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					                                              Skagit Valley College
                              SCHOLARSHIPS 2011-2012
                  The outside scholarship list is updated weekly. Check with the Financial Aid Office for the listings.
                  The scholarships listed on this sheet are the scholarships that are being offered by Skagit Valley College
                  and the Skagit Valley College Foundation for the 2011/2012 school year. To apply for any of the
                  scholarships you must complete a scholarship application and submit it to the Financial Aid Office after
                  January 17, 2011; and by the deadline of March 18th by 5 PM. Application instructions are available in
                  the financial aid office or by downloading it on-line at Scholarship recipients will be
                  notified of their award at the Honors Reception. The following list gives the general scholarship criteria for
                  eligibility, however other rules may apply. Unless otherwise indicated, scholarships are to support
                  study at Skagit Valley College. Scholarships will be awarded based on information provided on the
                  application. Changes to the information on the application will result in an eligibility review by the
                  Scholarship Committee.

                     Skagit Valley College provides a drug-free environment and does not discriminate on the basis of race,
                        color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or age in its programs and employment.
                       El Skagit Valley College provee de un ambiente libre de drogas y ninguna discriminación para sus
                                programas ó empleo basados en raza, color, nacionalidad, sexo, discapacidades,
                                                            orientación sexual ó la edad.

full-time students majoring in the visual arts.                                    ELFSTROM-RIGGLES SCHOLARSHIP—Freshman returning for
                                                                                   sophomore year with good academics, goals, leadership and citizenship.
JAMES P. & MABEL BISHOP SCHOLARSHIP—Any student enrolled at
SVC.                                                                               EXPRESS PERSONNEL—Awarded to students majoring in business.

Dr. IAN BLACK SCHOLARSHIP—Full-time returning SVC sophomore.                       DR. JAMES AND FRAN FORD SCHOLARSHIP—Older returning
                                                                                   students in their first quarter of school who show financial need. Awarded
SKAGIT AREA BLOOD DONORS COUNCIL—Returning sophomores                              throughout the year. No application required. Contact the Financial Aid
majoring in Medicine, Physical Therapy, Biology, or Nursing.                       Office for details.

Biology 101 student on the Mount Vernon Campus.                                   AND MATHEMATICS—Awarded to majors in life sciences, engineering
                                                                                  or math exhibiting academic excellence.
F. W. BUHRMAN SCHOLARSHIP—Skagit County residents pursuing
academic or vocational training at SVC.                                           MARY ANN FUNK—Full-time students preparing to teach in the
who are continuing their studies at a four-year school in the field of education. HARLOW HAYES SCHOLARSHIP—Culinary Arts majors at SVC.
Must be a graduate of a Skagit County high school.
                                                                                  YOKO HISAKI MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP—Awarded to an
CASCADE MALL SCHOLARSHIP—Students majoring in Business                            international student attending SVC.
Management Training, Fashion Merchandising or retailing.
                                                                                  THOMAS HORN SCHOLARSHIP—Whatcom County residents, who
KATHERINE V. COWLES SCHOLARSHIP—Awarded to Nursing students                       will be attending SVC full-time.
attending the Whidbey Island Campus.
                                                                                  HOVEY BUSINESS—Whidbey Island Campus student majoring in
RUTH AND WALLACE CRAWFORD MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP—                                   business. Must have a 3.0 GPA.
Returning sophomores who have graduated from or reside in Concrete, Sedro
Woolley, or up-river area.                                                        HUMAN SERVICES FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS—Students
                                                                                  majoring in any human service field.
MAX AND PAULINE DALE SCHOLARSHIP—Food service students who
demonstrate outstanding merit and promise in the Culinary Arts and Hospitality    MIRIAM, MURIEL & LLOYD IVEY—Full-time students attending SVC
Management field.                                                                 who are in financial need.

EVERETT AND ELMYRA DALTON—Students majoring in Human Services                      WILBUR IVEY—Students of Swinomish tribe and if no candidates then a
with special consideration for those who intend to specialize in geriatric care.   student who has experienced financial need (i.e. welfare) and/or interested in
MICKI DEIERLEIN—Older, returning freshman planning to transfer to a four-          pursuing multicultural studies.
year school. Must be 35 years or older with a minimum GPA of 3.2.
                                                                                   DR. MAYNARD JOHNSON FAMILY MEDICAL FUND—Students
DRAMA SCHOLARSHIP—Awarded each quarter for students who display                    who are majoring in any of the health care fields.
ability in acting or technical theater and show a commitment to SVC drama. No
application required. Contact drama instructor for details.                        J. GEORGE KING—Technical or academic majors in Agriculture at SVC.
KIWANIS CLUB OF SEDRO WOOLLEY—Freshman returning for                                BENJAMIN M. ROOT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP—Returning full-time
sophomore year who plan on working with people or children and have                 sophomores at SVC who demonstrate academic achievement and financial need.
graduated from Sedro Woolley or Concrete High schools.
                                                                                    NORTH WHIDBEY ISLAND SUNRISE ROTARY CLUB
HAROLD AND ANNABELLE KLOKE MEMORIAL—Graduates of                                    SCHOLARSHIP—Awarded to students residing on North Whidbey and
Burlington-Edison High School who desire to pursue studies in                       attending SVC Whidbey Campus.
Communication, Speech, English, Journalism, or Reading.
                                                                                    RUCILLA’S SCHOLARSHIP—Full-time student in the Office & Business
HELEN LARM—Students preparing for a career in Agriculture at SVC.                   Technology program at the Mount Vernon Campus.

 PAUL N. LUVERA SCHOLARSHIP—Anacortes High School graduate                           ALBERTA SCHULTZ FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP—Students who
attending sophomore year at SVC with 30 transferable credits and a GPA of >         have completed 30+ college-level credits at SVC with at least a 3.0 college-level
3.0. Given by Anacortes Rotary.                                                     GPA and are attending full-time.

BILL AND KATHY MASSEY SCHOLARSHIP—Full-time SVC students                            IRENE SCHUMAKER SCHOLARSHIP—Full-time SVC students in
who are Whidbey Island residents and have strong academic potential.                Computer Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering.

returning for sophomore year at SVC. Must be planning to continue studies in        VOCATIONAL/TECHNICAL EDUCATION—All full-time SVC vocational
English and math for teaching elementary or high school students.                   education students in good academic standing.

LILLIAN McDEARMID MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP—Students contact                                SETTLEMYER FAMILY—Students who have completed one year of study at
Music Department at SVC for an audition and/or interview.                           Skagit Valley College with a 2.8 GPA or higher and either plan to continue their
                                                                                    studies at a 4-year institution or a student on a vocational track who will complete
JOHN AND SUSAN MEYER LAW SCHOLARSHIP—Awarded to full-                               their work at SVC.
time students preparing for careers in the legal profession.
                                                                                    NORTH CASCADE MEDICAL MANAGERS’ SCHOLARSHIP—Awarded
MULTICULTURAL FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP—One to three                                   to an entering freshman or returning sophomore majoring in any Health Care field
quarters of tuition for first generation entering freshman or returning sophomore   (including Office & Business Technology majors who have an emphasis in the
multicultural students who show academic promise and achievement in school          medical field).
or community service. Students who have shown concern and have contributed
to multicultural programs in the community and on campus will be considered.         ROBERT E. STEWART MEMORIAL—Food Service student who has
                                                                                    exhibited excellence in the program.
student with academic potential and 3.0 G.P.A.                                      CLARENCE AND EILEEN SUMMERS—Students who are attending or have
                                                                                    attended SVC, who hold a 3.0 GPA or higher, who are majoring in theological,
RICHARD AND JEAN NOWADNICK LIFE SCIENCES                                            philosophy, or entering medical related fields of study.
SCHOLARSHIP—Freshman returning for sophomore year majoring in Life
Sciences.                                                                           WOODFORD TAYLOR—for graduates of Anacortes high school, if funds
                                                                                    remain, then graduates from any high school in Skagit County. Academic
DR. A. J. OSTERMAN MEMORIAL—Awarded to graduating sophomores                        performance and need will be considered .
with at least a GPA of 3.0 who will continue at a four-year school.
                                                                                    JOHN TERREY—Employees or family members of SVC faculty, staff or
AL RAVNICK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP—Graduating Math major or                            administration.
freshman returning for sophomore year majoring in math or math-related
curriculum.                                                                         KEN THIESSEN MEMORIAL—Returning sophomore who graduated from a
                                                                                    high school in Skagit, San Juan, or Island counties. Minimum GPA of 3.0.
JOSEPH REEVES MEMORIAL—Returning sophomore nursing students.
                                                                                    C. HARRY WILLIAMS SCHOLARSHIP—Business, Science or Engineering
ANNE RICHARDS—Returning sophomore to SVC majoring in Art.                           majors who will be returning to SVC for their sophomore year.

HARRY ROLLER—SVC Nursing student returning for sophomore year.                      WOMEN’S PROGRAM FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP—Student who has
                                                                                    shown concern and has contributed to women’s programs in the community and
SIDNEY AND FOSMA ROOD ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP— Awarded                                  on campus.
to full-time students at SVC.
                                                                                    SUSAN SCRIPPS WOOD—Journalism major.
BETTY ANDERSON MEMORIAL— Awarded to a returning sophomore
majoring in Office Administration with a minimum GPA of 3.00.                       JENNIE WRIGHT MEMORIAL—Entering freshman or returning sophomores
                                                                                    to SVC. Preference given to former 4-H members and Home Economics majors.
Nursing student on the Mount Vernon campus with a minimum GPA of 3.00.              DEL TILLOTSON SCHOLARSHIP— Awarded to a returning sophomore
                                                                                    majoring in Business or Accounting who plans to transfer to a 4-year college or
ALICE HARRER MEMORIAL— Awarded to a sophomore Office                                university.
Technology student..
                                                                                    CHARLES VAIL SCHOLARSHIP— Awarded to a returning or graduating
ALICE AND HAROLD KENNEY— Awarded to a returning sophomore who                       sophomore majoring in Oceanography, Wildlife Management, or Fisheries
plans to continue a baccalaureate degree in either Business or Economics.           Biology.

ROBERT McDONALD— Awarded to a returning sophomore who graduated
from a Skagit County (or Stanwood) High School and plans to reside in and
contribute to the Skagit area after graduation.

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