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									              Mt. San Jacinto
          Community College District
State of California Business Rental Program
                            Enterprise Rent-A-Car
                                Lisa Holmes

 Sunday, October 02, 2011
State of CA Program-Benefits
 Enterprise is located at all of the Major Airports in California
  as well as hundreds of home city locations.
 Reservations can be booked online, through a travel agency,
  or directly through the branch.
 Custom Intranet Link available for Reservations.
 Guaranteed Low Rates Nationwide.
 Large selection of newer model vehicles with low mileage.
 Fast and professional service.
State of CA Program-Rate Information
 Rates apply to all locations within in the United States
  (excluding New York), local and airport locations included.
 Drop Charges-There are no drop charges for a vehicle picked
  up and returned at any branch with in the State of CA.
 Rates include the following Coverages:
     Full Damage Waiver, and
     $300,000 in Supplemental Liability Protection.
 Mileage-Unlimited Mileage is included in both Daily and
  Weekly Rates
State of CA Program-Direct Bill Account
 Invoices are direct billed on a monthly basis and Purchase
  Order/Cost Code information can be required.
 Renters are not required to present a credit card at the time of
 A monthly Account Summary will be provided via email to
  the designated contact
 An Account Representative is assigned to each account to
  help with any questions or issues.
Our State of CA Program-Rates 2009
            Car            Car     Daily            Weekly         Monthly
            Type           Class   Rate              Rate           Rate
Compact                    CCAR            $33.46        $200.75        $869.93
Intermediate               ICAR            $33.46        $200.75        $869.93
Standard                   SCAR            $39.25        $235.52       $1,020.60
Full Size                  FCAR            $40.79        $244.76       $1,060.62
Premium                    PCAR            $61.98        $371.88       $1,239.60
Specialty (Hybrid Sedan)   SXAR            $44.93        $269.55       $1,168.05
Luxury                     LCAR            $81.61        $384.28       $1,286.09
Small SUV                  IFAR            $48.02        $288.15       $1,248.63
Medium SUV                 SFAR            $81.61        $489.64       $1,446.20
Large SUV                  FFAR        $112.60           $675.58       $2,064.97
Mini Van                   MVAR            $44.93        $269.55       $1,168.05
Large Van                  FVAR        $112.60           $675.58       $2,064.97
Cargo Van                  XVAR            $64.05        $384.28       $1,084.65
Truck                      PPAR            $81.61        $384.28       $1,239.60
Example of Using a Secure Intranet Link to Book
Select Rental: Location, Dates and Times

                                    Customized Messages such as the
                                    one above can be included on the
                                    left and right panel of this first
Select Location: Choose the Location you are looking for
                         Select Your Vehicle Type

Customized Vehicles: Your Company can specify which types of
vehicles are preferred and have any vehicles blocked from this page.
Enter Your Personal Information              Please Note if you enter an email address,
you can have a reservation confirmation emailed to you
Confirm Reservation
Please Note you can make any
necessary changes by clicking on
“change”, click on “Book Now” to
finish the reservation process
Print Confirmation           Please Note you are now done with your reservation, please
print your confirmation if you did not enter an email address.
Contact Information
 Lisa Holmes
 State of California Account Manager
 Business Rental Department
 Phone: 916-787-4733
 Cell: 916-240-1169
 Fax: 866-827-4694

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