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									          University of Melbourne
         Travel Information
                                                                      Version: v2008/09.1   2008/09 # 1
                                                                      Issued:                  9-Jul-08

Welcome to the University of Melbourne Travel Calculator.

If you, or one of your staff members are traveling on funded University business, you can use the
Travel Calculator to determine the maximum allowable Travel Allowance for Meals & Incidentals.
The traveling staff member should complete the Travel itinerary included in the Travel
Calculator to assist in providing the quote.

This workbook has 7 worksheets that you can open by selecting the tabs located at the
bottom of this page.
The worksheets are;
        - Travel Information      Provides details on travel and the Travel Calculator
        - F.A.Q                   Provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions
        - Travel itinerary        Used to detail the Travel time/ location/ meals
        - Travel within Australia Calculates Travel Allowances for travel in Australia
        - Travel Overseas         Calculates Travel Allowances for travel Overseas
        - Travel Diary            Used while travelling to record daily events
        - Pay Rates               Provides details on University of Melbourne pay rates

You may need to resize the workbook or worksheets so it best fits your particular monitor size. For more
information on how to use excel select the help function on the menu bar at the top of the screen.

This calculator should be used to determine the MAXIMUM reasonable amount that can be
paid/reimbursed for Meals and Incidentals when a staff member travels away from their
normal place of work and is required to sleep away from home.
Departments are not compelled to pay the whole amount calculated by the Travel Calculator. If a
staff member requests less than the calculated amount, the lesser amount can be paid. A
department may also choose to pay a lesser amount than that calculated by the travel calculator.
After the travel has been completed, the allowance paid must not exceed the amount incurred on
reasonable expenditure or the calculated amount - whichever is the lesser amount. Any unused
amounts must be repaid to the University.

This calculator is NOT APPLICABLE for:
1. SSP(L)
2. Single day travel
3. Long Term Travel - where a Living Away from Home allowance can be paid.
4. Overseas / Interstate visitors coming to The University of Melbourne.
As all Travel Allowance payments are subject to Payroll Tax (currently 4.95%), it is the
University's preference that when-ever and where-ever possible, reimbursement on original
receipts should be made instead of allowance payments. Corporate cards are also a preferable
In addition to the Payroll Tax on-cost charged (to the Themis account provided) for Travel within
Australia, the 10% G.S.T. cannot be claimed when an allowance is paid. Consequently domestic
travel will cost University funds up to 15% additional / unnecessary expenditure when paying by
allowances rather than reimbursing.
In recognition of the fact that some countries do not accept 'cards', allowances can be paid - but
should be the 'last resort'.
A HR18 form must be completed for all Travel involving travel that does not form part of ones
daily work activity - e.g. inter campus travel for 1 day would not be considered "travel", whereas
flying interstate would be considered 'travel'.
The HR18 must accompany a Themis employee expense report or credit card reimbursement,
along with original receipts.
If an allowance is being paid for Meals and Incidentals, the HR18 along with the travel calculator
details of the trip must be forwarded to Human Resources.
Partially funded expenditure (where/when amounts are not reimbursed IN FULL) must, by law, be
shown on a payment summary. The HR18 will need to be forwarded to Human Resources with
appropriate documentation for ALL payments in these cases.

For further details and definitions of travel, refer to the University of Melbourne Travel

Payment for Meals & Incidentals (as an allowance)
The amount of the allowance/reimbursement is determined by using Australian Taxation Office
(ATO), Australian Public Service (APS) and University of Melbourne Travel policy guidelines and
The payment of Meals & incidentals covers:
Meals purchased while traveling should be normal type meals, similar to what one would have
had at home. Because the employer is paying, there is no justification to use the occasions to
purchase extravagant meals (banquets etc, dine at expensive restaurants, purchase alcohol etc).
Meals that are considered to be a 'junket' / 'perk' or are consumed at a place where
entertainment is provided, are subject to FBT.
In such circumstances, the University will rule that the costs are unreasonable, are not in line with
the ATO/APS rulings and are certainly not in harmony with the 'spirit' of providing 'reasonable
meals' for staff required to travel. The University will not pay when costs are excessive or
unreasonable. Staff traveling must also only claim for their own meals, not for any accompanying
person. When required to entertain guests, the normal Themis (accounts payable) procedure

ENTERTAINMENT HIRE CHARGES - video, gymnasium, newspapers etc., CURRENCY
PRIVATE PHONE CALLS, TIPS and any other personal expenditure.

Payment as an Allowance
Meals & Incidentals may be paid as an allowance prior to, or after the travel is completed
(through HR) by producing a quote using the Travel Calculator and submitting a HR18 together
with the quote for payment into the staff member's bank account. As stated above, a payment
made after the travel has been completed must not exceed the actual amount incurred on
'reasonable expenditure items' - or the APS amount (whichever is the lesser amount).

Payment as a reimbursement (same rules apply as to standard of meals)
Meals and Incidentals should (whenever possible) be paid as a reimbursement of original
receipts on return from the travel. However, the amount should not exceed the maximum
allowance payable as determined by the Travel Calculator and the Department MUST assess all
expenditure for potential Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).

For further details on Fringe Benefits Tax, contact Joseph Borg, Financial Operations on 03 8344
2758 or email

Departmental purchases
All expenses, other than meals and incidentals, such as Airfares and Accommodation should be
paid for directly by the Department using a University preferred travel supplier.
For more details on University preferred travel suppliers go to:
Payment by Corporate Card / Purchasing Card / Visa Card
Expenses such as Accommodation, Conference fees and Car Hire incurred whilst traveling can
be paid using a University of Melbourne Purchasing (Visa) corporate card.
A University of Melbourne corporate card MUST NOT be used for payment of Meals and
Incidentals if a Travel Allowance has, or will be paid.

Travel Diaries
Travel diaries are compulsory for ALL Overseas Travel and domestic travel greater than 5
consecutive nights.
 Travel diaries must contain:
* The place where the activity was undertaken
 * The date and approximate time when the activity began
 * The duration of the activity
 * The nature of the activity
 * The person/ people with whom the meeting was held, along with their contact details
 Travel diaries must be kept by the STAFF MEMBER (when paid an allowance) for 5 years from
 October following the year that the allowance appears on the Payment Summary.
 Travel diaries must be kept by the DEPARTMENT for 5 years, when paying/reimbursing amounts
 through Themis. A Travel Diary should be kept by a department when Salary is maintained for a
 trip even when expenses are not paid.

Travel Calculator
For problems with the functionality of the Travel Calculator, attach the Travel Calculator to an
email and document the problem and e-mail to for a prompt reply.

Travel policy
For travel policy issues view

Partially Funded travel payments
For issues relating to the payment of travel allowances through Human Resources, please
contact Mike Brown on 03 8344 9747. Payments are only made as part of a normal pay on a

Travel payments & Reimbursements
For issues relating to the payment of fully funded travel claims contact the Deputy Accounts
Payable Manager in Financial Operations on 03 8344 2965
Travel Calculator Updates
The Travel Calculator will be updated on a regular basis with improved functionality and new
rates (when released - usually annually following a Govt review) . You should periodically check that you
have the latest version of the Travel Calculator. The Version number is located at the top of this
You should also subscribe to the THEMIS Users Group ( for
advise on travel issues and new versions of the Travel Calculator.
         University of Melbourne
         Travel information
         Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I do if there is a period of private time during the travel period?

A. You need to detail/record the period as of private time. You can then enter the number of days
that payment will not be made for in the column maked "Private Days".

Note: When a staff member is required to be away for business purposes on the Friday and on
the following Monday, the weekend is considered to be business. If there was an option and the
staff member chose to stay/arrive earlier, that period of time is not payable - either meals or

Q. Who do I contact to resolve problems with using the Travel Calculator?

For problems with the functionality of the Travel Calculator, attach the Travel Calculator
to an email and document the problem and e-mail to for a prompt reply.

Q. Who do I contact to discuss issues with the Travel Policy?

For travel policy issues you can review the University of Melbourne Travel policy at:
Q. When will I know if the Travel Calculator is updated?

The Travel Calculator will be updated on a regular basis with improved functionality and
new rates (yearly). You should periodically check that you have the latest version of the Travel
Calculator. The Version number is located at the top of this page.
You should also subscribe to the THEMIS Users Group (
for advise on travel issues and new versions of the Travel Calculator.
Q. What salary rate should I use for Casual employees?
It is recommended that you use an annual rate of $1.00 for casual employees.

Q. Can visitors be paid a per diem?
No, only staff members of the University of Melbourne can be paid a per diem. Also, per diems are
only paid to staff members that are travelling on fully funded travel for the University.
             University of Melbourne Travel Itinerary
                         Employee Name: #N/A                                                                        Emp No:           #N/A
                          Type of Travel:
                Commencement of travel: from/to                          #N/A            #N/A                Annual Sal:              #N/A
                                                                                                         Official    Cooking
  Day           Date
                        Departure   Arrival     Mode of
                                                           Destination Country   Location
                                                                                                          (O)        Facilities   Meals Provided
                          Time       Time      Transport                                                   or        provided        (B, L, D)
                                                                                                         Private      (Y / N)

         1       #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
  #N/A           #N/A                                                                                                                  #N/A
 I declare that this travel is NOT in association with any SSP (L) program. I further declare that the above details are true and correct and I
will advise of any changes to this itinerary when known or at the completion of the travel. In accordance with the University's travel policy,
I agree to pay back any unused amounts given to me for Meals & Incidentals while on University business.
I am aware that I must supply a travel diary to my Department for travel and will do so immediately on my return.

             Signed:                               Date:                         Approved:                          Date:
                           The University of Melbourne
                          Maximum Travel Allowance Calculation for Meals & Incidentals
                               using the A.P.S. amounts for travel IN AUSTRALIA
 Employee Name:          Please enter employee name
Employee Number:         000000
Travel Commences:                           Travel Finishes:                         days involved in travel

                                                                                                                  No of
                         arrive / departure No of payable No of payable No of payable
  Destination/Location                                                                                          days/parts
                              DATES          Breakfasts     Lunches        Dinners
                                                      0                    0                   0                   0.0
                                                    $0.00              $0.00                $0.00                $0.00
                                                      0                    0                   0                   0.0
                                                    $0.00              $0.00                $0.00                $0.00
                                                      0                    0                   0                   0.0
                                                    $0.00              $0.00                $0.00                $0.00
                                                      0                    0                   0                    0
                                                    $0.00              $0.00                $0.00                $0.00
                                                      0                    0                   0                    0
                                                    $0.00              $0.00                $0.00                $0.00
                                                      0                    0                   0                    0
                                                    $0.00              $0.00                $0.00                $0.00

                         $0.00              $0.00                                           $0.00                $0.00
  TRAVEL.               *** Travel Allowances paid as an                                         $0.00
  allowance through Payroll (HR) will attract on-costs - and GST cannot be
  Unused amounts of this allowance must be repaid to the department. Staff travelling must not profit from travel
  allowances. If an allowance is claimed after a trip is completed, the amount paid must not exceed the actual
  REASONABLE expenditure.                                                 The amount approved for payment can be
                    CANNOT EXCEED the calculated completed, signed and approved HR18 form and sent to
  LESS THAN butapproved form must be attached to aamount.
  This signed and
  Human Resources for payment as an allowance. It will be paid in the next available payroll. PROMPT PAYMENTS
  ARE NOT POSSIBLE. Allowances should be paid in the same tax year as the expenditure will be incurred.

I authorise $                   NIL            to be paid to Please enter employee name

  ……………………………….…………………………                   ……..…/…..……./……..…..

  Authorised Officer (Signature)              Authorised Officer (Printed Name)                    Date
  Prepared by            Name of person preparing this quote    2-Oct-11
                                      The University of Melbourne
                     Maximum Travel Allowance Calculation for Meals & Incidentals
                                        for Travel OVERSEAS

Employee No
Name               Please enter employee name

Travel Commences                                                  TOTAL DAYS AWAY

Travel Ends        NO DATES
                                                                             AUD$         AUD$
Destination Country & group                     arrive   depart              meals   incidentals
#N/A                                #N/A
#N/A                                #N/A
#N/A                                #N/A
#N/A                                #N/A
#N/A                                #N/A
#N/A                                #N/A
                                                                             $0.00        $0.00

MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE Travel Allowance (meals & Incidentals)
                                                      ERROR IN EMPLOYEE DECLARATION

I authorise      $ ERROR-PLEASE FIX to be paid to Please enter employee name

signed ……………………….……………………………………                                   …………../…………./……………..
Authorised Officer                                                Date

   Prepared by     NAME OF PERSON PREPARING THIS QUOTE            2-Oct-11
                                 University of Melbourne - Travel Diary
                                   (Necessary for ALL OVERSEAS TRAVEL and domestic travel that exceeds 5 nights)
                    Employee Number             ______                                                 Travel Dates - From            …../…../………
                Employee Name…………………………………………………………                                                        Travel Dates - To          …../…../………
  Reason for this trip?
  Date of         Location of Activity                      TIME                    Purpose / Activity undertaken at destination          Date entry
  Activity             include flights            Start      Finish      Duration                                                           made

Please use another sheet if one insufficient for complete trip details                                                                Page …….. of ……..
This Travel Diary should be updated daily "as-you-go" and must be completed in full, signed and handed in within 14 days of completion of the trip.
I declare that the duty and travel details recorded above are true and correct in every particular and that this travel was necessary/required by my
employment/work at the University of Melbourne. I further declare that I HAVE repaid to my University department any unused, left over or not required
portion of any travel allowance paid to me for this trip, in harmony with the policy (PPP sec 14.1.1) of not profiting from this travel.
    Signed                                       Dated                                          Receipt number for repaid allowance
       University of Melbourne
                   Pay Rates effective                           9-Jul-08

Academic Staff
R.1    Research Assistant Gr 1 - 1                  $45,827.00   107 - 01    C
R.2    Research Assistant Gr 1 - 2                  $47,320.00   107 - 02    C
R.3    Research Assistant Gr 1 - 3                  $50,191.00   107 - 03    C

A.1    Level A - Tutor                              $50,191.00      041 - 01   C
A.2    Level A - Senior Tutor                       $53,054.00      041 - 02   C
A.3    Level A - Research Asstant Gr 2              $55,925.00      108 - 03   C
A.4    Level A - Senior Research Assistant          $58,792.00      108 - 04   C
A.5    Level A - Research Fellow Gr 1               $61,124.00      102 - 05   C
A.6    Level A - 6                                  $63,451.00      102 - 06   C
A.7    Level A - 7                                  $65,780.00      102 - 07   C
A.8    Level A - 8                                  $68,109.00      102 - 08   C

B.1    Level B - Lecturer                           $71,697.00      022 - 01   C
B.2    Level B - Research Fellow Gr 2               $74,386.00      101 - 02   C
B.3    Level B - 3                                  $77,075.00      101 - 03   C
B.4    Level B - 4                                  $79,760.00      101 - 04   C
B.5    Level B - 5                                  $82,451.00      101 - 05   C
B.6    Level B - 6                                  $85,138.00      101 - 06   C

C.1    Level C - Senior Lecturer                    $87,826.00      021 - 01   C
C.2    Level C - Senior Research Fellow             $90,518.00      100 - 02   B
C.3    Level C - 3                                  $93,204.00      100 - 03   B
C.4    Level C - 4                                  $95,891.00      100 - 04   B
C.5    Level C - 5                                  $98,576.00      100 - 05   B
C.6    Level C - 6                                 $101,270.00      100 - 06   B

D.1    Level D - Reader                            $105,751.00      011 - 01   B
D.2    Level D - Associate Professor               $109,334.00      018 - 02   B
D.3    Level D - Principal Lecturer                $112,918.00      015 - 03   B
D.4    Level D - Proncipal Research Fellow         $116,505.00      103 - 04   B

E.1    Level E - Professor                         $136,220.00      001 - 01   B
E.2    Level E - Professor                         $140,812.00      002 - 01   B
E.3    Level E - Professoral Research Fellow       $136,220.00      104 - 01   B

General Staff
1.1    HEW 1 - 1                                    $35,241.00 0240-01       C
1.2    HEW 1 - 2                                    $35,950.00 0240-02       C
1.3    HEW 1 - 3                                    $36,666.00 0240-03       C

2.1    HEW 2 - 1                                    $38,244.00    0241-01      C
2.2    HEW 2 - 2                                    $39,009.00    0241-02      C
2.3    HEW 2 - 3          $39,789.00   0241-03   C

3.1    HEW   3-1          $40,002.00   0242-01   C
3.2    HEW   3-2          $40,803.00   0242-02   C
3.3    HEW   3-3          $41,619.00   0242-03   C
3.4    HEW   3-4          $42,451.00   0242-04   C
3.5    HEW   3-5          $43,303.00   0242-05   C
3.6    HEW   3-6          $44,168.00   0242-06   C

4.1    HEW   4-1          $46,242.00   0243-01   C
4.2    HEW   4-2          $47,170.00   0243-02   C
4.3    HEW   4-3          $48,113.00   0243-03   C
4.4    HEW   4-4          $49,076.00   0243-04   C

5.1    HEW   5-1          $50,004.00   0244-01   C
5.2    HEW   5-2          $51,002.00   0244-02   C
5.3    HEW   5-3          $52,022.00   0244-03   C
5.4    HEW   5-4          $53,062.00   0244-04   C
5.5    HEW   5-5          $54,123.00   0244-05   C
5.6    HEW   5-6          $55,210.00   0244-06   C
5.7    HEW   5-7          $56,309.00   0244-07   C
5.8    HEW   5-8          $57,438.00   0244-08   C

6.1    HEW   6-1          $58,002.00   0245-01   C
6.2    HEW   6-2          $59,165.00   0245-02   C
6.3    HEW   6-3          $60,344.00   0245-03   C
6.4    HEW   6-4          $61,553.00   0245-04   C
6.5    HEW   6-5          $62,786.00   0245-05   C

7.1    HEW   7-1          $64,001.00   0246-01   C
7.2    HEW   7-2          $65,284.00   0246-02   C
7.3    HEW   7-3          $66,588.00   0246-03   C
7.4    HEW   7-4          $67,919.00   0246-04   C
7.5    HEW   7-5          $69,280.00   0246-05   C

8.1    HEW   8-1          $72,004.00   0247-01   C
8.2    HEW   8-2          $73,444.00   0247-02   C
8.3    HEW   8-3          $74,910.00   0247-03   C
8.4    HEW   8-4          $76,409.00   0247-04   C
8.5    HEW   8-5          $77,937.00   0247-05   C

9.1    HEW 9 - 1          $84,004.00   0248-01   C
9.2    HEW 9 - 2          $85,681.00   0248-02   C
9.3    HEW 9 - 3          $87,400.00   0248-03   C

10     HEW   10 - Base    $90,003.00   0249-01   B
10.A   HEW   10 A        $122,339.00   0250-01   B
10.B   HEW   10 B        $133,878.00   0250-02   B
10.C   HEW   10 C        $147,724.00   0250-03   B
10.D   HEW   10 D        $159,264.00   0250-04   B
10.E   HEW   10 E        $173,596.00   0250-05   B

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