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					                               AVI 1O – Grade 9 Visual Art
                                Sketchbook Assignments
      Sketchbook assignments are assigned every second Monday, and are to be handed in
       on every second Friday.
      Be sure to bring your sketchbook to class every day, as you will need to use it for silent
       drawing exercises and class assignments. If you finish class work early, you may work
       on your sketchbook assignment for that week.
      Be sure to spend at least 30 minutes on each sketchbook assignment. Follow the
       instructions carefully – make sure to add colour when instructed to do so.
      Use one FULL page for each assignment. Do not draw on the back of these pages.

Assignment #1 - “Related Phrase”
Illustrate a phrase using drawings of objects that are related to its meaning. You can choose
from the following list, or think of one on your own: tool shed, race car, field goal, wild cat, hot
dog, chemistry lab, musical instrument. Be sure to use a DIFFERENT object for each letter.
Use bright COLOUR!
DUE: Fri. February 18, 2011

Assignment #2 - “The Other Meaning”
Choose a saying that doesn't literally mean what it actually says (for example, it's raining cats
and dogs). Illustrate the saying in a colour composition according to its literal interpretation
(exactly what it says). Include the saying as part of the design of your full page composition.
Use bright COLOUR! You can choose from the following list, or think of one on your own:
apple of his eye, at the tip of my tongue, cat got your tongue, cold turkey, crocodile tears, in
one ear and out the other, my lips are sealed, poker face, your eyes are bigger than your
belly, two-faced.
DUE: Fri. March 4, 2011

Assignment #3 - “Magazine Reflections”
Find a FULL PAGE magazine photograph that is in black and white. Cut the photo into 10
even pieces (like a jigsaw puzzle). Select alternating pieces and paste them in their correct
positions on the sketchbook page. Glue the remaining pieces onto the opposite page to use
for a visual reference. Shade in the missing pieces in pencil, and try to create the values
(lights and darks) that are in the original image.
DUE: Fri. March 25, 2011

Assignment #4 - “Size Distortions”
Choose two ordinary objects at home or in the classroom which have a relationship to one
another but are not the same size at all. (Like: the front door and a key) Try to pick one very
small object and one very large object. Draw the two different sized objects as if they are the
same size, and draw them so they have a new relationship at the new size.
(So: the key is as big as the door in the new relationship, and can only lean upon it!)
DUE: Fri. April 8, 2011

Assignment #5 - “Free Choice!”
This is a free choice assignment, so you can choose the topic, and you decide what materials
to use (pencils, markers, crayons, etc). The drawing should fill one entire sketchbook page
and should show evidence that you worked on it for AT LEAST 30 minutes. See the myclass
site for suggestions if you cannot think of anything to draw.
DUE: Thurs. April 21, 2011

Assignment #6 - “Letter People”
Write your name (or nickname) using “letter people” to spell the word. The name should be at
least 5-6 letters long (you might have to use your last initial). You can have repeated letters,
but you must think of a different letter person each time you use that letter. The people can
create the shape of the letter by the way they are positioned, or by an object they are holding.
Use bight COLOUR!
DUE: Fri. May 6, 2011

Assignment #7 - “Graphic Novel”
Create a one page layout that tells a part of a novel you have read (or are currently reading)
in the form of a graphic novel. It should contain at least 5-6 panels, and you should include
both image and text to tell the story. You do not have to illustrate the entire novel; just one
specific scene. Make sure to include the title of the novel at the top. Use your black marker
to outline the text and drawings.
DUE: Fri. May 20, 2011


            Categories                         Level 1            Level 2        Level 3             Level 4
            & Criteria                         50-59%             60-69%         70-79%             80-100%
                                           -poor               -some        -competent      -impressive
                                           -needs to improve   -adequate    -considerable   -highly skilled

-use of critical/creative thinking
processes including:
      Creativity
      Design
      Originality
      Problem solving ( /3)
- applies/transfers knowledge and skills
indicating that the student is growing
from the experience ( /3)
- use, control and neatness of drawing
material ( /2)
- use of time and completion of
assignments ( /2)
Total:              /10

Detailed assignment sheets are available for download on the myclass website, as well
as student examples from previous years.
Instructions for accessing the MyClass website:

     1. Go to Heart Lake's homepage ( )
     2. On the menu on the left side, click on MyClass Sites
     3. Look for the Course Code for this class (AVI 1O0). It will say grade 9 Visual Art, Mrs.
     4. Click on this link and you will be brought to the list of lessons in this class. Click on the
        lesson you need and click OPEN when the file download box appears.

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