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Organization name:                            ICCS-BAS
Contact person name:                          Dimitar Lakov
Address:                                      Acad. G. Bonchev Street, Bl. 2
City :                                        1113 Sofia
Country :                                     Bulgaria
Phone:                                        +359 8737601
Mobile:                                       +359 o897 304 963
Fax :                                         +359 8722905
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Challenge 2                                   Cognitive Systems, interaction and robotics
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                                              Intelligent Content and Semantics
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Project name:                                 SMART SOFT COMPUTING AGENTS BROWSING
Project acronym if any:                       SSCAB

                                                 SMART SOFT COMPUTING AGENTS BROWSING
                                                                                         What does it mean a browsing into Internet? -
                                                                                         A pecking, gently picking – game of Prophet.
                                                                                         If this is our case I dare say, exactly like I bet,
                                                                                         So far it’s torment task, but worthy we to meet.
                                                                                         DIM VOKAL
Project description:

                                              Advantages of investigations in Internet browsing needless to say are manifold still
                                              to high extent significant for our world, collapsing into small information village. In
                                              every moment every humble citizen of our planet urgently needs relevant, useful
                                              information. Let us mention only a growing mass of titles into Internet that per 2005
                                              reached as equal as 161 Exabytes (101810), threten to reach in the nerer future one
yonabyte (1021). The task is enormous, important, and hardly achievable since a full
success means stopping of information avalanche. A slightest advance in this
direction would be great success, deserving Nobel Prize. Apart from information
growing up we have no adequate response of the most advanced searching
browsers. The reason:
i. Monopoly of searching browsing machines such as Google, Yahoo,
     AllTheWeb, AltaVista, etc., which rely on old-fashion searching techniques and
     strategies. As a response of every customer inquiry one obtains as much as
     ten to hundred thousands entries hardly assessable;
ii. So far any attempt to minimize avalanche of information production is bond to
     fail due to inadequate techniques of above mentioned browsers. They rely on
     so called advance technique that is no more than restrictions of intellectual
     freedom of customer in searching. It is expressed in: Boolean logic, time
     constraints, linguistically oriented searching and many other machine oriented
     techniques that are far from powerful human abilities to assess and process
iii. In the most of the cases customer of browsers stops its searching at first
     satisfying entry from proposed variety without ability or more exactly with
     inability to embrace such multifold information.
The Proposal is intended to work for partial solution of the last two points.


They can be briefly summarized in the following points:
i. Scientific collaboration of east and west countries, especially Balkan countries,
     suffering from isolation up to now;
ii. Creation of a kernel of scientific network in this important fastest growing field,
     in which the authors hope to be involved many other researchers from Europe
     and all over the world;
iii. Scientific production expressed in: technical reports; publications within Soft
     Computing events, appropriate journals, self organized symposia,
     monographs, and last but not least learning and broadening of workable teams
     within all participating countries;
iv. Creation of initial variants of Intelligent Searching tools and their testing on
     benchmark, or specially generated for this purpose small environment;
v. Preparing a basis of future applications of industrial products within other
     more powerful, in point of view of resource support, European Programs.

The following objectives and deliverables are at hand of our implementation
i. Defining, implementation and experimenting with Smart Mobile Agents
     endowed some intelligent, human like abilities. The last means presentation,
     implementation, and operation with versatile, soft constraints of customer
     defined searching goals;
ii. Generation of simple and dependable way of generation or modification of data
     bases in searching hyperspace. This faces to the problem freely access to
     these databases normally closed to researchers, as well authorization of data
     access, encryption and defense against intruders;
iii. Mechanism of remote scanning of above defined databases. It may be based
     on one of the following Soft Computing Technology: Fuzzy Logic, Artificial
     Neural Networks, Genetic or Immune Algorithms etc. In addition this
     technology has to be enough simple for embedding into kernel of Intelligent
     Mobile Agents;
iv. Defining of hierarchical, multistage searching technology of remote browsers.
     Our goal is to minimize the number of out coming results to the affordable,
     tractable extent of remote browsers;
v. Realization of on site also hierarchical strategy of browsing as a result of
     already obtained results from remote browsers. Principally this would use the
     same well approve technique.
Scientific and technological impact may be summarized as follows:
i. Creation of scientific net oriented to the problems of browsing into Global net.
     The tools of this net are already existing in the face of Internet and URL system
     organization, so our task is only to gather and organize into scientific, real
     living and professional oriented net;
ii. Changing investigation and mind of interpretation in the field of this interesting
     highly perpetual to human activity field. In this we rely mainly on so far not
     tempted with old fashioned way of thinking young researchers, able to accept
     slightest rational peck into new ides;
iii. We hope that this organization will add respect and understanding of Soft
     Computing Technology as a breakthrough into conventional computing and
     information processing techniques. As is well known computing with words is
     already at hand in advanced research activities;

Scientific work should comprise the following steps:
i. At starting point this open for further participation net aims at constituting
     workable groups for every one of envisaged scientific directions: choosing of
     appropriate Mobile Intelligent Platform, selection of Soft Computing
     Technology based on expertise and achievements in other similar scientific
     fields; defining new database organization firmly connected with chosen
     technology; postulating access rules, information defense, and way of
     encryption; coordination and synchronization of program routines;
ii. Information exchange: current state of advance via Internet electronic tools;
     regular meeting on the basis of organized project workshops; organization of
     scientific events: conferences, symposia, etc. (at least one per year);
     organization of summer youth schools, changing host of any one of
     participation countries (as a rule they can be organized within project
     scientific events);
iii. Innovation is expressed twofold: on one hand it is hidden within idea and
     implementation of new generation Soft Computing Agents, on the other –
     educational aspect of young people in Soft Computing Technologies and
     partially their applications in smart Internet Browsing;

Organization is envisaged to be:
i. The highest control organ and in law of the project will be annual meetings of
     participants caring one vote per country. It will decide for further tactics and
     strategy of the project, as well as current financial report of it. The annual
     meeting is also responsible for constituting of new participants after first year
     joining of other participants;
ii. Managing council consisting of three to five leading in the field participants of
     the project, which performs executive power of the project between annual
     meetings. It is going to be selected after initial negotiations;
iii. Leaders of particular groups. They will be chosen at the first meeting with the
     accordance of experts in the fields and full consensus. Leaders are
     responsible for performance of scientific plan and deliverables in it;
iv. Event leaders approved for every scientific meeting. They are chosen at regular
     annual meeting and obtain the necessary resources for it from the project
v. Current information for the project advance. It is realized using organization of
     E-net of the project.

April 2007.
Dimitar Lakov


                                  Defining, implementation and experimenting with Smart Mobile Agents endowed
Main objectives of the project:   some intelligent, human like abilities.

Expected results:                 Pilot models of Smart Browsing Technology
                                  Specialiste in the firlds of: Soft Computing Technologies, Intelligent
Profile of partners searched:     Agents, Data Mining

                                      1. Academician Janusz Kacprzyk, Professor, Ph.D., D.Sc.,
                                         Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences,
Already acquired partners:               Warsaw, Poland
                                      2. Prof. Georgi M. Dimirovski, on leave to, Dogus University,
                                         Acibadem – Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey

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