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Job Description and Person Specification


									Job Description and Person Specification

Job details
Job title:          Senior Playworker - Adventure Playground

Directorate:        Learning and Standards

Reporting to:       Play Development Manager

Grade:              S01/S02

Job description
Purpose of the            To manage the day to day running of the playground, whic h includes the building and the site within
post:                      the overall ethos of the Early Years & Play Service and to maximise the use of the playground .
                          Maintaining a safe, creative and stimulating environment for children’s play where every child feels
                           welcome and is considered important.
                          Taking overall responsibility for health and safety and child protection issues within the projec t.
                          The development of appropriate programmes offered by the play ground including after school,
                           week end and holiday provision in accord ance with the needs of children in the area and the 5
                           outcomes required by the Children’s Act 2004 (E very Child Matters).

Main duties and           To develop and maintain an exciting, challenging and varied play environment which allows children
responsibilities:          to take part in continually changing and adapting the play place.
                          To use observation, reflective practice and regular team meetings to assess the play needs of the
                           children attending the playground to inform every aspect of the running of the playground.
                          To use appropriate consultation methods ranging from day to day listening and responding to major
                           consulting methods for large projects that reflect the wishes of the children and young people in a
                           non tokenistic manner.
                          To provide a range of appropriate creative, stimulating environments and activities which cover the
                           play types and reflect the needs of all children.
                          To use low intervention and high response methods to create a child led environment which is
                           harmonious and non- authoritarian and to establish co-operative relationships with and between
                           children and young people.
                          To create a playground that is inclusive of all children, and to establis h strong links bet ween the play
                           site and the community it serves.
                          To manage a booking system for use of the playground by external groups ensuring that the core
                           function of the playground is maintained.
                          To work with parents/carers to encourage their appropriate involvement in the playground.
                          To positively promote the playground within the borough and the local community, liaising as
                           appropriate with the Learning Trust Communications and FIS (Family Information Service) teams.
                          To keep up to date with the latest developments and theories in play and playwork, as well as
                           strategies and initiatives at national and local levels.
                          To supervise and motivate staff individually and as a team in accordance with the Learning Trust
                           Human Resources policy & procedure, which includes induction, supervision, appraisal and staff                                          1
Job Description and Person Specification

                    To have regular team meetings to ensure that all staff have an active involvement in the
                     development of the playground and to ensure the positive dissemination of relevant information to
                    To be responsible for all site administration duties including completion of the records as
                     appropriate which includes staff time sheets, staff sickness records, risk assessments,
                     accident/incident reports as examples.
                    To act as the designated Child Protection officer on site and ensure that all staff and volunteers
                     follow child protection procedures.
                    To ensure that all legal requirements for the playground are met such as health & safety, risk
                     assessment, fire regulations, Ofsted, Child protection as example within the framework of the
                     playwork principles.
                    To build, maintain and adapt play structures on a regular basis and ensure that risk assessments
                     are carried out and health and safety standards are met.
                    To ensure that play policies and procedures are followed and to take part in the reviewing thes e as
                    To be responsible for the development of the staff team including ensuring they undertake the
                     appropriate playwork training
                    To follow the Learning Trusts financial procedures, and to ensure that any monies are accounted
                     for, and any petty cash is kept securely.
                    In conjunction with line manager to ensure that the effective allocation of resources, equipment and
                     finance and to sourc e and apply for appropriat e funding streams and administer fund from
                     successful applications.
                    To ensure the safe storage of all equipment and to lift and move items of play equipment when
                     required with aids and adaptations if required.
                    To take part in any in servic e training that may from time to time be agreed.
                    To participate in one to one supervisions and appraisal with line managers and promote and sustain
                     own pers onal and professional development and to provide regular written reports to the line
                     manager as required.
                    To undert ake additional or other duties as may be appropriate to achieve the objectives of the post
                     and as directed and deemed appropriate by the Li ne Manager.

 General            The post holder must at all times carry out his/her responsibilities with due regard to The Learning
 requirements:       Trust’s policy, organisation and arrangements for Health and Safety at Work.
                    To promote and protect the professional reputation of the Learning Trust at all times.
                    It is your responsibility to carry out your duties in line with The Learning Trust’s policy on Equality
                     and Diversity and be sensitive and caring to the needs of others, promoting a positive approach to a
                     harmonious working environment.
                    You must promote and safeguard the welfare of children, young and vulnerable people that you are
                     responsible for or come int o contact with.
                    Creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, innovation and optimism.
                    Able and willing to cover at other sites when required
                    Ability to move heavy items of play equipment with aids and adaptations if necessary.
                    Able to work evenings and weekends on a regular basis in term time.
                    To take appropriate steps to safeguard the confidentiality of all service user information and records                                  2
Job Description and Person Specification

                 irrespective of origin. This may exclude child protection issues.
                Cary out the responsibilities of the post at all times with due regard to the Data Prot ection Act 1998.                               3
Job Description and Person Specification

                                                                             Job title:   Senior Playworker - Adventure

 Person Specification                                                                                Essential   Desirable

 Qualifications                                                                                                    
 1.       Recognised play qualification at a minimum level 3                                             

 Experience                                                                                                         
 2.       Experience of playwork with children aged 5 to 15 years in a multicultural urban               
 3.       Experience of managing a successful play site                                                  

 4.       Experience of and understanding of the principles behind adventure play work                   

 5.       Experience of liaising with parents/carers of children attending play provision and            
          promoting positive relationships.
 6.       Experience of managing staff on a playsite.                                                    

 7.       Experience of structure building in an adventure playground                                                

 8.       Experience of fundraising                                                                                  

 Knowledge                                                                                                          
 9.       Knowledge of Health & Safety issues relating to all issues concerning children and             
          provision of an adventure playground
 10.      Understanding of and commitment to the implementation of all relevant Learning Trust           
          and service policies.
 11.      Knowledge of Quality Assurance methods and how to assess play provision.                       

 12.      Knowledge of Ofsted standards and inspections.                                                 

 13.      Knowledge of play work principles                                                              

 14.      Knowledge of child development in relation to play development.                                

 Skills                                                                                                             
 15.      Ability to lead and motivate a staff team.                                                     

 16.      Ability to effectively manage a budget and keep appropriate records.                           

 17.      Able to ensure that all current administrative records are maintained and returned as          
 18.      Ability to manage a busy advent ure playground.                                                
Job Description and Person Specification

 19.   Ability to provide an environment which children are able to continually able to change      
       and adapt

 20.   Ability to organise a range of play activities which extend children’s play and contribute   
       to their enjoyment and healthy development.

 21.   Ability and commitment to work with children in a non directive manner                       

 22.   Ability to work with children in a manner which reflects playwork intervention styles to     
       their enjoyment and overall development.

 23.   Ability to supervise & appraise staff and identify their training and development            

 24.   Ability to take responsibility for own personal playwork developm ent.                       

 25.   Willingness to undertake structure building and maintenance of structures which will         
       involve working at heights and using a range of tools and power tools.

 26.   Ability to cope with challenging behaviour from children and parents                                                              5

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