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SOUNDWALK and PUMA announce TRAINAWAY audio guides —a
unique, multidimensional, interactive fitness experience for
fashion-forward business travelers.

Client’s Profile
Sports, Fashion & Lifestyle
Established in Herzogenaurach, Germany in 1948, PUMA focuses on bringing
distinctive designs and a global outlook to each product range by blending influences
of sport, lifestyle and fashion.
PUMA’s unique industry perspective delivers the unexpected in sport lifestyle
footwear, apparel and accessories, through technical innovation and revolutionary
design.PUMA emphasizes distinctiveness, individualism, spontaneity, internationalism
and sporting heritage.

An important part of PUMA’s brand strategy is maintaining vigilant watch over
distribution channels, ensuring a high level of desirability through successful
collaborations with unique and creative cultural trendsetters including Phillipe Starck,
Alexander MacQueen, EVISU, SOUNDWALK, and others.

While PUMA provides forward thinking fashions, SOUNDWALK provides the action. A
one hour synchronized audio workout in the park training with an actress or filmmaker
who lives in the city —and their personal running coach. Together they design your
running course, offer tips to improve your skills, and weaving it all together with edge
sounds and an insider’s insight into the beat of the city.

“The TRAINAWAY collection addresses the needs of busy people. It is a stylish break
from traditional running attire… Combined with the added intelligence of the
SOUNDWALK audio guide, TRAINAWAY interacts with a whole new set of athletic,
design savvy consumers.” —Antonio Bertone, Global Director of Brand Management,
Goal continued
“With the PUMA TRAINAWAY series, the focus was on creating the ultimate interactive
sport experience,” said Stephan Crasneanscki, founder of SOUNDWALK. “Our goal
was to create the ultimate guide for travelers who want an enjoyable and easy to reach
workout, while on the road.”

Through SOUNDWALK’s expertise, PUMA embedded pervasive digital media within
the TRAINAWAY sport lifestyle concept —specifically, as indoor and outdoor audio
running guides for London, New York, Paris and Berlin. For use with any digital audio
player, the TRAINAWAY runs provide a unique, multidimensional, and sonically
stimulating workout while simultaneously interacting with the cultural landscape of each
international city’s urban terrain.

Narrated by local celebrities and athletes, the four outdoor runs tour some of the
world’s finest metropolitan landscapes: the Tiergarten in Berlin, Hyde Park in London,
Central Park in New York and Blois De Bologne in Paris. An actress or filmmaker from
each city —Berlin’s Jessica Schwarz, London’s Katy Hill, New York City’s Zoe
Cassavettes, and Paris’ Aissa Maiga— introduce the runner to their town, highlighting
landmarks, cafes, and secret histories while their personal coaches give you tips to
improve your run.

Bundled with each running guide is a fold-out map of the course for reference that can
be stored in the shoe. The indoor runs are designed for treadmill and include training
tips as well as information about the city sights, shopping, restaurants and nightlife.
Each 4-6 mile run is a perfectly synchronized running experience, crafted to the pace of
an 8 minute mile.

Sold as a kit or as separate components, the purchase of one TRAINAWAY garment
comes with access to one downloadable MP3 run. Rights to all eight runs come with
the purchase of a complete TRAINAWAY kit.

PUMA’s TRAINAWAY launched online and at select retailers, globally, in May 2006. In
that month over 150,000 TRAINAWAY audio runs were downloaded.
TRAINAWAY packages are currently sold worldwide at Puma Stores, Black Station, W
Hotels, Hyatt Hotels and online at trainaway.puma.com.

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