questionnaire by zhangyun


									                Getting Started with CMS at Michigan Tech

Completing this questionnaire will serve as a basis for consultation discussions with the
University Marketing and Communications’ content management team. It will help us
understand more completely your needs and expectations and will serve as your compass
in getting started with CMS. Please answer the following questions with the details most
readily available to you, as this is not meant to be a cumbersome task. Your answers will
provide us with baseline information and will help us determine where we need to ask
for or provide additional information. (Please attach additional sheets to this
questionnaire if the space provided to answer a question isn’t adequate.)

   1. How often do you (or others) update the content on your website?

   2. How many people have access to make these updates?

   3. Who makes the final decision on what goes on your website? Describe the
      approval process for publishing new content to your website.

   4. Is implementation of CMS part of a larger electronic marketing effort within your
      department, college, or school? If so, describe the larger effort, purpose, and
      overall goals.

   5. List and describe your target audience(s) in order of importance.
6. What are typical tasks users might perform on your site?

7. How do you want your target audience(s) to respond to your new online

8. What overall message are you trying to convey to your target audience?

9. On what server does your current web content reside? Where is the server
   located? What type of web server is it?

10. In what format on the web is your content (i.e., html, xml, xhtml, rss, pdf, php,
    doc, xsl, asp, ppt, etc.)? List all that apply.

11. Please list the types or categories of content on your current web pages (i.e.,
    articles, press releases, job postings, events, profiles, etc.).
12. How do you code and lay out your web pages? List the software you use. Do you
    control presentation with CSS?

13. What web related skill sets does your staff have, particularly those who will be
    assigned to this CMS project.

14. What are your expectations of content management? What criteria will you use to
    judge its success?

15. What is your target date for complete transfer of your site to content
    management? Does this target date correlate with other events or milestones in
    your department?

16. List the name(s) and phone number(s) of the web liaison(s) for this CMS project.

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