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Scotts Valley by liuqingyan


									                                             Scotts Valley
                                         Chamber of Commerce
                                     Community Award Nominations

Woman of the Year                                             Business of the Year
 Man of the Year                                          Organization of the Year
Youth of the Year                                        Beautification of Scotts Valley
The Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce seeks your assistance in recognizing the people and businesses
that make our Community a special place. Please send us your nominations for outstanding businesses
and individuals.

Criteria for nomination are:
     Each nominee must have made a valuable contribution to Scotts Valley
     It may be in the previous year or over a period of time
     A business of the year nominee must be located within the Scotts Valley City service limit.
     An individual may live or work outside the city limits, but their contribution must be within Scotts
     Youth of the year nominee must be of High School age

You may nominate in more than one category, but only one nomination per sheet. Please copy this form or
submit a letter (or email) with the necessary information. Please note, award will be given in each category
only if an appropriate nomination is received. Awards will be presented at the Scotts Valley Chamber of
Commerce Annual Community Awards Dinner, Saturday, November 13th, at the Hilton Santa Cruz/Scotts

My nomination for “____________________________________________________of the Year” Award is

Nominee’s Name_______________________________________________________________________

Nominee’s Address _____________________________________________________________________

City ________________________            Zip ________    Nominees Phone ________________________

My nominee has made a difference in Scotts Valley because:                           (Please attach FULL

My Name: _______________________________________ Phone # ______________________________

   Nominations must be returned to the Chamber by Noon Monday, September 20th, 2010
                                  Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce
                             360 Kings Village Road, Scotts Valley, CA 95066

         Phone: 831-438-1010        Fax: 831-438-6544        Email

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