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                  GPDD Task Force Audio Conference
                          March 14, 2006


On the call

Ashish Kumar (on behalf of Sundeep Khanna)
Bob Ransom
Judy Heumann
Kalle Konkolla
Andreas Pruisken
Diane Richler
Harold Snider
Euphrasia Mbewe
James Mwandha
Ronald Wiman

Not on the call

Philippa Lei
Francois de Keersmaeker


Chair: Kalle Konkolla

   1. Updates – (5 minutes)
   2. Updates from working groups (no more than15 minutes)
   3. Task Force Spring meeting agenda (20 minutes)
   4. Membership – introduction of current considerations (10 minutes)
   5. Adding a person from the Latin America region to the Task Force (3
   6. AOB

      The Italians have signed the Multi-donor Trust Fund agreement with the
       Bank – awaiting formal communication to arrive.

      Judy and Marco had meeting with Ian Johnson, Chairperson of CGIAR, on
       Wednesday March 8, 06. Ian Johnson was present at the GPDD planning
       meeting in Italy in 2003. Judy would like to recommend to the group to
       hold the next Task Force meeting in DC in May. GPDD is at a stage where
       it needs to learn from others on issues governance, management,
       organization and membership. Target date week of May 22.

Updates from Working Groups

Youth group

 – Judy’s proposal on a Youth Working Group needs more work
A concern was expressed that this would also require us to think about other
specific groups such as women, elderly, and other groups

It was agreed to do a broader review of the Working Groups – how many and
which. This can be done at the Task Force meeting in May

Disasters, Emergencies and Conflicts - Harold

Harold has started to do fundraising for international meeting on the issue of
Disasters and Disability.

IDDC collaboration – how is that going to work, complete transparency

Education - Diane

Diane was in Washington a couple of weeks ago and spent some time with Judy
and Lene meeting people in the World Bank (longer meeting with Bob Prouty)
and others to talk about issues of education and development
Focus was on efforts surrounding the Fast Track Initiative – (FTI) is a global
partnership between donor and developing countries to ensure accelerated
progress towards the Millennium Development Goal of universal primary
education by 2015.

Follow up – meeting in Moscow – Consultation in advance of G8 meeting
Participated (education) and nominated others
Basic recommendation was to give money to the Fast Track Initiative and
promote an Inclusive approach.

Next chair of G8 Is Germany, CSO from Germany present in Moscow.
Another planning meeting for the G8 in May, presence at that meeting is very

Inclusion International reacted strongly to report by UNESCO and UNICEF on
children out of school which did not include or even mention children with

A suggestion was made to include people from the UN agencies in the upcoming
meeting in DC.

Poverty reduction - Andreas

1. Meeting of the VENRO working group "disability in developing countries" took
place on Feb. 22, 06
2. Met with senior representatives of BMZ, KfW and GTZ
3. CBM met a few weeks ago with Pelé in Sao Paulo to discuss the possibility of
him acting as a Good Will Ambassador for CBM and People with Disabilities
during the World Cup in Germany. If that can be realized, we can consider asking
Pelé at the appropriate time, if he could imagine an involvement with GPDD for
example during the next World Economic Forum in Davos.

Task Force Spring meeting

Possible agenda – this will be left in the hands of the Working Group on planning

A conference call will be set up – possibly including representation from CGIAR
The CGIAR meeting should take place in the beginning of the Task Force

It was suggested to take advantage of meeting in DC to meet with Interaction the
largest alliance of U.S.-based international development and humanitarian
nongovernmental organizations.

Planning committee – to also discuss membership issues in advance

Planning Working group/Membership Committee - Bob

10 lists – have been sent out for review as well as a partnership info form in draft

Concerning the issue of GPDD "membership", please refer to the 2 basic
GPDD reference documents, "Alliance for Disability and Development:
Categories of Participation" (adopted by the TF in Nov. 2005) and the
"Guide for Member Organizations" (adopted by the TF in Jan. 2006).

Discussion/decisions on membership:

Keeping the door open not being to rigid
Move forward with inviting the organizations on the lists
Some may need more personal approach – this will be determined on a case by
case basis.

Adding a person from Latin America to the Task Force

Suggestion is to hold off until after May meeting

Not gotten any applications from affiliates or Task Force organizations

English language can be a barrier – how to get representation from non-English

It was also noted that for audio conference to run smoothly it is a priority that the
Task Force do not expand much beyond its current number


Next audio conference will be Tuesday April 18, same time that is 13; 00 GMT
(please note that some of your locations may be observing daylight savings time)

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