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Russ Fan


									                                                                                                 Saratoga, CA 95070
russ fan                                                                              

 OBJECTIVE                Seeking a full-time position in the games industry as a 3D artist .

 Nov 2003 - Present       Lead Port Artist for Sorrent
                          Managed and modified art assets for multiple port projects. Worked primarily with Photoshop,
                          DeBabelizer, TweakPNG, PNGCrush, and PNG Gauntlet manipulating small scale images
                          ranging in size from 15x15 to 320x240. Worked on Palette Swapping Techniques to maximize
                          asset variation. Created multiple scripts to speed up pipeline processes.

 May 2003 – Nov 2003      Game Tester for Sorrent
                          Cell phone Game Tester for multiple titles over a variety of handsets and carriers.

 Jan 2002 – Dec 2002      Game Tester for Electronic Arts
                          The Sims Vacation – Core Tester
                          Lego Soccer PS2 – PAL Gameplay Tester
                          The Sims Deluxe Edition – Assistant Lead Tester
                          The Sims Unleashed – Core Tester
                          Bond Nightfire Nintendo Gamecube – Assistant Lead Tester
                          The Sims Online – Assistant Lead Tester

 Oct 2001-Dec 2001        Game Tester for 3DO

 March 2000, 2001, 2003   Game Developer Conference 2000, 2001, 2003 Conference Associate, San José, CA

 SKILLS                   Artistic: Adobe Photoshop, DeBabelizer, TweakPNG, Illustrator, Director, Premiere
                          Programming: Lingo, Perl, BASIC, HTML, Pascal, Visual Basic
                          Testing: Filemaker Pro, Dev Track, Bugzilla
                          Miscellaneous Apps: Word, Excel, MS Project
                          Mac and PC literate; Familiar with Windows 3.1,95, 98, 2000, ME, NT, XP, Unix
                          Strong writing, technical, communication and spatial skills.
                          Artistic, technical, reliable, project-oriented team player.

 EDUCATION                San José State University, San José, CA
                          B.A. Art – Emphasis: Digital Media, Dec. 2000
                          Minor: Physics

 INTERESTS                Scripting, Behavioral Psychology, Game Theory, Emergent Behavior, Group Dynamics

 REFERENCES               References available upon request.

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