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					                                                 Interview Rubric
                                                       (extra credit)

                            1 point each                             ½ point each                              0 points
Explanation    Answers all questions by including       Answers at least 5 of the 7 questions    Answers no more than 4 of the
               at least 10 detailed sentences. Has a    using 7-9 detailed sentences. Weak       question and offers few details.
               concluding sentence.                     conclusion.                              Paragraph fails to connect and is
                                                                                                 poorly developed. No conclusion
Example        Gives a detailed example showing         Gives a somewhat adequate example        Gives no example showing how
               how math is used in the person’s         showing how math is used in the          math is used in the person’s
               occupation.                              person’s occupation.                     occupation
Picture        Shows a picture and writes a             Fails to show a picture but writes a     Fails to show a picture or write a
               description of interviewed person        description of the interviewed person    description.
               and his/her occupation.                  and his/her occupation.
Math Subject   Discusses the use of algebra in the      Discusses the use of prealgebra in the   Discusses the use of general math in
               interviewed person’s occupation.         interviewed person’s occupation.         the interviewed person’s
Mechanics      Well organized thoughts. Indented        Organized thoughts. Few errors in        Organization is hard to follow.
               paragraph. Proper punctuation. All       punctuation, spelling, capitalization.   Many errors in spelling,
               words spelled correctly. Uses            Neat.                                    capitalization, and/or punctuation.
               proper capital letters. Neat.                                                     Messy but can be read.

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