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									John Doe
1212 Anywhere Street
Big City, Ontario
O1O 1O1

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am applying for the co-op position you have posted on Seneca‟s Career Services Website.

I am a senior student in Seneca College with a major in Computer Programming & Analysis.
With an outstanding cumulative GPA of 3.8, I was selected to the President‟s Honour List. I
have a solid background and comprehensive knowledge of Java, JavaBeans, C, C++, VB,
Cobol, ORACLE DBMS, system design and implementation. In addition, my trouble shooting
skills, software and hardware installation and computer maintenance experience will enhance
my ability to meet your requirements.

My first workterm was at ABC Limited in software and hardware technical support and I am
working as a part-time contract programmer at DEF Development Inc. This provides me with a
profound understanding and first hand experience of business computerization and business
operational functions in a business setting. I have worked for China Online Inc. for two years
after my graduation from Beijing Institute of Technology in 1995 with a diploma in Computer
Networking Support (CNS). Prior to my CNS diploma, I have completed a Bachelor‟s Degree
in Architecture Design at Beijing Institute of Technology. I have also worked as a Client
Support Manager to assist customers in solving problems with Internet connections and PC
hardware at the same company.

As a member of your team, I will bring knowledge, skills and experience that have proven to
generate positive results. You will find me a detail-oriented individual with a strong knowledge
base in a variety of computer operating systems, such as Windows 95/98/NT4/2000, AIX and

It would be a great pleasure to meet with you to discuss your requirements and my contribution
in further detail. Thank you for your time and consideration.


John Doe
                                            JOHN DOE
                  1212 Anywhere Street,  Big City Ontario  O1O 1O1 Tel: (416) 555-1212
   Seeking a challenging position in the field of Programming or onsite technical support

Programming Languages: Java (Swing, RMI, JDBC, Java Servlet), JavaBeans, C,
                       Object Oriented C++, Cobol, Unix Shell Scripting, VB6.0
Internet:              HTML4.0, JavaScript, Front Page 98
Operating Systems:     Windows (95/98/NT4.0/Win2000), UNIX (RS/6000), LINUX,
Desktop Applications:  MS Office 97, 3D Studio MAX 1.2, PhotoShop 4.0
Database:              SQL Oracle 8.0/DBMS, Oracle Developer 2000, Access

  Part-time Contract Programmer                                     May 1999 – Present
  DEF Development Inc, Toronto, ON
 Built a data entry screen, which tracks the number of screens and data that users entered
  using C++. The program used “pointer to an array of character pointers” and saved all the
  data fields for the screen in a “super-string” in a newly acquired block of memory,
  consisting of all of the input data fields. This program processes approximately 500
  transaction per day.
 Coded an inventory system that utilized the double-linked list to store items of user-defined
  class data to track inventory transactions in terms of sales per day and per department. The
  program runs on either AIX, Borland C++ or VC++.
 Wrote a Java program to handle applications for college admission providing friendly user
  interface. This program worked both as an applet and as a stand-alone application.
 Designed and implemented collaborative distributed GUI interface for cloth ordering
  sorting system using JDBC and Swing.
 Designing and implementing a “real-time” stock portfolio tracking application based on
  JavaBeans components. This application displays user‟s stock portfolio and updates the
  information in “real-time”. Users have the option to define trigger to alert different types of
  changes in the portfolio.

    Networking Support (co-op)                                    Dec 1999 – May2000
    ABC Canada Inc., Toronto, ON
   Provided hardware/software support and troubleshooting for laptop and desktop user
    community of 500 in the ABC Centre, working in a Win98/NT4.0 LAN environment
   Provided support for all ABC*LANS standard applications, TCP/IP problems, networking,
    printing, RPC connectivity running MS exchange server, RAS and system related problems
   Installed Window2000 Server, Configured DHCP, TCP/IP, WINS and DNS Server
   Upgraded 15 Cisco‟s Catalyst 1900/2820/5500 firmware/software for all switches and hubs
    for our LAN infrastructure
                                       JOHN DOE
                1212 Anywhere Street  Big City Ontario  O1O 1O1 Tel: (416) 555-1212
    Part-time WebPages Developer                                   Jan 1999 – May1999
    DEF Development Inc, Toronto, ON
   Setup and configured a Web server (Apache), developed a site using image mapping, Java
    Script and implemented CGI using C
   Designed an online delivery site for organic food company for over 100 products
   Setup one of the biggest Chinese online financial and stock website: www.abc.com using
    image mapping and Java Script

    Technical Support                                              Jan 1998 – Aug 1998
     Roger‟s Computer Technology, Toronto, Canada
   Set up and maintained more than 500 computers as well as installed and upgraded
    Win95/98 & WinNT system and applications software, including virus protection
   Provided troubleshooting on end user applications, operating systems, hardware,
    network cards and cables, network printers, hubs, laptop computers, and remote (dial up)

    Client Support Manager                                        Jan 1997 – Dec 1997
    China Online Inc, Beijing, China
   Assisted customers in solving problems with Internet connections and PC hardware
   Trained staff on good customer service performance, which included telephone etiquette
    and troubleshooting technical skills

    Marketing Manager Assistant                                    Mar 1995 – Dec 1996
    China Online Inc, Beijing, China
   Organized a team and developed a plan to attract 10 companies and 1,000 users to use our
    Internet services
   Provided LAN solutions according to company‟s business needs
   Installed and configured a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0 server to host a
    local office Intranet

Computer Programming Analysis (Co-op)
Seneca College, Toronto (1998-present)
Currently enrolled in Semester 5 of 6
Course of Study
Object-Oriented Programming
Developmental Methodologies
Business Communications
Computer Networking Support Diploma
Department of Computer Science, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China, 1994
Bachelor of Science
Department of Architecture Design, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China, 1992

   Vice President of Undergraduate Student Association, Beijing Institute of Technology,
    China (1988 – 1992)
   Tennis: former University Champion. Now a Trinity Tennis Club team member
                            John Doe
                        ACADEMIC RECORD


     1     ICA001     INTRO TO        SAT     Fall „98
                      COMPTR APPL
     1     IPC144     INTRO           A       Fall „98
                      PROG.USING C
     1     MPT234     MICROCOMPTR     A DIST Fall „98
                      TOOLS II
     1     OPS124     INTRO TO        A DIST Fall „98
                      COMP SYSTMS
     1     SYS264     BUSINESS SYS    A       Fall ‟98
                      & ANALY

     2     DBS425     DBASE CNCPTS    A DIST Winter‟99
                      & DSGN
     2     OOP244     OBJECT          A DIST Winter ‟99
                      ORIENTD PRGMG
     2     OPS224     OPERTG          A       Winter ‟99
     2     SYS364     SYSTEMS         A       Winter ‟99
                      ANALY & DSGN

     3     CPP100     PROFESSIONAL    SAT     Summer ‟99
     3     OOP444     O.O.PRGRMG      A       Summer ‟99
                      WITH C++
     3     OPS324     AS/400          A       Summer ‟99
                      MID-RNG OPSYS
     3     OPS334     MICROCPTR       A       Summer ‟99
                      OPEERTG SYS
     3     SYS464     OBJ-ORNTD       B       Summer ‟99

     4     DBL526 ADV DBASE           A                  FALL„99
     4     PRO404 JAVA                A DIST FALL „99
     4     PRO428 UNDRSTND& APP       A                  Fall ‟99
     4     PRO520 GROUPWARE/LOTUS A           Fall ‟99
     4     CWT100       CO-OP         SAT                Winter „00
     1     NET603 NETWRK ADMIN        A                  Winter ‟00
                                   John Doe
                               ACADEMIC RECORD
        1       CUL199       CULTURAL           ADV               Fall ‟98
        1       PSY585       LEARNING &         ADV               Fall ‟98
        1       SOC199       SOCIAL             ADV               Fall ‟98
        1       EAC149       ENGISH &           A                 Fall ‟98
        2       EAC150       COLLEGE            A                 Winter ‟99
        3       EAC397       BUS REPORT         B                 Summer ‟99
        4       EAC261       ENGISH             B                 Fall ‟99

                              Grade Point Averages
                   Winter                Summer                  Fall
            Semester Cumulative Semester Cumulative   Semester    Cumulative
98          -        -           -           -        4.0         4.0
99          4.0      4.0         3.6         3.8      3.8         3.8
00          4.0      3.8         -           -        -           -

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