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									 Windows Server 2003 Seminar
                Course Number 4128 – 8 Hours

With the introduction of Windows 2000 and Active Directory Microsoft took a
large step into the Enterprise space. The change from default network and
authentication protocols being Microsoft specific to being industry standard meant
integration into non-Microsoft environments became easier to accomplish.
Windows Server 2003 builds on the innovation of Windows 2000 and improves
and refines functionality while also introducing innovation of its own.
This seminar will detail the benefits of Windows Server 2003 and explain the
technologies used from Internet Information Services 6.0 to Active Directory via
Clustering, and will explain how Microsoft are aiming for a reliable, scalable,
secure and robust environment for network administration.
This course is currently under development and the content is subject to change,
please call for further details.

   Identify the different versions of Windows Server 2003
   List what can be upgraded to Windows Server 2003
   Identify the utilities provided with Windows Server 2003 to aid deployment
   Navigate the new Group Policy management interface
   Explain the use of new management tools in Windows Server 2003
   Explain the changes made to the Active Directory environment
   Explain the new Internet Information Services architecture
   Identify networking improvements in Windows Server 2003
   Identify security improvements in Windows Server 2003
   Explain Windows Server 2003 media services

The seminar is written for IT professionals and Managers who are interested in
Microsoft’s latest operating system and what benefits it can provide to their

The seminar is of a technical nature and knowledge of network operating systems
would be beneficial though not required.

Introduction to Windows Server 2003
Evolution path to Windows Server 2003, Different versions of the operating
system, hardware requirements;

Installation and Upgrade
Automated installation, Setup Manager, Cloning, Upgrade paths, Application
incompatibility, User State Migration Tool, Connection Manager;

Group Policy Management, Resultant Set of Policies, WMI Filtering, Cross forest
support, Windows Update, Remote Assistance, Terminal Services/Remote
Desktop, Windows Management Instrumentation, Improved disk management,
Managing printing;

Active Directory
Cross forest management, Re-naming domains, Using an Active Directory replica,
Different AD levels, Metadirectory Services, New Application Partition,
Replication improvements, Global Catalog improvements;

Internet Information Services 6.0
New architecture, Application pools, Web gardens, Rapid fail protection,
Recycling worker processes, IIS 5.0 isolation mode, Server Lockdown, XML

Networking enhancements, TCP/IP based enhancements, IPv6, IP over IEEE
1394, Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet, Universal Description, Discovery and
Integration Services, Network Bridging;

Kerberos, Smart Cards, Certificates, Cryptography, IPSec, Internet Connection
Firewall, Secure Wireless, Encrypting File System, Credential Manager;

Media Services
Fasr Start, Fast Cache, Fast Recovery, Fast Reconnect, Rich media streaming,
Secure content delivery. Standards based, Flexible Plug in Architecture, Broad
programming support.


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