How Safe Is Your Child's Playground by liuhongmei


									Killarney Gardens Cooperative

Playground Maintenance and Safety Plan

Purpose: to provide guidelines for the up-keep of the playground and safe play for the
children and families at Killarney Gardens Coop.


1. Parents to be encouraged to participate in monitoring the playground on evenings and
weekends to ensure safe, fun play of children of all ages.

2. Anyone who witnesses vandalism or illegal behaviour on or around the playground is
advised to call the police and to send a letter to the BOD with the details of the incident
and identifying the individual(s) responsible.

3. Anyone who notices that the playground is in need of repair or maintenance is advised
to fill out a maintenance work request form and leave it in the office.

4. Signage will be placed at the entrance to the playground listing rules for safe play.


1. Co-op members will be organized by the three committees (Grounds, Parents and
Social) on a rotating basis to check the playground on a weekly basis.

2. A survey form will be completed during this time and turned into the office where it
will be kept in a permanent file.

3. Raking of the wood fiber cover can be done bi-weekly during the scheduled ground
clean up time and can be done by a child (parent supervision), teen or adult
4. Playground damage is to be reported on the maintenance work request form and
presented to the office.

5. Playground equipment warranty is specific to the piece of equipment. All warranties
are valid for approximately 15 years.

6. Monthly cleaning of the playground equipment to be done on the 2nd scheduled ground
clean up of every month. During the summer months this may need to be done bi-

7. Small scale repairs, re-painting of the equipment, and general cleaning of the
equipment can be done by Co-op members and their committees.

8. Large-scale repairs or replacement of components will be done by Playworld Systems
Ltd. or its sub-contracting company.

9. Co-op insurance will include liability coverage for KaBOOM! & Home Depot Canada
for 1 year commencing October 1, 2009 to October 1, 2010.

10. The Grounds committee will be responsible for the cost of wood fibre and it’s to be
included in its budget.

11. Playground equipment repairs and replacement will come from the Co-op's
Replacement Reserve Fund.

12. All requests for expenditures for the playground (minus wood fiber) will need to be
put in writing and presented to the Finance Committee with final approval done by the
Board of Directors.

Final Copy

September 21, 2009

Julie Foreman

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