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									         “ELEPHANORMUS” MILLION
                                                                                    Car Circle News
                                                                        Morning arrival and dismissal is off to a great start. Thank you for
                                                                        your patience and for being courteous drivers. The safety of all
                                                                        students is our number one priority. The car circle is moving
                                                                        quickly considering we have over 611 students who are car riders
                                                                        on a daily basis. As we continue to improve dismissal, your help is
                                                                        needed with the following:

                                                                                 Please remember that handicap parking areas are not to
                                                                                  be used for dropping off students at any time. We have
                                                                                  numerous students who required these parking places
                                                                                  due to mobility issues.

                                                                                 Park and walk is 2:55pm. Please help us by not standing
                                                                                  where students are to sit. Due to the number of parents
Students at New Berlin Elementary received a huge reading                         standing under the front canopy students are having a
challenge Tuesday, September 20, by Mr. Toni Vecchio,                             difficult time getting to their dismissal area. If you
Executive Director of the Jacksonville Zoo. As part of their                      could please stand to the east of the canopy at 2:55pm
yearly reading goal, students will have to read a million                         and someone will call for your child.
words. If each student meets his/her goal, Principal Wanda
Reese will have to work in the elephant barn at the zoo                          All parents are to show their dismissal numbers. This is
helping to clean-up after the elephants. The class who reads                      for your child’s safety.
the most will be invited to come for a behind the scenes view
and their teacher will have to help Mrs. Reese clean the barn.          If you do not have a red dismissal tag, please come to the front
The top readers for each grade level will be invited to come            office to update. Thank you for your help! Way to go team!
along as well.

                                                                                           “Miss Eshleman’s Class is
                                                                                             Sliding into Writing”
                                                                        For the last 27 days of school, Miss Eshlemen’s kindergarten class has
                                                                        worked diligently to learn about and meet the Kindergarten Writing
                                                                        Standard. The Narrative Writing Standard states that students will be
                                                                        able to write stories that stay on topic, tell events in order, have a
                                                                        matching picture and use storybook language. Writer's Workshop
For students in grades 3– 5, one million words would be                 includes a mini lesson, a work period (where students are writing
equivalent to 30 chapter books a year. For students in grades           their stories) and a share time, where students take a look at work
K-2, one million words is equivalent to reading or listening to         that is meeting the standard or still needs improvement. Right now
4 books per day. Research shows reading one million words a             they are focusing on "stretching out words" by using the letters and
year supports students in becoming more proficient readers. It          sounds to write simple stories. Students are encouraged to begin
helps develop sufficient vocabulary, as well as creating                their writing with storybook language (One day, One time, Far far
excitement around reading every day.                                    away) and use finger spaces between words. The students truly love
                                                                        to create stories and express themselves through writing. For some
                                                                        this is the best part of their whole day! Miss Eshleman has seen
The campaign unites the whole school around reading and the             tremendous amount of growth in all of her students and their ability
Read it Forward Jax Campaign. Students read books at their
                                                                        to write meaningful stories. These kindergarten students are
independent level and select books on their own personal
                                                                        becoming a TEAM of authors that are "Sliding into Writing!"
interest. Students are held accountable for their reading in
the form of a reading record or book log.

             Be an All Star Volunteer                             4th & 5th Grade Performance

   Contact our School Volunteer Liaison                           Please joins us on October
             Regina Chancey at                                       25th at 6:30pm in the
   reginachanceynbe@yahoo.com if you                              cafeteria for the 4th & 5th
      are interested in volunteering!                                 Grade Performance

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