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									Getting Involved Can Pave the Way to College
By EducationQuest Foundation

Getting involved in high school is an important part of college planning. When
considering your application, a college looks at more than your grades—they want to
know who you are when you’re not in class. Involvement in extracurricular activities also
increases your chances of earning scholarships.

Volunteer and paid work, community service, clubs, sports, music and church activities
are all considered extracurricular activities. Choose activities that utilize your strengths
or help you develop new skills. Your activities may even help you decide on a college
major and career path.

Find an activity you can stick with and take an active role to develop leadership skills.
Colleges will notice your commitment and contribution to your school or community.

Here’s how to get started:

      Ask your classmates what activities they enjoy
      Talk to your guidance counselor about school-based activities
      Consider joining a youth group at church
      Contact local service organizations such as your church or the United Way
      Visit your city’s website for a list of volunteer activities

If there isn’t an organized activity that suits you, create one! Talk to the appropriate
person at your school or church, and ask for their help in forming a group. In the
process, you will demonstrate leadership and organizational skills, and get to meet
others who share your interests.

To keep a written record of all of your activities, including your paid jobs, use the
Activities Resume at This tool will help you build a resume for
college admissions and scholarship applications.

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