The Kiss of Babylon

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					        The Kiss of Babylon
                      Qasim Eisa

'A woman's life is always a renunciation, greater or less.'
                                     -Arnold Bennett


   First and foremost, to those who believe in the human beings'
endless imagination. To Olive's members. And to my computer which
provided me much help. And to my friends overseas. To my mother, the
one I will never forget..


    Gentle knocks on the door of the first-class-railway flat, which bears
number 21-02. The passenger wheeled in, makes an inaudible sound,
which brings on the sole absent-minded passenger consciousness
returns into reality. Verily the scent interrupts Frank's serial imagination
and the unspeakable sketches of fantasy. He has fallen into a kind of
oblivion, meditating how he has become, and how his whole life has

   Actually, he has decided to go to the capital of his country,
Damascus, where Rosa lives. A problematic relationship between Frank
and Rosa has fallen out over nine months ago, when he met her in his
aunt's lodging, the place and the date were astonishing, and he himself
could not believe how he swiftly fell in love with Rosa. However now he
knows himself very well, that his feelings and the way that he started

the relationship with her were entirely out of madness and probably
because of lust.

    Undisguisedly, Frank has known her since she was a child, because
of the friendship between his aunt and Rosa's family. He barely
remembers her, how she looks, how she comports with him back then.
Over time and exactly in his elder cousin's engagement ceremony, Frank
met Rosa, but this intense meeting was not mutual, Rosa the non-well-
grown girl gave a blank gaze, nearly impassive. Frank finds a beautiful
and sweet-fruit-like girl, with luring breasts, and attractive hip and
tempting midriff, soft and fragrant red hair, thus he fell in the sea of
seduction so far. Moreover, and in the end of that hilarious ceremony, a
kind of disaster fell out, as a result of the pursuing that Frank's eyes did,
he took a place in an armchair that directly before hers, a distance less
than five yards as he counted, from his place he could see her thighs
because of her short raiment, which fits this kind of ceremony, as all the
oriental and western girls who wear attractive and luring garments in
these special occasions. He stayed over thirty minutes looking directly to
her bare thighs even to her black underwear. This unexpected sight,
which most Arabic men consider it as a sexual prospect, unpredictably
Frank could reach. This sight of attractive brown girl, with a seducing
body and excited bare thighs, were the turning point for Frank's coming
nine months.

    During these thirty minutes, Frank's thoughts collide to make an
outcome, that either he should ask her pardon to be friends, or to ask
help from some of his kinsmen to be acquainted with Rosa. He chooses
the second choice, as lack of boldness and dare. He asks his cousin, the
sister of the engaged girl, who is known as Errol. He goes for that sake.
The mission successfully is done by Errol, who talks secretly with Rosa,
the latter who also approves the suggestion. Subsequently both Frank
and Rosa become close, actually only Frank who tries to be close and
honest with the unreceptive Rosa, the latter, never feels love or any
sense of fondness, Frank who has a fond hope, to change the flinty-
minded Rosa, in the end, and after nine months of giving a go, which as
he supposed to change her, he loses his hope and profoundly knows that
she does not love him. All the time, he traveled to Damascus to meet
her, was totally waste of time, beyond hope, he came back to Homs, the
city where he lived. Frank himself decides to part this false fantasy
exactly before his birthday. Not a hope in hell, to-day I must call her up.
Verily he takes the phone and calls her; they discuss every detail and

tiny points of their relationship which is considered from one side _ of
course Frank's _. As any two young lovers or friends, they decide to
keep in with each other.

    A sudden idea leaps to his mind, Frank after he had finished his
examination at university _ the second term of the first grade _ a crazy
notion abruptly breaks through his misty and confused head. I like to see
Rosa, let me see, to call her and ask about her is a great idea, she
definitely will not reject an invitation for a cup of tea in Damascus, in the
old city. With no hesitation he calls her up and they arrange for their
indifferent meeting, the venue as they ever used to meet, is 'Bab Touma'
An postmodern enormous gate, sixty yards behind this gate the old city
takes place, with its magical influences, where the effects of the
ancestors can be sensed on every lodgings which lean narrowly to one

     They meet, their meeting seems to be not as the pervious ones, fun
and laughter are the prominent things, which for sure both of them
notably feel. They spend three hours of prattle and non-sense chatting.
Every one talks about the days h/she spends after taking the decision of
parting, with vivid and funny description, and some spices of jokes and
trivialities. 8:45 P.M. is the sign of their time off, she adieus him with the
same warmth he did, knowing that there is no tiny idea would bring on
returning. Goodbye Frank, Goodbye Rosa are the last uttered words.

                                 Chapter 1

    Intuitively, Frank asks himself about the unexpected entry of this
attractive beautiful girl, though he wonders how the management of the
ticket's centre allows to put female and male passengers together in the
same compartment, however, he peeks her with his olive eyes, to see
gentle and neat girl, well dressed and subtly she shows her attractive
parts; breast, shoulders, and tiny size of her belly _ the most eye-
catching part, the navel _ Who the hell is she? How and why she comes
in? Why particularly this compartment? Is that happens by coincidence
or what? Then he turns to the window to see the darkness outside,
unnoticeably he looks at his G-shock Casio wristwatch. 9:10 P.M. he
knows that the train powered up ten minutes ago.

   A momentary pause and an absolute stillness break his thoughts;
then again he turns to look at her but this time with bolder surveying. He

wonders what kind of thoughts are going inside her head, or what she
thinks about him. He keeps silent. If only I can know what is she
thinking about me? If only I can read her thoughts. O how humans
cannot know even a few of the others' thoughts. He keeps questioning
himself about her and what kind of girls is she, whereto her destination
and how she boldly, also alone she settles cheek by jowl in the same
place with a young man, all these questions and many others, one after
the other breaks through his wondering head. Finally, he decides to utter
any stupid word to start a conversation. "It is nice to take train at night,"
Frank said gently "especially at this time and this serene weather of
summer." Then he stops to see what kind of reaction will be raised. It is
unavoidable part of speech, which the addressees hardly can avoid, as
he waits impatiently to hear her reaction, she turns around and glimpses
the window on her right hand, then with a noticeable blush, she replied,
"Yeah, it is wonderful, I like to have travel by train at night." The answer
of this strange girl and Frank's grin after that give a kind of content to
both of them as well. Her repartee and the diction are the most things
that bring his comfort.

     Brown-skinned girl, between 25 and 28 years of age, with straight
stature, her honey eyes and duck-like nose, and her round face make of
her countenance looks very gentle and jaunty, they way how her lips
smile unfolding her well-rowed white teeth, gives others very
comfortable feelings. Her nutty hair that inclines behind her ears spreads
a fresh scent all over the place. With a surveying eye, Frank could store
the image of his peer. His thoughts had wavered before he glanced up
at her eyes. Frank said, "Whereto is your travel?" In fact, the train's
schedule consist lots of cities. Damascus, Homs, Hama, and Aleppo.
Three main cities. Aside from that many small towns. The words she
utters are not enough to shape her accent and to which city this accent
is assigned. Thus he asks the aforesaid question to know from where is
she. "Are you really concerned to know where I am going?" asked she.
Her answer stuns him. O why she prefers not to tell me, I think it is the
most answer that strangers do not mind to be concealed. He finds that if
he tells her his destination that will make sure that there is no confusion
at all. "Well, I am going to Homs," said Frank. From the moment she
entered the compartment hither to the moment of Frank's last words;
Frank thought that he who was going to need her friendship or at least a
response, not her!

                                Chapter 2

   Repetitively, the lights outside break the compartment's window,
which allows these lights to shape the faces of the passengers. The
lights somehow formulate a kind of a frequent relaxation between every
action and conversation. She does not want to seem as a discreet deaf
girl, and yet she does not want to pour out all what she wants to say
straightaway. I had better to invest his answer, which clearly means that
he desires to talk and keep on prattling; I am going to ask him why he
likes to take train instead of the plenty of high-tech buses in here. Yeah
it will be nice introduction; he will forget himself and easily will talk
about himself. For sure when the time is ripe, he will reveal his name
which I know, and ask me mine additionally. Without more ado, she asks
him the same ideas, which were wandering inside her head, so he finds
the question like a chance that only comes for once; he turns loose the
reason and why he likes to travel by train. Frank admires the old-
fashioned characteristics, and the forefathers' lifestyle, like garments,
buildings, household goods, classic forms of beds and furniture, in other
word every thing related to ancients, yeah train was one of these
forgotten ancient's means to travel, so he in-depth likes to travel by
train. He gives another reason of choosing train, which he finds it so
impressive and so meaningful. "Actually train involves a special mood,"
Frank said, "yeah; it is like a spell over all people." She interrupted,
"What do you mean by special mood?" He glanced up at the window and
peer out the darkness, his face reflects comfortable shape, as if he is
asked a good question that will let him express his ideas with further
deep feelings. He sighed then said "Let me tell you my inner feelings
which evidently is noticeable for others too, when train passes by small
towns or even main cities, all people around the railroad line, and every
body who can peer the trail of the train's cars, especially children, they
raise their hands and make goodbye to the train." She grinned revealing
very innocent smile, then she expressed "O' yeah, it seems nice." Her
expression somehow intercepts his continuous train of thoughts, and
when he finds her finished of expressing, he continued with undertone
"You cannot imagine, rich children, poor children, even little-poor-child
shepherds do the same whenever they see the cars of train, all the time
I tried to make goodbyes, and I really did it, but no one could see it.
How stupid am I! But I feel this goodbye unifies all kinds of children
altogether in the same level, yeah it is the innocent childhood," he
paused for a little bit, and then directed his words toward her "Did you
ever remember your childhood?" This question deeply was the first
embarrassment that she ever confronted. She had better keep quiet

than to lie to him. Her eyes glinted, as if she turned back to a very long
era. Truly, he dislikes the silence between people, especially with girls.
He who fears of feminine concept, at times he to himself reveals that
femininity is the most strange and bizarre thing God has ever created.

   Frank's dithyrambic expression raised his peer attention about his
deep compassionate nature, and his mysterious thoughts and feelings;
she knows that he is not a man of superficial thoughts or personality.
She is in need to start the purpose that she comes for. Nice to meet you,
yes this phrase will be as an incitement to let him unconsciously and
freely ask me, my name. Promptly she did what she has thought of.
Verily as she supposed, her plain instigation works flawlessly. Frank
formally shakes his head, as a reference to his pleasure, then with
serene voice and self-confidence, he tells her his name, then he gives a
momentary gaze at her, as a sign of his waiting for her name. "Frank
Levi," said she. "Nice to meet you, about my name, I think it is
unspeakable, and yet I would like to tell you," she paused, glanced at his
eyes then continued. "It is so old name, hum," she smiled. "My name is
Jihnah Jahoon. Have you ever heard of such name?" he gaped, tries to
process her name in his head, with no result the operation is ended, the
meaningless outcome of this peculiar calculation makes him glower up
directly at her. "Are you sure of what you said?" Frank said that with a
stress on the first two words. "Yeah, it seems unbelievable and
unconceivable?" she chimed in, "it is an old name." He shrugged, "Miss
Jahoon. I never ever heard of your name before, though it sounds
strange and nice," he paused then cheerfully exhaled a sighs of
happiness "Would you mind if I give you an epithet?" She chuckled, and
then nodded as a sign of approval. I feel it like a name of a ghost or
something like that let me see, Jihnah and Jahoon. However, let me ask
her what is the meaning of her first name and from which language it is
derived? She tells him that her first name belongs to a feminine leader'
name, like queen or princess. "So your name has the meaning of either
queen or Princess?" said Frank. "Aha," she exhaled "the second name is
my grandmother's name, which means ice or cold or something belongs
to snow." "Okay," said he, "so I suggest, either Ice Queen, or," he
paused to operate the names and the combination in his head. "Snow
white or-" She intercepted him "I prefer the first one, Ice Queen." Frank
asked, "Really?" She nodded. "Okay, as you like Miss Ice queen." Ice
Queen demanded. "Please with no initial names like miss or lady, just Ice
Queen." He feels that she tries to break the iceberg between them, the
thing that is a turn for better situation. He blurted out "Are you going to

tell me that we will be close?" She glanced up as his voice interrupted
her momentary raptness; she astounded to his glib reaction and his bold
nature, and then said, "Actually it sounds like that. To be clearer, I need
your help, but at first we have to discourse the point openly and with no
boundaries," she stopped to watch his reaction, then seriously and with
new tone, she exhaled, "It is a matter of urgency, what say you?" He is
stunned by what she said. Evidently, she spoke in serious way, if there
was any sign of joke or badinage it would appear on her face or on her
words' tone, but it totally seemed out of joke. At this moment he realizes
that the meeting with this girl, was not a coincidence, but it is
particularly and predeterminately was arranged.

                                Chapter 3

    It scarcely to find reach woman in Homs city, and yet, the new-
renamed Mr. John has found this woman. The hulking man appears in
the narrow pathway of Sir Philip I lane, area 06. He looks complacent,
savoring the life and human beings' lifestyle, he is not only self-satisfied
because he has come up toward new inexperienced life, but because he
has found his true love thereabouts. A very interesting amour has
occurred between Mr. John and his helpmeet Ms. Julia Dawson. Barely
this interesting story of love and fondness can be understood. How these
two spouses met, how love grew, no one could really know.

   She looks at the wall, intending to know the exact time, to calculate
how long he stays outdoors. I miss him, why is he late? Oh to-night will
be a great night of love, flirtation, oh coquetry, yeah a delightful liaison.
She flushes for these lustful thoughts, and then she steps into her
bedroom. She feels more shyness. Her bare attractive white breasts
deflects when she inclined to the mirror to check her makeup in general
and her beautiful blue eyes which lure her before any one else. Her
nylons look as black uniform. The black brassiere, which holds her
middle-sized breasts, does not entirely hide them, but only a little bit,
allowing to show her nipples, the most attractive part. She eyes up her
small areolas, which erect because of the lustful thoughts in her weird
mind. Truly my pink nipples have influenced my dear Johnny, it is funny
yeah, but I like to feel that he is fond of every part of my body, and
every characteristics my personality involves. Where are you John? come
on, you are too late. Before she had left the mirror, she gazes at her lips
to know that the rouge still fresh.

    The four-poster bed overly is covered with blue sheets, even the
counterpane and the headrest. At both sides, stand bedside lamps which
are lightening a dim light, giving a feeling of trance. On the left side of
the bed, where Julia used to sleep, above the drawer, a number of
books are laid. She takes one and starts reading. The Dark Valley. A
novel written by Edward Cliff, she interests reading fiction and romance.
She tries to lull herself by reading the chapter that she does not
complete. Four lines are read, but her eyes glimpse at the clock again. It
is ten, shall I call him? She peacefully turns the book back, and then
takes her mobile phone, which is laid on the pillow beside her. Press on
his name in the names' list. The phone swiftly dials John's number.
Three rings are heard, before answering. John happily answered "Hello."
Julia gently questioned, "Honey where are you? I miss you." He replied
with pardoning voice "I am sorry dear, I am in my way, ten minutes, and
your gentle ears will hear my awkward steps, ok?" She is assured and
asked him to hurry up. He hangs up. The line disconnected. Oh what
shall I do now, I cannot wait ten minutes. She barely can watch herself
from far distance, because the mirror is so far. Her silhouette is
reflected; she glances at her body and lies on the bed to fall into her

    Mr. John enjoys his life by shopping, talking, and dealing with people.
He feels that dealing with people and sharing their problems, difficult
matters and their happiness is very interesting. He considers this sport,
his favourite avocation. I wonder how lots of people get boring of life,
every day there is a new thing, to talk with people, to use the high-end
technology is very interesting. The hilarious dense street gives my soul
an assurance that life is still alive. Oh even studying, reading and get
new knowledge is very attractive to me, oh how this life is sweet and
beautiful! His high-tech car is parked two miles away from the lodging,
he would like to foot it than to use his modern vehicle, because when he
walks he enjoys life deeply, things like meeting people, watching what is
going around him whenever he goes makes him feel the vitality of his
spirit. After he sat behind his car's steering wheel, the car is powered up
and wheeled directly toward the lodging. Three minutes ago, as he parks
the white-four-seats Ford car in the underlying depot which belongs to
the massive mansion, he spins when he hears his new neighbour
pressing on the locking device which gives a specific sound referring the
doors are locked. It is the first time I see this man in here after the
custodian informs me about his new dwelling, I think he is the new
neighbour who dwells in the third storey, I will acquaint myself to him, it

seems that he is gentle man, let me see. The near man can see Mr. John
is coming closer, so he turns his back in unnoticeable short motion,
trying to conceal himself. "Hello, welcome in our beautiful lane," Mr.
John neatly shouted, at this moment the man with the black suit spins to
direct himself face-to-face with Mr. John, "nice to meet you." Mr. John
uttered his welcoming words very kindly. The man recognizes that he
must reply greetings; he nods his head as a sign of acknowledgment.
Then he goes up to the building's staircase, in a wink he disappears.

    The summer's breeze breaks through the enormous window,
caresses Julia's naked body. She fritters away the time by lying on her
chest sometimes interesting the coldness of the sheet, which touch her
thigh and arms skin, and lies on her back another times. She gets boring
because she dawdles her time, she does not know what to do at this
night, her holiday dawdlingly is spent, and now she starts to get angry
with this situation. She decides not to release herself to-night to him, she
angrily strides to the dressing room to wear her topcoat. As she opens
the cupboard's door, Mr. John stamps his thumb on the security device
to open the door of the sumptuous apartment. When Ms. Julia hears the
sound of closing the door, intuitively her jittery disappears, utterly
preparing herself to a licentious night of caress and making love.

                                Chapter 4

   Frank's astound keeps going, the adrenaline raised horribly, his heart
pulses rapidly, and his blood temperature is changed. Ice queen changes
her seat to sit beside him, she begins to talk in slobbering way and
whisper like, utters his name delicately trying to be effective, because
the subject she wants to talk about is kind of urgency, so she asks him
to help her because she is in place which makes her incapable. Until now
Ice queen does not particularly come to the point, but she is
maneuvering, she eschews from irritating Frank and making him edgy.
Frank who is naturally skeptical, at this state, he starts to doubt what
she is trying to tell him, and whatever she will say, because he does not
trust anyone at all, this result comes out due to the society he lives in,
where no one is reliable.

   Frankly, he sometimes rapt in nowhere and his mind goes to another
world of imagination, certainly that what happens while he was listening
to her, her voice and look entirely disappeared while he was out of
touch, and another times he returned to the normal state, which

demanded him to be all ears. Her father loved another woman! He is in
danger and I am chosen to help! Who the hell is her father? How can I
help? Aside from that, I feel that she is not Syrian person, her accent is
alike Iraqi's, it is not even pure Iraqi. He kept asking himself while she
was staring at him with begging innocent eyes and yearning heart whose
pain embodied to be shown on her voice and on her face and every
word she spoke. She kept silence after she told him everything, waiting
for any question to be asked from his side, at least to feel that he is
concerned. He went over what she said, turned his eyes to stare at the
window and again to look at her, she could not easily know what is
going inside of his mind, and when she did find that he was not
intending to ask, her decision was asking him to debate this serious and
urgency matter. Ice said, "Please Frank, ask me, ask me to explain the
vague points, ask me and I will answer, I will tell you how I choose you,
I will honestly tell you everything." He looks more interested when she
utters these words. He blurted, "Okay Ice, tell me how can I trust you?"
Her repartee swiftly is heard but now with compassionate woman voice
full of emotions and begging, and like a starlit sky, her eyes look like.
"Because I am really need help." Seemingly, the subject leans to be
more argumentative, with his questions and her replies. He told her how
he did not trust people and how people all around are untrustworthy,
these words came up as the reason of her dewy eyes, where her magical
tears froze, giving unspeakable sight. Compassionately she replied
"Frank I am different, I swear by my hand I am different." She said that
after a momentary silence, the thing that stunned her counterpart. She
glanced up after she looked at the window and said "I have no benefit,
but all what I need is your help, because I know you, yes I know you."
He intercepted her angrily with and sharp tone, "How did you know me?
I never met you before," and now with stressed impressive way he said,
"how did you know me?" She looked directly at his eyes then confidently
she said "Look Frank I can prove to you that, but please give yourself a
chance to be with me to sustain me." When his ears received that she
can prove to him that she knew him, he stupidly asked her to prove that,
promising her that he will be as it was supposed to be.

     She who never interests in stupid colloquy, she finds that it is folly to
deal with him in such way, but she accepts this kind of conversation just
to carry on quickly what she comes for. "Okay I daresay," Ice said, "that
you were in Damascus to meet a friend who is previously considered as
love and the tryst was friendly one." Oh that is impossible, who is this
girl, a spy or a kind of a ghost? I cannot believe this. He feels that either

she is pursuing him at times or she knows one of his friends who knew
about his last love affair. But only two people who know about Rosa, and
yet I see no hint. Hum okay, I will seek more information. "Rosa if I am
not wrong is the girl who you loved, later you discovered that this love is
only a false emotion." Ice said. Then she grins and looks at his
astounded face, which looks like a big question mark due to the
unexpected details she just reveals. He stuns at what she says, and
looks speechless and astonished. She keeps on an even kneel waiting for
any reaction, the smile which she types onto her face fades away, now
her face gets to a serious situation. Before he intended to ask how she
knew all these information, she quickly and slightly said "It is not
important to know how I knew all these information about you, do not
worry I will tell you soon, it is important to run along in the coming few
minutes." He asked, "Should we leave straightaway? Whereto? Ice
queen, we are in a train." Her diction seems precise "Actually there is
headway between this slow-engine train and the train whose destination
is to the Syrian Sahara," she paused and looked more discreet, "So the
train we go aboard as usual will stop in the next station to wait for
jointing to complete the journey." Frank is all ears, not afraid but
astonished to what he is involved. He takes note to what she is saying,
the thing, which refers that he is ready, in another word, he is at her
discretion, and she pins her hopes on him too. "As soon as the train,"
she tactfully completed, "stops, we should be observant, then
unobtrusively get out." After she had finished, she stared at him and this
peer takes long time, in the interim, a peculiar communication between
their eyes falls out, from which her long-timed look is ensued, and then
both of them draw a smile, giving each other a feeling of reinforcement
for any forthcoming difficulties.

                               Chapter 5

    As the new occupant with the black suit gets up to the third storey
and enters his apartment, he directly wheels in, to the portable
computer, which is laid on the table in the living room. Beside the table
which is situated in the right dead end corner of the room, the centre is
occupied by three 14-inch screens, which are disposed in a place that
cannot be remarked, these screens are connected with nine spying high-
tech hidden cameras which transmit live current affairs from the lower
storey, not only that, but the portable computer is processing
information via the second edition of GPS program which dispatches
signals and high quality of digital mono sound, the sound moves due to

new miniature microphone which is appended to the tiny bottom device,
which is secretly drifted to the garments of the chased person. This
technology transmits both position and sound. The modified GPS
conveys directly and flawlessly the information to the computer by which
the latter processes the information displaying the place of the chased
persons, and recording the sound too.

   Mr. Henry Isaac seemingly looks complacent. Every thing is okay and
the whole mission is on a tight rein. He drags the cigarette's case from
his suit's pouch, after minutes the room is filled with smoke. He unties
his dull grey tie, and lies the tuxedo beside him, then he reclines on the
expensive ottoman-chaise-lounge, watching over what the screens are
displaying, suddenly after he settled down, also he changes the hidden
camera to view different positions from numerous angles, so he snaps to
take the remote control and presses on the one which watches the
chased persons from very close distance. He smiles to see them
caressing each other, his inquisitiveness drives him to wear the
headphones to eavesdrop what they are speaking.

     Nothing out of ordinary, he puts the headphone away and walks to
the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Mr. Isaac differs from other smokers,
who interests drinking café, he is one of the few smokers who like to
drink English tea while smoking, and almost dislikes café. The microwave
had rung three times before Mr. Isaac took the torrid water; fortunately,
the kitchen includes a dormer window by which give onto the next room.
Mr. Isaac from his place was watching over what was going on, aloof in
the screens. A sudden action caused Mr. Isaac to scald his left hand
when he strode _ moving the cup abruptly _ to get to the living room to
listen in what the spied lovers are talking.

   As Mr. Isaac wears the headset, he gapes at what his ears are
harking. They are arranging for the marriage! I must call up Sir
Abraham, for this important life-threatening information, my anticipation
is telling me that; to-night will be eventful and decisive. Henry's
excitability brings on uncertain embarrassment, which makes him
irrationally dialing Mr. Abraham's phone number. After he hears the
answerer's voice, his aroused unexpected condition, takes hold of him,
making him inarticulate due to deliriousness, the thing, which affects on
the listener, Mr. Abraham, who does not recognizes that the real
situation is overestimated. Actually, both of Isaac's diction and the
stuttering expression ensues the last and most grave decision, which is

taken by Mr. Abraham. "Okay Sir, to-night," Mr. Isaac intensely said,
"every thing will be under orders." Three additional men are sent to
accomplish the mission, which takes long time of precaution, precisely to
be achieved. Mr. Isaac disconnects, and then tries to lull himself, waiting
for the other three-supporting agents who are associated with the
precise instructions from the boss Mr. Abraham.

    Again, he takes the headset to keep listening to these chased couple,
nothing new, they are talking about feelings, and about each other's
sentimental emotional love. From time to time, Mr. Isaac was chuckling
when lovers kiss each other or, when they caress their bodies. Fifteen
minutes seem to be so long. He remembers that he leaves behind a
boiling cup of water, so he goes to the kitchen, feeling like every thing
will have an end to-night, he is humming an undertone melodic, which is
relate to a buzzword new song. He brews up his cup bringing it with him
to the living-spying room. He glimpses his wristwatch. It is 10:48 P.M.
Ten minutes remain, oh I feel like I am watching a real pornographic
sexual movie. His desires are aroused to see these kinds of action such
like kissing, caressing, and some kind of strokes, which precede the
corporal union. Subsequently he leans to forget in which place he is, or
for what he is drafted, and starts to sink in the deep sea of
voluptuousness and carnal desires. The three-supporting men at interval
knock the door; these knocks are followed by a thud-knock as the fourth
one. Isaac reinstates him to the condition he is charged for. He jumps in
leaps and bounds to receipt the three agents, adjusting while keeping his
way to the door, his erected penis to make sense that the works is as
well it might.

    Downwardly, after these aforesaid three black-dressed men had
gotten off from the white 705 BMW, additional two men were in their car
driving it to the park to house it beneath the building, aloof, who is at
the wheel, dismounts, and goes to the janitor, the latter appears from
his small room, which situates at the park’s foyer. The earnest enormous
agent hands the watchman a hand-held-battery-operated radio. Walkie-
Talkie. "Okay Steve, I will provide you with every current information."
said the janitor. Seriously Steve exhales, "Be careful, Marcus, mistakes
have no place here, to-night you will get back to your previous job in
Damascus, so be patient." The false janitor nods his head, as a sign of
approval. Steve gets on the car; his workmate who takes place beside
him asks if every thing is going in hand, the responsible to deliver the

walkie-talkie assures his companion Matt as the car powers to its
prepared location in the underlying park that every thing is okay.

    The four men get up to the room where the equipment is set, the
leader Mark who is the most adroit man of the group, gives Mr. Isaac the
instructions. The latter takes the instructions on paper, and unfolds it.
The paper includes scribble words, which schedules every action and the
duration between every movement, bottomed with an addendum.
       P.S. Keep John alive and slain Julia.
Isaac goggles at this postscript, and then peeks at the other three men
as if he is questioning them, if this P.S. is a kind of joke or real decision.
The men beside him, keep blank-looked and silent, the thing that makes
him to be assured of what he previously read. Inside of him, he does not
like that at all; he never ever killed any human being, not even an
animal. In which position you are involved Isaac? What shall I do? I
cannot stop this assassination; I did not know that Sir Abraham wanted
to eliminate his repudiated wife. He knows that he cannot peg to hang
on, so and after a few minutes of thinking; he informs the men about
what is downwardly going; woman and man are making love. One of the
men and who is above-mentioned, the ingenious one, suggests that, the
assailment should be after the corporal union by a few minutes the other
men adopt his suggestion. Mark said, "We must blitz while they are in
their highest stimulation-" Cliff blurts out, "Yeah, me and Dario will lay
into the victim while both of you take hold of John out of the
apartment." The blurted man leans to continue his suggestion, but he
finds that Mark reflects a resentment of his plan of laying into, the thing
that makes Isaac to declare that his mind churns out all the incidents
and how they must do every particular order, which must be conformed
to the instruction of the boss. "Mark," self-confidently said Isaac, "your
idea looks useful, so let us drink and watch out, until zero hour comes."
All men take place to watch the three screens, and waiting Mr. Isaac
who goes to the kitchen to refine his plan in his head, and to prepare the
English tea for the armed agents.

                                 Chapter 6

   Jihnah pores over Frank's eyes along the passed minutes, she feels
that these eyes are affecting on her but she does not know why or how
she is influenced. Frank cannot recognize why he is chosen for this
complicated matter, he thinks through of the concept of being assistant
_ the one who is providing help _ he is unable to come to the point,

though he is willing to adventure and find out what the result will be.
Jihnah Jahoon! Frequently, He repeats her name in his mind, trying to
make sense of its revelation, he never ever heard of such name. What is
she supposed to be? An alien? Outlandish woman? He never finds
answer to his numerous questions, which, shortly can be formed to one
question. Why me? When Frank leans to hum and haw, she knows what
is going to be uttered, she gives him a comfortable look, which, if it
refers to a thing, it will refer that she will tell him whatever he asks when
the time is ripe. He astounds how she is able to feel what he is going to
ask. Can she read my thoughts? Impossible! When he turns back to his
accustomed distraction, insisting on the idea of adventure and hazard,
inside of him a tiny point of fear is born and yet he senses that the
venture seems to be tolerable.

    As the trains' cars start to grind away on the railway, giving horrible
sound, Jihnah prepares herself for the next step, which is, to get the
train off. The sound does not alarm Frank, but those who do not used on
this kind of sounds, unquestionably will be afraid to hear such kind of
grumble. Spontaneously, Ice queen stands up as if she demands that the
leaving must be forthwith. Intuitively, Franks turns his head to see what
she is intending to do, he finds out that she is about to leave. The zero
hour comes. "Please wait," emotionally Frank demanded, "hold on, until
this time, I do not know whereto we are going or what the particular
accountability that I have to present is." He stopped, tongue-tied, words
are spoken stutteringly. She draws a smile on her face, which
undoubtedly will lull and encourage every demoralized human being.
When he sees her grin on her utter countenance, unexpected relief is
replaced. Self-confidently Jihnah questioned, "Are you ready? We will
leave as soon as the train stops in that station," she points to the hulking
station which is subjected only for jointing trains. "I think after five
minutes, we will be out there." Franks holds his silver knapsack jagged
with black stead lines. This action assures Ice queen, that her new-
acquainting friend is willing to help her apart from what adventure is
waiting for them. After he stands up, she finds that she must lead him to
the outlet. "Ok let us walk out." Jovially Jihnah said. Franks follows her
to the outlet. While walking toward their aim, Franks tries to collect what
kind of mischief he might confront, trying to glimpse at the sleepy
passengers in the compartments, both, when his mind and his sense is
distracted, he begins to forget what happened, indifferently he meditates
Jihnah's back, which, seems as a leader to unknown fate. I am following
impersonal destiny. Then he does not know what thoughts revolve inside

his head, to be abrupt when he realizes that they reach the outlet of the
car. The train's standstill is the point of no return. He pauses then he
limps, finding her waiting for him, he passes by her like a mesmerized
person. She can feel what kind of thoughts are going in his mind. It is
Hesitation. "What I have to do now?" he asked. When he has no
response, he spins to see what she is doing behind him, as he turns
around to hear the answer; he hears her voice is coming from outside,
he feels that he is dreaming. Before a moment she was behind me, now
she is outside the train! He keeps stunned, spins again to see if she is
behind him, he finds no one, and again he glances out, he finds her
waiting for him to leave the train. He is paralyzed and looks like statue,
when she finds that he is surprised because of the startling unexpected
action she did, she again and now with more louder voice she said,
"Frank, let us go, wherefore are you surprised?" she paused for a while
"come on Frank." Fortunately his sensation returns after moments of
numb, when he hears her calling him to get off.

                                Chapter 7

    Frank Levi is subjected in the point of no return. A strange and an
enigmatic girl asking him for help, he does not know where he is going,
or what kind of fate is waiting for him. In a barren deserted place he has
to follow her, for what, for her father, the one who he has never known.
He pores at the current incidents that happened since they met a few
time ago, everything is inexplicable, even her name and her accent. He
glances over to see a girl with an innocent visage and cheerful smile who
can hardly wait. She is giving him time to re-show and process his
thoughts and make his decision. What he is waiting for? It seems that all
what I told him, is useless or non-sense. Is that a change of heart? I
hope nothing of that. Then she raises her hand to waive him to come
down. She finds him like who is accosted, yeah from a self-conversation.
He squints at her, and questioning himself. Shall I concede of what she
reveals? Should I give in and go with her to the end of story? Nothing in
this life deserve to fear from, he takes the decision to follow her as she
thinks that he is functioning and effective in her own matter. The train's
whistle makes a shrill hoot announcing the time of continuing the
journey. Frank still at the outlet staring at his peer Ice queen, the latter
loses her heart, thinking that the trustworthy man for whom she wasted
a long time to detect his every quality of his personality is carelessly
going to let her down and leave her behind. She emotionally screamed,
"Frank please do not leave me I need you," a pure tears from her eyes

drafted revealing to Frank a very sad and depressed look. Her dewy eyes
play the function of the accelerator to take hold of Frank's disillusion. As
the train's cars begin to move on, the reliable Frank in leaps and bounds
jumps. His footgear makes a small storm of dust around him, the dust
cover the suspicion that Frank might disappoint Jihnah, the thing which
contents her heart. She moves to him, intending to give him her hand as
a sign of welcoming and thanking, but she remembers that she cannot
be tangible; because neither she nor he can substantially feel each other
but only spiritually. Before he noticed that she was giving her hand, she
had conditioned her action. Suddenly he leans to take her hand with all
his heart, but she diverts what he was going to do making herself
looking like a blushed girl in this emotional situation by staring blankly at
the starlit sky. So he smiled giving no ensign of disturbance then said,
"Ice queen I get my hand on you, I am utterly in hand and at stake, but
I want to ask you an important question, because you are too
perplexing," he stopped as if he was asking her to promise him to reveal
everything he is willing to know. When she found that he is serious, and
especially after the incomprehensible action she did when she was
behind him then in a wink she got off the train and stood waiting for him
outside. She finds that there is no escape; she was planning to tell him
as soon as they get up to the inquired place, she unquestionably agrees
his suggestion. "Hey where are you?" he completed waiting for her to
assure him that she is willing to unfold the mystery he requires. Her eyes
glitter like pure diamond, giving him a comfortable answer that she is
going to speak to him what he really needs. "Hello," he joyfully waives
his right hand before her face, "Jihnah, are you with me?" he asked. She
replied, "Yes I am," talked with no notable sign of hesitation, "okay I will
tell you, I hope you understand what I am going to say." She looks
questioning waiting for him to say yes, undoubtedly he agrees her,
making himself all ears to what she will say ahead, having no expected
information about what she will unveil. At that time, the train fades
away in the mare's-nest, this prospect is in sync with unexpected
emotional action, Ice queen gently nigh on Frank's left side intending to
completed the journey on foot, preparing to expose what human begins
utterly do not know. What she gave Frank was only a self-contented
feeling that he was not with the wrong person, in the wrong position

                                  * * *

    The route was utterly devoid of people, even no cars, after the
disappearing of train, the whole place turned into silence. It was a dual
carriageway, but it seemed that curfew was ordered in this piece of land.
Of course, it is the Syrian Sahara, where barely wandering people can be
met, but only shepherds, trucks and Lorries can be found. From time to
time taxicabs and trucks were transporting people and goods from Iraq
to Syria or from Syria to Iraq crossing that way, which both Ice queen
and Frank took. Everyday at mid-night a taxicab crossing the highway
1:15 A.M. if no mischief happened. Jihnah knows where and when they
can take this exact taxi. From a distance which can be evaluated not
more than forty minutes on foot, the taxi in 1:15 can be hacked.

    She asks him about the time. It is 11:23 P.M. the starlit sky with its
best companion the lonely moon, provide them a very apt natural light,
emotional and romantic ones. He questions if she is afraid or not,
especially at this late hour of night. Optimistically she answers him that
she feels protected in company with him, Frank who himself is
frightened by the serene night and the dead place as he felt. He snickers
when he heard what she said, suddenly he reinstates to the condition of
what he seeks, he thanks god to make him remembering that Jihnah,
new-named Ice queen is going to tell him, and make clear of every
skeptical point.

    He turns and glances over her, she notices that he is intending to ask
again to start explaining what has happened before awhile. And yet she
wants him to ask her again, she wants to see if he is curious, or he is
alike those who do not pay attention if the other do not start the subject.
She looks witty in anticipation of him to demand the explanation of every
mysterious point, her anticipation was right. He is one of those whose
questions repetitively are asked especially when the other side intended
to ignore. But Jihnah's pretending of indifference aggravates the general
state and makes of Frank impatient. His high-pitched voice pierce the
silence, when he asked, "Are not you going to tell me Ice queen?"
Impatiently he questioned but with no vexation. When she detects his
lose of mind, she at first could not stop her joy then she burst by
laughter. Again when he finds that she is laughing at what he screamed,
he asked her, if there is any ridicule to incur her laughter, she nods by
raising her head upward, he astounded to what she did, and then with a
loud voice he asked, "Wherefore you laugh?" She still laughing,
controlling herself to answer him, she replied, "Because you are as I
supposed you to be." Her answer surprises him as well as making him

laughing. Why she is laughing. What kind of men she thought I am.
What she finds out in me to make her sure that I am is the one who she
supposed me to be. Who the hell is she? With whom I am delivering my
whole life and destiny, you are sheer stupid Frank, yes you are. Evil, no
she is not devilish one, because if she is wicked, she will take the
advantage of this place to achieve her plans, but she looks opposite, she
looks like a good girl, she does not seem evil, she is a good girl. Oh
Frank, are you persuading yourself just to forget that you might be in
the midst of jeopardy. I am vulnerable though as she said, she gets
stronger along with me. I know myself; I am the big skeptical person,
am I? Eh, I am right. He glanced up to see that she was watching him
out, he smiled. A momentary silence, then he asked, "I am serious
Jihnah, are not you going to tell me everything?" She demanded him to
get ready, because what she will speak to him is somehow unintelligible
and out of ordinary, he got boring of such forewarning words, asking her
to start without introduction.

                                Chapter 8

   Soothingly Mr. Ghani aroused his sole ten-year son from his peaceful
sleep. His plan is to travel immediately to Lattakia, the city on the Syrian
coastline, where he possesses a pompous chalet. The young boy, slowly
rose, talked in low-pitched voice, "Papa why you awakened me? Is there
anything?" Alfred thought that the morn has come. In fact his room is
covered by three curtains, it is not sunlit room, rarely it enjoyed daylight.
Inside of him, Mr. Abraham Ghani blamed himself for what he is going to
do, and also he was happy for his son's carefree. "No dear Alfred," said
Mr. Ghani, "it is not the morn, but we are going to the seashore, do not
you like to visit Lattakia to-night?" Alfred looked happy, and yet he
worried about the late time, as though he felt that there is something
wrong was going around. "Alfred," softly said Mr. Ghani, "get ready, it is
11:30 P.M. We have to leave in midnight, okay my son?" The son, whose
eyes were still half-closed, answered yes, underneath this discontented
low-pitched yes were many questions, which the most stranger one was,
why in the late time of night?

   He took his most favourite game; a car that can be driven by remote
control, in his secret Alfred named it the crasher car, and he brought his
game boy, the high-end edition of Nintendo's games. His father's voice
waived him; he was subconsciously meditating his mother's portrait,
which is always kept in his pocket, at a time, his eyes drifted salty-

sweet-pure tears, due to his longing for his mother, the one who did not
meet two years ago, since his father divorced her. From time to time he
went to his father's knees and invoked, "I miss mama, can I see her? I
want to meet her." But his father at a time told him that his mother is
not a good mother and she is a bad one too, which also is considered as
a dangerous person. Alfred did not believe his father's allegations about
his mother's true nature, Alfred never ever forgot his mother's voice, his
mother's smell, the way she took care of him, how every morning she
waves good-bye when he went out to the yellow-bus school, her
handmade sandwiches' flavor still as if he has eaten them before a while.
These images were never forgotten or left his mind, whenever his
yearning to his mom is raised. He went along his father after the latter
had asked him to get down and also had ordered the servants to
carefully watch out the villa from any danger and to tell every asker
about his location, that he was abroad for some business and would
come back after a few days. A servant who was subjected for washing
Mr. Abraham's cars was waiting for them in the doorway, as Mr. Ghani
came closer, the servant who called Elend opened the car's door for his
boss, and then he leaned as a sign of respect, after Mr. Abraham had
gotten in the car, Elend, went to the right car's door, to open it to the
cosseted Alfred. Alfred grinned to him, and gave him a kind of fondant,
as a sign of thanking then Elend smiled and closed the door gently. As
the dark-blue Audi was driven away, the only thing that enlightened
Elend's soul in that night was Alfred waving hands, making good-bye.
God bless this boy who entirely differs from his father's nature.

    The capital was so serene at that night, no traffic jam, no wandering
people on pavements; the city was almost empty, Alfred squinted out to
see empty streets, he wondered how opposite Damascus was in the
daylight. It is totally different, I hope it to be like that when I go to
school, but alas it is too noisy. These days Alfred had gotten boring
because he finished his school before three weeks and he was waiting
for the opening of swimming pools for the student to enjoy their
summer's time, at that present, he got boring from no activities, the
thing which made his mother's remembrance always came to him, he
wanted to see her, to feel her bosom enclosing him, but all these wishes
and hopes have gone. A question repetitively posed in his mind, "Why
mama does not ask my father to see me or even to call me up". But
whenever he asked himself such questions he gave excuses and ask his
mother's pardon in his secret, for charging her that she forgot him or did
not took care of him.

    The journey will take long time, over four hours to get to Lattakia,
but it is better to Mr. Abraham to be way from others, he turned on his
mobile phone's answer machine that proclaiming that he is abroad, and
instead he brought along the walkie-talkie to communicate with his
charged agents. Actually some important merchants inside Syria have
special privileges, like owning equipment that ordinary people have not
the right to have, one of these privileges that Mr. Ghani had, was his
own wavelength of the hand-held-battery-operated radio _ the walkie-
talkie _ on which no one can eavesdrop. Mr. Abraham Ghani the well-
known merchant all over Syrian cities also which, his name was eminent
for importing the English and the most western reinforce concrete with
its mixers. He did not desire any of his friends or business men to get to
him at that night. He looked at the watch which is beside the speed
pointer; it is 12:08 A.M. I must speed up, to get Lattakia before the
sunrise, yeah I should be there, before six of clock. As the car got out of
the city's formal border, the air was broken by the horrible speed engine
of the dark car.

    Elend felt that this sudden leaving is ensued due to an intricate
matter, and he was sure that something would follow this groundless
travel. At first he could not manage himself, he fell into hesitation, either
keeping silent or calling his master up, telling him what was going
around. Nothing stopped him; his speed-stride steps led him into Alfred's
room, where no servant could notice him. Up there his in-private mobile
phone was waiting for him to accomplish the thoughts that invaded his
mind, this mobile phone was assigned for such missions, which look
dubious. Prominently what Mr. Abraham has done, raised Elend's
attention whose precaution was high, for the profit of Ms. Julia, who was
in another world at that present.

                                Chapter 9

    Ms. Dawson was in her paramour's bosom caressing each other, she
felt happier and steadier, especially after she got the passport for him,
who the latter after tiding over this difficulty, could finally rest, he who
thought that he would not get any sort of such humans' identity, like ID
card or passport. Now he has one. He kissed her cheek and eyed the
passport which was laid beside him in the same time. They stripped each
other, watching slowly their bodies' fruits, their attractive parts, and from

time to time eyeing each other, sending the messages that every real
couple did. "Kiss me, hold me tight." Julia gently whispered. She felt like
drowning between his worm arms. He kissed her ravenously, kissing
every part of her face, her ears, her cheeks, her nose her neck and the
most intense place for him, her forehead. Every kiss meant to her, every
kiss retrieved the life to her. Ms. Julia is so sensitive, and more, she is
temperament woman, his previous husband who repudiated her was
hard-hearted and did not pay attention to her womanly nature, he
repeatedly piqued her, and with every time he did, she hated him more
and more.

    Mr. John cuddled his beloved slowly; nothing drove him to move to
the last action, _ the corporal union _ so he kept kissing her, and
caressing her breasts; he who loved this part in women, he felt that they
are the source of life, the source of fertility, the source of happiness to
humanity, poring her breasts, kissing every tiny part, moving his lips
slowly, nothing could distract his feeling while doing this ritual ceremony.
Many times he told her that her breasts are great and honoured. He
sometimes stays for an hour looking at her pink areoles. He was kissing
her side-breasts, while she was drowning in the sea of lust, envisioning
herself floating on serene water, on the sea of love, in moony midnight,
her rapt spirit floated onto the quiet wave which his paramour incurred
to her with every kiss he did, with every wonderful caress he made.
Nothing disquieted her, she was with her love, making love peacefully,
away from danger and hatred, she carried on her vision, imagining
herself floating, and her back touching the cold water, and her naked
body welcoming the grey light of moon, she said in her secret. Silver
woman, happy woman I am indeed. She was smiling but John did not
see her. She was moving her body when John cuddled her, or when he
touched by the tip of his tongue her belly and some other sensitive
parts. In her vision she imagined the moon with hussy atmosphere and a
soft-thin cloud cover it, making of it looked like a huge north star, its
light though could overpower the cloud's thinness, sending a sparking
light to her and to the entity of her world. Wow, it looks like a huge
equal-sized cross. She wondered why this vision crossed her suddenly,
but all what she knew, that she was happy and felt safe with John.

    In the other side of the country, the hesitated servant got to Alfred's
colourful room, he directed to his assigned cell phone. But he fell in the
valley of hesitation; shall he call his master up? Or the matter does not
call that much of fear? But he is worried sick; his anticipation told him

that there was something would destroy this silent night, this peaceful
summer's night. He squinted at the mobile phone which was in his
stretched hand, he stared at the watch. It is 12:24 P.M. It is too late to
give a ring, in fear-bitched tone Elend said. Any sound out of the room
would frighten him; any tiny thing perhaps would make of him a
betrayer, this treachery would drive his boss to kill him instantly if he
was caught in the act. But also he knew the problems between Ms. Julia
and his previous husband Mr. Ghani, and how he did not allow her to see
her sole son, how the battle is growing hysterically between them, yeah
and he was posed to do such things, to warn her of any possible danger.
A moment of silence broke up his faltering. He got to a point that all
what he was doing was only a dawdling, thus he took the decision to call
Ms. Julia, even if this action would discharge him from duty. The list of
saved names opened, two names appeared, he chose Julia, a line
connected, and rings were heard.

                              Chapter 10

    Frank astounded for what his ears heard before a while. Everything
seemed like dream and like a vision or like a high-end motion pictures.
What Jihnah has said looked unspeakable, and unreasonable. He knew
fairies in stories and movies, and from his grandmother who used to tell
him long stories about human beings and fairies before bedtime, and
every time he listened to her stories, these tales never ever were
completed, because he at times fell in sleep before the end of story. To-
night seemed like he is completing the point he has never reached by
meeting a fairy who told him everything about the fairy's world. He did
not scare when he knew that Jihnah is a fairy, but instead, he astonished
to this reality. His eyes widened, and inside of him he became happier.
He did not know the reason of his joy, but he felt it, maybe because
when he was a child, he longed to know the end of his grandmother's
stories, to know if these fairies were real or not, and whenever his
grandmother was asked for such thing, she smile, telling him with serene
voice, " Frank someday you will find the truth." He did not understand
her. Her answer looked undistinguished, and looked like imagination TV's
programs which he repeatedly watched when he was a child. Now he got
the truth as his grandmother said. Grandma to-night I got it. Self-
confidently Frank said.

    "So you got it?" asked Jihnah. "Yeah but," enthusiastically Frank
asked, "why did not you tell me that from the beginning?" She looked at
him, and said, "You have to know why." Quickly he came to the point,
"You were afraid that I might not follow you?" he replied with
questioning tone. She nodded her head. "Do you know what? I have
never believed that you are real, I mean Fairy's world." Frank said only
this sentence and waited for her to say anything. But her answer was
deep and cold and simple but shaped with a question. "And now do you
believe?" He replied, "If I say no, I will be mad boy, because I see you
before my eyes." Suddenly he did nigh on and blurted, "Let me see your
ears." But when his hand touched her head side, he touched nothing but
he broke through a shadow. "A shadow!" he screamed with fear. And
then asked again, "Are you a ghost Jihnah?" he remembered what
happened when they got off the train's car, the silhouettes replayed in
his memory, when she was behind him at the outlet and then in a wink
she got the ground outside, he at that present befuddled but he tried his
best to hide that he noticed this strange action from her. "Hey where are
you?" she waived, he restituted, "It is okay Jihnah, but you do not
answer me, are you a ghost?" he said that with wild-opened eyes as if
he still in the memory of getting of the train. She told him that fairies are
not touchable; they are shadows with human beings, but with each
other _ the same race _, the situation is different, so they are normal,
they are touchable and have their life as well as human beings, they eat,
drink, sleep, walk, dream, feel sad, feel happy, they bring babies, when
she said the last information, the cheeks were red. But the only thing
that they differ from human beings, that fairies do not die. He
astonished to know such information about fairies' world, he blurted, "So
are you immortal? Are you living for ever?" "Aha" she said and nodded
her head. He processed the ideas in his head, like a computer which is
receiving new database, because the whole information he got was
incredible and unreasonable, as though he was a child, discovering new
things which entirely were unreal or were out of his touch. He asked her
after momentary interim of meditation, "Where do you live? On the
earth?" She replied, "Where do you think so?" He shrugged, "I do not

   Of course, the journey was not aiming a within striking distance. It
was to another country, to Iraq. Where the civilization established,
where Assyrian people extended their empire to the sea shore of Syria,
and also the land where Babylonian people established the hanging
gardens and a great flourished state, in the land of Mesopotamia, which

is renowned of the two rivers the Tigris and the Euphrates. The
destination was to Babylon, the place where the eastern fairies

    Jihnah who was sent to help her father; bringing him back to her
family and to his roots, to be a fairy once again, but not until they _ she
and Frank _ get up to the city of fairies to fetch the conjuration or the
amulet which will retrieve his father to be a fairy. "We live in Babylon."
Jihnah said, in whisper like. Frank kept silent waiting for further
additions, but Ice queen did not add anything. He wondered that even
female fairies are alike female human beings. The disposition which
differentiates between man and woman is the silence the characteristic
which most women have if not the all. Jihnah was silent until the
question commenced from Frank's side. "Only you live in Babylon? Is
there any other place that fairies have home?" He asked with quite
concerning. She felt as though, she was going to reveal a secret or like
upwelling hidden mystery, and yet she gratified for such situation she
was posed. Before she commenced she took the position of that who
orate, by standing to look formal. She acted like that aiming sarcasm, to
soothe the atmosphere and to make of Frank not that who is going to
receive very important information, because she did not want him to feel
like he is capturing a new truth. "Hem," she did it thrice, to attract his
attention that she cynically copying the men of politics and of high
positions. Frank erupted by laughter, and thus he was entirely distracted
from the important truth he was going to get.

    The most essential and central point that differs between human
beings and fairies, is the way they live and how they manage their life.
As Ice queen unveiled the mystery, the fairies' community is the society
of no difference between the female and the male fairy, and when Frank
asked what she meant; her explanation was a kind of giving an example.
How the Arabic people and the whole community in any Arabic country
deals with the women's issues and the feminine. Such as love affairs,
and the way of marriage and women's life after divorce. She told him,
men especially, in the Arabic countries, have lots of rights to do what
ever they like, while women have not the right to do what men are
allowed to do. When Frank inquired, for further. She pointed at the issue
of love. "Look at me," said Ice queen, "as you know, and every body in
your country too, girls are not free, and when they fall in love with boys
and have love affairs like adultery." He blurted, "So many couples do it
and they have to hide." She nodded as a sign of approving what he said

then continued, "But what if that boy, whoever was, left his beloved, oh
poor girl? Ha tell me what would she confront?" He kept silence. She
looked Frank in the eye, the gazing was sharp, and then she said dryly,
"She would fall down, cursing herself and the hour she met that coward
man, she would suffer and the burden of their mistakes _ He and She _
she would fall into the trap and be held in contempt while he escaped.
Oh not escaped, but he would be considered having no guilt in the eyes
of society. She is the sinner and no other one. And now the difference
appears. Do you get it?" She uttered the last sentence cynically. Frank
said coldly "Yeah I understand, but-" She interrupted, "And she would be
punished and refused by all sides, while our community, men and
women are equal, no difference between them, and as the society have
nothing against man, our community has nothing against the female
fairy. All fairies are equal and all have the same privileges and rights.

    In the mankind's societies especially, in the Arabic countries, women
are not saved and their own rights are ignored intentionally or
inadvertently, but by all means, she is the one who finally lose
everything, her honor, her position in society, even though the right with
her and the man who is wrong, anyway she would be the sinner and
millstone would be upon her responsibility. Even the divorced woman
who left her husband due to his bad nature or because some problems
did not relate to her, then after that divorce she would be immoral
woman, or at least a woman who is totally ignored by society, and such
phenomenon is wild spread in the Arabic countries, lots of women were
slaughtered because they had illegal relationships with men, and
hundreds of girl were killed for marrying men from a religion differs from
her own religion, while men are interesting their desires without any
deterrence or punishment. Moreover, some of men who have love affairs
with women, he would boast and he would have been considered as a
potent man before the eyes of his friends and society.

    Woman are not saved nor protected by society, and if there was no
ordinance and lawful justice, women would suffer alone without any
help. The law in the Arabic countries is the sole backer of women, while
society is her huge merciless enemy. This matter of ignorance in the
Arabic spirit was not solved yet, and that what many people tried to fix,
but in vain their strains were all nothing to advance the standpoint of
society. Fairies knew all these dispositions of the Arabic world, they
sometimes decry the nature of human beings another times they mock
their way of living and considering women's issues.

    Any how, Jihnah's explanation was clear. Frank understood her and
while Frank was imaging the way fairies are living, and their lifestyle, she
diverted his imagination, "In other word, I daresay, your life is the life of
man and his tyrant style in everything, even in religions, where nemesis
was directed against woman's existence and every thing related to
femininity. The human being's world is the world of male authority; this
can be noticed in the Arabic countries and all over the world." What he
had to say? What should he discuss? What she has spoken was the
sheer truth. In his secret he felt that human beings were damned when
they are brought down into the earth. Human beings are the most
damned creatures in this entity. Man's evil and violence reached all
specifics and every tiny thing in this world. The images of war and
destruction, the images of genocides and the images of murder and
bloodstream stuck in Frank's and everybody's mind, these images always
attacked his mind and his deepest sentimental side, saddening his
conscious and subconscious. His state was to the contrary of that one
whose head is rapt enjoying the euphonious music exactly; Frank's head
and conscious were suffering the disorder of man's evils and his foul

    They were strolling, they had much time. The lit station heaved into
the sight. They kept their slow walking with closed mouth; no word was
uttered until they got the point of the next step. There was garden
encircled the station from all sides, it was planted with many kinds of
perennial and annual flowers, there were begonia, chrysanthemum and
delphinium, there was the snapdragon too which its colour whitening the
whole garden mixed with the silver light of the moon, there was union
between these flowers and the moon, every one of them was giving the
other so beautiful prospect. The aroma of this garden filled their nostril
with the odor of night and nature and peace. Both of them stood to look
through these flowers and then look up to the moon and the starlit sky,
the prospect was quite emotional for these two spirits to take a chance
to do something kind with each other. Frank was thirsty, he look into the
inside of the station. Oh there is juice to drink. "Excuse me Ice queen I
am going to get something to drink and to eat, a long journey is waiting
for us, you know." He nodded with grin crossed his face. She was alone
staring at the beautiful tall delphinium which looked like bedrock of
heaven with its light-blue colour. When he came back, he did not find
her, he feared she left him alone, but when he glimpsed at the left side,

he found her surveying the flowers and trees' fruits, a heavy load of
sadness invaded him when he did not find her in his sight, because he
brought to her a red flower, he felt so happy that she would love it and
would share him his happiness, also he fetched some sweets like
candyfloss, lollipop, and fondant, he loved these sweets so much when
he was a child and he is still loving them, also ice tea and two snacks
consist of steaks and potatoes. He came closer, while she was drowning
in rapt serene ambience. She was envisioning Babylon, her parents and
she and her two sisters on the bank of the waterful and the forceful
Euphrates River, her father fishing while she and the rest family
preparing for a delicious meal under a tall palms, and her father is
hooraying that he caught a big fish, while the three daughters running
ahead to see the battle between their parent and the blockhead huge
fish, it is a great joy and happiness, a smile typed onto her face, but
Frank did not noticed, she was still envisioning her daydream, but at
night, until Frank's whispering voice made of her dream an end, she
span to see him presenting a dark-red flower expressing his feelings
toward her. Inside her she flied with happiness but she contained
herself, she tittered. "Is there anything driving you to laugh?" Asked
Frank. She kept laughing; he moved his head slowly as if inquiring the
reason of this loud laughter, he said nothing, waiting for her response.
"Do you forget? I am a shadow, so I cannot hold this beautiful flower."
Then a grin crossed her face. He felt like she is thanking him for this
flower even though she did not take it. He went red in the face for his
stupidity. He murmured inaudibly, "What an inextricable situation that I
am accompanying a ghost, though she is exactly like women, noting
makes her look different from us." To her he spoke, "I am sorry I forget
that you are a shadow, but would you like to accept it spiritually?" She
nodded, and said "Of course, it is so kind from you, I like flowers and
especially the red ones." She peeked at the materials which were held by
his left hand. She blurted happily, "And sweets and foods?" He bobbed
his head, "Yes because we have a long journey, so these snacks to hush
the hunger." Despairingly he knew that he would eat what he bought
alone and she would not eat with him.

   Herein from this station Jihnah and Frank would travel to Iraq, for
one goal, to bring Jihnah's father back, by any means. No fear invaded
Frank at that present, but instead he was thirsty for new truth, and new
researches which perhaps completely would change his life.

                             Chapter 11

    The three 14 inches screens transmitted indirect order to the four
agents that the zero hour has come because they view that the lovers
downwardly gets to their uppermost stimulation, the thing which
prompted the agents to make a move. They mounted the staircase to
the surface of building. Mr. Isaac pressed on the walkie-talkie's
transmitter button to talk with the agents downward. Both of Steve and
Marcus assured him that the avenue is totally empty as if curfew has
been obligated on the people of this lane. Generally in Homs' environs
people do not go out doors after midnight and less that who goes on
foot _ Mr. Isaac radioed the agents lest that maybe some of pedestrian
was passing by_. Any way, at first the agents assured him of the empty
streets, Mark and Cliff launched to dismount, suddenly Steve sent a
signal. Mr. Isaac whispered tensely, "What is going Steve?" The walkie-
talkie crackled, it was Steve's voice, "Yes sir, there was three men rattle
through then passed the street thereabout, let me see," Isaac resented,
and smirked to his companions beside him who seemed anxious. "Okay
sir, totally empty, and I warrant you empty streets along the next
coming ten minutes." Steve facetiously said. Steve's walkie-talkie
crackled, "Thank you, and keep with eyes open." Then silence. From the
highest points Mark and Cliff by turns descended upon the second storey
of the building helped by a thick cord, wherein the lovers are in action.
The other two agents, Henry and Dario upwardly waited for their
companions until they get the balcony of the apartment, to send Dario to
follow them attached by the equipment of leaking the glass to make
small orifice to open the door and get inside while Henry is signaling to
the two agents into the bargain of the watchman providing them the
current affairs, to arrange everything and make a bolt.

    In Any case, both of Mark and Cliff got the balcony safely. They tied
down the cummerbund which was tied up their groin and waited for
Dario to arrive to provide them by the machine too, the dill which is
working by heat system, pierce on surface of iron bars or any solid
object, also the glass cutter which is headed by a small diamond to make
a small gap near the screwing handle of the door to open it from inside
to break in. All these operations are planned only to make no noise while
descending upon the victims.

     Dario underwent while he was descending down because of the
heavy load he held. He was swing left and right, he felt that he went to
fall down the ground, thus he arrived lately, the thing which brought on

Mark's exasperation, the one who was on watch too. Cynically said Mark,
"God be thanked you finally come down." With a gimlet eye Mark eyed
Dario the latter had nothing to say, but to handle the equipment to his
irked companions.

    From time to time while breaking through the glass, Mr. Isaac was
radioing his companions asking about the progress of the work, Dario
was appropriated to tell what was going over there. Isaac had achieved
everything carefully even so he was not comfort, because he did not
want to do such illegal things. It is illegal capture, under cover of taking
for question, but I know Abraham's thoughts, he is going to do
something eyesore that the law would punish if any one dares and does
it. Isaac murmured, then he fell into the world of oblivion, he began to
envisage the way if they were caught in the act. Isaac was not that
villain man, who likes to kill or murder innocent people, nor was he the
one who is known of blandish, he never ever fluttered his boss Mr.
Abraham, but now he was obligated to agree the boss' orders lest he
might be shelved. He did not want to be discharged, he was father of a
wonderful family, which consisted of two daughters and two sons and
their mother. He wanted to present them a good life, he wanted to bring
them anything they wished to have, and if he was dismissed, they might
starve, especially in Syria where finding a suitable job and good salary is
a kind of marvel or dream. He did not want to make spectacle of himself.
He discovered with the other employees of the company that bend the
knee is better than starving and discharging.

    Downwardly in the second storey, the three-armed agents have done
their mission successfully, they broke through the glass without making
any noise, but only when they push the incised piece of glass to press
ahead, fortunately the distant lovers did not hear that inaudible noise.
Mark opened the door, it was the kitchen. In fact they chose this section
because it posed back of the building, and where no buildings situated
behind this building, but only a high-tree garden, the thing that facilitate
the operation and made the whole decadence imperceptible. "Come in,
what you are waiting for." Angrily Mark whispered. Dario and Cliff laid
down the drill and the glass cutter, and then held two loaded revolvers
and the Tommy gun and stayed gun for. Dario handed the Tommy gun
to his leader Mark, and he kept the 7 mm revolver for him and Cliff as
well. The kitchen's door was half-opened, Mark eyed the foyer. He
wanted to point out the bedroom where the lovers are busy. He gave an
ear to the space, he heard the exhalations of lust, and the other agents

were an ear to the ground. "Follow me." whispered Mark; they followed
him like the nestlings of the duck as it were. The sighs of the lovers
became louder. They saunter one after the other, the lounge was filled
with exquisite and superb furniture and exceptional antiques and
colossal fresco. The ambience was cool; the ebony's odor pervaded the
room giving it a kind of emotional mood. Closer and closer they stepped
into the victims until Mark got to a point which incurred the three of
them to stop to localize a position for each one. Mark carefully signaled
to Cliff to get to the left side of the bedroom's entrance, and then to
Dario to the right side. Now they can easily watch what is going inside,
Dario chuckled and Mark as well, but the latter kept on his unfailing
grim. "When I move between of you, you instantly must assail on the
male victim while I take care of the female one, understood?" whispered
Mark. They nodded giving him a blank look which stands for their

                              Chapter 12

      Elend continuously called up Ms. Julia but no answer. Why she does
not answer me? I think the situation became intricate, my anticipation is
telling me that she is in danger. He had to do everything possible to get
to his mistress. He thought of calling up her to the number of the house,
and by all means, she would know that he gave a ring, and found that
he left a message. He at last dialed the number of the house. One ring,
two and three, but no one answered. After the fifth ring, the answer
machine, in the tone of Julia answered. "Please leave a message after
hearing the sound of recorder." Is she out of the apartment? Worriedly
Elend questioned himself. Shall I leave a message? But Ms. Julia warned
me of such deeds. "Do not talk with anyone except me, if I do not
answer you, do not talk with anyone else." Her caution still remained in
his memory. I must not leave a message. Elend whispered, unsure of
what he had to do. The most destructive thing in human's nature is the
hesitation. He called her cell phone, but she did not answer, and he
called the number of the house telephone, no one answered too. I shall
dial the number again, in urgency situation like this; I have to hazard to
keep my mistress away from risk. He contained himself to leave a
message; he did not know that there was a group at that present would
listen what is going on the record. The answer machine again informed
him to leave a message. He waited to hear the sound. In the beginning
he stuttered, inaudibly he informed the answer machine that Abraham

suddenly has left the villa without any reason and has brought with him
his son Alfred. And then he disconnected, but Elend kept in Alfred's
chamber, did not know what is waiting for him, thought that he had
done well to-night, and this faithfulness might be deadly.

                                * * *
    The whole situation was the embarrassment in itself, when the
telephone was ringing the three agents marched to a different tune,
because of the unexpected rings that pierced their stillness. Mark ran
toward the kitchen the other coward agents followed him. They are not
experienced. They wanted the mission to be done without any
unexpected events. That what happened in the first time Elend had
dialed the number, but the second call incurred a hysterically escape
from the foyer, the adrenalin was high with a great speed pulse of heart,
but as soon as Mark listened out for what the speakers of the telephone
was jangling, automatically with trembling body he ordered Dario to
inform Henry that the stupid Elend was in the employ of Julia. Dario did
it successfully.

    Now Henry was in a stew, he had to inform his Boss about this
sudden disquieted information; he had no choice but only to call him
immediately to treat it. Henry was steady, the boss' cellular rang, and
the answers' voice came so cold as if nothing was going in the other side
of life. "Sir I was informed that Elend; your servant is in the employ of
Julia." Mr. Isaac did daresay it, quietly. The boss was stunned, but his
mood stayed comfort. "What did you say? Elend!" Isaac repeated, "Yes
Sir, Elend is in the employ of Julia, he called Julia's telephone and left a
message that you have left your villa abruptly, that what the agents told
me-" Isaac was recounting, he did not recognized that the call was
ended and he was no longer connecting with the boss. All of them were
informed that they should be careful of the conversation with each other
while using the cell phones, the words and the information should be
spoken in general. Important information should be transmitted by the
walkie-talkie lest that the urgency room of the mobile's company is
eavesdropping on the calls of customers. In a way, Mr. Isaac talked in
no details and did not talk about mission's progress.

                               Chapter 13

    On the highway Abraham's car slowed down, he got off the car and
strode to the payphone. He dialed his villa's telephone. Bart toddled

toward the stormy ringing telephone. Who is calling up late in the night?
He squinted at the digital screen, no number appeared. I think it is from
a call box. "Hello." Bart was unconcerned. "Bart, listen carefully." At first
he did not knew who was on the line, the caller's voice seemed dry but
worry. Bart questioned, "Would you please-" he could not complete the
question, because Mr. Ghani intercepted him telling him that he should
in no time, get to Elend, leashing him using the soporific spray. Mr.
Ghani told his servant where is the spray, and how is working. The
servant assured his boss that everything will be okay, his boss's voice
came again ordering but comfortably this time, "Do not forget Bart, use
only the spray, and then chain him up, and wait for me to call you to the
next step." The faithful servant took the information and wished a life of
welfare for his Boss.

    Bart showed allegiance to his master, since the first day he has been
appointed to work in the villa hither to that call, Bart has never
disobeyed or let his boss down. Every order has been achieved, and
nothing has been neglected or mistaken. That night he had to make a
move, to squirt the soporific drizzle over the treacherous Elend who
disturbed the master. Bart was in his thirty years of age, with huge
stature, and brown-skinned. He never knew fear or tested it; the only
thing he knew in life was boldness, he was brash but his audaciousness
never led him to troubles, because of his self-assurance. When Mr. Ghani
charged him of chaining Elend, he did not hesitate or stuttered by
disagreeing. Over eight years in service, the most complicated matters
were fixed by him.

    He stepped ahead of his boldness, toward the lobby, exactly where
the boss informed him, he took the vase's lid off and looked upon the
bottom; a small-red can was posed. He took it up and read the
instruction which was horizontally typed on it. I must spread the gas
unto his nostril but not before focusing on him, lest he does not breathe
it. Bart bended his mouth as a sign of no matter what he was charged
for. It was easy mission. Now he had to find his victim. Verily he did not
deal with Elend but only in important occasions, when the entire
servants gather up to do a difficult or gradual mission. Where is he?
Either outside at the gate watching over or he is inside the villa. He went
straightway into the intercom, pressed on the talking button, with
questioning tone he called, "Elend, Elend." No one answered; then he
did it once again, no one in the space. He contemplated at the whole
situation. Where he should be? Suddenly a crazy idea leapt into his

mind, in leaps and bounds he got to the second storey of the building, at
first he strode to Abraham's bedroom. The door was locked. How stupid
I am! He sardonically damned himself. And then quickly peered at the
loft, and then to Abraham's study, also no one is in here. The last
choices were Alfred's bedroom and the bathroom. He immediately chose
Alfred's room. He strolled toward that goal, and as he was closing, steps
after step, the sound of the cellular's buttons heaved into his ears.
Someone inside is using a cell phone and murmuring with himself. He
took the wall and posed his back against it; he got close to the door, and
squinted at Elend to calculate the distance between him and his victim.
It was two yards as he assumed. Elend felt that something wrong is
going outside the room; he felt that his eyes caught a strange silhouette
of a man, but he again rejected this stupid idea.

    Actually, Elend tried again and again to get to Julia's mobile phone,
but in vain his attempts were all unnoticeable. He finally gave in, he took
back the cell phone into its secret box, and disappointedly stepped
toward the door. The mission that Bart was charged of was truly easy,
because the victim fell into the trap, as he got out from the chamber
Bart had borne down on him, thus Elend found that a stormy gas was
directed onto his face, and before he had processed what is happening,
he tumbled on the earth.

    The dark skinned servant carried out the mission and he had to take
Elend out of chamber and then to chain him with cords. No one was
awake, and even if there was some servant, he was achieving the order
of the boss, so no body would encumber the task. He brought him down
to the first floor of the building holding him on his back. He entered his
private room, chained him, and waited for the master's call.

    The Pensive leader of the massive attack _ Mr. Isaac _ waited for the
agents to show up or at least to radio him, informing him what is going
inside. He speculated what would face them ahead. He recalled the point
of Elend. That means that Julia suspected something that might be
dangerous, by this way, she got to Elend and seduced him by money. He
laughed and profoundly he felt the sense of sadness inside of him, when
he said, "Money talks." He kept laughing at the situation, but
subconsciously he was laughing at himself and his whole life. He was not
seduced, but he was obligated to do this preposterous deed. In the same
time he thought back, that eradicating Elend would incur problems. It is
a pure stupidity if Mr. Abraham murdered this servant, by this way we

would be driven to the prison, or! He envisioned himself facing death,
charged of murder. Suddenly he had a pang in his stomach, it was
cramping like, but he took hold of it, remembering that Mr. Abraham is
renowned of the stitch in time. I am sure he would manage it flawlessly.
Mr. Isaac exhaled with distrust.

                              Chapter 14

      The mobile phone was not turned off, it was on the bedside, under
the bedside lamp, Ms. Julia muted it, and the vibration set was
deactivated over month. Because Julia was jolted and deeply terrified
every time her cellular rang and started to vibrate, especially when she
posed it on the a wooden surfaces. Thus it neither rang nor vibrated. But
the only thing it did was glimmering through out intermittent flashing,
but the gleaming light of the lamp distracted both of Mr. John and his
concubine. In addition, making love would distract humankind from any
outside unnoticeable action or inaudible sound, making love dip lovers
into the deepest bottoms of lust and imagination, like one who is floating
on water or hovering in the atmosphere. These paramours were away
from anything was happening around. Alas, these two lovers were in
another world, the world of love, the world of oblivion.

   Her sighs grew louder, with uncontrolled reaction to every move, she
was grabbing hold of the bedspread sometimes, or pressing on John's
back another times, Ms. Julia she, was self-uncontrolled woman
especially in such situation like making love, moreover, John was potent-
massive man, beside the give-and-take spirituality between he and she,
made the whole situation so insane and crazy, it began with slow
caressing then gradually changed to intense loving movements,
especially that both of them experienced and tried the all postures of
making love, that what drove Julia crazy, when she lacked that sexual
positions with her previous husband.

                                * * *

   They sighs of the lovers announced that they got to their orgasm, so
the agents outside knew that zero hour is calling them to come in. The
boss beckoned, signaling to his agents to follow him, the other nodded
that everything is okay to do it. As Mark came in, followed by the other
two agents, Ms. Julia saw an impersonal silhouette, she terrified to this
astonishment, she changed her posture, because she was astride, and

John was drowning between her legs after they reached orgasm. Mark
charged off toward Julia who quickly threw herself launching into the
credenza beside the bed. Mark, at first thought that she is going to put
on her housecoat or something like that, but when he discovered that
she was opening the middle drawer of the credenza he got to the point
that she was seeking a weapon to defend herself. Mark's loud shout,
blocked her plan of defense, "Do not move." John was wide-open eyes
and stunned for what happened, did not know what he had to do, he
was entirely stripped, even from his garments. What he had to do before
three-armed men, directing guns' tips toward him and Julia as well.
"Who the hell are you?" screamed Julia. Mark kept silent, and ordered
Dario and Cliff to take John out. They indecisively stepped toward Mr.
John who did not know what was destined for him, what fate he would
confront. When they did nigh on him, and become closer, the only thing
he thought of is to cover his naked body, he wrapped himself with the
sheet of the bed. Dario kept the victim under the gun, while the other
agent got down calmly grabbing John's left hand, and wrapped it to
paralyze John's possible reaction. The latter did not react nor moved, but
kept statue like. Cliff pushed him back and forth, for one aim, to obey
him and stand up. But in vain the meek John did not move. At that
present, Mark impatiently ordered Dario to charge him by the gun, and
when the aforesaid agent did it, John obeyed.

    Cliff took hold of the partly dressed victim to go out, under gunned
by Dario, slowly the three men faded away. All that fell out before the
bewildered Julia, who still dumbfounded for what happened before her
eyes. It is an incredible happenchance, why it happened with us, and
how hapless we are! me and John. She could not understand why these
savage armed men are attacking them late at night. Mark himself
embarrassed, what he had to do right now? She was wholly naked. How
vulgar he would be when he would attack a stripped naked woman! But
he had no other means to equivocation the boss' orders. He kept her
under gun. She thought that she should lay into him, beating him
suddenly, but there was fear inside her heart, and fear is the greatest
restrictor of human's spirit. But it seems that no robbery was planned,
they did not strip away the drawers or the closets, she thought that they
came only for one reason, to capture them. They wanted us alive!
Without any foreword she knocked sideways, lying into him to biff him.
And as she rushed into him, he got away from her, and then he
surrounded her nick by his left arm, and pressed, threatening her that if
she moved, he would suffocate her at once. Now Julia is at the mercy of

Mark. How easy to end man's life! One press on fire by finger, and she
would pass out, how easy to kill, and how fragile is the human's soul. He
held down of her, pushed her ahead, threatening her by his revolver.
She looked down on him, but he disregarded this disgusting stare. Her
eyes were asking, why you attacked us? Why you captured my
paramour? Why you separate between us like in violent way? He sensed
these entire questions but answered none.

    Cliff came back to the leader after he had signaled, fetching with him
a fabric-think cords to shackle her. He ordered Cliff to set up the wooden
chair in the lobby, to leash her to. Cliff preceded his master. "Are you
going to restrict me?" Disappointedly mixed with anger Julia's tone was
pronounced. The holder said nothing, but he started to walk ahead, and
exited from the bedroom, grabbing Julia from the nick, like that who
helps a drowned man, by holding his nick by the arm. The like did Mark,
but instead of dragging her on water she was dragged on the ground,
she felt like a hanged woman, sentenced by human arms not by cords.
When they reached the point where Cliff was waiting for, Mark pushed
her savagely and Cliff began to chain her, then sticking on the mouth _ a
large sticking plaster to gag her, restricting her from screaming help,

    Undeniably there was a question in her eyes, in her dumbfounded
eyes. Where is my John? But no one answered her, though she did not
ask them. Thinking of the way she can know how to force them to reveal
everything. Both of Cliff and Mark did not know that her eyes were
brandished of something about to fall. Cliff started to chain her with the
chair, she was totally naked, he moved to her loins to leash her haunch.
He squinted at her attractive thighs and her feminine genital; he was
seduced, but carried on the work. When he finished, Mark look over her,
sending signs of farewell. Cliff's answered when the Walkie-talkie
crackled. "Yes we are coming." And then he asked Mark, "Sir, what we
have to do now?" Mark wanted to be assured. Cliff was ordered to hold
Julia upward, to know that the cords were tightly knitted. It was done.
Every thing sounds okay. Mark asked Cliff to go ahead, and complete the
plan. Mark took Julia back to the bedroom. The house was totally dark
and eyes can hardly see the place.

   Cliff and Dario savagely ordered John to put his thump on the door.
John obeyed. They got out successfully after Dario had dressed John. To
make every thing looks normal and nothing is out of nature. They

ascended toward Isaac's apartment, where the latter was impatiently
waiting for them, he was afraid of any mistake. Mistakes have no place
in here. He kept it by heart. The three men came in, headed by John,
who was gagged and his hands were chained, knowing nothing what is
waiting for him. Mr. Henry welcomed him in rough-pitched tone, and
questioned the agents for Mark. "Sir, Isaac," Dario said, "he is still inside
the apartment, to complete the mission as it was set up." Now Mr. Isaac
looked quieter. Henry thought that Mark's next mission should not take
more than ten minutes. He tried to distract himself by directing his
attention to the weak captive that stood before his eyes waiting for any
sign to know what would happen with him afterwards. "Look John," said
Mr. Henry, "I would like to offer advice, do not bother yourself, you
cannot loose off, so keep quiet and do not think of such matters that
only bring you headache." John heard what that brown-skinned man
uttered, and disappointedly nodded his head, just thinking of one thing.
What about my love Julia?

                               Chapter 15

    They stood waiting for the taxicab to start the journey to the eternal
land. Both of them were silent. And from time to time they glimpse each
other, eyes talk in language that tongues hardly utter, so they willed to
talk by their eyes. Yeah god blessed that he said, eyes are the mirror of
our deepest soul. And eyes are the way to the heart. They stood side by
side; Frank intended to discover that mysterious world, and Jihnah for
her single-minded goal, her father's return. The night sounded so serene
in July, with its starlit sky and its obvious gleaming moon, so emotional
to incur them to stay silent, watching the magical nature which is
glimpsing at them too, the sight was alike that a silent conversation
between nature and human being accompanied with a female beautiful
fairy. He looked upon his wristwatch. It is time to come. Now there is no
way to back out, he thought.

    Invisibly she came, a woman patted on Jihnah's shoulder. Her
mother had to warn that her father is facing a great danger. "Jihnah,
Abak wajeet khanar." Jihnah's mother said, "Your father in danger."
Jihnah turned to know what her mother is going to say. "Ahma, sha
takeel, mattah?" "What are you telling me mama?" Jihnah asked. "Tajal
rajah, beghato da enda jenzahom." Donella said. "Impersonal men
suddenly set upon them while making love in." Her mother's name was
Donella; she got this name because she was dark-haired. Jihnah still

surprised, Donella hastened her daughter, because they had no time,
"Perhaps they took your father to mortify him." Despondently whispered
Donella. "Ahma lah takibi, Anah ejaheed si Abah." Jihnah said, placating
her mother. "Mama do not be worry, I will strain at my father's safety,
taking him back." Donella told her daughter that she will go thither, to
watch over, reporting her from time to time what is the news. Frank
began to feel that there is something strange is falling out, so as he
turned to talk with Jihnah, Donella took leave. "Hazan mafeka Ahma."
Jihnah said good bye.

   He told her that he sensed that something uncommon is going on.
Frank was right. Because Jihnah while talking with her mother, did not
pay attention about him as though he was with her. "Tell me Ice queen,
what happened before a while?" Frank asked. She thought. Shall I tell
him, Mama, was in here? Or Shall I hide what concerns the family? How
Stupid I am! He is with me for the sake of my father. So swiftly she
returned back to the conversation. "Frank, you will not believe." He
waved his head as if asking what that thing which he will not believe is.
"Mama was here." She studied his face while he was receiving this
tiding. Inside of her, she laughed, but she was sheer sad for what has
happened with her father. The rumbling taxi reinstated them, the driver
got off toward the restaurant, to get some drinks for the journey. It is
the last station in Syria that all passengers rest in. There is a station, 145
miles before Baghdad. And between these two stations there is only
Sahara. "Do you have cash?" Asked Jihnah, rebuking herself how she
forgot to ask such an important question, but she had remembered
before he answered that if he had not money he would have been tell
her that. "Yes I have." Replied Frank, "I have 600 USD and 11 000 S.P
plus a cash card." She knew that Frank from a rich family and for sure
he has cash. Any way they waited for the taxicab's driver to bargain him
about the price. As they planned, they would ask him to help them on
the frontier area between these two countries, because Frank has not a
passport, plus there based the USA troops. So the driver has to help
Frank to cross the border even illegally, and then to take him to Al Hillah
city, where Babylon situated northern from it, hereafter to take Frank
back to Syria once again. They know this journey is cost a bomb, but
Frank would do it at any cost. "We can drive the price down, are not
we?" asked Frank. Jihnah nodded then blurted, "It is better to think if he
will accept what we will ask from him, than of thinking of driving the
price down, am I right?" Frank smiled. Jihnah invisible now, also Frank
did not see her but she watched them all. The hulking driver became

closer. Frank stepped into him, to ask him for the time-consuming
journey he sought, wishing that everything would be okay as he and she
planned for.

    Fortuitously, the taxicab's driver was Syrian, so Frank can deal with
him in normal way; each one of them knew the demeanor of Syrian
people, so there was no embarrassment while telling him about the
journey, the Odyssey as it was named by Frank. The car driver was
joyful and merry man, between 40 and 45 years of age as Frank
supposed, well-built, and his head was grey, his face was bright but the
red colour was prominent and overcomes its brightness. His name was
Shaeol; he welcomed Frank and told him that there is no matter about
money, or the places he wanted to go. When Frank heard Shaeol's
words, he became more assured. "Okay Shaeol," said Frank, "I am
seeking Al Hillah and Babylon, have you ever visited these places?"
Shaeol took a brief moments to remember, "Oh yeah," happily Shaeol
spoke to Frank, "I think I visited Al Hillah twice or thrice, I really do not
sure, but Babylon I never visited, I think it is an ancient area." He looked
at Frank, moved his head as if he is questioning him. "Oh yeah it is."
Frank said. "Plus," Frank intercepted, "I want to take me back to Syria
again after I finish my business there, what say you?" Actually Shaeol
had no matter; it was his job, to travel, transporting passengers from
Syria to Iraq and from Iraq to Syria. Shaeol wanted to ask Frank about
his business over there, but he did not, he did procrastinate this question
to another time, when he and Frank fall into wilder conversation. "Okay
Shaeol, How much do you want?" Frank Asked. "Ten thousands will be
okay." Self-complacently Shaeol said. Frank analyzed the price in his
mind, "Can it be eight thousands?" Frank's tone while questioning this
question was unlike his natural tone, it was unconfident kind of tones.
"Hey-" Shaeol wanted to say Frank's name but he just meets him before
a while, "sorry what is your name?" Shaeol Asked. "Frank." The boy
answered. "Okay Frank," said Shaeol, "I demanded my own right of
money; here we do not drive the price down. That is the price." In fact
Frank wanted to intervene to another matter, the one that he did not
have a passport, so he was easily convinced by Shaeol's, forgetting the
price, but the most important matter, was having no passport, so he had
to ask Shaeol's favour to help him to access the international border.
"Okay Shaeol, I will pay you extra money as bonus, if you help me."
unconfidently said Frank. "What kind of help you want me to do?" Frank
told him that he had not passport to enter the Iraqi lands, and he heard
that he could enter, because some drivers knew unknown roads that end

in the Iraqi Lands, and for sure, Shaeol, knew that, and he knew how to
help his customer Frank. "Usually, I take 50 USD for such a help, what
say you?" Shaeol said. "Okay, I agree, I consider the bargain is done."
Frank replied, with jovial face and tone, and then he asked, "When can
we go on?" "Now let us get on the car." Jovially Shaeol shouted. On the
other side, inside the tow-colored, Orange and white taxicab Jihnah was
waiting for them to start the hazard all together. Frank looked upon his
wristwatch. It was 1:36 A.M. when the engine powered up. It will be a
long journey indeed, full of advantages and disadvantages and some
cryptic newfound discoveries. God save us and give me strength to take
back Jihnah's father, amen. Frank was silent, moving his eyes from the
engine's driver to the invisible fairy, and he was all content of the
decision he has taken, profoundly he knew that this odyssey would be
full of adventures.

                              Chapter 16

     After he called up his appointed agent, Mr. Isaac, who provided him
about the details of the mission adding that Mark was still inside the
apartment of Ms. Julia to complete the mission, Mr. Abraham had dialed
the second group of the kidnapping. The boss chose two groups to
lessen the possibility of mistakes, charging every group with special
missions to do. Any way, the second group consisted of twelve-armed
agents, who occupied three black-colored GMC cars. Each car was
equipped with high-tech computer system, which was connected with a
radio that communicates between them as one group and the boss as
well. All agents were provided by single-mono earphone and mini-micro
to send and receive information. Aside from that, onto the windshield of
every car, a mini-cam was based to transmit to the boss via LCD screen
situated on the dashboard over the computer system, a live current
affair and what is happening inside every car.

    Mr. Lamont Mayan has been called, "Yes sir." he answered. "The first
group did what they were charged for. So get ready, tell your agents to
be open-eyed." Mr. Abraham Said. "Okay sir, we are waiting for your
signal." Mr. Lamont replied. Abraham disappeared. "For all units, get
ready, soon we will go ahead." The rest eleven agents assured their
leader of the high-readiness. Mr. Lamont was that kind of men who
never knee to any one, when he is charged for a mission; he will give it
out, if not flawlessly, it will be without any back problems. No wonders,

it is not an evil gang, but as it was known rich important businessmen all
over the world, have their special ways, either legal or roundabout ones.
And Abraham had his own roundabout ways to find out his problems
using his agents by the back doors.

    Mr. Lamont's agents were pensive. Brent, Ralph, and Norbert, all of
them were chatting with each other about the mission they were
charged of. With radio tone, Ralph asked his friend Norbert, the one who
was at the wheel, "To-night, Norbert, to-night, we will examine your
crazy driving, if any one blocked the way up, we would see how you
would cross it off. Norbert laughed. "I will show," Norbert said self-
confidently "you how I will escape from all difficulties." Other agents
from other GMC cars, their laughter were heard too, because all of them
were connected to each other at that present. "I am yearning," suddenly
Joe blurted, "to go ahead, it is the first time we are going to do such
weighty mission, so let us see who we are." A sardonic respond came
from his friend who was next to him. "Who the hell," said Paul, "do you
think yourself are going to do?" Joe blurted, "Kidnapping a wanted man."
Three agents erupted by laughter but said nothing. Mathew's voice came
out from the radio, "He thought himself like Hercules." Then he laughed
too. Joe did not say anything. He just felt like he was going to a dreadful
battle, maybe because it was his first time that he was charged with
others for this mission. He as if was thinking himself like a hero that
would carry out his master's orders, held a firearm for the first time after
he had trained in Abraham's own farm, but actually he was not more
than a stupid employee in his master's agenda. His rapt imagination was
distracted by the leader Lamont who got boring from this palavering,
because the others were still prattling. After the order of Lamont to shut
up, no one even had exhaled a sigh, like slaves they looked like, in fact
they were not, but they got scared that might Mr. Lamont reports their
bad or unacceptable demeanors to the boss, so they prefer to keep
silence than to be dismissed.

                               Chapter 17

    The place was dark, but this darkness was distorted by the light that
came from the screens. Mr. John kept outside the room, and Cliff looked
after him, while Dario and Mr. Isaac got to the spying-screens room.
They watched what is going down, where Mark subjected to open the
gas in the kitchen. The plan was successfully achieved step after step,
and this step was preceded by closing the whole in the glass of the

kitchen's door when the three agents broke through, so when he would
pump out the gas it would be intensified in the whole place, by
coincidence an electric contact would fall, the house would be on fire
and Julia's death would be recorded as an accident.

     Every thing is going very well. Mark waited for a brief time to be
assured that the gas extended to every place of the apartment. In fact
Mark's hanging around was in synced with another implausible action
from another room. Mr. Henry was open-eyed and when he saw what
happened over there, his excitability was inconceivable, his first reaction
was shouting to Dario to provide Mark of what is going aloof. Dario's
confusion also was great, wherein he did not know what to say, but at
last he uttered it. "Sir, the walkie-talkie is with Cliff." Mr. Isaac's pulsing
got faster; he exhaled the breath of embarrassment. His diction was
barely understood, wherein he stuttered, "Dario, instantly descend on
the apartment, take Cliff and the walkie-talkie with you, Mark's life at
stake. Dario's bewilderment ensued a yellowed-face, he realized the
danger they about to confront. Immediately he ran along, followed by
Cliff who did not know why all this unfavorable chaos but when he saw
the ashen face of Mr. Isaac coming into the lobby, he grasp that
something wrong has happened and if they did not make a move,
maybe their necks would be hanged soon. Mr. Henry asked them to be
careful while entering the place again. "I will," whisperingly said Henry,
"come down with you using the thumbs of John to open the door again,
but I will carry on to the car and you after finishing the mission must
follow me without delay, understood?" The two-scared agents nodded
then went ahead. Suddenly they astonished when they found Henry
returning to the equipped room. He came back to shut down the
computer and all the machines that work with the spying system, but
before he had left, he took a shot look upon all the stuff, as if saying
farewell hell, I returning to life once again. He held the laptop and three
briefcases which filled with important papers including some blueprints
with the design of the victim's house, in addition to the scheme of the
mission. When he came back to the foyer, he found that they were still
waiting for him. "Wait I have to radio Marcus." Mr. Henry Said. The
others in addition to the kidnapped man looked unsure of what would
fall out in the coming brief time.

   Marcus answered, "Yes, who is it?" Mr. Isaac's voice seemed so
deep, overwhelmed by great tension. "In no time, gather up the other
agents; tell Steve and Matt to be ready." Despite the silence that

attached with Henry's voice, Marcus felt the tension that hovered
around. "Done" Replied Marcus, but he hesitated, because he had to ask
him if he had to power up the engine and wait for them until get down.
But the radio became deaf. Henry left. Any way, quickly was Marcus'
respond, wherein he stepped out of his small room, to see if Steve and
Matt still around. He changed the Mega hertz, "Steve," Marcus inquired,
"Steve here is Marcus." "Yes Marcus," Replied Steve, "are you going to
tell us another puzzle, we got boring of your childish puzzles." Laughter
was heard. Marcus got angry; Steve knew that he sensed a serious tone
replying, "Steve power up the car and go to the gate of the building, the
mission of this night was done, move." In fact Steve became happy
when he heard that, but he did not know what would happen if Dario
and Cliff did a rash of actions without regard.

    Mark did not pay attention to that noise. The unexpected thing began
when he was busy with closing the whole. Ms. Julia was not kind of that
people who accept everything like events destined from God. She was a
woman of strength and will. The place where she was set tied to the
wooden chair was near to the drawer of the bedside. Fortunately the
drawer has a crystal shield. Crazy idea leapt into his head as soon as she
saw it, but she kept up with the times waiting for the good time to dart
herself down on the drawer to crash it. She succeeded. The injured party
was her back. She did not care; she would not escape unless she
sacrificed. The shattered glass filled the ground around her; hardly she
strained at taking a small piece of this crashed glass. Finally she took
one, and began to cut the fabric rope that leashed all her body, she
could cut it and before she stood up, she had tied down the rope
completely. She was behind the bed, making of it her shield, she
thought, I had better to steal a march while that wicked man is doing his
job. She did not notice that the blood stream down her back and legs
because of the glass. And as she got the credenza to take her own
Machine gun, the smell of the gas spread out the whole place. She knew
the trick. They want to set the house on fire and I will be burnt by an
accident. Aha, I will show you who I am. She did not put on any dress
on her; she had no time to dress anything but to kill her enemy.

   The place was totally dark; Mark went into the hallway to be assured
that the chained-woman was still in the place. Julia hid herself behind
the huge-wooden bookshelf; she can hardly wait, but to get him in the
back. Finally his back was in front of the rifle barrel of Julia's medium
machine gun. In 1950 Uzi Gal, engineer for the Industries Military of

Israel, invented a very effective automatic pistol. It was known as the
'UZI', in 1951, this weapon was used by Israeli troops. Today the Uzi is
the 2nd generation machine gun and increasing demand has meant that
it is sold in over 40 countries, with worldwide sales of over 1.5 million
pieces. Julia bought this weapon from Iraq; she thought that maybe
some day she will need it to defend herself from the wicked people
whose numbers excessively increased these days. She was not afraid of
anything but from losing her man who did not experienced this life yet,
so when she found that the time is ripe she shouted her single word,
"Stop" The threatened man swiftly stopped. "Do not move," self
confidently shouted Julia, "To save your life, you have to answer my
questions." As Mark just tried to know from which point she was
speaking to him, she once again said, "If you move I will gun you down."
To scare him she crashed the red-rose bowl which was posed on the
table beside him. Mark was about to tumble but he contained himself.
"Okay," he sacredly said, "ask me, I will answer your question but do not
shot me, I have a family." Now she can cleanly see how mankind is
asking mercy when he is face-to-face with death. How coward you are, I
did not even start the battle with you. Ms. Julia Dawson conversed
herself with great comfort. "Okay, tell me right now, who the hell you
are? And who charged you to break into my home?" asked Julia. "I am
Mark Blackman and-" he was about to complete. "I do not ask for your
name." Julia shouted hysterically and interrupted him. "Who charged you
to do this coward deed?" She spoke it calmly now. He hesitated, she
asked him once more, stressed on every word; he knew that if he did
not respond now he would be shot. "The boss, yeah the boss," said
Mark, "and he charged me and some other men to take John from you
and to-" he stopped. She asked "And to what?" He knew that there was
nothing he had to hide from now on, because the mission was entirely
unveiled. "To kill you." Her sullen face was not seen, because his sight
was directed to the curtained window, if he span he would be killed at
once. He fell into the aura situation because he knew that he would be
shot any way, he prayed to God to send his friends to help him. But
would he be rescued? Or Julia would be too? Were his prayers heard? Or
these prayers distorted in the silence of fear and repentance? He utterly
did not know. Abraham! I will make of you a great man of remorse for
what you sought. You were going to kill me! "And what did he want from
John?" Julia asked. "I did not know." Mark Answered. He knew that
something would fall out sooner or later; maybe he will be eradicated to-
night. Slowly Mark began to loss his sense, like one who is sleeping
losing his conscious very slow, a stream of pictures cast in his sight, his

wife and his sole daughter, yeah, as though he is saying "Farewell life
and welcoming himself into the world of silence, death. Though he did
not want to die, as anyone does not like to die, his wish was the same.
His daughter's picture was in mind, it might be the one by which his
courage was awaken. He thought of a haste spin and shooting Julia, but
Mark's plan was in sync with Julia's reminding herself of the passport of
her honey John.

     Evidently Mr. Henry was sure that something awful has happened,
the sound of Julia's machine gun spread out the space, he knew that
either Mark killed her or she murdered him. His first question was not
about the agent Mark but about John's passport. Dario's face darkened
with fear, when he did not remember where is it. Cliff quickly answered,
"Sir, it is with Mark." Henry's mind now, had no other plan but to drive
Cliff and Dario to provide Mark who maybe is facing a hard time. Any
way Cliff and Dario got two aims to get to the apartment once again and
so they were dispatched for that double-goal.

    It was a sort of deep regret and calvary what Mark felt in that
present, while Julia recalled what happened when the armed-agents
assailed. Mark kept her under gun; the other two agents took hold of
John. She is replaying what exactly happened. Yeah, one of that two
agents clutched John passport which was laid on the bed, and he
delivered to that man who was standing before her eyes. He was asked,
"Where is John's passport?" and when he heard this question, he knew
that something maybe would keep him alive. "It is with me, in my suit's
right pouch." Mark Replied. His hands were raised high, because of the
orders, but not the boss' orders, it was Julia's orders. Without even
thinking of the matter, and because of the great wrath she had, another
shot was heard while the agents got to the door of the apartment. Mark
back was shot through; six bullets take which the charge of throwing
him down the ground swimming in the pool of his own blood. Julia
hasted into him, she dipped her left hand in Mark's pouch, and when she
drew her hand off the passport was clutched protected by her palm. She
at first bewildered of what has happened, a silent immovable corpse
stuck on the ground. It was a great confusion. She murdered a human.
The gas extended into her nostril and began to suffocate her; the thing
that made her forgot what happened. Relatively nothing is going in her
head, but to get out of this horrible dilemma. She ran for it, to her room,
she got dressed and taking the keys of her car and her own sac which
enclosed her papers and the credit card. Julia got to the stairwell _the

stairs of the fire escape_, she opened the door then she got out after
she had locked it.

      John's thumb was used to open the door once again, to avoid the
dreadful fuss that the alarm bell would make. Dario and Cliff equipped
by their firearms and the walkie-talkie got in the house. Mr. Isaac with
the captive stayed up outside in the staircase. Mr. Henry radioed Marcus
to know if everything is going as he ordered. Fortunately the agents
downward are waiting for them to get down and pulling out. Dario and
Cliff were out of breath because of the intensifying gas that extended
into every small corner of the place. They barely could see, the place
was utterly dark, Dario in low pitched voice questioned, "Mark, where
are you Mark?" and the same did Cliff, suddenly Cliff froze in his place,
because he was walking ahead of his friend. Dario noticed that
astonishingly Cliff was motionless. But when Dario came closer, he
astounded at that horrible sight of Mark stained with blood. Both of them
were speechless because of this unexpected sight of Mark's corpse which
mixed with blood and fear. As Dario pressed on the radio to provide Mr.
Henry that they saw Mark, the motor of the refrigerator in the kitchen
started to work again after a brief hibernation. Inconceivable explosion
happened. The glass' pieces shattered away, Steve and Matt horrified
because of the awful and dreadful bomb that occurred above. John and
Mr. Henry were dashed settling beside the elevator's door. Mr. Henry
strained at laying hold of John again; he knew that they are all dead
inside. I had better to carry on than to enter the house. Henry never
wished to live this kind of moments when the smell of death and murder
filling the space. "Sir," Henry's radio crackled, "What is that horrible
bomb?" fearfully questioned Marcus. "Do not worry Marcus, wait for us
at the doorway, we have to leave soon before people crowd around."
When Henry and John leaved into sight not accompanied with the rest
agents, Steve with the others knew that their friends in job were burned.
Five minutes later the yard that encircled the building was void of the
boss' agents therein two cars pulled out just Marcus' car still inside the
building's park. After that hundreds of curious people whose ears
terrified by the loud sound of the detonation which blasted away the
house with its dwellers gathered up.

                              Chapter 18

   Nothing was distinguished; it was a sheer darkness outside, when
Frank turned his sight to look out, he saw nothing, only darkness and

stillness, but inside the taxicab there was a fuss to a great extent, a non-
stop prattling. Yeah Shaeol never rest his mouth from talking.
Sometimes Frank listened in, another times he fell in his reveries. Frank
was not a reticent boy, but he used not to talk a lot with people he does
not know. His imagination spontaneously forced him to envision the look
of Babylon, the landscapes and the general aspect of this mysterious
city. Sometime he imagined it like heaven. She said that Fairies live
forever, is that true? An immortal creatures and eternal life! It is
incredible and inconceivable. Where am I? Am I dreaming or what? But
she is behind me. He looked directly to the rearview mirror, she is
watching him out, what he is doing, the replies that he did back to
Shaeol questions. But he did not dare to make any sense, lest Shaeol
thinks that someone else is accompanying Frank, he and she did not
want to fall in problems. Fortunately Shaeol was Syrian so he could
understand his dialect and discuss with him things belongs to their
country like politic and economic matters. Yeah every Syrian citizen liked
to discuss such matters, maybe talking in these issues let off the lead
that press on them. Yeah conversations like this, offer a short-lived
unburdening. They discussed some compendiums like the invasion that
USA and England did last year, the way Iraqis lived before that war and
how they changed after the unexpected anarchy and riot that happened
over there. "Shall we see the tanks of the USA troops?" Frank Asked.
"Oh yeah, for sure, that will be in Baghdad, and along the way from the
borders to Baghdad too, but in Al Hillah there is no American troops, but
the polish one. Any way they are all friends, do not be afraid." At that
present the vile deeds of terrorists did not begin yet, but just some
opening fire on USA troops, and returning fire. Also Frank asked if there
any danger while crossing the borderline, Shaeol's answer was relieving,
but he told Frank that he have to do what exactly Shaeol would tell him.
Frank always is dreaming to visit this beautiful country; he wished to
visit it when no war exists. He heard a lot of things about this country,
like its beautiful cities, the rivers, the magnificent way of building,
especially the palaces that the Iraqi president has constructed. Always
Shaeol had to lull Frank by asking him to be stoical.

    Things are floating in Frank's head; he ran his eyes over the rearview
mirror to see Ice queen stayed with eye open. These things previously
discussed between them like a tranquil subterranean reality which was
gotten up to the chaos once again. Women! Men and women are
matched on the earth! It is Impossible. Frank thought. He knew lots of
girls whether in the field of friendship in the college or out of college in

the community. Yes women are known of shallowness or superficiality,
and yet the most girls register in the field of scientific studies but Frank,
not only Frank, the whole society consider women's successes is like the
qualified-success _ incomplete success _ simply because they are not
level-headed creatures or practical ones. They are not blamed for such
characteristics, because they are born and their instincts were typed in
some special ways of living. They are interested in fashion, clothes,
shoes, cosmetics and many other things that really are made to attract
this kind of creatures, women, their dispositions are the most cryptic and
unfathomable ones, when they speak to men their conversation are
mostly perplexing wherein we fall in the trap of the meaning of the
words they utter, which on the whole mystify us. The truth should be
said, they are extraordinary creatures, and in spite of their shallow mind
they puzzle men.

     Overly Frank thought of the idea of evening women and men in one
field in everything in this life. They are not who should be blamed or
chided for their desires and concerning for the thing that men consider a
nonsense. Yeah God included these qualities in their deep nature while
put in other qualities in men's nature as well and make them different, to
complete each other when they meet, in the most strange union man
even known.

    According to what Jihnah has said about the nature of their society,
wherein men and women are equal and no one differentiates between
them, the situation in the human being's world is the same, howbeit
there is no matching. The whole situation seemed to Frank so hard to
feel the same feeling towards women as well as men in every issue of
their living. For example what Jihnah said about adultery and how
women who were discovered of such a vile deed, would be punished
physically and spiritually and also socially, while men would not confront
any thing that maybe vilify them, and doing such illegal affairs would not
ensued a denigrated person but on the contrary as Jihnah said, he might
be considered as a potential man, and what make the whole situation
more ridiculous are the women themselves when they would exchange
rumors that this man is proficient in making love. God damn this society
wherein woman belittles herself without even knowing that. Why should
men respect such kind of these creatures who do not know the values
and the graceful of femininity? Though it is the folly itself when we
neglect this portion of us, Frank thought. He did not even know from
which point the society must begin; from men's attitude or from

women's view of point about the femininity and how it was distorted in
the Arabic world for centuries. Rings distracted him; he rummaged
around seeking his mobile phone, the rings seemed voluminous in
comparison with the silence that overcame the general ambience. Yeah
it was totally silent ambience inside the taxicab, where the driver Shaeol
entertain himself by listening to the radio, a very impressive soap opera
that Shaeol used to listen to it every night, but it seems that this soap
opera finished before a while, thus it was followed by silence. Finally he
got to his mobile phone. The screen showed her name. It was Marry his
mother. When Frank saw his mother's name on the screen, he dithered
whether to answer her or not. I will make of her so worry about me for
nothing; I do not want to make mama sad and disquieted, to-morrow at
night I will be back home, so there is no need to explain to her now. The
stubborn rings changed to nothing after one minute, and then they were
followed by another phone call, also it was neglected, then no call.

    Jihnah surprised by the attendance of her mother once again. She
came to tell her that her father has been captured by so wicked and
dangerous group. "Jihnah li dari ma," Donella said in fairy's language,
"mia hadath li hen." "Daughter, I do not know what will happen with
him." Jihnah asked in astonishment using her mother language, "Ma ba
hen abah?" "What has happened with my father?" Donella's face became
white as a sheet, "Ani li dari, majeita mia rijol ateena weya khteela tia
siora." "I do not know what exactly has happened; some impersonal
group of men has taken him and escaped by two cars." At that present
Jihnah's anxious temper rose to the uppermost level, she could not
control herself, but the only thing she could do, was to lull her mother's
heart by assuring her that everything will be okay soon, also she asked
her mom to pursue them wherever they go, to know his place. Donella
was so worry that her husband might be hurt or murdered. "Jihnah hilaly
wiya tedia la zemana. Abak dab ba katella." "Jihnah hurry up, there is no
time, and I fear that he might be killed." Donella's voice became so
feeble and tears streamed down her face because of the fear she felt, he
is her beloved one, and she did not know what she would do if she lost
him. Jihnah could contain herself from weeping, and she quietened her
mother using all the words of mollification.

                              Chapter 19

   The weather was cool, the air conditioner freshened the ambience of
the car. Steve drives and next to him Mr. Henry sits, he is radioing the

others by the walkie-talkie. On the back seat Mr. John was laid. He
underwent of this situation being a captive, also he was very worry
about his paramour Ms. Julia, he overheard that she was burned with
the other agents in that huge explosion; John's information depended on
what Mr. Henry told his agents. John agonized of this situation, his
beloved was murdered and he was about to lose his life too. Everything I
lost my ex-wife, life, my family, and soon my life. His inner world is
weeping blaming himself for everything he and Julia has confronted at
that hapless and fateful night. He felt as though he lost everything and
from that moment he considered himself dead. Even if he survived he is
nothing. The affliction drained him; he was not able of figuring out a
plan to escape from those wicked people, the calvary made of him alike
of that he dipped in an inextricable huge dragging-down oblivion. He lost
his self-control. The rumble of the car's engine is echoing in his ears the
words of demise, and turning into nothing. Totally disappointed John
was like that he left his fate to god's will, also the picture of no Julia is
agonizing him awfully, the only thing he did was weeping noiselessly.

    Mr. Isaac was not afraid of providing the boss of the tidings. But he
had no way other than radioing him, telling him of what has happened
with the three agents. Steve who was at the wheel said, "Sir, I think that
it had better to provide the boss of the tidings than to hide, because
there is no benefit of concealing." Mr. Henry think that so. Yeah there is
no benefit of keeping it back. Henry press on the talk, "Sir, Abraham."
said Henry. "What?" Henry's radio crackled. "Sir we left the place and
John is with us." Henry said. "That is great, so go ahead to the next
step," said Abraham, "Lamont is waiting for you at the appointed
location, do not tarry, understood?" Abraham's last words were strict
expressing of its speaker. At that present, Henry fell in indescribable
bewilderment. He looked at Steve, as though he was asking, what we
should do now? Steve looked anxious and afraid, waiting for Henry's
strength to be embodied into words of the tidings. "Told him sir, please
do not be that coward." Steve whispered. Henry nodded, "Sir Abraham,
Mark, Dario, and Cliff faced the same fate, and they are dead." Henry
heaved a sigh of relief. "Abraham's exasperation was unspeakable, he
started to damn him asking him how they perished, Henry told the boss
that they died because of the bomb that accidentally happened, as the
plan said. Abraham could imagine how stupid they are to lose three men
in such a simple mission of kidnapping. "Okay I will fix it," exhaled
Abraham, "and what about Julia?" impatiently he needed the answer. "I
think-" Henry was interrupted. "You think?" shouted Abraham, "ha you

think?" Henry contained himself, "Yes sir, but I am sure she died with
them chained in her bedroom." John's ears heard this conversation sadly
wherein grief tightly had taken hold of him.

    Suddenly Abraham's voice came asking, "Are you sure Henry no one
is pursuing you?" Henry found this question some kind of relief, because
they cut and run after the curious mob even congregated to behold what
has happened. "Of course," complacently replied Henry, "we had
disappeared before people gathered up, and we kept with eyes open if
any one is chasing us, relax sir, everything is okay." Abraham's coming
words were comforting too, "Henry I will fix it, you have to carry on and
forget about your friends' calamity. Okay?" When Henry tried to speak,
Abraham cut off. He blushed, and then looked up to Steve, and said,
"Speed up Steve, do not drive behind Matt, outrun his car and let him be
back of us." Actually Mark's car has been driven by Matt; they took this
car to let no chance might points the finger at them of all what
happened. Marcus was charged to stay out taking Henry's car with him.
Mr. Henry remembered to radio Marcus, his decision was belated taking
no notice what would happen afterward.

                              Chapter 20

      The genial weather inside the room affected on Bart's mood, he
stayed awake for long time. He could not overcome the fatigue, but he
gave in and drowned to sleep. The place was bright because Bart left the
light of his chamber turned on the thing that awakened Elend from the
unintended hibernation he was put up. He looked around, forgetting
what has occurred. Where am I?           Elend's consciousness slowly
reinstated, he astounded to find out himself chained with cords and laid
on an old-timeworn divan, and next to him a huge dark-skinned man
snoring reclined on his own bed. He is Bart, who the hell is he doing to
fetch me in here? Elend did not know that Bart has not brought off what
the boss charged, to stay and watch out carefully until they call him to
move to the next step, but it is obvious that Bart's success was not

   Surrounded by cords and by the walls of Bart's room, Elend's head
could figure out an idea of shaking off from this situation. His mind was
weak and his eyes are still swimming in the mist. Now he reminded what
occurred. He was trying to connect with Julia when Bart surprised him.
Oh Julia. Suddenly he rose. What is going with you Mistress right now? I

have to cut and run. I am sure Julia was put at risk. I must do my job.
He squinted at the huge man, he is alike be dead to the world. The
stupid Bart catnapped but this once he drowned in the deepest sleep
because of his tiredness. Elend make a little noise to be sure that his
antagonist is in deep slumber. Bart did not leash Elend with the divan by
mistake, and this mistake allowed to Elend to catch a person napping
and run away, and that what Elend has done when he retrieved the
strings of self-control, he sauntered on toes and escaped. When he got
out of the room he paced up to his chamber anxiously then he
unleashed his hands then he ascended to Alfred's room, took his cell
phone and without looking back he ran away from the whole place under
cover of night.

                                  * * *
    He did not smoke long since, as he remembered since they drank the
tea together. He was not pleasant but he wanted to smoke, his blood
needed nicotine. As he took out the cigarette from its box, his radio
crackled, it was the boss. "Yes sir." Mr. Henry replied. "Henry, listen
carefully to what I will speak to you. Radio the watchman who was
charged to look after there in the building. See if Marcus okay or not,
and ask him to provide you how things stand over there okay, as soon
as you finish, provide me of these current events." Abraham said. His
tone this time, was different, he sounded disquieted. Mr. Henry promised
the boss that he would do exactly what his majesty demanded. Steven
asked, "How did you forget to radio Marcus? We have been departed
since longtime again, I guess, over thirty minutes." Henry's divine told
him that something wrong is going on. A momentary pause passed, and
then Henry replied, "If we forgot to radio him why he did not do it?"
Steven was face-blanked. "I have no idea." Steve shrugged. However
Henry did not overcome the attraction of nicotine, he set light to it then
blow a great deal of smoke by which his face was blurred. "Marcus,
Marcus, do you hear me?" he pressed on the talker, questioned Mr.
Isaac, but unfortunately no answer. "Maybe he," Steve blurted, "left
aside the walkie-talkie and get out watching what the police and the fire-
fighting are doing." This suggestion seemed probable, but it left its
options open too, so they had to wait for him to answer them. "Marcus,
Marcus do you hear me?" repeatedly Mr. Isaac question but alas no

                              Chapter 21

    Unconsciously Frank stared at the back-seat through the rearview
mirror, where Jihnah sat. He speculated every tiny part of her
countenance, her honey eyes, she was brown-skinned, she reminded
him of the prospect of the sunset, he did not know why. She noticed his
strange gazes and knew the reason. Yeah girls know what is going inside
boys' mind without telling them, their anticipation is flawless and almost
proper, so she did not disregarded his gazing, on the contrary she
exchanged him the same looking, because she was honest and direct,
she did not want to be elusive, thus the reaction she did, giving Frank a
green card to carry on. In all likelihood Frank was keen on her, he
almost liked her, it might be her nature, she is always direct, she did not
hide or lie to him, her faith to take her father back, the qualities of her
character, all are pointing that she is strong and have a great strength,
so she was chosen for such charge to deal with human beings and
hazard in the world she did not even used to live in. Frank was absent-
minded while looking up to Jihnah, and when she smiled to him, she
reinstated him to reality, and he smiled back. The journey took long, he
spent it either thinking of the hazard he was about to do or to look at
Jihnah through out the rearview mirror and Shaeol was always humming
and murmuring sometimes folkloric song another time he damned the
highway in spite of its straight design.

    The more he looked at her face, the more he had to concentrate
about the whole situation being with her. Something impersonal is telling
him that both of them would be converged in one place, maybe not a
place, it might be feeling. Love! He did not exactly know what were
these feeling that he felt while looking at her, but he truly could not
deny that he was keen on her. What an eyes! What a face! What a hair
she has! Frank was fascinated by her, she turned him upside down, a
kind of chaos occurred inside of his inner world since he met her, maybe
love maybe not, or it was just an adoration. Frank believes in time. Yeah
time is the only answer for everything; he tried to be patient and yet he
was very-impatient boy.

    Nothing could distract him from his fantastic daydreams but only the
reality which he considered as a hard-hearted monster that freaks out
those who like to live in imaginary world. Yeah Frank disliked reality and
realistic world, the human problems and complicated issues hurt him
deeply. He trusted what mentioned in the holy writ and holy books, that
man was damned; that was proved in every piece on the earth, where
violence and bloodshed is everywhere, the physical forces and the

aggressive people filled the earth, he did not know why man is so
pugnacious and ready to kill and to destroy what god gifted him. He kept
by heart what he read; a quotation belonged to Christopher Marlowe
wherein he said, 'Where we are is Hell; and where Hell is must we ever
be…' Also when he recalls London's community and what history penned
down about London and live over there, the only thing he feels is panic
and fear, he feels that London and Europe and the life in the dark ages
was really terrifying. Nothing changed now in here, Frank thought. His
only shelter was imagination and fantasy, he always dip in his daydream
and reverie. Frank constantly build up stories inside his head and made
plots and ends, characters were ever good and no evil, maybe Babylon
city was what he sought, and what every faithful true man seeks. Also
love was different in the reality; it differs from the love that Frank
created in his imaginary world, fictional love in fictional world. Love was
hurt in human being's living. To love that means to give permission to
the one you love to hurt you without previous covenant. Is that the love
that God gave in our life? Or there is another thing which is the real love.
Verily Frank did not give heart before, nor he ever shared any girl the
feelings of love, was he the wrong person? I do not know, but I feel like
I truly like this fairy. Yeah she is queen and the king I will be if she
proves to me that she is a real queen. Nothing distracted Frank but only
the savage reality that is what happened when Shaeol stroked Frank's
shoulder, Frank's reaction was framed by a smirk. Happily Shaeol
shouted, "Hey Frank, it is the time to leave the car. You have to walk
straightforwardly. It is sheer darkness over there, but you have to obey
lest you are caught in the act by the USA troops. Be careful Frank."
Frank did not ask any question because Jihnah would guide him.
"Farewell fellah," Frank exclaimed, waving goodbye, "see you soon."
Shaeol waved back, again asked, "Be careful okay?" Frank nodded and
ran away. Stupid Shaeol, I will be safe between my fairy's hands. The
first word which Frank's lips voiced to Jihnah was "I miss you Ice
queen." Oh Jihnah missed him too.

    He had to follow her, Frank was alike blind, and he was truly blind,
he did not even see anything but only Jihnah's silhouette. He kept in
mind what she asked him. "Frank, do not look back, just follow me,
please do not have a look to any where but only follow my back." They
did not even discuss the meaning of the gazing they did along the
journey. Should we let ourselves go? Or let thing goes normally? That
what Frank thought, but he had to wait for the good time to reveal his
feelings to her. Oh the Sahara-road was fantastic; sand was alike that on

beach, he could not keep his feet, he was about to fall, it was like the
shifting-sand. Frank was following Ice queen, when a far-huge light
gleamed from the north. He could hear her voice, "Do not stop Frank,
get going." Frank's fear rose. What the hell is that light? The United
States' foot soldiers image leapt to his mind. He recalled Shaeol warning
word. "Do not worry they are friends." He recalled these words too. But I
am crossing the Iraqi lands illegally, so they will not be friends. He
panted to get to Jihnah; the latter is waiting for him under a tall palm.
She loves palm-tree, and hand's palm on which human beings' years of
age was penned down. Out of breath Frank reached the palm-tree, and
his voice was barely heard when he asked, "Hey are you an Olympic-
game runner or what?" She laughed, sardonically answered, "No I am a
ghost, plus did you forget what am I?" He noticed her wry tone, but he
disregarded it, he blurted out, "I am afraid." He barely could breathe.
"Do not think of fear please, so that we will fail. For dismay is but only
the disturber of self-control and one's strength. We get to the target,
look up to that hill." Frank apathetically looked, his look headed for what
she pointed out. The white-and-orange-jagged car was waiting for them.
Oh God, thank you. He did not count time; he had been running for 25
minutes before he got to that palm-tree. At last I am inside the Iraqi
Lands. They strolled to the target where the taxicab's driver waited for
them. He is smoking, concerned about Frank who survived from the USA
army light.

    "Why you do not speak to me?" Frank asked Jihnah the latter who
walked on air because they got to the Iraqi lands. Frank who is dying to
have a talk with Jihnah, to ask her about the exchanging looks, these
strange unknown contemplates. She knew what he is seeking, she
strode so that neglecting him. There was nothing identified in her mind,
but she felt that she likes Frank, therefore she chose him for this
mission. The time was faster than them, though she dreamt of bringing
her father back, living between them, to feel the sense of fatherhood
once again. A' Abha meta ba youm ehnaho ashiah siwaya? Jihnah
wished. Oh father when we can be together again? Why John had
forsaken them? No body of his family knew why? But they knew that he
has fallen in love with a female-human being. Jihnah's mother, Donella
were about to die from grief and affliction. The first month of Oberon's
departure was the black month of Donella's life. Oberon was John's
original-fairy name. Oberon was the second fairy who converted to
humanity from the fairy's world, so as soon as the temple of Babylon
provided of his departure, they proclaimed that there should be some

one to take him back. The first fairy that preceded Oberon was taken
back successfully by his sole son Nidhogg, the latter became renowned
for this holy occasion. Jihnah has been chosen to bring Oberon back, but
she does not want to be famous or well-known among the fairy's
community, on the contrary she does not want that but she seeks his
father. She still remembers how she stood before the God of Babylon
undertaking to bring Oberon back and to do what she was charged for
exactly. The God was on his throne, two shorter servants stood by his
left and right. There were also the council men; those who were chosen
from the God of the Babylon's temple to govern the local district, at her
back sat the public mobs that were concern for Oberon's family. The
sight was really reminding her of the one-family. All people are aiding
her and her family. She could remember when they sealed her on the
forehead providing her with the quality of human shape, the Babylonian
Sibyl stood before her directly. She spelled her by old incantation usually
she used in such matters then she gave her a goblet filled of fragranced-
smell liquid, then she asked her to douse it on her visage. Jihnah did it
without hesitation, she was in serious situation that cannot welsh or let
her family down. The God of temple was on her left hand when the Sibyl
finally finished hoping her incantation to bear fruit, thereafter, Jihnah
turned toward the head of the meeting, and knee down. "Please slow
down," Frank accosted, "let me talk to you face-to-face." She span, "Hey
look up into Shaeol." Jihnah smiled in spite of distracting her from her
dreamlike recalling. Verily five yards was the distance between Shaeol
and them. After brief moments, a hail of welcoming words the driver
uttered when Frank made headway.

                               Chapter 22

    Frank had a double complicated sense, he was sad because he had
not a time to talk with Jihnah while crossing the way to the inside of
Iraq, and he was joyous because he finally dropped in this country.
Shaeol told Frank that the situation in here was different, because along
the way to Baghdad, the highway is full of land-rover and robbers, so
they had to speed up along this distance until they enter Baghdad's
perimeter. The fear made Frank's heart tingle. Any time now, maybe we
are being laid into by thieves. This idea looked unfavorable to Frank's
mind. He nodded, leaning his body got close to Shaeol to see the
speedometer. He was astonished to see the speedometer's pointing on
170 MPH _ mile per hour. What the hell Shaeol is doing? He has never
ridden a car of 160-speed driven and yet he did not sense this huge

speed, yeah of course he would not feel the rumble of the car's engine;
the car was a Chevrolet of the high-end generation.

    Frank's tension rose being involved now, robbery, terrorists, and land
rover, his life was put at risk. He might be killed or savagely attacked
any time. His envisioning mind started to create a vision of being
assailed and pilfered by street rovers. These visions looked so violent
and unbearable especially he suffered of the temperament, and these
images were piquing him. So he began to talk with Shaeol again, some
times asking him about the option of his Chevrolet car, another time he
interested himself in non-serious conversations, what ever they were.
This situation distracted Frank from thinking about his own deep
emotions, he unintentionally forgot about Jihnah. Yeah risking life and
limb is not a usual deed, especially when man does not know whereto he
is going. For Frank fairies and their society were utterly impersonal and
unknown, and he himself considered all these things about fairies and
the tales that concern their lifestyle and way of living were just a fantasy
and kind of inexistent creature like the phoenix and ghoul.

    In spite of Frank inconstant situation, he tried to understate his own
condition, hiding his fears behind the wall of self-containing. Shaeol is
talking with him and carefully driving because of the high speed.
Frequently Frank inquired after their attitude if they were assailed by
robber, but unnoticeably trying not to raise Shaeol attention about the
dismay he felt. Shaeol laughed and mocked him, he knew that Frank was
afraid, and yet he assured him that even if they were attacked they
would not be harmed. "They will only pilfer your money and mine and if
they were greedy they will take up their weapon threatening us then to
appropriate the car." Shaeol said. Frank envisioned this image,
impossible, even if they would not be harmed, he would be terrified.
"And would you" questioned Frank, "easily give in and leave your car?"
Shaeol unconcernedly nodded, then blurted, "Is there any other
possibility to avoid them and survive? But to give them what they ask
for." He laughed then, demanded Frank to drop the subject, but Frank's
serial images was inexhaustible and unfailing. He wanted to escape from
his awful imagination, thus he leaned toward Shaeol, "When you will be
in Baghdad?" Frank asked. Shaeol looked at the dashboard beneath the
Air conditioner control panel, and then he answered, "By the dawn we
will be in Baghdad." There is a long period unto that time. Frank
thought. Suddenly he found himself looking up into the rearview mirror,
to see again a smiling innocent ghost, this smile if referred to one thing,

it would be a hope. Frank I need you, we are on the verge of the end.
Please stay and have faith to do it.

   Jihnah was questioning herself for what he was thinking about her
smile. I hope he does not misunderstand my smiles. Though I like him,
for that I chose him, I feel like he is not like other from his race. He is
kind-hearted, simple, gracious, and well-behaved. Of course if any one
heard her self-conversing, would say that the person she was talking
about is angel like or absolutely angel if not like. She reddened and she
felt the heat invading her when she thought of the idea of being loved.
Yeah girls are specific in such issues; they have the ability to distinguish
the man who loves them from the man who fools them. They are
judicious in such matters, where their divine rarely mislead them. He
likes me, I am sure, but what if he falls in love with me? It will be a
compound matter. I came to take my father back to face a man who
wants me to be his paramour. Jihnah was very innocent creature, her
friends and her sisters knew that very well. She tried to disregard her
inner feelings, about love, affection, and being with a man who loves
her. She lack the insight to know her deep world. Why she chose him
from millions of men? She kept watching him out for so long time and
finally she decided to meet him face-to-face and have a talk with him.
Frank, who can deny him? Jihnah's thought. But she is not a stalwart
fairy; she is temperamental one the thing that brought her on to be a
timeserver, wherein she could not stop him and could not agree with
him, in principles, stopping him and agreeing with him is against her
point of view. Oh why I am posed in such an intricate position that
makes me bound, unable to fix my problem? This case does not
inactivate the way of thinking but only the strong emotional side. It is
nothing but only love, the thing that dominates human beings and
everything possesses a pulsating heart. However Jihnah had no way but
to ignore Frank's non-stop appealing, and yet she was sure that this way
was a problematic one, disregarding him would irritate him, he would
not stop, but on the contrary he would not lessen his continuous
importuner attempts to discuss this point. She knew him by heart; he is
very badgering boy who does not stop until he carries out his goals. It
was not a bad disposition as she considered, but an annoying and
childish one. He liked to be like a child inside his deepest world, so by
protecting this sense inside of him from any external attack, like
criticizing and mocking and making jokes of everything, he could be that
child who never forgot his innocence, the things that affected positively
on his life; things that he saw were different than people's points of view

and anything sounded different, life, work, study, dealing with people,
death, life, friendship, marriage and so on. Sometimes his friends tired to
find fault with that, nitpicking his way of thinking and his way of living,
but the only reaction that he did, is disregarding them and their advice.
Jihnah was the same but secretly, she disliked being like matures and
intellectual people, she unnoticeably tried to keep the innocence of
childhood in her nature, and yeah one day her mature friend told her,
when they were strolling beside the river. "Jihnah," seriously Lorrella
said, "what ever happened try to keep your innocent childhood, exactly
like children." Jihnah still remember these words as though they are
uttered in this present. She missed Lorrella and strolling by Euphrates'
bank in the evening watching how romantic the sunset was. Jihnah
adopted Lorrella's suggestion to know later that she was child-like but
she was unconsciously ignoring this certainty.

                               Chapter 23

   Suddenly Frank heaved into Jihnah's view distracting the series of
images that crossed Jihnah's world of imagination. Recalling him incurred
her to have a look, so she looked forwardly. He was asleep. He spent a
long night of thinking about sudden and mysterious things. I am in
sympathy with him, have a peaceful night dear Frank. She found herself
whispering his name from the heart not from the mouth. She felt that his
name affected in her heart when she voiced it. No vocal strings moved
but her live veins. Her sentiment quivered when she started to think
about that concept, the concept of being loved and giving love, the
notion of sharing a person, to be more specific, to share a man the
feeling of love. Her impression was strange; really she profoundly could
feel her whole sentiment shuddering. But what I have to do? If I accept
him that means that I have to convert to human being. She imagined
herself leaving her family and her race behind and going with a man of
mankind, to carry on the life together. Just envisioning such an idea
turned her stomach.

   Over and over again the series of images of being with a human
being is sickening her physically and spiritually. Frank became like a
horrible obsession or otherwise he became the bittersweet. Jihnah was
happy to feel that someone loves her, thinking of him as a boyfriend
pleased her, but when she comes to the point that he is a human being,
here is the problem. She never ever imagined she would live with a
human being or became a human being. She, who came from Babylon to

take her father back, would fall in the selfsame problem. She knew that
if she did it, her mother would be insane and turn to a crazy one. What
about her sisters and her friends, those who she missed them so much.
They would turn to nothing if she agreed to go with him. She had a
headache due to the pressure of the unbearable images. Frank, yes
Frank is the man that I choose, to complete the way with me. Jihnah
thought. Is not he simple and handsome? He, who left everything behind
and carried on with me, put his life at risk for me and for my father. It
was like good angel and evil angel who were driving her thoughts, like a
dispute between God and Satan. But what is the side of evil and what is
the side of good? For Jihnah, both of them had a double voice and she
was the one who had to choose. It is my choice. Disappointedly she
uttered it. Though I say so myself, there is no choice, yeah I have no

   The situation in Babylon was different than in the world. Where quality
and justice was framed to be impenetrable, cannot be misused or
abused. The law was above all. Fairies whatever they were, female or
male, they have the same rights, and every one has the right that the
law claimed thereby no one gainsays the law. There was a directive from
the godhead of Babylon to release the justice. Babylonian fairies enjoyed
the prosperity of justice and equality. Yeah premarital relationships were
not forbidden; neither the family nor the religion restrained the
generations. Girls and boys were allowed to make relationships, like
friendship, love, and open-relationship, wherein girls were free to love
and make love with their boyfriends and boy likewise. Women were not
defamed because of that kind of relationships. The fairies of Babylon
were alike angels, did not know what was the evil or villainy and yet
there was a powerful law that all of them respect. They were advanced
and civilized creatures that mankind cannot recognize. The bad things
that fairies might do were really can be numbered on the fingers of two
hands. They are angels like; they have the qualities of human beings
and the spirits of angels, their demeanor and their way of thinking is
alike that of human-being, the dark side was not born with them. The
superior thing was the doctrine of Babylon which never tried to sicken its
community by the disfigured theories of female's purity that posed in her
virginity. The whole community was free to do everything bounded by
law. Women were prominently sanctified by the whole society, and they
were never mistreated, the thing that the world of human being miss.

                              Chapter 24

     The three-dark-colored GMC cars were driven one after another.
Joe's was in the third one, or in the back. He had the simplest spirit
between his companions. He was the wrong person in the wrong place
and in the wrong team. When Abraham's company announced for new
occupations, his application was the best, so he was accepted to work in
the field of communications. His job was to dispatch and receive the
economic letters, e-mail, and faxes, not to kidnap or to kill. He has been
working for a year when he was charged with others to do this mission.
The truth should be told; at first Joe was happy to share others in this
charge, but something unexpected has happened with him, he himself
did not know wherefrom the good-guiding voice has come, or who was
awakened his hoodwinked mind. He did not know that it was his
righteous conscience's voice. He recalled what he blurted; I am going to
capture a wanted man. Joe realized the truth, why should he do it while
there is a law in the country? He recognized that Abraham was going to
do an illegal deed that poses Abraham and his employees under the
penalty. The Syrian law for sure would judge them for that wicked deed.
He recalled wherefore he was working. Joe betrothed the girl who he
loved in his lifetime in the college. Her name was Mary, a beautiful
simple girl who studied French language and now she is working in the
field of translation. He vowed to marry her after getting a proper job that
returns them good money; thereby they can pay the cost of wedding
and furnishing their small apartment that Joe has inherited from his
father. They _ Joe and Mary _ lived in harmony along with their simple
life. They never complained or damned their way of living, but all the
times they thanked God who put them together and when they farewell,
their last words was the praising god for being in love with each other.

    His eyes blurred when tears began to drift. He was recalling the day
when he called her telling Mary that he was applied for the job in the
Cement Company of Abraham. Mary's voice was barely heard, when we
cry we hardly express our real feelings, and Mary was likewise. Joe could
not imagine that Mary was happy just because of such news, and what a
news! He got a job with great salary that helps them to be together in
the same house, sleeping in the same bed. At the first moment she
started to cry while he was asking her, "Mary, Mary, where are you?" Joe
repeatedly whispered, asking her. But Mary could not hide her
happiness, that finally and soon they will be together. She loves him,
and loves him more than anything in this world. She was too kind and
simple, Joe loves her so. This great news suffocated her, so she was

unable to talk back, he finally could hark her tears, and what men can do
before a weeping girl, either crying or downfall to their childhood. Joe's
reaction was sharing her weeping and they wept together, celebrating
their success.

    He could dry his salty tears, and thanked God that no one from his
mates saw him in such a strange situation, so they would make another
mock. But what worried him so much, that Mary did not know about this
charge, and their wedding date after month and half month. Shall I see
her again? Joe questioned himself. Now they have finished of furnishing
their small warm house, and both of them were ready to be handsome
father and tender mother, giving birth to child, and have a beautiful life.
Joe did not know the reason of these serial-emotional memories. His
conscience has been awakened, yeah but what should he do? To carry
on or to go back, the hesitation was he, and he did not decide whether
give in or to obey the boss. Giving in, that means that he would be fired
from the job. I will not stop; I will not let down my boss. Joe reclined his
back on the seat's back, contemplating how he should escape from this
dangerous mission remaining himself in his job of communication in the
same time. A hard attitude, this was the thing which he knew, how to
manage it was the thing that he did not know.

                               Chapter 25

    He astonished how despair invaded his soul. Yeah Abraham was sad
because his son Alfred became forever orphaned, his mother died,
specifically she was killed. Abraham with half-opened eyes looked upon
his sleeping son. He wished to know what Alfred was dreaming. Dream
of his mother's lap? His tender mother that I stayed him away from her,
alas Alfred, to-night your mother was murdered. He did not know really
if he was repenting or if he was sad about his alone son. It is stunning
thing that Abraham had married Julia after a great love; they loved each
other, and walked against the stream disagreed their families' point of
view about one another. Julia's mother said no for Abraham under the
pretext of his aging, she saw him old in comparing with her daughter
Julia. But finally Julia could prevail upon her family and married him.
When Julia's father died she inherited a great deal of cash and lots of
estates inside and outside the city, in addition she inherited a well-know
casino in France that returns her over 75 000 USD per annum as a net
profit. Abraham was an employee in a big cement company belongs to
the government. After the death of Julia's father, especially when she

inherited the estates and the French casino, Abraham thought of retiring
to recommence from his wife's money, thus he established a company
concerned in importing cement and cement high-end mixers. A few
years after this establishment, Abraham's company grew up to be one of
the biggest companies in the middle-east, wherein his trade became
wilder and more specific and he had his relationships with important
position in the government. His ambitions were to overpower all the local
foundation in the country and in the neighbour counties, so his trade
stretched over the Asian countries and his money's balance grew up in
the short run. It is known that when Arabic man became wealthy, he for
sure will forget his house and his wife and look to improve his fortune
paying no attention about his family, moreover, he will spend his time
with harlots and something like that. Julia at first she was on his side,
stood by his side sustained him whatever he asked. Subsequently she
got angry of him when he started to stay away from her and from the
house. The problems grew into wars between them, arguing each other
for futile matters or for important ones, and every once their fighting
was a kind of fuss, until they came down to an unbearable situation,
between this bad situation and their wedding was less than ten years of

    Alfred drowned in dreams. But what are those kinds of dreams?
Were they peaceful dreams or chaotic ones? No one knows even his
father, Mr. Ghani who was looking upon his wan-faced son. Alfred got
everything he wanted, and yet he was sad, because he stayed away
from the tenderness of his mother. Abraham felt the feelings of regret.
Why I ordered them to kill her? What kind of monster possesses me? I
am sorry Alfred, I am sorry Julia. I was out of my mind when I charged
them to kill her; it might be the call of Henry telling me about his ex-
husband's passport the reason of my insane orders. Abrahams felt of the
compunction in the wrong time, he asked for forgiveness, what that
would return to him or to Alfred or to Julia? Alack, what a nightmare is
this night? I lost her and brought on Alfred's sadness, and three of my
employees died off. He pulled off the road, stopped to think of what he
has done this night. It was like a nightmare, incredible dark nightmare,
that truly he sickened him and made of him a real compunctious man.
Weeping tears was that proof, and he thanked God that Alfred did not
see his father in such miserable state.

    No light inside the car, it was totally dimming. Outside was the
selfsame wherein the highway at that late of the night was rarely

gleamed by the head-light of the cars which passing by, making the
whole condition looks mysterious. Mr. Abraham's mind exemplified it like
something was previously disturbing him. From time to time, passing
cars came and radiated the place, while when there was no car, the
whole place overcome by darkness. When there is darkness, there are
hidden things, and there is cryptic and mysterious certainty. He felt like
truth and untruth was giving battle with each other, but darkness got
over light. Abraham unconsciously was contemplating the passing light
of the high-speed vehicles that crossed the highway. Actually these cars
which passed by Abraham's car side were quaking the car smoothly.
Abraham felt like it was the voice of truth, the voice of goodness, and
the voice of God shaking him to wake up from his nightmare and to pull
back. The light was his pure side but this side was not strong, because it
was overbore by the evil side, or by Abraham's deep hatred. His both
sides were colliding but unfortunately the evil side won hands down,
yeah honourably it was evil-slide victory. But truly when he ordered to
kill Julia he was not aware of what he was doing. Why I have murdered
her? Why? I had better to interrogate that John than to kill Julia and
then capturing him. Suddenly Abrahams eyed the LCD-screen, which was
divided into three parts to show him what was going on in those
aforesaid-GMC cars of Superban Generation. The screen which was
transmitting the live-event of car number three, which was occupied by
Stephen, Lee, Paul, and Joe. Something strange was going on. He
switched on the radio receiver to listen in what they were talking.
Someone wanted to get off the car!

                                *   *    *

    Before Abraham's mind processed the scene, a man's voice came
through the radio. It was Lamont the head of the second group. "Sir,
Abraham, we have got the appointed location and we are waiting for Mr.
Henry to come and then to go ahead." Lamont said. Abraham's replying
was, "Okay." He stopped for a brief moment, and then started to order
again. "Be careful Lamont that no one is in pursuit of Henry. Understood
Lamont?" Lamont assured his boss of the wild-open eyes of him and
other agents that companioning him. Lamont did not dare to ask his
boss if he still driving in the highway, whether he crossed Homs city or
he did not reach it yet, but he kept silent and wished the good health for
Abraham and his majesty. In fact Lamont sudden-radioing distracted
Abraham from asking for what was happening in the third car where Joe
took a seat.

     His mind over and over again recalled Julia being murdered. The
serial images did not leave Abraham behind or let him rest. What was
going with him along previously? He hibernated in the car among this
dark ambience so long. What the hell am I doing in here? Henry I have
to ask him to inquire what is happened after they had left. "Yes sir,"
Henry answered, "I have been continuously radioing Marcus for half an
hour, but it seems that he laid the radio in his own watch-room, and got
outside to lay eyes on what happened." Fearfully Henry answered, as if
he who mistook. Abraham's divine was telling him that something wrong
was going thence. And he truly got to be angry. Henry felt Abraham's
beginning of vexation, but he let no words go. Then a storm of anger
has been raised. Abraham hysterically shout and curse Henry and his ill-
management. The weak and meek Henry could not reply, but he was the
listener one. And what he had to say, he is not that pro-assassin. He is
an official manager of the export office. But he had nothing to say but
only lulling-word, of course not until the disappearance of the raging
storms. Abraham asked him to keep radioing and then report what has
happened as soon as he gets to Marcus. At last he left, that was
followed by heaving a sigh of relief. Steve who was driving felt that this
night would be his last-free night.

                              Chapter 26

    Elend ran off unobtrusively. He lurked under the cover of night; his
loyalty to his mistress was undaunted. He did not calm down until he
stayed out of Abraham's villa. Without fear now he can call his mistress
and be not weary if someone is eavesdropping or not. Catch me if you
can. Elend sneered. First and foremost, he had to know why his mistress
neglected the phone calls, but the suspicions were verified after he has
been laid into by Bart. He stood still anxious about her. He turned his
head left and right as though he was still afraid of being chased. Let me
see, this is her cell phone's number. Placidly he pressed on her name.
Elend called Julia's number up, knowing nothing in which attitude she
was, asleep, driving car, watching TV, or maybe is taking a bead on two-
faced custodian. Elend's call was a preliminary to unexpected serial
actions, so he was the expediter of Julia's plans and the one who would
carry out the plan with her to the end. As Julia's mobile phone rang
Marcus spun to see the rifle barrel of Julia's machine gun. "Keep silent,"
seriously whispered Julia, "do not say a word."

    Julia's threaten-toned words evened with Henry's continuous inquire,
asking Marcus to answer. Marcus, are you there? In fact Marcus as what
Henry presumed, he was out, having a look on what has happened and
what the police officers were doing. After a while Marcus came down to
the underlying parking taking with him the walkie-talkie that he laid off
in his appoint-watch room. The park was not filled with police officers
yet, thereby he can freely talk with Henry. Marcus went to the vehicle
that was driven by Mark's group; therein no one would notice him. Julia
who descended from the fire escape _ back stairs _, got up to the park,
preparing herself to leave the place asking for help that she did not even
know what kind of help would be. Julia who was editing her mobile
phone's settings, she saw the new-appointed janitor going ahead toward
outlandish-strange car parked in the dead end of the park.

    Julia knew him and from the vary beginning she had a skeptical
thoughts about this man, who served as a janitor for the building. Why
Marcus ran and got into that car? Julia startled. And what the hell is that
car? I did not see it in here before! He got on the car and did not get off.
A crazy idea crossed her mind. She strode to the hallway of the park
making a noise to pay attention and swiftly mantled herself behind her
H2 SUV Hummer, the white titanic car she lay in ambush. Marcus as
supposed easily he has been tricked, for he did not used on a ploys like
that, he ran out with panic-stricken heart and left the radio inside the
car. It was the panic station, but when the outside state asserted him
that there is nothing calling forth fear, he returned to explain to his Mr.
Henry the reason of his non-replying. Then and there, he was startled to
see himself under the gun. Eyes wild and yellow-faced Marcus was. He
had nothing to do but to obey the order of the weapon's holder, Julia
and who else? She ordered him to get off the car, surely after lying off
the walkie-talkie inside. He did exactly what she asked. "On your knees,"
hard-heartedly Julia ordered, "raise up your hand," and then mercilessly
asked him to go ahead, toward the wall, "hands against the wall." This
was the last order. She verged on Marcus's waist to check up if he is
armed or clean. Marcus' mind was empty of any thought, he knew in-
depth that he would not be killed. She needs me, she will not hurt me,
and I will not let her down. God damn you Abraham and damn your
wicked purposes. Those are the employees of no faith or principles,
working for a false case. However forcefully Marcus has been taken to
Julia's Hummer car, where he has been tied, after that Julia came back
to Mark's car appropriating the walkie-talkie. Now the battle and its key
word are in her hand and Abraham has to turn about new-born enemy.

    From the first ring this time, she answered the thing that ensued
Marcus quick capturing. In fact the sudden rings of Julia's mobile phone
was the reason of Marcus' turning himself back to find a female
ambusher in the back seat who ordered him as aforesaid events, to be
motionless and deaf mute. Surely Marcus would be speechless even
without these orders to see Julia and her medium-machine gun before
the surface of his face. "Hello," containing herself, "Elend, where are
you?" Just to hear her voice, the loyal Elend relieved. "Julia I am in
Damascus," but Elend intended to be more assured, "are you okay Ms.
Julia?" he asked with obvious concerning tone. "I am okay; I will call you
soon, okay? Stay up." Line has been disconnected.

    The general situation upward was not easy to be maneuvered for
escape. There were lots of police officers and fire-fighting men with
some official detectives. So it was difficult to get out of the park. She
intended to ask the dissembled building's janitor. "How many official
men are outside?" Marcus has been stuck to the seat's hands, hands tied
by stickers also his body from the chest has been stuck to the seat's
back, but Julia did not gag him. He had to answer her so that she would
not kill him or at least hit him by the gun, metal-to-flesh. "Three police
cars," fearfully Marcus replied, "one ambulance and two fire engines."
Yeah there were lots of engines, and official and unofficial people. A
number of police officers came down to the park as soon as they got off
from their police cars, but when they found nothing they turned back to
their leaders to have new orders. There were five cars, one car was
outlandish one, it was Mark's car, and this car rose Julia's attention when
she saw the watchman getting on it. Oh it is hard to appear now before
the official agents, I do not want them to know about John's case now.
Julia thought. "Can you remember how many man attended up there?"
Julia asked. Marcus' memory started to work again after the sharp bang
of loss. He was not sure of the number, but as he beheld when he was
there, a lot of official men. "I do not exactly know the number but I
guess over twenty men, in addition to the official men there are lots of
curious people who gathered to watch the work of the fighting-fire men
and police officers." He paused for a brief moment then he asked Julia,
"Did you really shot Mark?" Julia was not afraid of confess, so she
carelessly nodded, and added a threatening words, that she might kill
him if he tried to escape or to mislead her. She asked him if he know
whereto John being taken, unfortunately Marcus did not know where he
was taken. In the interim, Henry's voice was heard throughout the

walkie-talkie by which Marcus was fallen into the trap. She got boring
from lying to her. She hit him by the gun, shouting, "You are a liar."
Blood streamed down his face and quickly he was bruised, and his skin
discoloured. Verily Julia terrified to see such a face stained with blood
and she did not believe that she turned to a savage woman. Her
intellectual side whispered to her mind. Oh what I am doing? Slow down
Julia slow down, you have to think and figure out a proper plan to take
back your John. Julia had a kind of insight and she calmed down to take
advantage of such a precious trait, wherein violence was out of her
character. She looked upon the walkie-talkie. Now I will show Abraham
that I am not that kind who easily giving in. She gripped the walkie-
talkie, and moved it to Marcus' mouth. Henry was still questioning.
"Marcus, are you there?"

                                *   *    *

    Quietly a woman's voice has been heard. Mr. Henry startled. Who the
hell is she? He turned to Steve, and then asked him if he noticed any
thing wrong. Steve nodded and said, "Yeah I heard a woman's voice."
Quickly Henry asked, "What do you think is she?" Steve bantered with
mocking tone, "Maybe she is Marcus' girlfriend." But Henry's eyes froze,
as though he was thinking of this sudden answer, or maybe he was
reminding himself asking. When I heard this voice before? Julia! He
gaped at this astonishing discovery. "Steve," whispered Mr. Isaac, "she is
Julia who radioed us." Steve also astounded for such news and when he
launched to ask Henry the way he knew her, instantly he recalled that
Henry has been eavesdrop and watching her with her ex-husband since
two months. Before these two smart-startled agents thought of the way
they had to speak to her, Julia's voice was heard once again.

    "Marcus cannot talk," seriously but calmly said Julia, "if you have any
question, ask me." Henry silenced for a momentary pause. He had to ask
her what she has done with Marcus. Henry dealt with others as though
his children or brothers, he could not be careless, he considered Marcus
and others as if his son since they began the job in Abraham's co. Now it
is shameful to disregard their fate. At least he was going to know if
Marcus okay or not, he considered himself responsible for all what
happened and what would happen next, especially considering the
agents that got involved in his group. Mr. Isaac was somehow adept of
addressability and the way he had to talk with others. So his fist-spoken
words up to a point were detracting, wherein he displayed no tension or

anxious voice as well. "Julia if I am not wrong." Henry replied. "Oh yeah
how do you know me?" Julia mockingly answered. "However," said
Henry, "are you okay?" "Do you really concern about me?" Julia asked.
Henry was smarter than to answer her, but he moved to the next point.
"I think you have met Marcus," said Henry, "therefore you are using his
radio, have not you?" "Yeah He is okay but as I told you before he
cannot talk, and from now on, I am the one who you can talk with." Julia
could contain herself; she tried to be patient as much as she could. She
was going to ask him about her John, but she waited for until Henry
mention John's name. "I think you have tied Marcus, have not you?"
"Exactly," answered Julia, "and he will stay here with me until you
negotiate with me to untie him and give him back to you. I know that
you do not wish any of your agents to be hurt, but you who drove me to
kill that wicked one, who stayed and pumped the gas out to set fire in
my house. I will make you and Abraham pays through the nose, wait
and see." Abraham thought then said, "Julia, we can make a deal, listen
to me, I have no problem with you, I am only an obeyer, and I cannot
disagree my boss' orders." She thought of what he said, that they can
make a deal. But with whom? With a hired assassin? At first she lingered
thinking of the danger that might face her if she dealt with Henry. "Tell
me where are you?" asked Julia. Steve beckoned negatively then
whispered, "Do not tell her." Henry blurted, "Hey before telling you
where we are, tell me is Marcus okay?" Julia assured him that Marcus
was okay. John on the back-seat was listening to the conversation, his
tears of woe turned to tears of mirth. She is alive; she is trying to save
me, oh dear Julia, or dear love. "We are," said Henry, "on our way to
Baniyas, we passed Tartus city". In fact the highway to Lattakia city
passes by two cities, the first one Tartus then Baniyas and finally
Lattakia city. Immediately Julia thought of Abraham's new chalet in Ra’s
Shamrah or Ugarit the ancient town on the eastern coast of the
Mediterranean Sea, where the systems of Cuneiform script were
developed to inscribe Ugaritic, or the Semitic language. Lately provided
by Elend, Julia knew that Abraham bought that chalet, though she did
not trust Mr. Henry. Maybe he is tricking me to entrap me, is he saying
the truth? I shall see. Julia was not kind of suggestible, she hardly
influenced by other. As soon as she was lying into Marcus Elend
appeared, calling her. She still remembered what he said, mistress
where have you been all that time, I called you many times. Abraham
abruptly left the villa. He tried to tell me something important, Abraham
has left the villa at night. She called Elend up after she had asked Mr.
Henry to hold on. "Elend please answer me quickly, do you know

Abraham's destination to-night?" Julia hurriedly question. "Yeah I know,
he left going to Lattakia city taking Alfred with him-" Elend was about to
talk more, asking if she was thinking of something to be done. But she
disconnected, and Elend discovered that he was talking by himself. How
smart you are! You have taken Alfred with him, not to be under
suspicions. "Okay I am willing to negotiate, what are your conditions?"
Julia asked through the walkie-talkie. When Mr. Henry heard Julia's voice
once again he felt as though he divested from a heavy burden." Mr.
Henry's foremost precondition was to keep Marcus safe and then after
that condition everything would be possible. She knew his conditions, to
stay Marcus away from being misused. Julia gave her consent to that
condition; she would not capitulate, she would fight until she got to her
sole aim, taking her John back.

                               Chapter 27

    The tables were empty except two; one was occupied by three men
who sounded like men of big deals and business, bargaining some trade
and they were drinking and laughing. The second table was busy too,
wherein a loyal simple soul having dinner. The place was partly dark and
overwhelmed by Italian songs, old and modern ones. From time to time
Elend squinted at the wild stretched VDT which was displaying a sporting
event. He did not like matches like that which concerned horserace, yeah
it was a derby, which lots of people like to watch. Elend looked absent-
minded or taking a mental nap, he was trying to relax and soothe his
disordered mind. Being a captive without any reason surely would make
of him so worry. How ever he interested eating by himself. No one
disturbed him excepting the voice of match's reporter. The thoroughfare
outside was barely crossed by cars and passer by too. The avenue where
the café located was famous; it was the corner of embassies and high-
rank community, and there Abraham's villa too. The time was too late;
Elend noticed this when he again looked up into the match, wherein
under the channel's logo, a digital watch pointing 2:44 A.M. Nothing
came to mind but only where he would sleep to-night. Oh what shall I
do? I am homeless, Elend thought; I had better to sojourn in a nearest
hotel than to wait forever. Elend finally paid the bill, and then he limped
ahead to the café's gate. He had to take a minicab and point toward his
target and place of psychosomatic relief.

    Over ten minutes of waiting, Elend still stood on his feet outside
trying to take a yellow cab, few cars crossed, all of them were not a

private hire car. He got boring of waiting until he finally saw a hulking
taxicab coming from the right byroad, he could notice it by its dazzling
and conspicuous glittering taxi-board on the top. Oh at last, Elend
inhaled, and when the taxi came closer, so Elend motioned, and the taxi
slowed down, the glass has been rolled down, the driver inside
welcomed. As Elend launched to get on the taxi, his phone cell rang,
instantly the engine's driver asked whereto? Elend knew it was Julia, the
only one who knew this number. "Wait" said Elend. The driver held on.
"Yes mistress," answered Elend, "I have being waiting for an hour." Her
reply sounded quiet compared with her hard situation. "Elend wherever
you are," said Julia, "immediately go to the airport, I enrolled your name
down in the flight to Lattakia city-" Elend interrupted, "Whereto? To
Lattakia city? Why? And why should I go on air-plane? Tell me my
mistress why by an airborne journey?" when she wanted to re-talk, he
started over to ask, "Ms. Julia why I should have move on to-night?"
Julia's answer was conclusive wherein she asked him to do what she said
word for word. "Elend, you will find that your name has been put down
on the flight-name list. There will be an employee who will hand you
your ticket to pass through. Okay? As soon as you arrive, call me back, I
am waiting for you. Bye." These were Julia's last heard words, Elend
understood but nothing. A number of serial questions began to be
displayed on the screen of his mind. There was only one distracter who
took care of such serial questions, who else, it was the annoying driver's

                              Chapter 28

    The thing that Frank did not believe, the way how he and his new-
beloved has become one, and how their union has exquisitely done.
Frank was happy to feel her between his arms. How soft and tender
Jihnah was! she melted into his body. He could not even breath while
kissing her mouth-to-mouth. He drained himself mentally and
emotionally while making love with her. But what puzzled him how she
overbore her principles, she as though broke everything she believed in.
Jihnah was intensely giving and taking kisses and every once Frank tried
to recognize what was going she drew him into her as if making him
forget what was before and what would be after that, only doing it,
caressing, embracing one another. How oddly she changed, from a girl
who was fighting for bringing her father back into a girl who is making
love with the selfsame race that appropriate her father. As much as
Jihnah went deep in giving kisses and caressing Frank, the latter was

doing as well. Frank dipped in the sea of her love; he felt the pulse of
Jihnah's heart, kept by heart the way she breathed and they way she
whispered to him to kiss her more and more, and clutching her deeper
into his chest. Frank himself did not believe they way he kissed her, he
thought that it is the first time he witnessed such a kissing. Is there such
a kissing like what we are doing? A question was lying into his mind.
Where am I? Did we get up to Baghdad or Babylon? Where am I? Frank
wondered. A bed, a sheets, a window hovered in his sight. But he did
not care at all; he was busy with the female fairy that she truly
fascinated him. He intended to ask his ice queen, where are they? But
the intense union turned him away from that inquiry. She hugged him
tightly to her chest as though a mother feared of losing her child, but
Frank with all that intense love wondered how they were doing such
things before even discussing their relationship, they did not pour out
emotions, feelings and the thoughts that they felt toward one another.
How could be? I am making love with my queen, but I did not remember
that we ever reveal our feelings, or even hinted that there is adoration to
one another. The answer has never been found. The only thing he
discovered that they were making love frankly without any restrain, their
buried desires came out and has been materialized by kissing and
embracing each other. There was an area that he dwelled in all the time,
it was as small-extended area, but on this area a millions of generation
grew up, Frank forgot himself in that place, it was the area between
Jihnah's breast. Over there he melted and forgot the eternity, space and
time. It was like a magical area that he has been spelled by. He did not
realize what he was doing over there, huge kisses; soft kisses, caressing
the between-breast area sometimes by his cheeks and by his mouth,
another times touching smoothly and tenderly by fingers. Jihnah from
time to time, and by her slobbering whispers she was drawing his
attention to her eyes, to make an eye-to-eye look, pouring out in that
look the eternity and the entity of their love. Honey-colored eyes and
chestnut-haired, with chocolate-skinned face, Jihnah looked like; he
scanned her visage inch-by-inch to keep it by heart, making an immortal
image of his paramour.

    Still startled and due to the incessant questions which made of Frank
like imbecile person who did not know what really happened. When he
verged on to see Jihnah's ear after they had got off the train, she was
but a shadow, a ghost. What is happening now? Jihnah now is
touchable; he can feel the warmth of her body, the softness of her skin
and the sweetness of the kisses and the attractive nut-brown areolas of

her breasts. Or maybe I was spelled by some mysterious incantations
when I have been brought in here to Babylon, so I can touch fairies and
feel them and see them! In spite of all these astonishing certainty Frank
was rapt being with his ice queen, Jihnah, the queen of fairy, the ghost
or the J-ghost. She lapped him making him dive into her mysterious
body unify within her spirit, two spirits then one spirit, from two to one
spirit, how magical and how perplexed is the feeling of love, of real love.
Did she enchant him? Did any one help her to hypnotize Frank to make
him forget everything about before-making-love conversation? He barely
could see her, his eyes have blurred and Jihnah looked like a hazy
silhouette with back-and-forth movement. The only thing Jihnah was
doing is poring at her counterpart, with eyes full of love and romantic
intentions. Some times he lied upon her, another time she did as well.
Frank was somehow in sitting position, suddenly, and due to her
unbearable caressing to his areola he unintentionally reclined to the air,
and then he fell back on the ground.

    Shaeol was shouting to the driver that forewent him wrongly so he
slammed on the brakes, that why Frank woke up and he startled what
happened. What the hell Shaeol is doing in here? Frank's level-
headedness could not figure out what occurred. He turned left and
rightward, he found himself in the taxicab crossing a wild boulevard full
of tall palms. At the beginning he did not understand where he is or
what is that place. Who is that man? Where am I? Frank astonished.
Suddenly an inaudible woman's voice saying: Good morn dear Frank,
you are in Baghdad and soon in Babylon. Frank turned back to see
Jihnah's warm smile. Shaeol thought that Frank was eyeing the place all
around. Oh what a stupid sweet dream! How imbecile I am! What
strange way of kissing, where am I? In the real world or in fantasy?
What is the reality and what is the fantasy? Frank wondered if he was
hallucinating or not? He did not get to the point yet, being with Jihnah in
the same bed was the dream or being in the taxicab was the dream?
Though Frank was still dominated by the odd effective vision he saw,
and yet he did not believe what happened, he who gets flushed when he
talks with girls was deep in kissing, he at last knew the reason of his
shameless kisses. It was a lustful vision.

                               Chapter 29

   As usual there was a traffic jam at the break of day in Baghdad.
Every one was going to her / his job. Taxicabs, cars, trucks, and buses

filled the streets and byways. What a big capital, Frank did not think that
Baghdad looked like that, but the thing that charmed him was the river
that crossed the city and the lots of huge bridges, the prospect that the
major Syrian cities lack. Over thirty minutes Frank still eyeing the
situation outside the taxi, he gazed at the people, the old-fashioned
shops which influenced by the oriental style, this sight reminded him of
folktale of Ali Baba, the famous poor woodcutter whose adventures with
the forty thieve has been recounted in the collection of stories known in
English as Arabian Nights. Frank felt as though he was a character of
that story. He became more relaxed when he started to see this country
and its people and building. It is Baghdad, the place that he wished to
visit, but this once was a dropping by and short-timed one. "So we are in
Baghdad," said Shaeol, "the place you demanded to get." Frank turned
to him and smiled, "Yeah it is the charming Baghdad," replied Frank,
"and now we have to continue to the next city that I asked you to take
me to." Shaeol asked Frank to pardon him because he wanted to do stop
to have a cup of tea and something to eat. Frank liked the idea, so both
of them got off and wheeled to a small store full of people. The place
was not tranquil at all, it was totally noise, some voices were too loud for
good purposes _ commercial _ other was a fuss. Her eyes were chasing
him, yeah she did not intended to follow him, she thought that maybe he
wanted to go alone with Shaeol and do something away from her
observance. Jihnah was no more relaxed but she was somehow
confused. The zero hour was about to strike. After less than an hour
they have to be in Babylon. That was not in control, Jihnah's father has
been captured, all her plans failed, she thought that she and Frank can
reach him in his house away from farmed-watchmen and cameras. A
born-again difficulty waited for the challenge that either Oberon be taken
back or be not. The taxicab's doors slammed incurring a thud, this sound
reinstated Jihnah, who found that Frank was poring at her as usual
through out the rearview mirror. Shaeol never ever noticed such gazes,
and Jihnah smiled then Frank smiled back. Frank intended to surprise his
peer, by putting on his head a white fabric veil for males, this white veil
has been adorned by red squares wholly on it. It was the selfsame fabric
vesture that the male nomadic wear on their heads. While Jihnah was
deep in thoughts, Frank after he had had his breakfast he got out to a
shop concerned the traditional and folkloric garments. Jihnah had
erupted by laughter after she saw Frank in such an extreme Arabic
appearance. Olive-eyed and light-skinned face veiled by an Arabic
nomadic vesture on the head, it was really a funny and grotesque look.
Shaeol waited to wear his cup of tea away and then he powered up the

vehicle's engine jovially bellowing, "Yahoo, let us go ahead to Babylon."
Frank unconsciously and happily had clapped hands after he heard
Shaeol's sudden yelling. The one who was not happy at all, was a female
fairy occupied the back seat stunned to see such drunk like men.

                              Chapter 30

    Joe's plea to get out was unintelligible, wherein as the three cars
pulled into the byway waiting for Mr. Henry to come, Joe asked the
leader, Mr. Lamont to get off the car going ahead to the cafeteria. Joe's
friends did not know why he got out, but as he told them, he went over
there to have something to eat and drink, but his intentions were not
like that. Joe thought of an intricate plan, in fact he wanted to send a
message to his fiancée Mary. He did not forget that there was a micro-
phone tied up to his tuxedo, the thing that prohibited him from ringing
her up. Joe was prudent and precautious, and when he got into the
place he hailed the employees and wheeled into the computers to use
internet, he logged in his e-mail, and send to Mary a brief words, yeah
as he thought, pressing on the keyboard's buttons maybe would raise
the leader's attention, so he play a song from the computer to
overwhelm the sound of typing words on the keyboard. Unfalteringly he
pressed on Send Button. The Message has been send successfully.
Quickly he stepped into the person who was responsible for the cash
desk; on the table beside the desk, there was a pen and small-size
notebook, carelessly Joe took the notebook and scrabble some words
then gently took back the notebook giving the paper to the accountant,
asking another in the same time to fetch him beers and box of
cigarettes. The bookkeeper took up the paper to read what it was
penned down; he stood dumbfound. What the hell he is asking me for?
And while the accountant still deep in thoughts, Joe took up a sum of
money to buy the man off. The bribe was the active medicine for all
things to carry on or to be accepted, black turns to white and false turns
to true when money talks. The man accepted the money Joe offered. 40
USD which even 2000 Syrian pounds, yeah it will help the accountant to
fix many problems he suffered. The man smiled as if assuring Joe that
he would do what he was asked for. Joe waited for the drinks' employee
to bring him beer and smoke. When the boy came holding Joe's demand,
Joe quickly took them then pay the bill, and cast his eyes over the
accountant as though he was saying: If you please do not let me down.
The accountant nodded his head and smiled. Joe saw a true honest man

in that man's eyes, he saw the saviour, so he confidently left knew that
this man surely would not fail him.

     When Joe closed to the car to open the door, a questioner asked, it
was Lamont; Joe feared that someone chased him and unveiled what
was secretly done. "Joe. What did you do in the inn?" Joe did not
hesitate and did not show his dismay. "I just bring something to drink
and to smoke." Answered Joe. "And he did not remember his friends so
he brings them nothing." Lee said. The other agents who have been
charged to comrade Joe in the same car, erupted by laughter, then Paul
sardonically said, "He is kind of miser, he does not pay a penny for his
friends if he knows that there is no benefit in return." Other agents from
the other car were listening in to this non-sense chatting, so they found
it is kind of fun, but they laughed down less Joe get angry. At times
Lamont words gave an end to the prattling that usually his team fell in.
"Guys listen to me, almost after ten minutes Mr. Henry will arrive
bringing with him the captive so be awake," when the agents, Joe within
them found Mr. Lamont Mayan talking seriously, all of them were ears,
listening to what he was going to say, "the captive's name is John-"
Mikhail who occupied the car number two, asked for repeating the
captive's name again so that he can know it. "It is John," slowly Lamont
uttered it, "when Mr. Henry came, you have to be all careful, John will
get on the car number three and John should sit between Joe and Lee,
Stephen the engine's driver should not stop when all of us power up and
go ahead, from time to time Paul must send reports to other agents and
mainly to me, understood?" All the agents nodded and said yes, after
that Mr. Mayan launched to talk again and more carefully this time,
"Every car has to hide John for thirty minutes of time, and when these
thirty minutes finish, the three cars should pull off the road and John has
to change his place going to the car number two and finally John has to
ride car number one which I ride, Okay?" "Okay" The agents replied. Joe
was content of what he has done, and he was sure that sooner or later
something good would happen. Mary, please do not fail me, John and
me and others' life depend on you, please, please. Joe smoked and
drank beer waiting for the first group to come. The smoke of Joe's
cigarette blended in with the moonlight which enlightening that night
and pledging of a happy end.

                               Chapter 31

    Finally his heart has chilled out. Abraham's heart got colder; he felt
that after he had received a signal from Mr. Henry who told him that
Julia was alive. Henry took a chance when Julia asked him to hold on; he
immediately radioed his boss and provided him with the new information
considering that this discovery would be a bad news. Mr. Henry could
sense the joy which Abraham felt when he heard his voice replying.
Good news, in fact I changed my mind, and I thought that Julia should
not be killed, okay leave her alone and do not hurt her, what I need is
John. And then Abraham intended to ask his main agent the way he
knew that Julia still alive. The answer came quickly, by telling the boss
that Marcus who was appointed to watch out the building working as a
custodian has been taken as a hostage by mistake and he was tied.
Abraham felt that the good news followed by bad ones, and his mood
truly disturbed. "And what are her conditions?" Abraham asked. "She
wants her husband, you know," answered Henry, "she said she will not
tie down Marcus until she gets her ex-husband." A momentary pause,
Henry was afraid to say that he wanted no more dead people, "Sir, I
have lost three men, please no more murders, I am accountable, I feel
guilty, so please solve it." Abraham listened carefully, "Okay, tell her that
you accepted the deal, and you are going to deliver her John," Abraham
said, "but go ahead to the second group and give them the captive, your
next mission is to call Julia and making a tryst, there in the appointed
place you and the other agents have to release Marcus doing no hurt to
Julia-" but Henry interrupted his boss, "How can I release Marcus
without injury or offending Julia?" "Hey do not bear the fool's head, web
any subterfuge and lay into her, unleash Marcus with the possibility of
no damage or injury, okay? Listen to me no damage." If there was a
person who did not want damage, he would be Mr. Henry Isaac, how
ever, Mr. Isaac assured his boss in following the orders exactly as he

    Abraham's reaction was late but dithyrambically his feelings has been
displayed, wherein as soon as he finished the conversation with Henry,
he leaned to kiss Alfred, his son compassionately, the latter woke up
knowing nothing wherefore his father kissing him an endless stream of
kissing, that what he felt, endless kisses. "Oh dear Alfred do I wake you
up?" Alfred nodded innocently. "I am sorry but you do not know how
much I love you, you do not know how much I am happy that you are
my son." The words that Abraham uttered, rarely were heard by Alfred
who was astonished to see his father kissing him without any reason, the
words, the phrases, the nods, and even Abraham's face all turned into

black, and Alfred turned with no more signs or hearing, words faded
away slowly, Abraham's became out of sight slowly too, and Alfred
stayed by himself as though he occupied the car alone in the darkness. I
need a simple true tenderness and compassion from true and peaceful
parents, where are you mama? Where are you Papa? You are in here
and not in here, I can see you, you can see me, I can talk to you, you
can talk to me, but none of us can feel one another, we are utterly
alone. Alfred dithyrambically thought. He has been waken up suddenly,
though he could control his thought and feelings, whatever happened
and whatever would happen, the boy would be no longer happy, in case
that he did not feel the feeling of being a son, a son of a man and a
woman, a son of a man. "Papa when we will get to the chalet? I am so
tired." Alfred asked Abraham who was deep in thought, Abraham was
thinking of his life, of his family, of being a man, a human, a damned
human. Money and the world of money corrupted human soul, yeah, and
corrupted that simple vile man, yeah when simple and vile be connected
to one another, they will bring forth a monster, a legendary creature
who becomes available in every where on this damned earth. I corrupted
everything; I stained everything I was built with shame and hatred, and
what I attained or what I obtained, truly nothing and nothing and
nothing, three men, three poor men died, and the number is
changeable, a divorced woman, a divorced man, a lonely child, a capture
and a tricks and ….. Abraham turned to look upon his son who slept
once again, O and I am now all alone, living by myself, ordering that
dismissing another tricking that and deceiving another- Abraham still
deep in thought while he was driving to Ugarit to his chalet, recalling a
painful remembrance from the long past sometimes, displaying another
shameful sight happened in the short run another time. This train of
thoughts was non-stopping one traveling into eternity searching for
salvation that helps every damned human being.

                              Chapter 32

   The white BMW car stopped suddenly then Matt got off, he directly
went ahead to the leader's car, where Henry and Steve were waiting for
him for assistance. Steve got off too and then stepped backward,
opened the left door to get John out. From the right side, Matt opened
the door and asked the captive to wake up and get ready to get off.
There was no panic in John's heart in case that Julia was still alive, he
heard her voice, the voice that enchanted him so long time before,
however, John obeyed them, he marched out ahead to the left door

where Steve was waiting for him. Along that operation Henry stepped
toward Lamont, the latter who welcomed him intensely, wishing the best
luck for the next step that Henry has been charged of. Yeah Abraham
has told Mr. Mayan that Henry would go back to manage Marcus' tying
down. Surely these two leaders conversed about this mission and this
hard night, sometimes exchanged jokes another time damned their
sleepy spirits, yeah they need to sleep after that eventful night. Henry
was bantering with Lamont when Steve and Matt brought John along.
"Okay take it, I have done now my mission to-night, best of luck." Henry
said. "Do not worry I am in for it." Mr. Mayan replied. This word-
exchange was followed by powering up the cars to take leave, every one
to his specific destination. John has been taken to car number three,
where Lee, Joe, Stephen, and Paul were waiting for him. The place was
noiseless and empty except these modern cars, which left not with a
bang but a whimper.

    As soon as the three GMC cars went ahead, Mr. Mayan recommenced
to give orders for this and that, the thing that caused ennui to the
agents who kept these orders by heart. Lamont knew that he was in the
point of no return and he had to carry out this mission flawlessly lest he
would be fired from the work, he was recalling other and himself, here
there are no mistakes. He knew the enormity of the work he was doing,
but he had no other way to evade. To reject the boss' orders that means
to starve and live in eternal poverty.

    Joe and Lee encircled John, the latter who squinted at them from
time to time not out of fear but a kind of sympathy, their faces were
pathetic, they looked weak, innocent and humanitarian though they
were doing a wicked and evil deeds. John prayed that God may help
them, and forgive them. What a man! Who pray for his enemy to be
forgiven? It was John, the born-again human, from a male fairy into a
male human then into an amazing human who pray for his enemies'
salvation. Is there such a man? Here is the question? Joe himself
thought of talking to this motionless and mute captive but the orders
obligated him to keep quiet. I hope Mary check her e-mail as soon as
possible so that I feel relief and comfort my conscience too, Joe thought,
how stupid I was, I was going to fire boasting of my experience that I
exerted in case of the boss' will, he ordered to train me and other too, to
bring forth men could use firearm for mission like this, but he will not
succeed, God please help Mary to do what I asked her to do. Amen. Joe

pored at his life stage once again, and determined that evil would no
longer exist in his life or in his deeds.

                               Chapter 33

    The music which was played in the room overwhelmed all other
sounds, it was the jazz style which filled the whole room with the
rhythmic beats of the drums followed by the harmony between the
saxophone and the magical piano, the vocal was singing lyrics
expressing the feeling of an old man living on the peak of a so-called
mountain which was called Ararat. In fact the listener was writing, she
was a twenty-and-six year old female, writing in her memo, her every-
day wonderful actions, the sad and the surprising ones. She was deep in
writing, when her cell phone rang. The phone has been laid on the
bedside drawer alone in the darkness. Mary was writing her fears in case
that she called her fiancé Joe for several times but his cellular was
turned off. There were only two luminosities in the chamber, the bedside
lamp and the screen of her laptop. Mary wondered who was ringing up
her mobile phone, she has known that he was not Joe or anyone of her
friends because she assigned a specific ring for everyone, but this ring
sound belongs to no body. Who is ringing me up late in the night? She
laid the pen and her memos on the bed and reclined to take hold of her
mobile phone, she was somehow far from it. A strange number! What
the hell is going on? Shall I answer? Finally Mary answered. She did not
know that this call would change her mind to forgive Joe who maddened
her. This call would turn her memos to be somehow unusual one this
day, it would be longer and eventful, she would realize that but not until
knowing wherefore they call her up late in the night. A man's voice came
so clear. "Someone gives me a piece of paper, your number has been
penned down the paper and a name-" said the man, but Mary accosted,
"What is that name and who are you?" The man answered, "Joe is that
name, and I am the one who has been asked to ask you what Joe asked
me to do." Mary asked impatiently, "What Joe asked you to do?" The
man said, "In the paper he said, 'ask the answerer quickly to check her
e-mail, it is a case of urgency' that what has been written in the paper."
Mary thanked the man, but before she left, she intended to ask him
about the one who delivered him that note; the man described it, his
depiction matched with Joe's disposition, his face, his size, his body, and
the way of talking. Line has been disconnected, that action has been
followed another action, yeah there is a reaction for every action.

   The bewildered girl did not know what was waiting for her in her e-
mail box, so she floundered toward her desk, where several books have
been laid beside her laptop. She directly connected with the wild world
web and then logged in her e-mail. It is true that Joe has sent her an e-
mail. The e-mail bore no subject. Mary's hand was trembling when she
opened it, after this embarrassment, eyes went wild. Mary, I am with
other friends who were obligated to do it. It is illegal wicked deed. Call
the police, we are driving three cars, the numberplates are Damascus
372522, Damascus 373205 and Damascus 375583. Our destination is
Lattakia city. Bye. Mary lost her sense for a while after she has read this
e-mail, her fiancé has been put at risk, and she must hastily call the
police to know that Joe and others are innocent and they were ordered
to do such a villainous deed. Mary quickly without any hesitation ran into
her index phone numbers, as she remember, there was typed the most
important numbers like police and ambulance, etc.

     Mary has called the police up late in the night, the police officer
asked her for information, surely she provided him with the
numberplates of the aforesaid cars, and the sort of these cars, and then
Mary inquired if she had to comrade the police while arresting, the police
officer assured that there is no importance of accompanying the police
but he asked her to give him a general information, like her second
name, and her parents' names, her address and her phone numbers,
Mary cooperated honestly with the police considering him the only
saviour of her fiancé and his friends. "Thank you Miss Mary for taking
the police into your confidence," said the officer, "we will call you as
soon as we get to him; please be quiet everything will be okay." She
hanged up and got back to recline on her bed, fear and dismay invaded
her heart, she was afraid of losing her fiancé, who was her everything in
life, her friend, her brother, her father, her guider and her love. God
save you Joe from evil force. Mary sighed. Tears streamed down her
face, she could not stop this salty fountain, instead her sultry eyes
drench her blue-colored sheet with tears; she leaned and looked upon
her memos, unconsciously she erased what she had penned down by
her black-inked pen, it was a kind of anger or confusion or tension, or all
together unified and drove her to do such a deed.

                               Chapter 34

   The smooth gleam of the sun began to get harder, where Frank could
see the reflection of the sparkling light reflected from the USA armored

cars and tanks into his sight, cars were speedily passing these military
vehicles when they face them, drivers were told to evade these military
vehicles and pass them speedily lest someone of the new-born Iraqi
resistance is ambushing to blitz these green panzers. Frank was half
afraid and half confused, he wanted to get to Babylon as soon as
possible, as he was told, in Al-Hillah city, the USA army no longer exist,
but the Polish one, which was famous of philanthropy. Jihnah watched
Frank's reactions whenever he beheld strange things along their journey,
in fact he was captivated by the wonderful Euphrates, after he had been
enchanted by Tigris. He named them the limited seas, he liked the
bridges on their banks, a huge ones that he never saw a bridges like
them. Jihnah tittered to find Frank astonished that these two rivers are
huge and stretched like that, where sometimes if you stand on the first
bank, you cannot see the second one, they were a sea like and the
source of life in this land, especially when you see the palm trees
decorate the whole river side giving it a wonderful landscape.

    Frank thought of Babylon, shall he see Babylon, or it will be illusion?
Shall he meet fairies from the same race of Jihnah? Shall he be
welcomed by Jihnah's family? These questions and others wandered in
the surface of his mind. He peered at the girl he loved, the latter did the
same thing, eye-to-eye, but he could not glean what Jihnah's gazes were
referring to? He just looked at her and she looked back, it was a mutual
meditation, the female side understood it, whereas the male side did
not. He wished he could waste the time with her along the journey, but
that was not possible, in case they did not want Shaeol to feel any thing
out of nature. Oh poor Frank, he cannot even move his eyes from me.
Jihnah self-conversed. She knew him; she sensed his feelings from the
time he presented her the red flower. Inside of her there was a battle
field of unfailing wars, between two disproportionate sides, the
emotional army and the rational army, and both armies had its pleas to
get over the other army. Almost the winner was the rational and the
realistic side, though it was somehow weak, while the emotional side
was the real one and the most prompting one to restart the war over
and over again. To love someone is a thing, to obey the tribe you
emanated from is another thing. Yeah it is true that love was stained by
the earthen beliefs, while love is a gift from heaven, so why love was
stained? No one really does know. Whenever we control ourselves to
love this one who is from our tribe and disregard that one because he
belongs to another group, wherein both of these persons are human
beings made by flesh and blood, they came from clay and their souls

breathe the air that god blew inside their spirits, the truth is that we love
that disregarded one but the feral community obligates us to love the
one of the same tribe, so it is not love but it is a real self-torture, or it is
a kind of fear and blind obeisance.

    Shaeol's voice came to stop these constant mutual gazes. "Hey Frank
look at that signboard." Shaeol motioned to the right side, the same side
of Euphrates which was streaming on the right side of the highway.
Frank moved his eyes outside, a signpost saying: Welcome to Al-Hillah
city. "Do we really get to the city?" Shaeol nodded, and then asked,
"What is your destination?" Frank has been told to go to the downtown,
after that Jihnah and Frank would hire another minicab wheeling to
Babylon, the ancient city. 10 minutes later Frank found himself between
crowd and traffic cars and oriental- architected style. Frank asked Shaeol
to wait for him in the main park of the city. Oh why these people look so
savage or so ignorant? I do not think that the Iraqi people would look
like that! Jihnah's first words were, "I am happy that we get to Babylon
safely." She grinned then said, "I know why you are surprised." Frank
signed as if questioning her to talk, Jihnah told him that despite of the
savage or the strange appearance of people that dwell this city but they
are quite simple and good people, handsome and generous. Frank
understood that point of view, but this subject was not important now,
he just surprised to see a people like that, anyway he launched to ask
her, but she knew his question, thus she said, "Now we have to take a
taxi and ask the driver to take us to the ancient city, okay?" Frank
nodded and with dismal feelings he really wanted to tell her; he was
going to express his feelings and what he felt about her, but he did not
dare to say that, instead he kept silent and just exchanged gazes with
her the gazes that she in-depth knew what the meaning of them.

    The wheels of the minicab stopped suddenly making a storm of dust,
wherein Jihnah told Frank that they have arrived to their goal. Frank got
off from the car after he had demanded the driver to wait for him; the
driver assured that he would leave not until Frank come back. There
were small-sized ancient buildings like the Egyptian Pyramids among the
stretched Sahara; the golden sand was everywhere, some palm trees
has been planted hither and thither imbuing the place with the ancient
Arabic style. Oh what a wonderful place! What a bizarre historic
architecture! Frank's sensation dived back into thousands of years since
the first legends have originated the bedrock of the civilization in the
land of the two rivers. He remembered the Jewish exile from Palestine to

Babylon, thence the faithful rabbis have written Talmud, and thence
Nebuchadnezzar II, the Chaldean king, has built up the hanging gardens
in about 600 BC as a consolation to his Turkish wife who missed the
natural surroundings of her homeland, these gardens actually were not
hanged but grew on the roofs and terraces of the royal palace in
Babylon, and they were considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the
World. Now there is nothing but a worn structure of these gardens,
which lately the Iraqi government has restored part of it, keeping it as a
witness of its greatness.

    The engine's driver at first could see Frank, but after a while Frank
became out of reach. Where is he? The driver wondered. In fact, Frank
and Jihnah got to the gate of Babylonia, the city of fairies. Frank stood
after Jihnah had ordered him to stand before a huge edifice; it was a
yellow ceiling. Frank's pulsations got faster; he witnessed the
appearance of the Babylonian Sibyl, wherein Jihnah along the way to this
old place, she was telling Frank how he would behold the sibyl and how
she would turn him to be able to get to the city, and then to the temple
of Babel or Babylon. Frank began to imagine the sibyl as an old woman,
somehow ugly and put up strange garments. But when she appeared,
the images he envisioned about her were destroyed. While Frank was
eyeing the stone edifice, suddenly, the Babylonian sibyl appeared, and
eyed him directly saying through a charming tone, "Frank welcome in
Babylon, the city of immortal fairies." Frank was motionless and
speechless, but again the sibyl started to talk, "Do not be afraid, you are
going to enter the land of eternal life, the land of mirth and happiness,"
she grinned and then asked, "Are you ready to turn from the mortal life
to the immortal one? Are you ready to behold that magical and
incredible world of the eternal?" Jihnah motioned to Frank to nod, so
surely he did.

    She was sheerly young, the one whom Frank supposed to be old and
ugly. The sibyl was young woman, beautiful and attractive especially her
red-haired and glittering eyes, her body were straightly built. When she
grinned to Frank her countenance shined as though a guardian angel
influenced by the light of God. After a brief peaceful period, the sibyl
launched and verged on Frank, the latter who could not hide the panic
he felt, but to soothe his tension, she smiled innocently; her magical
smile was effective and useful, wherein Frank could feel the peace of his
inside. "There is a password, by which who speaks it, he will directly see
and witness this city and its habitants, repeat what I will say directly,

okay?" said the sibyl, her words were followed by a nodding head, surely
Frank's own head. "I am getting alone." The sibyl said, and then Frank
repeated. "into the city of Babylon." Frank repeated it too. "I am the
chosen one." Also Frank repeated. "I swear the mission will be done."
Frank knew that the mission is to take Oberon back, "I swear the
mission will be done." Repeated Frank, and as he got to the last word
'done' a sharp light was radiated before his eyes and a green-grass hill
emerged from the sand of desert, and over that hill, there was a city
that he barely could see, it was somehow far, but not that great
distance. It was like the moments of glory what Frank felt. Wow, what a
world! Frank beheld the hulking buildings and lakes, the river that
divided the city into two parts; he could see mobs and shops. There was
green line consisted of different kinds of trees and plants that were not
planted in the Iraqi lands. Wow, what a place! What a wonderful copses
and forests! What a strange astonishing buildings! Frank was surprised
by such look. The lodgings were like of the houses that have been built
from snow that can be found in Siberia, the similar façade and size but
maybe they have been built from clay or rocks. He squinted at Jihnah,
who was tittering to see Frank's astonished face, so Frank tittered back.
"Now you are in the unseen world," said the sibyl, "now you are moved
from the substance into the invisible world, the world that never has end
of time or doom, you are welcome." The Babylonian sibyl said that and
then stepped forward and Jihnah did the same, Frank still motionless,
wherein after a momentary pause, Jihnah span to find Frank still stood.
"Hey Frank let us go," sobbingly Jihnah said, "let us go Frank, hey of
what you are thinking? We have not time to waste." These were the last
words that Frank's ears have heard; because he ran after them with
happiness that no one ever felt. Yeah happy people sometime are deaf.

                              Chapter 35

    Half a mile the three have walked. Frank was surprised all the time
by what his eyes have seen. The hill, the copses, the wonderful river, all
were amazing and also he was astounded by the strange rovers and
aerial creatures which are all harmless. Along the way to the ancient city
Frank conversed with the Babylonian sibyl, the latter found telling Frank
about the city and its nature and traditions an amusing thing to do; she
told him how these fairies started their civilization, and the religion of
Babylon, wherein there were a male and female heads that rule the
state, and all other fairies have to obey the law of this state. Freedom
was the foremost thing in Babylon, and equality is the sister of freedom.

The thing that bewildered Frank was the traditional concept about the
female fairies' life, wherein she is free to love and make love with
whoever she loved but when she gets married she has to appoint
herself for her husband and her children. This new information
embarrassed Frank and made of him a man of confusion. While the sibyl
was talking about that, Frank immediately thought of Jihnah. Did she
ever make love with a fairy? Is she in love? And serial thoughts that
every man maybe would ask himself when he is put in similar situation
like this. Jihnah along this short journey, she silently walked, did not
utter a word but only she watched Frank's astonishments. "This is the
gate of Babylon." the sibyl said. Frank peered at its great heights. "Do
you like it?" Jihnah asked, Frank nodded without casting his eyes into
her. "Let us go ahead," said the sibyl, "there is something that I have to
show you." They are not human beings though their accent is alike the
Iraqi dialect. Frank thought. The three crossed the town center, where
lots of fairies existed; many of them came for shopping, another came to
see his peer. There were many couples, and lovers wandering in the
avenue. Jihnah noticed Frank's bewilderment, thus she accosted, "Do not
be surprised Frank, there is nothing that fairies males or females have to
be fear of, you are in the freedom land, immortal and eternal life, the
world that human beings called Heaven or paradise, here is the paradise
of earth, no evil, no violence, and no hatred, but only some
misunderstandings like what my father have done, he was tempted by
the lifestyle of human beings the style that does not exist in here." Frank
nodded then said, "It is nice to feel free, or to do what you every like to
do within limits that the law announced and without evil." He stopped for
a while then blurted, "And especially to love and to be loved in public no
fear of people's eyes or people's gossips, it is really great thing to see
couples, lovers amble in the street of town, kissing and caressing each
other, in western countries there is the same situation but not as well as
the state of Babylon." Jihnah deeply wished that human beings could get
to the freedom and equality and the welfare that every one seeks, Frank
heartily thanked her for such gently hopes, and kept silent in case he did
not wanted to disappoint her if he replied that these wishes are

    The temple was bigger than other lodgings outside the city stood by
itself, and surrounded by different kinds of trees and flowerbeds filled
with colorful roses. It was different than the architecture of churches or
synagogues or other religious temples. Inside there was the altar; it was
located between two head big-sized armchairs, the place where the god

and the goddess of Babylon usual take place. Before these two chairs a
number of long benches situated around the head chairs on half-circle-
shape, like the old-roman theatres. On these benches the disciples and
multitudes of fairies take place to listen to their godhead. Frank and the
sibyl stood directly before the altar, where also stood the god and the
goddess of Babylon. Only three fairies and one human were in the holy
temple of Babylon, and Jihnah was impatiently waiting for them outside.
Frank looked about the surroundings, no frescos on the walls of the
temple, and there were no preaching poetic phrases that usually
engraved on the walls to straighten the readers' soul. He was not afraid,
but what made him confused that he did not know what would come
next. The god and his wife were totally silent but their eyes were full of
never ending words. The sibyl excused the three; she got to the passage
that in the dead-end of that passage was a door made by black stone,
she pushed it and entered the chamber, in that moment Frank no longer
could see her, but he began to gaze at that male and female high-class
fairies. What kind of thoughts are wandering in their minds? Frank
questioned himself. He wondered if they abhorred him like what human
beings feel toward the people from different religion, wherein human
beings hate people that belong to other religions without any reason but
only because they are from different religion. Definitely not, fairies were
different than human beings, wherein the god and the goddess were
poring at the straight-bodied boy that stood before them, who was
willing to venture and hazard for taking back the fairy that converted to
human being. They appreciated his deeds and his intention but they said
nothing, the reason that made Frank skeptical whether these fairies hate
him or like him.

    Frank was deep in thought when the Babylon sibyl came back,
holding a small-sized stone, it looked like a five points star or something
like that, not exactly like the pentagram but a similar shape. She came
closer; Frank kept silent hovered his eyes from the godheads to the
sibyl. The stone in her palm was dark. Frank could not distinguish the
inscriptions that engraved on its angles; they were illegible codes,
cipher, and symbols. The sibyl smiled then said, "Frank, this stone is the
devise that will help you to take Oberon back." He stayed speechless as
though he said, 'I do not understand you.' She looked directly into his
eyes, and grinned. "Do not be worry," said the sibyl, "I will tell you what
you have to do, and the better way you should use this stone." Again
Frank kept silent. She understood this silence, so she carried on, "This
stone that in my hand is a magical one, and these inscriptions, and

symbols belong to the race of fairy," she pause for a while to look at
him, "however, you will not understand the meaning of them, this stone
was created for such mission _ to bring the converted fairy back to his
original root _ so when you get to Oberon, you have to lay this against
his forehead-" This time, Frank intended to interrupt the speaker, "I
have to lay this stone on Oberon's head? Me? Are you sure?" She
grinned, then said, "Oh yeah, what do you think? So why have we
chosen you but for such a mission?" The sibyl thought of this surprise, I
had better to explain to him what he has exactly should do better than
asking him. "Dear Frank, you are not asked to achieve that alone, you
are only the one who should hold this stone that I am holding, Jihnah his
daughter, will act the role of the go-between or the psychic person that
will persuade to agree what you are charged to do _ lying the stone on
his forehead _ Jihnah will debate with her father to allow to you to do it,
so do not worry, everything will be okay." She nodded her head as a
sign of no fear and to prompt Frank to take it easy. The question was
expected by the sibyl, the questioner was Frank. "What we have to do if
Oberon rejected?" Frank asked. "Do not bother yourself with such
inquiries; you have to do what you are appointed to do," the sibyl
answered, "Jihnah will take care of him." Frank nodded motioning that
he got it, the Babylonian sibyl handed the stone to him, and then gave
him the case that should enclosed the stone to be safe away from any
danger. Frank at that present looked up to the god and the goddess of
Babylon, who were smiling giving him a sense of peace. "Okay now you
can leave, we have no time, because Oberon's life is put at risk." The
sibyl said, Frank waved his hand to the silent head female and male
fairies, and the same to the sibyl, and then he turned his back, and
launched to leave. As he stepped forward, a woman's voice was heard, it
was the voice of the goddess of Babylon. "Frank please do not lose your
faith, please help us." Gently Frank nodded, looked at her face, eye-to-
eye, but he said nothing. Yeah sometime silent eyes match a million of
spoken words.

                               Chapter 36

   Finally she has left the place, leaving behind the detectives who were
busy in her black-walled apartment. Actually there were only three
hummer cars in Homs city, Julia's H2 SUV car was one of these three
cars. Under cover of night Julia got out from the city, in fact fighting fire
men and ambulance and other official units attended in that accident, all
had left after they had finished their mission, the only official units which

stayed in the area, where the detectives, thereby, Julia's escape was
easy to do, she slowly got out from the park, and then drove her car
mildly raising no attentions that she was the one whose house has been
bombed. After she had gotten out from the cities' outlying districts, the
Hummer's left window was rolled down then Ms Julia threw off the thing
by which she discovered the snare, it was the walkie-talkie, by chance
and it was considered as a big mistake that the smart Henry has done,
wherein while talking with the boss, he forgot to change the MHz of the
radio, in order to prevent other users from listening into what they were
talking about, however, he forgot to change the frequency, so by chance
Julia heard Abraham's orders to take back Marcus surely without
exchanging him by John. Marcus who sat beside Julia, also heard what
the boss and Mr. Henry discussed, he at that moment, knew that he
either would be killed or would be kept down until the right time comes
to be used as a winning card, but he deeply knew that he worth nothing
to his boss whose greedy nature made of him a person that chase after
his desires irrespective what kind of desires he seeks.

    Julia has driven her Hummer too speedily to be able to get to
Abraham's chalet before John got mistreated. She was angry and
despondent; the way her house has been broken into, the way these vile
agents lay into her and her husband, savagely taking him from her and
harshly tied her in spite of being nude. But the man that has done these
obnoxious deeds has taken the penalty he deserved. Even Marcus who
was employed by Abraham should be punished. Julia thought of that and
because the level of anger she had, she stopped the car suddenly; she
took up a kind of sharp blade from the tools' box that located between
her seat and his. Marcus' eyes widened, he thought she would slain him,
at that present a kind of hysterical outcries has been heard in spite of
Marcus being gagged. A kind of dark red colour overwhelmed his sight;
he could only see the red colour, yeah because his face was against the
soil. In fact Julia has tied him down, then disgustingly kicked him out
from her car, to carry on without any expected suspicions that Marcus
maybe raise being with her. After that action or after that reaction, Julia
kicked Marcus out, in case she had known that Mr. Henry would come
without John, thereby, she felt a sense of getting over the shifty boss
who planned over and over again to snare his divorced wife. The speed
of Julia's huge car was irrational, wherein Julia has exceeded the speed
limits, over 130 MPH. She drove and between her eyes was only one
goal _ to take John back _ John the person who sacrificed his race,
leaving behind his family, his people, his beliefs only because he truly

loved her and liked the human being's lifestyle. She thought of the way
possible to bring him back while she was driving, disregarding the speed
she drove. I will risk taking him back even if that cost me my life or
others' life. This is the life of human beings, love drives us to take others'
life, the others whom maybe are loved by other people too, and a serial
of revenges will be set out.

                                Chapter 37

    The officer, who appointed for citizens' profiles, looked skeptical, he
stared at the screen peering at the astonishing displayed information.
"Sir, the information," said the officer, "that available in this page says
that Lamont Mayan is the legal owner of these three numberplates and-"
The officer stopped. "What?" asked the chief who deputized the chief
constable of Lattakia's police. "I do not know, but here the information
says that Lamont is only but an employee in a big cement foundation
owned by the so-called business man, Mr. Abraham Ghani." the officer
said. The stand-in chief supposed that these cars belong to this
foundation but registered under Lamont's properties. "Click on
Abraham's profile, and tell me if he had any previous problems with
other." Order the chief. The officer was sleepy, and the atmosphere in
the room played the big role to make of its habitants to be sleepy,
wherein the lights were dim, and lots of rhythmic voice of cobs and
patrol officer sending inquires to know information about some doubtful
cars or men. The officer who communicated with the stand-in chief was
not alone in the room, but he was with additional eleven officers who
were concerned in same issues. The officer and after he had checked
Abraham's profile carefully returned to talk with the chief. "Sir, Abraham
had no problems with any other companies or with the government,
there is no black mark in his profile except one thing." The officer said.
Surely, the chief questioned about the thing that the officer noticed. "Sir
Abraham's wife had many pleads to get her son, in addition, she claimed
that he shortchanged the money that her casino returns, the problem
got worse until she got a divorce." The officer read mechanically what
was mentioned in Abraham's profile. The chief said nothing, he kept
silent for a short of time, and actually, he was sorting out what he was
told while the officer on the profile's room was waiting for another
question or order. Finally, the chief thanked the animate officer though
he looked sleepy, asked him to be ready to any question that the chief
might inquire later in the short coming run.

     Actually the chief constable in Damascus has called the responsible
officer in Lattakia to take the mission of finding those who captured the
citizen whose identity was still unknown. By chance the chief constable
of Lattakia was in an official visit out of the country, so there was
someone who stood in for him in those days, he was Mr. Solomon
Shaheen, who was famous by prudence and the ability of sorting out the
solution of every problematic issue.

   The office was totally dark, and Mr. Solomon stayed behind his desk
deep in thought, thinking of the way his forces have to lay into this
group. I cannot utterly suspect Abraham but Lamont is only a normal
employee and he is not known of such an evil deed, like capturing
people in such a way, I had better to call the intelligence department
which concerned to chase the numberplate of every car than to stay
useless busy with predicts. He launched to give a ring; he knew that he
would not point out their place without recourse to the intelligence
department which one of its missions to point out the location of every
car; wherein the Syrian government in the beginning of the second
millennium has developed the ITS _ Intelligent Transportation Systems _
the technology that provides real-time information exchange between
drivers and the roads. This system was connected with the GPS system
by high-tech low and invisible satellites that surrounded the Syrian lands
as whole, the Syrian scientists have added a small-sized dot behind
every number and litter of the numberplate in order to dispatch data and
point out the location of every vehicle. Actually this technology was
rarely used by the police forces, because such a technology was
developed to serve the operations of the Syrian intelligence agency.

    As Mr. Solomon launched to contact the intelligence department to
help him to point the place of these three cars, the walkie-talkie on the
table sent a man's voice; Solomon pressed the button to answer. The
appointed patrol policeman told his leader that the patrol cars that
wander or hide across the highway between Homs and Lattakia city did
not notice any kind of these above mentioned cars. Mr. Solomon got
angry of such information, asked the patrol man to wait for his coming
orders and stay with eyes open, the patrol police man obeyed the orders
and peacefully turned off the radio.

    Solomon still thinking of what he was going to do, he got hold of the
phone to call the department of intelligence to cooperate with the police
forces to point out the exact place of this group. Finally he got to the

GPS unit department, the man that answered him was purely neat and
his voice was overly welcoming, any way Solomon gave him the
numbers of these three cars, the man typed the number on the
keyboard slowly and indifferently paying no attention to what the screen
that was located before his sight might display to him. Gradually after he
had entered the numbers a three red points appeared on the digital map
whose background was black, and the highways colored with blue. The
GPS man set his cigarette aside to focus on the result, Solomon said,
"Hey where are you? Is there any skeptical result?" The GPS man still
silent, again Solomon asked the same question with different formula,
finally the man answered him, first he did not replied because he wanted
to get to owner of these three cars, so after he had gotten the wanted
information and downloading them into the GPS information section in
order to send the data to the main Hard-Desk to analyze the details. "Be
patient comrade," said the GPS man, "I think I get to your target
comrade, the GPS shows me that these cars are on the highway of
Lattakia, and their destination as I think is Lattakia city, because the
three dots are moving swiftly on the map, I hope we have done what we
supposed to do." "Thank you." Solomon replied, "I think I will call you
again." Solomon disconnected, and immediately held the radio, "The
three cars crossing the highway in their way to the city," he said that
with apparent urgent tone, "I want the units as whole to be careful." The
patrol policeman replied with the highest readiness for any coming
events. "I do not want them to flee from you, pay your attention that
they may trick you." "Yes sir and be sure that we will not let you down,
but let me ask your majesty, shall you join with us soon or?-" Solomon
swiftly replied, "I will be soon on the gate of the city with other agents,
hey how many patrol police men are with you?" The main patrol man
answered, "Twelve men sir, equipped with the firearm and using three
squad Landrover cars." "Good luck I will be soon with you, provide me
with the real-time events step by step." The patrol man got ready to
take hold of these three cars and asked the others to be ready to,
encouraging them to be still and do not rush and listen to his orders; the
agents promised their leader to do the best for this sudden late mission.

                               Chapter 38

    The lobby in Lattakia's airport was empty except the reception
employee, who was somehow sleepy. In fact this airport is not an
international one, but an airport which serves the Syrian nation to travel
from the coastal cities to the south and north regions. Elend was one of

the seven passengers who took this airway late in the night; the other
six passengers have left the airport while he has been waiting for a call
from his mistress, Ms. Julia. He looked so tired, the employee came to
him and asked him if he would like to drink or eat anything. Elend's
answer was negative; his tiredness was not the hunger but the lack of
sleeping. Elend's eyes focused on the furniture that surrounded him and
to the signs that provide the passengers with guiding information, to the
entrance or to the outlet, etc. He looked upon the digital watch that was
before his sight directly, it was 3:51 A.M. She does not call me since an
hour ago; I have to tell her that I am at the airport, maybe she will ask
me to do something. He took up his mobile phone from his pocket, and
rang Ms. Julia up. Two rings and in the half of the third one Julia
answered. "Okay Elend where are you?" "I am at the airport," replied
Elend with inaudible voice, lest someone could hear what he was talking
on the phone, "I have been waiting for your call since 15 minutes, I am
worry about you too," with more concern he said "tell me where you are
now? What I have to do next? Shall I wait for you or move to a place to
meet you there?" Elend asked these questions quickly, Julia did not pay
any attention to his excited tone, because she was driving while talking
on the phone so speedily, her attention was paid on the highway and the
engines which she was passing. In the same time and while Julia was
talking to her secret agent, on the other side of the highway two so-
called cars passed by. In fact Julia's car was very famous, her car was
one of four cars in Syria, the white huge car _ the white hummer car _
this car passed Henry's eyes and also Steve who was driving behind the
wheel noticed Julia's car too, they made sure that she was Julia's car
since they immediately move their sights to the numberplate, wherein
they could see Homs written on it, and the first number from the left
side. "What the hell is going here?" Steve Asked. "I do not know," Henry
said and shrugged, "I managed with her that the meeting will be
underneath this superhighway, in that underpass that serves the low
town with the main highway, down there, the exchange supposed to be-
" Steve interrupted, "Do you mean that Julia has crossed the venue?"
Henry sighed, "I think so, that leads us that she knew that we were
going to snare her taking Marcus without giving John back, let me radio
her and ask why she cancelled the meeting?" Repetitively Henry called
Julia's name, but in vain there was not answer, the thing that
disappointed him, wherein he got to a point that she got rid of this
machine and heard what was going between him and Abraham _ he
forgot to change the MHz of the walkie-talkie _, it was the mistake of the

most intellectual one whose one mistake outweighed million of ordinary
man's mistakes.

    While she was driving speedily her car, crossing the superhighway to
Lattakia city and then to Ugarit _ the location of Abrahams' new chalet _
Julia asked Elend to leave the airport and move to the gate of the city
and wait for her beside the university of Tishreen, the one that the
government established since seven years ago as a modern and
technological edifice for high learning. "Okay my mistress I will be
waiting for you there standing directly before the college's main gate."
Said Elend. "Okay go ahead," said Julia, "I cannot talk with you further I
have to speed up to get to Abraham before John is ill-used." Elend
disconnected and immediately strode and got out from the airport and
then hired a minicab which went ahead to that aforesaid venue at the
college's gate.

    Steve was pretty sure that the boss would turn to a storm of shouts
and taboo words and his vexation would be great if Mr. Henry provided
him of the news. "He for sure will fire you sir," Steve's voice was
inaudible and influenced with a touch of despair, "and maybe I will be
fired too with you, am I right?" Henry said no word, he was thinking of
the way he had to tell Abraham of this striking information, he was
displaying the prospective results of such reprehensible and unjustifiable
mistake. Suddenly Mr. Henry uttered, "But we have to tell him what we
have seen, for the direct and the unavoidable encounter that might
happen, subsequently it will be face-to-face confront between him and
Julia, so we have to tell him to arrange to evade this absolutely coming
encounter." Steve knew that the rage will begin as soon as Abraham
know this unfavorable news, so he kept silent for a while, then asked,
"Are you going to tell him?" he uttered this question with a questionable
nod by his head. Henry nodded and grabbed the radio which has been
laid on between them beside the automatic clutch which change the
speed, at that time Steve tried not to listen to the conversation that
revolved between the born-again frantic boss and the meek employee
that all mistakes and unexpected results were laid at his door. This
information changed the whole plan; Abraham did not even expect that
Julia may knew the place, wherein his mind directly turned back to Elend
who has been thought that he was still tied in Abraham's villa in

                                * * *

    As soon as Mr. Ghani knew about what Julia's aim to get to his chalet
in Ugarit, he thought of giving a ring with Bart, his servant who has been
asked to keep Elend in custody until Abraham ask him to move to the
next step, so as Abraham shocked to know that Julia knew about his
scheme of things and the previous planned location of her captured ex-
husband, he tried to use his last wining card to prevent her from going
ahead to take John back by threatening her of killing Elend. Abraham
knew that he had not to tarry more than that _ he wasted much time
talking with this, making ring with that _ anyway Abraham after he had
stopped his engine on the wayside to talk using the phone booth, a
several rings but no one answers, that why Abraham started to be
angry. Where is that idiot? Abraham did not sense the feeling of failure,
of the stupid loss, finally and after over ten rings Bart answered, did not
know where is he? Or who is the person that calling him up? However he
answered, and after Abraham's had heard the tone of Bart's voice he
grasped the case that he was facing, quickly without any hesitation Mr.
Ghani hanged up and moved into to his car, actually he had to dodge
additional problems, so the last thing that might break him away from
danger of being arrested was sorting out a kind of an quip idea from his
brainchild that would make an end to this chaos and problematic series
of failure.

    The microphone was turned on, in the same time, Mr. Lamont's team
was changing John's place, wherein the agents moved him from the car
No.3 to the car No.2 under duress because John started to disobey their
orders to get off and move into car No.2. Anyway Lamont listened to the
boss, who asked him to stop for a while until he got to them, because he
had skeptical feelings that the police forces found out what Abraham
was doing under cover of night, especially that Julia was not dead and
Elend has escaped from the villa, surely one of them has provided the
police with information, in addition to that, the detectives in Homs city
would discover sooner or later that the mistress and the owner of the
bombed house was not within the house when the explosion has fallen
out, and subsequently they would check out the DNA of the three victims
who remained inside the apartment. And because Abraham's suspicions,
he asked Mr. Lamont Mayan to wait for him, in order to take John with
Abraham's own car, because no one was able to know by which car
Abraham transported to his chalet, and if the police forces caught out
the three cars depending on suspicions, they would find nothing of these
suspicions, at that time Abraham would cut and run, while the agents

would claim that they were going to find a recreation place and spend
the vacation at the Syrian beach. "As I ask you, stay in your location and
wait for me, okay?" ordered Abraham. "I will be waiting for you, but
what say you? I have an idea that would erase the whole suspicions that
stuck on us, me thinks that if we ordered the agents to carry on normally
and I will be waiting with you under the trees here in Bunyas town?"
suggested Mr. Mayan. Abraham got angry, but he laughed, "What do
you think me, a police dog? And how can I find you at this dark night,
shall I be sustained by the super-sixth sense? Tell me ha?" wryly asked
Abraham. "What your majesty suggest?" in obeying tone asked Mr.
Mayan. "Stay where you are, I will get to you soon, I crossed Tartus city
I think 40 miles between you and me, so be patient. Stop the vehicles
off the road, I am on my way." These were the words that Abraham
said, but the question remained whether Julia or Elend provided the
police of what Abraham was going to do, the answer was not known and
would not be known.

                              Chapter 39

    She could peer at him after a long waiting. Frank appeared again,
dark-faced, but being seen by the girl that enchanted him, his visage
tinged slowly to its normal colour. She looked happy but somehow
anxious. She smiled and her smiling face looked welcoming. "Hey Frank I
miss you." Jihnah said and cheeks were red. Verily Frank was surprised
by what Jihnah said. Momentary pause. She says 'I miss you.' Am I in
dream or reality becomes at my side? Frank was silent, but he smiled
thinking of what he had to say, his reaction was simple but meaningful.
"I miss you too, I long for the moment that I can see you again." Said
Frank. Their eyes exchanged the endless gazes that every couple usually
and mystically does. Frank at that present did not know what to say or
what to do, shall he tell her? Or keep silent? He stayed speechless and
motionless. Such a case should be fixed for sure, and the fixer was Ice
Queen, and who else? "Do you know what? We must carry on in case
that we have no time to waste," said Ice Queen after a short pause but
emotionally seemed a long time, "my father might be killed or
mistreated." Frank launched to ask her the way she knew all these
information, but before he asked he got it. She is fairy; she knows
everything that is happening right now. Frank along the journey to

Babylon was thinking of one thing, but until that minute he did not form
the question to inquire after this unknown thing, the time was right as
he thought to ask his companion. Frank took a deep breath then said,
"Hey Ice queen I want to ask you a question since you told me about the
problem that faced your father, but until this moment I have not the
strength to ask you, so do you promise me to answer my question?" He
looked directly at her eyes as though he was forcing her to promise him;
surely the stares were kind of emotional peering. In fact she did not
know what kind of question she was going to be questioned, and yet,
she promised. "May I ask you the way your father converted to human
being, and how he became one of the damned mankind?" Jihnah did not
surprise, because she supposed such a question once she told him about
her father's story. She asked him to go ahead, so that they could take
advantage of time while recounting her father's story. Frank agreed her;
they wheeled into the town centre. Jihnah did not start the story in order
to let Frank revolves his eyes upon everything in the surrounding,
because what Frank was surveying seemed all new and unknown,
sometime he gaped at what his eyes saw, especially when both of them
passed by an area of a braided river where the river interconnected
several channels that divide and reunite the main stream in order to
make a kind of recreation place, at the beach reclined lots of fairies,
male and females, utterly naked, while Frank and Jihnah were walking
alongside, he astounded to that unexpected sight, a bare and naked
fairies swimming and having sunbath. Even fairies interest the tan of
skin? Frank asked himself and he envisioned that even Jihnah has
enjoyed it as well, he did not like the idea but inside of him he agreed it,
because as he thought, it is a part of their everyday life, so they were
doing nothing wrong or shameful instead they were enjoying freedom.
Jihnah did not want Frank to see this, but that was uncontrolled. Frank
moved from a society holds the majority of prudish women to a place
where nudity is something common. Frank's face was reddish and his
heart's pulsation got faster, he wanted to ask but he remembered what
Jihnah told him about Babylon, the freedom land and the earthly

    Subsequently and after Frank wandered in the town, they wheeled
into the gate of Babel. Frank was waiting for Jihnah to begin narrating
the progressing incidents of her father's conversion. So after he had
reminded her of what she promised, she began the story. "Well, in the
passed four months my father somewhat disappeared, no one could see
him in the state, actually he was outside of Babylon," said Jihnah, "no

one knew why he disappeared or the reason of this disappearance-"
Frank accosted, "Cannot you know where was he if you wanted that?"
"Hum, absolutely we cannot," Jihnah said, "lately he came to my mother
and told her of his relationship with that femme fatale, I mean Julia, who
lives in Homs city where you live too." In fact Frank's interest was to
know the way he converted to human more than to know the details of
Jihnah's father story, that what forced him to accost her and ask her
about the means of his conversion. "Well, I will tell you the way," said
Jihnah, "I hope you will believe what I am going to reveal to you, in fact
the only way that change fairy to a human being is a kiss." Jihnah
stopped to view Frank's confusion. She smiled, and then said, "And you
understand nothing of what I meant of the kiss, am I right?" Frank
intuitively nodded his head as though he was asking more to be
revealed. Frank's state started to change, in fact his attention paid on
'the kiss', he concentrated on that reality, and before Jihnah launched to
talk, Frank once again asked, "Which kiss, what you are talking about?"
Frank asked. "Well the kiss is the only way that allows fairies to convert
to human being," Jihnah said, "you will ask me how, I see that how in
your eyes, how Jihnah?, okay I will explain to you, after my father had
fallen in love with Julia, they managed to come here," She pointed to the
crossroad of human being's one and fairies' as well, "over there, every
human being kisses a fairy on the mouth, immediately physically and
spiritually, the kissed fairy will be converted to human being, that is it."
Jihnah smiled and knew what kind of serial thoughts were invading
Frank's head, it is the possibility of getting Jihnah through out this
aforesaid kiss, in his secret he named this kiss _ The Kiss of Babylon _
he did not asked her for further details, because he came to the point.
Frank at that present started to think about his case. What if I asked her
for this kiss in here? How idiot am I! She is struggling to bring her father
back and she will struggle to get rid of me if she knows about my
strange feelings. Overly Frank was thinking of his feelings of the way
that Jihnah can be a human being sharing him life; he did not notice that
the gate of Babylon has been slammed behind them, and the engine
driver got boring of the tiresome never-ending wait.

                                 * * *

    The minicab went ahead to the Al-Hillah downtown, where the
engine driver Shaeol was waiting. Along the way back to Al-Hillah, Frank
was thinking of the way fairies can be human beings. Through out
kissing! And he started to imagine himself doing it with Jihnah after an

emotional moments and long-duration of eyes staring to one another,
holding the words that cannot be expressed by lovers' tongues. Frank
was living the emotional moments by himself, no one shared him these
feelings, and no one knew about these feelings at all. The magical five-
point stone was in his pocket, it was laid safely away from any risk. This
stone is the means to get Jihnah's father. Actually this idea has annoyed
Frank and more than that, because it made his heart feels despair. A
kind of dejection has infected his body and soul as whole; he cannot
imagine that Jihnah would be away from him after carrying out this
mission. He wanted to tell her, he wanted to express all his feelings that
he felt toward her, maybe if she heard him saying what he had toward
her, her heart would be affected and she would love him back or at least
she would think of these feelings and find an acceptable mend to this

     He looked at her through the mirror, her visage was shining, and its
gleaming was attractive like the sun in the sundown behind the endless
sea, he smiled to her through eyes and through mouth, she did not
notice these feelings that Frank felt, but in-depth she knew that he was
in love with her, and she prayed to the goddess of shame to throw down
no audacity in Frank's resolve in order to ward him off. She did not want
him to tell her that he loves her, at that time she would be facing a great
dilemma, both disagreeing Frank and agreeing him are undesirable
things, she would be considered a betrayer to her race and her people,
even though disagreeing him, was an annoying and frustrating idea. If
only Frank could know what Jihnah was poring at, he would have the
courage to tell her, because it was the right time to express feelings, but
alas Frank could not and he would not be able to know what was
wandering in Jihnah's mind. The sudden stop of the minicab and the
voice of the engine driver claiming the end of Frank's trip was the
warning to reinstate to the normal state to go back to reality and real
life, Frank gave the driver what he demand of money with extra sum
because he was waiting for them under a sharp unbearable sun. As
Frank got off from the car, Jihnah wanted him to pay attention to Shaeol
who was waving his right hand as if he was saying, 'I am here.' But
Frank could see him without Jihnah's help, alongside Jihnah and Frank
strode toward Shaeol who was welcoming, "Hey where have you been all
that time, I thought you will not delay that much of time, anyway what
is the next step now?" Shaeol asked with a tone of happiness and
disquietness. Frank told him that he was busy with some personal issues
that appeared suddenly, but the main discussed point that Frank and

Shaeol conversed about, was the outermost speed that Shaeol can drive
to get to Lattakia city, the final result was really shocking, six hours or
even less, this what Shaeol claimed and Frank promised of a bonus
money if Shaeol did it, but the question was, shall they reach Lattakia
and break in before John's escape?

                               Chapter 40

   The constabulary in the police department in Homs stayed astound
for the information they have received for a while. The constable of
Homs city was really angry of the unforgivable mistakes the detectives
have done. Actually the analyzing department of the traffic police has
sent new reports that in brief indicated that a huge white Hummer car
has been caught in case the car has broke the speed limits, the hidden
cameras have sent the number of the numberplate of this car with extra
attachments such as the image of that transgressing car and the portray
of the diver, and after analyzing the information of the owner and the
image of that driver on the computers of the traffic police, the
department had sent reports referring that the one who was driving and
whose portray has been taken was Ms. Julia Dawson, the woman who
has been expected that she passed away after a great detonation in her
own apartment in Homs city. Noise and muss filled the police
department, especially between detectives and the concerned murder
squads who got involved in Julia's escape from the scene of crime.

    The constable of Homs city has no way but to tell the department of
Lattakia city about these tidings. He was utterly angry and unable to
discuss or debate any mistake; he decided to charge the police forces of
Lattakia to carry on this sudden problem that appeared late in the day,
he could not understand why the famous and so-called Ms. Julia cut and
run without even say a word to the police _ the reason of lying into her
and then bombing the house_. The constable was deep in thoughts; he
was analyzing the events, trying to find out an entrance to this crime.
Three corpses have been found inside the house, and the department
was waiting for the DNA results. The door suddenly knocked. The room
where the constable sat was entirely empty but there was no silence,
because of the ringing telephones and the scratches sound of the walkie-
talkie, and other new coming reports. "Come on." Said the constable.
The policeman entered holding a documents enclosed the DNA results of
the above mentioned three corpse _ Mark, Cliff and Dario _ the
constable opened the envelope and then took up the papers. He started

to read the names, his eyes and his face's gestures gradually get
changed, his eyes wild open. The policeman surprised to the new look
that ensued after knowing the DNA results. I cannot believe it, the
constable self-talked, I cannot believe that Abraham involved in such a
case! He laid the papers on the table smoothly then neatly he said, "Now
I get to the point, it was a personal matter between them." The
policeman stayed steel, waiting for any order to carry out. "You can go
now, the mysteries become clear. I have gotten to the point, and no one
after this moment will be able to stop me, your day has come Abraham,
you will be no longer boss or master, but only an eternal prisoner." The
constable quickly called the constable of Lattakia and provided him of
the new information personally, telling him that the point of Abraham's
involvement is clear, because Julia was going to Lattakia too. "I am sure
there is something is going to happen in your city," said the constable of
Homs, "try to get to Abraham as soon as possible." Solomon was not
sure of Abraham's involvement until this call, and after he had known
about Julia's destination he became closer than before to the reality of
the reports that provided that a three-black-GMC cars were in their way
to Lattakia. "Okay do not worry," said Solomon, "we were chasing
Abraham's agents an hour ago, the patrols will take care of them, the
new mission for this moment is to find where is Abraham." The line
disconnected and the heavy load of responsibility became lighter onto
Hisham's heart _ the constable's name of Homs city _ because Lattakia's
police forces were taking care of this awful and cryptic case.

                                  * * *
    The boss was in direct conversation with Mr. Mayan and when
Abraham reached out the place where the three cars were pulled up,
directly Mr. Mayan ordered his agents from car No. 2 to get off bringing
the captive with them. At that time Lamont and Abraham were
discussing the way they had to carry on, wherein Abraham's scheme
was, first to bring John with his own car, companied with three agents at
least while Mr. Mayan had to carry on to his beach claiming that he and
other men with him were going to have some rest taking advantage of
their vacation, this idea only must be proclaimed if Mayan and his friends
_ the agents _ were asked by chance by the patrol forces. When
Abraham told Lamont of that plan the latter questioned, "What is the
thing that makes you suspect that someone is following us or someone
provide the police of what we have done?" How stupid you are Abraham
thought, and then replied, "What do you think? The police forces are
stupid? Three men were burnt in Julia's apartment, these men are

registered that they are my employees, plus one of my servant was
recently discovered that he was the private spay who works for Julia.
And I am afraid that they have rung the police up telling them of what I
and my agents have done, in addition to that, Marcus has been captured
by Julia, the latter arranged with Mr. Henry to give Marcus and take
John, but I reject such a thing-" Abraham was intercepted by the sudden
coming of Danni and Ashe who came to tell their leader that they have
gotten on the captive inside the boss' car. "Okay," said Mr. Mayan,
"Danni, Ashe, and….." he paused for a short time, to choose the third
person who should company the boss, he remembered Joe the perfect
sniper, whose shots have never mistaken the target what ever it was
small or far. "Okay go you and tell Joe to join you to carry on with the
boss, be careful." Danni and Ashe went ahead to tell Joe of what the
leader ordered. "Best of luck, said Mayan, "I am waiting for your sign to
join you in the chalet to keep you safe." Abraham smiled, "I will
communicate with you as soon as possible, but for now you have to hide
the wireless microphones then turn them on after at least two or three
hours, okay? Please Mayan I have gotten boring from mistakes, the
things on papers absolutely differed from the scheme that I had plotted.
Go ahead to some high-class recreation and relax, I will call you soon."
The three-armed agents heaved into Abraham's sight, closer and closer
they reached the cars, Joe waited for Abraham to come, finally he did it,
he asked Joe to take the seat beside him, Alfred was waken up when Joe
opened the door, Abraham asked his son to make a hole, Alfred
wonderingly came closer to his father, staring at Joe, his attention was
no paid yet to the other two agents in the back seat, and the tied man
between them. Everything looked so strange. Alfred was waiting for
explanation for all these sudden new things that his eyes have seen. But
the cars was powered up and went ahead without any revelation or at
least hearing the usual phrase, 'good morning dear Alfred.'

                              Chapter 41

   First quick Solomon's reaction was to communicate the technical and
communicating police department, to ask them to chase Julia, by the
GBS following her mobile signal. The employee in the department swiftly
inserted the number of her mobile phone, "Yes sir, I am with her right
now." Said the signal-chasing man, "she is crossing the superhighway of
Lattakia, the red dot on the screen, is showing me that there is a kind of
overdriving." Solomon was listening, and when he found the technical
man stopped, he ordered him to keep chasing her and provide him with

the news when something strange the GPS displayed. Oh what I have
done, why do not I radio the main patrol man? "Hello Labeeb," Labeeb's
walkie-talkie whirred, "are you there?" Solomon asked. "Yes sir, I am
here, tell me what to do." Replied Labeeb _ the main patrol man _ "Go
right away and find the three GMC superban black-colored cars, the new
information says that they really have a captured man within the cars, by
the way, do not you see such a cars passing you by?" "No sir not yet,
but I will find them soon." Replied Labeeb. "Hey do not fire them I want
them with no injuries." Ordered Solomon. "It is done sir." Labeeb
changed the MHz, and immediately ordered the other squad cars that
followed his car to pay attention to the aforesaid GMC cars.

    The employee that lately talked to Solomon has talked to him once
again telling him what the developed ITS has shown him, the
aforementioned three cars has stopped more than ten minutes, that
happened after these selfsame cars slowed down their speed. Solomon
surprised after he had heard these tidings, he asked himself, what for
this sudden pause? His mind gave him no result and he forgot what the
intelligence man has told him because it might be a kind of relax or
someone inside the car needed to do something, this tiding sounded
casual. The last thing he had to do, to communicate with the police
forces in the capital and ask them to look out for Abraham, the constable
in stand there, ordered a group consisted of six policemen to go to
Abraham's villa and ask after him. The information came back after less
than half an hour, the constable in stand made a ring and told Solomon
that the servant of the house has told his policemen that Abraham was
abroad. The serial and non-stopping knocks on the gate has waken Bart
up from his deep sleep again, wherein Bart got back to his sleep after
Abraham's hanging up the phone. Bart looked around _ in fact this
second wake up was the last one _ Where is Elend? Bart did not know
what to do, a side from that, the huge knocks sometimes and the soft
ones another times disabled Bart from collecting his thoughts, any way
he went quickly to the gate. "Who is it?" Bart asked. "Open the door,"
one of the policemen replied, "We are the police." What Bart has heard
was really destructive. He could not realize the situation. Finally he
opened the huge door. Three policemen were seen by his half-opened
eyes. "We are in an official mission; we want to meet Abraham Ghani
right now." The policeman who passed the other two men who stood
behind him said. Bart please help yourself, shall I tell them where is he?
No I will say that he is abroad, he is a merchant and it is natural he
always outside the country. "You know that you are the ones, who most

welcome to us, but Abraham is abroad and I do not know when he will
go back. May I ask you why are you demanding to meet him?" Bart
gently asked. "No we will come back again, good morrow." The
policeman said. Bart stayed steel like, the policemen vanished before his
eyes, and his sense also vanished from his life. What he have to do right
now? Is that really what they have told? Solomon sardonically laughed, I
can easily prove it, and it is an accessible target. Solomon ordered one
of his men to rummage the Syrian citizens' documents who got out of
the country a month before. The agent asked the airport to send him the
list, he typed the name of Abraham Ghani _ the airport specialist man,
told him that this list includes the people that got out since the beginning
of the year not only a month before _ a sign appeared saying: no result.
Directly the agent went to the constable, "Sir the name that you give me
is inside the country." Said the police man. Solomon did not feel that he
thanked his man in strange way in case he discovered the controversial
case. Solomon was demonstrative; he knew that what he have reached
was so dangerous information.

                               Chapter 42

    Baghdad was disappearing slowly from Frank's eyes when these eyes
tried to keep the images that they beheld in the surroundings in Frank's
memory, Frank who did not think that he would drop in _ visitation _ this
country, he was dreaming of walking at peaceful midnight on the
riverbank of Euphrates and Tigris, watching spiritually the riverboats
floating on the surfaces of these magical streams listening to the
groaning songs of the Iraqi singers, he liked the way they describe the
country, the family, and their yearning to this wonderful land. Frank
strained at keeping these images that he witnessed in this country in his
mind, he wished he were an immortal fairy or at least to stay more and
enjoy what interested him in that country, but he could not because
there was someone waiting for him and first and foremost the
providence. But Baghdad oh Baghdad, the country which has the
mystique that affected all over the world, and Frank has been charmed
by this knotty mystique. Maybe secrets of the ancient's civilization and
the nations which dwelled in that land has been buried inside, giving the
country a mystical incantation cannot be decoded. However the image of
this place in Frank's mind has been rooted so deep, especially the
images of Babylon, the fantastic city of fairies, oh he could not believe
what his eyes beheld there, the houses, routes, and the fashion of their

wears aside from that, the temple and its god and goddess and the river
side, these images would not be forgotten at all, and Jihnah too.

    As Frank got in Iraq through the back door _ underhand way _ he
got out from Iraq by the same ways and means, going out of his way.
Frank scurried trying to get out of this problem that the US patrols might
catch him, in the same times Frank ran speedily but the first time his
scamper was somehow half-hearted, the second time was from the
heart. He wanted to carry out this mission; he did not wish to let Jihnah
down in the same time he knew that he would not see her after they
would had finished their work. He mustered all his strength to help the
girl that at times looked callous girl; she looked hard-hearted, maybe
because she was not demonstrative, so she was considered by Frank the
callous girl, but she was not and Frank himself knew that.

    Frank was out of breath when they crossed the border. The engine
driver was waiting for him and he looked poker-faced, Frank did not
know the reason of Shaeol blank face, but about Frank he was not in
good mood because he could not take the advantage of being alone with
Jihnah running alongside to talk to her, he felt that this time he would be
able to express some of his feelings if not all of them, but either he was
lack the ability to say what his inner side hid or Jihnah herself tried in
one way or another to ward Frank off from carrying on his simple plan.
However Frank and invisibly Jihnah got on the car which went ahead to
its first destination Lattakia city. Surely the one who told Jihnah about
the target was her mother who stayed 24 / 24 watching out for any one
step ahead which was taken by either Abraham or his team or by Julia,
Donella had the mighty and great coverage on that incidents at that
night. Frank reclined on the back of his seat, somehow despondent
because he got boring of the stormy thought that blew inside of his
heart and mind, it was a real battle, and the forces of fear got over the
emotional side. In every battle like that the diffident or the shy person's
timorous feelings win the game. Can you imagine that? That the
cowardly feelings or the timorous forces get over the other side when
there is a matter of love or enchanting? Frank's downcast spirit could not
think of that issue, but Frank in-depth knew that if he was instead of
her, he would do what she was trying to do. He sheerly would reject
such an idea. But what can he do? He has fallen in love, and as they
said, love is blind and lovers cannot see. Through this case Frank piqued
himself by his unachieved desires; wherein Frank has wore away all of
his strength of thinking of her and their life. How cruel and how painful

and how unbearable to have the feelings of love and affections with
someone who partly or completely or even overly tried to disregard you,
or maybe you are nothing for him, yeah Frank considered himself
nothing because when someone is forgotten he will not be able to be or
to exist. Surely Jihnah did not know the pain that Frank suffered or the
agony his heart underwent, he knew that she does not feel him and she
would not feel it anymore and if she felt the agony inside him her
sensation would be the one sand of the million sand on the beach or like
one star on the starlit sky. Frank's favourite star was the North Star
whose light never dimmed and it always gleaming in the eyes of seer.
Frank thought that Jihnah would be like this star, forever and ever would
be his shining star, and his girl of entity. That what he thought about her
when he was poring at his feeling's page, that what he felt while his
eyes were close and laying his right arm over his forehead drowning in
the sea of the agonized love, Jihnah was watching him peacefully, if only
she could help him from the last engulfing pain and take him to the
peaceful shore which is love.

                               Chapter 43

    Actually Mr. Abraham kept an eye on the LCD screen before him and
that what Joe did too. The squad cars have chased Mr. Lamont cars and
when they ordered them to stop the three cars stopped. Abraham from
his real angle was watching the situation there, Mr. Lamont, Norbert and
Stephen first got off from their cars then the other followed them.
Labeeb charged his men to surround them taking the aim of the riffle
barrels at them. Mr. Lamont and his men have already prepared
themselves to face such an armed confronting and Abraham continued
his way and no longer could watch what was going on the

    The patrol policemen shouted ordering the get-off men to bend the
knee, "On your knees, on your knees." Repeatedly screamed the
policemen. When Lamont and the other men obeyed, the patrol men got
closer headed by Labeeb, the one who ordered three of his men to
check the men's dress out, after a few minutes, the checker policemen
nodded that they are clean _ unarmed _. Labeeb kept them down and
moved into the cars with other policemen. They had a look, nothing
strange, no firearm no captive; there were just fast food and empty
bear's bottles. Labeeb could not believe that, he came back to the
suspected men, "Stand up," Labeeb said, and the policemen's firearms

were still taking aim at Lamont and his men, "who is Lamont Mayan?"
asked Labeeb. Lamont intuitively look at the questioner, the thing that
made Labeeb knew him. "I am Lamont Mayan-" he was about to talk
more, but Labeeb harshly interrupted him, "We have information that
you and your men have captured a man and take him within these cars."
Labeeb pointed by his hand which was holding a gun to the pulled-up
cars on the wayside. "Excuse me sir," gently said Mr. Lamont. "I have no
idea about what you have claimed." Labeeb for the second time asked
three patrol policemen to inspect the cars carefully maybe they could
have a living proof by discovering a hidden gun or something like that.
Again and again there was nothing found to confirm the reports which
convict Lamont and his men. "Where are you going?" asked Labeeb.
"Excuse me sir!" replied Lamont, considering his question so huge. But
Labeeb impudently asked him again with more savage tone. Mr. Lamont
had no way to disregard his questions, but he agreed to answer him, "In
fact," said Lamont, "we arranged to take advantage of our vacation to
spend some joyful time in Lattakia's recreations, my friends and I get
boring from the work's routine, we make a journey so that we can lessen
the boredom we feel." Then Lamont turned his head to his friends, "Am I
right?" the other smiled; a mixed smile consist of fear and banter. In
that present a huge white car crossed them speedily, its speed did not
allow to the people on the wayside to notice what kind of cars was that.
Surely it was Julia's car.

    Labeeb could not arrange or form a decision, but he radioed Solomon
who was surprised by what Labeeb have told him. "Are you sure there
was no gun, no captive, nothing can convict them?" asked Solomon. "No
sir nothing at all, it seems that we have fallen into the trap." Replied
Labeeb. "Okay Labeeb, leave them peacefully and order one civilian-
squad car unnoticeably to follow them, just to make sure that they are
not our right target." Labeeb listened well to his leader and charged one
car to complete the mission, allowed to the GMC-Superban owner to
complete his journey after he had ask their pardon for this impolite
inquiry, that happened with the great and inexcusable mistake, Solomon
did not arrange between the intelligence department and the technical
department of the police wherein the first one was keeping an eye on
these three cars and the second one was watching with eyes open Julia's
mobile phone signal, and that was the great mistake which would cost
the police a lot of undesirable forthcoming events.

                                * * *

    Aloofly on the gate of Lattakia city, The H2 car stopped, and a
woman got off to meet the man who was waiting for her. Julia after a
few words strode fearfully to her titanic car, and then she came back to
Elend who stood a few yards from the place of the pulled-off car. He
smirked, "Mistress, that was a big mistake, I am sorry to say that,"
gently said Elend, "but you had to get rid of your sim card, in order to
ward off the police from following you." She knew that she did it out of
sense; she was busy in another case so she did not pay attention to this
point, and for sure it was a deadly mistake. "Okay Elend," hurriedly said
Julia, "We have to move on right away, because we have no more time
to spend, a side from that, I fear that they maybe mistreat my John."
They wheeled into the car, by which they went ahead to Abraham's new-
bought chalet, the one which only Elend knew where its location,
fortunately Elend knew where it was, so that they could get up to it
easily and without any further inquiry.

    In the car both Julia and Elend started to discuss the whole problem,
and Julia told her servant what has happened. She blamed herself why
she set her mobile on silent mode; because if she did not do that, there
would be a kind of escape clause thereby she could protect herself and
John as well. She told him what exactly has happened, they way they
treated her, the way they took John from her hands, and even the way
they did lay into them while making love, without any red cheeks her
mouth depicted the whole assault. Elend in his turn wished John to be
taken back soon.

                                 * * *

    Yeah John was okay, but Abraham's eyes pierced him many times
through out the strange looks which bore connotations that say avenge
and cruel treatment is coming soon. However John's strength was still
mighty as well, but maybe any next mistreatment or bad tiding would
break it up. Abraham looked by the rearview mirror at that man, the one
whose face looked strange and have the signs that he never witnessed
onto common man's visage. Who is that man? Abraham asked himself,
how did she meet him? Where and when, and how did she trust him,
planning to marry him! These were the questions that leapt to
Abraham's mind, and surely, he never got to the point. Inside himself,
the boss trusted the time, who he at times said, that time is the fix of all
things and all mysteries end up in discovery by the means of time. The

car was speedily driven to its goal, it was the old city on the Syrian
shore; everyone looked indifferent inside the car except one person, who
was young in years. Yeah Alfred was surprised by that scene, a man tied
and surrounded by two men in the back seat. Alfred was not that stupid;
he knew that was a case of urgency but he continued playing with his
game boy.

    Remorse never straightens us, but if it did a thing, it would sadden
us, yeah that what Abraham felt along the way to his chalet, he regreted
for what he caused both to his agents and Julia, but he had to complete
the plan he arranged, maybe if there was no mistake he would not
repent that much of what he felt now, but for sure there was no
compunction. Finally they got into Ugarit. The agents were watching the
fashion and the constructure of the chalets around while Abraham put
the access code, the huge gate opened, and the car slowly moved into
the inside of this small luxurious town whose the most owners in here
were the high-classed people. Abraham passed by the place where the
watchman sat, wherein usually Abraham offer a small mount of money
when he newly reach the town, this time he did not give the watchman
anything, the thing that paid the watchman's attention that something
strange was going on aside from that the time Abraham has come, it
was about 6:22 A.M. Anyway he welcomed Abraham warmly as he used
to do to every owner here in Ugarit.

    Abraham's chalet was two levels, so when all the agents got off,
Abraham ordered them to take John upstairs exactly to his study. Swiftly
Joe followed by Danni and Ashe took John upstairs where they ordered
to keep it tied. They stayed him on the sofa which located beside the
desk, and then they got down to their boss to take new orders. Abraham
was with his son Alfred who asked him about the tied man, the father
did not tell his son the truth, but he told that this man is wanted from
the police, and he catch him suddenly and he would give him to the
police after inquiring him about some important information. Alfred did
not trust his father but he showed him the opposite, because he did not
want to know more about this case which he sometimes used to watch it
in the American movies. Alfred was going into the refrigerator to have
something to drink when Joe entered the kitchen. "Sir Abraham, we laid
him on the sofa in your study," said Joe, "any thing else?" Abraham
ordered, "No but send Danni and Ashe to watch the main gate of the
chalet, and you stay upstairs, because me and my son want to have

some rest on the balcony." Joe nodded his head as a sign of respect and
as though he said, 'It is done.'

    Verily Abraham was tired and his son as well, but Abraham strained
his mind with this complicated case; he did not supposed that some of
his employee would be killed by Julia. Shall Julia be the one who
provides police? He did not know the answer of this strange puzzle and
questionable matter; he chuckled then self-talked, now the police surely
will not get up to me. He looked at his son who was busy and happy by
drinking juice. The balcony situated at the sea, from his place Abraham
could watch the peaceful sea in that fresh morn, revolving his sight once
to the sea, and to his son once again. His eyes' destination was the sea,
but his mind was in another destination, where? Sure it was into the
entity, whenever he looked at the sea, he remembered God and the
doom's day, the day when all people will stand before the majesty of
their creator, God. The sea and the waves at time reminded Abraham of
this sight, when all people the guilty and the righteous together gathered
in one place to go to two places, either hell or heaven, and what
disappointed and waned his soul in that present, the certainty that he
would be from the guilty section and he would be punished forever. How
that comes? People know they are not good and know the tragic end
though they do nothing to save their souls in that coming day, the day of
doom. Abraham felt his heart got a heavy load when his mind thought of
such ideas that brought him only despair, but inside of him there was
greed and kind of saving as much as he could of money to his son,
whether in lawful or unlawful way. His conscience from the depth of his
soul questioned him suddenly, "Are you really want to save money for
your son or for yourself, depending on what they said, the more you
have money the more you want to have, ha?" In this point, he could not
lie to his conscience anymore, but he had to reveal the truth, "No for
me, and to annoy Julia, and stop any happiness and mirth that maybe
enjoy her in this life." Abraham stunned to his greedy nature and his
misanthropic character, wherein generosity was out of character. "Am I
vile that much?" he laughed like a devil, then thought of the idea of man
who was born to be evil, and hard-hearted. Yeah god created man, and
he damned him by giving him the character of evil, and I am the man. In
that present, a strange but also axiom notion leapt to the boss' mind, it
was the idea of love and hatred; both have aims, and both relieve the
heart of the one who feel them, but one builds and the other razes, but
surely both feeling rest the hearts, that what Abraham thought about, he
was on his way to fall asleep after the long journey, did not pay

attention to his son Alfred, whose eyes viewed a pretty-blond and small
cat passing by the garden of the chalet, so he ran after her to present
some cheese.

                               Chapter 44

    Zero hour became so close, Frank did not feel any kind of fear, but
deeply he knew that something dangerous he would face, he at times
sent a vacuous look to Shaeol who sounded very interesting to the
infotainment which was broadcasted by an official Syrian radio channel
in the morning. Frank got boring because he could not talk to Jihnah, the
one who kept an eye on Frank's motions and movements, chuckling from
time to time due to the facet of his unhesitant feelings, his reactions
obviously proved that he had something he wanted to reveal but he
could not for so many reasons.

    Donella never left her daughter, she provided her with the real-time
progress of events, wherein Donella told her that Julia was getting into
the sea while Abraham was still asleep, she told her that one of the
agents was really good _ surely Joe _ and she assured her that her
father was okay and he was not hurt. These tidings truly relieved
Jihnah's heart, she promised her mother that she would take back her
father and they would return the life that the whole family used on, by
taking Oberon back enjoying the life of the eternal life once again.

     Shaeol via the overdrive he did, could got up to Syria quickly, they
passed Palmyra and they were in their way to Homs city, Frank
wondered if he could stay in the car when they reach Homs out, or leave
it; letting Jihnah down, by taking leave. But he promised her that he
would stand with her alongside against all obstacles and he would leave
not until he did what he was supposed to do and not until Jihnah go with
her father back to the heaven like land, the eternal life and the
imaginary world of fairies. How Frank would be able to say good bye to
the one who was enchanted by? What he had to do, but only keep
silent. He kept this axiom deep inside his sentiment, the axiom that says
that Frank shall not gain or win Jihnah's heart; he despondently agreed
this certainty, with heavy saddened heart full of depression. Is that really
unrequited love hurt and its effects are exactly opposing the true love?
Frank himself did not know what love was, he sometimes liked some
girls and lately he found out that they did not befit him, in fact Frank did
not meet any true girl, and he once read a sentence but he forgot where

he read it, this sentence says, the true woman is who breaks the mirror!
Is that true? Frank asked himself when he read this peculiar aphorism.
What he meant who said that? And what if the woman does not smash
the mirror? Is she no longer true woman? Frank was really complicated
boy especially when he asked himself such questions. So when this
sentence was recalled by his memory, Frank had a look through out the
rearview mirror, he saw a female fairy, a real female fairy, but not a real
woman, at that point he halted wondering if Jihnah would be a real
woman if someday she converted to human being!

     They passed Homs city and Frank could see his building from distant
place, because he was living in a high tower that allow to far eyes to
view it, he could even distinguish his level, which was the fifth one. In
that present Jihnah was sheerly sure that Frank intended to help her,
inside of her she sympathized with him due to the feelings he felt, she
knew that he fell in love with her, maybe because she has a strong
personality and strange dispositions. The news that Julia rode her high-
priced motorboat yacht, trying to get up to the town without accessing
the main and only gate of it, lest her name might be added to the black
list thereby she could reach out the town by taking advantage of the sea
then getting off to the rock-ribbed wherein Ugarit's coast was
characterized by the rocks' outcrops, and there was no shallow coast for
children to swim and have some fun, but it begins with deep water, so
Julia's yacht could get to the coast line and directly to the town. When
Jihnah knew what Julia has done, she leaned to whisper in Frank's left
ear, to ask Shaeol to speed up the engine and she told him why she
intended this amazing overdrive, she wanted to be there in the suitable
time, she did not want to be late anymore. Frank do not turn a hair, but
he noticed that his arms' rare-blond hair got up because of the deed
Jihnah did, closing to his ear and whispering softly and inaudibly. In no
time the hidden cameras at the superhighway took a shoot the all
information of Shaeol's car, but the question, shall the police figure out
the missed-ring of Abraham and Julia's case?

                               Chapter 45

   Finally Mr. Solomon could reach Abraham, wherein he ordered all the
cars in his property, and one of these cars has been shown on the
improved ITS system, this car has been pulled up in Ugarit recreation
town, Solomon laughed an evil laughter like, because he caught his
wanted man in the act. He must be there, and the captive too. Coldly

Solomon ordered Labeeb, to hurry up into Ugarit but not until taking
permission from the Police department to access this town, because no
one was allowed to enter this private recreation but only the owners or
those who bear the lease of a chalet inside. Labeeb wheeled into the city
center where the main department located, on top of that, Solomon
demanded from the agency GPS man to keep an eye on this signal, lest
Abraham cut and run. It was 8:17 A.M and Abraham was still sleeping,
when Alfred's ball unintentionally thumped the upper part of his father's
body exactly his chest, an awakening ensued. Abraham first sense was
surprising, he stayed astound. Where am I? Tiredness made him unable
to distinguish the situation, he did not sleep well at night, but he kept
awake for the last twenty and two hours.

    Lamont Mayan did not know that he was followed and the policemen
took a civil car arousing no attention that there was a police in the area.
A connection had been made between the boss and Mr. Mayan, where
one agent was ordered to keep waiting for any sudden connection, Ralph
harried to the chalet that the group hired for two purposes, the first one
is indirect and the second was preplanned by the boss to arouse no
suspects that there was something unusual going to be. Mr. Mayan came
to the car after a little time; the conversation was too short, wherein
Abraham inquired after the situation away from him _ actually a few
miles between the two locations _ for sure Abraham did not has any
expectation that the police might be able to know where he was, though
he wanted to be more sure, to complete his plan peacefully and without
any undesired annoying. Mayan assured his master of the general
situation, he and his men did not see anything out of nature, and they
thought that the police trusted what they claimed, the conversation
ended with a question from Mayan who asked if they should leave to any
other place, Abraham's answer was no need to change the location, lest
something passively might be ensued after that unnecessary decision.
Immediately after this conversation Labeeb's radio screamed, "Sir," the
disguised policeman said, "our spy machine, goes on record the
conversation between someone high-ranked and Mayan, the owner of
the three cars which we secretly watch." "Okay," Labeeb enthusiastically
replied _ it was an excitement of experimental career _ "send it directly
to the processor, to analyze it." It was done, and Labeeb was on his way
to the police department, he was welcomed by Solomon who instantly
informed him that it was Abraham's voice which the spy could catch.
Labeeb smirked to that information as though he meant, 'Now we should
lay into the town with well-trained groups of the policemen.' Solomon

was quick, who put in order over fifteen police-armed-men to get ready
to lay into the town and set the captive free. Taking the captive back
was the police's priority, after that everything would be known and the
missing ring would be figured out. Automatically the disguised policemen
were ordered to apprehend Mr. Mayan and his smart friends. Labeeb's
thoughts went back to Mayan, but Solomon laughed, "Hey do you think I
will wait for you to remember what quickly must be done." Labeeb
rubbed his head as a sigh of shyness. On the other side of the city, the
secret police struck while the iron was hot and they surrounded the
group and took them into custody, at that present, Abraham had no
other refuge but only his wit.

    Labeeb received new information which said, that Abraham was
flanked by three armed-guards. This information has been transferred to
Solomon, the thing which incurred him to ask Labeeb _ the lieutenant
colonel _ for the precaution. After Labeeb got the permission to enter
the town, three squad cars had been filled with fifteen patrols equipped
with the most high-end firearm and radios. Three cars powered up their
goal was Ugarit, to stop any action like mistreat or murder or any thing
Abraham planned to do it unlawfully.

                                * * *

    The GPS man viewed that Julia's signal has stopped. He informed his
boss about that, also Solomon has been provided from the Intelligence
department that Julia's car stopped near to the port. Yeah Julia has left
her car companied with her new considered guard the loyal Elend. Both
of them wheeled into the seaside where Julia's yacht has been pulled off
aside. The yacht was powered up and speedily moved toward the north.
Julia was behind the wheel, watching out the sea holding her gun and
Elend stood beside her. Elend intended to ask, "Mistress, shall you shot
anyone may stop you or put your life at risk?" She looked at him, her
look seemed somehow weird "Sure I shall do that," I just killed one
intentionally so I will be considered a homicide before the law, but as
you know, it was self-protection." Elend wondered what kind of feelings
the person who committed murder can feel; he put himself on behalf of
Julia, he could not even envision such feelings. Verily this feeling is so
dreadful and indescribable, but what Julia felt was absolutely different,
because her lover was taken from between her bosom, one aim was
between her eyes, to take him back, feelings of regret of committing a

homicide has no place now, but setting John free was the feeling which
must be replaced now.

    It was mid-day about 12:11 P.M the grumble of the yacht filled
Elend's ears, he watched the sea, the water around them, he disliked
such situation, because he did not know how to swim, he wanted to get
up to the earth as soon as possible, his heart's pulsation somewhat was
uncommon because he was afraid of drowning down the sea, he
impatiently was waiting for getting off and standing on the solid ground,
suddenly while his thoughts got more deeper, the earth heaved into
sight, he could eye the earth, a kind of peace over his sensation while
Julia unconsciously speed the yacht up, could not imagine that she
would be in the same place where John must be. He has been separated
from her for a long time. Inside of her heart she knew that he would go
back home with her, and Abraham would be finally taken into custody
for what he and his men had done. The rocks got bigger and bigger,
until Elend could jump down, Julia at that moment powered down the
yacht, and got ready to face the destiny, either she would take him or
she would lose her life forever. These ideas were wandering in her mind
while she got off the boat, hiding the gun inside her dress. Some half-
naked people who interested the sunbath were at the seashore; they
noticed the yacht which stopped at the coastline but did not expect that
a small dreadful battle would begin after few minutes of this sudden
come to anchor of that peaceful yacht.

                               Chapter 46

   Frank demanded from the engine's driver to stay away from the
town, that what Jihnah asked him to do as soon as they get up to Ugarit.
Shaeol laughed and said, "I will wait for you here," he added, "I have no
problem. You will pay me the price when this amazing journey comes to
an end." Frank got off from the car, he was followed invisibly by the
charming female fairy, Jihnah. He did not know the way they would
access the gate, wherein no one could get in unless he is an owner or
has the rental permission. Jihnah for sure had the solution for this
obstacle; she told him she was going to show herself before the gate-
man, in other word, she planned to seduce him until Frank could get in
and then she would disappear, leaving an insane watchman behind her
back. Frank at first did not like this idea, but he had no other way but to
accept, he felt some horns were going to appear onto his head. I have
no other way, she is not my lover, nor my wife to stop to this idea, and I

will keep this misery away from her attention. And as it was preplanned
she went ahead to the gate where a thin man stood turning his eyes in
all directions making of himself looked like a martial watchman
protecting very important area. Oh what the hell is that? The watchman
whispered to himself when his eyes caught eve. Jihnah came closer to
him; she smiled then made a short distance between them. "Hey how do
you do?" Gently and most seductively Jihnah asked, making of the one
who heard what she utter, lost his mind and follow his desires. Is that
easy the way man can be tempted? Maybe because of the privation of
sex or love or maybe because Jihnah was the strangest girl this man
ever seen. Anyway in that present Frank could get in easily and without
any troubles. Jihnah squinted and found that this simple mission was
done quickly, she disappeared. Where is she? Where are you? Am I
envisioning these sexual images? Hey where are you little harlot? Alas
his licentious desires swiftly damaged. The watchman finally could
believe that he was in daydreams.

     Frank was waiting for Jihnah beside a small empty chalet. Her
silhouette slowly could be seen. She came jovially and said, "Okay here I
am, let us move to the next step, I think there are only three stages and
we finished the first one, and the second is the same, but the final level
is the most dangerous and crucial one," she stopped to look at him
directly in the eyes, she could notice how his eyes turned blue in case
the sunlight was too harsh, "are you ready to carry on? Ha?" She nodded
innocently her head. Frank could not disregard such sight _ a girl a
strange weird girl is stroking him indirectly without any touch, but his
sensation's level was the uppermost in that moment, "Yeah I am ready."
he said that from the heart. I wish I could touch her. These were his
unspoken feelings. But he found her tipping the wink then said, "We will
finish soon." He hoped that too and wished to stay with her forever as

                                * * *

    Jihnah's trick in synced with Abraham's way of inquiring, wherein
John was forced to take a seat before Abraham, Abraham threw million
of threats, to slain him, to hit him, to cage him with hope of no getting
out, to mistreat him, these were the things Abraham could intimidated.
The main and the most important question was who are you? Other
question followed it like, where are you from? How you fell in love with
Julia? Etc. John never speak a word, Joe was at the main back gate. In

Abraham chalet there were two main gates, one at the back, and the
front gate which leads to the garden situated at the sea side, where the
sea looks like never ending wild surface, especially when it reflects the
light of the sun up to the sky. Ashe attended this horrible interview of
illegal investigation and he witnessed its dreadful sessions. John kept
silence, no information Abraham could have, the thing that leaded
Abraham to ask Ashe to hit him by the gun on his shoulder. High-toned
scream got out from the room, Joe knew that the terror started upstairs.
He wanted to do something, he did not want people hear these strange
and sudden screams in case he did not want a kind of anarchy to open
in this peaceful town, in the same time he desired to tell all people
around that he is not bad one but good man. He went ahead upstairs to
tell that John's screams could be easily heard by people who pass by the
chalet, this action was the thing that was not expected by Jihnah and
Frank, those who were deep in thoughts how they must access the
chalet with less harm. This was the gift of god to those friends, the
presenter was John's outcries and the performer was the good Joe.

    The second struggling part finally reached the chalet out, Julia and
Elend's coming to the chalet in synced with Joe getting down to the back
gate. Elend intended to peep at the inside of chalet and when he got
close to it, by chance he glimpsed Joe who was watching the door, at
that present he swiftly got back to his mistress to provide her with what
his eyes peeked. Julia had no other decision but to break into the chalet
at any cost. "Mistress what are you thinking about?" Elend asked her
mistress, guessing no answer; Julia's answer was to go ahead to the side
of chalet, from which it situated at the seaside. "Can we amount the
garden's green fence?" Julia whispered. Elend looked up into the
seaside, and analyzed the way they might be able to take to get up into
the chalet, "Yes we can," he slowly uttered words because he was
thinking and envisioning the case of getting in, "but we have to be more
careful, in case those lots of men might be watching the place out." Julia
harried to the garden of the chalet, she wanted to see her lover, to
protect him, her heart pulsation grew faster as soon as she took the Uzi
up hiding it behind her wallet, Elend went ahead to the garden and Julia
followed him in a cold sweat, while Jihnah and Frank were waiting inside
the chalet for any chance to make a move.

                              Chapter 47

    Three police cars paused at the town's gate. The watchman was
watching comedic Syrian series, episode number 5th. Two policemen got
off and stepped quickly toward him, it was an atmospheric moisture day,
and the sun was so high. The watchman noticed the cars outside; he
silenced the television and stepped into the room's door to know these
policemen's sake. As the watchman stood directed before the get-off-
two-policemen, one of these men said swiftly with ordering tone, "There
are some wanted people inside the town," the second policeman showed
the permission from the police department to access the gate and get in.
"so would you please open the door?" The watchman focused on the
permission, and then stepped inside his room, in no time the cars
powered up and got in the town. The thing that wondered the watchman
there was no one might be wanted inside the town expect one man, and
this man was abroad. Maybe there is someone new, who knows. The
watchman said, and then he indifferently went back to watch a few
remained scenes of that comedic series.

    Ashe got out of the Abraham's study after he had been asked to, in
order that Abraham wanted to stay alone with John, to inquire for some
private issues related to John and his case with Julia. On the highest
point of the staircase, there was a window from which Ashe could view
some break-in-people _ Julia and Elend _ at the first sense instantly
Ashe opened the window. Elend and Julia were under fire, they could not
take a place to protect themselves from Ashe's bangs, so Elend was
shot, two bangs tore his body one over his heart and one in his stomach,
these bangs made of him motionless man, he hardly could exhale, and
when words could be understood, Julia heard, 'Julia leave me behind and
run away.' In the other side, both of Joe and Mr. Abraham hurried up to
the place where Ashe was shooting from. "What is going on?" Abraham
asked. "Sir, I saw two strange bodies breaking in the garden, one of
them holds a firearm, she is woman, and I think she is Julia." Replied
Ashe. Instantly Abraham asked his men to go down and find them, Ashe
intercepted, "Sir would you please look over there," Ashe pointed to the
bench beside the weeping willow. "there lies the man I shot, and I think
he is bleeding." Abraham asked, "And where is the woman who
companied him?" Ashe answered, "As soon as I shot him she cut and
run and I could not see where she went, but I heard him screaming
asking her to run away." Abraham's resentment was obvious and he was
so embarrassed, finally he could take a decision which was similar with
the last undone one, he ordered Joe and Ashe to find where Julia is. Joe
intended to ask, because he truly disliked to kill, "Sir shall we fire her or

bring her alive?" and when Abraham intended to answer, the police cars'
alarm filled the area. At that present Abraham could not believe his
ears. He found himself going down with his agents to the garden to hide
the bleeding man and that was synced with Jihnah and Frank's getting
up from the place where they hid themselves, and swiftly they took the
stairs, surely Jihnah was invisibly guided by Donella her mother and then
into Abraham's study. Frank was so afraid of such uncommon moments,
the door was open and the tired John was seated on a sofa beside the
desk. He was trying to move to the window behind his back to see what
was going on, so he could not view Frank and his daughter getting in the
study room, and when he span he found them behind him.

                              Chapter 48

   In the surrounding of the garden, the three high-beating-heart men
spread in the garden, Joe ordered to watch the door which takes to the
garden, while Ashe and Abraham strode to the bleeding man, "Oh
Elend!" Abraham surprised. Elend nothing can he speak, but only blank
gazing through eyes. Now Abraham knew what he had to do, he would
profess that Julia broke into his garden and shot his private servant
Elend. This is good idea indeed; I will take advantage of Elend being
bleeding, when police ask about him, but wherefore Julia seeks shooting
Elend, the police will ask me about that, let me see, He had no more
time to think in this case, because the police's alarm is blasting the
whole area, and in the coming few minutes the policemen will strike the
chalet at that time he would be asked about everything, so now he
planned to tell them that Julia wanted to take her son because he
prevented her from meeting him, it is good idea too, so let me go
upstairs to hide John from view. He asked Ashe and Joe to stay down
waiting for him until he could fined a place to conceal John and then
come back to face the police with them. The atmosphere was so
strange, loud alarm outside mixed with policemen's voices to take places
hither and thither.

    As Abraham launched to go upward to his study, the back door of the
chalet which was the main door was broken by an armed policeman, and
then two followed him inside. Joe and Ashe automatically raised their
hands up in the air with their weapons. Screams ordered them kneel
down; they at first looked back to their boss the one was aiming to
mount the stairs when the police got in. Abraham shocked his head as a
sign asking his agents to obey the police's orders. Both of them slowly

stayed on their knees. Elend was beside Ashe hardly breathing; one of
them radioed the car outside to demand at no time an ambulance to
take this bleeding man to the hospital knowing not that they would ask
for another one in the coming few minutes.

                                 * * *

    Labeeb accessed the chalet's doors after his men announcing that
there is no danger inside. He directly asked where Abraham was.
Abraham instantly said, "Here I am, I am Abraham the one who you
asked for." Labeeb replied self-complacently, "You are wanted; some
reports said that you keep in your chalet a person for personal
investigation, you have to say the truth, do not utter unsuitable words
which might be against you later, so you have no way to hide or to
evade." Abraham found the moment came to start tricking, "In fact I do
not know what are you talking about, I come here to have some rest
and later to be surprised that the woman I divorced came to take her
son, she shot one of my servants," he pointed to the unspoken Elend
who still laid on the ground, "and I want you to catch her, she still in the
area, she flied as soon as I and my men came to help this man." Labeeb
at that present found himself in the middle of the embarrassment. This
man's servant has been shot, and Julia the woman he has divorced
attacked his chalet. I think all these reports were cheating or misguiding
us, maybe the rich woman has hired some people to provide the police
with some unreal reports and really this woman was trying to attack
Abraham. "Okay stand up," Labeeb ordered Ashe and Joe, "I will check
the chalet out, so that we can be sure of what you professed, do not
worry we have the permission of doing that." Suddenly and before
Labeeb launched to order his men to check the chalet out, a loud man's
voice came from upstairs screaming No….

                               Chapter 49

    Jihnah stood face-to-face before her father, and Frank stood beside
her, waiting for the sign to do what he appointed to do. John did not
astound at all, he knew that his daughter would come someday but he
did not expect the date. John was screaming saying only one word,
"No." when his daughter repetitively tried to convince him that this world
is damned and he sooner or later would die, while in his original world
he will be immortal, she tried to explain to him that human beings are
evil and only a few people are good, she tried to tell him that his family

is waiting for him, in fact Donella was watching all the conversation
invisibly, and tears streamed down her face, she could not believe how
John changed and how he was able to block himself and reject his
daughter's pleading.

    Jihnah finally knew that her father would not change his mind; she
whispered in Frank's ear, "He will not welsh, so please try to focus on
and lay the magical stone onto his forehead; he as you see has been
tied, so come on and do not tarry." She found Frank replying, "But what
if he resists, he will not be taken back, be sure of that." She beckoned
the sign of embarking. Frank's heart started to beat so fast he thought of
his life, of his love, of his feelings toward everything, he felt that he was
alike those who were dying on deathbed, remembering and recalling
everything, he knew that soon Jihnah would be no longer exist, once her
father converted once again to fairy. He gathered his strength in his
hand to be able to take up the stone high and stick it onto John's
forehead, the stone heaved into view and John knew what this object
was for, he started to scream, "No please no, no please please no, Julia
where are you?" God heard his question and before the reverb of his
question even ended; Julia appeared, she stepped into the room,
instantly Jihnah disappeared, fortunately the two bangs which went
toward Frank's body took a place in not killing parts in his body, the third
bang was about to take killing point but it was stopped when the
policemen shouted, "Stop you are under arrest." Julia knew that her fate
would not be like that, thus she struggle and fight for bringing her lover
back. Frank was on the ground bleeding, few minutes later, he passed
out, he did not even heard the alarm of the second ambulance which
came to take him to the nearest hospital which welcomed Elend as far.

   Two policemen stayed in Elend and Frank's room to watch over
them, one at the room's door another inside the room, they were
appointed by the police department for some reasons, the important one
was to listen to them while they were asleep, in case they might say
something unconsciously, which was called a hallucination the thing
which follows such horrible and strange accidents. Elend stayed silent all
the time; in his temporary slumber he did not utter a word, while Frank
was saying intricate words, like: Jihnah, Babylon, fairies world, etc.

   In his slumber Frank poured out what he did not dare to say while he
was awake. He said unreasonable words that the policeman did not
understand, something like: I love you Jihnah, I love you my ice queen,

where are you? Why have you left me? I need you, you are everything,
where are you Jihnah? And he questioned some complex questions like:
can I convert to fairy? Can I be immortal? Shall you agree me? Do you
really love me? Jihnah was beside him, listening to every word he said,
she was crying as her mother cried few minutes ago, Donella's heart
drained from grief, Jihnah's heart wept the tears of lose, she lost her
father forever and Frank too. She kept praying for him, that god may
save his soul and brings him back to life again. Shall he die in here? Oh
Frank how beautiful you are, oh how much I need you now. Donella left
her daughter with the boy that sacrificed his whole life for her and her
father, for her happiness and mirth. Jihnah could not control herself, she
tried to stroke Frank's wet hair, pore at his eyes which were half-opened,
his breath was uncommon, and she knew that he would leave this world
soon, though she kept praying for him, she wish she could relive him,
she cried and wept, her tears affected her, she finally found herself
saying some words, she was sure that he would listen to her, "Frank, my
beloved Frank, you can be a fairy like me, the truth and the key is you,
search for the truth which has been buried inside you, and you will meet
me in the immortal world, where love grows like us, immortal like us and
like your constant smiling face." She could feel his breath calmed down
and peace came back to lull his soul. At that sense she flew away to the
world of no hate after she had typed a kiss on his wet forehead.

                              Chapter 50

   Suddenly Frank's heart signal started to take deathline on the
machine, after less than three seconds, the whistle cried out, singing the
song of his death, Frank left this world, the real and the imagery worlds
without even say I love you face-to-face.

   The train's car began to slow down and the whistle cried out, to pay
the passengers' attention that they are in Homs station city right now.
Frank could view his face reflected on the glass. What a damned boy am
I! I stopped my life, and I relived myself once again, what a plot I have
made! I do not know that I am that much skilful in webbing such events
and stories. But I liked Babylon and I will visit it someday, who was
Jihnah? Me? And who was Julia and John and other characters? Me? He
got off from the train; his eyes embraced other passengers' eyes as
though he intended to say, "Nice journey." But no one noticed his eyes'

    A taxi driver was waiting outside the station; he came near to Frank
and asked him if he would like to hire a minicab, Frank shocked his head
and said, "Sure I would like, take me to my home, I am so tired." Frank
intended to laugh when he whispered to himself. How are you Shaeol?
And then he had a look around, by looking on the rearview mirror to
view Jihnah. She is gone. He said it with dark-heavy heart. He wished
she came back again, he wondered if he could bring her back into his
head once again!


    Fifteen summers later, some people still interest the moments at the
beach. A woman with her daughter together they watched the sunset
silently enjoying themselves with this amazing heavenly sight. Finally the
sun sleeps, so Tala can hear more from her mother about him, when she
turned her face to look at her mother, she found her stand up then
stepped into the point where last tip of water can reach sand, she stood
there, interesting the cold water touching her barefoot, and the fresh air
stroking gently her face, Tala followed her mother, "Mama, I am waiting
for you to complete the story." Tala said. Tala was fourteen years of
age, brown-skinned, and honey-haired. She has so soft and gentle voice
which enchants every one hears it. Her mother sounded surely taller
than her, gold-skinned, and honey-haired too, Tala inherited her
mother's hair colour and her way of talking, Sarah was gentle woman
expert in the field of communication, she works in the biggest company
of communication in Greek, her personality looks strong but she was
hesitate and unsure of what she usually decides. She pays attention
around her whenever she goes, when she talks she as who spells other
with incantations. A gentle and beautiful woman and she was mother of
a gentle girl too.

    Sarah was affected by the impressive sunset, her soul tasted the
sweetness of it, and when she stood face-to-face with the sea, she could
hear Frank's whispers. "Okay my little baby, Frank after that night, and
as I remember, after less than a week, he went to his favourite internet
cafe to check his e-mail and search for some information," softly and
barely heard Sarah's voice, Tala looked so interested, "and after a few
minutes of starting his work in the net, someone buzzed his yahoo
messengers, typing hi. Frank replied hi." Tala sounded more interested
in that present wherein she said, "Okay mama continue." Sarah could
not bear herself, and cold tear streamed down her face, she felt like her

tears want to complete the sea, anyway she could control herself and
complete recounting the story she has began, "When Frank asked who
was saying hi, the chatter replied, I am Emma, then Emma asked Frank
about his name, he told her his real name, the question which followed
was really the turning point of Frank's whole life, wherein he asked
where are you from? She answered, she answered," Sarah stopped
because of weeping, in that moment she could not control herself. "What
she replied mama?" Tala asked. "She replied I am Emma from Babylon."
At that moment the teenager Tala, fell into long silence watching how
the sea, the sound of its waves mixed with what her mother said, Tala
found nothing to explain this prospect, she kept eyeing the sea and left
her mother behind drowning inside her never-ending tears.

                               The end

Ended on August 19, 2006
Written in winter, spring and summer of 2006