                                               two things of the same appearance
          a pair of              한 쌍의          and size that are intended to be
                                               used together
                                 수백만의, 무수히     an undetermined number that is at
          millions of
                                 많은            least over one million
                                               magazines that contains stories
Unit 24   comic books   n        만화책
                                               told in pictures

          funny         adj      재미있는          making you laugh; amusing

                                 더 좋아하다,
          prefer        v                      to like better
                                               to grant the possession or
          rent          v        임대하다          enjoyment of property, machinery,
                                               etc., in return for the payment of
                                               having to do with rent
          rental        adj      임대의

                                               to send, bring, give, put, ect.
          return        v        돌려주다, 반납하다    something back where it came
          scary         adj      무서운, 무시무시한    causing fright or alarm

          at a time              한번에           simultaneously

                        v                      to choose or want one thing rather
          prefer to              ~하는 것을 선호하다
                        phrase                 than another
                                               something made in an earlier
Unit 25   antique       n        고물, 골동품       period and collected and valued
                                               because of its beauty or high
          become        v        ~이 되다         to start to be

                                               to feel happy because of doing or
          enjoy         v        즐기다, 좋아하다
                                               experiencing something
                                               A feeling is an emotion, such as
          feeling       n        느낌, 감정
                                               anger or happiness.
                                               a building for housing and
          museum        n        박물관           displaying objects of artistic,
                                               scientific or historic interest
          past          n        과거            the time gone by

          valuable      adj      소중한, 귀중한      having high value

          at least               적어도           not less than; a minimum of
          take care of              ~을 돌보다         to look after
                                                   a room that is situated at the back
Unit 26   backroom         n        내실, 뒷방         of a building, especially a private
                                                    an organization that buys or sells
          business         n        일, 사업
                                                   products or services
                                                   a school work that teachers give
          homework         n        숙제
                                                   pupils to do at home.

          own              v        소유하다           to have personally or privately

                                                   a place where you can buy and eat
          restaurant       n        식당
                                                   a meal

          taste            v        맛보다            to put food or drink in your mouth

          weekend          n        주말             Saturday and Sunday

          after school              방과 후에

          on weekends               주말에

Unit 27   call             v        전화하다           to telephone sb

                                                   a piece of written or spoken
          message          n        메시지, 전갈        information that you give or send
                                                   to someone
                                                   a difficulty; a matter about which is
          problem          n        문제
                                                   difficult to decide what to do
                                                   a cause for feeling sad or
          shame            n        고약한 일, 난처한 일

          sorry            adj      유감으로 생각하는      feeling sad and sympathetic

          unhappy          adj      불행한            not happy; sad

          urgent           adj      긴급한            requiring immediate attention

          take a message            메시지를 받다

          that’s a shame            참 유감이군

                                                   the ideas, activities and ways of
Unit 28   culture          n        문화             behaving that are special to a
                                                   a normal or common action for a
          custom           n        관습
                                                   particular culture

          during           prep     ~동안에           at some time in a period

          follow           v        따르다            come or go after

          heat             n        열, 열기          the quality of being hot

          period           n        기간             an measure or section of time
                                              a period of relaxing, sleeping or
          rest            n        휴식         doing nothing after a period of
                          v                   to escape from somebody or a
          get away from            ~을 피하다
                          phrase              place
          go back                  돌아가다

Unit 29   famous          adj      유명한        well-known by many people

                                              the condition of being alive,
          life            n        삶, 인생

          pressure        n        압박감, 압력    force or push

                                              a young person who is unusually
          prodigy         n        신동
                                              intelligent or skilful for their age

          quickly         adv      재빨리        without delay, rapidly

                                              different from and usually better
          special         adj      특별한
                                              than what is normal or ordinary
                                              having lived or existed for only a
          young           adj      어린, 젊은
                                              short time and not old

          a lot of                 많은         many of some thing or people

          try hard                 열심히 노력하다

Unit 30   amount          n        양          a quantity; a measure

                                              having qualities that are typical of
          average         adj      평균의
                                              most people or things

          important       adj      중요한        of great value, meaning or effect

                                              to make detailed arrangements for
          plan            v        계획하다
                                              sth you want to do in the future
                                   더 좋아하다,
          prefer          v                   to like better
                                              the total amount of rain that falls in
          rainfall        n        강우량        a particular area in a particular
                                              amount of time
                                              conditions that exist in the
          weather         n        날씨
                                              atmosphere e.g. hot, cold, rain etc

          at home                  집에서

          the same as ~            ~와 똑 같은

How often do you exercise? 
The recreation center is holding
tryouts for the summer basketball
She leaves home at 7 every day. 

Did you go to the party? 
Everyone tries to be popular in
school, however students should
try to be equals.
Shopping can be tiring because
you are walking all day.
Eric likes to use gloves when he
works outside in the garden.
Sara never pays attention. For
example, on her last quiz, she got
all the questions wrong. crime. In
Monica isn't guilty of the
fact, she was not even in the city
when it occurred.
Sometimes I wish people will
choose my clothes every morning.
Tom introduced himself to the
Studying in the library is best
because it is quiet and you have
all the resources that you need.
His house was filled with lovely
pictures of various landscapes.
Many contemporary readers are
not relating to the main character
in the novel Catcher in the Rye as
You shouldn't keep too many
secrets from your husband or wife.
I share my bedroom with my
I enjoy classical music from time
to time, but I mainly listen to jazz.

He’s very like his father. 

You can add some salt and pepper
if you like.

David likes to collect CDs.

My new dress is very cute.
The coffee machine needed
repairs, so the coffee shop
couldn't sell any coffee!
The farmer is growing vegetables
in a plastic greenhouse.
It's easier to cook a dish if you
prepare the ingredients earlier.
The result of the meeting was not
what she expected; she was fired.

He's been here only a year or so.

I want to take a picture of the
ocean before I leave.

Can we call television art? 
When working long hours in a
chair, it's important to take a break
now and then to stand up and
You should brush your teeth after
every meal.

I was late for a class. 

There is a daily bus that stops here
at 10:30 am.
My parents live in a nice
It is routine for us to eat at least
three meals a day.
All of the children were getting
ready for Halloween by picking out
David needs to wake up earlier.

David likes to collect CDs.

Don't forget to write your address
on the envelope before you mail it.
She knows every student in the
My brother's hobby is writing short
Put a stamp on your postcard
before you mail it.

What are you trying to do? 
That was such a wonderful film!
The plot was interesting, and the
actors were great.
I want to travel around the world

Please don't try to control me.

I met some of my very first friends
in elementary school
I threw a coin into the fountain and
made a wish.

The park has many pine trees in it.

I have a monkey for a pet.
Although it's fun to play in the
river, you must be careful.
Every afternoon, she would take
her dog for a walk down her busy
What do you want to buy at the
The bakery is right next to the
supermarket, so you can buy your
bread and groceries together.
It's on the corner of 89th and

Did you find anything?

I really appreciated the birthday
card. I thought everyone forgot.
Can you remember to bring your
I carry my books to school with me
His pocket was heavy because it
was filled with coins.

There were many items for sale.

The total comes to fifty thousand
Do you have any samples to give
Here you go, sir. Here's a ticket to
Children in general are fond of

When do you have dinner? 

All my family enjoy skiing. 

Are you going to the office
I sometimes take a cab to work
when I'm running late.
I'm going to spend the weekend
with Jody.
The subways in Tokyo are always
very crowded.

It's been really busy at work.

I never have time to read it in the

Not many customers came today.

He got a great deal on his new
I would like to drink iced coffee.

I am trying to lose weight so I
usually have a salad for dinner.

Hold the onion from the soup.

The taste of the lemon is quite tart.

The waitress is busy at another

I guess we're ready to order.

‘Thank you very much.’ ‘You’re
welcome, sir. Have a nice day.’
It matters little to me if you want to
My parents live in a nice
The handsome baby received a lot
of attention wherever he went.

He had a big smile on his face. 

Dinner at my house is usually at six
The students volunteered to help
out at the charity ball.
How many ways can you fold a
paper crane?
We need a little bit of help lifting
this table.
If you give him a $10 bill, he will
give you two $5 bills in return.
I cleaned my room before going
out with my friends.

Dogs and cats are very different.

Cheers filled the room when the
team won the final game.
The flavor of this drink is a bit too
sweet for me.
I put a put under the leak in the
She gently poured milk into her

Do you take sugar in your tea? 

Fill her up with regular unleaded,

I'll pay you back right away.
My favorite activity during Physical
Education class was playing tennis
outside in the summer.
He left school at the age of 18.

Dad tends not to show much
emotion in public.
The interests of the child, should
not be ignored.
I am a proud member of my
school's book club.
Jenny has a poster of clowns on
her wall.
Although they sound very different,
Portuguese and Spanish look very
similar when written.
They have televisions, stereos,
cars and all kinds of computers.

This class is inclusive of all ages.

Our celebration for the end of the
year will proceed as planed.
I was up by dawn to make it to the
airport on time.

They went on a fast.

You could see from his face that
he was lying. 

I’ll pray for you. 

Most of my relatives will attend our
party this weekend.
If you go to the west coast at
sunset, the view is amazing.

I had to stay at the office all day.

We wake up before dawn.

Dogs and cats are very different.

My favorite movie is "Gone with the

She’s really fun to be with. 
Sue kept trying to figure out the
hard math question, and now she
finds it easy.
I found him very interesting to talk
I was only an average student in

Please don't be late next time.
I feel like a new person.

What about your eleven o'clock
meeting? Should I cancel it?
The local communities are
gradually losing their neighborly
bond.downtown areas are crowded
with people and cars during the
Do you have a fully-furnished
studio apartment?
I am decorating a Christmas tree in
the living room
Today it will be cloudy and partly
rainy in the afternoon.
The apartment building included a
private elevator for the residents in
the penthouse.
It was the rent money for this
He was too busy doing too many
I'd like to start around 1,000,000
won per month.

My new dress is very cute.

Go outside and see if it’s

The puppy is under the desk.

I sometimes take a cab to work
when I'm running late.

It’s very hot here in summer. 

The ball is in the swimming pool.

Is there a university in this

I want to keep in touch with you
but I don't know how.
Is there anybody who can help
The boy at the front of the line is
leading the others.
Why is Justin in such a hurry to get
Most roads are separated into
traffic lanes by yellow or white
My mom cooks wonderful meals.
The baby pushed the dog away
because it was licking her face.

The rabbit quickly dodged the fox.

He is always in a hurry.
The policeman told the victim to
slow down her speech as he could
not understand what she was
With summer just around the
corner, air-conditioners are
becoming a big seller.
I need to get a budget so I can
save more of my money.
My clothes are dirty because I
played soccer in the rain.
Sue bought an expensive dress,
but now she can't pay rent.
The price of milk has gone up but
the price of gasoline has gone
Nylon has more uses than silk ever

He is not wearing a tie.

I think she kind of wants me to go
with her to the mall.
I was looking for a scarf to buy as
a present for my friend's birthday.
The storm caused a blackout in
many towns.
Nerve gases created for use during
warfare are dangerous manmade
chemicals. They are now banned
One day people will be able to fly.

This is a study on Cloud Seeding

Singing a lot has made me thirsty.
There was trouble at last night's
football match after fans of both
Unfortunately, I don't each other.
teams started fightinghave my
credit card with me or I'd buy
The poor harvest caused prices to
rise sharply.

She let out a loud sneeze.

The party was cancelled due to the
bad weather.
If you finish your exam early,
check over your answers.
Jordan really hates being around
dirty areas.
Homework isn't much fun but you
still need to do it.
I got mad at my sister for taking
my cookie and eating it.

I will be leaving home soon.

I have decided to stay a bit longer
to finish up my project.
I will get back to my story after I
answer his question.
I give a call to my daughter
overseas every two weeks.
She arranged for a limousine to
pick her mother up from the
Can you remember to bring your
Each year, Chinese people travel
extensively while they celebrate the
Lunar New Year.
Which direction should we go from

Did you invite John to your party?

I usually get a ride to school with
my friend.
Jamie bought a new swimsuit for
the beach.
He was trying to arrange a ride to
This ad is to call for citizens'
participation in the election.
Tom was told to check if he
packed enough clothes.
Can you help me when I have
problems with my homework?
When I have time, I want to see
the new Jackie Chan movie.
I read about it in the
There are no plans to build new
His voice sounded strange on the

Have a good weekend! 
She could not be sure of his
intentions unless she asked him
We talked about how the first men
got to the moon.
Along the west side of the river is
a small amusement park.
Both women were French.

It's good to keep the vegetables
and meat separate in the fridge.
I share my bedroom with my
He crossed the bridge to the other
side of the river. 
David went to visit his sick
grandma at the hospital.
Niagara Falls is one of the world's
most famous waterfalls.
I bought a new pair of socks to
wear for the big dance.
Millions of people were affected by
World War II.

Which of you has a comic book?

My new classmates are all very
friendly and funny.
I prefer vegetables over poultry
I rented a studio downtown so I
could focus on my sculpting.
I'll be in town for a few days, but
I've reserved a rental car so I'll be
able to get around.
May I return these pants if they
don’t fit?
The scary monster is living in my
The waiter carried five plates at a
time out to the customers.
I prefer to stay home on a hot day
rather than go out.

My aunt collects antiques.

We became friends after working
I enjoy playing tennis and
During the grieving process,
people experience a range of
feelings, such as angerclosed on
The history museum is and
normal cells.
Everyone's past is filled with
decisions that we'd like to change.
Sue's necklace is very valuable. It
was given to her by her mother.
At least 28 people were killed and
71 others wounded.
The mother had to quit her job and
take care of her son when he
became disabled from the
They've all been put in the
backroom for storage.

It is difficult to run a big business.

Homework isn't much fun but you
still need to do it.
John's parents own their own

We had a meal in a restaurant. 

Did you taste her stew? It's really

Have a good weekend! 

No problem. Let's meet after
I do nothing but watch television
on weekends.

I’ll call again later. 

Sue wrote a secret message to
Problems in life cannot be
What a shame they couldn’t
I’m sorry that your husband lost his
I didn’t realize but he was deeply
unhappy at that time. 
The children felt the urgent need to
call their parents.
If Ben Dale phones while I’m out,
be sure to take a message.
That's a shame because you tried
to avoid that.
Because America is a land of
immigrants, its culture is difficult to
It is custom for males to pursue
the females.
I woke up many times during the

Follow the signs to the concert.

He could feel the heat of the sun
on his back. 
Most public and private schools
have six periods in a day.
I had a good night’s rest. 

I just want to get away from this
city life.
I feel so tired that I want to go
back home.
My cousin Jeff is a famous chef in
Life is a great gift, you shouldn't
waste a single day.
The pressure of the steam lifted
the lid off the pot.
The boy was called a soccer

The rabbit quickly dodged the fox.
The boy received a special
birthday cake, shaped like a pirate
The musician is a very young
The shelf was filled with a lot of

They try hard to keep peace.

I drink a large amount of water
every day.
Many people think that the Sydney
Opera House is special, however
It is important I thought it was
when I saw it, that you remember
the promises you make with
A meeting has been planned for
early next year. 
I prefer vegetables over poultry
There has been below average
rainfall this month. 
Weather in Korea is very cold in

I'll be at home in the morning.

The profits in 1998 were the same
as those in 2000.

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