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									                              Lincoln Elementary PTO
                                  Meeting Minutes
                                    May 6, 2008

Special Guests: Ms. Adrean and teachers from Middle School South

Secretary’s Report (
 Review March Meeting Minutes
       o Motion to approve minutes: Patricia Hanna
                Second: Maureen Evers
                Passed

Treasurer’s Report- Nicki Stamas
 Review budget report
       o Motion to approve budget: Devi Gardner
                Second: Patricia Hanna
                Passed

Teacher’s Report- Jill Rak (
 Lincoln Elementary Scholarship will be given out on May 19
       o Please vote one of the nine before leaving tonight
 Thank you for the teacher lunch this afternoon
 Please see the thank you notes from the students
 Teachers are in process of giving providing their budgets for next year.
 Request from 4th Grade- Not going to be using all their budgeted money, can they
   use for the Franklin Park Conservatory?
       o The 4th grade teachers can use at their own discretion.

Principal Report- Mrs. Groves (
 The district is proposing a full day kindergarten at the next board meeting.
        o $250 per month per child or $235 is EFT (this is the same across most school
            districts in Ohio except for Columbus Public who receives a lot of Federal
        o Minimum of 18 with max of 22 students per teacher, lottery thereafter on June
        o Only 15 incoming kindergarten parents have verbally committed
        o There will also be a half day at no cost
        o Eventually, all Kindergarten classes will be full day
        o There is not a difference between the curriculum between full day and half
            day. The gift is time.
        o The extended day kindergarten will be phased out except for those Title One
            Schools (currently Goshen and Royal Manor). Those Lincoln students
            qualifying for the extended day may be bused to one of those schools.
        o This is still just a proposal and could change
 Mandarin Chinese will be offered at Lincoln Elementary next year taught by a high
    school teacher.
        o This is for 1st through 4
        o Students will be committed two to three days a week, all year
        o It hasn’t yet been decided how the students will be chosen
        o Other schools in the district will also participate
 Upcoming events:
        o Peter Pan

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      o Field Day
      o Enrichment Day
 Building received five grants
      o 2nd grade will be building a math library
      o Mrs. Watchman, Math Counts, working with at risk students
      o Experience the Arts for Mrs. I
      o Mrs. Repasky to continue with Lincoln Pride
      o Mrs. Davis to purchase CD players to listen to books on tape
Committee Reports
 Enrichment Day
      o A couple of volunteers cancelled but have been replaced
      o Ready to go!

   Teacher Appreciation
       o Chair massages for teachers on Thursday
       o Lunch was well received!

   Fall Fundraiser
         o Information will be coming home the next couple of days looking for
            corporate sponsorship
         o Need a theme!
         o Next meeting at 6:00 June 3rd at the Library

   End of the Year Skate Party
       o Wednesday May 28th
       o Our school only
       o $4 to get in
       o All $4 to go to the PTO

   Next Max & Erma night
       o May 22nd

   Next Budget Meeting on Tuesday May 13th

   School supply orders
       o Can pick and choose what you need to go in the kit
       o Cost range from $20 to $40 based on grade
       o Can distribute the night of the Ice Cream Social
       o Can be ordered via paper or on the internet
       o This is not a money maker for the PTO
       o Motion to offer to the parents for 08/09 school year: Robin Frissora
                Second: Devi Gardner
                Passed
   PTO versus PTA
       o Issue: We have been using the school’s tax exempt number. If we have a
           walk a thon with corporate sponsorships, we need to provide a tax id not
           related to the school; one just for the PTO
       o Joining a PTA:
                Become part of nationwide organization of PTAs with a $3.50 cost per
                   member every year
                The nationwide PTA also supports national legislation
                More stringent rules and bylaws

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        Not as much paperwork
        A tax id is rather simple to get
o   Continue to be a PTO
        Have to become incorporated
        Have to obtain a PTO tax id
        There is more autonomy in the by laws
        More paperwork to fill out
        Have to pay to get the tax number, approximately $300 to $700, one
            time cost
o   We will continue the discussion and decide at the next meeting.

                      Next PTO Meeting June 3rd

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