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					                                                   Executive Bio

Adam Sewall is the co-founder and managing partner of A Squared Capital Partners (A2), an investment
banking advisory and consulting firm focused on technology entrepreneurs.

Adam has been a successful senior executive and entrepreneur in the tech/telecomm industry for more than 18
years. Adam has demonstrated success in strategic planning, M&A, turnarounds, sales and business
development, operations and general management.

A2’s philosophy is to support the entrepreneurs with not just capital but strategic and technical capabilities that
may be outside of their current resources. “We believe that the entrepreneurial team is the lifeblood of a
company.” A2 focuses on establishing clear strategic plans for the lifecycle of the company aligning market
needs and the company. “..to go where the puck will be…not where it is..”

In positions as COO, President and CEO, he has had P&L responsibilities and managed global business units
in sales, operations, software development, manufacturing and finance.

Most recently, Adam was the President and CEO of T3 Communications Inc www.t3com.net , a next generation
CLEC based in Florida. Through his management skills, he turned this company around from losses to net
gains and increased EBITDA, market share and services as well as hiring key staff members and developing
critical industry relationships. Currently he is Managing Director of Marteleron and a member of the board of
advisors. Marteleron www.marteleron.com is a technology company focused on high speed database
technologies for telecommunications, medical and government entities. He has assisted Marteleron in areas of
business development, strategy and operations. Through his guidance, he has enabled product completion and
relationships with MS, Sprint, Verizon and numerous other global entities.

Prior to T3 Adam was the Senior VP Sales and Operations fastmobile inc. www.fastmobile.com
(Fastmobile sold to RIM in 2007). Fastmobile provided presence based messaging solutions for carriers across
multiple wireless and wired networks around the world. At fastmobile, he managed business development,
strategy, investor relations and operations globally. Under his management, the company realized significant
contract wins in China, Japan, India, Korea, SE Asia, Europe and South America.

As Entrepreneur-in-Residence/Venture Partner at Comventures (now fuse capital) a $2B CA based Venture
Capital fund www.fusecapital.com ), Adam worked with portfolio companies on market and channel
development, and assisted management teams with strategic and tactical planning. He also evaluated
investments, generated deal flow and participated on multiple company boards as an advisor and interim CEO.

As CEO of Spectrum Wireless, he built the company into a leading provider of software-based routing
technology for last mile solutions. He had the key role in fundraising, reorganizing and developing the
technology, business and operations teams. At Spectrum Wireless Mr. Sewall also spearheaded offshore
manufacturing and reducing the cost of its products dramatically.

Adam has held executive management positions (CMO at Trivnet), an M-Commerce infrastructure provider, and
VP Marketing and Sales at Mondial LTD, a consulting and software company.

As Director National Accounts and Strategic Planning of Omnipoint (now T-Mobile) Communications’
management team, he led strategic planning as well as having the responsibilities for consumer channel
distribution (sales and marketing for national retailers) and created thesales organization responsible for
distribution at the direct, indirect and reseller channels in 17 states. Adam also had responsibilities for (reseller
and indirect) customer care.

Adam’s sales, operations and organization-building skills helped make Bell Atlantic Mobile (now Verizon) the
dominant provider of retail cellular phones and services at a time when other players were consolidating. He
parlayed that expertise as well as his knowledge of M&A when Bell Atlantic Mobile merged with the NYNEX
Mobile as a member of the process re-engineering team reporting to the COO. Prior to the merger, he served
in a variety of senior management roles in marketing, general management and as an analyst for M&A.
Adam received his BS in Business Management from The State University of New York, and has completed
graduate-level programs in engineering, economics and business management and professional development
programs as well as receiving certifications on various technologies from Bellcore, Nortel, Siemens and others.

Mr. Sewall also has multiple patent applications and shared publications in areas ranging from antenna design,
security algorithms, market strategies and finance.

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