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PowerPoint Presentation - Bauhaus in Chicago


									   Architektur und die Stadt:
Chicago Trivia - was wissen Sie?
Why is Chicago called the “Windy City”?

 • The city is famous for sailing.
 • The weather can be quite cool
   and breezy.
 • The city was once governed by
   questionable politicians who
   tended to exaggerate.
Why did the World’s Columbian Exposition in
       1893 take place in Chicago?

  • The discovery of America was
  • The citizens wanted to show the world
    that it could invest in Chicago again
    after the great fire.
  • An extravagant event was planned for
    visitors from Colombia.
Which material does not burn,
      bend, or melt?
  a.   Iron
  b.   Terra Cotta
  c.   Steel
  d.   Wood
Why did so many artists, who worked for the
Bauhaus School come to the United States?

    • The National Socialists objected
      to their socialist tendencies and
      closed the school in 1933.
    • The artists wanted to spread
      their theories around the world.
    • The Bauhaus had actually
      originated at Black Mountain
      College in North Carolina.
             House or Skyscraper?
               (clicker activity)

Would you rather live in a skyscraper in Chicago after
 you graduate or in a house in Evanston? When you
 are 35 years old?
      SKYSCRAPER                  •      HOUSE

What are advantages or disadvantages?
  Which building appeals to you most? Why?
                (clicker activity)

A.                  B.                   C.

*From which century are they?
*What could their function be?
*If you inherited B, what would you do with it?
       Favourite Building on Campus:
              (clicker activity)

a.   Kresge Hall
b.   University Hall
c.   University Library
d.   Deering Library
e.   Tech
f.   other
          Controversial Questions
             (clicker activity)
• Is architecture art? Yes/No
• Is a mixture of modern and historical effective
  (German Reichstag)? Yes/No

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