; PR Log - Moneytree Introduces Online Lending in Colorado
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PR Log - Moneytree Introduces Online Lending in Colorado


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									PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

                                 Moneytree Introduces Online Lending in Colorado

       By Moneytree, Inc.
       Dated: Jan 27, 2010

       Moneytree is excited to introduce its new online lending application in Colorado. Customers can now
       complete a loan transaction and receive funds online.

       January 27, 2010
        Aggie Clark, President
        (206) 246-3500

        SEATTLE – Moneytree announced today that it launched a new online lending feature for its Colorado
       customers. Moneytree currently has similar online capabilities for customers in CA, ID, NV and WA. The
       new online lending feature makes the application process simple, convenient and secure for customers.

        In addition to making payments online, Colorado customers can now set up an account at
       moneytreeinc.com, complete their application and choose from three convenient options to pick up their
       loan proceeds:

        1.) Customers with a Moneytree prepaid card can choose to have funds deposited instantly;
        2.) Customers can have their funds electronically deposited into a checking account; or
        3.) Customers may pick up their funds at any Moneytree branch.

        Amy Hale, Director of Marketing and Communications at Seattle-based Moneytree says, “We’re excited to
       introduce this convenient service because we know people have busy schedules. Being able to apply and
       receive approval on a loan in as little as sixty minutes from the convenience of home makes life easier for
       our customers.”

       “Offering convenient solutions to consumers is one of the most important parts of our business and
       speaks to our mission statement to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations,” explained Dennis
       Bassford, Moneytree CEO and Founder. “We are proud to introduce our online lending service in

        About Moneytree
        A privately-owned, family run business, Moneytree is headquartered in the Seattle area and is the premier
       provider of check cashing and payday loan services in the five western states in which it operates. In
       addition to these core services, Moneytree offers prepaid debit and gift cards, money orders, wire fund
       transfers, and bill pay services. A leader in philanthropic giving, Moneytree supports many organizations
       that benefit youth, families and financial literacy. For more information about Moneytree, please visit

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