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									                                   Literature Circle Bingo
Each week you will complete one or two task cards. These jobs will rotate and will be assigned to you in your
literature circle meeting. Once you have completed the task, you will place the job under the tack card section in
your notebook and place an "X" over the box below indicating that you have completed the task and are ready to
present the task to the group during your meeting time.
                  Title of Book:                                Author:                             Genre:

 Create a Character          Discussion         Connector: Find         Vocabulary        Letter Writer: Write
   Web: Choose 3         Director: Only 1 of connections between Developer: You will a letter to a character
  characteristics the   your 5 questions can the book and yourself, choose 5 unfimiliar or the author using a
chosen character has     be out of levels 1 or See Task Cars #5 for    words from the     friendly letter format.
   and list the pages   2. All other questions       details.       assigned reading.
  these traits can be   must be out of levels                       See Task Card # 3
       found on.                  3-6.                               for further details.
Illustrator: Illustrate Scene Describer     Comparer: Create a Literary Luminary:   Reflection: To be
    a scene for your    and Travel Tracer:   Venn Diagram and Locate a few special completed at the end
   selected reading    See Task Card #4 for   make meaningful    passages to read    of the book. See
   assignment. See           details.        comparisons. See   aloud to the group.  Task Card # 8 for
   Task Card #2 for                           Tack Card # 6 for See Task Card # 7         details.
     further details.                             details.          for details.

Letter Writer: Write        Discussion             Questions on         Create a Character Illustrator: Illustrate
a letter to a character Director: Only 1 of      Literature Circle        Web: Choose 3       a scene for your
or the author using a your 5 questions can          Book: To be          characteristics the  selected reading
friendly letter format. be out of levels 1 or     completed after      chosen character has assignment. See
                        2. All other questions   completion of the        and list the pages  Task Card #2 for
                        must be out of levels book. Do not write on      these traits can be   further details.
                                  3-6.            orginal copy of             found on.
      Discussion        Comparer: Create a          Vocabulary           Scene Describer     Connector: Find
 Director: Only 1 of     Venn Diagram and Developer: You will           and Travel Tracer: connections between
your 5 questions can      make meaningful       choose 5 unfimiliar    See Task Card #4 for    the book and
 be out of levels 1 or   comparisons. See         words from the             details.       yourself, See Task
2. All other questions Tack Card # 6 for         assigned reading.                          Cars #5 for details.
must be out of levels           details.       See Task Card # 3 for
          3-6.                                     further details.

Illustrator: Illustrate      Discussion        Literary Luminary:      Vocabulary        Comparer: Create a
    a scene for your     Director: Only 1 of Locate a few special Developer: You will Venn Diagram and
   selected reading     your 5 questions can    passages to read   choose 5 unfimiliar     make meaningful
   assignment. See       be out of levels 1 or aloud to the group.    words from the      comparisons. See
   Task Card #2 for 2. All other questions See Task Card # 7 for assigned reading.         Tack Card # 6 for
     further details.   must be out of levels        details.      See Task Card # 3           details.
                                 3-6.                               for further details.

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