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Puma Product Labeling


									Product Labeling

General Information & System Implementation Concept

                            Jochen Wienke
                       International Operations
Product Label Types

                                        1) Standard Hang Tags: Sport/Lifestyle/Fashion/Life Hang Tags (in different sizes), Sandal Hang Tag,
                                        King Hang Tag, Gore Tex Hang Tag
   Hang Tags                            2) Optional Hang Tags: MSRP Hang Tag, Puma Japan Red Shoe Hangtag, Puma Japan Black Shoe
                                        Hangtag, Korean Hang Tag, Korean Barcode Hang Tag (with detachable barcode) – maybe different
                                        versions also used in other countries

                                        Standard Shoebox Barcode Label, Small Shoebox Barcode Label, Standard Apparel/Accessories Barcode
   Barcode Stickers                     Label, Small Size Apparel/Accessories Barcode Label, Puma Japan Standard Size Shoebox Label, Sock
                                        Barcode Sticker with Material Description

   Shoe Tongue Labels

   Security Labels

   Pictogram Labels

   Care Instruction
   Woven & Heat
   Transfer Size Labels

   Neck Labels                          Country of Origin should be printed on Care Label in future and Neck Label is optional (only attached for
                                        Customers who explecitely request it).
   ("Made in…")

   Other Product Labels                 Safety Boot CE Info Booklet (Tretorn), Tretorn Size Hang Tag, Poly Bags, Header Cards
   and Packaging Items

International Operations
Confidential – for internal use only.
Product Label Types
     Hang Tag & Barcode Sticker Subtypes
   Hang Tag Subtype Examples:           Barcode Sticker Subtype Examples:

International Operations
Confidential – for internal use only.
Product Labeling
     IT System Implementation Steps

 •      As first implementation steps, information regarding Hang Tags, Optional Product Labels and Barcode Stickers should
        be included into international IT systems and the information flow of PRM, PID and GBS to the recipient systems of
        suppliers and label vendors

 •      In further steps late on, also other Product Label Types (as mentioned above) should be considered in a similar way

 •      Additionally, beside Product Labeling, also Packaging Items should be considered in future in a similar way. E.g.
        definition of poly bags, header cards, etc…

International Operations
Confidential – for internal use only.
Product Labeling Information Flow (Concept) I
                   New Data Fields for Article Master and Ordering

      Standard                                       Optional
                                                                                                    Barcode Sticker
      Hang Tags                                      Product Labels
        •Style Level (season dependend)              •Style Level (season dependend)                •Style Level (season dependend)

        •Currently maintained regarding APP in       •E.g. customer specific additional hang tags   •One reference data field with possibility of
        PRM/BOM, should be maintained in             or optional Neck Label                         single selection and definition of reference
        future in Style Brief for all Product                                                       values for one Product Division only or all
        Divisions                                                                                   Product Divisions
                                                     •With implementation in PRM/PID article
                                                     specific optional hang tags can be supported
        •One reference data field with possibility                                                  •Customers can "overrule" standard
        of multiple selection and definition of                                                     PRM/PID article setting along with their GBS
        reference values for one Product Division    •One reference data field with multiple
                                                     selection possibility                          orders for realization of a customer specific
        only or all Product Divisions                                                               labeling (e.g. along with MSRP Hang Tag no
                                                                                                    barcode sticker to print)
        •There should be a catalogue flag            •References are different to those of
        included in PRM for a Hang Tag reference     Standard Hang Tags or other mandatory
                                                     Product Label fields                           •In case of Footwear (but maybe also an
                                                                                                    option for other product divisions), a
        •Usually, Standard Hang Tags are                                                            reference value "Size Dependent" is set by
        included in the product price as defined     •Should be used for all Product Divisions      default and the field Label Type in PID on
        in PRM/PID                                                                                  size level is used for a definition. This field
                                                     •Customers can "overrule" standard             should be preset in dependence of the
                                                     PRM/PID article settings along with their      selected Packing Type (means size of shoe
                                                     GBS orders for realization of a customer       box), but also changeable manually to a
                                                     specific labeling                              different value.

                                                     •Usually, optional Product Labels lead to
                                                     labeling surcharges to the product price for
                                                     the customer

International Operations
Confidential – for internal use only.
Product Labeling Information Flow (Concept) II
                   References and Style Data
                                        Article Dependend Label Information                      Customer Dependend Label Information
                                                                                                                        Optional Product Labels
                                                                                                                        Order Data
                                                                                                                        Barcode Sticker
                                                                                                                        Order Data
                                        Standard Hang Tags                    Barcode Sticker
                                        Style Data (APP, ACC,                 Style Data (FTW)
                                         FTW)                                                             Customers
                                        Optional Product Labels         FTW
                       PLM              Style Data (APP, ACC,
                                                                        WC                             Customer
                                        FTW)                                                                          XML Interface
                                        Barcode Sticker
                                        Style Data (APP, ACC)

                          PRM                     + Update            PID                                         GBS

                                                                                                        Label Data     XML Interface
                                         Standard Hang Tags
                                         References (FTW, APP, ACC)

                                         Optional Product Labels
                                         References (FTW, APP, ACC)
                                         Barcode Sticker
                                         References (FTW, APP, ACC)
International Operations
Confidential – for internal use only.
Product Labeling Information Flow (Concept) III
 Standard Hang Tags (APP&ACC)                        Standard Hang Tags (FTW)
                                                     Optional Product Labels
                                                           Barcode Sticker
                       Standard Hang Tags
                       Specifications (APP & ACC?)
                                                               Standard Hang Tags
                                                               Specifications (FTW)
            APP                                                Optional Product Labels
         Int'l R&D                                             Specifications
                                                               Barcode Sticker

                                                           PDF File


                                                           PDF File

International Operations
Confidential – for internal use only.
Product Labeling
     System Implementation Notes

 •      In TSA, currently regarding (Standard) Hang Tags references, alphanumeric ID numbers are used. However, in PRM
        numeric sorting numbers should be used (as with other references used across systems like PID and subsidiary
        systems). As first implementation step, the respective TSA alphanumeric ID number should be added to the PRM
        reference description. So the recipient of label information can assign the label to the corresponding label ID. In later
        steps, it can be thought of whether it's senseful to harmonize IDs across systems.

 •      Within PRM, data should be useable as well in other relevant modules (e.g. cost sheets), so multiple maintenance of
        the same data can be avoided.

 •      There will be further meetings arranged by PRM team and PRM users in how far PRM GUI can help to enhance data
        input as far as possible. E.g. default values by Product Division, build of "Label Packages" for combinations used a lot of
        times, other group and dependency functions, etc …
        However, from database point of view, respectively inteface to PID, only single label records should be included in
        references and style data.

 •      For both multiple selection data fields "Standard Hang Tags" and "Optional Product Labels", up to 20 label references
        at a time can be assigned to a style (from a theoretically unlimited number of reference records available). This
        definition is required for flat file interfaces (such as PRM-PID interface). Non-flat-file interfaces are instantly set up to
        handle theoretically an unlimited number of records.

 •      The data fields on style level should be included in update download from PRM to PID. Updates done in PRM for a
        certain style season overwrite in PID complete previous setting of the respective data field, but only for the season
        where style brief is edited.

International Operations
Confidential – for internal use only.

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