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									     Players’ Meeting Notes Spring 2010
 Good Morning and welcome back – hope everyone enjoyed the holiday
 What is a Players’ Meeting? An avenue for ALL APA players to be educated
  and have questions answered – it’s for every APA member!
 Important Dates:
     - Session starts tomorrow, & days of the week to follow
     - All Sunday and Monday divisions are delivered and schedules are on
       our site
     - 1-16-10, next Saturday, is playoff finals for everyone
            For Richmond area teams: Here, at PF (9-ball @ noon and 8-ball
              @ 4:00 pm)
            For C-Ville area: At Raptures @ 2:00
            For F’Burg area: original Hard Times @ 2:00
            For Farmville: at Mulligan’s @ 2:00
            For Harrisonburg: at Gold Crown Billiards @ 2:00
     - There may not be a 2nd Jack & Jill qualifying tournament for Vegas, or a
       2nd 9-ball doubles – new LO’s need a slot – we on waiting list. We have
       scheduled a 2nd J & J and will schedule a 2nd Open 9-ball. If we get a
       2nd slot, it’s a Vegas Qualifier – if we don’t, 2nd tournament winners get
       the cash instead
     - We will have two 8-ball Doubles qualifiers this year
     - Go over smoking situation at PF – that PF is trying to accommodate
       everyone, but no guarantee
     - Pulling object balls out of rack to see if space – nothing says you can’t,
       so you can.
     - Don’t put money for Tuesday in a Thursday packet – put
        appropriate money in that weeks’ packet
     - Discuss the “orange slips” – give lots of thought about any name
        that goes on it
     - Ladies league - # of scores needed to qualify - both rosters MUST be
       identical and players need 4 MP (any combination of the two teams is
     - Fall 2009 Tricup will be here @ The Field on February 19, 20 and 21.
       Total Point awards will be here then.
           Brackets will be posted on our website @
              centralvirginia.apaleagues.com. If you know you are in the
              Tricup, plan on Friday – Sunday to be safe.
           Note that if you have someone under 21 on your Tricup or Vegas
              Qualified team, you MUST notify our office prior to the event.
              We will notify The Field and those players will be allowed to stay
              as long as their team is still in the event
           Otherwise, PF does have a dress code and no one in the building
              after 7:00 pm who isn’t 21 or older.
     - Those qualified for the Singles Regionals in 8 and 9-ball: That
        tournament is tentatively scheduled to be in Virginia Beach ,
        I believe, March 7th & 8th. The Nat’l office, NOT US, will be
        sending you info about 2 weeks before the event.

 Membership renewals: Dues are $25. Pro-rated renewals for those who
  joined the league after 8-15 of last year is $15. Please pay what’s listed on
  your sheet, it is correct! And, please be sure to designate whose dues you are
  paying – don’t just send $100 and ask us to figure it out! Team credits will be
  given until you designate whom you want to be marked as paid. And, don’t
  pay partial dues – again, overages will be marked as team credits – we don’t
  do individual accounting. Questions regarding membership payments should
  be directed to our office, during office hours. Dues must be paid on the team
  that reaches week 4 first (byes do count as a week – so, if you have a bye in
  week 4, you need to pay them before or on the bye week). Ex. if you play on
  Tues and Thur, and Tues is week 4, your dues must be paid then.
 Do not write handicap, dues discrepancies, and questions of any nature on
  your scoresheet – we don’t see it! Please address under separate cover, or
  contact our office. Ex. if you think Joe’s dues are paid and we haven’t
  marked him as such, and it’s week 4……………….don’t write on the
  scoresheet, “Joe’s dues were paid in week 2.” You are in jeopardy of losing
  points if haven’t cleared this up with us properly.
 Website should have been checked for teams that advanced to Vegas Cup
  from Summer – just like they will need to after Fall Tricup (especially for TP
  winners that didn’t finish high enough in Tricup). It is your responsibility as
    a team, or player on a team, to know if you are in this tournament and if you
    and your team meets the eligibility criteria
   Captains, co-captains MUST complete app and your numbers will be listed on
    our site – don’t be a capt or co-capt if you don’t want this info published,
    because it will be! Plus, anyone who has any info changed – address, phone,
    etc. should complete an app. Capt phone lists wont be on site til we get these
   Playoff dues: has been changed for a year now and has been in local bylaws
    – round one pay full dues but playoff finals are free!
   Plyr mtg notes are printed on our site, as a guide, for your review but are not
    reflective of everything that may have been discussed and/or clarified at the
   Captains are responsible for sharing league info with players – and knowing
    rules. All new captains have been given rulebook and bylaws – anyone else
    can request one for $5.00. Still though – ALL players are responsible for
    themselves, for knowing rules, etc, and if you didn’t receive a rulebook/by-
    laws, it’s your responsibility to let us know
   All memberships should be paid the 1st night a player plays, but MUST be
    paid by week 4 or lose points – refer to by-laws! Captain responsible for any
    dues not paid by members of his/her team who played and didn’t return, and
    must pay before he/she plays.
   Team rosters will be frozen during the final four weeks of any session (no
    adding or dropping of players)
    If your team is already qualified for the Vegas Cup from Summer: to remain
    eligible you must have carried on in the Fall with at least 4 original members
    from the team that qualified! If you did not, you are not eligible, and no other
    team can take your place.
   Additionally, if your team is qualified for the Vegas Cup from the Summer
    Session, you CAN NOT add any players to your team in the Spring Session,
    unless they have @ least 20 scores in that format, and you must contact our
    office to verify and approve the addition(s)!
   Also note that these rules apply to your team once you become qualified for
    the Vegas Cup from the Fall Tricup. So, if you are planning to make changes
    to your team, you need to do so PRIOR to the upcoming Tricup as ALL
    WEEK 4, and Fall Tricup is after week 4!
 Patches from final week of session & playoffs, as well as past dues and
  credits will be sent and carried over in about 3 weeks.
 This session: Spring: is the final one to qualify for 2010 Vegas! To be
  eligible for playoffs: again, must play 4 times w/ your team during the
  session. For Tricup and beyond: must have the 4 AND a total of 10 overall!
  Playoff scores can count towards the 10 needed, but next session’s scores
  CAN NOT in the Spring session! All players must have their 10 scores in, in
  a particular format, including 4 with the team, by the end of the Spring
  playoffs! Review by-laws for all criteria pertaining to eligibility – or ask any
  questions now!
     - Headsets: In accordance with National rules – no headsets
        during league play. If you ask your opponent if you can, and
        they agree, then we will allow it provided one ear is in and one is
        out (so you can hear). If anyone on opposing team asks that you
        not wear them, then you can’t (even if your opponent said OK),
        because the rule is NO.
     - And, cell phones should be placed on vibrate
        and avoid talking on phone during league matches.
 Little things:
     - don’t leave rulebooks in packets – they jam box
     - carry rulebook/by-laws with you on league nights
     - packets are delivered by 8:00 pm evening before your match – this info
         is printed on each Richmond area packet, to include our phone number
         and website address!
     - packets must be turned in by 8:00 pm the evening following your match
         to a secure APA lock box located @ ML, ML II, BR, PF and original
         Hard Times (heavy metal, blue box with APA logo) – if you play in-
         house where a drop-box is available, then you must drop that night to
         not be late
     - Out of the Richmond area: must be postmarked the day following your
     - penalties are clearly outlined in by-laws & are non-negotiable for points
     - Scoresheets are to filled out completely (to include total innings, total
         defensive shots, player names and numbers, games/points needed to
         win, etc.)
       - Teams are required to mark 9B, 9B/R, 8B and 8B/R in the appropriate
          boxes on the sheet. If not, and earned, the fee is $3.00 to receive the
          award. We handle the N/R awards, though do appreciate those who
          mark it! Questioning of awards earned, but not received the following
          week, MUST be questioned that week, via phone call to our office,
          same goes for monies owed that are questioned and Matches Played
          (MP on the sheet) for players.
       - *’s next to your team name indicate # of times your team has been late
          turning in DUES AND/OR scoresheets that session
       - $$$ and money next to a players name means that player owes money
          for either being on a team that ended owing money that is no longer
          playing or for bad checks, etc. That money must be paid and rec’d on
          time the same night that player plays or points will be lost (please refer
          to by-laws).
   Past dues/credits from last session will not appear until we have keyed all
    playoff sheets and will show up on your current sheets after that (usually in
    week 3 or 4).
   Tricup wildcards will be drawn after all playoff sheets have been received
    (including out of town sheets) and will be posted only on our website. All
    teams should check our site to see if they got it. We will put a respond by
    date on the site for the wildcards to ensure they are accepting. If no response,
    a runner-up may be selected to take your spot. This is in an effort to eliminate
    the wildcard no shows!
   Remind that scorekeepers are to put their initials next to matches they score
    and that a line to be drawn through defensive shots section when none are
    played! This helps us recognize where problems may exist – don’t just copy
    and agree!
   Sandbagging is a hard word to be used and a hard one to prove – what to look
    for & how to handle your opinion of someone who is cheating – to include
    marking of defensive shots for what you believe are INTENTIONALLY
    missed shots!
   We are looking for volunteer ref’s for tournaments (Tricups/Vegas
    Cups/Singles Regionals, etc.) Please call us or send us an email if interested
    – no glory – lots of hard work, long hours wearing the orange vest, BUT your
    meals are covered!
 Not all holidays are given off during league schedules – check schedules early
  to see if scheduled to play on a holiday you want to reschedule & get with us
  to see how to do so! Rescheduled matches CAN be played before the
  scheduled date – doesn’t have to be after!
 Reschedules for the final week of the session MUST be made up prior to the
  final week!
 All reschedules must be full team reschedules, not partial matches, unless
  cleared with our office in advance.
 Questions?

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